Hikari's Resolve

A few moments after Kairu and Jack's fight, Hikari was watching the minutes go by. "I can do this, I've seen Tasu fight." She thought to herself. Outside Moira called the next fight.
"Now for the second semi-final fight: Tasu versus Hikari!" Hikari swallowed. Tasu and Hikari began walking towards the stage. Tasu kept peering at Hikari, and she felt his stares. They both walked onto the platform and then stared at each other.
"Is something wrong?" Asked Hikari. "You look angry." Tasu took an attack stance.
"Rather friendly in your last match, with Mort." Said Tasu.
"Sort of, what of it?"
"Did you know her before?"
"Why?" Hikari became defensive.
"Do you work with her? Just answer."
"...You could say that."
"So you're part of Tech Org." Hikari became quiet. "Whatever you're up to can't be good. You won't get past this round."
Hikari thought to herself: "Little do you know, I can't afford to lose."
"These two are fired up." Said Moira. "Ready? Begin!" Tasu wasted no time and rushed at Hikari with a barrage of attacks. Hikari had trouble keeping up as most hits landed on her. Tasu ended his combo with a kick into Hikari's stomach which tossed her to the ground. Hikari stood up and focused. Tasu came at her with a horizontal kick. Hikari jumped over his kick and hit Tasu's shin. Tasu spun once to regain his balance.
"You're stronger than you look." He said.
"Thanks." She replied. "You're fast." Hikari placed her hands together. "I'll have to use this move!" A spirit the shape of a tiger appeared behind Hikari. It went to Hikari and overlapped her, almost as if fusing with her, and gave her a blue aura. She rushed towards Tasu and they fought with fierce attacks.
"She's matching Tasu's speed now." Said Conren. Tasu and Hikari continued fighting. Tasu did a sweep kick which Hikari jumped over. Hikari was about to land in a good kick when her blue aura disappeared and Tasu struck her in the stomach and away.
"You can't keep that boost for long." Said Tasu. Hikari got back up.
"I have to try to hold that power longer." She thought to herself. Hikari put her hands together again and summoned the tiger spirit. She charged straight at Tasu. She made relentless attacks while Tasu mainly defended. After a moment Tasu swung his fist towards Hikari. Hikari was able to dodge it, to Tasu's surprise. Then Hikari's blue aura disappeared and Tasu quickly kicked Hikari away.
"Did I miscalculate?" Tasu asked himself. "No, she was able to hold that upgrade a little longer." Hikari once again summoned the tiger spirit.
"Okay, new plan." She thought. She rushed towards Tasu and made a spin kick. Tasu blocked it, then Hikari spun the other way with a punch, which Tasu back stepped to dodge. Hikari's blue aura disappeared earlier than expected. Hikari placed her hands together and Tasu took this opportunity to fly forward with a thrust kick. Hikari side dodged while still summoning, and as Tasu flew by, she regained her blue aura and followed him.
She was about to strike him from behind when Tasu flew upwards. Hikari lost her balance for a moment as Tasu propelled himself downwards with a drop kick. Hikari barely rolled away in time as Tasu's kick connected with ground, making a slight crater and causing a dust cloud. Hikari's blue aura faded away. "A move like that could probably k.o. me." She thought.
Hikari looked around at the surrounding. "What to do." She thought. "There's a lot of stone around... That's it." Hikari put her hands together. "Not my favorite move, but this is the best time to use it."
"The same move Hikari?" Asked Tasu.
"Nope, this one's totally different." The ground began vibrating. The ground Hikari was standing on began shifting. Then it rose around Hikari in a dome shape. Four stubby legs came out of the base of the dome and stood up. Then a tortoise head came out of the front.
"Big turtle." Said Kairu.
"That's obviously a tortoise." Said Conren.
"What's the difference?"
"No flippers, so not a turtle."
Tasu looked the tortoise up and down. "Ha! You think a turtle is going to even hit me?"
"At the very least, it'll protect me." Thought Hikari. The tortoise began walking towards Tasu. The tortoise turned to the side and swung it's head towards Tasu. Tasu jumped and landed neatly on its head.
"Too slow." Said Tasu. Tasu felt a few things poking his foot. He jumped off as spikes came out of the tortoise's skin. Tasu flew forward and landed a drop kick on the tortoise's back. He quickly flew off as more spikes came out. Tasu landed behind the tortoise. Just then, the tortoise grew a large lizard tail. The tortoise swung its tail towards Tasu, who jumped up to dodge it.
"Come on." Thought Hikari. "Make this count." The tortoise flailed its tail more. Tasu evaded and flew upwards. He studied the tortoise a little, then dropped down. He moved around at high speeds in seemingly random spots, kicking the surface of the tortoise and creating small cracks. "I have to anticipate his movements." The tortoise continued to attack in any way it could, but missed every time.
Tasu then flew straight up. He placed his hand forward and shot out a twister attack. "Wind? That won't do much damage." Thought Hikari. "Unless!" Tasu shot out many twister attacks which hit all the cracks on the tortoise's surface. The twisters burrowed into the tortoise until it finally broke apart in chunks. Tasu propelled himself towards the center of the debris with a drop kick. Hikari looked up to see Tasu falling towards her. "I can't move... Is this really it? ... I can't..."
Tasu landed, with a powerful strike that created a large dust cloud. When the dust cleared, Tasu had his foot planted in a slight crater with Hikari nowhere near him. Tasu opened his eyes wide and looked towards the side to see Hikari. She had a blue aura. "I can't... lose!" She yelled.
"She used that move." Thought Tasu. "But I didn't see her put her hands together." Hikari's aura faded. She began feeling dizzy from fatigue.
"I think I learned a new trick." She said.
"Maybe I missed it." Thought Tasu. Hikari put her hands together. "I won't let you use your upgrade." Said tasu as he rushed forward. Hikari quickly jumped straight up, already in blue.
"That wasn't to summon tiger." Said Hikari. Tasu turned around to see a fire blast coming from a dragon spirit. The blast hit Tasu, creating a large explosion that even threw Hikari near the edge of the stage. She stood up and waited for the fire to clear. She observed the site and saw Tasu laying on the ground.
Moira began counting: "1... 2... 4... 5..."
"Please... stay down." Said Hikari.
"6... 7... 8..."
"I don't think I can continue."
"9... 10! Hikari is the victor!" The crowd cheered.
"Mom... Dad... I'm one step closer." She fell down out of exhaustion. "Summoning tiger takes too much out of me."
"No way!" Said Kairu. "Tasu lost!?"
"It appears so." Said Conren.
"But, I was suppose to fight him."
"Not anymore." Kairu paused.
"Oh well... I guess beating the one who beat Tasu will be even better. Watch out Hikari, I'm going to give everything I have in this match."
Back at the ring, Moira spoke: "With the semi-finals over there's only one match left!" The crowd cheered. "Come tomorrow when the grand champion will be decided!"
In the audience there was a girl with dark orange hair. Her cell phone began ringing so she stood up and went to a more private area. She answered her cell phone. "Hello... yes, I saw Kairu win his last match... I got ya, Hikari will win by withdrawal." She hanged up her cell phone.