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                  ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● » TYREESE ROMAN OLIVER
                  The Jock «

                  Ty heard that people who live in Brookshire die in Brookshire. Combine it with the various ghost stories that hung off the lips of the townspeople, and you have the 'city of the damned'. Ty often stiffled a laugh at the idea of Brookshire being considered a city. That guy named Kaleb was living proof of that. How can anyone call their town a city if they don't have a mall? They didn't even have a Walmart. Ty didn't care though, all he was waiting for was the moment he could graduate from highschool, get some kind of sports scholarship and leave. He often told himself that he would leave and never come back. He wanted to go the cities with so many lights that the sky looked endless. He didn't mind not being able to see stars. If anything, he thought the heavenly bodies were overated. He wanted to attend big a** parties, with women who actually gave a damn about he was. Ty was sick of his family, a large number of his classmates, the legends that surrounded their time and overall everything that had to deal with Brookshire. Sports would be his ticket to fame and fortune.

                  Ever since he was little, it was obvious that he had a 'gift'. After all, he was that kid who wasn't allowed to play baseball, because his pitch faster for most children his age, so it wasn't fair to the other teams. Parents complained, and he wasn't allowed to play. Even in football he was given a limited amount of time on the field, in comparison to the other children. When he was little, he didn't mind. His mother often explained it to him that he was giving everyone else a chance to feel like a winner to. She tried to tell him that it was to help him learn teamwork, and that sometimes cheering on the sidelines helped to humble you. Although she knew that she didn't mean what she was saying. Then again, after her conversation with his coaches, which most likely included phone calls from the PTA of Brookshire, she would always immediately start cleaning excessively. His mother didn't have a voice, that was proven when his grandmama moved in. That's why his parents never got married, because his dad just didn't give a damn. To him, there wasn't a point of a wedding. You didn't need a certificate to prove that you loved someone. Then again, Ty didn't want to consider that b*****d his father anyways. He assumed that Tyler Bennett didn't want him as a son either, otherwise, he would have given both him and his sisters his last name.

                  Watching his mother have her opinion broken over the years, just gave Ty the push and motivation to never let his voice be silenced. Don't get him wrong, he wouldn't call himself a mama's boy, but if you dare talk about his mother, he'd put you in the hospital. His mother was probably his drive to work as hard as he did with sports. However, being placed on the bench didn't humble him, and as he got older, parents realized that winning was better than whether everyone had an equal amount of time on the field. No, Ty wasn't humbled, in fact it was often joked that he had one of the biggest egos around, which was probably why he didn't mind that he wasn't a straight A student. The only reason he went to Nicole for tutoring was because he was sick of his grandmother bitching about him not caring about history, and his father, who worked as an editor for the paper, considered it a disgrace for him not to know his rights. Achedemics wasn't what was going to save him from this hell hole, however now he had something else trying to hold him back. He had heard rumors that Izy was pregnant, but hadn't confirmed them. If anything, he was nervous. He wasn't exactly thrilled about being anyone's "baby daddy". As silly as it sounded, he actually had nightmares about it. Parenthood...who would want that?

                  Several times in church he had started thumbing out a text to Izy, but swiftly deleted it. He would write things like, Are you really pregnant?, Are you keeping it? and finally the number one, I don't even think its mine. However, instead of pressing send, he always exited out of it, leaving the message automatically saved as a draft. He knew that his little sisters saw him texting in his church, this was confirmed when they tattled on him immediately after mass. Then of course his grandmother continued to rant the entire way home. Due to his father's work hours, he never attended church, and his mother refused to ride in a car with her mother-in-law. So in the end, it was him, his triplet sisters and his grandmother. Whenever he was out in public with his grandmother he'd rather disown her and his sisters. He partly pitied Winnie for having to babysit them. Then again, he heard that in public, they're good. [******** that," he muttered under his breath, not catching that he actually said that outloud. "What did you say?!" his grandmother suddenly snapped, tugging him instantly from his thoughts. "Huh? I--" he began, however once his grandmother got started, there wasn't any talking to her. "Boy, I don't know where you picked up that language, but I will not tolerate curse words of any kind. Didn't you pay any attention in church? And you wonder why you're messing up in school, you ain't got any sense. Then again, if your mother raised you right, maybe you'd amount to something. What are you going to do if you can't make it playing ball? Huh? What's your backup plan."

                  The only reason he didn't cuss her out was because she was his grandmother. So he typically tuned her out, but her discouragement often pushed him to try harder. However the frustration also made it a bit easier for him to beat up his classmates. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," broke from his lips, obviously not the right answer, but the lectures from her weren't bound to stop no matter what he brought himself to say. If he said "yes ma'am", she would keep talking, until she was going in circles. What his grandmother didn't realize was that the real world didn't work the way she grew up. Going to college, working for some company in hopes that you can retire and live with the company taking of you, doesn't work that way anymore. He planned on going to college, but there was no way in hell he was going to be stuck with some job he didn't like. He already had to work at the general store and hated every minute of it.

                  The moment he was home, he retreated to his bedroom to change out of his "sunday's best". He didn't know where he was going, but he just had to get out his house. Before he could move out the front door, Mia called out, "Tyyyyyyyy~~~." She was typically the whiny, childish one, who would raise the pitch of her voice to make everyone listen to her. "Can you take me to get a costume today?" "No," he instantly told her. "But Ty?!" "No," he repeated before turning to look at her. "I'm not takin' you all around town so you can say "hmmmm, I dunno," to every costume we see." "BUT I DO KNOW WHO I WANT TO BE!" she said as she stomped her foot, gaining more of his attention this time. "I want to be Winnie!" Ty stared at his little sister for a good couple of seconds before shaking his head, "That's creepy as hell." He didn't stick around to debate with her over her costume choice, however he had a feeling at the end of the day his mother was going to force him to help her. Ty figured all she needed was a pink wig and something...hello kitty related, and she'd be good.

