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Velveteen Angel

PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2014 8:43 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Likno Tis Zois
Current IC Owner(s): Na'ila (Velveteen Angel)
Current OOC Owner(s): Velveteen Angel, Seaki
Default ranks: Youth - Apprentice - Grunt
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

High Class

Na`ila Epireia-ide | Monarch | Harem: Epireia | Played By: Velveteen Angel

High-Middle Class

Akili Michezoid | Guild Master | Harem: Michezo | Played By Lollipop x L u x u r y
Kokatema Mirimakóri | Oracle | Harem: Ágamos | Played By Nerpin
Laf'lari Cantemaeide | Oracle | Harem: Cantemae | Played By Velveteen Angel
Thor Odensonide | Commander | Harem: Odenson | Played By Kathryn Dragonna

Middle Class

Nearachi Epireia | Soldier | Harem: Epireia | Played By Velveteen Angel
Thálassa Epireia | Artisan | Harem: Epireia | Played By Seaki
Hadithi Kinayakóri | Guard | Harem: Ágamos | Played By Polette
Hilal Omádasálfa-ide | Constable | Harem: Omádasálfa | Played By Velveteen Angel
Tsubaki Omádasálfa | Soldier | Harem: Omádasálfa | Played By Painted Moose
Nadeshiko Omádasálfa | Merchant | Harem: Omádasálfa | Played by Painted Moose
Damien'keanu Mnemosyne-ide | Soldier | Harem: Mnemosyne | Played by: magnadearel
Amjad Kinayahuios | Constable | Harem: Ágamos | Played by Hibi-tea
Ajitabh Cantemae | Monk | Harem: Cantemae | Played by Seaki
Damien'Keanuide Mnemosyne-id | Soldier | Harem: Mnemosyne | Played by magnadearel

Low-Middle Class

Usoa Nailahuios | Youth | Harem: Epireia | Played By Painted Moose
Esti Nailahuios | Youth | Harem: Epireia | Played By Painted Moose
Luminoscer Larihuios | Youth | Cantemae | Played By Velveteen Angel
Linistita'apa Larihuios | Youth | Cantemae | Played By Velveteen Angel
Pomona Larikori | Youth | Cantemae | Played By Seaki
Astghayin'gisher Larihuios | Youth | Cantemae | Played By Painted Moose
Name Larihuios | Youth | Cantemae | Played By
Name Larikori | Youth | Cantemae | Played By Hibi-tea
Name Larikori | Youth | Cantemae | Played By

Links to at least five current RPs:
1] http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24550917
2] http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24550941
3] http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24551003 * Queen RP
4] http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24551093 * Queen RP
5] http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24551101 * Queen RP
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: The Likno tis Zois is a pride that values family over everything. These families take the form of a harem, lead by the head of the family. The Likno prides itself on equalities of sexes, allowing any members looking to start a family to have a chance at one. It promotes culture and growth within itself, allowing members to feel comfortable within their home and family. With a special defense force, the pride is protected both inside and out to keep the pride safe from any injustices

Familiar Rules: All familiars are welcome, though may run the risk of becoming prey if they are not careful. They must belong to a member, as those who are not will be viewed as food

Cert Background Large Image: x

Pride Symbol for Cert: x

Any Extra Information: extra spot for 'Harem' to be listed on cert

Pride/Pack History: After her birth pride disbanded, founding Monarch Na'ila (a female used to being pampered and cared for) suddenly had to face the harshness of the rogue lands. Struggling to find her own inner strength, she realised that the rogue lands was not safe for her. Gathering people of a similar mind, she created the Likno Tis Zois. Born of a female's desire for equality between genders and sexualities, with every member of the pride pulling their own weight. It was not about servitude, but protection and safety. She incorporated her birth pride's tradition of keeping harems, with new twists that placed people on more equal grounds and created an inclusive pride for those with more than one love.
PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:14 am
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Mlima Tuokoa
Current IC Owner(s): Elisheba (Quaji) & Batabata (Safaia)
Current OOC Owner(s): Quaji
Default ranks: Youth (cub) > Prowler (adol/adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

Queen - Elisheba - Quaji
Consort - Batabata - Safaia

Lord - Eduard - Quaji
Lord - Tomasz - Mia Sharra
Lord - Mithrandir - Schicksalswende
Lady - Raiyana - Safaia
Lady - Gisa - Ecavi

Noble - Maeteq - Lethrossen

Captain of the Guard - Barafu-taji - Quaji
Huntmaster - Giza`nyota - Puhterodactyl
High Priestess - Junius - Tanakako

Lady-in-Waiting - Noir - Quaji
Royal Nanny - Avani - Polette

Scholar - Hirmulisko`nahka - Schicksalswende

Priest - Jioni - Puhterodactyl
Priest - Ahau-kin - Puhterodactyl
Guard - Pumilio - Polette
Guard - Chilali - Schicksalswende
Guard - Tesbel -
Merchant - Rosso - Quaji
Merchant - Picolit - Mia Sharra
Merchant - Þekja`Hrimi - Schicksalswende
Merchant - Isamu - Safaia
Nanny - Malini - Polette
Nanny - Iluba - tani duh!
Nanny - Upala - Safaia

Prowler - Suk`tamu - Quaji
Prowler - Phirun - Puhterodactyl
Prowler - J`loki - Safaia
Prowler - Rana - Schicksalswende
Servant - Abayomi - Quaji
Servant - Zhaleh - Safaia
Links to at least five current RPs: 1 2 3 4 5
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Forced from their forest home by an invading lion pride, a colony of leopards were saved by their goddess, Shan Furen, by journeying up a nearby mountain. Shortly thereafter, they renamed themselves the Mlima Tuokoa - the mountains saves us. Now they live in this snowy, rocky terrain and under the rule of the line of king Riho, there they survived and thrived for generations.
Familiar Rules: All familiars are allowed.
Cert Background Large Image: The background!
Pride Symbol for Cert: 50x50 100x100
Any Extra Information: ---
Pride/Pack History: It fairly long. The entire history can be read here.



