The end of School is looming, and I must admit, I will miss this year so very much. It has been an incredible ride from the beginning until now. I look back at the early pages of this diary and I see where I was...clumsy, afraid to meet new monsters and worried about fitting in, and I see how far I've come.

Well, yes I'm still a bit clumsy...took a rum dive in Flier's Ed today that had Mr. Mothman shaking his head, but I've made the beast friends in the world and as for fitting in? Fitting in is SO out!

Tomorrow will be the last day of Flier's Ed, my behind the wings training. I should be sweating rubies over it, but instead I feel strangely calm. Either I will pass, or I won't. And if I don't, there will be Summer howliday to practice before trying again in the Fall.

(though I really, really, REALLY, do hope that I pass!)

Glen presented me with an idea today at lunch in the Creepateria. Apparently, there is a festival that happens near the end of the year here in town, the County Scare. The way he described it, it sounds like a scary good time. He thinks that there may be a way for us to get Manny and Chase together at the Scare to talk out their differences. Now I KNOW I've changed from earlier in the year, because Glen's crazy idea is starting to sound good to me...