Warrior of the North.

Some days later, back at the Ice Castle, Wolfess was getting ready to go to a party. It was a Friday night and she was dressed in a red dress. She headed towards the main entrance and Tasu joined her along the way. "Going off to traine again?" she asked.
"You know it, the tournament is coming up and all,” he said.
"You know, you should come to the party. You can't spend all your weekends training. Especially with wild animals."
"Hmm, maybe some other time sister. Right now I want to become stronger."
"Suit yourself, don't get eaten." Wolfess and Tasu went outside where a jet was waiting. Wolfess waved to Tasu then went inside. The jet then took off leaving Tasu with two guards at the entrance.
"Do you wished to be escorted prince?" asked a guard.
"No thanks, I'd rather go alone."
"You sure? I heard the Yeti has been spotted recently."
"That thing's an urban legend. I'll be fine." With his wings, Tasu flew off to find a training spot. He landed on a clearing near trees, and at the foot of a mountain. He took a few steps to look around. He heard a growl then turned around. There was a mountain lion ready to pounce. Tasu only chuckled. More growls were heard and Tasu found five mountain lions surrounding him. "Five against one?" he said. "A little mismatched but I'll try to take it easy." The lions jumped at Tasu one by one but he kicked them around easily. Then the five lions jumped at the same time and Tasu did a spin kick grounding all of them.
A cold wind started blowing as the lions ran off. "Cowards. Is there any creature that can stand up to me?" Said Tasu. Behind him, Tasu heard footsteps in the snow. Tasu turned around and saw a large beast behind him. It was the size of a bear and had shaggy white fur. It's front legs where somewhat ape like. It had large sharp teeth sticking out of its mouth. Its eyes where pitch black. "Is this some kind of bear? Or could it be..." The beast opened its wide mouth and gave a loud roar, releasing its frost breath. Tasu felt a cold chill all the way deep inside him. Tasu was left on the ground shivering and covered in frost. Partially frozen Tasu struggled to get up. The beast opened its mouth ready to release another frost breath and finish Tasu.
Tasu took a defensive stance, but instead of hearing the loud roar of the beast he heard a different roar. It was a battle cry of a mighty warrior. A heavy man with a Viking helmet and warhamer ran at the beast and struck it at the chin. The beast was thrown a good distance. The beast then charged at the warrior, but he struck the ground creating a shockwave that blew away the beast. Then he raised his hammer and thunderbolts shot into it. Then he jumped in the air, gave a loud battle cry, and came down on the beast with thunder fury. "That's it, I must be dreaming." said Tasu before collapsing on the ground.
When he woke up, he was near in a fireplace with the warrior in the viking helmet. "Maybe I wasn't dreaming." Said Tasu.
"So you're finally awake." said the warrior.
"Yes, and who are you."
"Ha, I'm sure you've heard of me. I'm Valgo."
"You're Valgo? Battle god Valgo?"
"Is that what they're calling me these days? That's right, it's me."
"And that beast, don't tell me it was the Yeti."
"Maybe, but I always thought it was a legend."
"You handled it well. Is it dead?"
"No, during the fight, it disappeared. Coward." Tasu smirked.
"You're a strong warrior. How's about we spar."
"Heh, why would you want to spar with me?"
"Because I'm training for the tournament and I'm looking for a rival."
"And you thought I'd be that rival. Alright, I guess from now until the tournament, all you want to do is train with me."
"That's right. Tomorrow come to my castle, we have our own ring. Get ready too, because by the time the tournament starts I'll be able to beat you." Valgo raised an eyebrow.
"Is that a fact?" For the next month Tasu trained with Valgo in the North. While at Aekea Kairu and Ravenne trained with Master Blade. And in his dorm room Conren studied his spell book. All getting ready for the tournament.