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Sparkly Bibliophile

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2009 9:45 am
User Image

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Viking related plotting

Matchmaking (new plot thread)

Old plot thread (For everyone)

Page 1
Blota (ex Mizimu'Tungika)
Skuld (ex Mizimu'Tungika)
Skugga (ex Mizimu'Tungika)
Urd (ex Mizimu'Tungika)
Aruná (Stormborn)
Veri (Goddess of Blood)
Mazi (ex Mizimu'Tungika)

Page 2
Viverri (Rogue genet)
Hantan'gang (Rogue leopard)
Tu (Rogue maned wolf)
Msrah (ex Tuait'tekem)
Skada (Mava'Bunda)
Epona (Rogue cheetah)
N'Seka (Kitwana'antara)

Page 3
Geith (Rogue lioness)
Omurtak sim Narfi & Özge (Jahy Sarlarin, Burkuteshti)
Jabez (leopard in K'A)
Svärta (Mava'bunda)
Hanja (Mava'bunda)
Amanita (Mava'bunda)
Yrse (Rogue leopon)

Page 4
Buna (Bonelands)
Dayo (Pridelands)
Paean (Sikukuu lion)
Xatu & Xefo (Bonelands)
Amarantos (Mwezi'johari)
Odi (swampie!)
Thabisa/Backwards (Kizingo'zaa)

Page 5
Umjaho (Rogue)
Xwaya (Mwezi'Johari)
Eld (firekin)
Halvdan (Stormborn)
Ee'bo (Kitwana'antara)
Vaina (Rogue leopard, > Stormborn)
Bifrost (Stormborn)

Page 6
Torbjörn (Myrsky Syntynyt)
Isifo'intombi (Kitwana'antara)
Estrilde (Kitwana'antara)
Truls (Myrsky Syntynyt)
Vappu (Sikukuu cheetah)
Kattah/Hsiu Mei (Tianxia)
Marrubi/Jinx (Pirate)

Page 7
Quests, character concepts etc.
RP graphics
Winning prompts

Page 8
Hallon (Rogue)
Jasiri (Ithambo'hlabathi)
Tranbaer (Kitwana'antara)
Heimdall (Sikukuu)
Muerte (Rogue bird/"hawk" wink
Kotte (Sikukuu genet)
Corvus (Mava'Bunda)

Page 9
Skaara (Bahari'mtoto)
Kokumo (Bonelands)
Snorre Magnusson (Stormborn)
Marmar bint Adala (Jahy Sarlarin, Qyrhyeshti)
Kalanko (Rogue lion)
Jagazi (Bonelands)

Page 10
Borka (Kitwana'antara lion)
Raubtier (Nergui hyena)
Vigoroth (Rogue leopard)  
PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:08 pm
User Image
Name: Blota
Meaning: to worship with sacrifice
Player: Annchen
Pride: Rogue, formerly Mizimu'Tungika
RP status: Open. PM me for RP and plots or quote me in the shop thread or one of my plot threads.

Description: Blota is a fully grown but small male, and life hasn't always been kind to him. He is starting to acknowledge that there are a lot of things he doesn't know and doesn't understand and he strives to better himself and gain a better standing in the eyes of the Spirits. Only, some days he doesn't know why he bothers.

He is somewhat wary around strangers since he has been tricked by people he trusted in the past. He is and has always been utterly useless at hiding feelings. When he was younger he had a pretty positive outlook on life, but he fell into deep depression when the plague forced him to leave his home again.

History: Blota was proud to be chosen by the spirits, and when he was younger he spent a lot of time preparing for (and daydreaming about) his upcoming sacrifice. His physical strength (or lack thereof) prevented him from joining the ranks of the warriors but the colour of his coat showed the strength of his spirit, and he looked forward to the day when he would battle hostile spirits to protect his pride.

He was kidnapped during the Dhati war and since he didn't return straight away when he was able to escape in the confusion near the end of the war he was demoted to follower upon his return to the Mizimu'Tungika.

To make matters worse

Offspring: Kweupe, Demani, Madoa, Madyrn, Dogo'miye (unknown litter to him)

Previous stages: Adolescent Adult without items
Colourist: Meepfur for adolescent and Slander for adult I think. Items made by Thalion.  


Sparkly Bibliophile


Sparkly Bibliophile

PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:58 am
RP log

[X] Blota spends some time with other Mizimu members (Blota, Palak and Haki) abandoned

[X] Disturbing whispers about the Dhati are spreading among the Sacrifices of the pride (Yuusa , Blota) DONE! Breeding

[X] Things are looking bleak for the pride, and Blota is prepared to give all he's got to make things better. (Kivuli, Blota) DONE!

[X] When life gives you lemons... Sulk! (Blota, Skadi) DONE!

Week 1: [X] Don't trust everything you see... (Blota, Tukutu) DONE!

