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The AI Crew
In the land of Gaia exists an academy for the gifted, It is called the Artificial Intelligence School. The students are starting their first year. Come see what adventures await them.
Chapter 15
Wrath of the Pumpkin King

Later, Tasu, Ravenne, and Kairu where in a coffee shop. Tasu spoke: "I was a kid at the time, seven years old. Back then I had a friend, Neko was his name. One day he snuck to the castle and climbed up to my window. 'Come let's play' he said. He seemed a little uneasy but since the castle was a little dull I agreed." Conren then came in.
"Hey guys, what's up?" He asked.
"Tasu is telling a story." Said Ravenne. Conren sat down. Tasu continued:
"Me and Neko snuck past the guards. All the time Neko was quiet, which was odd. I asked if something was wrong, all he said was 'I'm good.' He led me to a clearing in the woods. He stopped suddenly and looked down. I walked to the front of him and asked if he was okay. He kept quiet. A castle guard who had spotted us appeared. 'Trying to sneak away eh Tasu?' he said. 'They caught us Neko' I said, but he kept quiet. 'Neko?' He kept looking down. 'Tasu... I'm sorry.' he said. Before I could ask what he was sorry about, a large spider-like machine rose from the snow. It captured both me and the guard in its back mounted transparent box. The guard was powerless against the machine. The box began filling with sleeping gas. As it took us away I looked back at Neko and yelled 'Traitor' before passing out. That was the last time I saw him. When I awoke I was inside of a prison cell, with a force field. The guard was fiddling with a wall panel. Somehow he managed to get it opened. He turned around to reveal his bloody fingers. He told me I must escape through the air duct. When I went in, he closed the panel behind me. He wouldn't come in, since it was too small for him. 'You must escape' he said. Reluctantly I left and crawled around for a while. I found myself next to a room. From the duct I saw the four commanding officers of Tech Org having a meeting. Lord Makihara, a woman with demon wings, a knight in heavy armor, and finally, Mort Sanglant." Tasu paused a moment.
"What happened next?" Asked Ravenne.
"I've said enough." Tasu left the coffee shop rather quickly and a little angry.
"I wonder what's eating him." Said Kairu.
The next day Kairu, Tasu, Jack, and Hikari where standing on each corner of the platform looking out to the audience. "Only four contestants left!" Said Moira. "Today there will be two battles: Kairu versus Jack and Tasu versus Hikari! We will take a short break now, and then we will start the first match. Will the contestants please come to the waiting?" The four headed back to the lounge. As they where walking Kairu and Jack stared at each other while smirking. Tasu glared at Hikari while she kept shifting her eyes at him and away.
In the lounge Kairu and Tasu faced each other. "Just two more matches and it’s our fight." Said Kairu.
"Just make sure you win." Said Tasu.
"You too." Said Kairu. Hikari looked at the two of them.
"These guys are really tough; do I even stand a chance?" She thought.
"Hey Kairu." Said Jack. "What makes you so sure you'll make it past me?"
"Because I don't loose to pumpkins." Answered Kairu.
"We'll see about that."
"Don't underestimate him." Whispered Tasu. "Matsuo is a powerful fighter, and Jack took him with one hit."
"Is Matsuo really that strong?" Asked Kairu.
"Compare to us? Not so much anymore. Kairu... watch out for his attacks, at the most he'll need a few hits."
"He won't even hit me once."
Back in the arena, Moira announced the next fight. "Now without further ado, it's time for the first semi-final match: Kairu versus Jack!" Kairu and Jack both walked to the platform.
"I'm going to have fun in the ten seconds this match lasts." Said Jack.
"Don't be sad Jack; I'm sure you'll last a little longer than that." Said Kairu.
"Hah! Funny Kairu! Let's see you keep that humor after I'm done with you."
"I should be saying that." The two of them took defensive stances.
"Looks like you two are rearing to go." Said Moira. "I won't keep holding you back. Begin!" In a flash Jack threw a punch. However, instead of being hit, Kairu grabbed Jack's arm and threw him back.
"Good, I dodge the first strike." Thought Kairu. Jack got up and cracked his knuckles.
"Nice Kairu, but let's see how fast you truly are." Kairu took out his swords. In a flash, Jack gave a barrage of punches. Kairu dodged and block the hits. The strikes where strong enough, that even when blocked Kairu was pushed back and even wormed down. Jack then made an uppercut that bypassed Kairu's blades and hit his stomach. Kairu was sent straight up. "It's over." Said Jack. Kairu kept going higher and higher. "It was nice while it lasted."
"I told you to watch out for those hits Kairu." Said Tasu. Kairu suddenly stopped in mid air.
"It's not over." Said Kairu. "It'll take more than that Jack!" Jack sheathed his blades.
"And you have no Idea what it takes to beat me."
"I do... It'll be me!" A fiery aura surrounded Kairu. Kairu then launched a rain of explosives on the platform. There was nowhere to dodge and Jack crossed his arms to block. Kairu then went straight down, hit the ground in front of Jack and created a large explosion. As Kairu looked around to see where his opponent was, Jack appeared from above him, striking down with his palm. Kairu rolled out of the way and Jack's hand went through the ground. Jack looked over at Kairu with a devious sight. Suddenly a black vine came out of the ground from below Kairu and whipped him. Kairu jumped backwards and more black vines came out of the ground. Kairu used his swords to cut them all down. Then from behind four vines came out and wrapped around Kairu. They lifted Kairu a little bit above the ground. "Cheap trick!"
"I've got you now Kairu." Jack pulled his arm out of the ground. His fingers where long, showing the source of the vines. Jack pulled more and the vines snapped off like rubber and where left in the ground. Kairu struggled to get out and Jack reared his arm. Jack dashed forward and struck Kairu in the chest. Kairu tumbled the ground the ground for several feet and bits of vine flew everywhere. "That's strike two." Said Jack.
