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It didn't take long for Ed to respond to the text message he sent a few minutes ago. The corner of his lips curled up when he saw whom it was from: soon he'd have to leave the playground to go have fun with someone that was actually alive. Henry thought to himself as he read the message. Food sounded good: he didn't even realize that he was hungry until a cafe was mentioned. Still, that meant that they'd have to spend the time conversing with each other. He wasn't sure if he was ready for that. Sure they talked here and there online; but normally they just played games together. Going out to eat forced you to talk whenever you weren't putting food in your mouth: it was just a different environment. There were too many chances for awkward moments. The arcade sounded good. They could still talk; but they would be more comfortable since they'd be in their own element. Yea, that sounded like the better option.

To: Ed
From: Henry
Message: Let's meet at the arcade.
I found out where that place was at
the first day in town. I'll head over
there now.

With that sent, he stood up and slipped his cell into his coat pocket. Henry took a glance at the swing that still seemed to be moving on it's own. "Gotta go meet up with a friend...you'll be fine by yourself right?" The techie chuckled as soon as the question left his lips. "Nevermind, stupid question." With that said he walked out of the playground. He never knew that the ghost left the swing since he happened to be running around the playground at that point in time; but he did see the medium fall on her butt. Henry stifled a laugh as he made his way over: it was time to save a damsel in distress.

"Are you all right?" He asked as he came to a stop nearby. It was then that he noticed how close she was to the playground. Henry glanced back at the fourth swing as he wondered how long she had been here. A sheepish grin appeared on his face before he turned his attention to the dog that seemed to be bothering his co-worker. "What a nice dog," he commented more to himself. The techie was mainly referring to how pretty and healthy the canine looked. "What are you doing out here by yourself?" He asked as he knelt down to play with the four-legged animal for a bit. Soon he turned his attention back to Daphne while he continued to pet the dog. "Which way did he come from?" After she pointed it out, he pet furry guy a bit more. "You be a good boy, okay?" Henry gave the dog a big smile before he stood up to give his co-worker a gentle smile. "Can you watch him while I go find the owner?" Not really waiting for a response, he turned while he gave a simple wave before he made his way through the park.

It didn't take long for him to arrive at a scene between two local boys. One seemed to be the person he was looking for since he had a dog and an extra leash. Henry stood there for a moment as he wondered whether he should wait for the two to finish or not. Then the one on the bench stood up, uttered something that he couldn't hear, and slapped the other dude on the butt. Was the one that walked away gay? Ah well, it didn't matter: now was his chance to talk to the dog walker. The techie jogged over to the guy while the dog made it known that she knew he was there the whole time. "Um excuse me...sorry to interrupt but..." he started a bit awkwardly. He sucked at talking to people he didn't know. Henry shifted from one foot to the other before he continued, "I think my friend ran into your other dog...he's over there." He pointed in the direction he came from and gave a small smile.

Henry did consider the medium a friend to a certain degree. It's not like they were close; but he was comfortable enough with her to work together. He wasn't the type to flat out ignore people so he did attempt to talk to her at times. Granted, his talks were normally short; unless he started to get into something he was passionate about. Luckily, she hadn't been exposed to that.

"Anyway, I got to go. Could you tell Daphne that I'll see her later?" He asked without realizing that he just told a stranger to give his co-workers a message while he revealed her name at the same time: not to mention the fact that he basically left her in the hands of a stranger and his dog. "Thanks." With that said, he turned and started to hurry off. After he got a few steps away, he turned back around and apologized for leaving so soon. Then he continued to walk out of the park. It's not like it would be the end of the world if he got to the arcade a bit later than planned. They didn't say they'd meet at a particular time: more like whenever they got there.

"Hey," he called out as he lifted his hand to give a slight wave as he approached the teen that seemed to be waiting for him. "I hope you weren't waiting long." The techie gave Ed a small smile as he stopped to stand next to the gamer. Suddenly there seemed to be an awkward silence between the two: exactly what he was trying to avoid. His eyes shifted to look at the arcade before he calmed a bit. Maybe meeting here was a good idea after all. "Soo let's go in," he suggested as he swung his arm around the teens shoulders and ushered him into the arcade. User ImageIt might had been a bad idea to be so physical since they just met in person for the second time; but for some reason he suddenly felt comfortable enough to do that. Being in his element seemed to calm his nerves quite a bit. If he stopped to think about it: this seemed like how you would react when going on a first date with someone you really liked. Then again, Henry was just weird about certain things.

By the time they were in the arcade he didn't have his arm on Ed anymore. Instead, he stood in front of the teenager and looked around. His eyes clearly flickered in excitement as he scanned the variety of toys to choose from. Of course it wasn't a lot in comparison to places that were located in more populated areas; but he hasn't had the chance to do any gaming for a while. "Let's play this one first," he suggested as he turned around with a smile and tapped the game on its side, "I haven't seen a primal rage one in eons."

LOCATION: the arcade with the gamer.
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J A S P E RxxS E A NxxF U R Y

        Jasper had been right. Grocery shopping was dull, though apparently not dull enough. Still nothing was coming to mind, and he was nearing the end of his mental shopping list. Just a few more things remained. Drinks were one. He also needed to get cereal and shaving cream. Judging by his current location relative to everything else in the store, drinks were going to be first.

        Maybe Jasper could somehow bring a grocery store into the plot of the movie. The film centered on a group of citizens from a small town and an as yet unknown mysterious force killing them off one by one. It certainly wouldn’t be unreasonable for one or more of the characters to go grocery shopping and have that action somehow lead to their deaths. Maybe one of them would reach for a carton of milk and be pulled into the freezer. The audience would hear tortured screams and then silence as the blood spattered across the inside of the glass. Or was silence sans blood spatter a better idea? Either one would work.

        Jasper pulled out his cell phone and opened up his notepad app.

        - grocery shopping; milk;
        pulled into freezer and murdered;
        “screaming and then a sudden silence”;
        blood spatter?

        That would be enough to help Jasper remember his idea later on. He often used his cell phone to jot down ideas he had. It was much easier than what he used to do, which was carry around a notebook. Despite their name, pocket-sized notebooks were rarely pocket sized. Of course, it depended on the pants you were wearing. Jeans were fine, but try to fit a pocket-sized notebook into a pair of dressier pants and the awkward obviously-not-a-wallet bulge would earn you a few looks, especially if you were wearing the kind of pants that only had one back pocket, which was already filled with your wallet. No, using a phone was definitely much easier and less awkward.

        Jasper had just pocketed his phone and exited the drinks aisle (Water, juice, and soda. Check.) when an attractive blonde woman nearly ran into him. Immediately she began to apologize, and Jasper’s first instinct was to flash her a dazzling smile and respond, “Oh, no, it’s my fault. Really.” He was just getting to the part where he would crack a joke and introduce himself (Since Eliza had been born he’d been getting pretty adept at picking up women in grocery stores. It was now bordering a romantic comedy level of skill.) when he noticed that the woman was incredibly distressed by the situation. He’d seen that look enough times before to know what was likely to come next. Tears.

        This did not look good. Still relatively new to the town, Jasper was already making it look like he was making women cry in grocery stores. (Incidentally, this was another one of his skills, though he was less proud of it.) Definitely not good. He needed to get her to calm down, and quickly.

        “No, really, it’s fine. All my fault. My daughter keeps telling me I need to look where I’m going.” Most of the time, Jasper didn’t play the Oh yeah, by the way, I have a kid card this early into meeting someone, but in this case it seemed like the thing to do. Upon making a mistake, seeing that the guy involved was also imperfect, and probably constantly reminded of that, made women feel better. Right?

        “I hope I didn’t shock you too badly.” Jasper said, allowing a slight undertone of light laughter to sneak into his voice.

        Looking at the woman, Jasper was reminded a bit of Eliza’s mother. (Though almost everyone fitting a similar physical description reminded him of Eliza’s mother.) She had the blue eyes and the blonde hair, though in this woman’s case her eyes seemed somewhat darker. It wasn’t the color that was darker, no; it was the emotion behind the eyes. Eliza’s mother had always had a sparkle in her eyes, like she was planning something amazing. This woman looked… well, Jasper couldn’t really put his finger on the right word. She was sad, maybe? Or worried? Maybe it was just the situation that had darkened those eyes. It was a little bit of an awkward situation, though from Jasper’s point of view it was only so because of the people staring. There wasn’t really a need to get so worked up over a near collision in a grocery store, in his opinion.

        This thought brought the question of why to mind. Why was she so freaked out by this one little incident? Was she one of those really socially awkward types? The type that rarely worked up the courage to approach others, and when they did were so nervous they could barely string a sentence together? Or was she just a constant worrier, someone who neared tears when they forgot to lock the door when they left the house? If either were the case, Jasper wouldn’t have much use or interest in her. Well, maybe a couple. She was rather attractive. And she apparently had some money to spare, given the amount of jewelry she was wearing. Not that Jasper needed more money. He was, as the phrase goes, “rolling in it.” It was one of the better consequences of being a successful movie writer, along with Hollywood connections and being able to use the phrase “I wrote that.” whenever someone mentioned one of his movies.

        “I’m Jasper, by the way.” He figured he might as well introduce himself to the woman, and offered her his hand to shake. “And you are?”

        Jasper may have had Hollywood connections, but here in Brookshire he knew almost no one but the town historian, and he felt that should change. He wasn’t the kind of writer who was a recluse; he needed people around him to interact with, people he could go out at night with, people with whom he could generally have fun. Here was a chance to meet someone new. Even if it was in a slightly awkward situation in the middle of a grocery store with people staring at him, Jasper was beginning to make connections in this small town. This, at least, was good.

T H ExxS C R E E N P L A YxxW.R.I.T.E R

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        Currently at: A grocery store
        With: Tina
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                                                                  THE CONFUSION SETS IN. . .

                                                                  Tina hated it when she did things like this, made a complete a** of herself for no particular reason beyond the fact that she could. She felt like everyone’s eyes in the entire store were on her, judging her as the mayor’s wife, calling her an idiot in their minds. It was so uncomfortable, and she really did just want to break down in tears. The pressure of the last twelve years and even before that was starting to wear on the woman and it was more than evident in her reactions to things these days. Even the simplest thing could lead to a bout of tears from Tina, she thought herself rather pathetic if she was honest. But she had never been a strong person; she didn’t know how to be. Forcing herself out of this miserable train of thought she took a big deep breath and turned her big blue eyes to look up at Jasper, she had heard him talking but had been so lost in her personal pity party she hadn’t had the chance to answer him. “I’m so sorry, I totally just got lost in my own thoughts for a second. I heard you I just…I was embarrassed, I can’t believe I almost ran you over.”

