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The AI Crew
In the land of Gaia exists an academy for the gifted, It is called the Artificial Intelligence School. The students are starting their first year. Come see what adventures await them.
Chapter 13
Kairu and Conren Give It Their All.

It was the next day and the eight remaining fighters, along with Ravenne and Irate, where in the lounge while Moira was rallied the crowd. Hikari was sitting on the couch paying close attention to Mort, who was standing. Conren
sat next to her. "Hi there" he said.
"Oh hello," she said.
"You where pretty cool out there."
"Oh thanks." Hikari smiled. "You where cool too."
"Thank you Hikari."
"Hey you're up next."
"Yeah, I'll be facing Kairu."
"Good luck on your match."
"Thanks, you too." In the arena Moira finished rallying the crowd.
"Now without any more delay, here's match one of the quarterfinals:
Kairu versus Conren!"
"Are you ready for this?" asked Kairu.
"Just make sure you are" said Conren. Kairu and Conren went onto the
"Something’s different about you Conren. You're more confident. I like
"Thanks Kairu. I've been looking forward for this match. Let's see what
you have."
"Alright, do you're best Conren."
"I intend to." In the crowd Fhasha was watching.
"Win this match Kairu,” she said.
"It's the dual swordsman Kairu versus the card mage Conren. Ready?
Begin!" Conren took out a card and threw it past Kairu, ripping a piece of his
"As long as you're using those...” said Kairu. Kairu then took out his
two swords and made a slash at Conren. Conren dodged the attack with his eyes
wide open. Kairu made more slashes with Conren dodging them.
"What is Kairu doing?! He's crazy!!" yelled Ravenne. Conren pulled out
two cards and blocked the next barrage of attacks with them. Conren then made a
sweep kicked, which Kairu dodged by flipping backwards. Then Conren threw sharp
cards that Kairu deflected with his swords. Conren threw a single power card and
Kairu deflected it with one sword while throwing a fireball with his other
sword. Conren held a card forward and stopped the fireball. The blast pushed him
back a little but he absorbed the fire.
"Did you forget about my absorption card?" he asked.
"Maybe I thought you needed a boost,” said Kairu. Conren fanned out five red cards. Then he held a red card in one hand and made it float a little. Then
the card started to spin and he threw it at Kairu. Kairu jumped out of the way
as the card exploded on the ground. Conren threw more red cards and Kairu ran
forward dodging each of them along the way. Kairu then jumped in the air and
came down with his fiery fist right in front of Conren and creating an
explosion. The explosion sent Conren into the air. Kairu then flew up and kicked
Conren towards the area around the platform.
"Looks like a ring out" said Moira. Conren threw two cards downwards and landed on top of them, floating inches from the ground.
"This is my favorite use of floating cards,” said Conren.
"Nice" said Kairu. Conren floated up to Kairu's level. Kairu put his
hands to his side and charged an energy ball. He threw a large fireball that
Conren blocked with his Suit of Shield move.
"What was that suppose to do?" asked Conren. "You're fire attack are
useless against me."
"They aren't completely useless,” said Kairu.
"What do you mean by that?"
"Watch." Kairu flew to Conren and made a punch that Conren blocked with his Suit of Shield. Kairu made more attacks which where also blocked. Kairu then made a spin kick which hit Conren's back. Conren was sent spinning. "You're
barrier doesn’t cover you're back."
"How did you know?"
"When I made that large fireball attack, I saw where the barrier ended."
In the audience Sarruee was watching.
"Nice work Kairu. You're thinking more strategically now,” he said.
Conren speeded his arms out.
"Are you conceding?" asked Kairu.
"Just watch" said Conren. All of Conren's cards that where on the floor
began floating. They surrounded Kairu. Conren randomly shot the cards toward
Kairu. The cards narrowly missed Kairu as he contorted his body. Kairu then took
out his swords and sliced all the cards as they came to him. Conren whined and
said, "You broke my cards." Then Kairu flew to Conren and gave a kick to his
stomach, followed by a double fist slam, which dropped Conren to the ground.