Mizani Ulimwengu

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:13 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Mizani'Ulimwengu
Current IC Owner(s): Dainot'an (R4gn0r0k IV)
Current OOC Owner(s): R4gn0r0k IV, Innocent_Hybrid
Default ranks: Youngling
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Grandmaster, Dainot'an, R4gn0r0k IV

Council Member, A'lan, Innocent_Hybrid
Council Member, Kifalmen'Doto, Conrad the Mighty
Council Member, Kamau, Tanakako
Council Member, Jayen, R4gn0r0k IV

Jedi Master, Rinzen, Natsuko-neko
Jedi Master, Safiya, Tanakako
Jedi Master, Cygnus, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Master, Verex, Innocent_Hybrid
Jedi Master, Jaryx, LexThetaSigma
Jedi Master, Nysa, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Master, Atino, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Master, Menteith, Cajanic
Jedi Master, Drox, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Master, Abeo, Innocent_Hybrid

Jedi Knight, Frausta, Buffy_the_Bloody
Jedi Knight, Chosovi, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Knight, Avnas, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Knight, Robke Anvid, Saint Sergio
Jedi Knight, Sawa, Zosie
Jedi Knight, Waridi, The Captain Britain
Jedi Knight, Chionesu, SSBrosB
Jedi Knight, Minttu, CaliWolfe
Jedi Knight, Ithemba, Zheraph
Jedi Knight, Ruqayqa, Avid_RPer18
Jedi Knight, Ahaztutako, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Knight, Sandor Clegane, Princess_Feylin
Jedi Knight, Serehe, Lithia_Brandon
Jedi Knight, Malgel'ee, Dizzy_Kat

Padawan, Anarawd, LexThetaSigma
Padawan, Tsiana, R4gn0r0k IV
Padawan, Nola'Tak, R4gn0r0k IV

Youngling, Yosun'Karanlik, Tanakako
Youngling, Lavashka, Tanakako
Youngling, Astrith, Kallysto
Youngling, Xolile, SilverLutz
Youngling, Dunca Be'tul, F a y t h - x
Youngling, Telstar, Kaori_luv
Youngling, Shukura, SilverLutz
Youngling, Abha, Amarantha Thea
Youngling, Berk, Znaruto
Youngling, Lindiwe'Oliva, Conrad The Mighty
Youngling, Mirie, R4gn0r0k IV
Youngling, Lore, Innocent_Hybrid
Youngling, Shinzi, Depawsit
Youngling, Sanders, Innocent_Hybrid
Youngling, Kalila, R4gn0r0k IV
Youngling, Akhana, R4gn0r0k IV
Youngling, Amerys, moonlit-raven
Youngling, Yadeara, R4gn0r0k IV
Youngling, Choma, Lithia_Brandon

Ward, Warray, R4gn0r0k IV

Links to at least five current RPs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (RP with IC ruler)
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: There is a Balance. A Balance in all things: Emotions, Actions, even People. The Mizani'Ulimwengu, also known as the Jedi, call this Balance the Force and the monastic-like Order devotes themselves to maintaining it. The Jedi Order opens their arms to all who would share in their beliefs and their cause, be they young, old, or even those who strayed to the Dark Side. Maintain balance; Maintain the Force. That is the Jedi Creed.
Familiar Rules: All familiars are welcome, there is no rank restrictions and bonding to a regular member is not necessary.
Cert Background Large Image: Uncert!
Pride Symbol for Cert: Symbol
Any Extra Information: We would like a spot on the cert for youngling clans and a spot for specialization for the knight and master ranks.
Pride/Pack History: The Jedi pride began with a simple desire: Help keep the world in balance.

It started with a Master and two Padawans. The Master cared for his Padawans more than anything, but he knew that it was a dangerous thing to love and that love had often times drove creatures to jealousy and hate. He taught his Padawans this among other things.

Once his Padawans were ready he announced that they had become Knights and could find Padawans of their own to take care of.

One young Knight ventured far, looking for a Padawan of his own. Instead he found a lovely lioness who he madly fell in love with. He knew that if he were to bring her back to the pride his old Master would be upset and kick him out. The young Knight decided the best thing to do was have a secret romance with her. He made her his Padawan and hoped that no one would realize their relationship.

The other young Knight was careful and picked a Padawan that she believed had great potential. Her Padawan could see the future and became the first seer in the pride.

As time went on, the pride grew, and kept growing. The Knight who was having the secret romance, had gotten the lioness pregnant. It became obvious to the other members that he was the father.

The Jedi Master did not kick them out, instead he praised them on their love. He gave them a warning to be careful though and not allow their emotions to control them. The Knight believed that the Master forgave him because of how close they were, this made him arrogant.

In time the Jedi Master left them, becoming 'One with the Force'. Before passing he announced that his old Padawan learner, the female, was to become the next Master. His other old Padawan could not believe it. It enraged him to think that he wasn't the old Master's favorite.

He decided to take his mate and leave the pride, never to return again. With his mate he created another group called the Sith. They would become the enemy of the Jedi.
PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:00 am
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Intaba'umbikezeli
Current IC Owner(s): hibi-tea and nessiaing
Current OOC Owner(s): hibi-tea and nessiaing
Default ranks: Umzingeli
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

High Ranks

SoA's Name: Safura'nafsi*
SoA's Owner: hibi-tea
Rank: Kabaila'umbikezeli
Uncerted Image: Uncert Safura'nafsi

SoA's Name: Asenath*
SoA's Owner: nessiaing
Rank: Kabaila'umbikezeli
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Hoaka*
SoA's Owner: nessiaing
Rank: Impi'jikelele
Uncerted Image: Hoaka

SoA's Name: Joto'Damu*
SoA's Owner: hibi-tea
Rank: Ikhansela
Uncerted Image: Uncert Joto'Damu

SoA's Name: Jugnu*
SoA's Owner: nessiaing
Rank: Ikhansela
Uncerted Image: Jugnu

SoA's Name: Wayra*
SoA's Owner: Tanakako
Rank: Ikhansela
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Blasaz*
SoA's Owner: Greenie EA
Rank: Ikhansela
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Bergelmir*
SoA's Owner: Kathryn Dragonna
Rank: Ikhansela
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Akili Tupu*
SoA's Owner: hibi-tea
Rank: Umbikezeli
Uncerted Image: Uncert Akili Tupu

Middle Ranks

SoA's Name: Sabia`Nafsi*
SoA's Owner: Greenie EA
Rank: Icala`phatha
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Buibui'Sefu *
SoA's Owner: demonstration_evil
Rank: Icala`phatha
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Giza*
SoA's Owner: Greenie EA
Rank: Vikela'phatha
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Xinavane*
SoA's Owner: demonstration_evil
Rank: Vikela'phatha
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Pasioa*
SoA's Owner: hibi-tea
Rank: Mchunguz
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Nurrin*
SoA's Owner: nessiaing
Rank: Umlaphi
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Katoen'fee*
SoA's Owner: Andranis
Rank: Umlaphi
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Ginga*
SoA's Owner: Andranis
Rank: Ulili'intombi
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Fumnanya*
SoA's Owner: R4gn0r0k IV
Rank: Iqili .
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Rook'nafsi*
SoA's Owner:
Rank: Umbhali
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Bintang*
SoA's Owner: Andranis
Rank: Mlumbaji
Uncerted Image: Uncert

Low Ranks

SoA's Name: Ithunzi'lusizi*
SoA's Owner: hibi-tea
Rank: Umzingeli
Uncerted Image: Uncert Ithunzi'lusizi

SoA's Name: Tiggi'nafsi*
SoA's Owner: hibi-tea
Rank: Ibutho.
Uncerted Image: Uncert