"Can't wait for strike three." Said Kairu to himself. Kairu slowly got up. He struggled to stand.
"Ready to give up Kairu?"
"Me? I'm just getting started."
"As am I." Jack planted his hand into the ground again. "Get ready."
"No more taking hits Kairu." Said Tasu. "You got it?"
Kairu began thinking. "Okay, my arm is numb, my heart is pulsing, everything is in a daze, and I think I have a few broken bones... but I'm not giving up." Jack's fingers began tunneling through the ground and flew forward with all his speed. Several vines popped out of the ground in front of Kairu but he chopped them all down. Kairu kept moving forward all the way to Jack. With a surprised look in his face, Jack was struck with Kairu's kick. Jack flew for a few feet along with his vines which retracted back into his fingers. "Got any more tricks Jack?"
"Oh, quite a few." Jack took an attack stance. "You might recognize this move." Kairu crossed his arms.
"I've got a new trick for you." He thought. Jack struck the ground and crated a quake attack. As the attack headed towards Kairu, his swords began glowing red. Kairu smirked and slashed both his swords horizontally to create a large red crescent that shot forward.
"That's similar to Saurruee's move." Thought Tasu. The Red Crescent and the quake attack connected, and the quake attack dispersed while the crescent move straight forward. The crescent widened and thinned out before hitting Jack. He winced in pain. By the time it reached the edge of the stadium, it was too thin to do any damage.
Kairu began breathing heavy. "That move is too tiring." He said.
"Kairu, I'm going to crush you like the bug you are." Jack clenched his whole body and the ground began shaking.
"Something tells me things will get hard." Said Kairu. Jack's body stretched outward and upwards until he became about two and a half times the height. Jack looked down at Kairu and gave a large, devious grin. Kairu took a few steps backwards. "Now is as good as time as ever to practice." He said.
"Are you afraid Kairu?" Asked Jack.
"Can't think of anything I'd rather do right now."
"Good, let's begin." Jack rammed his fist into the ground as Kairu jumped out of the way. Jack then stomped his foot as Kairu rolled to the side. Kairu jumped backwards and then made a hand sign.
"Wait, that looks like..." Said Conren.
"It's the same sign that shinobi made." Said Tasu.
"What's this?" Asked Jack.
"My newest move." Replied Kairu. Kairu began gathering energy. "I'll match your size, pound for pound." A burst of smoke covered Kairu. When the smoke cleared, Kairu was standing there with a single shadow clone next to him.
"He only made one." Said Tasu. Kairu felt like an idiot with his single clone.
"Don't just stand there." Said Kairu. "Attack!" But the clone just stood there. Jack struck the clone, making it dissipate.
"And he couldn't even control him." Said Conren.
"Was that your great comeback?" Asked Jack. "Was that supposed to defeat me?" Kairu couldn't think of a snazzy remark so he just flew up.
"I'll just stay up here until I can think of a comeback." Said Kairu.
"Hey Kairu." Jack called. "It doesn't matter where you are, I'll still get to you."
"You can't fly!" Said Kairu.
"No, even better." Jack spread out his cloak. Then he covered himself in it and disappeared. Kairu frantically looked around. "Over here." Said Jack as he appeared above Kairu. He gave a thrust downwards and Kairu barely dodged it. Jack again covered himself with his cloak and disappeared. He reappeared behind Kairu and attack. Kairu barely avoided again. Like a prey Kairu flew around in random directions while Jack continued his routine of disappearing and reappearing to attack.
"Jack's one amazing guy." Said Conren. "I'm starting to wonder if Kairu even stood a chance."
"I'm starting to wonder if I stand a chance." Thought Tasu.
"Hey Kairu will win." Said Ravenne. "I know he will." Conren and Tasu looked over at her.
"We'll see." Thought Tasu.
Back at the fight, Kairu was feeling sluggish. "I can't dodge much longer." He thought. "I only have one shot; this will take the rest of my stamina. Oh well, one way or another, this will end big." Kairu surrounded himself with a fiery aura and shot straight up. Jack followed behind with his multiple teleportations. Kairu went higher and higher until he became a spec to the spectators. Kairu suddenly stopped short and spread out his body. Jack appeared right above him and struck downwards, right into Kairu's gut.
"Gotcha." Said Jack. "...huh?" Kairu dissipated revealing to be a shadow clone. Jack heard a rip and looked up to see Kairu holding and tossing it aside.
"You know something Jack..." Said Kairu. "At this height, and your size, I bet this will hurt a lot." Kairu put his hands to his side. "But just to make sure..." He charged an energy ball. "I'm giving you a little boost." He shot his energy blast right into Jack shin, sending him downwards and head first. With his stamina gone Kairu began falling slowly. Like a comet Jack came crashing down into the ground. When the smoke cleared, Jack was revealed to be unconscious. Kairu then fell down next to him. He remained conscious.
"Well they're both down." Said Moira. "One... two... three... four..."
"I'd better get up soon." Said Kairu.
"Five... six... seven... eight."
Kairu began sitting up.
Kairu stood up.
"Ten! Kairu wins!" Moira raised Kairu's arm as the crowd cheered. A few moments later Kairu went back into the lounge.
"That was awesome!" Said Conren. "I was wondering if you'd even make it."
"Nice work." Said Tasu.
"You're next." Said Kairu. Tasu smirked.
"I'm next to win." He replied. Over at the corner, Hikari was staring at the two.
"Those two are amazing... and to think... I'm going to have to beat both of them." She thought.

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Hikari Chiyu
Community Member

Sat Mar 10, 2007 @ 01:07pm

that was a cool battle! eek now to heat up.... burning_eyes lol

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