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The AI Crew
In the land of Gaia exists an academy for the gifted, It is called the Artificial Intelligence School. The students are starting their first year. Come see what adventures await them.
Chapter 11
The Start of Round One

It was morning and the stadium was packed with people. In the center was a large, round, concrete platform surrounded by dirt. In the center of the platform there was a girl with black hair, a microphone, and black clothing. At the side of the stadium was an entrance that leads to a hallway. At the end of the hallway was a lounge with the sixteen fighters. The lounge had a couch, a snack bar, and a big, flat screen TV to see the matches with. On the other side of the coliseum there was a stadium screen.
On the platform the girl spoke: "Hi, my name's Moira and welcome to the twenty-fifth annual avi arena. Now I'm sure that the fighters who should be listening right now have read and agreed to the rules. But just in case one of you overlooked something, I'll say them now. The matches are one on one battles. The two contenders fight until one gives up, is no longer able to fight for ten counts, or lands outside of the platform. Now much to controversial issues weapons are allowed. However if you kill your opponent you will be disqualified. Now that we understand the rules let's take a look at the screen."
The large stadium screen showed face pictures of each of the fighters. They where in two columns. On the left from top to bottom there was Kairu, The Dancing Shinobi, Eriolxis, Conren, Gradku, Dragoko, Matsuo and Jack. On the right, Tasu, Ravenne, Rutice, Valgo, Mort, Irate, Holy Vail, and Hikari. "Earlier today the contestants drew lots to determine the matches. In a moment we'll be starting the first fight: Kairu versus The Dancing Shinobi." In the lounge a man came up to Kairu and Shinobi.
"You two are up now,” he said.
"Gotcha" said Kairu while Shinobi gave a one-finger salute. Kairu and Shinobi walked through the hallway and to the platform. They took their positions facing each other.
"You two look mysterious,” said Moira. "Ready? Begin!" Kairu quickly took out his two swords and took a stance.
"Does Kairu plan on using those?" asked Conren.
"He's probably just using those for defense,” said Ravenne. Shinobi reach into his pouch and threw shurikens at Kairu. Kairu blocked the shurikens. Shinobi stopped and observed. Then he took some steps back.
"Already scared?" asked Kairu. Shinobi did some twirl while moving backwards, confusing Kairu. Then he disappeared, leaving dust. Then Kairu felt a hit on the back of his head. Shinobi kicked him and Kairu fell on the ground. Kairu got up as Shinobi did another twirl move to disappear. Then Kairu received an uppercut to his stomach. Shinobi did another disappearing move. Kairu decided to fly up and avoid the move. Then he sheathed both his swords.
"Could Kairu be planning something?" asked Moira. Kairu began making an energy ball in his hands.
"So it's energy blast,” said Conren.
"Keep watching,” said Ravenne. The energy ball Kairu held ignited, turning into a fireball. Kairu then shot it straight up, hitting the concealed Shinobi. Kairu then flew up to him kicked him in the stomach, punched him in the cheek, and did a flip kick sending Shinobi to the ground.
"Your move is now useless against me,” said Kairu. Shinobi, taking his word for it, stood up and observed. Kairu's hand became surrounded by fire. Shinobi did some hand signs and created copies of himself. Kairu was surprised but then threw a fireball at one of the Shinobi making it disappear. The other Shinobi quickly did disappearing moves. Kairu was kicked in every direction and was sent back to the ground. Shinobi surrounded Kairu. The Shinobi did another disappearing move and pummeled Kairu again. Kairu created another fireball. The Shinobi disappeared again. Kairu then struck the ground with his fireball, creating an explosion. Shinobi and all his copies where sent flying. The copies disappeared as they hit the ground around the platform, while Shinobi just hit the ground hard.
"The winner by ring out: Kairu Breeth," said Moira. The crowed cheered as Kairu got up, exhausted. Kairu waved to the crowed then he went back to the lounge.
"Nice moves Kairu,” said Conren. "How did you know where to aim that first fireball attack?" Kairu smirked.
"I guessed,” he said.
"Now that that's over with" said Moira. "Let's bring out our next contestants. Fight two: Eriolxis versus Conren."
"Good luck Conren,” said Kairu.
"Thanks, but I don't think I'll need it" he replied. "You're not the only one who has learned new tricks." Conren and Eriolxis came to the platform. Eriolxis took a look at Conren's cloths.
"Are you some kind of mage?" she asked.
"Yes, I suppose I am" said Conren.
"So am I, let's see what powers you have."
"It's a battle of magic,” said Moira. "When you're ready, begin!" Conren took out a few cards and threw them ant Eriolxis. She caught them between her fingers and threw them aside.
