One Long Day

It was dark and Kairu woke up from his bed. "Yes, today begins!" He said. "I'm not tired at all. How long until it's time to wake up?" He looked over to the digital clock to find it was not working. He got up and looked behind to see it was unplugged. "How did that happen?" He plugged it back in, and the time showed 12:00. "Oh right. Oh well, I'm sure someone would have called me if I was late." He picked up his cell phone from the desk and found that the battery was disconnected. He quickly opened the curtains to find it was bright outside. "Uh-oh."
At the stadium, the audience was waiting, with Hikari already on the platform. A messenger came up to Moira and handed her a note. She regretfully announced "Kairu has ten minutes to show up, or he will be disqualified."
"Maybe I won't have to fight him." Thought Hikari.
"Gah! Where is he?!" Asked Tasu.
"I hope Conren can get him here soon." Said Ravenne.
Meanwhile, Kairu was rushing through the hallway, dressing himself along the way. "Not good, not good. I can't miss this!" He yelled. He ran towards the exit. As he got there, he crashed into Conren, and both of them fell. "Hey I'm in a hurry!" Said Kairu.
"You've better be! Everyone's been trying to call you!" Said Conren.
"Well, my cell phone stopped working."
"Let's go." Conren grabbed Kairu's collar and they both ran.
Nearby in a library, a brown haired girl with glasses was checking out a large stack of books. She said "thank you" to the librarian and pushed open the door with her back. As she left, she was decked by Kairu.
"I'm still in a hurry!" Yelled Kairu.
"You could at least apologize you big jerk!" Said the girl. Conren came up to her and offered his hand.
"Sorry about my friend." He said as he helped her on her feet. "He forgets to be a gentleman sometimes. Here, let me help you gather your books."
"Why thank you." She said.
"I'm Conren by the way."
"My name's Ginny."
"Pleasure to meet you."
"Hey Conren, If you're not to busy there's a match to get to." Interrupted Kairu.
"Jerk." Said Ginny.
"Sorry miss." Said Conren. "We do have to hurry. Maybe I'll see you around. Bye Ginny." Conren and Kairu left running. "There's plenty of time if we use the teleporter." On the ground Ginny noticed a wallet. She picked it up and looked at the id. "Kairu dropped his wallet. I guess I should give it to him." She began walking.
Kairu and Conren ran towards the teleporter only to be stopped by a maintenance worker. "Sorry, out of order." He said.
"What? I just used it." Said Conren.
"And it just broke."
"How long till you fix it?"
"Not long, I'd say fifteen minutes."
"We don't have that time."
"I'm flying." Said Kairu and he took off.
"Hey wait." Conren used cards to levitate and follow Kairu.
"I can make it." Said Kairu. "It's not that far."
Back at the coliseum, Moira spoke: "Kairu has seven minutes before he is disqualified."
Back in the air, Kairu and Conren continued to rush. "All things considered, I think we can calm down." Said Conren. On a building a girl with dark orange hair, and wearing a black and red suit and a sword on her belt, was watching the two using binoculars.
"He is relentless, I'll give him that." She said. "But I didn't go through all that trouble of sabotaging the clock, cell phone, and transporter for nothing." She received a call. "Hello... I'll have it done, you just get the money ready..." She hung up and input a code in the cell phone to have a robot that was more like a container with wheels come next to her. The robot's top hatch opened and it shot out a net attached to rope. The rope ensnared Kairu.
"Kairu!" Called Conren. The rope began pulling Kairu back.
"Ha! Rope won't hold me!" Kairu grabbed the hilts of his swords, but then gas sprayed out of a small ball where the rope meets the net, knocking Kairu out. The robot reeled Kairu inside and closed. Conren landed on the rooftop.
"Who are you, and what are you doing with Kairu?" Asked Conren.
"I'm just your resident mercenary. Here to do a job." She said.