                  Once out of the house, he tugged out his phone and decided to send a few texts to his friends.

                  To: Kain
                  From: Ty

                  So is it me, or should we
                  get Liam 2 throw a party soon?
                  I'll even help ya get some p***y
                  my friend. Your game seemed a bit
                  off at the last one.

                  To: Liam
                  From: Ty

                  What up?

                  To: Winnie
                  From; Ty

                  This is gonna sound weird but
                  You wouldn't happen 2
                  have some extra HK stuff
                  that I could borrow. I swear
                  its not for me!

                  To: Izy
                  From: Ty

                  Hey. So...a lot of of ppl've been
                  talking lately. Not sure if you

                  To: April
                  From: Ty

                  So, you have any plans for the festival?

                  Why couldn't he talk to her? He wasn't even sure. He searched through his contacts debating on who else he should text next. Then that's when he noticed up ahead a girl walk into the pet shop. He didn't know her name, but knew a lot of people said that her dad was some kind of writer or something. Ty always figured she was famous in some kind of way. So he slipped inside of the store. He had no intention of picking up anything, he just wanted to talk to her. Even though she was talking to the woman behind the counter, Ty cleared his throat, hoping to make his presence known. "Uh, I'm probably interruptin' something but uh, you're Jillian, right?" Of course he knew that wasn't her name, but what better way to jump start a conversation? "Ah, s**t, my bad, I must have the wrong person...but anyways, I'm Ty, and you are...?" He even offered her a smile to appear friendlier and more approachable.

                  Location:: Pet Shop w/ Ellie
                  Attire:: Coming Soon
                  OoC:: Still tweaking layout
Aםʀιαɴ Pнιʟʟιρ HαʀʀαwαʏXXXXXXXXX
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»»Tнє Dʀαмα KιɴɢX

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      Sunday morning where always difficult for Adrian Axell to wake up early for. Even back before he had a real job, he would sleep in and have to be rushing to get ready for church. That was one of the thing his mother wanted to make sure he regularly attended, but it didn't change the fact that the small family typically arrived late. Now, the teen typically only went for the first Sunday of the month for communion and that was it. His valid excused was that he was making some serious mula. Then again, his newly earned income wasn't nearly as glamorous as his previous job on the variety show. "That sorry a** show is sooo b-rate now," he grumbled to himself as he stared over at a poster in his bedroom, featuring the Variety Four. One may wonder, if he hated them so much, why buy a poster of them? Frankly, he needed something to insult in the morning- to take his anger out on. The entertainers even had mustaches and huge moles and awkward hairs drawn on them with different colored sharpies. Oh course he would let his bestie, Carissa, have at the Variety Four's promotional image as well. After all, misery loves company.

      If he spent along longer looking at the poster, then the teen would have found himself late for work. He already knew he would be at least fifteen minutes delayed, but no need to give his boss any other reason to b***h at him. Honestly, he figured that it was the manager's fault for not letting him have a later shift in the first place. 'Uggggh, he's always setting me up to fail,' he mentally whined to himself as he finished getting dressed. He hated the uniforms they were required to wear, but he always made sure to pack a change of clothes to cut down on being a walking billboard for Dream Bean. If they wanted to pay him for prancing around in uniform, then maybe, but until that day, the collared shirt and apron would be for work only. Even so, a pair of blue M&M studs were stuck in his lobes while a chain was connected to his pants that held his keychain with all of its random goodies attached. Spiking his hair up just right was what took the longest, but once his look was perfected, he grabbed his oversized sized shades and messenger bag while jogging out of his room. "Mmmmmoooomm! Drive me to work. You're making me late!"

      Eventually, Axell had arrive at the cafe, and only forty-five minutes late this time. A warning of him being on thin ice was issued, but the sixteen year-old dismissed it immediately to busy himself. The Harraway boy seemed to be rather good at making himself appear busy while doing the minimal work. He even secretly had an earbud in place to feed him music from his ipod as he was putting together drink orders in the back. It always sucked to be tortured by the delicious smells of coffee and tea, but he was under strict orders from his doctor that he wasn't allowed to have any caffeine. The only good thing was that he could have free smoothies and pastries. It made for a good small breakfast, but ever since he was little, he never liked to eat a bunch. He tended to have just enough to take him off empty so he could take his medicine. Speaking of which, he was almost overdue for taking his daily dosage of prescribed meds along with herbal vitamins. Washing them down with water, his dropped the bottles back into his messenger bag in the back prior to moving to clean the tables out front.

      Cleaning was one of his least favorite parts of his job. Although, when he came out to the front of the cafe, he noticed a very familiar customer. Okay, so in Brookshire, you practically have seen everyone once, but this particular girl was a classmate of his, as well as one of the Variety Four. Narrowing his brows, he turned away to pull his cell from his apron pocket, so he could thumb in an emergency text to the scene queen in his typically call caps and number format.

      To: Rissa
      UGH, ii ******** H4T3 W0RK :/
      BU7 0MG, GU3$$ WH0'$ 4C7!NG
      L!K3 $H3 0WN$ 7H3 PL4C3...7H47
      1-C3NT HO. ii B37 $H3'$ $74LK!NG
      M3 C4U$3 $H3 KN0W$ ii W4$ 7H3
      B3$7 P4R7 0F 7H47 $H0W. L0LZ 4$
      !F ii'D 3V3R G0 B4CK 70 $H!7 QU4L!7Y.


      The One-Cent-Ho was his general nickname for Pennie. After all, he called a lot of people b***h, so he had to have some kind of way to help Carissa distinguish which person he was ranting about on different occasions. And everyone knows using somebody's actually name was far to respectful for a nemesis. So with his exaggerated text message out of the way, the cell was slipped back into his pocket before turning down his ipod and grabbing the little trash bucket for cleaning up table garbage. Even with the unglamorous bucket in hand, he strutted over to the table beside the ex-cheerleader's. She was simply picking up her purse, but he figured she was trying to turn heads with the innocent act. "Guess your lil' plan backfired, Honey Boo Boo," he scoffed, picking up napkins from the table besides hers, stuffing them into an empty, abandoned cup, "Cause the bend 'n snap only works if you standing." Of course he assumed that she was trying to be sexy in some kind of way. He assumed those four were always wanting to rub their spotlight in everyone's faces. That's what he did when he was one of them. So of course they had to be even more so stuck up since they didn't have the humiliation of being replaced.

