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The AI Crew
In the land of Gaia exists an academy for the gifted, It is called the Artificial Intelligence School. The students are starting their first year. Come see what adventures await them.
Chapter 14
Hidden Agenda

A gentleman was walking along a road. He wore a buttoned-up pink shirt and black pants. He also had red sunglasses and his where barely visible. He had pink hair that was tied back. He looked up and gazed at the coliseum that was a little uphill. He went up the path towards the entrance of the coliseum where a tall man was guarding it. The pink-haired man walked up to the tall man. "Hey there handsome, how about letting me in?" he said.
"Sure, just show me your ticket."
"Oh see, the thing is... I was hoping to buy one today."
"Tickets are sold out, you won't be getting in."
"Come on, you must have some open seat". He shook his hand giving him some gold. The tall man took the gold.
"No open seats, sorry."
"That's cold." The tall man just stood there. The pink haired man walked away towards the side. He walked around the coliseum until he was out of sight. "Looks like I have to find a seat." He began scaling the building by making large leaps onto different ledges. He made his way to the top of the wall, above and behind all the spectators. He looked towards the arena and saw Gradku being carried away by medics. "Someone got schooled now,” said the pink haired man.
"Now it's time for the third quarterfinal match: Tasu versus Valgo!"
"Cool, Tasu's fighting." Tasu and Valgo walked onto the platform and faced each other.
"Hey Tasu" said Valgo. "If you feel like backing down go ahead. I won't hold it against you."
"Dream on Valgo" said Tasu as he went into an attack stance. Valgo then held his hammer.
"Okay then Tasu, but remember, I gave you a chance."
"I can't get hit, even once, by that hammer,” thought Tasu.
"Ready you two? Begin!" Tasu dashed to Valgo with a spin kick that Valgo blocked with his hammer. Tasu mad more attacks and Valgo blocked every one of them with his hammer. Valgo then swung his hammer forward, which Tasu barely dodged. Tasu felt the force of the hammer as it passed by him. Valgo then swung his hammer downwards to create a shock wave. Tasu jumped out of the way.
"Is he actually faster holding his hammer?" Tasu thought back to his spars with Valgo. "Or was he just holding back all this time?" Valgo then ran towards Tasu and hit downwards, breaking part of the ground. Tasu flew back up to dodge. Valgo jumped in the air and made a mighty swing at Tasu. Tasu created a gust of wind to soften the attack. Tasu was sent a long distance in the air while spinning. When he regained control he spotted the pink haired man who was on top of the wall. The pinked hairdo man waved while he smiled. Tasu gave a small smile while tilting his head.
"Daydreaming Tasu?" asked Valgo. "Or are you afraid to come back here?" Tasu then threw a twister attack. The twister attack hit Valgo directly. Valgo barely moved and he remained unharmed.
"Man, Tasu can't fight up close or from away,” said Conren.
"I just need to take away his hammer,” said Tasu. Tasu landed on the ground in front of Valgo. Tasu unwrapped his chain. He then swung his chain forward and wrapped one end of it on Valgo's hammer. Tasu pulled his chain to try and disarm Valgo. Valgo pulled back hard, and after a moment, the chain broke. "My chain..." said Tasu.
"It wouldn't have worked anyways, watch this." Valgo threw his hammer forward, spinning. He kept his hand forward. Tasu sidestepped away from the hammer, but then the hammer turned around. Tasu started flying and the hammer followed.
"You can control your hammer?" asked Tasu.
"That's right."
"You never showed me this move." Tasu kept flying around as the hammer followed behind him. Tasu then flew straight towards Valgo. He stopped short of hitting Valgo then flew upwards just as the hammer was right behind him. Valgo quickly raised his arm making the hammer fly upwards.
"That old trick won't work on me,” he said.
"I'll just use a new one then,” said Tasu. Tasu flew straight up with the hammer following him. He flew so high he was barely visible.
"What is he planning?" asked Valgo. When the hammer appeared to be only a small spec, Valgo decided to bring back his hammer. The spinning hammer made a wide arc patch back to Valgo hand on his side. Valgo was still looking up when the hammer came to his hand, and then he felt something. He looked over to see Tasu holding onto his hammer. He was on the hammer while it was spinning! With the force of his whole and while still on the hammer, Tasu made a wide kick onto Valgo's neck. Valgo was grounded and Tasu stood back up.
"Let's see you get up after that,” he said. Moira began counting.