SoA's Name: Itzel*
SoA's Owner: nessiaing
Rank: Umbelethisi
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Isingoma *
SoA's Owner: SilverLutz
Rank: Ubhuti'ncane
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Asmund *
SoA's Owner: Kathryn Dragonna
Rank: Ubhuti'ncane
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Tajan *
SoA's Owner: Ruler of Everything
Rank: Ubhuti'ncane
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Phlox *
SoA's Owner: nessiaing
Rank: Ubhuti'ncane
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Mpira*
SoA's Owner: hibi-tea
Rank: Ubhuti'ncane
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Roimata*
SoA's Owner: AstoriaFallen
Rank: Udade'ncane
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Suraya*
SoA's Owner: R4gn0r0k
Rank: Udade'ncane
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Myscelia*
SoA's Owner: seaki
Rank: Udade'ncane
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Palangi*
SoA's Owner: nessiaing
Rank: Udade'ncane
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Talitha*
SoA's Owner: R4gn0r0k IV
Rank: Udade'ncane
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Danu*
SoA's Owner: hibi-tea
Rank: Udade'ncane
Uncerted Image: x

SoA's Name: Lahi*
SoA's Owner: nessiaing
Rank: Udade'ncane
Uncerted Image: x

Links to at least five current RPs:
Sound Advice (Asenath x Abitu) (leader rp)
This is Where I am Suppose to Be (Ase x Safura'nafsi) (both leaders rp)
I've Got a Surprise (Jugnu x Joto)
Found You (GIza x Asenath) (leader rp)
Meeting the Local God(Asenath x Blasaz) (leader rp)
Clouded Vision (Faudi x Asenath) (leader rp)
Brother? (Hoaka x Giza)
Could be Mothers (Nurrin x Makoto)
Carring Sister (Nurrin x Jugnu)
Welcome (Jugnu x Asenath) (leader rp)

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: The mountain seers are a secluded, but old pride that resides nestled in the valley between two snow peaked mountains. The Mountain Seers are a highly religious and female-dominant (but not exclusive) pride who worship the gods daily and were blessed with the gift of sight because of it.

In recent history their pride was hit by a large avalanche of snow and ice from unseasonably warm winters. As a result much of the pride disbanded, pushed out by the dangerous conditions. The weather in the region has stabilized, refreezing much of the snow and ice melt over the pride and some members have found themselves returning to it.
Familiar Rules: Does you Pride/Pack allow familiars? Familiars are allowed but would be limited the Umbelethisi rank.
Cert Background Large Image: backround
Pride Symbol for Cert: symbol
Any Extra Information: --
Pride/Pack History:

The Intaba'umbikezeli Pride was started long ago by two rogue lioness sisters by the names of Mwitu'nafsi and Bahari'nafsi. As cubs they lived at the base of one of the two mountains outside of what is now the Intaba'umbikezeli Valley where the Mountain Seers call home. Having been left at their den as their mother had foraged for food and prey in the area, Mwitu'nafsi and Bahari'nafsi, wandered out into the world that was unknown to them as their young lives had mostly been spent in the cave their mother used as their den.

Mwitu'nafsi, the larger of the two sisters, had spotted a small hare and chased after it, wanting to practice her stalking and hunting techniques and impress their mother with her prowess. Bahari'nafsi, the smaller of the two sisters, followed close behind, not wanting to be left alone by her bigger sister to fall prey to another creature during her sister’s and mother’s absence.

One sister followed the other as they traveled deeper and deeper into the valley between the two great mountains they called home. By this time, Mwitu'nafsi had lost the hare, and found herself and her sister, Bahari'nafsi, lost within the great valley full of caves and trees and streams. The two lioness cubs were scared and alone, only having each other for comfort as they cried out their tiny chirps for their mother, only to hear silence in return.

Bahari'nafsi turned to her bigger sister and said, “Mwitu'nafsi what have we done? We’ve gone too far from the den and we cannot find our way back. We are doomed to starve!”

Mwitu'nafsi did not believe her sister’s words, and felt that even though they were young and had never been so far from their den before, that the two could make it back if they tried. Mwitu'nafsi turned to Bahari'nafsi and said to her, “Small sister, you should not fear for our lives. We are lionesses! We are strong and we can find our way back home. You must believe!”

The two cubs wandered and wandered for hours, only resting once night came. They took shelter under a bush and slept throughout the night, rising again in the morning and walking for hours, upon hours, upon hours. The two sisters walked during the day hours and slept during the night hours for four days before their aching bellies and tired frames were too much for them and they both collapsed upon the ground.

The smaller sister struggled to open her eyes, only able to see a sliver of where they were. She struggled to turn to her bigger sister and said, “Mwitu'nafsi, do you see that? Do you smell it? It is meat. There is meat!”

The bigger sister opened her weary eyes and in front of her, as her smaller sister had said, there was meat. A large male zebra, freshly killed lay before the two cubs, the aroma of the meat mouthwatering to the two. The young cubs struggled to drag their weak bodies to the feast before them and took large bites from the savory beast. As the two lioness cubs chewed and swallowed their salvation, a feeling of emptiness came over them. They both looked down, horrified to see that the color of their coats had melted off of them and onto the ground like a puddle.

The cubs panicked, crying out as they splashed their paws in the color desperately trying to get it back on them as a voice cut through their frightened cries, “Silence I say! Quiet your tongues and focus on my voice.”

The two cubs instantly became quiet and huddled together, shaking in their fear. The voice once more spoke to them, its presence demanding but gentle, “I am God of this valley, and here for you I am. The feast you have partaken in is a gift from myself to you. It has stripped you of your color, and taken all that had plagued you and in its place I give onto you a gift; a gift of prophecy, a gift of sight, in which you shall use to restore the presence of the gods onto the creatures of this valley. Eat your fill of this feast, and know what you must do.”

The young cubs, in their desperate state, did as the voice commanded of them; eating their fill of the feast before them. Quickly their strength had return and with it something more. As the god had said, they saw visions, terrible things, and joyous things, things that did not seem real, but were so vivid it seemed them so. As the visions receded the two cubs found them selves in a cave, surrounded by other cubs, and a few lionesses who had been watching over them.

Days and months passed and the cubs grew to learn the pride they had been taken into was that of the valley in between the mountains in which they called home. The cubs had quickly assimilated to their new home, having given up on finding their way back to their mother and embracing the ways of the mountain valley lions. Their lives were happy ones, and the cubs, while still having their god-gifted visions, rarely were plagued by them. They told all who had an ear to hear, and were never met with negative reactions, mostly just comical amusement, and comments of being imaginative.

One day, when Mwitu'nafsi and Bahari'nafsi were juveniles, their surrogate mother took them along with her to visit the pride's shrine. She taught them the rituals in which all the lions, and non-lions practiced daily to appease the gods. As the cubs took in the sights, the leader of the mountain valley came in to offer his prayers and appeasement to the gods.

Mwitu'nafsi and Bahari'nafsi watched on as the leader offered his prayer. Bahari'nafsi felt the hair on her back go on end, and a rush come over her body. She was being sent a vision by God. Mwitu' nafsi looked to her sister and exclaimed, "Small sister! What do you see? What has God shown you?!"

Mwitu'nafsi's exclamation caught the attention of the mountain valley leader, and all the pride nearby. All intently watched the twins as Bahari'nafsi shook and let out a might roar for such a young lioness, "DO NOT TRUST THE SCHEMERS. THEIR INTENT IS NO GOOD, OUR PRIDE IS AT STAKE."