Week 3-ish: [X] And while you're at it - don't judge a book by its cover... (Haini, Blota) DONE!


[X] Adult or not... he never learns, does he? (Blota, Jua Kali) abandoned

[X] Might not be a bad idea to stop and ask for directions (Viverri, Blota) DONE!

[X] And asking a lion is most likely going to give better answers... (Fenja, Blota) DONE!

[X] Believe it or not, some actually have it worse (Blota, Seija) DONE!

[X] Home at last, and he will never leave again (Blota) DONE!

The plague strikes

[X] Wrapping up the loose ends (Blota, Skadi) DONE!

[X] The art of healing (Zrathi, Blota)

RP count for future breeding: 9/10
PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:09 am
User Image

Name: Skuld
Meaning: Debt, also the name of one of the Norns.
Player: Annchen
Pride: Mizimu'Tungika
RP status: Open. PM me for RP/plots.

Description: Skuld can be a cranky old b***h at times, and she has no qualms about abusing her age and fragility to get what she wants. Her method of choice when communicating with the spirits is a set of old worn bones.

History: When the plague hit Mizimu Skuld left with a small group of lions, including her daughter and her apprentice. Her apprentice was injured and later lost from the group. The group has found a place to set up camp, and are still communing with the spirits.

In Mizimu, Skuld had been a Scryer for a very long time, and she didn't seem interested in climbing the ranks. Perhaps it was because of lack of real talent as a seer, perhaps just that she's very comfortable reading her bones.

((She's rolled as a seer... The irony.))

Offspring: Urd, Ilo
Relatives: Skadi (niece)
Colourist: DFA
Uncert: No items Items  


Sparkly Bibliophile


Sparkly Bibliophile

PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:13 am
RP log

[X] A young Sacrifice disturbs Skuld while she's reading, but she doesn't seem to mind too much. (Skuld, Zebaki) DONE!

[X] Skuld tries to talk to her niece, but they aren't as close as they used to be. (Skuld, Skadi) DONE!

Week 2: [X] Skuld needs to leave, but the Veteran seems reluctant to let her out (Rauro, Skuld) DONE!

Week 2/3: [X] A secret meeting. DONE!

Week 2/3: [X] Skuld accidentally wanders into enemy territory. DONE!

Week 3-ish: [X] Beaten and bruised, but perhaps not ready to pass to the Spirit realm just yet. (Duma, Skuld) DONE!

[X] I said... I'M NOT DEAD YET! stressed (Skuld, Fenja) DONE!

[X] Can a lioness get along with a hyena? (Skuld, Dubu'mwana)

[X] (Duma, Skuld) abandoned

[X] Getting a bit cocky, are we? (Skuld, Shibasa) DONE!

[X] This is where it ends (The entire pride)

[X] Oops? (Skuld, Skadi)

[X] Skuld interacts with the youth of her pride. (Skuld, Ashiki)

[X] (Skuld, Ranvir)

[X] Is it to early to take on an apprentice? (Skuld, Urd, Kejeli)

Mizimu disbands

[X] A temporary home? (Skuld, Tapu) DONE!

[X] Elephant hunt (various)

RP count for breeding: Done with breeding
PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:21 am
User Image
Name: Skugga
Meaning: Shadow
Player: Annchen
Pride: Mizimu'Tungika
Rank: Slave
RP status: Open. PM me for RP and plots. Or check out her plot search thread

Description: Skugga spent a lot of her early days in the shadow of her bright sister and, despite what she might tell you now, she did it willingly. She loved her sister, wanted to be just like her and didn't really mind that someone else did the thinking for her. Joining the Dhati was perhaps her first independent decision, even if it was heavily influenced by the lions who first told her about them. She focused her seemingly endless energy into warrior training, and her love for her sister was replaced by burning hatred of anything Mizimu.

She is not taking the Dhati defeat well, and the fate of her companion Mazimwi is haunting her. A patient and harsh master or mistress might be able to turn her into a decent slave, but for now she is a dangerous one. Both to herself and others.

The only thing keeping her from going over the edge completely right now is her cubs, and the hope of seeing them again.

Siblings: Yuusa
Offspring: *twitch*

Previous stages: Skugga the Dhati Warrior No items
Edits: Slander (scar, slave mark), Lilwolfpard (pelt)  


Sparkly Bibliophile


Sparkly Bibliophile

PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:48 am
RP log

Past: [X] Skugga is not just a tender pawed little sacrifice, and she's eager to prove it. (Kahiga, Skugga) abandoned

[X] Dhati meet & greet.

[X] There's one lion that always seems to help Skugga relax (Mazimwi'koya, Skugga) DONE!

* Week 1: [X] An evening walk might be just the thing to take their mind off the upcoming conflict. Or not. (Mazimwi'koya, Skugga) DONE!