"Don't tell me that's all you have,” she said. Conren continued throwing cards and Eriolxis just swatted them aside. Then she raised her hand in the air. "I guess you won't take this seriously unless I do." Clouds formed in the air, and a thunderbolt was shot down. Conren raised a card in the air and the thunderbolt went into it, turning it yellow.
"Thanks, now I can copy it to other cards." He fanned out five yellow cards to show her. Then he held a yellow card forward and shot a thunderbolt. Eriolxis stopped it with a barrier. Then she created an ice spear in the air.
"Absorb this." She launched the spear towards Conren. Conren held a card forward and said:
"Suit of Shield." The spear shattered against the barrier he created. Conren then pulled out another yellow card. Eriolxis did of quick wave of her arm and a gust of wind blew the card away. Conren continued to pull out cards but Eriolxis just blew them away.
"Please, I'm not letting you cast another card spell." Conren thought for a second.
"Then I guess I'll take this hand to hand." Conren ran at Eriolxis and took a swing but she dodged it. He kept making attacks but she moved just out of the way of each hit.
"What's going on?" asked Ravenne. "She doesn't seem to be moving any faster than Conren."
"She's pacing herself", said Tasu, "moving just enough to dodge the attacks. She's letting Conren tire himself."
"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea,” said Conren with a heavy breath. Eriolxis did a wind gust blowing Conren right at the edge of the platform. Conren got up and thought about the situation. He noticed some of his cards on the ground. "Of course." Conren took out a few yellow cards and Eriolxis blew them. Conren then move a little to the side and did it again.
"Please, that won't change anything." Eriolxis blew the cards off. Conren continued doing the same thing, going to the side and having his cards blown off until he made a complete circle around Eriolxis. "I could continue this all day."
"Too bad you don't have all day." Conren put his palm forward. Then all the yellow cards that made a circle around Eriolxis floated into the air. They made a dome like formation around Eriolxis. "Thunder!" One of the yellow cards shot out a thunderbolt. Eriolxis deflected it with her barrier but the bolt bounced off another card, hitting her barrier at a different angle then bouncing off and hitting another card. The pattern continued until all the cards where bouncing the same thunderbolt onto Eriolxis' barrier. "Keeping up that barrier must use up plenty of stamina, where as I'm only recycling the same thunderbolt. Your barrier will give out before my attack does." Eriolxis was feeling tired. She gave a smile.
"I guess... you win. I give up." Conren let the thunderbolt go into the sky and Eriolxis let her barrier go.
"Winner by forfeit: Conren!" said Moira. Conren waved to the crowd and went back to the lounge.
"Where’d you learn those moves?" asked Kairu.
"I have a spell book. I'm a card mage now" said Conren. "And you know what? I can't wait to try my spells against you."
"I can't wait either. I'll see you on the next round." Kairu and Conren stared off for a moment.
"And now, match three: Gradku versus Dragoko" said Moira. Gradku and Dragoko went to the platform. Dragoko was bigger and not intimidated.
"My money's on Dragoko" said Conren. "He finished his match in almost half the time."
"Don't let the times fool you" said Tasu. "There are many more factors involve."
"Ready?" asked Moira. "Begin!" Dragoko pulled out his two guns and shot at Gradku's shoulders. Gradku quickly made two ice casts on his arms and deflected the bullets. Dragoko shot more times and Gradku deflected all the bullets. Then Gradku shot out a gust of cold wind and Dragoko was encased in ice. Moira counted to ten and it was over. "Winner by knock out, Gradku. Let's see if we can thaw out Dragoko before the next match."
"That was quick,” said Conren. "Who is that guy?" After a moment of hair dryer therapy, Dragoko was thawed out and Moira called for the next fighters.
"The fourth match of the day: Matsuo versus Jack." Matsuo and Jack came to the platform.
"I'm almost hoping Matsuo will win,” said Conren. "I don't think I I want to face someone tougher than him."
"I don't care how much hype people give you,” said Matsuo. "I'll still beat you."
"Is that a fact?" asked Jack in a devious voice.
"When you're ready. Begin!" Matsuo began charging for an energy blast. But in a flash Jack struck Matsuo's head, grounding him. Matsuo was unconscious. Moira counted to ten and it was all over. "Winner by knockout, Jack!"
"That was insane,” said Conren. "I didn't even see him move."
"And I'm going to get to fight him" said Kairu.
"I wouldn't be so excited. Hey wait, I might fight him."

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Community Member

Tue Sep 12, 2006 @ 03:16pm

Nice ^^ this story is getting good dude. You fought well and had a bit of trouble. but you got it down. Woo! I won. sheesh I thought I was going to fail.

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