Bahari'nafsi's words shook through the pride, and all eyes locked upon their leader. Slowly the gazes started sweeping around upon each other. What was this child saying? She was implying terrible things on the leader. Whispers began, and the twin's surrogate mother quietly, almost as if she was crawling in shame, approached the two, ushering them from the shrine. She was embarrassed, and the twins did not understand why.

The twin's surrogate mother hid them for several days, not wishing for the world to see her daughters. Abruptly one morning she came to Mwitu and Bahari, her head was hung and she seemed heavily tense. The twins were confused by their surrogate mother's demeanor, was something wrong?

"Come with me, my children...He wishes to speak to you."

The twins exchanged glances and followed their surrogate mother. They were brought before the kind who later revealed to them that because of their visions sent by the Gods that his life had been saved. He had put his best guards on watch that evening and during the dead of night they caught two lions and a lioness who had intended to take his life and his throne.

He was grateful to the twins and praised the gods for their abilities. To show his appreciation, the king adopted the twins and made them his heirs. When the King finally passed the twins ascended to his throne together, taking on the role of the pride's spiritual leaders and sharing one mate between them.



The Rahala

PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:49 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Rahala
Current IC Owner(s): ShinosBee
Current OOC Owner(s): ShinosBee
Default ranks: Wanderer
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Nenam - ♀ - ShinosBee - Pathfinder - [x]
Msafiri - ♀ - ShinosBee - Wayleader - [x]

Gwalchmei - ♂ - ShinosBee - Pilgrim - [x]
Jin - ♀ - Kitsune Mistress Nyoko - Pilgrim - [x]
Sahar - ♂ - Kolina - Pilgrim - [x]

Ihsan - ♀ - Vistada - Mender - [x]

Arborea - ♂ - Nerpin - Shepherd - [x]
Cera - ♀ - Andranis - Shepherd - [x]
Ina - ♀ - Vistada - Shepherd - [x]
Kuri - ♂ - Andranis - Shepherd - [x]
Kuvuka - ♂ - Nerpin - Shepherd - [x]
Mhlophe - ♂ - ShinosBee - Shepherd - [x]

Aeon - ♀ - Kimaria - Seeker - [x]
Cypirius - ♂ - Talencia - Seeker - [x]
Mbaraka - ♂ - Zosie - Seeker - [x]
Nulpi - ♀ - Avid_RPer18 - Seeker - [x]
Tallula - ♀ - CaliWolfe - Seeker - [x]
Tsuneo - ♂ - Andranis - Seeker - [x]
Zapalito - ♂ - ShinosBee - Seeker - [x]

Ardavan - ♂ - Thalion - Wanderer - [x]
G'qamile - ♀ - ShinosBee - Wanderer - [x]
Itsaso - ♀ - ShinosBee - Wanderer - [x]
Jamila - ♀ - Saint Sergio - Wanderer - [x]
Kianzi - ♀ - SilverLutz - Wanderer - [x]
Mamello - ♂ - Kimaria - Wanderer - [x]
Mkia'waa - ♀ - Andranis - Wanderer - [x]
Mmego-kaskazi - ♀ - Das Tor - Wanderer - []x]
Nunuu - ♀ - Kimaria - Wanderer - [x]
Rashid - ♂ - Saint Sergio - Wanderer - [x]
Rimma'hazat - ♀ - Talencia - Wanderer - [x]

Alki - ♂ - shyanimegirl - Youth - [x]
??? - ♂ - ??? (to be contested) - Youth - [x]
??? - ♂ - ??? (to be contested) - Youth - [x]
??? - ♀ - ??? (to be contested) - Youth - [x]

Links to at least five current RPs:
----- - http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24714665 (includes Gwalchmei and Sahar)
----- - http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24713979 (includes Gwalchmei)
----- - http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24714077 (includes Msafiri)
----- - http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24714263 (includes Zapalito)
----- - http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24714627 (includes Zapalito and Kianzi)

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: The descendents of a mighty golden age, fallen far but having learned much; the Rahala are a nomadic pride, constantly traveling together through the ruins of their desert. They are peaceful but reclusive, devoted wholly to their way of life and not falling into the temptation of war again. Their lives are cyclical, and focused on family and journeys both physical and spiritual as they annually circle the mountain at the heart of their home.

Familiar Rules: The pride allows avians and snakes. From the pride info: Birds especially are very useful for moving messages from the main of the pride to the adolescent outpost, or in case of an emergency to get messages to someone in the ruins or keep watch. Snakes are more cautiously allowed - historically they are companions of the pride, but they were also used in the war times to poison and attack other pride mates. Owners of said serpents are expected to take full responsibility for any accidents. Other familiars are usually seen as either too valuable as food or too likely to compete for food, and are not typically allowed to join the pride.

Cert Background Large Image: [x]
Pride Symbol for Cert: [x]
Any Extra Information: Families will take last names, like the Ela, but it's a mutual choice between a mated pair on who's name they take, and it won't need an extra line or anything, so I'm not sure if it's worth mentioning here?
Pride/Pack History: There's a much longer version I haven't put down yet, but essentially long long ago, the pride was settled in part of the same area they now walk through each year. They settled in the ruins left behind by some strange creatures they had never met, and for a time all was peaceful, as the land offered up plenty of food and shelter. Eventually though, as families began accumulating more and more, they began to compete. Hoarding was an issue for many, and greed drove them to covet what their fellow lions called their own. Conflict began subtly, snakes sent in the night to steal or even poison their enemies. Before long full scale war broke out, each family fighting any other that came within reach. The pride was utterly decimated, and coupled with the largest sandstorm any of them had ever heard of, it was a miracle that even a few lions survived. No more than one or two from any family, and all their wealth buried in the sands, they were forced to band together to eke out a meager living. Legend tells them that the goddess atop their mountain came to them then, and swore that if they could find a way to live together, a way that would never again cause them to give in to such avarice, she would promise to watch over them, provide for them in a spiritual manner. They had little choice, and soon began wandering, sticking together, but never straying from the sight of the mountain. We're now many, many generations after that event, and a lot of the fine details have been lost to time, but the general history is still widely and well known.
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Pack/Pride Name: Mimi'naona
Current IC Owner(s): Ishara (Monarch); played by Velveteen Angel
Current OOC Owner(s): Velveteen Angel
Default ranks: Youth (cub & adol) - Hunter (Adult)
Default Subrank- Sightless
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

Links to at least five current RPs:
1] I Want To Learn ** Leader RP
2] You're no Enigma ** Leader RP
3] Pictures of Grace ** Leader RP
4] A Friendly Offer
5] Visions of Valhalla
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: The Mimi’naona is a pride of seers, protected by guardians and others without the gift of sight. It is intended to be a place of refuge and protection; a place of learning to understand the gifts given to some. Gods are welcomed, as are their offspring, as the pride grows with seers and attempts to protect those seeking safety within it’s walls.
Familiar Rules: All familiars are allowed. No requirements of bonding.
Cert Background Large Image: By Seaki
Pride Symbol for Cert: By Seaki
Any Extra Information: Extra sub-rank for 'Seer' status underneath rank on cert.
Pride/Pack History: The pride formed long ago, when the gift of sight (seers) was new. They had been shunned, afraid & looking for sanctuary. Mimi'naona became a place of refuge. The pride has under-gone many changes, many shifts in power and many hardships - both expected and unexpected. The gift of sight doesn't save you from everything, after all.