Week 2: [X] Skugga is careless and stumbles upon the enemy (Skugga, Jelani) DONE!

[X] Boring border guard duty just turned interesting... (Skugga, Mazimwi'koya, Skuld) DONE!

* Week 3: [X] The sisters finally meet again. (Yuusa, Skugga) DONE!

* Week4:
[X] Not their finest moment (Skugga, Mazimwi'koya, Aula'Nafsi) DONE!

[X] This is where it ends (The entire pride) DONE! 1 post

[X] The spirits have powerful messages for both sisters. (Skugga, Yuusa, cubs)

[X] (Skugga, Castor)

* Scripted RPs: Done
Completed RPs for breedings: 5/5 1/10

User Image
Fanart by Mogami.
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:33 pm
User Image
Name: Urd
Meaning: Fate, also the name of one of the Norns.
Player: Annchen
Pride: Mizimu'Tungika
RP status: Open. PM me for RP and plots.

Description: She might only have half a Spirit, but life is still pretty good. Her mother loves her and she's got an awesome brother to play with. Urd can be a bit shy and reserved among those she is not familiar with and she tries to stay close to those she do know.

Family: Skadi (cousin), Ilo (brother)

Previous stages: Cub Juve Adult
Colourist: Ary Keeyara (Cub, juve), Safaia (adult)  


Sparkly Bibliophile


Sparkly Bibliophile

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 6:43 am
RP log


[X] Urd isn't sure what to think about spending time with the minders yet... (Aruná, Urd, Ilo, Udongo)

[X] Sometimes a quiet talk is better than loud games, but mud is always fun! (Urd, Azize'erevu)

[X] Weird, weird, weird "game" (Urd, Kejeli'zito) DONE!

[X] And trust Mom to make it weirder... (Skuld, Urd, Kejeli)
PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 7:09 am
User Image
Name: Aruná
Meaning: the glow of the rising sun
Player: Annchen
Pride: Myrsky Syntynyt
RP status: Open. PM me for RP and plots.

Personality: Aruná takes pride in being independent and in being a good hunter. She can be hot headed if you push the wrong buttons, and she doesn't always think ahead but is rarely mean on purpose. She's not sure how to fit in with her new pride yet.

Background: Aruná was Minder raised and never learned much about her parents. She knew that they died in The War, but she was a little fussy on the details, and isn't sure what a war really is. However, this didn't stop her from filling in the blanks and dreaming up stories about her parents. In fact, as a cub she loved making up stories about this and that, but mostly about how great she is.

After her pride disbanded she left with her sister and a Mizimu warrior.

Her sister was kidnapped by a band of Stormborn, and after many adventures she managed to find her way there and won a challenge to get in. She's now one of the Stormborn, and more than a little confused about it.

Siblings: Udongo, Tzora, Shikisha

Previous stages: Cub Juvenile Adult Mizimu cert
Colourist: DFA (cub, juve) Safaia (adult)  


Sparkly Bibliophile


Sparkly Bibliophile

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 10:51 am
RP log


[X] Her birth was a violent one, but Aruná remembers nothing from it.

[X] Playtime! Woooot! (Aruná, Urd, Ilo, Udongo)

[X] Another great hunt, featuring the mighty hunter Aruná! (Aruná, Palia)


[X] (Quia, Aruná)


A plague hits and Mizimu is disbanded

[X] The sisters chat about the future. (Aruná, Udongo) DONE!
[X] The hunt went well, thank you (Aruná, Janja'nafsi)
[X] Stranger in a strange new land (Aruná, Cythraul) DONE!
[X] A second meeting... (Aruná, Cythraul)

Udongo is "kidnapped"

[X] Udongo is gone, but something was left behind. DONE!
[X] This for that (Aruná, Bluu) DONE!

[X] Hostile encounter (Aruná, Ru) DONE!
[X] Very sneaky... (Lesedi, Aruná) DONE! (JRP/duel)
meta [X] The challenge of the century... (Pretty much everyone in the pride) DONE!
[X] (Aruná, Udongo)
[X] Acting like a lady (Akatta, Aruná) DONE!
[X] Ugh... Fleas! (Aruná, Istif)

RP count for breeding: 8  
PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:11 am
User ImageName: Veri
Meaning: Blood
Player: Annchen
Pride: None
RP status: Open. PM me for RP and plots.

Description: Veri is the Goddess of Blood and I Imagine she's been around for a while. Long enough to get a bit jaded and cynic about mortal life at least. She is wary about letting mortals follow her (as in physically join her, she's got nothing against worship) since mortals are so fragile from her point of view. She's secretly worried she could harm them in some way. For the same reason she tend not to stay in a place for very long unless the mortals there have really pissed her off. Anyone wanting to travel with her must prove their worth and their strength, but once you win her trust she's a formidable ally.

