King Fear opens tonight! I'm rather excited. Our performance is going to be...unique. We all worked together and designed it to show off all of our strengths. I don't know if Shakesfeare originally thought that there should be a mid-play Scaredevil Act in the air by The Fool, but Robecca really brings the house down with her performance!

The set is lovely - Melody designed it and a friend of her and Kai's friend named Nero de Sphinx has been helping to get all of the set pieces arranged. The crowning centerpiece is, of course, King Fear's throne. It is an enormous, grand piece of furniture that we filled with rocks to keep it from tipping over during the more intense scenes. It must weigh near on three hundred pounds, but Nero keeps insisting on moving it around by himself. He keeps asking how impressive that is, and I suppose it is that. Slo-Moe thinks Nero wants to ask me out on a date but I don't think so...I mean, if he did, wouldn't he just come right out and say it? Besides, I still don't think I'm ready for that. Dragon hearts take a long time to mend after being broken.