Currently: Numbers are dwindling, very few original members remain. Most have left on their own journeys. The current leader is growing nervous, desperately seeking new seers to teach and guide.

Velveteen Angel


Generous Unicorn

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Pack/Pride Name: Kipindo'hayawani
Current IC Owner(s): Cajanic
Current OOC Owner(s): None
Default ranks: Trainer
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Champion: Zuka | Ghost | Cajanic
Elite: Arkani | Fire | SilverLutz
Elite: Harvart | ground | Dulcea
Elite: Reserved
Elite: Meraka | Flying | CaliWolfe
Rescuer: Open for IT | unlimited
-- Sumpex | Ground | Cajanic
-- Santiago | Ice | Syrius lionwing
-- Tefukono | Psychic | hibi-tea

Head Nurse: Open for IT | unlimited

Commanding Officer: Open for IT | unlimited
-- Arauco | Psychic | Cajanic

Top Breeder: Open for IT | unlimited

Lead Professor: Open for IT | unlimited

Top Ranger: Open for IT | unlimited
-- Etain | Fire | magnadearel
-- Rrab | Ice | Cajanic
Top Coordinator: Open for IT | unlimited

Master Trainer: Open for IT | unlimited

Nurse: unlimited

Officer: unlimited
-- Nyangumi | Water | Cajanic
-- Mchanga'ngwena | Ground | Seaki
-- Vyri | Flying | shyanimegrl

Breeder: unlimited
-- Bulbizarre | Grass | Cajanic
-- Kuenea'kifo | Poison | Breeder | Painted Moose

Professor: unlimited

Ranger: unlimited
-- Esi | Ice | shyanimegrl
-- Amets | Steel | CaliWolfe
-- Lorea | Fairy | R4gn0r0k IV

Coordinator: unlimited
-- Kani | Fighting | shyanimegrl
-- Moneta | Poison | R4gn0r0k IV
-- Shougo | Grass | Syrius Lionwing

Trainer: Default (cubs, adols and adults)
-- Atama | Ghost | Seaki
-- Riki | Water | shyanimegrl
-- Ehecatl | Dragon | magnadearel

Links to at least five current RPs:

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: The Kipwani are a group of battle-loving animals who like to test their skills against one another, learning and growing as they fight. Battles are meant to be exciting and intense, not just brutal- this is what they live by. They travel the land looking for adventure, searching far and wide for anyone who enjoys good, fun competition. Explorations bring them honor and goods, while training makes them ready for anything the world may throw their way.
Familiar Rules: All familiars are allowed.
Cert Background Large Image: http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss27/Cajanic_SoA/Kipwani/KipWip7.png
Pride Symbol for Cert: I don't have a saved image for it- fails- but I do have a PSD of the cert already. -cheater colorist is a cheater-
Any Extra Information: There is a place for the "Type" an SoA rolls into!
Pride/Pack History: Long ago, there was a lion.

This lion loved to battle, creating complex and visually appealing attacks to stun and defeat his various opponents. Naturally, his exciting and different attacks drew the attention of several other lions, along with whatever other animal he fought along the way. They longed to discover his secrets and master his moves, so they might also become great battlers. Most were young, inexperienced but eager creatures and the lion could not find it in his heart to them their pleading eyes away. So he agreed to teach them, taking them from the homes they had known, after they bid goodbyes to their families of course, to a special land he had found just for his training.

It was open and vast, the perfect ground for fights, while also in a fairly secluded area without too many passing herds or wandering rogues. Beyond the expanse of flat, barren land was a large set of cliffs and hillsides, littered with holes that were just perfect for dens. Small watering holes provided a source of water for the trainers, while the distance they needed to cover to find food helped them stay in great condition.

In this place, a haven of sorts, they fought each other in practice-style matches, never aiming to kill any of their “class” mates. Under the watchful eye of their master, their champion, they grew to learn the same strange and exciting moves as he. After a while, training also became experimenting, some of the trainers constructing moves their own, the kinks of which were worked through the very same practice battles. These lions, equipped with their exotic skills, ventured occasionally into the depths of the rogue lands, fighting others and truly testing their skills. For the most part, however, they liked to stay within the safety of the pride, never seeking to kill but trained to do so if needed. It became more than just a practice to hone their skills- it became their way of life.

Through their exits and returns to the training grounds, they brought with them new challengers, even families. Before the champion knew it, his experiment in teaching had flourished into a pride. A pride of lions devoted to battle and strengthening themselves, while also keeping kind and never letting the will to fight turn them into blood-thirsty monsters. Within the pride, they live as a team, working together to overcome any obstacle. This blend of peace and ferocity served them well over the years, letting them expand their numbers and grow their territory.

The growth led to the discovery of another important aspect of the pride- exploration. Testing their skills in caves, forests and other terrains unlike the pridelands they were so used. It became another way to hone their skills, and make them the very best they could be. They came to enjoy going on missions for themselves or for the pride, bringing back food and rewards, sometimes even stories of battle.

Generations later, the moves have changed from what was learned in the beginning, but the basics remain the same- to battle is their real test, to train is their cause.

After a stint of famine with a sprinkle of pestilence mixed in, many lives were lost and pride became unstable in its numbers. Some left, hoping to return when the pride found its balance again, while others remained to battle it out, considering the harsh conditions nothing more than another means of training. Suffering through it, the pride has now decreased in size, but its strong heart lives on.

The newest generation of champion, a large lion named Zuka, has stayed with the pride throughout his life, becoming the leader when the former champion died from disease and named him his successor. With the threat of illness now passed, he looks to build the numbers of his pride once, hopeful that the way of training and battle will return to the hearts of his pride members. The Kipindo'hayawani, or Kipwani for short, strives to be the very best, like no pride ever was.
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Pack/Pride Name: Watembezi’mto
Current IC Owner(s): Xanthus (AstoriaFallen)
Current OOC Owner(s): AstoriaFallen, Seaki
Default ranks: Mvua (pup) -> Kokoto (adol) -> Majiahli (adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Name || Rank || Mate || Owner
Xanthus || Ardhimoyo || Mate: none || AstoriaFallen
Kaipo | Kikuta | Mate | Played By nessiaing
Lukav | Jiwembari | Mate | Played By Seaki

Janja || Machanga || Mate: none || Seaki
Maji`kukoka || Kiambaza || Mate: none || Seaki
Naveen || Uandugu || Mate: Adolfo || AstoriaFallen
Mekachanua || Tumba || Mate: none || Cajanic
Matope`Dimbwi || Mzegazega || Mate: none || Cajanic
Adolfo || Majiahli || Mate: Naveen || Green Ever After
Apokreis || Kokoto -> Uandugu || Mate: xx || Seaki
Amalahle || Kokoto -> Uandugu || Mate: xx || nessiaing