      Crossing his arms and leaning so his butt was resting against the table he had been cleaning, the divo continued in a more hush- but equally speedy- tone."What I don't get is why you gotta be all up in my space when you can be workin' it atcha third-rate studio. An' don't even thank about begging me to come back, guurl, 'cause Axell ain't one to be played. I could care less if the festival's gonna suck without me." Axell figured that someone like Pennie would surely take his ideas and pass them on to the producer. He figured he did have the best voice of the group, so surely they would be trying to be recruiting them back on the team before the festival. It was a pretty big deal in Brookshire, so surely to variety show would want to get in on the action, and make sure they were at their strongest. Axell figured that him being fired (despite telling the world he quit) was a heat in the moment type of incident. The company was probably just waiting for the opportune moment to get him back...or so he hoped. But nobody likes a cheap hooker, so he would play hard to get...

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in the Dream Bean Cafe` w/ Pennie || Wearing TBA

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In between the lines there's a lot of o b s c u r i t y
I'm not inclined to resign to m a t u r i t y
If it's all right, then you're all wrong
Why bounce around to the same damn song?

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                                                          Graham held no cares to whatever was going on around him. He thought he could hear footsteps but it was nothing that urged him awake. The oldest son in the Moser clan was sleeping on the floor for no particular reason. He couldn’t be sure if he started sleeping on the floor or in his bed whichever starting point he was lying on the floor. And oh was he enjoying his moments in dreamland. It was almost as freeing as the feeling of being out of jail for the first time. It was like he could float away. He was currently dreaming about one thing... Okay maybe two things that was synonymous of the one thing in his mind. His ex-wife graced his thoughts, the thought of her on a stripper pole. She was a like a contortionist in a carnival... His favorite spectacle. Her wavy brown hair that was fun to tug... And in his dream it was pre-jail so he shaved and still had his shoulder-length hair that she would tug at... It just got him excited. Not to mention she had the hourglass figure that worked and his hands fit perfectly against her waist. Sure he was having a love-hate relationship with the ex-wife in his dreams... Sure she cheated on him and made money off of the various times... But Graham needed a wild woman like that, or so he thought, a female that could keep him on his toes. Kissing his ex-wife in his dreams was definitely leaving a different taste in his mouth... Peeking an eye open the reason became evident in no time and Graham started spitting up on his floor, “Gee Buttersnaps get off of me you mutt!” The short haired, unshaven male spouted at his dog.

                                                          The mutt was one he attained at the pound. The reasoning behind why he got the older dog was because he didn’t like being behind bars and he doubted an animal did either... Granted the dog did have more freedom than him in a sense. The dog got regular walks... The closest thing Graham got to a walk outside was when he was out on the Nevada Highway picking up trash in his nice orange jumper that said, “State Prisoner” on the back in nice bold letters... Just incase the orange jumper didn’t give it away the first time that he was a convicted criminal. Or who knows maybe people are color blind and don’t see orange. It was a bit embarrassing getting caught, but more embarrassing being stuck picking up trash with a bunch of real imbeciles... The psychic was really just too gifted for his own good. The male with the photographic memory could still outsmart the loafs in the recreational room out of all their cigarettes. Cigarettes were some of the best kind of money in jail and when people play poker against a male with an eidetic memory.. It’s like basically handing money too him. And the best part about winning the cigarettes. He didn’t smoke so he could bribe people into doing things for him so he wouldn’t have to. Oh some of the fonder memories of jail. Though back to the dog Gee Buttersnaps was adopted not only for him. But because his old man wouldn’t let him have a dog growing up and kind of as a silent, yet noticeable, “******** you” to his father, he got the dog. And Graham loved his mutt. He was a big dog so that was a plus it wasn’t some wussy toy dog. That would just be an embarrassment of a thing to walk in public, why would he want one?

                                                          The Gee Butternsnaps was currently wrestling his owner and Graham was a bit too caught up playing around he hadn’t heard the old man in the house yelling at him to be more quiet. Graham just rolled his eyes. “Gee lay down...” With that he snapped and pointed at the corner of the room, the dog stared at him, “Buttersnaps lay down.” He said in a more assertive tone that time around. Taking a moment to stretch he brought his legs closer to him and looked about the room. Today, like most days, held no significance to the hazel-brown eyed male he wanted to get out of the town once more but to do so he need his parole officer to sign a couple documents or whatever it was then he could leave... Till then if he left it would look as though he was running and that would lead to a slew of problems the conman did not plan to deal with all that. Despite receiving his “freedom” back. Freedom felt the same as jail time, at times. Though it was the mundane cycle of simply waking up, eating, drinking, and going back to bed. If Graham kept repeating such a cycle he’d certainly lose it. So he had to change it up to keep himself amused. The psychic gig allowed him to use his photographic memory to his advantage... And he could do things his way. Sure his father and even his mother didn’t exactly approve but he didn’t need their approval. He was good at this and it earned him some nice cash on the side. What was there to complain about? Well from his parents point of view there was everything to complain about how their oldest son remains to be such a failure in their eyes though it was whatever at this point. He still had his brother he could relate to when it came to family woes.

