It's very rare that I see normies coming into the Looking Glass. I suppose all of the monsters just casually fanging out makes your average normie a bit nervous. But today, the most engaging normie came in and asked for help looking for books. At first I wasn't sure if it WAS a normie, since he was wearing the thickest-looking glasses that clearly had a fake beard attached, but I soon came to the conclusion that this normie didn't want to be recognized...probably by his fellow normies who wouldn't take so kindly to his going to a monster book store?!

At any rate, he was very eager to hear about the different sections of the store and seemed rather emotional when I informed him about how Uncle Wocky wasn't available currently. I tried to apologize for this, but he shook it off saying it was great, no, better than great. Normies are so odd!

The normie was curious about the Forbidden Tome section. He asked why all of the covers of the books in there seemed to be written in nonsense. Although I feel a bit odd divulging anything about that section to any monster, much less a normie, he was so insistent that I finally informed him that normies simply aren't able to read books from that section. They're all enchanted. He seemed disappointed by this, but I informed him it was for his own good, as much of the knowledge in that section can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. He seemed to understand completely. I know this, because he clapped me on the shoulder and said "I understand completely, my dear dragoness, no need to worry about a thing." This seemed a bit forward to me and I was going to protest, but at that very moment Ghoulia and the comic book club came in the front door having a loud, very in-depth debate about who would win in a race, Dead Fast or Supermanster. By the time I had them seated and turned back to the normie, he was gone.

I suppose he simply got nervous seeing so many raucous monsters in one place and left. Still, I hope he comes back. It's nice to think that the normies in New Salem are finally starting to venture over to the monster section for more than just pitchfork-and-torch mobs.