Links to at least five current RPs:

=== Old:

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Watembezi is an old pack, originating in a large expanse of plains. When the pack was young, they worshipped the flowers that scattered their wide-open lands. However, disaster struck and the pack was scattered, many dying from the plague. So the pack moved on, coming to a new home where they would attempt to re-establish themselves. Still, they were not safe, as disaster struck once again. Still, the pack flourished, settling in a valley with a new set of gods to worship. The events of their past made their pack bonds strong, and they carry the strength to their daily lives as every aspect revolves around their gods. As their pack grows in numbers, so does their hope for the future.
Familiar Rules: All Familiars acceptable, but must be bonded to a regular member.
Cert Background Large Image: http://i1290.photobucket.com/albums/b528/Seaki_SoA/Photos/WMBGFin.png
Pride Symbol for Cert: http://i1290.photobucket.com/albums/b528/Seaki_SoA/Photos/WMSymbol.png
Any Extra Information: none
Pride/Pack History:
Long ago, before the earthquake – before the plague, there was a small pack - a beautiful flower-pack with flourishing members. They gave worship to their goddess of flowers and rain to keep their pack fed and growing.

However, their flourishing did not last long. The plague struck their home, striking hard against the entire pack. Very few escaped, fleeing the lands ridden with the horrible disease. The remaining group consisted of only three – a now orphaned pup by the name of Dagaa, a priestess – Ua, and a hunter named Maji.

Ua, being the highest ranking of the three, lead the pack continuously, gathering a small amount of stragglers as they moved on. Ua, being a priestess, looked to the God and Goddess of their old pack, trying to soothe the angry gods for the plague to end.

The pack grew and grew again, but tragedy would befall them once again, years later. The earth shook a mighty blow, killing a majority of the pack. Dagaa and Ua remained, trying to collect themselves as the rest of the small pack fled in horror at the events.

Ua, once again turned to the gods, adding earth to the previous Flower and Water Goddess and God. The Priestess threw herself into prayer as the two of them began to move once again, searching out a safe place while suffering the loss of Maji.

The two travelers eventually came to a small valley, run through by a river. Life flourished this area – in rocks, vegetation, and water. It was the perfect place for their worship of the gods. With new vigor, they set out to build a shrine of smooth rocks by the riverbed.

And they prayed. Word of them spread, some of the Second Rising (as they had named the new pack group) had returned, already knowing of the religion. They set out gather more, for dogs are pack creatures. They wished to make a sanctuary for those who had hurt in the past.


Divine Star

Painted Moose

Versatile Wife

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Pack/Pride Name: Kuuza-upanga
Current IC Owner(s): Gaige (Painted Moose)
Current OOC Owner(s): Painted Moose, Seaki
Default ranks: Squirt (youth) - > Venturer (adol, adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Gaige | Big Papa | Mate: N/A | Played By Painted Moose
Dwn'r | Lil Mama | Mate: | Played By Seaki

Mpenziuma | Mole | Mate: N/A | Played By Seaki

Caradoc | Butcher | Mate: N/A | Played By Sabra Knight

Laggron | Chief | Mate | Played By Velveteen Angel
Astvatsuhi l Chief l Mate: N/A l Played By Painted Moose

Tympani | Venturer | Mate: N/A | Played By Painted Moose
Makoto | Venturer | Mate: N/A | Played By Painted Moose
Korrës | Venturer | Mate: | Played By Seaki
Xeadas | Venturer | Mate: N/A | Played By nessiaing
Keito | Venturer | Mate: N/A | Played By Velveteen Angel
Iascaire | Venturer | Mate: N/A | Played By Seaki
Ibilisi | Venturer | Mate: N/A | Played By Painted Moose

Nerost l Sawbones l Mate: N/A l Played By Seaki
Shiemi l Sawbones l Mate: N/A l Played by Painted Moose
Venani l Sawbones l Mate:N/A l Played by Cornetified

Ashki'tamuuli | Snoop | Mate: N/A | Played By Velveteen Angel
Cyra l Snoop l Mate:N/A l Played byR4gn0r0k IV (*Gift from the Kuroi'Nera)
Shaitani l Snoop l Mate: N/A l Played by Painted Moose
Tichaona l Snoop l Mate: N/A l Played by Cornetified
Oleantri | Snoop | Mate: N/A | Played By nessiaing
Sana l Snoop l Mate: N/A l Played By Seaki

Xerxes l Grave Dodger l Mate: N/A l Played By Painted Moose

Kuibiwa l Squirt -> Venturer l Mate: N/A l Played By Painted Moose

Links to at least five current RPs:
1 - Caradoc / Astvatsuhi
2 - Oleantri / Gaige (Leader)
3 - Oleantri / Shaitani
4 - Caradoc / Venani
5 - Dwn'r / Oleantri

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Kuuza-upanga is an isolated pride that values skill in battle above all else. Their home base is located in the cliffs surrounding the Kokari waterfall, which resides in the midst of a harsh, unforgiving jungle. Their lives revolve around 'selling' their battle services to outside groups in exchange for goods, and long standing agreements. They are mercenaries; hired claws looking for the best deal. Once bought, their loyalty will only come into question when a better offer is presented.

As the pride grows in numbers, so does their reputation for quality service. They have an extensive network of spies prowling the rogue lands (perhaps even dabbling in established prides/packs), ferreting out possible leads. The one thing that remains certain is this; you don't find the Kuuza, they find you. The only thing more secretive than their agenda is the location of their home base, and outsiders are never welcomed.
Familiar Rules: All Familiars acceptable, but must be bonded to a regular member. Predatory familiars are encouraged.
Cert Background Large Image: here
Pride Symbol for Cert: here
Any Extra Information: Check out our I/T!
Pride/Pack History:
Many years ago, a pride flourished near the Kokari Waterfall. Although it’s members never went without, their numbers were small; a strategy used to be better survive in the harsh landscape. The Kutembea’moja were harsh to outsiders, and made many enemies from those that were considered neighbors. One such pride, the Mbaya’mabaya, could only take so much. While their pride suffered from the intense heat of the jungle, their wretched neighbors were thriving. Not only was the Kutembea’moja near a constant source of fresh water, the waterfall shielded the pride, making the area a veritable fortress. The Mbaya were a much larger pride, with more to gain from one final, massive strike and the Kutembea knew it. Fearing the pride would not survive the war, a lone guard by the name of Reivar tasked himself with finding allies.

The brave lion found anyone who would help He gathered many willing fighters from across the land and brought them back to his home. With the numbers he collected, they were sure to win! His band was eclectic in both skill and species, but far more balanced than the straight laced forces waiting back in the Kutembea. No lion would be able to match the speed of his cheetahs, the wit of his hyenas, or any of the other traits that Reivar brought together. With his warriors at his side, Reivar knew in his heart that their enemies would fall!