"One... two... three..." Valgo began moving. "Four... five..." Valgo lifted himself with his hands and got back up. Tasu was shocked.
"Very tricky Tasu, you almost had me there. If you where a little stronger that is." The hammer returned to Valgo's hand. "So far you've gotten by on just dodging my attacks, now I'll show you one you can't dodge, or block."
"An attack I can't dodge or block?" asked Tasu. Clouds began gathering above.
"You'll see." Valgo jumped straight up with his hammer held high. Lightning bolts shot into the hammer charging it up. Valgo practically floated in the air. "Hammer of the Gods!" shouted Valgo. He fell straight down whilst holding his hammer. Tasu jumped away to see if he could dodge. Then as Valgo landed he struck the ground and electrical bolts shout out everywhere and Tasu was electrocuted. The crowed gasped at the sight.
After falling down Tasu slowly got back up. Breathing hard and burned, Tasu couldn't go on much longer. "Had enough?" asked Valgo.
"Just you wait,” said Tasu.
"Are you sure?" asked Valgo. The two stood there for a moment.
"Why isn’t' he doing anything?" Tasu asked himself. "Unless..."
"Let's continue." Tasu put his hands together. Wind began circling around Tasu. "Cyclone!" he yelled. A small cyclone of wind formed around Tasu. The wind was thick enough to be white and covered Tasu.
"As you wish." Valgo repeated the last attack and jumped in the air. He charged his hammer again and came down again, right into the cyclone Tasu formed. "Wind attacks don't work on me!" As he came down into the cyclone the winds turned black. The blackness followed Valgo's path all the way to the bottom. Tasu's scream was heard, but no lightning bolts shot out. The black winds cleared to reveal Valgo without his hammer and Tasu nowhere to be seen. The crowed looked around and spotted Tasu standing in another part of the platform while holding Valgo's hammer.
"Hey Valgo! Try taking your hammer back!" shouted Tasu. Valgo just stood there with a frown. "You can't can you? You can't use your powers for a moment after that attack." Valgo put his hand forward and tried calling back his hammer with no success. Tasu threw back Valgo hammer and flew straight towards Valgo. "I have to make this count." Tasu threw a punch that went around Valgo's arms. Tasu made more violent attacks in frenzy. Valgo could only defend himself. Tasu then made a sweep kick knocking Valgo downwards. Tasu quickly went under him and kicked him upwards. Valgo was launched straight up. Tasu flew up, and as Valgo fell he yelled: "Fang of the Snow Demon!" He used his whole body to kick Valgo in the ribs. Valgo was launched sideways and hit the wall below the spectators, denting it. He then fell down to the ground along with some rubble.
"The winner by ring out... and a possible knockout... Tasu!" The crowed cheered and Tasu smiled. Tasu the walked over to Valgo and shook his hand.
"Heh, nice job" said Valgo.
"You didn't do badly either" said Tasu.
"Whoo hoo! Go Tasu!" said the pink haired man.
"Now if you'll excuse me, I need to do something,” said Tasu. Tasu flew past the spectators and onto the wall the pink haired man was sitting on. He sat next to him. "Awfully late Ru" said Tasu.
"You know me,” said Ru. "I take my time." Tasu smiled.
"Well... I'm glad you're here anyways..."
"Where did Tasu go?" asked Ravenne.
"Now it's time for the final match of the quarterfinals: Mort versus Hikari!" Mort and Hikari walked onto the platform and faced each other.
"Why are you here?" asked Hikari.
"Just to make things interesting" answered Mort.
"This is so unfair. You never told me you where competing."
"I never told you I wasn't." Hikari looked down.
"You planed for me to loose this whole time didn't you?"
"I never said that either."
"Then why are you here?"
"Like I said, to make things interesting."
"Are you two ready?" asked Moira. "Begin!" Hikari made an attack stance.
"Unsheathe your sword Hikari,” said Mort.
"What?" Hikari was a little confused.
"Just do as I say." Hikari was reluctant but she took out her sword slowly. "Good, now attack me with it."
"Just do as I say." Hikari prepared herself and charged at Mort with her sword. She made a diagonal slash that Mort blocked with her mechanical arm. "Keep going Hikari." Hikari made more swipes that Mort easily blocked. "You have nice skills, but you need to put more into your attacks."
"Why are you giving me advice?"
"Because... you need it." At this moment Mort caught Hikari's blade with her mechanical hand. Mort then pulled her arm back and pushed forward, tossing Hikari a good distance. Her sword landed away from her. Hikari tried to run over to grab it, but Mort blew it away with a focused gust of wind. The sword landed outside the platform.