                                                                  Tina offered him up a bashful smile, her cheeks were still a faint pink against the pale alabaster skin she sported, her eyes drifted down and she noticed his hand, nearly slapping herself for not noticing that before. She extended her slender, delicate hand and grasped his in a firm enough grip for a lady and forced herself to smile. The smile never quite reached her eyes, one of the local reporters had ripped on her once and made a comment on the fact that her smile were broken, hollow seeming. She couldn’t exactly deny it; they had been very dull in the past few years.

                                                                  Shaking Jasper’s hand she spoke softly “I’m Tina, I teach English and Home Ec at the high school.” She refrained from mentioning her relationship to the mayor just yet, even if she knew her wedding ring was very prominent on her tiny hand. There weren’t many women in Brookshire walking around with a Tiffany wedding and engagement ring set, in fact for some people in this town her wedding ring was worth more than the last six months of work they had put in.

                                                                  Tina’s eyes traced over his face, and she had to admit Jasper was quite handsome, though a lot of men in Brookshire were, her own husband wasn’t exactly ugly in the physical sense. But he was ugly on the inside as far as Tina was concerned, sure some girls might like that, but she never had. That was why he had such an effect on her once upon a time. Tina almost shook her head to force thoughts of the Town Historian out of her head, but that would be another embarrassing thing to do, just shaking her head for no reason. A part of her also wanted to keep those memories right where they were. Focusing back on her earlier train of thought she had to wonder what was inside this man. He came across to her as a bit of a flirt, with the way he was obviously analyzing her and checking her out. She slipped her hand from his realizing it had lingered in his for a fraction too long, placing it back on her cart she shifted it out of the way when someone tried to push past her and they couldn’t. Almost as if on cue the older woman, whose name Tina could not remember looked at her with a bright happy smile “Thank you Mrs. Summers, it’s nice to see you out and about.” Tina forced her face to remain impassive when on the inside she was cringing as she offered up another hollow smile at the woman, struggling to remember her name. When she realized there was no way in hell she could remember it she did the practical thing and responded with “It’s my pleasure dear, I hope to see you at the Festival some point soon.

                                                                  Tina turned her eyes away from the woman and gave him an apologetic look “Did I also forget to mention that I’m the Mayor’s wife?” She gave a soft bitter chuckle and leaned against the cart for a moment, a slight awkward silence stretching between them before she piped up “So you have a daughter? How old is she? Are you sending her to Brookshire High School? My son goes to school there, and well obviously that’s where I work.” There, this was better this was something Tina could talk about, Kain and work. These were things that typically made Tina comfortable. Well if she ignored the fact that she was working with Nicole and every time she turned around she swore that girl was trying to take her job away from her. If that happened, if she got fired, she didn’t know what she was going to do. If she filed for divorce she was going to need her income. Sure she would get quite a bit of money in her Divorce from her husband, but she didn’t want to be one of those women who lived off his money her whole life. Back when she was eighteen, yes she wanted that, now she wasn’t so sure. After all didn’t she have to set some kind of example for her son?

                                                                  You’re here with the crew of that Documentary right? The ones my husband brought in to talk about the things that have gone on here in Brookshire?” Tina pursed her lips, she had never really liked the idea of a film crew coming in to their tiny town and invading it with a million cameras, what if they stirred something up? They’d had enough incidences here than Tina was comfortable with. She also had no idea that Jasper actually wasn't with the Documentary crew, and she was mistaken. The only reason that thought had popped in to her head was that she had never spotted Jasper before. “I hope you’re all careful…especially around this time of year. Things get a bit strange here around Halloween. But I can only assume my husband told you all that.” Tina shifted a bit and looked over her shoulder realizing they were blocking the aisle a bit still and sighed “Do you mind if we walk and talk? We’re kind of in the way and I think it’s starting to upset people. Plus…small town, nosey old ladies who insist on telling each other everything, you don’t want to get caught up in the gossip train already.” Tina rolled her eyes a bit, and then gave a smile this time which was a bit brighter than the last few, the more she found her bearings the more relaxed she became around Jasper, it was always a natural progression for Tina. Her earlier embarrassment was starting to fade so she could resume being the charming woman she was expected to be, the only person who ever truly sucked the life out of her completely was the Mayor.

                                                                  :: WHERE ::
                                                                  The Grocery Store Pastry Aisle
                                                                  :: WARDROBE ::
                                                                  All Dolled Up
                                                                  :: WITH ::
                                                                  :: FEELING ::
                                                                  A bit more confident/worried
                                                                  :: SONG ::
                                                                  Hold it Against Me - Britney Spears.

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User Image
I kiss the mirror because I love myself on the inside and see no monsters, no sign of narcissism here, just loving me for who I
am and not those silly material possessions. I just wish everyone could see the value of my ways to lead a better life.

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                                                    She spun around at the sound of the door opening with a smile for the would be customer and heard him clear his throat for her attention. She lost the smile, she didn't frown, she was just mutual now when it came to her expression. This was the guy that had messed with her only friend that was her age, and she didn't like that, bullying was a sad thing to go through with and showed that you had insecurities about yourself. "Not interrupting much, and nah, it's Eliza, but I prefer Ellie" she went over to her kitten and picked her up, holding and petting her. "Hey Ty, and I don't think so, obviously you wanted to talk to me, and I haven't heard anyone by the name of Jillian at school..." She plastered a fake smile onto her face for him a second later after a bit of silence from her "But it's nice to meet you Ty." At least he smiled at her, making himself approachable, but she had heard what he was like already, the bullying, and she had heard a few things about what his love life was like, there was no love, just a bunch of hookups. It was actually disgusting to her, she only believed in sex till marriage, or at least till you know it's with the right person and not just who ever I want right this instant kind of thing. She looked away from Ty when she heard the door chime at being opened, and she gave a big smile to the next person coming in as a welcoming gesture. Luckily too, because Cecilia was kind of just being her stony faced self and looking like she could care less as she was sitting there reading a book. It was Ophelia, like the girl by Shakespeare that drowned herself over Hamlet, though it was just a character in a play. Ophelia seemed to be best friends with Edward, though she had never talked to her at all despite them having the same friend. She hoped it wasn't because of being purposely avoided, was there something wrong with herself if Ophelia was personally avoiding her?

                                                    Her eyes shifted to all the things that Ophelia had in her hands and her eyes shined with glee "Kittens~?" she scratched behind Skadi's ear as she looked at the box holding them. She thought they looked so cute! Out of the corner of her eye she saw her boss indicate her to get the box and deal with it with a single gesture of her pale hand. She walked over and grabbed the box, going to where the kittens were in a big, big cage and putting the five in there with them gently. She refilled the water and food and then closed the cage door, standing up and walking to the counter. She wasn't much of a people reader and wasn't paying a great deal of attention to the fact that Ophelia was being quiet and had frozen up over anxiety. She looked back at the two to notice Ophelia's cheeks turn pink and she gave her a puzzled look when Ophelia looked at her. "Hello Ophelia~!" she beamed at the girl, ignoring the fact that she wasn't being looked in the eye, and never had since the start of Ophelia being in here. She then went behind the counter and stood behind the register ready to unlock it when she heard Ophelia speak and looked up at her with more confusion. "Tell anyone what?" she looked at Ty "Are you bullying her? if so then why? she seems like a nice girl, and I don't like bullies." She gave him a stern expression, not really going to break focus to ask Ophelia what she had planned to. Giving her money would have to wait a bit. It was then that her phone decided to send her a bunch of texts and buzz of the hook, she jumped a little from being so out of focus with other things. This was what made her break her focus, so she decided to go ahead and send the texts while she could.

                                                    To: Dad
                                                    From: Ellie
                                                    Okay, have fun at the grocery~!

                                                    To: Ed
                                                    From: Ellie
                                                    Sounds a lot like my day, and oh I did, I don't
                                                    think he heard me though sadly. Awesome, that
                                                    would be really nice, Ophelia is here right now!
                                                    That's fine, and I'm okay with that, have fun with
                                                    the other person!

                                                    She hit the send button and put her phone away after getting a glare from Cecilia for having her phone out when people were right there. She got back to work and looked at Ophelia "Now do you want money for the kittens you brought here? Or are you not interested in payment?" She knew that her boss would be hoping for a no, she liked to not give the money that the store earned away on any accounts, but did because she had to if the person wanted pay for things like this. Oh god her boss was stingy about the money, the redhead was probably tensed in her chair with her book in hand, waiting for the response that she wanted so badly to be spoken. She sighed and wondered what her father was doing, was he still at the grocery, or was he done now. Maybe back home and wondering what she was going? She went and sent another text to her him, despite the stank eye she was getting from Cecilia.

                                                    To: Dad
                                                    From: Ellie
                                                    hey, it you make it home before I do, then
                                                    don't fret about me not being home, I'm at
                                                    the pet store working because I'm really bored
                                                    and afraid at home.

                                                    Where: at the Dream Bean Cafe
                                                    Wearing: E's outfit

Eliza Lilian Fury
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                  ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● » TYREESE ROMAN OLIVER
                  The Jock «

                  Tyreese trailed his eyes down her body for a brief moment as she played with her cat. It took every fiber of his being not to make a 'p***y' joke. Ty made sure to remind himself that women probably found that offensive. The only issue was, that he didn't know much about her. He didn't know how flirty she was, or comfortable she was with boys. He didn't know what type of guys she was interested in. Hell, he'd tell her anything she wanted to hear if he could have a chance at her. She introduced herself as Eliza, but voiced her preferred nickname was Ellie. "Can I call you Liza?" he asked with a chuckle, before leaning over nearest the front counter. He saw the kitten, but didn't pay too much attention to it for too long. Ty had his own cat to deal with. A cat that he rarely even liked to claim as his own. Typically his sisters were little brats who got whatever they wanted, when they wanted it. That included pets. He on the other hand, thought Cats were unsanitary. Especially when they hopped up on counter tops or tables or other surfaces where you prepare food. "Never heard of Jillian?" he said, before rolling his eyes, "Then again, you've been here for...how long, again?" She had a cute personality. He liked her hair cut as well, maybe it was because she had an aura of maturity around her? And at the same time, her polite nature, gave off a hint of innocence.