When the hopeful warrior returned home, he expected a warm welcome, a hero’s welcome, for what he accomplished would save the pride! Reivar’s hopes, however, were dashed. The Pride, was stubborn. They absolutely refused the help of their allies, going so far as trying to drive them out. Why did they need help from outsiders? What if they were Mbaya spies in disguise?! Their ways had always saved them before, and would do so again.

The war raged on, and Reivar watched from atop the cliffs. His plan and his aid refused, he turned to his second in command, a cheetah named Rehema. Together, the pair came up with a new plan - one to take over. It mattered little to either one which of the two warring factions won, for within a fortnight of the battle they would take the prize. The Kutembea were slaughtered by the Mbaya, but due to a lack of proper diet, the winning forces were weakened. They could not withstand Reivar’s surprise attack, and were quicky vanquished themselves. With the Mbaya nearly decimated, Reivar stood his ground. He challenged their, who would not even fight his own war.

The pair fought. Rehema led the defense, and used her forces to keep the Mbaya back so that the fight would be uninterrupted. The King was overcome by Reivar’s brutal tactics, succumbing to his wrath like a sandcastle being washed away by the tide.

Reivar stood trimphant. He commanded what was left of the Mbaya to fight with him, or leave. Nothing would ever be the same now. Reivar’s home was marked in war and blood, and so were the lives of those that now called this ‘new’ land home.

Rehema established the culture to which the present day Kuuza live. While their forces fought each battle brought to them by allies of the Mbaya, Rehema created a life for them. One that would aid in the future success of the ever expanding mercenaries. Brutality and ruthlessness was needed to claim their spot, but guidance and trust was needed to keep it strong. She wanted to create a home for her people; one that they would be proud to fight for. As generations went by, the new Pride, dubbed the Kuuza-upanga, changed. While the war was never forgotten, the old ways were phased out under the new, and a unified front was created.

While the Kuuza continue to travel, the Kokari Waterfall will always be their home. They will raise families under it’s protective shield, and teach new generations to guard that which is more precious than life itself; family.
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Pack/Pride Name: Indlovukati
Current IC Owner(s): Big Hobbit
Current OOC Owner(s): Big Hobbit
Default ranks: Female: Daughter {Cub} --> Daughter {Adolescent} --> Sage {Adult}
Male: Son {Cub} --> Son {Adolescent} --> Hunter {Adult}
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Queen ~ Anansi {Big Hobbit}
Master ~ Naledi {Big Hobbit}
Guardian ~ Nabila {Big Hobbit}
Guardian ~ Lalo {nessiaing}
Guardian ~ Amala {AstoriaFallen}
Spirit Guide ~ Hatua Moja {Chi Sohma}
Healer ~ Fianna {nessiaing}
Storyteller ~ Eublepharis {AstoriaFallen}
Sage ~ Busara {Big Hobbit}
Links to at least five current RPs:
The Strange Road of Life {Leader RP}
Spiritual Awakening
To Serve and Protect
Entertaining the Future
Some Nights
A Shift In the Water
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack:
The Indlovukati are a pride ruled by powerful female warriors. Together, they protect everyone in the pride and do their best to ensure the harmony and prosperity of the lands. Lead by their Queen, the Indlovukati is meant to be a safe haven for females and males alike to live their lives however they choose under the protection of the warriors. Everyone lives happy and peaceful lives due to their collective strength. Males are responsible for providing food and resources for the pride and supporting and caring for the females and cubs. Females build strong bonds of trust between each other and will protect one another at any cost. The warriors are a fierce bunch but rarely do they go to war as they value life and prefer not to kill. They also try their best to remain hidden in their forest home.
Familiar Rules: All familiars are allowed in the pride. If they are unbonded to a regular member, they may only take on Default ranks.
Cert Background Large Image: Background Image
Pride Symbol for Cert: Symbol Image
Any Extra Information: None
Pride/Pack History: Anansi was once a princess in her homeland, until one day everything that she knew was lost. Her home, her family, her people, everything was gone. Distraught, she sought refuge deep into parts of the rainforest that she had never been before, far from her home, in hopes of finding a safe place to live for a while. Unfortunately, there was untold danger lurking in the trees.

The area where the Indlovukati currently reside was controlled by a violent gang of males who kept all the lionesses in the area as slaves. Females were only allowed to hunt and bear cubs for the dominant males, they were otherwise kept guarded in dark caves. Any female that stepped too far out of line was at risk of being hurt or killed. The lionesses there feared the males, and were mostly meek and subservient to them.

One day, Anansi was discovered on her own and she was captured and enslaved by the males that dominated the area. When she was brought to their home, she was horrified by the way the lionesses were treated having come from an all female pride. Anansi knew she had to fight back against the captors who kept them in bondage or she would live the rest of her life as a slave, and being a princess at heart, she couldn't have that.

Anansi tried to teach the lionesses that they were strong and could defeat the slavers by working together. Some of the lionesses still cowered in fear, but many began to lose some of their fear at Anansi's words of encouragement. She managed to gather together all of the lionesses who were willing to fight against the males alongside her and started a rebellion.

Many lionesses died during the chaos that ensued once the females began to fight for their freedom. Nonetheless, the lionesses won the battle and defeated the males under Anansi's leadership. Afterward, the lionesses claimed the lands where they were once enslaved as their home. Those that were not killed in battle ran from the land in terror of the collective strength of the females that had once been subservient to them.

Afterwards, Anansi took the time to teach the lionesses how to fight and defend themselves so that they could protect each other from harm. She also taught them not to fear males, for they were weak minded and sought to control females because of this weakness.

The lionesses asked if Anansi would stay and continue to lead them and teach them to be strong, and having developed a deep sisterly bond with them, Anansi was happy to find a new home in the rainforest with her new family. Still, she hoped to one day find her original family from the Amazons. Over time, Anansi developed the warrior way of life so that the females would never have to fear for their lives, and their new home would forever be protected and safe from harm.

Overtime, Anansi came to understand that in order to attain true harmony, males and females would need to find a way to coexist peacefully. She was initially reluctant about this as she had never lived with males willingly and it would be a huge change in her original philosophies. However, she believed that if males were trained correctly by their mothers and if they experienced an abundance of love from females during their vulnerable years, then they would grow up to become respectable adult males who did not desire conflict. Anansi believed that it was possible to raise boys who fundamentally respected females and would never dream of causing them harm.

She wanted to make a place where females and males lived together on one accord without conflict. Although, she knew that she would never truly trust males with leadership and power, but still believed that they could be important members of society. Anansi also knew that there were fundamental differences between males and females, but believed that with collective consideration and knowledge of each other they could all come to a compromise.

It then became Anansi's goal to create a home where everyone considered each other family and loved and trusted each other with one another's lives.


