It has been a few days since I last put pen to paper and wrote. I'm rather sorry for this; I promised myself that I would write at least a bit every day during Summer Howliday. No ghoul who dreams of being a writer should let things like the beach or picnics get in the way of keeping her writing talent sharp! I have so many stories and ideas in my head, I should really get them down on paper.

But really, there's another reason I haven't written. The plot Glen and I had for the County Scare went very badly, indeed. We thought that by getting Manny and Chase tied up in the mirror maze that they'd be forced to set aside their differences and work together to get out. They worked together, all right...they worked together to smash up the entire maze with a huge fight! By my estimation, Manny and Chase both garnered themselves 854 years of bad luck. And I think, because it was Glen and my plan, a good bit of that bad luck rubbed off on us as well.

The day after the Scare, I told Manny about our plan, and he about charged through the roof. He was so angry and took it as a personal insult that we would make a maze a minotaur couldn't get out of! Well, that set me off and I told him that Glen was my beastie and that Chase was his boofriend, and if he had a problem with that, then maybe he and I should spend some time apart. And Manny said 'Fine!" and I said "Fine!" and that was that.

So I suppose we are broken up now. Manny is going back to Greece for most of the Summer, and I will be here. I've been throwing myself into Com-uhhh-nity Theatre to try to work past the heartbreak. I rather wish we were performing a tragedy instead of a comedy, because that's how my life feels right now.