                  "Nice ta meetcha too." Ty wasn't a mind reader, but from the conversation, he assumed that things were going pretty well. The vibe was casual, friendly, now all he needed to do was cleverly ask her for her number. Before he could, he heard the sound of the bell chime on the shop's door. He didn't look at first. He had little to no interest in whoever came in looking for a brand new puppy or a rabbit. It wasn't until he heard the sound of the voice that he looked. "Well I'll be damned," he mumbled. Then that's when she set the box down on the counter, not far from him. He looked at her, he was sure their eyes met. All he did was where an 'all to knowing' smirk. It was unnecessary to say a word to her. She didn't dare to make eye contact with him after that moment. He assumed it was because of him, but Ty was also told that he could be a cocky b*****d at times. Eliza greeted her, "Hello Ophelia~!" She just seemed so excited to see the girl. Ty had to bite back a remark, and instead greeted her as well, trying to match Ellie's enthusiasm. "Yeah, hello Ophelia~!" Before voicing rather casually, "Y'know, haven't seen much of ya lately. Don't be a stranger, Ophie." His eyes went to the cats, and several ideas came to mind. Maybe Ophelia knew him better than he thought, because next thing he knew, she was asking him not to tell anyone.

                  As if on cue, Eliza suddenly asked, "Tell anyone what?"

                  He couldn't help himself. "Yeah, tell anyone what?" he asked with a borderline playfulness to his voice. He only stopped when Ellie looked over at him and asked if it was a bad thing. He shrugged, as she continued to reassure Ophelia that everything she was doing was fine and good. All of that generic stuff that he expected Eliza to say. "No Ophelia, Eliza's right, what you're doin', it's helpin' out those p***ycats." Ty hadn't even realized that Eliza's boss was potentially irritated by all this. If anything, he rarely ever exchanged words with the woman, beyond anything dealing with business. Today was not going to be much of an exception. Instead he continued to lean against the counter while Eliza started getting straight to business. She was asking her if she wanted some kind of payment. Ty glanced over, not really seeing the point if they weren't purebreds. He didn't comment, not wanting to ruin any chances of getting Eliza's phone number. He tugged out his phone to get in the position, but before he could ask, he got a text message from Kain. He read over it, but didn't take his attention fully off of the girls. Just in case Ophelia tried sending Eliza some kind of secret signals.

                  To: Kain
                  From: Ty

                  Hey Im @ the petstore but
                  I think Im going to leave
                  soon. More trouble than its
                  worth. U wanna go to the arcade?
                  shooting s**t always makes me
                  feel better.

                  He also had a text from Liam, asking if he had any plans. After that text, more and more starting piling in to his inbox. It wasn't a bad thing. If anything, Ty loved texting. Yeah, if he couldn't stand someone, he'd ignore their text in a heartbeat, but this wasn't the case at all. Although April's text was not as flirty as he would have hoped, he swiftly interpretted it as her playing hard to get. He was just about to reply to Liam and April's texts when a third message appeared in his inbox, interrupting right after the first five characters were written. Izy. He debated whether to open it or not. He had a feeling what she'd say. He expected her to say, "Why'd you do this to me", "What do you expect to do about this?', and other things he didn't want to even think about. So he didn't open the text, and just deleted. He'd eventually have to run into Izy. When that time came, he supposed he'd talk to her. As of now, this was not his problem. No matter how much he didn't want to think about her, she continued to pop up in his mind. He needed a distraction. So went ahead and thumbed out a reply for both April and Liam.

                  To: April
                  From: Ty

                  Think you plans could include me? lol

                  To: Liam
                  From: Ty

                  As of right now, I'm not doin' anything.
                  Party sounds hella awesome. Your place

                  The moment he was about to put away his phone he got a text from Winnie. Words couldn't describe how relieved he was that she could give him Hello Kitty stuff for his little sister, even though he thought the idea of dressing up as Winnie...was creepy. When he read the part about coming over, he couldn't help but grimace. Tonight Liam was supposed to getting something together. Either he could invite Winnie to Liam's, or he could invite Liam to Winnie's. 'More people would show up if it's Liam's party,' he figured. So he quickly replied;

                  To: Winnie
                  from: Ty

                  I owe you one. Oh yeah
                  tonight, I actually heard
                  that Liam's throwing a party.
                  How about you and Lil come?

                  "Hey, Ellie," Ty spoke up after his screen had read, 'message sent'. He quickly thumbed in his own phone number so it could appear on the screen. "I have someone I need to meet, but in case you ever want to talk again." He turned his phone towards her, so she could see his cellphone number. "By the way, Liam's throwin' a party tonight. Anybody who's anybody's gonna be there. So if you're wantin' to get a rep, then I'll see ya there." Whether or not she took his number, Ty acted indifferent, and slipped his cellphone back in his pocket. He glanced over at Ophelia, with a very cunning grin fixed into place. "Good luck with your cats." It took him everything not to make a negative comment about her. If Ellie weren't there, he would have probably brutally insulted everything about her clothes, down to the way she dressed and smelled. "Oh yeah, tell your boyfriend i said hi," he added with a chuckle.

                  Location:: Pet Shop w/ Ellie, Ophelia
                  Attire:: CLICKERS
                  OoC:: Still tweaking layout
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            A breath hung the air, as something watched The Producer's Daughter from underneath her front porch. Eyes that no one could see, breaths that no one could hear, but a presence that hung in the air.

            "Malllllory," the voice whispered in the air.

            "Do you want to play, Malory?"

            The voice was soft, it's a wonder if she even acknowledged it. The only word that it said clearly was, "Malory." Her name was continuously whispered, but layered with itself, as though multiple mouths were saying it. The voice never spoke above a low murmur.

            "Do you want to play with me tonight?"

            "Can I [********] you?" was whispered directly in her ear. "I think I will."


                                              "Let’s talk about our beliefs, and what we can learn about them. We believe nature is solid, and time a constant. Matter has substance and time a direction. There is truth in flesh and the solid ground. The wind may be invisible, but it’s real.... "
                                              Quotequotequotequotequotequotequotequote- from Prince of Darkness
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                                                          αll dσllєd up:: xxxxx xxx í'm ríght hєrє::The Park xxx mч cσmpαníσns::Daphne and Gambit

                                                          í dσn't wαnt tσ wαstє mч tímє σn símplє líttlє thíngs

                                                          Mei-Lin danced down the street from the place she was staying at with the rest of the crew from the Documentary team. Her iPod was blasting out American dance music, and she felt her body swaying to the beat. Her high heeled shoes clicked as they impacted with the side walk, her skirt swishing back and forth with every movement of her hips. Sunny had decided she liked Brookshire; it had so far been quite the interesting place to be. She had met a few people here and there when the Director actually let her out of her sight, like right now. She had no idea what the other woman was up to so she had left a note on a table in her girly hand writing. The squiggles and swirls decorated the page beautifully, all portraying a message for Lori to tell her where Mei had run off to. Or for that matter any of the other crew members on staff with the documentary.

                                                          Lori and Crew,

                                                          Hey it’s Sunny!
                                                          I went out for a little bit to get a feel for the town
                                                          Figure out where everything else is aside from the haunted places
                                                          I’ll be back later with food
                                                          See you soon!

                                                          Sunny looked around wide eyed and excited, her view on life having always been a happy and bright one as she came across some garden’s and other plants in the surrounding area she liked. Pulling out her Nikon camera she begins taking snap shots of them, like some kind of tourist. She was thinking maybe she could show the Director some of the pictures and maybe she could use them for shots in the Documentary. Yes she was aware that they were mostly here to film areas of the town that were haunted, and do the Documentary on the weird and unknown things that happened in Brookshire, but they could use other photos or shots of places in the town beyond the creepy haunted building. Well not necessarily creepy, jut the idea that they were haunted made them creepy, not all of them looked creepy. There had to be a way to include at least some of these cute little shops, and houses in to the frames. Her suggestion couldn’t hurt anyone right? Then again maybe that would be a bad idea; she never knew with Lori what kind of mood she would be in.

                                                          Sunny was just happy about her recent promotion, it felt like some kind of major achievement for her, even if she had no idea what she was doing in the least. Make-up was something she wore very little of, and something she had never, ever put on another person before, she was scared of getting fired if she did a bad job this time around. Not to mention the whole hair thing, Sunny had never even had to do hair before in her life, especially not non-Asian hair. The only time she had ever bothered to do anyone’s hair was her own; she didn’t know how hair reacted to whatever you did to it. This was all such a headache.

                                                          But Sunny wasn’t going to continue to worry about it, her face grew serious for just a moment as she made up her mind to check out some youtube videos when she got home on how to do make-up and hair, hopefully the tutorials would help her. After all she was pretty sure other people learn how to do it that way. This would all work out the way it was supposed to she was sure of it.

                                                          Walking past a convenience store, because even the tiniest of towns have one, Sunny paused as her stomach gave a little growl and her throat ached. She hadn’t eaten very much today and she couldn’t remember the last time she had something to drink. Veering off her original path the Asian girl headed in to the store grabbing a bottle of water from the large drink fridges, and a small bag of fruit gummies from the shelf taking them up to the front counter she smiled at the person running it and pulled out her wallet. Without a hello or anything the person began ringing up her purchases, Sunny stood there feeling awkward and blurted out “You have a really nice store.” Her face immediately felt hot as the person behind the counter looked at her weird and she diverted her gaze down to the wallet in her hand. “That’ll be three seventy five please.” Sunny nodded her head and pulled out a three one dollar bills and three quarters and set them down grabbing her purchases and scurrying out of the store. Looking around once she got outside it took the tiny Asian girl a moment to regain her bearings before she started walking off again in the direction she had been heading in the first place.