                                                          Rubbing a hand over his head he hoped to wake himself up more... Though he looked over in Gee’s direction and figured his dog did a better job was waking him up than any old alarm clock would. Today was a Sunday and held no meaning to the atheist. Just another day of the week... Or a delicious ice-cream treat on occasion. He debated on getting such a dessert as he got up from the floor and made his way out of his room and to the bathroom in the hall. Not caring if his younger brother needed it anytime soon. It wasn’t a big deal... Well to Graham. He wasn’t one who spent hours in the bathroom anyway. He just went about his business and made sure he didn’t have to shave or take a bath. He looked clean enough, and he didn’t feel sweaty so he was going to assume he was clean. Taking a bottle of Phoenix Axe he sprayed his body in the stuff to assure cleanliness before he made his way back into his room. Looking over his room he didn’t see much. Well to be specific their was an orderly mess on his floors. He knew that besides a stack of seemingly underrated movies were his motorcycle keys. Though he wasn’t looking for his keys at the moment he was looking for new clothes. He grabbed a tank from his dresser and a flannel shirt out of his closet. The only thing he really needed was a pair of jeans and he looked over and saw Gee Buttersnaps chewing on a pair, “Gee let go... let go.” Though he started to play tug-o-war with the dog instead and loosened the animal’s grip on the jeans and he pulled the pair up and on. A brown leather belt went through the belt loop and he found himself smirking as he looked at his reflection.

                                                          ‘I look good.’ He mouthed. After being forced to wear the same attire as everyone else. Being able to wear what he wanted was something the nonconformist was thankful for. A pair of combat boots to keep his feet warm. The fake psychic stared at himself in the mirror like he was made of money. And for a brief moment he was and he would be once again, he just needed to perfect what was once perfect. A skill he believed he had. Remembering to grab his keys and wallet. He stuck his wallet in his back pocket and put the wallet chain on and clipped his keys to the chain and he was ready to go. But not yet. He needed some lunch before he headed out. Passing his brothers room the psychic couldn’t resist the urge to pound on the door, “Get yer lazy a** outta here this place is a dump!” Sure he was just giving the other a hard time... Though he was speaking his mind. This place was a dump. The Moser House, Brookshire. It was a dump. No one in their right mind would actually want to live here. Though some people did so maybe Graham was the only sane one in the bunch. He wanted out of here and there were a bunch of people who wanted him out so why not just make it easier for everyone and grant the psychic his wish of leaving... It seemed so easy but everyone had to make it a little more complicated. ‘Heh.’ Looking through the fridge and the cupboard there wasn’t much yet there were some of last nights pizza leftovers. Popping the two slices in the microwave he heated it for a minute before pulling one out to eat and leaving the other in to piss of his parents. A waste of food not that he cared. Graham leant against the counter and stared at the ceiling observing the cracks in the wall and making a bet with himself when he thought the bathtub would fall from the ceiling, if it did.

                                                          The house was feeling too small... He needed to get out before he ran into his parents and they got on the awkward topic if he planned to apply for a job. Graham had a job. And he didn’t want a job in Brookshire he didn’t want to feel weighed down by the town. Grabbing his bike helmet he just wanted to ride around town and waste time. It wasn’t like they could arrest him for driving around, “Unless they catch me speeding.” He mumbled to himself. Well then he better hope he just doesn’t get caught. Seeing his hog in the driveway the psychic jokingly hugged the vehicle and in a cooing tone asked the machine, “How’s daddy’s baby doing?” He laughed at himself after the words left his lips. Though after starting it up he roared out of the driveway and the neighborhood he felt like he should be doing some sort of trick. He slowed down as he got into town. So many people were getting ready for the festival and Graham wondered if he should be too... Though his plan was to set up a “Fortune Telling” tent and take donations for the “Chanticleer Charity” ... Which was basically a charity to help himself earn some money. But it was a charity so those who donated should feel happy for themselves they would have given their money to charity. In the midst of his scheming mind he witnessed a couple boxes tumble to the ground and Miss April Miller standing in the midst. Slowing down to a halt he parked beside the sidewalk and lifted his helmet up, “Hola mon amie!” He said, intertwining two different languages. His eyes caught the phone battery on the ground and he found his psychic senses saying, “Doing too many things at once?” Granted a monkey could have observed and deduced such a thing. Though before he continued on his way he did feel obligated to ask one of his regular clients, “Do you need a hand?” Sure he could see that she possibly needed one but if she didn’t require his help, well... There were other places he could be.

                                                          Location:: Parked against a sidewalk
                                                          Near:: April
                                                          Motorcycle:: Norton 750 Commando & Helmet
                                                          Attire:: Undressing the Words

                                                          Embrace the deception, Learn how to bend
                                                          Your xxxworst inhibitionsxxx tend to
                                                          psychxxxxx you out, in the end
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N i c o l e xxx{ A m b e r }xxx S u l l i v a n

иιc ѕυℓℓι тнє тυтσя

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“ιѕ тнєяє αиутнιиg ι cαи dσ fσя уσυ dєαя? ιѕ тнєяє αиуσиє ι cσυℓd cαℓℓ?"

x. . . яσυи∂ му нσмєтσωи
мємσяιєѕ αяє fяєѕн
яσυи∂ му нσмєтσωиxxxx
σн, тнє ρєσρℓє ι'νє мєт

      Nicole Sullivan emerged from her bedroom late in the day. Her bare feet hit the wood floor beneath them with a soft pat and the hem of her jeans skimmed lightly over it. She appeared well rested in spite of the fact that she had not slept all that well the night before. The magic, she reasoned, was in the make-up she wore—concealer applied to the bags under her eyes, mascara to her eyelashes, a gold tinted brown eye shadow to her eyelids and the final brush of blush upon her cheeks. Her straight auburn hair was neatly arranged, the part off center. The young woman looked put together and awake. Inside, she felt neither of these things. Nicole sighed. She felt as if she deserved the lack of sleep, however. She deserved it and probably much more. Ever since Ryan returned to Brookshire for his documentary, Nic’s inner world had been a mess. Feelings of gnawing guilt and twisting anxiety set the tutor on edge. She needed to do something about this.