"Now what?"
"Now for a dodging exercise." Mort put her hand forward. Hikari prepared herself. A fireball was created, not in front of Mort, but from Hikari's side. Hikari saw the fireball at the last second and jumped out of the way. More fireballs appeared from random directions, all aimed at Hikari. Hikari kept dodging them by jumping out of the way, and yelping each time. "Nice work, now handle this." Dozens of fireballs where all created around Hikari instantly. They shot towards Hikari at the same time engulfing her in fire. When the fire cleared Hikari was standing there with a hand sign, breathing hard, and a dragon shaped red spirit covering her.
"Now it's my turn." The dragon spirit rose up and began growing a ball of fire in its mouth. Then it spit the ball straight at Mort and created a rather big explosion. Everyone was shocked to see the size of it.
"She has this kind of power?" asked Tasu. The dragon spirit faded away as she could not hold it anymore. Then the smoke faded away and Mort remained standing, unharmed.
"A good effort Hikari" said Mort. "But nothing I can't handle." Hikari just stared at her. Mort then disappeared in a flashing light and reappeared behind Hikari. "Never let your guard down." Then she struck Hikari behind her head, making her fall down. Hikari got back up, turn around and charged at Mort. Mort stopped her by grabbing her collar and lifting her up. Hikari struggled to get free. Mort smiled then threw Hikari away. "You surprise me Hikari, attacking me with your hands. It's not like you." Hikari got up.
"It's not like I have a choice... I have to win."
"Are you prepared to do whatever it takes?"
"Of course!"
"Then do that forbidden move."
"What? But... I can't..."
"If you have any chance of beating me, it's with that move." Mort began walking toward Hikari. "Do it before I knock you out and make you loose the tournament." Hikari took a step back. At that moment Hikari thought about a group of people. Grownups and children. Then she thought about them disappearing, in darkness. Hikari then put her hands together.
"If it's what it takes... then fine..." Hikari began summoning an energy that scattered wind away from her. She began to glow in that energy. Hikari though back to an earlier time. She remembered a voice:
"Remember Hikari. This spell that I'm about to teach you... should only be used under dire circumstances. It's very powerful, but it's also dangerous to the user."
"I never thought I'd had to use this spell,” she thought. Mort observed her.
"She's actually going through with it. You'll make a fine soldier Hikari,” She thought. Mort began laughing.
"What's so funny?" asked Hikari.
"Good show. I see you are now committed. I leave the rest to you." Mort looked over to Moira. "Miss Referee, I resign."
"What's that?" asked Moira.
"You heard me, I quit." She then turned to Hikari. "Remember our agreement, loose the tournament or tell anyone and you'll know what'll happens." Mort then disappeared in a bright light. She teleported away. Hikari stopped the spell she was making.
"I know...” She said.
"Okay..." said Moira. "It looks like Hikari wins by default." The crowed was disappointed, and confused. They talked amongst each other then began clapping a little. "And so ends the quarterfinal matches! Tomorrow we'll begin the semifinal matches! Don't miss out people. Peace." Everyone began walking out of the coliseum. Kairu and Ravenne where walking out together.
"Nice match Kairu" said Fhasha as she ran towards them. Tasu also came from out of nowhere.
"Hey, where'd you disappeared to?" asked Ravenne.
"...Never mind that" said Tasu. "I have to tell you something..."
In another part, Conren caught Hikari leaving. "Hey Hikari wait up" he said.
"Oh hey Conren."
"That was an interesting match. Did you two know each other or something? It kind of looked like that."
"Oh yeah, she's just a friend."
Back at the other group...
"Tech Org? Are you sure?" asked Kairu.
"That's right,” said Tasu. "I recognize Mort now... she's definitely with them."

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Community Member

Thu Nov 09, 2006 @ 05:34am

I did it sooner than expected. blaugh

Community Member

Thu Dec 21, 2006 @ 10:20pm

@.@ How can you do this?! Amazing!! I can't do this unless I'm RPing in my own little dream world where everything meets up to my perfection circumstances. But then, in about five minutes, I forgot what I was doing. gonk

Community Member

Tue Dec 26, 2006 @ 05:07am

I have good memory.

Community Member

Wed Jan 31, 2007 @ 12:04am

WOW!!! did you write this? this si amazing!!!

Community Member

Thu Feb 01, 2007 @ 01:13am

*Hugs the journal* :3 Coooooolies.

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