                                                          Sunny’s meandering took her in to the nearby park and that was where she spotted Daphne the medium who was working on the set of the Documentary with her. A bright happy smile crossed Sunny’s features very happy to see someone she knew. Her little heeled feet started to take her over to the other woman when she realized she was getting stuck in the dirt by her shoes, even as light as she was. Blinking in a wee bit of shock Sunny just slipped her feet out of the heels and scooped them up under her arm and ran across the ground over to Daphne and waved. “Hi Daphne! Funny running in to you here! I was just going for a walk to explore the town and figure out where the last of everything is, since I know Lori will probably ask me at some point. Well and everybody is going to need breakfast and a morning coffee run before shooting, so I have to memorize, memorize, memorize.” Just being around another person she could talk to and that she was comfortable enough around because she knew them caused all of the bright, bubbly, effervescence that resided in Sunny’s tiny little body to explode out of her, so much so the girl was practically vibrating with excitement. She had not seen Daphne fall and had only assumed that the other woman was lying on the grass to look up at the clouds or something. She didn’t pretend to understand the medium or what she did for all Sunny knew she was seeing auras or premonitions in the sky or something.

                                                          Looking down the tiny woman realized that Daphne had company that was not of the human variety and she cocked her head slightly “Where did the puppy come from?” Setting her things down on the ground Sunny crouched down and smiled happily putting her hand out for the dog to sniff hoping it was friendly “Hey there cutie pie, did you get lost? You poor baby. I hope we can find your owner, yes I do. Being lost is no fun huh?” Sunny used both hands to gently rub behind Gambit’s ears massaging them softly and her dark coloured eyes turned up to Daphne and she smiled “He’s really cute, he’s lucky he found someone nice like you and not some mean person who would yell at him. So why were you on the grass? Did you see something in the sky!? Oh, that would be so cool!!! Can you tell me?! Can you, can you, can you?!?!?!” Sunny’s whole face was alight with childlike excitement at the idea that Daphne could really have some big secret she could share with her. Her hands were still on Gambit petting the dog happily.

                                                          í'd rαthєr stαч hєrє αll thє níght wíth єvєrчσnє whσ síngs

        User Image xxx User Imagexxx User Image

        Out Of China::xxxxxxxx

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx► ► xxxxx Why are you walking away?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxWas it something I did?xxxxxxxxxxxx Did I make a mistake?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'Cause I'm trying to deal with the pain.

xxxxxxxxxxI don't understand this, is this how it is?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI will try to understand. xxxxxx◄ ◄

        A L E X A N D E R xxxxxxx W A Y
        the town historian

                                                          Alexander couldn't help but give a lopsided grin at her demand. Brookshire's history and everything he knew on top of it was an awfully broad request, as he knew the most about it in the town. As he opened his mouth to respond, the light haired woman requested to be excused for a moment. Normally, when speaking to someone, a cell phone interruption would have been rude, especially if they ignored him to respond to it. But this was his work place and he did not know this woman, so he let it slide. If it had been him out at a lunch meeting of some sort and someone ignored him for a text, he would be much more offended. "No problem." He said politely, stepping away from her to give her the privacy of whatever matter was in her phone.

                                                          Once she'd finished reading and responding to the obvious text message, Alex gave her a smile. He extended his hand to take hers as she greeted him. He gave it a firm, but not harsh, squeeze, and shook it once. "Pleasure to meet you, Ruth Balfour. I'm Alexander Way. I'm a librarian here, and also, as you may find to your liking, a historian who focuses on this town." From there he stepped to the side, motioning with his hands to a bookshelf carrying books varying in ages, though there was not an immense amount of books.

                                                          "These are some of the books that are either written completely about this town, or in some manner mention this town. As for books there aren't many, but there are in fact newspapers that have been collected over time along with articles from various websites, magazines, and so on." He pulled out a large binder and pulled it open, showing off the clippings he had spoken of to the demonologist. "It has quite a lot about the town in it. Especially the different stories of events that have happened here. Including the school's fire that happened over 25 years ago, along with some more paranormal occurrences dating back ten years ago, and you will be able to find plenty of articles regarding the 'Foster Children Massacre.'" He continued, a slight smile on his face. It wasn't that the information he was giving to Ruth was exciting him in any way, it was all morbid and horrifying, but recalling it, and being able to openly talk about his passion with someone was what truly excited him.

                                                          He set the binder down on a table near by and returned his attention to the bookshelf and motioned to another collection of books. None had Brookshire in their title, but rather they were a series of first hand accounts, or interviews regarding ghost stories. "These are some of my favorite. They're different books with collections of ghost stories, town fables, things of that sort. The ones on this shelf mention Brookshire in some way, some are people's own telling's of their experiences with ghosts, and some are stories people have heard of Brookshire, but they're all extremely paranormal and pretty creepy. I personally love them, whether they be true or not. Though, between me and you, I wouldn't be surprised if they were true with some of the more brutal things that have happened here over time." Alexander gave a small laugh at that, flashing a smile at her to help ease the eerie talk and make himself not seem like such a huge freak. Paranormal readings were always extremely interesting to him, and when they regarded a place he lived in they were that much more interesting.

                                                          He turned his attention back to the binder he had sat down, forgetting a small detail regarding it. He placed his hand on the top of the binder and looked up at Ruth with his bright blue eyes, which stood out beautifully against his darker skin. "And if you're looking for the newest of information I've put in a few newspaper clippings about the movie team that has been in the town. Now, I'm not sure if you're from around here or how much you know about Brookshire, so excuse me if you already know of these things. Anyways, there isn't every article in it just yet but there are some exciting stories and blog posts about it online, if you're interested I have a small list of places you could find some of the articles." Alexander paused, his bright eyes looking up at her. He assumed it would be best to stop rambling for a moment and see if this woman had any questions. He definitely had the habit of going off on his own mind set and not bothering to pause to answer questions, thus just confusing his audience. Which he did not want to happen, as he was excited to have someone interested in the town, even if just a fourth of the amount of his interest.

                                                          "I'm sorry, Ms. Balfour. Do you have any questions? I have this habit of rambling." With that he gave a small laugh, tucking his hands into his pant pockets in a casual manner. "Sometimes I start talking and don't ever stop, so feel free to interrupt and ask questions. I'll try my best to answer them." And with that he gave her a polite smile, hoping she wouldn't take the book and be on her way but rather remain and discuss things with him.

                                                          Location: Library. With: Ruth (the demonologist) Doing: Discussing the town's history OoC: Sorry it took so long to respond, I've had a ridiculous amount of homework lately.
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N i c o l e xxx{ A m b e r }xxx S u l l i v a n

иιc ѕυℓℓι тнє тυтσя

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“ιѕ тнєяє αиутнιиg ι cαи dσ fσя уσυ dєαя? ιѕ тнєяє αиуσиє ι cσυℓd cαℓℓ?"

x. . . яσυи∂ му нσмєтσωи
мємσяιєѕ αяє fяєѕн
яσυи∂ му нσмєтσωиxxxx
σн, тнє ρєσρℓє ι'νє мєт

      Nicole adjusted herself in the chair, making herself more comfortable. She rested her purse in her lap as she shed her black jacket. She put the jacket on the back of her chair before hanging her purse there as well. Her father often warned her not to do this (thieves would have easier access to her personal information, etc.) but he wasn’t with her today. She adjusted her sweater across her body, fixed her pendant on her chest and set her android phone on her thigh before turning her attention to what her friend was saying. The redhead moved in with a small smile. ”You might know what you like but don’t you want to explore your options a little? You are not that hard to find even if you decided to mix it up. We’re in a small town after all.”She reminded him, ”I’m okay. A little tired. A little nervous. Rain hasn’t been in town in forever, you know? I hope we still get along.” This was as close as she was getting to that subject. ”I’m not tutoring any of the students today. It’s my day off.” She liked tutoring most of her students but sometimes, she just needed a day off from it all.

      The waitress, Iyzabel Palmer approached the table and greeted them. Nicole turned a warm smile on the girl. Iyzabel was one of the students she tutored. She helped the girl with history and math. ”Hey, Izy.” She said, turning her eyes from the blond to the menu in front of her. She didn’t really need it. ”Can I have a BLT with fries on the side and a Sierra Mist, please?” She ordered. She put down the menu and waited for Mal to request what he wanted. Even after the teenager left there was a natural break in the conversation.

      Nicole shifted in her seat, suddenly nervous. Rai did not respond to her text. It wasn’t as if a long period of time had passed between Nicole sending the text to now, however, she could not help feeling impatient. Her phone buzzed gently on her leg. Immediately, her hands grabbed it and slid the android open. Nic felt the distinct possibility that her friend would not like it but she couldn’t help herself. She did not want to be one of those girlfriends. The clingy/needs-to-always-hear-from-her-boyfriend-lest-she-goes-crazy type. She wanted to be available for Rain but she also did not want him to be annoyed with her. Still, the caustic mix of emotions caused her to slide her cell phone open to check the text.

      It was not Rainerio. She should have known. She opened the text, her spine stiffening slightly, her chest constricting. Liam Nevers. Her favorite and least favorite student. She read the text quickly, using the lull in her conversation with Mal to her advantage. Her stomach twisted and a hint of desire slipped into her mind. Nicole tried to remember the plan she made in the kitchen but the lust caused her to pause. It was a whole different game thinking about him and actually talking to him. She knew being in the same room as him would make things even harder. She took a deep breath, forcing her mind to clear for a brief moment. Guilt replaced the lust in no time. How could she even think of meeting him with Rain in town? She typed out her message quickly before she lost her courage.
      To: Liam
      From: Nic
      Message: Can’t meet up today.
      Did you check your class syllabus?
      There should be some extra credit options there.
      If you do them, I’ll review them at school.

      The tutor forced herself to hit the send key. A dual sense of relief and disappointment slipped into her chest, causing it to relax slightly. She could do this. I can do this she thought, considerably encouraged. The first time was always the hardest right?

      Nicole quietly closed her phone and looked up. Sheepishly, she forced a small smile on to her lips. ”Sorry. It was a student I tutor.” She left it at that. She would not tell her best friend about this relationship. It was immoral and against school policy. Mal might have no choice but to tell the school board about her. It would cost Nicole everything—her relationship with Rain, her reputation in the town, her career. No, she couldn’t tell Malcolm. As much as it hurt to keep it a secret, she needed to. It pained her no to tell anyone—not to seek advice. But how could she? How would she be able to face that person after she told them that she was cheating on her long term boyfriend with a student—a fling? Her eyes slid across the room again. Chandler Maddux. If she went to confession, he couldn’t tell anyone right? There were rules. But he would know. He would always know what she did. How wrong she was. She couldn’t have that. Nicole turned her sea green eyes back to Malcolm.