Big Hobbit

Astounding Loiterer

Dov Strunmah

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Pack/Pride Name: Dov`Strunmah
Current IC Owner(s): Alduin
Current OOC Owner(s): Greenie EA & Seaki
Default ranks:
Sahsunaar // Villager
Kiir // General Cub
Kiir se Pogann // Cubs born with one parent outside of the pride.
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

Royal Family

Faal`Zul x1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Paarthurnax || Dragon Name: 'Name Meaning' || Owned by: Inglorious D

Jun x1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Alduin || Zaan: 'To Shout / Yell' || Owned by: Greenie EA

Vahdin x1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Daya || Yol Su`um: '--' || Owned by: Seaki

Kulaan xUnlimitedxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kulaas xUnlimitedxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Council and Lead Roles
Zaan`Vahzah x4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tavak-ohane || Kruziik Vahriin Kagaan: 'Ancient Sworn Blessing' || Owned by: Talencia
Throek`Irid || Onik Zul: 'Wise Voice' || Owned by: Greenie EA
Vunjififaudi || Bex Faad: 'Open Warmth' || Owned by: Seaki
Basschus || Skakmat: '--' || Owned by: Strawberry Gumi Bunny

Revak Zii x1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nir Drog x1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wah Prodah xUnlimitedxxxxxxxxx
Releeshahn || Strun Ven Mir: 'Storm Wind Allegiance' || Owned by: Talencia

Fin`Tuz xUnlimitedxxxxxxxxxxxx
Pepo`moto || SahLosDu: 'Phantom is Devouring' || Owned by: Tonberry Queen X
Voz || Boziik Fus: 'Bold Force' || Owned by: Cajanic
Bi`ndoto || Durnehviir: '--' || Owned by: Lithiasaur
Pahale || Krien Qah: 'Shield of the Sun' || Owned by: ShinosBee
Imrahil || Kulaan Se Yolos: 'Heir of Flame' || Owned by: AstoriaFallen
Ameretat || Kun: 'The Right Path' || Owned by: Greenie EA

Kiir Vahlok xUnlimitedxxxxxxxx
Gamba || Alunpookyoriik: '--' || Owned by: Lithiasaur
Kis'erela || Nepend Fah Iilah: 'Laughter for Moons' || Owned by: Ruler of Everything
Akiko`Hinata || Zok Monah: 'Great Mother' || Owned by: AstoriaFallen
Themis || Vonun: 'Become Unseen' || Owned by: Greenie EA

Aus Nii xUnlimitedxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tia || Pruzah Haas: 'Good Health' || Owned by: Cajanic
A šum || Yun Kenlik: 'New Cycle' || Owned by: -_Wish of Tevarae_-

Ah Aar xUnlimitedxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Akir || Unslaad Drem: 'Ceaseless Peace' || Owned by: Talencia
Hrom || Kotin Faal Kast: 'Into the Tempest' || Owned by: HoneyBells
Ajitabh || Lok Kroniid: 'Sky Conquerer' || Owned by: Seaki
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One (Leader)
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Up in the mountains, comes together a pride. A pride whom has with-held themselves for many a years from the outside world. Their traditions are set in stone and hierarchy far more so. The regions are tough, and rough, so any lion who dares approach should be prepared. This may be the fight for their lives in an extreme terrain with extremely old-day individuals.
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Pride/Pack History:"For the better of the pride.." - Jun Paarthurnax

"Days for the pride seem numbered Faal Zul.." A dreary voice rumbled, a deadly reminder to the former king that he was not alone to his thoughts and was presented yet again with an idea the pride had never accepted before. The walls were closed, and had been closed for as long as the Faal Zul could remember. His joints ached as he shifted and moved to face the current Jun, Paarthurnax. "The days are numbered Paarthurnax, they have been since we formed our group here. These mountains have protected us though, and I do not see them crumbling beneath our paws at this time. I do not wish to be brought this point again." He gave a gruff sigh and moved away again.


The pride was facing a large issue, they were confined to the lands they had lived in since they could all remember. These lands had not completely weakened them, but were beginning to take its toll. Many were falling ill or simply becoming weak. Those whom were active during their younger years became inadequate to help. The solution appeared simple to Paarthurnax, open up their 'walls' and move down the mountain to its base. Find homes in the mountain side and live off the land that had, to his knowledge, been untouched as long as they had lived up here. The Faal Zul, whom was stuck in his old ways could not get passed 'open the walls'.

The arguments became larger in numbers and greater in frustration, Faal Zul would not see it Paarthurnax's way and could not bear to break down the ways of their people the Faal Zul had stated himself. Paarthurnax did what would be a last resort and called a council meeting, those of which familiar with the act of calling a council meeting would register this as an offense against the Faal Zul. The Voice would be the primary caller, if he is not passed on.


"Listen Council, hear my words, those which have been falling on stubborn ears far to long." The large group that had gathered was bewildering, normally many would show, but had Paarthurnax looked hard and with names in mind he would have been able to see more than ninety percent of the members. "Change is a need, a must. The pride we know has not been lost, will not falter. Our numbers may be few, but our strength is forever." He began by praising and uplifting the crowd, which watched in a simple silence.

The silence was a sign, he knew, that the pride had an idea where he was going. He had not presented the idea to the pride, for fear that if he did so to soon he would be opposed to largely by the subjects he needed as a majority right now. "My plan is to move the pride.." He stated, his voice nearly faltering as he spoke. The crowd remained calm, a positive that panic of change had not been put on these individuals. "Move to the base of the mountain.. Our homes will reside in the caves of the mountainside and we can live off the land." The lions did not stir, did not speak a word, dared not. To do something like this is to go against the Faal Zul.

What Paarthurnax saw was much better than cheering. There was hope. The hope fueled the fire that had burned in him for ages, the fire exploded and he made his point, all the while.. the Faal Zul watched from behind, listening. The look he bore was calm and understanding, and was the look that Paarthurnax was greeted with when he was speaking and turned away from the crowd to pace. There before him was his former king. "Faal Zul.." A murmur was all he could muster, but the Faal Zul simply stared. and stepped passed him. "Lions, lionesses and other species alike..." He coughed briefly, his strength in itself was losing out. It was easly seen that as years went he had begun to struggle. "It seems our Jun has made his point, no?" A sea of nods flooded the area. "Do you agree?" No one dared move or speak. "I do.. i agree Paarthurnax, you have tended to the needs of your pride with knowledge and the understanding I come to expect of our future generations." A harsh cough took over his body at that point and the council meeting was ended. The council had spoke briefly before leaving to think on their own.


With the blessing given by the Faal Zul the pride began moving to their promised land and began settling into their homes in the mountainside and feasting on the lands offerings. The only one whom stayed was the Faal Zul himself. He had been rendered unable to move, he was dying.

It was only a number of days before the Faal Zul passed, fortunately in his slumber and with the last words that would produce hope for the next generations and more. Paarthurnax had depicted that from now on, to live on through Faal Zul's traditions the home with which he inhabited in the mountains would be the home of the future Faal Zul's, beginning with himself. It had been discussed among the council that Paarthurnax would take on the position of The Voice, the choice to move to the mountains base was his trial in their eyes. With the decision made of that, Jun was left open. This position was given to a trustworthy companion that Paarthurnax had known well into cub-hood, Alduin. They had been on again, off again friends. Paarthurnax was sure his decision was the right one.

And so the pride found themselves in mourning and celebration...
.:. Shadows of Africa .:.

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