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The AI Crew
In the land of Gaia exists an academy for the gifted, It is called the Artificial Intelligence School. The students are starting their first year. Come see what adventures await them.
Chapter 12
Put on a Good Show

"People we're halfway through round one" said Moira, "and now it's time for fight five: Tasu versus Ravenne!" Tasu and Ravenne nodded to each other, and then they headed towards the platform.
"Now this is the fight that's most interesting,” said Conren. "At least to me."
"Why is that?" asked Kairu.
"Oh that's right, you don't know."
"Don't know what?"
"You'll see..."
"Both contenders have wings,” said Moira. "This fight could be taken to the skies. Ready? Begin!" Tasu and Ravenne both flew into the air and began making attacks. The attacks where halfhearted and easy to dodge.
"I really thought they would be better that this" said Kairu.
"They're both holding back,” said Conren.
"Why are they doing that?" asked Kairu.
"Just watch." Tasu and Ravenne continued attacking, and one of Ravenne's kicks landed on Tasu's chest. It didn't hurt much but they stopped for a second. They looked at each other. Tasu looked into Ravenne's eyes and said:
"Look... I see you're not taking this seriously. However... I need you to give it everything you have. I live for the fight... and I know you can give me a challenge. It's what I want."
"Well..." said Ravenne. "If you want me fight at my strongest... then..." Ravenne's eyes glowed red. "Then I'll deliver." Ravenne struck Tasu and he fell to the ground. "Let's go Tasu." Ravenne came down with her fist. Tasu flipped backwards while Ravenne pulverized a piece of the platform. Tasu and Ravenne flew to each other and hit each other's fist, creating a sound boom.
"Good Ravenne!" yelled Tasu. They ascended in the sky and exchanged wild blows. They did spin kicks at each other and where tossed away a good distance. Ravenne reared her arm and said:
"Sour Reaver!" She swung her arm and threw a dark purple energy blast. Tasu swung his arm and said:
"Twister!" and threw a white spinning ball of wind. The two attacks canceled each other. They kept throwing Soul Reaver and Twister attacks at each other. The attacks kept canceling on impact. Tasu then shot forward, avoiding Soul Reavers along the way. With her foot forward, Ravenne went straight towards Tasu while spinning like a drill. When Ravenne was about to hit Tasu, Tasu spun around and created a cyclone. Ravenne became trapped in the swirling winds. As Ravenne swirled around the cyclone, Tasu stretched his arm into her path. Her neck landed on his elbow and she was knocked out.
Tasu let go of the cyclone attack and Ravenne went tumbling towards the ground. Tasu saw she wasn't going to wake up, so he flew down to catch her. He slowly landed on the ground with Ravenne in his arms. "Good job" he said. Tasu looked at Moira. "Now would be a good time to start counting."
"Oh right" said Moira. She counted to ten and the fight was over. "Winner by knockout: Tasu!" The crowd cheered and Ravenne woke up after a second.
"Is it over? Did you win?" she asked.
"Yes" said Tasu, "but you did a good job." Tasu put Ravenne down and they both walked back to the lounge.
"I think I know what you're saying,” said Kairu. Tasu and Ravenne both came in.
"Nice show you two,” said Conren.
"Thanks" replied Ravenne. Irate walked up to the group.
"You guys are good,” she said.
"We sure are" said Kairu.
"Kairu and Tasu, you two have really progressed from the time you fought in the cafeteria."
"Wait, how did you know about that?"
"I go to the same school as you."
"We have another representative from AI,” said Conren. "Good luck in the tournament."
"And now for match six: Rutice versus Valgo!" said Moira.
"Looks like I'm next" said Valgo. Rutice and Valgo left. They squared off on the platform.
"Let's see which on is better: might or magic?" said Moira. "When you're ready. Begin!" Valgo made a shockwave with his hammer, but Rutice blocked it with her barrier. Valgo then came charging with his hammer.
"Block this!" he said as he swung his hammer at Rutice's barrier. Rutice blocked it successfully but was still sent flying with her barrier. Rutice landed on the edge of the platform. Then she summoned multiple ice spears in the air, all aimed at Valgo. With a mighty swing of his hammer, he shattered all the ice spears. Rutice then created a giant warrior of ice. The ice giant made a strike towards Valgo. Valgo charged his hammer with electricity then shattered the ice giant's arm. Valgo then spun around and threw his hammer like a boomerang. The broad end hit the giant breaking it in half, and then the narrow end hit Rutice, knocking her out. It was over at the count of ten.
"Winner by knockout: Valgo!" Valgo picked up his hammer and went back to the lounge.
"We're facing each other in the next round" said Tasu. "Are you ready for it?"
"Ha, just make sure you're ready,” said Valgo.
"Now the seventh fight: Mort versus Irate!"
"Go get her,” said Conren.
"I will,” said Irate. Irate and Mort went onto the platform.
"You two ready? Begin!" Irate pulled out her cutlass and slashed at Mort as she blocked with her bionic arm. Mort then pushed Irate and she slid backwards. Irate’s sword glowed and she did a Sonic Boom, which Mort dodged easily. Irate did more Sonic Booms and Mort dodged them all. Irate's blade glowed brighter and she jumped in the air. She clutched the blade with both hands and came down on Mort. Mort stopped the blade with her claws. Irate pushed hard to break the hold. Mort was unmoved. She gripped Irate's blade and snapped it then threw the piece away. Irate threw her broken cutlass aside then took a swing at Mort. Mort stopped the attack with her normal arm then mad an uppercut with her bionic arm into Irate's gut. Still stunned from the pain, Mort threw Irate out of the platform.
"Winner by ring out: Mort Sanglant!"
"There's something familiar about her,” said Tasu. "I think I've seen her before."
"Who the one with the robot arm?" asked Kairu.
"Yes, but I'm not sure where I've seen her..."
"And now, the last match of the first round: Holy Vail versus Hikari!" Holy Vail went ahead while Hikari was reluctant to go. She took a deep breath and went.
"She's cute,” said Conren. Holy Vail went to the platform while Hikari slowly followed. She was nervous when she saw the large audience. She walked onto the platform and made a slight bow. Holy Vail reluctantly returned another bow.
"I'll try not to hurt you too much" he said.
"You don't have to try" she said.
"Ready? Begin!" Holy Vail took out a fishing rod. Then he snagged Hikari's leg with the line. He then spun Hikari around before throwing her out of the platform. Hikari was on her way to hit the ground when she did hand signs and stopped mid air. A light blue bird figure was holding her in place.
"Ah, so you're a summoner,” said Holy Vail. The bird spirit gently placed Hikari on the platform. Then it flapped its wings creating a powerful gust of wind. Holy Vail was sent to the air, he then sunk his hook on the platform anchoring him. Hikari saw her chance and cut the line with her sword. Holy Vail was sent flying away from the platform. "Don't forget, I still have wings."
"With this spirit I control the airs." The bird spirit went above Holy Vail and threw a gust of wind downwards, sending Holy Vail to the ground.
"Winner by ring out: Hikari."
"I did it" said Hikari. Hikari waved to the crowd with a big smile and went back to the lounge.
"That concludes the matches for today,” said Moira. "Come back tomorrow for the quarterfinals!"

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Community Member

Tue Sep 12, 2006 @ 03:21pm

WOah your real good explaining battles. I like Ravennes and Tasus battle O_O

Community Member

Tue Sep 12, 2006 @ 03:55pm

Someone's been catching up well today. Well Kairu seeya at the second round. xd

User Comments: [2]
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