      Nicole opened the front door, bending at her trim waist to retrieve the two newspapers that sat upon the aged welcome mat. She straightened when the papers were in her hands, looking for the third paper she knew was there. Her body shivered as she left the warmth of her doorway, hunting for the Brookshire Gazette. The newspaper deliverer (no more than a middle school-aged boy on a bicycle, really) never had the proper aim. He seemed to always miss the front door, hitting, instead, a plant or the porch steps. Sure enough, Nicole found the paper sitting in one of the plant pots at the bottom of the porch steps. Luckily, the plant in the pot was long dead so the paper did nothing to harm it. She collected the newspaper swiftly, her feet beginning to feel the chill of the shaded sidewalk. The redhead hurried back up the three steps and reentered her home, closing the door with the crook of her elbow.

      Nicole shivered again, heading past the moderately sized TV den and dining room to the kitchen. The countertops were clean except for the few appliances stuck on them. Nic set her three newspapers down on the small square table before rummaging through the room for food. She pressed down the “on” button on her coffee maker, aware that her father had probably refilled it when he had left early this morning. Sam Sullivan was an FBI profiler. Instead of working out of the main branch in Washington D.C., he was stationed at a side branch in a nearby city. He was often at work and even when he was at home, he sometimes brought his work back with him. Nic was used to this. As a child, he had been home a bit more but when she had started college, he accepted the opportunity to work more hours during the week. Nicole still saw him almost every day, however. They usually had some form of a late dinner or late snack together and talked about their days. It was nice but Nicole could not tell her father everything. The tutor finally found some whole wheat bread and popped it into the toaster, setting out butter and a knife as well.

      Once her food was finishing, Nicole sat down at the table, pulling the papers toward her. She took a short sip of her coffee (cut with generous amounts of milk) before opening the first of the papers. Before her sat the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and, of course, the Brookshire Gazette. Though she had been told before that newspapers often said the same things, she disagreed. They were each different in their own respects—they used different diction, sometimes added different information, and, most importantly, they had differing slants or aims. Nicole read at least two stories per day. She could not remember a time when there were not newspapers on her kitchen table. When she was younger, it had been her father reading the papers. Now, Nicole knew when her father read the papers. There were always sections missing from them.

      Nicole focused first on the Brookshire Gazette but too soon her attention started to wander. Irritated by her own lack of interest, she grabbed the New York Times, forcing herself to read the front page story. Again, her attention started drifting away from the story. The clock on the wall was ticking out the time. It was the only sound in the kitchen except for the occasional crunch of Nic’s toast as she took a bite. Finally, after reading the same paragraph five times, Nicole closed the newspaper. She let out a frustrated sound and rested her elbows on the table, holding her head in her hands.

      Her attention was not wandering because of the writing in the paper—it was a relatively interesting story. No, it was Nicole’s fault. She could not stop worrying. She could not stop thinking about her recent actions. She had been so stupid, so reckless. It was not the possibility of losing her career that threw Nicole into this state, it was the possibility of Ryan finding out. She really loved him but then…Why did you do it? Nicole thought, removing her hands from her face before pushing away from the table and standing up. She took her dishes to the sink, turning on the water and began to scrub them. The truth of the matter was that Nicole had cheated on Ryan. She cheated on him with William Nevers—a druggie, but more importantly, a student. Nic eyes flinched slightly, but still she kept her hands busy by scrubbing. She still was not certain if she necessarily regretted it. That was the problem. How could someone love somebody else but not mind cheating on them? That sounded like an impossible feat. The most important question now was how would she handle this situation? It was hard, sure, but not impossible.

      Her eyes sparked with an idea and she quickly tugged her android phone out from her pocket. She would just talk to Liam and then stop seeing him! She pulled open the text messages and started typing one out.

      To: Liam
      From: Nic
      Message: We need to talk.

      Nic stared at the message for a moment, her finger hovering over the “send” icon on the screen. She moved her finger away and instead hit the red icon.

      Message deleted.

      This form of the plan was flawed on many levels. In the past, Nic had tried to stop this affair by talking to the teenager. Each time it failed. Each time it led to sex. Being alone with Liam certainly was not the answer. The tutor froze. There was a workable plan. She could avoid being alone with Liam and when she was near him, she would just be more professional. It was perfect. She shook her head slightly, questioning her own intelligence. She should have done that from the start and none of this would have happened. Nic sighed. Well, it happened and there’s nothing I can do to change it. I’ll just have to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Still, the young woman couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

      With that message deleted, Nicole started two others instead.
      To: Ryan
      From: Nic
      Message: Hey, stranger. What are you up to today?

      To: Malcom
      From: Nicole
      Message: Hello Mr. Sheriff. Where are you and what are doing? I’m coming over to distract you.

      Nic sent both of the messages without much thought. A flash of insight hit her and she instantly knew where Malcom would most likely be (if he were out of the office). The Diner! She quickly walked out of the kitchen and into her room. She tugged on a pair of black slip on shoes. She slipped a light black coat on over her grayish-blue sweater shirt and grabbed her purse and keys. She would drive into town then park. She really couldn’t face all the thinking time that walking would promote. She wrote a quick note to her father before shutting the front door behind her and locking it.

      Some seven minutes later, Nicole left her car on one of the many side streets closer to main street. She got out and started the short walk to the diner. Nic was almost there when she saw one of her students, April, talking to the resident town psychic. The tutor was a skeptical person by nature. She wasn’t one to readily believe that someone could “read her mind”. That was all very well for stories or fairytales but in real life, Nicole was more critical of the profession. Other than his profession and his name, she didn’t know much else about the man. ”Hello April, Graham.” She smiled at the two, ”Sorry I can’t stay to chat. I’m surprising a man at a diner.” With a wink of one of her sea green eyes, she walked off. She felt no guilt about not staying to help April pick up her boxes because Graham stood by the girl. Surely, he would help.

