I know I haven't done a lot of updating to you, dear diary, but it's because I've been so busy in other endeavors. The stitchuation between Manny and I has improved greatly. He returned home from Greece and I discovered that he had written me several ghostcards...but simply never mailed them!

Now that tempers have cooled and absence has made the ruby heart grow fonder, we've talked out the issues we had regarding Manny and Chase. And he informed me that there is a long-standing grudge between Centaurs and Minotaurs...one that is so old that he has no idea where it started or why. I guess now I understand why there was such a problem - it can be very hard to let go of generations of distrust or hatred. I asked him if he could try to see past that, for me, and although it was quiet and almost under his breath, Manny said he would do it - for me.

Although we're not officially a couple anymore, I feel ever so much better about Manny as a dear friend and we've even agreed to go out on a date next Friday. We'll be going to see the theatrical version of Monster of La Mancha (it's a boosical - of course!). Will things improve between Manny and Chase? I do hope so, but now that I understand the background of the problem better I'm willing to help it along at tiny elf steps, instead of trying to fix everything with one monster grand gesture.