Today I went to the Maul, and what did I see? "Back to Skull" banners everywhere! Blimey, it feels like Summer Howliday just started, and already they want us thinking about school again. It's been such a lovely Summer, too. I've been home to Avalon, took a brief trip to mainland Fangland to meet up with my friends, and even made a stopover in Wonderland so Uncle Wocky could introduce me to the daughters of a couple of his comrades. They're in high school as well, but go to a completely different school. I hit it off wonderfully with Lizzie, Maddie and Kitty, and do hope they'll keep in touch as the new school year begins.

Bugger, there's that thought again...and I still have so much to pack into the Summer! This week, Glen, Melody, Manny, and I have been taking day trips to hang out and help on Chase Q's family farm. The Q family farm is fangtastic - I love meeting the rest of Chase's centaur family. His younger sister, Whinnie, will be starting at Monster High this year, and his youngest brother Colt is the most uhh-dorable little flirt. I've been learning the proper ways to pick apples and tend to the gardens. I didn't realize how much of Salem's produce comes right direct from Chase's farm.

The other big thing this Summer is my picking up more hours at the Looking Glass, Uncle Wocky's book store that we both live above. Uncle Wocky considers his duty as a Keeper of Books to be a very important, solemn thing and the fact that he's letting me take on more responsibility shows that he feels I'm ready for it...I hope! He has even promised that he will teach me how to take care of the Forbidden Tome section, so that he can entrust it to me while he travels around the world looking for more rare books. Out of sight!

As much fun as this Summer has been, I do admit I'm looking forward a little bit to returning to Monster fact, I even bought this notebook at the sale yesterday at the Maul, along with several new school supplies and a brand new pair of go-go boots to wear for picture day.