She can be a bit edgy around Gods and Goddesses too, perhaps out of habit. For now the only creature she seems to be able to stand being around for extended periods of time is her snake. I'd like to think that the right person can make her come around, or perhaps simply understand and tolerate her temper.

Offspring: Hoeh and Geith (rogue father). Godlum litter: Ee'bo (Annchen), Cruentus (pinkdog), Gweadnearth (TanuKyle), Kaillot (Mogami), Dreyri-bein (Jovi of Shadows), ??? (???)

Temporary Powers: 1 – Scent of blood: She is surrounded by a faint scent of blood. Mortals in her presence can feel a metallic taste in their mouth or feel a scent of blood coming from an undefined direction. The scent can range from the stink of old rotten blood to the scent of fresh blood depending on her mood. Power is only active within a radius of 10 metres or so and it becomes less noticeable and eventually vanishes completely if a mortal stays in her presence for a long period of time. Gods can feel the scent of blood too but can always pinpoint the smell to her.
2 – Song of salix: Mortals in her presence are more prone to bleeding and they will bleed more if they are injured after being exposed to her. Existing wounds will start to bleed more and freshly healed ones might start to ooze blood again. Weak creatures with large open wounds run a risk of bleeding to death. (no characters will die from this unless the player wants them to of course) Lasts for 1 hour after exposure. Doesn’t affect gods.
3 – Curse of blood: When angered she can cause bleeding (usually from the nose, ears or eyes) in a mortal. This is not painful or fatal, but can certainly be unpleasant. Bleeding lasts for 1-3 hours depending on how miffed she is, and the injury then disappears without a trace (more than the blood left behind). Can be used on gods, but in that case the strain on her is great and it only bleeds for a minute at most. Not worth it unless she’s extremely angry and doesn’t think before acting.
Permanent Power: Transfusion: The goddess can give a mortal creature some of her own blood with magic means, to counteract a blood loss or cure anemia. (after an injury, after a complicated birth, to cure someone that is anemic etc.) This is extremely taxing and she can’t save someone that’s too badly injured or has huge gaping wounds since her mere presence will make existing wounds bleed more. For best effect any wounds needs to be as healed as possible before she does this, otherwise she might just drain herself and still have the creature bleed to death.
Colourist: DFA (Goddess), Kaelyndra (Snake familiar), Polette (Snake mortal form)
Uncert: Adult, Mortal form (snake), Familiar  


Sparkly Bibliophile


Sparkly Bibliophile

PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:16 am
RP log

[X] Life, death, blood (Veri) DONE! (used in MnM) *

[X] Mortals are mysterious. (Veri, Mith'ando) DONE!

[X] Friends. They love you for your flaws, not despite the flaws. (Nemanja'janan, Veri) DONE!

[X] Veri aquires a fangirl. She is not amused. (Veri, Kucheza Kivuli) Abandoned

[X] The journey is the important part (Veri, Mith'ando) DONE!

[X] Quick visit to the mountain... (Nemanja, Veri)

[X] Mith is finally home (Veri, Mith, Jabez) DONE!

[X] Trouble is stirring, but Veri has other things on her mind. Meta

[X] A safe place for the little ones (Veri, Jabez, cubs) DONE!

[X] A guardian (Mith'ando, Veri) DONE!

[X] Uuni shows up with some surprises of her own (Veri, Uuni) DONE!

[X] Snake play

[X] Stuck (Jasiri, Jagazi, Veri) DONE!

[X] Think fast! (Jagazi, Inkungu, Inyoka'dla, Snake) DONE! *

RP count for breeding: 9/10
* RP count for the snake: 1
PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:43 am
User Image
Name: Mazi
Meaning: It was the private nickname his biological mother gave his father.
Player: Annchen
Pride: Mizimu'Tungika
RP status: Open. PM me for RP and plots. Backdated family RP might be fun?

Description: Mazi is the cub that looks the most like his mother Yuusa. He is also a very blank slate right now. Need to sort him out with RP and backdated RP.

If someone should tell him that Yuusa is not his real mother or just hint something about the virtue of his mother he'd probably take it to blows.

History: There's a lot of heavy history in Mazi's past, but he's not aware of it at the moment and might never know. The lioness he believes is his mother is really his aunt, and his biological mother is a slave in the pride since she betrayed the Mizimu in the recent war. His father was also a rebel warrior but was killed before the war ended and before he knew of his cubs.

Siblings: Masoka, Serifa, Sefu

Previous stages: Cub, Juve Adol Adult
Colourist: Slander, Kaelyndra for adult stage  


Sparkly Bibliophile


Sparkly Bibliophile

PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:59 am
RP log


[X] A Royal Sacrifice? Talking to me? (Mazi, Nafsi'Takasa)

[X] The twins having a chat (Masoka, Mazi)


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