Bloody bats! I can't believe it! I passed! Not exactly with flying colours (Mr. Mothman says I still need to work on my turns and keeping my wings angled properly for landing), but I did pass! That means that this summer I can get my flier's license. I'm so elated, I'm walking on air! (literally!)

Today was the last day of school and it was actually much less insane than I thought it would be. There were lots of promises to stay in touch and I exchanged my iCoffin number with ever so many more ghouls than I thought I would. I even managed to get Cleo DeNile to sign my Fearbook. True, she did sign it to 'Dracowhoever,' but still!

Tomorrow Glen and I plan on taking Manny and Chase to the County Scare. It will be the last time we'll be able to try this double dating thing for over a month, as both of them are going to Greece for the Summer howliday. It's something of a family tradition for Greek monsters. Glen believes that if we can get Manny and Chase isolated somewhere they both enjoy, maybe we can get them to finally talk out their differences. I suggested that we trick them into getting stuck in the Mirror Maze at the Scare. It's perfect; Manny loves mazes and Chase loves shiny objects.

Such an exciting plan...it sounds like something right out of one of my Blobbsy Twins books!