      ”Oh, I got your text, old man.” Nic did not dare add that she read it in the car on the way over. ”I think you need to learn to like texting. All of the kids are doing it these days.” Her forced smile shifted into a real smirk, ”In order to improve your communication skills, I’ll continue to text you. But let me inform you: I wasn’t texting while driving. That’s just dangerous.” She winked teasingly, ”You’ve told me the statistics too many times to count, Sheriff. I’m beginning to think you should hold a seminar about it.” Nicole was not like this with everyone she came in contact with. Only a few people close to her knew how much of a tease Nic could be. To everyone else she was the encouraging, dedicated teacher’s assistant. She worked hard to maintain that role but she felt as if parts of it were completely worth it. ”By the way, you were right. It’s lol. Your texting language is getting better. Remember those few early texts?” Nicole let a small giggle exit her mouth while she remembered their early friendship. When she had read his text today, she’d been reminded of those texts. She thought it had been adorable when he asked her if “lol” was correct. He could be such a middle-aged parent. ”On a more serious note, it’s easier for me to do if I’m in class or if I have a quick question. It’s both a faster and a quieter way to communicate. Honestly, take advantage of the technology that’s available to you”

      Izy took this moment to return with their food. The blond high school student set The BLT and fries plate and a glass of Sierra Mist down in front of Nicole then she set Malcolm’s down. ”Thanks, Izy.” she smiled up at her student, ”We’ll make sure to call if we need something.” Though she was still having doubts about whether the nervous and guilt energies inside her would allow her to eat, she took a bite of her sandwich. The savory flavor of the crispy bacon filled her mouth and the lettuce crunched. It was good although it didn’t quite awaken her appetite. She set the sandwich down and reached for the ketchup bottle. She poured a little on her plate, dipping her fry in it after. She bit into it, the salt lightly burning her tongue. ”Okay. This place does have good food, I’ll give you that.” she commented, returning to the earlier conversation the two had had about his choice of where to eat. She took another bite of her sandwich before asking. ”So how has work been for you? Any town gossip? Any real villains out there that you have to put away in your cells?” Although there was lightness in her tone, she was definitely curious about her friend’s job.

"иσ, αиd тнαик уσυ, ρℓєαѕє мαdαм, ι αιи’т ℓσѕт, נυѕт ωαиdєяιиg"

. . . яσυи∂ му нσмєтσωи
мємσяιєѕ αяє fяєѕн
xxxxяσυи∂ му нσмєтσωи
σн, тнє ρєσρℓє ι'νє мєт. . .

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ωнєяє :: The diner ωιтн Malcolm
fєєℓιиg:: nervous, affectionate, impatient
ωєαяιиg :: Here
σσc:: Not my best but hopefully not my worst. x3;
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Bad boys, bad boys
whatcha gonna do
whatcha gonna do
when they come for you

▀▄S ▀▄H ▀▄E ▀▄R ▀▄I ▀▄F ▀▄F ▀▄

Malcolm pursed his lips slightly as he watched Nicole place her purse on the back of her chair. While no one would likely try to steal it in such a public area especially when she was sitting with the sheriff, the male knew that bad habits were hard to break and one day she would be alone. Despite that, he bit his tongue. Nic could take care of herself and probably kept her personal items closer when she was alone. So that he didn't say anything, the sheriff turned his gaze to the menu before him again. Though he almost always ordered the same thing, the idea of changing it up came to mind. As he considered going a little healthier with perhaps a grilled chicken, Nicole began speaking again. Peeling his eyes from the choices before him, he returned his full attention to his companion. If he didn't, there was a good chance that he'd miss something she said. I need to learn how to multitask better.

"Options? I suppose, but everything I could want is here. Besides, I like the service too. Plus if anyone needs me before my shift, instead of having to search for me, I'm here. I guess I'm just a man of habit." Something about having a routine kept the man calm. With the resurgence of the nightmares and the budding sense of anger that came with each case, having something of a sanctuary of sameness felt necessary. Of course, he couldn't explain that to Nic. Extra worries would just make matters worse and as much as he loved the girl, word could get out about his slight unstable feelings, and people may question his ability to be sheriff. Malcolm might not mind that as much if John Mascolo wasn't the next possible candidate in line. Even though the kid had a fairly decent record of arrests, Mal had a feeling about him. If nothing else, he had to hold it together for the job, to ensure that the people of Brookshire had the best sheriff possible.

Shifting in his chair to cross his leg over the other, Malcolm continued his response. "Nervous? How long as it been since you've seen Rain? Well however long it's been, you two are a great couple, and I'm sure that when you see him, those nerves will go away." He'd only met Nicole's boyfriend once, and quite honestly, he couldn't really remember the fellow too well. The thing that mattered though was that Nic liked the man, and so after the background check, Mal felt as if he should try to like the guy too. Mal gave a reassuring smile as he fiddled with his menu. The hankering for his normal burger struck again, but he quickly pushed it back down and focused on the conversation. Izy would get to them soon enough. "Anyways, I'm glad you have a day off. You do so much good work for those kids, spending hours just to help them. I'm lucky enough to have a day off tomorrow, and I never know what to do with them." He chuckled softly at the admission of truth. His days off usually were spent catching up on sleep and trying to squeeze some time out of Lilith. The nightmares ensured that sleep would evade him until after the season and if he were lucky, Lilith wouldn't be off with her friends, but with the approach of the festival, he knew better than to get his hopes up.

Before he could get too depressed, Izy approached for their order. Holding firm to his resolve to eat a little healthier, he decided upon the grilled chicken and tried to steel his decision as he allowed Nic to go first. "I would like to have the grilled chicken with the side of steamed broccoli. Yes, I know, different from my usual! I would like my usual coffee though." The sheriff knew that the coffee didn't go with his meal, but it seemed sacrilegious to take the beverage from the officer. Heart be damned, but Malcolm would keep his coffee, especially now that sleep did not come so easily and unfortunately, wouldn't for the rest of the season. The little white cup of caffeine kept him going more times than he could count.

Once Izy left the table, a lull hit the friends' conversation, bathing the two in silence. Nic's shifting about and staring into her lap gave her away for the secondary conversation she held, not that Mal really minded. Young people seemed to be glued to their phones, always talking to multiple people at a time. The sheriff felt it all seemed too exhausting. How anyone could hold that many conversations at a time baffled him, but he had seen Lilith bounce from message to message and even add conversations with him into the mix. I guess I'm getting old. Next I'll be talking about how in my day we trekked to school in the snow barefoot or something! He couldn't help but chuckle to himself at the thought. Being "old" never really bothered Malcolm, but perhaps he did need to boost his vigor a bit. The police force could possibly benefit from a text message system, an anonymous way to report crime without worry of feeling like a snitch. Maybe at the next dinner meeting with the mayor I could mention that.

”Sorry. It was a student I tutor.” The words cut through his thoughts, reminding him that he still sat with Nicole. "Oh, no worries. I know how you all connect on those things. I imagine it helps you keep track of them a little easier." The male had barely began to think that maybe he needed to start including the electronic messaging when Nic started in on him about it. "Be glad I didn't send you a pigeon messenger! You keep it up and that's the only way you'll hear from me!" He chuckled at the idea of Nic combating a pigeon. "Alright, I'll admit it might improve some form of communication. It doesn't mean I'll like it though. I'm glad that I'm doing a bit better than I was though. I would hate to say something awkward." The mention of a quieter communication gave Mal another idea. He knew that there were times that people had trouble calling in crimes for fear of being heard. If he could implement a system of texting, perhaps the department could respond to calls faster. Of course, it might also allow for pranks to go unpunished, but it was the good it could do that he focused on.

Izy returned as their conversation hit another lull. The young girl set the healthy plate before him, and for a moment he wished he had gotten the burger and fries. Ah well. Here's to longer living, I guess. After a quick thank you to the high school student, he quickly began on his food. He didn't have long before he needed to start his shift, so the time left had to be managed well. Nic's comment on the food earned her an agreeing grunt and a nod of the head as he chewed. Once finished with his bite, he added, "It's a big reason as to why I come back. I have my habits, but if the food's no good, I don't stick around." Another bite and the conversation turned to his job or rather the interesting aspects of it. "All has been quiet for the most part. A couple of drunks in the drunk tank, and I had to deal with a prankster just the other day, but give it a few days, and I'm sure I'll have something new to tell you!" Halloween and the festival meant that people let loose and led to trouble. There would be parties to break up, pranks to clean up and find the perp, and scared calls of "ghosts" that the superstitious were positive they saw. Personally, the male didn't believe in ghosts and demons. There was enough evil in the world naturally that it seemed unnecessary to drag in supernatural forces as well.

The alarm on his phone sounded, letting the sheriff know that he needed to leave soon so he moved to finish his meal and coffee. "Got a few more minutes. Need me to drop you off anywhere or are you going to stay here a bit longer?" As he waited for her response, he gathered the money to pay for both bills. "I've got it this time, ok? And don't try to argue about it. Let's call it even for teaching me your text mumbo jumbo." While the two were friends, Malcolm often looked at Nicole like a younger sister that needed to be taken care of. A lot of it stemmed from the lack of time he got to spend with Lil, but even when he had the two of them with him, he still felt like he needed to watch out for her. Looking over at Izy, he fished out a few more dollars for a tip. He had respect for students who worked while in school to earn money rather than expect it from their parents, and so he tried to help out when he could.

Standing from the table, he checked over his holster, ensuring that the gun still sat nestled tightly and safely before moving to his pockets. Keys, wallet, and phone all sat where they were supposed to be. He downed the last of his coffee and set the cup and the money upon the table. After Nic's response to his offer of the ride, he moved towards the car, hoping that his route tonight would be fairly uneventful.