"Then you should get a new job because I'm not letting you take Kairu." He threw a card at the robot, but the girl quickly deflected it with her sword. The robot shot out thrusters from beneath and started hovering and moving away. "Try this on for size!" Conren threw two cards with one hand, and secretely threw a third card with his other hand.
"Got it." Said the girl as she deflected the first two cards, but didn't notice the third card and it hit one of the thrusters, causing the robot to fall back down. "Hey that's expensive!" She said.
"So sue me. Now are you going to let Kairu go? Or do I have to hit a girl?"
"No can do. My clients have a lot of money riding on Hikari. So basically, you're out of luck."
"Look, I'm going to get Kairu to the coliseum, even if I have to mow you down."
"Ha! Like you have the guts!" Conren took out many cards in both hands and launched them at the mercenary. Seeing all the cards come at her, she squeaked and jumped out of the way. The cards where aimed to tear the sides of the robot, making it fall apart and avoiding Kairu all together. Conren then ran to Kairu and lifted him onto his back.
"See ya when I see ya." Said Conren as he used the card hovering trick to fly out of there. "She bought my bluff." He thought.
The mercenary got up and yelled "you're not getting away that easily!" She put on a jetpack and flew after Conren.
"Doesn't she learn?" said Conren, and he reached for a card. Conren then came to a shocking realization. "I left most of my cards behind. Theses two at my feet are the only ones I have left." The mercenary came closer and closer with her faster mode of transportation. She readied her sword slashed at Conren, who evaded by dropping down a little. "She doesn't play!" Said Conren.
"I'll do what it takes to get paid!" She yelled. She again flew towards Conren with a slash, which he dodged by flying up and squatting.
"I can see the coliseum!" Said Conren.
"You're not going to make it!" Yelled the mercenary. She pointed her sword forward and flew towards Conren like a missile.
"You know what?" Asked Conren. "It's been a long day!" He turned around to face the mercenary. The cards at his feet started to glow and Conren flipped backwards, shooting the cards out. The cards hit the mercenary's jetpack, and she fell towards trees while Conren fell on the foot of the hill where the coliseum stood.
Inside the coliseum Moira announced: "Thirty seconds until Kairu is disqualified."
"What was that?" Conren asked to himself. "I better move it!" He ran up the hill with Kairu on his back. "You're a lot heavier when we're not floating!" Said Conren to Kairu. At the entrance of the coliseum stood Ginny.
"Weird, Kairu should have been here before me." As Conren ran up the hill, the mercenary appeared out of nowhere chasing him up.
"Ah, get away!" Said Conren. The mercenary flailed her sword as she chased him.
"Come back here with my paycheck!" She was catching up to him and Ginny noticed the event.
"Jeebus, I'd better do something." Said Ginny. She took a book and opened it. She turned the pages, then she began mumbling a spell. The mercenary was about to get within thrusting reach of Conren when suddenly vines shot out of the ground, tossing the mercenary down the hill. Conren looked down in amazement.
"Hey Conren." Called Ginny. "I figured you'd be here after you mentioned a match."
"It's her." Said Conren. He began running up the hill again. "She must be a mage." Conren ran past her. "Thanks a lot, I'd love to stay and chat but I'm late for an appointment."
"Wait, Kairu's wallet!" Yelled Ginny. "I guess I'll give it to him later." Conren ran into the coliseum and towards the central arena. Moira started the countdown.
"Five... four..." Men where waiting at the entrance of the central arena.
"C'mon, this way." Conren ran towards the platform.
"Three... two.." Conren took Kairu and began spinning.
"Get over there now!" He threw Kairu.
"One! Kairu is-" Kairu fell on the platform head first, waking him up. "Here apparently."
"Yes!" Yelled Conren.
"Ow! What happened?" Asked Kairu as he rubbed his head.
"I guess there's not avoiding it." Said Hikari.
"The final match is about to commence!" Said Moira. Kairu looked around confused. Then realizing where he was, he got up and stared down Hikari.
"You're going down!" He said.