Conren didn't move for a few seconds then he stood up. Conren was showing signs
of exhaustion.
"Can't take much more can you?" asked Kairu. Kairu descended to the
"Hey Kairu, I still have an ace up my sleeve."
"Oh really? Care to show me?"
"It would be my pleasure." Conren floated a card in front of him. Then
he focused a little and called out "Suit of Sword!" White energy surrounded the
card and it became the shape of a sword. Conren grabbed the card as the hilt of
the sword.
"That's a fancy sword." Kairu took a defensive stance. Conren clutched
the sword with both hands. He then jumped into the air and made a vertical cut
to Kairu. Kairu tried to block by holding his blades up, but the energy sword
right through the blades and Kairu! The crowed gasped.
"Did Conren just cut Kairu in half?" asked Ravenne. Kairu stood there
for a moment.
"I don't feel dead,” he said.
"My sword doesn't actually cut,” said Conren. "But it does sap energy,
and you can't block it." Conren made more attacks as Kairu resorted to dodging.
Kairu made distance to stay away from the sword. Conren then threw a red card.
Kairu slashed it but it exploded knocking Kairu back. "Close or far away I'll
still beat you,” said Conren.
"I don't think so." Kairu held his hand forward and shot out a snaky
stream of fire.
"Hmp." Conren held a shield card forward with his left hand while still
holding his sword card on his other hand. "I'll just block it!"
"Think again!" Right before hitting Conren, the fire stream split into
shorter fire streams. The fire streams flew paths all around Conren. Conren
looked around for a direction to block, but they surrounded him.
"Heh, well done Kairu..." The fire streams all turned toward Conren and
struck him. Conren was engulfed in a large blast for a second. Then the fire
disappeared and Conren was left standing with his arms drooping down and face
looking down. He fell to his knees, and then he fell flat on the ground. Moira
began counting:
"This is exiting!" said Ravenne.
"Nice Kairu" said Tasu.
"Good fight,” said Kairu. "Hope you get stronger soon Conren."
"Ten! Kairu is the victor! Give a big cheer for the first
semi-finalist!" The crowed cheered as Kairu raised both his hands.
"Go Kairu!" said Fhasha. Kairu then went back to the lounge.
"That was some fight,” said Ravenne. "But did you have to attack Conren
with your swords?"
"No, but it was fun" said Kairu. "Besides, I knew he could handle it."
"And now, for the second quarter-final match: Gradku versus Jack!"
Gradku and Jack went to the platform. Gradku was sweating a little at the
thought of fighting Jack. "Ready? Begin!" Jack shot forward with a strike,
before Jack's attack connected, Gradku created an armor of ice. The armor broke
and Gradku was left on the ground in pain.
"Even armor can't stop my hits,” said Jack. With great effort Gradku
slowly got up.
"I won't be... going down so easily" said Gradku. He put both his hands
forward, one over the other. Cold mist began forming around his hands. "I will
only need one hit." Then the mist surrounded Gradku. "Actually, more like a
multi-hit attack." A blizzard of ice needles then shot out of Gradku's hands.
Jack smile, then struck down on the ground hard. A powerful quake attack was
shot straightforward scattering chips of concrete as it moved. As the two
attacks contacted the ice needles where destroyed into water droplets. The quake
then hit Gradku tossing him upwards. Gradku fell down and was left unconscious.
Moira counted to ten and the match was over.
"Looks like you where right Kairu" said Ravenne. "You're going to fight
Jack." At that moment Conren came into the lounge.
"Conren, you're up,” said Kairu. "How are you doing?"
"I'm fine,” said Conren. "Looks like I missed the last match."
"True, and I'm going to fight Jack in the next round."
"Hehe, good luck with that." Conren wasn't too enthusiastic.

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Mon Oct 09, 2006 @ 06:06pm


To anyone wondering, due to schoolwork I won't be updating until around winter break.

Community Member

Sun Nov 05, 2006 @ 10:05pm

lol i love that sig of yours blaugh

Community Member

Thu Nov 09, 2006 @ 05:35am

That was kind of random Hikari, but thanks. biggrin

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