▀▄M ▀▄A ▀▄L ▀▄C ▀▄O ▀▄L ▀▄M ▀▄

Feeling: Hopeful for work
Location: Heading to his patrol car
Talking to: Nicole
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                  ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● » RAINERIO DAMIAN VALENTINE
                  The Paranormal Investigator «

                  When asked "what do you do for a living", Rainerio often replied, "More than you could ever imagine". Perhaps it was a bit over dramatic. Maybe he was stretching his importance, if just a tad? However Rai had learned that to get someone excited about your career, you had play with their curiosities. The next step was to poke and pry at just how unsure of the unknown they were. This was how he gained a lot of popularity on the internet, and how he was able to obtain a number of clients. Unfortunately he wasn't able to live of his paranormal investigations, but combined with his school checks, he didn't have to worry about starving.

                  His website was called, "Whispered Incidents", while his online aliases were either, "The Truth Seeker", "Damian the Truth Seeker", "The Truth" or just Damian. What was supposed to start off as him investigating and documenting truth paranormal activity. He wanted to show them the difference between reality and hollywood. Unfortunately, a lot of his cases were lame, and his site turned more into a skeptic's blog. No matter what, people continued to send him in cases, as he dared his viewers to impress him. Rai was probably one of the hugest pricks online, but that's what his followers loved about him. It was speculated that a lot of his viewers, were more interested in giving him a picture or footage of a ghost he couldn't scientifically recreate. It was a challenge, or a game. Maybe Daphne didn't agree with it, but as far as he was concerned, his blog was his business. Which is why he was debating making a premium members section that would allow access to his actual ghost footage. He also was thinking about a few bits of merchandise for his site, anything that could help him pay his bills when he wasn't working a case. All Rai could hope was that, regardless of how much of a waste of time this documentary was turning out to be, that it paid good.

                  So far, the activity was very minimum as he expected. According to the rumors he heard about the town, there was supposed to be a ghost truck that chases you on the roads late at night. Every night, he and the team had traveled back to their motel, upon those windy roads, and he didn't remember a crazed driver trying to run them off the road. Even as a chid or teenager, he never remembered seeing anything scary, but often heard the rumors about not driving around very late. "Unless they meant more specifically, three a.m.," he mumbled to himself as he walked about the town, taking in all of the sights. He hadn't had much time to actually roam about, with all of the preparation for the documentary. He couldn't wait to actually start putting all of the so called rumors to the test. As a child, Rainerio heard a number of things. He heard that late at night, the old highschool, in the middle of the woods would start to smell of smoke. If you walked inside of it, then the air would feel hot as though the fire was starting up once again. The only reason he never tested it, was because his grandmother forbade him from doing so. He had heard a rumor that the cemetary was especially haunted, and that if you sat ontop of the moselium, an unseen force would push you off. All of these rumors that he had heard, no one had proof of it. No one had ever seen it first hand. It was always, an "I heard that this one person..." type of scenario. Gossip.

                  Part of him often wondered if Nicole believed any of the rumors. Was she afraid to walk down thirteenth street, and stand underneath the street light with the red ribbon tied around it. Of course it was just another rumor that Rai had heard, that if you stood underneath the street light, and count to thirteen, something very terrifying would happen to you. Rai had heard several versions of the story. Some would say a little demonic girl would show up in your bed room that night and kill you. Others said that you would be plagued by horrible nightmares that would rob you of your mental state. He had heard too many rumors to be really bothered by any of them, but if he's here, he might as well test all of them, right?

                  He then stopped a group of kids riding their bikes on the sidewalk. "Excuse me, can I ask you a question?" From the looks they gave him, he could already realize how strange he must have looked. There were about three girls, ranging anywhere between the ages of ten and thirteen. He half expected them to speed off on their bikes, with cries of "*****", "rapist" or "Stranger-Danger". Instead they giggled to each other, and said that they would. "I'm doing a bit of research, and I need to know what you would consider the freakiest ghost legend in Brookshire." He drew out his notepad from his backpocket, and tugged his pen from behind his ear. The first girl introduced herself as Darla, and told him that she thought the swing set at the playground was pretty odd. However she added that the entire park was weird at night, which was why she was allowed to play outside of her house after the sun went down. Cindy had agreed. Although it was the last little girl, Bonny that had a far more interesting story. "The Foster house," she told him. "I heard that there's some really bad stuff that happens at the fother house. I heard that Weathers-lady wasn't the first one to go crazy after living there. I even heard that there's an old piano somewhere in the house, and if you don't play it, then the ghosts will be unhappy--"

                  "No, I heard that the ghosts will play the piano, and if you take it out, then they'll be angry," Cindy argued. As the girls argued, Rai made sure to take his notes, on all that they said. He heard his cellphone go off, but had decided against checking his text message just yet. Instead he continued taking note of also the personalities he saw in the girls, how trustworthy they seemed. "Any of you see anything weird?" "We just told--,"Darla began, but he cut her short. "I mean, actually witness first hand. Anyone can tell me a story they've heard. What have you seen?" The girls waited a moment before whispering to each other. Finally Bonny answered, "Just that the swing set moves on its own." He quickly jotted down, Children not allowed out of house past 9pm. poor leads. He gave them a nod, and offered his thanks before continuing on his way. He tugged out his cellphone, to see a text from Nicole. It was short, rather casual, nothing overly affectionate. He decided not to read too deeply into though and just reply.

                  To: Nic
                  From: Rai

                  Just some more work. The usual.
                  What about you? lol. Didn't
                  your mother tell you its dangerous
                  to talk to strangers? I kid, I kidd

                  xo Rain

                  He didn't even realize that he had accidentally put an extra d at the end of 'kid', or that he hadn't apologized for waiting so long to reply to her text. Surely she understood that he was busy, right? That didn't change the fact that he needed a source that he could actually trust. He needed an eye witness. He had heard of the Foster House Massacre. He was in town when it happened. He was aware of who Shepherd Loveday was. He just didn't keep up with him. After using google and a number of undercover tactics, he came to realize that Shepherd or "Lucky", was a member of the Variety Four. With that knowledge, it was only a matter of time before he was able to locate their head-quarters. It wasn't until after he arrived at the building that he decided to send out a few texts.

                  To: Daphne
                  From: Rai

                  Hey, I'm checking out a lead.
                  =D Or are the spirits really
                  talkative today? We can compare
                  notes later I guess

                  To: Director
                  From: Rai

                  Just let me know when we're
                  supposed to gather.

                  Unfortunately he didn't have the numbers of the other members of the documentary team. Not that it was much of an excuse. Rai walked inside of the building that the Variety Show was often filmed in, and offered half smile to those he came in contact with. He wasn't sure if anyone realized he wasn't supposed to be there or not. Then again, it was a Sunday afternoon, there weren't too many people that were present in the building. Eventually he located the meeting room. At least there was a sign pinned to the door that labeled it as such. So Rainerios poked his head inside, hoping to catch sight of Lucky, but instead saw some blonde. Not exactly who he was looking for, but he figured this would have to do. He casually knocked ont he door frame before entering. "Hi, is this a bad time? I'm trying to do a project for school, and I was told that you were the person I needed to talk to. Some woman out there had directed me to this room," he added while thumbing back over his shoulder. "I'm studying paranormal activity. What would you say is the most unexplained incident you've ever witnessed? Or, let me guess, just the swing sets?"

                  Location:: Variety Hour Building; Meeting Room with Kaleb
                  OoC:: When I have time to work on skeletons...I will. eh heh
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this is stupidBE this is stupid
who you are,
and say
what you feel;
because those who mind,
don't matter
and those who matter
don't mind
but only a lil-dr. seuss
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Malory continued walking forward, feeling something weird. Then realizing that it was probably that she really should have known what they were doing that day, since she couldn't have been told but only three days ago, at the earliest. Mae was kind of pissed that she hadn't gotten the entire weekend off, as was originally planned, she thought. As usual, she was wrong because she assumed. Music started playing, and she realized that her phone just wouldn't quit it-- rather, her friends wouldn't, and it was funny. Lucky texted her back what she already found out from Kaleb.

To: Lucky
From: Malory
Subject: [No Subject]
Thanks! I'm heading there already. c:


In some ways, the message she got forwarded from Kaleb to Lucky was annoying, but Mae thought it was sweet that Lucky did that, even though Kaleb had already sent one to Mae and Pennie. Lucky was just a little too sweet though, like Pennie, but there was no need to hate on him for it. As far as Malory knew, Lucky didn't do anything to hurt her, so she didn't quite despise him or anything. Mae continued walking, thinking about them. Her co-workers... she didn't want to spend her weekend with them! Actually, she thought that she and April had plans that weekend, but those were mulled over somehow.

To: April
From: Malory
Subject: [No Subject]
Hey April! We haven't talked in
I have to go to a stupid meeting. Ugh.

How's it going?


Exaggeration, in full, by Mae herself. Of course they had talked just last week! But best friends were as they were; Malory being herself, too. She sent the text, continuing on to where the meeting was taking place, trying to remember again where that was, even though she had lived there in that town a while now. It was pretty plain and boring outside, and nobody else was out there with her that she could see. For a Sunday afternoon, somehow this was the norm, and Malory still thought it was weird. Other days, the town was a little livelier, but not this day of the week. She looked around, nearly approaching a corner, obviously looking for people, but also checking for cars. She crossed, and her phone went off again-- at least she was used to hearing that song 200 times a day. Who else but Pennie? Evade, cautiously.

To: Pennie
From: Malory

Oh, I'm not sure! Unfortunately, I left my scheduler
at home, so I can't check right now.
I'll let you know!
Food... Sounds great.


Blunt and a little coarse, she texted back. So maybe in the middle of the street was where the mean people crept? She certainly made that so as she responded whilst crossing the street, as ignorant as that was. And it was Pennie's father was making her costume? Okay then, but Malory figured such a capable woman could do that herself-- Mae was going to! Then it made Mae wonder what the hell Pennie was going to wear. Malory didn't even have a costume picked out for herself, so it would be terror if somehow they chose the same creeper or crawler to go as. She looked around the neighbourhood again, trying to grasp for inspiration. The only "inspiration" Malory found was a stupid scarecrow and the definite feeling of Halloween... not that that was out of the question! Devilishly, she attempted to create a costume entirely in her own mind for the festival. She wasn't bad at it; she wasn't bad with fashion. Scarecrows could be fashionable... it was so true. But shopping with Pennie didn't really sound like too much fun. How was she going to pick anything out, when the thief was right there, annoying her to no end? It didn't seem like a possibility, so it was a complete lie when she basically told Pennie she would consider it. Then food came up and Mae went crazy. She wasn't a big fan of food... or eating for that matter. Basically, on a daily basis, her diet was very small-- probably less than half the amount she really should be eating. That was why she was sarcastic in a way when she sent the text back to Pennie.

