Hey, I’m psy. If you’re here that means you want to know more, right? Or maybe you've found this page by accident... Well, to make this easy on you (and me, really) I’m going to put this in list form.

[ [ Nicknames ] ]
Psy, cho, lynn, choti, psygal, psypsy

[ [ Birthday ] ]
March 20th

[ [ Trends ] ]
Messy. Crazy. Caring. Tired. A tease. A procrastinator. A nerd. A people-pleaser. Snarky.

[ [ Enjoys ] ]
Comments. Pictures. Roleplaying. Making friends. Art. Friends Conversations. Teasing. Nicknames (a remnant of my not so nickname-able real name).

[ [ Roleplaying ] ]
So, I’m kind of an avid roleplayer. I have started a few roleplays and I’m almost always interesting in joining more. I am mostly found in literate (and above) threads. I don’t do well without at least some detail. So shoot me a PM if you want me to check something out. Here’s my test thread. There's some posts in there but mostly it's profiles. Oh and my schedule. Sort of. Mostly who I need to post for. I'm almost always up for: romance, fantasy, sci-fi (to a degree), Life, mythologies, superheroes, and a lot more. So ask me. C:

[ [ March 9,2009 ] ]
One of my best days
My four year quest for the angelic pendant came to an end because of DefauIT. She quested for me. I totally cried. ; w ;

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Bitter-Sweet memories

Bitter and sweet. Simple.



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Mmhm! ; w; and yeah I feel the same way about the communities. It was way more lively back then. And ah that's good!! awesome! what's your new job? Congrats on getting engaged and getting a master's degree. ^o^b what did you major in? lol me? I've been living with my aunt for the past year and going to my job for the experience. I already got my associate's degree in graphic design but I kind of wanted to continue going to school. I just don't know when and where yet though. And been drawing some new stuff too for conventions I go to with my sister and her boyfriend. xD

Report | 10/01/2015 10:22 pm


Of course I remember ya! whee yeahh those were the good ole days huh? I miss them. ; w; I miss you too! ahaha I'm doing well I suppose! I hope you're doing just as good. heart

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Good you^^ <33333

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demi wolfsong

Report | 02/26/2014 11:49 pm

demi wolfsong

I've been pretty good! past year or so has been pretty insane, but things are looking good. ^_^
I've got my own place now, living on my own, and it is an interesting change, haha. But yeah, last week or so I've been really feeling the Rp vibe, and something just drew me back to Gaia, so, here I am~ ^_^
demi wolfsong

Report | 02/24/2014 11:44 pm

demi wolfsong

RAWR! ... it's been a long time Psy~ you likely don't even remember me. Still, just wanting to say "Hi".

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Good as well. Been busy with life, work, and just got back from Florida. :3
Got to go to Disney and Universal so I'm very happy :3

Big developments lately?

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Heya Psy Psy <3 How's it going? <3
Dark Jono

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Dark Jono

cool avi

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whee xp yeah


-.- Photobucket is dumb.
Psy is forever questing: Art of her OCs
There's always something; Psy is married && working full time now!
All Caught up. For once.