      Nicole entered the diner confidently. She gave a small wave to one of the waitresses behind the counter before glancing around the establishment. There he was. Malcom sat at a table all by himself. The town’s priest sat at a table nearby. That man made Nicole nervous. She had never been very religious in the past, why start now? She plopped herself down in the chair across from Mal. ”Wow. Would you look at that. I found you.” A half smirk formed on her lips, ”That was entirely too easy. You should switch it up sometime, Mal. Maybe go to the cafe?” Her smile morphed into one that held more warmth as she looked upon her friend. He was like the sibling she never had.

"иσ, αиd тнαик уσυ, ρℓєαѕє мαdαм, ι αιи’т ℓσѕт, נυѕт ωαиdєяιиg"

. . . яσυи∂ му нσмєтσωи
мємσяιєѕ αяє fяєѕн
xxxxяσυи∂ му нσмєтσωи
σн, тнє ρєσρℓє ι'νє мєт. . .

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
ωнєяє :: The diner ωιтн Malcom
fєєℓιиg:: guilty, nervous, glad
ωєαяιиg :: Here
σσc:: C: Hope it was okay
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Man did he hate how far away they were from Brookshire. It was such a pain. He always had to wake up earlier than needed in order to drive into town: not the mention the fact that he had to wait for someone else to go with him since there wasn't a car for everyone. Then there was the journey back at night. Weren't there rumors about that twisted road, tunnel and bridge? Even without a ghost car the road was dangerous: he didn't like it one bit. They should have their home base in town: not on the outskirts. It just made it easier for everyone to do their job. Plus, he'd be closer to his internet pal: the gamer. Of course he had to work; but he still wanted to spend time with the guy. They met briefly already: it was more of an introduction really. What can you do when both parties are busy? They could still interact online though. That's a bit sad since they are basically in the same place now. Oh well, they planned to meet up and hang out this afternoon. He wouldn't admit it; but his main reason for disliking the living situation was because he had limit access to Ed. Was that weird? Probably not. He just didn't have anyone else that he was close to: maybe it was a bit sad that he felt closer to a teenager he met online than his co-workers and old high school friends.

For breakfast, he had something to eat with a few of his co-workers at some local diner. Henry had nothing against any of the ones that were there; but he still didn't know them that well. The techie listened to whatever the others talked about and gave his two cents or a smile every once in a while: his quirkiness well under wraps. When that was over with, the group dispersed in order to do their own thing. There was one person he didn't miss while he ate: the screenplay writer. He couldn't put his finger on it; but the guy just got under his skin for some reason. There might have been an incident between them when they last worked together. He couldn't remember anything like that though. Then again, his memory wasn't always the most reliable. It didn't help that the guy had a place in town and didn't have to drive in and out of town every single day.

Now that he was alone, he could do whatever he wanted with his free time. Henry didn't have to think about where to go: he knew that he wanted to investigate one of the rumored places where hauntings happened. It was all fun and games to him. That's not to say that he didn't believe that there could be ghosts that floated around; but still. The techie decided to visit the playground, since the rundown school off the road was probably too far away for him to visit today.

He walked silently through the park with his hands in his coat pockets. Before he knew it; he was in the playground with his eyes fixated on the swing set. A small smile crept onto his face as he watched the fourth swing move back and forth as if someone was on it. The wind pushed the other swings; but they didn't move in the same fashion. Henry made his way over as he pulled his hands out of his pockets. He wanted to grab the mysterious swing and sit on it; but he didn't. Instead, he merely watched as it swung back and forth. Was there a ghost that sat on the swing? It'd probably be a kid. He felt like it would be rude to take someone's swing even if it was a ghost. Maybe he could ask the ghost for a turn. Really. What was this nonsense that went though his head? It'd be better if that paranormal guy and medium were with him. What did they run off to do anyway?

"Uh would you mind if I took a turn?" The question left his lips before he even knew he asked it. He didn't react much to it though. Instead, he merely waited for a response that never came. "Well, I guess it's better to take this one." With that said he grabbed the chain of the third swing and sat in it. The techie backpedaled before he lifted his feet off the ground. The swing rushed forward before he started to pump his legs: his cheeks felt the cold sting that the extra wind provided him. Every once in a while he glanced over at his ghostly companion and smile. Did he really think someone was there? Maybe; but it didn't hurt to pretend. He really shouldn't be by himself; but he didn't feel like anything bad would happen.

After a while, he made himself swing as high as the swing set would let him go before he jumped off and landed in a crouched position. Then he stood up with his arms stretched out to the sky. "Ta-da!" He turned to the fourth swing with a smile on his face. "Pretty epic right?" He let his arms drop to his sides. "I bet you can't do that?" Henry stared at the swing as he waited for something to happen. Did he really just taunt a ghost? Maybe that was a dumb idea; but he wasn't being mean when he asked that question. Since it didn't seem like the owner of the swing was about to do anything different, he turned his attention to the rest of the playground. "Do you have any friends here?" Henry asked before he started to walk around as if he searched for some that could be hidden somewhere. Any normal person would think he was nuts because he had been talking to himself. Most people, even if they saw an unexplainable occurrence, refused to believe that ghosts even existed. Henry was neutral on the subject. That might seem a bit weird since he is all about the science of technology; but his mind often drifted off into the realm of fantasy as well. If something was there then maybe it would respond to him in some way. He hardly thought he had been doing anything wrong. Plus, there was the other side of it. What if it was really some kind of crazy special effect that some genius set up? It seemed pretty real; but if it was a prank he had to figure out how it worked.

Some time later, Henry slid down the slide just to sit at the bottom. His eyes shifted to look at the mysterious swing. He spent a lot of time chilling at that playground. What time was it anyway? The techie pulled out his cell and realized that it was passed lunchtime. No wonder he was hungry. "Oh yea..." he murmured to himself. He had to text Ed: so he did.User Image

To: Ed
From: Henry
Message: Hey! When and
where did you want to meet up?

They planned to meet up but they never talked about the exact time and place. Henry didn't even know what they would do. He felt a bit nervous about it all. Sure they had know each other, online, for a good chunk of time; but when you meet someone in person it was like you had to start all over in a way. The fact that they met up once already made it a bit easier though. He was probably just being silly. Nothing bad would happen...right?