Malory stopped again, thinking that her phone went off again, but it hadn't. She had no texts, voice mail, or even phone calls. That made her seem like she was missing something, so she looked around for the noise. Still, just about no one was around, well not that she could see, so she continued forward, a little creeped out. For some reason, the noise got louder and louder, as if it were an incoming airplane, although probably not quite as loud. In fact, much, much, much quieter; barely heard but definitely getting louder.


"Yes?" she asked, turning around and expecting something physical even though she hadn't seen anything just seconds ago. She saw nothing. A chill ran down her spine and goosebumps covered her arms. She should have known, given that nobody was around. "Hu-- Hello?" she stuttered, trying to keep her wits about her anyway. It was so quiet thought that maybe she was just imagining it. Malory listened, a little frightened and considering actually calling someone to talk to. The voice, hardly able to discern, whom kept calling her by name, suddenly requested something of her? Who exactly would want to play with a teenager, if you put it in those words, she had wondered, until she heard the last bits. It wanted to what? Malory had barely heard it, and she was unable to believe it said that, so she started jogging away, toward the meeting place.

══════════==== ⌘⌘====══════════

this is stupidif I decidedthis is stupid
i'm the girl to
i can
do it
but only a lil-d. lovato
but only a lil

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        Location:xx[[Close to the meeting house]]
        Company:x.[[Ghastly voices]]
        Ooc:xxxxx [[...]]
        Clothing- Day 1
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LOCATION ► sidewalk ◯ COMPANY ► no ones

Ophelia wondered just why Ty was visiting Ellie. It had seemed suspicious... well... Anything Ty did was suspicious. But still, that smirk... That awful smirk that grew across the boy's mouth made Ophelia just want to pull her hand back and slap that smirk right off his smug little face. Her arms were crossed, and though it was tempting, there would be no slapping. Ellie simple cooed over the kittens and took the box to put them up, not so much giving Ophelia a hello or anything. It was awkward, just standing there with Ty while she put the kitten away. Finally, once Ellie was done she greeted the girl, and Ophelia just shot her a rather annoyed look. People were more important than animals... at least in Ophelia's opinion. And then Ty started talking, and Ophelia just looked at her shoes. She had asked him not to tell, but she doubted he would keep his mouth shut. She couldn't look at him, because there was a slight chance that she would get emotional over how embarrassed she was. She inched away from him a bit as he spoke, saying he hadn't seen her in awhile and how she shouldn't be a stranger, and then he called her 'Ophie'. If she were an emoticon, she would be a less than, under score, under score, under score, less than face. Her eyes flashed over to him with a less than amused expression because very few people got the privilege of calling Ophelia anything other than Ophelia.

Ellie's voice was annoying. Ophelia found it shrill and almost maddening, and god how she wanted the girl to shut up. The way she asked "Tell anyone what?" made Ophelia want to punch a baby. She had to fight off the urges to portray obvious signs of frustration like gritting her teeth and impatiently tapping her foot as Ellie tried to be positive about Ophelia bringing the cats here. Instead, Ophelia remained calm... or else she would have told the girl to mind her own business. And then she smiled. Ophelia lifted an eyebrow and saw both Ellie and Ty begin to type away on their phones. The gears in Ophelia's head began to turn, and she wondered if they both thought she was stupid or something. Obviously, they were both ******** with her. Ophelia had been teased and ganged up on enough to know what it looked like. The fake niceness, and then going to talk s**t right after. Obviously, they were texting each other and most likely talking about... whatever it was they had to say about her. Ophelia was boiling on the inside, and her eyes moved over to the woman who she assumed was Ellie's boss. She was just sitting there, giving them a mean look, but not doing anything to fix her employee's behavior.... To pull out your phone and to outwardly joke around with your friend in front of a customer was one hundred percent unprofessional and just... stupid. Then again, if this girl was friends with Ty, then she was obviously one of his little whores.... Which meant she was even more stupid than he was.

And then the annoying little Ty Toy asked if she was wanting payment. It then dawned on Ophelia that she never even said she was wanting to give the kittens away. She never had a chance to finish her sentence when she walked in. For all Ellie knew, Ophelia could just be one of those weirdos who likes to take their animals to pet stores to let their animals pick out whatever toy or bed they want. Perhaps if she were a braver person, she would have actually pointed that out... As well as called Ellie out for being a sucky employee... and the two morons out for treating her like crap. Really, there was a lot Ophelia would do if her nerves didn't hold her back. ”I-” She started to say, but stopped because she saw Ty move. He didn't interrupt her. She stopped to let him speak, because nothing would stop him anyways. He held his phone out and said something about his number. Ophelia wondered what that was all about. Obviously they had been texting each other just a few seconds ago to talk s**t, so what was this act? The Bookworm then remembered that Ellie had hung out with Ed a few times, and her fist clenched. Was Ty using this little slut bag to play out some awful trick on her only friend? Did he forget for a split second that Ophelia and Ed were friends, and now he was trying to make this all seem like some coincidence? Ophelia was not stupid. She would not be fooled and let someone pull a fast on her. She set a heavy glare on Ellie as Ty talked about Liam's party, pissed that the little b***h would try to do something so mean to her friend. Ophelia was protective and possessive, but in a big sister kind of way. When The Jock faced her and wished her luck with her cats, her eyes were burning. She realized she was looking at him dead in face now, and sure enough.. Just like she predicted... she was getting emotional. She sniffed a bit, and fought hard to not let any tears develop. She blinked and looked away when he called Ed her boyfriend, "He isn't my boyfriend.” she said as calmly as she could. Everything inside of her told her to just ignore him. If she didn't react, then he would just lose interest and move on, but she couldn't stop herself from making that little correction. ”Okay?!” those two little syllables came out a lot more intense than she intended. She didn't want them to see how mad she was, and she was failing...

She then turned away to leave, and walked right out the door. She never replied to Ellie's question, say good bye, or anything. She just left. best thing to do was to just remove herself from the situation. Ophelia pulled out her phone to see she had a text from Ed, but it would have to wait... She quickly dialed the number to information, gave her city and state, and stated the name of the business she wanted to get in touch with. It rang about three times before someone actually picked up. Judging from the voice, it was Ellie's boss.... because it wasn't as annoying. ”Yeah, I have a complaint...” She started off, and continued to walk down the sidewalk. ”That little girl have up at the front, she seems about a smart as box of rocks. And completely RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL. Seriously, I was just in there, and whole time she was chatting it up with her little boyfriend. And also, YOU just sat there let it happen. So I suggest you do something about your employee, like fire her, before I go on Yelp, foursquare, and do as much word of mouth advertisement for your little pet store, about how the idiots that work there don't even care about the customer at all!” Ophelia hung up and let out a sigh. She felt better, and her rage and frustration began to spiral down. She looked at her message from Ed, lifting an eyebrow when he mentioned seeing his mom, and quickly typed out a response.

To: Eddo
From: Ophie

Shrimp makes everything fancy.
Cool if I come over?
and wow... You okay? Need
to talk about it?

To: Eddo
From: Ophie

and by the way. I'm
pretty sure Ellie is one
of Ty's stupid little whores
and they're trying to play
a trick on you. They seemed
mighty comfy at the pet shop.
Stupid b***h. don't hang out
with her if you know whats
good for you.

By the time she was done typing, she was at the end of the block. She cursed, forgetting all about her car right in front of the pet shop... No way she could go back and get it.. Not yet. She'd have to wander around a bit more...

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThis is where you become a star!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWhere your old life is ripped apart

xxxxxxxxxxxxSo sit back, relax and inhale the fumes

xxxxxxxxCompare your xxscarsxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxбυяη αʟʟ тʜε sϻαʟʟ тøωηs

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMake the small town people see

xxxxxxThere's more to this world than despair and disbelief...

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                                                        Some may wonder why Kaleb was borderline obsessed with keeping up to date on the Variety Hour’s meetings and schedules. It was because it gave him something to do. Something else to focus on than this small town way of life. He missed the fame he once had and would do anything to get it back, he actually planned to get it back there. The male would figure out how miss Hollywood worked and he would woo her back into his favor. She could be loving and caring one moment, then cruel and sadistic the next. If Kaleb got it back he would refuse to give it up and let his fame dwindle down again. There was no way he was going to lose it a second time around. The Variety Hour was his way out his opportunity to reclaim what he once had. The Fame. He just wanted his fame back more than anything else in the world. Kaleb really believed that he had so much potential, the critics at times had a love/hate relationship about his work, at times they thought he was brilliant others too stoic... Yet he still had some fans even as a kid he didn’t want to doubt the thought. A cute kid with talent that the parents cast aside. He wanted the fans and his name to be known again. To see his name in a magazine article or even be featured in an E! news special. Sure he had the Variety Hour but he wanted more. To reclaim something more than that.

                                                        He felt it was unfair how things turned out. He had attempted ebaying off a few random items he’d signed... Though that only got him about roughly fifty bucks or more... That was nothing compared to what the a-list celebrity memorabilia went for. He wished he could travel more. If he was famous again maybe he would get to travel the world? It sounded almost like an adventurous concept. Most movies like the Narnia Chronicles are shot in another region; in the Narnia case most of the outdoor and battlefield scenes were shot in New Zealand. Some movies even release earlier overseas before they come to America. In the case of the movie Holy Money it stars American actor Aaron Stanford and various Italian and English actors and actresses. And while the film’s main dialect is English speaking and the Italian is subtitled, the movie has been released in Europe but the film is not for sale in America. Kaleb loved little quirks like that. It’s how the business worked. Maybe he could get a better manager than his parents this time around. One who could get him an overseas film and he’d get to be on a private plane. There were so many dreams he wished he could complete. Oh the Hollywood secrets and so-called “magic” that came with the job.

