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The AI Crew
In the land of Gaia exists an academy for the gifted, It is called the Artificial Intelligence School. The students are starting their first year. Come see what adventures await them.
Chapter 10
The Free For All Rounds

Two months have passed since that day Fhasha called Kairu. It was dusk and peaceful. Mostly everyone was sleeping. Then came the sunrise. Kairu got up from his bed. "Alright, it's finally time!" He said. He made jabs in the air out excitement. At the Ice kingdom Tasu, Wolfess, Bryan, and Valgo where getting ready to enter the Hidoru jet.
"Have you reconsidered about not joining the tournament?" Asked Tasu.
"No thanks, I'll just watch,” said Wolfess.
"How about you Bryan?"
"I don't think that's a good idea, I'm not exactly a fighter" said Bryan.
"I guess it's just you and me Valgo,” said Tasu.
"Let's show them the might of Ice,” said Valgo. They all got on the jet and took off.
At the AI Academy Conren met up with Kairu and Ravenne on his way to the teleporter. He was wearing whip pants, a black shirt, and a black cape. "He guys, I see you're ready,” he said.
"What's with the new outfit?" asked Kairu.
"Let's just say, it's a new chapter in my life." Conren, Kairu, and Ravenne went into the teleporter and disappeared.
Other fighters headed towards Barton Town. Fighters of all kinds filled the streets. Pirates, mages, gunslingers, boxers, they all came. They gathered in front of a large coliseum and waited. In the large crowd Tasu's group met with Kairu's group. "Hey Kairu, ready to lose to me?" asked Tasu.
"Heh, that's funny" said Kairu. "Planning to get me disqualified? That's the only way you can win." Tasu smirked.
"Keep that confidence. You're the opponent I'm looking forward to fighting." Tasu and Kairu smiled at each other.
"Hi Tasu" said Ravenne.
"...Hi..." said Tasu.
"Who’s this big guy?" asked Conren.
"This is Valgo, he's almost as strong as me" said Tasu.
"Very funny Tasu. Let's see if you can live up to the promise you made me,” said Valgo. Sarruee came along to meet the group.
"You two are ready I see" he said.
"We sure are" said Kairu.
"Hey Kairu!" called out a voice. It was a girl with purple hair and holding a white cat in her arms. She came running to the group.
"Oh hey Fhasha" said Kairu.
"Good luck in the tournament, I hope you win,” she said smiling. At the front of the coliseum there where two men at a desk with laptops, and one man standing with a megaphone.
"Everyone's here" said one of the men with a laptop.
"Good" said the man with the megaphone. He stepped forward and spoke into the megaphone. "Hello everyone and welcome to the avi arena! Now everyone who registered should have a metallic card. Pull those out right now." All the fighters who came pulled out a card. "Hit it." One of the men hit a key in his laptop and all the metallic cards revealed a number on them. "The numbers range from one to sixteen. You will all be fighting in sixteen free-for-all battles to determine the top fighters. Now if there are no further objections, everyone who has a 'one' card please step into the coliseum." A large group of fighters formed lines to get into the coliseum. They showed their cards as they stepped in.
"What number does everyone have? I have a five,” said Conren. They all responded.
"I have two so I'm next" said Kairu.
"I have ten,” said Ravenne.
"Six for me" said Tasu.
"And I have twelve" said Valgo. After a moment a lone fighter came out of the coliseum. She had dark skin and brown hair. She wore a black naval shirt with white skirt. She had an eye patch and a cutlass on her side.
"Winner in 2:15, Irate Beldam" said the announcer. The groups went in one by one and more winners where determined. "Winner in 3:28, Kairu Breeth. Winner in 2:20, Matsuo."
"Hey it's Mat,” said Conren.
"Whose Mat?" asked Kairu.
"Just a rival..."
"Winner in 2:19, Eriolxis." A girl with violet hair and cape came out. "Winner in 3:59, Conren Magano. Winner in 3:25, Tasu Hidoru."
"You beat my time by three seconds" said Kairu.
"Of course" said Tasu.
"Winner in 3:12, The Dancing Shinobi" a man with a black ninja uniform cam out. "Winner in 1:42, Mort Sanglant." Out came a girl with white hair, a red coat, and black bionic arm with claws.
"Whoa, she's tough,” said Conren.
"Winner in 4:02, Gradku." A man with red hair, white pants and cape. "Winner in 2:30, Ravenne Animous." The group looked at Ravenne surprised. "Winner in 2:12, Dragoko." A man with red hair, red coat, and two guns. "Winner in 1:14, Valgo. Winner in 2:38, Rutice." A girl with blond hair, white dress, and blue sunglasses. "Winner in 4:52, Hikari." A girl with light purple hair, cute doll ears, purple top, blue skirt, and sword. "Winner in 2:40, Holy Vail." A Man with a gray fish helmet and angel wings. "Winner in 0:28! Jack." A tall creature with a pumpkin head, black garbs, and claws.
"Oh man it's Jack, this is so awesome!" said Kairu.
"Whose Jack?" asked Conren.
"Only one of the most powerful fighters in Gaia" said Kairu. "I can't wait to face him."
"And with that, the top sixteen fighters have been selected" said the announcer. "Head over to the VIPs rooms and tomorrow, we'll start the first round."
"Good luck Kairu,” said Fhasha.
"Thanks, see you tomorrow" said Kairu.

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Tue Sep 12, 2006 @ 03:38pm

good I won O_O

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