LOCATION: the haunted playground with a ghost?
Create the special effects that make life interesting.
Kain Summers;
The Rich Kid

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User Image
                                          Kain stretched out onto his bed after pulling both of their shirts off. It was early morning and he had just recently got up and traveled over to the place once eating. He had been thrilled to get out of the house without having to look at his father or even hear him, he felt like today was going to be a good day. It surely was already rolling in that direction. He looked at Shin expectantly as he was crawled on top of by Shin, he was kissed hard and roughly and he tried to match it. He kissed back vigorously and then he was kissed and bit in a lot of places and in the process also earned a hickey as well. All he had felt appropriate to do at that moment was grabbing Shin's hand and putting his finger in his mouth, licking, sucking and playfully nibbling on it. He was getting stiff just from this and hoped that he was putting the same feeling in Shin so badly. Soon he felt Shin's fingers on him and he blushed deeply before it happened and it was soon done. With him panting out of the exercise, though he couldn't speak for Shin. Right then he had settled down and passed out for a bit to catch up for the rest of the day that was coming.

                                          He rolled over on top of Shin on accident out of dozing off after what had just happened between the two of them. Just the pure thought and feelings of it excited him and made him feel jittery and yet at peace with himself, cozy is the word he would use. He sighed contentedly as he lay there with his head on Shin's chest and did nothing but cuddle with the guy that he just had sex with. His thoughts were totally away from the fact that he was hiding his sexuality from a lot of the town, even his two friends Ty, and Liam. Oh he felt so bad about that stuff when he was else where, but here he purged it all from his mind, and Shin really helped with that. This place was his safe haven, even more so then his room at home, which is what most people would answer as their safe haven. No worrying about the festival going on right now that a lot of people were putting together the whole week either. It was a truly nice thing. He rolled over away from Shin, letting go and once on his back, he sat up and noticed that the air had a tinge of the smell from cigarette smoke to it. His nose scrunched up at the smell, he really hated it, and had guessed that Shin had recently been smoking while he was asleep. His phone then buzzed on the floor, in his pant's pocket and he stood up and pulled it out, as he read the beginning his eyebrow shot up. Who the hell was this person that was randomly texting him? how did they even get his number and was worried that someone was now blackmailing him. He opened the video and watched it, seeing him and Shin together in a alley that pretty much no one ever went to so it was thought to be a secret place for the both of them. They were caught to have been making out in the alley way and the fact that they were easily recognizable.

                                          To: Mystery Person
                                          From: Kain
                                          You're right, I don't know who the ******** you are,
                                          But that is none of your business anyway.

                                          He hit the send button and closed her phone, feeling like clawing at his face, but didn't do that. he just settled on rubbing his face to be a lesser form of showing his mass anxiety. He didn't want to deal with this and have this person know about him and have this blackmail. He got up and went to the kitchen, going and getting a drink before coming back to the bedroom and pulling his jeans up. "Someone found out about us, and I'm going, I need some space right about now to think alone, I might come back later though, or just text you or something." He then put his shoes on and pulled his shirt on and walked out the door, and left the place. He walked down the streets till his phone buzzed again and he pulled it out and saw that it was from Ty and he smiled a bit. Forgetting that he had recently gotten a text message that meant that someone had known about him and his lover.

                                          To: Ty
                                          From: Kain
                                          Nah, it's just not you man, we really should
                                          Heh, you think so? Sure if you can find a new girl.
                                          You also wouldn't mind if I tried to find you in town?
                                          I've got to do something to take my mind off of things.
                                          Try and meet me somewhere maybe?

                                          He sent the text and put his phone away when he spotted April up ahead with a couple of boxes and a person had rushed past her. He walked towards her as he say the boxes start to wobble and teeter and he rushed forward as the boxes escaped from her hands. "I'll try and get all of that for you" he heard her exclaim s**t and say her phone hit the ground and he grabbed the top of the boxes just before the second that they had hit the ground. He then set them down carefully and picked up her phone and battery, putting it back together and handing it to her. "Here you go April, maybe you should focus at one thing at a time when you have too much to carry and not try to multi-task next time?" He smirked and picked up her boxes "Maybe I should carry your boxes right now, is that fine by you or do you want to try carrying them by yourself? Why on earth do you have these anyway?" He couldn't help but wonder, but it was none of his business really, if she wanted to tell him, then she would tell him. He found it strange, this was the girl that his best friend Tyreese had recently set his sites on and had been trying to get. Maybe he should just tell the guy that the best way to get her was to not try so hard about it and just do what he had just done in a way. He then heard the sound of a motor cycle suddenly stop and looked at the person that was now taking his helmet off. He just stared at the so called psychic Graham, and he shook his head, he didn't believe in psychics and stuff like that. All that voodoo and mumbo jumbo was so sad and he considered anyone that believed in it silly, obviously the guy just stole his customers money with just lying to them. It was then that the 'Psychic' asked her if she was doing too many thinks at once and he just rolled his eyes "Thank god you found that out Captain Obvious, we never would have been able to figure that out" he really laid on the sarcasm. "And don't worry, I got it already" He had to really strain himself from saying "idiot" to the other since he already had the boxes in his hand.

                                          OOC: Permission from Alykia, and uh, skip half the first para if you can't handle gathering up for sex details -so blunt-
                                          Where?: Sidewalk
                                          With: April and Graham
                                          Clothing: TBA
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                                                                            Bette stood in the middle of the hospital corridor no idea how she got there, she didn’t remember coming in to work, or what was going on. Looking down she saw that she was wearing her comfy white tennis shoes, and one of her favorite scrub tops. Her legs were encased in jeans, which was a little odd for her being at work, but she could have just come in. But why didn’t she remember driving here? Was she really that tired? Shaking her head she rubbed her temples trying to remember when she had got here and what was going on. But then something else struck the Nurse as odd, where was everyone? Bette pulled her hands away from her head and the Hispanic woman looked down the hall one direction, and then the other. A frown tugged its way on to her features; the entire hospital was all too quiet for her liking. This wasn’t normal, even though she worked nights a lot of the time it was never this quiet. Hospitals were never this quiet. Biting her bottom lip Bette began to walk down the main hall towards the nursing station. “Hello? Where is everyone?” Bette’s features grew more stressed and more concerned as time went on.