                                                        Now and again, the city-boy liked to think that being an actor was just something he did because his parents always took him to the casting auditions. Though now when he looked back and thought about it being an actor was who he was. He wanted his chance to prove he could be better he wasn’t washed-up like his parents. He was better than them he had more talent than the two combined. There were various ways to be a celebrity. Be it the scandal or the talent. He wanted to be known for his acting if anything. The one problem of the acting world he didn’t believe he had was the crazed paparazzi there was none of that here! There were hardly the groups that flocked to celebrity hotspots just to catch a glimpse of the fame. The only ‘hotspots’ here were the ghost sighting hotspots. It was crazy ghost were more popular in this town than anything at times. And Kaleb liked to believe himself a skeptic anything ghost related can easily be written off as a lapse in judgement even on those ghost hunting shows they never seemed to have a poltergeist event in the show. His phone went off and the blonde looked about the room before looking down at what he’d been sent. Malory asking what time the meeting was caused him to laugh simply at the fact how obviously empty the meeting was at the moment.

                                                        To;; Mal
                                                        From;; Kaleb
                                                        Message;; ... Now...? I’m already
                                                        in the room waiting, no one else is here.
                                                        But the meetings set to start soon.

                                                        The next message was from the local Junkie and Kaleb didn’t see anything wrong with the others self medication. The other blonde male was actually pretty chill to hang around not to mention the parties were another good distraction when it came to being stuck in this place. He got along with the male for the most part. Trying to think about his plans after the meeting... Well it pretty much included just finding some other place to waste his time rather than his place. So he was up for anything as long it had the potential to entail some fun.

                                                        To;; Liam
                                                        From;; Kaleb
                                                        Message;; meh just now.
                                                        not tonight. What plans
                                                        you have?

                                                        The next and final text he had was from Pennie. It did make the city boy a bit curious that he hadn’t received a text from Lucky though not too curious enough to bother sending the other another text. For one that would seem a bit desperate of him.. And Kaleb wasn’t that desperate or caring, he liked to think, he was just observant. Looking at what Pennie had sent he snickered at the fact she worried over how she was dressed. Though he assumed that’s how female’s worked. It made him wonder if she was the type of girl who before going on a date tried on various outfits till she found the right one. ‘Wonder what outfit she’d chose if we went on a date.’ A guy could dream couldn’t he?

                                                        To;; Pennie
                                                        From;; Kaleb
                                                        Message;; Better hurry.
                                                        Sure I’ll cover for you though
                                                        don’t worry about the attire..
                                                        It’s not like we’re filmin’ today.

                                                        With that last message sent he fiddled with some paper and made a couple paper footballs. Amusing himself by tossing them into the “End Zone” or simply put off the table. He took a moment to drink some of his Dr. Pepper debating on leaving to get more snacks since it didn’t sound like his cast-mates would get here for another couple of minutes. So he figured he had more time to waste. The local teen thespian didn’t think a few snacks would kill his physique. It wasn’t like he had breakfast so the snacks would be making up for the meal he skipped. This also wasn’t L.A. nor was it a big time movie area. It was the East Coast! He doubted they’d care if he had a bit of a snack binge... Besides he’d lose all that weight in gym class anyway so it wasn’t like he had anything to worry about. Yet before he could go off and get another snack the door opened just as he flicked another paper football and it made it to the edge of the table though not off it. ‘Damn.’ He mentally cursed at his failed flick off. Though instead he turned to look over at who entered expecting it to be a one of the variety hour members though instead Kaleb saw someone he didn’t recognize at all and a brow rose at the statement the guy made. Mostly because he was trying to figure out which of the women who worked here told this guy something.

                                                        His mind was drawing blanks though he recomposed himself before speaking up, “Nope... not a bad time.” If no one else was here for the meeting, hey why not do some sort of interview! It would give him something to do that was for sure. “That’s an interesting thing to study... College?” Kaleb figured if he was going to answer this guy’s question he could ask his own. The male looked older than a highschooler and he hadn’t seen him around before and since Brookshire only had one highschool that pretty much meant he was studying elsewhere. “The swings? I guess that’s one though I don’t really hang out at the playground..” The one thing that came to mind were the nightmares though he doubted there was anything paranormal about them. They were probably just brought on by stress or something, “I think one time I saw a shadowy figure.. but the lights were all off so if it was something probably just an overactive imagination. I dunno... I don’t really believe in stuff like that. Though wait..” The blonde paused when he tried to recall something. “One time I was walking home I think it was after one am, it was quite but I had my iPod in so I didn’t hear much.. and then it sounded like someone threw those.. you know man uh popper snappers, bang snaps? Whatever the name the novelty firework things.. but yeah it sounded like a kid threw them at my feet or something, where was- Oh! I was walking past the old foster house. That’s where it happened and that’s the only one.. It may’ve just been my iPod static noise or something. Yeah I don’t think I’m much help, what’s your name again?” Kaleb felt like he had rambled. But oh well he was bored and wanted to talk so he did.

                                                        Location;; Meeting Room
                                                        Company;; myself & interview guy (paranormal)
                                                        Attire;; dressed up to impress

In the city that never falls asleep; can you see the bright lights?
Aםʀιαɴ Pнιʟʟιρ HαʀʀαwαʏXXXXXXXXX
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»»Tнє Dʀαмα KιɴɢX

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      You know how people believe that for everything in the world there is an equal opposite? well, in the attitude department, Pennie seemed to be Axell's opposite. He had the habit of reading in between lines in order to twist around words of others in order to make a more interesting outcome without even thinking about it. Even when people said or did things that were in the spirit of being kind or helping, if he previously didn't like then, then he would find the insult in there. Pennie, on the other hand, had the strangest way of not letting his insults get to her...and even turning them around on him at times. Even if she wasn't doing it purposely, Axell assumed that all of this was just to get under his skin. Why else would she suddenly smack him in the face with her boobs? She may not have literally done it, but her comeback to his 'bend and snap' comment gave him that impression. He even figured it was more insulting because she was most likely rubbing it into he couldn't get guys to lust after him as easily as she could. 'Ooh, I bet that betch is try'na make a gay joke,' he mentally seethe as he was cleaning off the other table.

      Even when he had decided to be a bit more straight forward with the ex-cheerleader as far as the festival and show went...she completely went in a totally opposite direction than he had anticipated. She was smiling and getting all technical back what constituted as his space. 'Mm, this ho must think I'm stupid- gettin' all technical with me. Who she think she is?' he silently wondered as he kept his glare fixed on the female. She was mocking him. Why else would she bring up his replacement and the fact that the producers had yet to present an offer to win him back. To make matters even worse, the girl continued with that dumb act of hers acting like he was trying to help the variety four. Why the hell would he want to do that? He wasn't trying to inspire them. The attitude-full expression on his face shifted into one of utter confusion as he was trying to figure out how she came to such backwards logic. Even as she was texting, a confused finger came up, making light gestures as if he was trying to make out what had just happened on an imaginary dry-erase board in front of himself. The effort didn't pay off, since the next thing he knew, the peppy blonde was bragging about how she was late and that he needed to 'have a good day'.

      The urge to verbally rip the girl a new one bubbled up inside of him. His lips even parted but, yet the sudden feeling that he was being watched come over him. It was either a supervisor or a co-worker. Regardless, he knew that he couldn't seem like he was being hostile to the customers so his sassy comment would have to wait. Instead, he sang out a "Oh you know I will," while wearing a a fake smile. As soon as the girl was out of sight, he found himself closing his eyes so he could do a dramatic roll of his eyes before returning to mundane ritual of clearing off tables. The mere memory of knowing that he use to be paid for entertaining people, but now was working for practically minimum wage and tips was depressing. 'That betch didn't even leave a tip.' he angrily thought, not even realizing that he had done a headsnap while looking at the entrance to the popular cafe. Huffing to himself, Axell whipped around with his bin so he could head toward the back. Too bad he was met by the sight of a rather unhappy looking manager.

      "Adrian, we need to talk," the middle-age male began in his usual monotonous voice. The sixteen year-old let out an exasperated sigh left his lips as he set the bin down so he could get this little talk over with. The annoying part was that he knew this probably wasn't going to end well. It seemed anytime he was stuck having these heart-to-hearts with his boss, it ended in himself getting a strike. Plus, he hated when the other didn't get that he didn't want to be called Adrian. What was the point of creating a stage name if people weren't going to use it? "What have I told you about getting an attitude with the customers?" "Attitude? What attitude? You must got me confused with somebody else 'cause I was nice to that girl. Didn't you hear my friendly 'goodbye'?" Axell defensively answered. "Now, I know that this cafe is suppose to be a hip environment, but this is a work place. If you want to get at it with a customer, do it on your own time. This isn't the first time I've been told that you were slacking off." Instantly, it hit the spike haired one that the manager must not have witnessed any of what happened between Pennie first hand. "Did Michelle tell you that? I bet it was Michelle. You know she's just ha'in on me 'cause I said I could turn her boytoy gay if I wanted to." "Adrian." "What? It's true," he retorted.

      Needless to say, once the conversation was over, Axell found himself with a thin ice warning. One more strike and he was fired. Oh course, the verdict had caused the teen to go into the mens' room to vent about how unfair everyone was being to an inspecting customer, but he just needed someone to listen to him. Typically, he would have Carissa to rant to. The girl was always such a good listener, and tended to be so agreeable. That was one of the things he loved about his bestie; anytime he had an enemy, Rissa would start to hate them too. She was the perfect companion for the drama king. After all, not too many people would care to stick by someone's side who enjoyed talking s**t about people. 'I could always text her again," the teen thought to himself. In the end, he went ahead with his texting idea, but updated his facebook and twitter statuses first.
      What's on your mind? H473R'$ G0NN4 H473, BU7 4X3LL K33PS !7 R0LL!NG (;

      To: Rissa
      GU3$$ WH0'$ 1 CL!CK
      4W4Y FR0M UN3MPL0YM3N7!
      ii $W34R !F ii D!DN'7
      N33D 7H3 MUL4, ii W0ULD'V3
      QU!7 4 L0NG 7!M3 4G0. $0 WH47
      Y0U UP 2? MY $H!F7'$ 3ND!NG.


      With the message sent, Axell moved out to the front to take over the cashier duties, just waiting for his shift to be officially over. What he would do afterwards was totally depending on if he was going to meet up with his favorite gal pal, or if he would have to find some other way to entertain himself.

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