Terrorible news! Today, Uncle Wocky told me that something is happening in Wonderland, the homeland of my mum and he. He's not sure what it is yet, but it's likely that the portal back there is unstable. He must leave immediately to investigate.

This means that I will be watching over the Looking Glass by myself until he returns. I'm dreadfully nervous...while Uncle Wocky has taught me a great deal about dealing with the many mysterious and strange corners of the book store, I'm still terribly young to be guarding something as important as the Forbidden Tome section. Uncle Wocky assured me that the security spells around the books will let me know if any sort of magical or monsterous being enters there without my bidding. I asked him about non-magical beings, and he said that the charm on the books there would ensure that all they saw on the pages would be useless nonsense.

I guess that's good news, but I'm still a bit more nervous now than I would be if he were here overlooking things. I hope things go well in Wonderland for him.