                                                                            Something was just not right here, and that’s when she heard it, the dripping sound. Bette began moving towards the sound, curious as to what was causing the noise. Bette began running down the hall, hoping that the noise meant people, she was in the psychiatric ward now, and she could still hear that damn dripping. Running in to the furthest hall, the dripping finally was so loud that was all she could hear. It echoed and bounced off the walls and she frowned, turning towards one of the doors, the only door in this hall she pulled out her key card and swiped it. The door beeped and opened up as soon as her card key went through and the Hispanic woman reached down yanked the handle open going inside. She stopped short barely retaining a scream, there was everyone she had ever worked with riddled with bullet holes, throats slashed, decapitated or murdered in some other way or fashion. Then there in a corner she was rocking back and forth covered in blood like Bette knew she had been the night she had been found in her home, all her children dead. A question boiled up in the nurses mind and she was about to ask it when cold steel pressed to her throat. It was like he could feel the hot blood trickling down her neck as the blade severed the flesh and muscle in her neck and she tried to open her mouth to scream, with no success and then-


                                                                            Off the bed Bette fell when she jerked up the twisted bloody nightmare her mind had conjured up finally becoming too much for the currently off duty nurse. Bette groaned all tangled up in her blankets on the floor, and rubbed at her eyes trying to clear the crusty, icky sleep from her eyes so she could see. Her vision was still blurry without her glasses, so she could hardly make out the numbers on her distant alarm clock and she sighed softly. She had come home at some ridiculous hour in the morning, after working for almost exactly twenty eight hours straight, between the psych ward, and the main ER. She had been completely spent, and that was why she had come home to catch a nap, except apparently that nap had turned in to a full-fledged sleep, complete with her nightly, and very regular occurring nightmare. Especially with the fact that the festival was coming in to town and all kinds of weird freaky s**t began to happen around this time of year.

                                                                            Lying on her floor for a few minutes longer Bette stared up at her ceiling before giving a rather exasperated sigh and pushing herself up off the floor with her two hands, standing up and letting the blankets just fall off her in to a pile. She was currently clad in her usual sleeping gear of a pair of running shorts, a sports bra, and for the sanity of her roommate the reporter, a racer back tank top from Victoria’s Secret. Bending down Bette picking up the pile of knotted blankets and plopped them back on her bed, right before reaching over to her bedside table and picking up her black oval framed glasses and popping them on her face. She also managed to grab an elastic to tie up her boring, bland brown hair in to a sporty looking pony just to get it out of her way, and give her a few moments before she needed to run a brush through the mess attached to her head.

                                                                            A yawn escaped Bette’s pale pink lips, and she placed one well worked hand to her mouth and groaned a bit before sighing, and stretching her aching muscles out, her whole body getting in to it and giving a little twitch in delight. Finally finishing off the full bodied stretch Bette shook it off and headed to her bedroom door and out in to the kitchen she shared with Sean, when she was home anyways.

                                                                            Bette immediately looked around the apartment to find traces of her roommate, hearing noises coming from somewhere in the area she called out “Good morning sunshine” looking at the clock in the kitchen Bette realized it was no longer morning and raised an eyebrow correcting herself “err, rather Good afternoon, man did I really sleep that long? What is wrong with me?” Bette shook her head nowhere near used to getting a full eight hours sleep. She swallowed down her yawn and went in to the kitchen looking through her cupboards for her tea and sighing when she couldn’t find any “********, I’m out of tea.” She snapped her wrist and sent the cupboard door sailing back towards the rest of it as she made her way to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water, her stomach giving a slight rumble over the fact that she was apparently hungry, with almost nothing of hers left to fill the void. She was going to have to go grab something it seemed, which wasn’t exactly unusual, Bette couldn’t even remember the last time she had gone out grocery shopping.

                                                                            “Seaaaan, I’m hungry, I didn’t eat last night, are you going out? Can I tag along, and maybe we can go get food? Seeing as you know we haven’t played up our little charade recently.” The charade she was referring to was the fact that he frequently acted like Sean’s girlfriend, even though the two of them slept in separate bedrooms, and Bette worked so much, and Sean had such a random job they almost never saw each other unless they actually set plans. In fact she was kind of shocked he had even been home when she got up. Putting her hand on the counter Bette hopped up and placed her round bottom on it, and sipped her water waiting for a response from her friend as her starved stomach gave another obnoxious snarl.


                                                                            WHERE :: Her Apartment
                                                                            WARDROBE :: Good Morning Starshine
                                                                            WITH :: Sean
                                                                            FEELING :: A Little Unnerved, and Hungry
                                                                            SONG :: Put her song link here.

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                                                                  THE CONFUSION SETS IN. . .

                                                                  If there was one thing Tina Kinard hated about living in a small town it was all the gossip, and of course being the Town’s Mayor’s one and only wife she heard every little juicy detail about it all. Rarely though did any of the stuff about her get back to her ears, but lots of gossip about others certainly did, of course she tried to take it all with a grain of salt, but listening to the same old crap time and time again got a little droll and a little boring in Tina’s opinion. Especially when you were as doped up on Prozac and lorazepam in order to keep your sanity as she was. Sighing softly Tina took a glance toward the grocery store she had been trying to make her way in to, when Mrs. Peabody, one of the rich old girls who had lived in town practically her entire life, had stopped her to chat about this and that. Most of it was gossip and Tina just found herself slowly nodding her head and faking a smile as the woman prattled on in her very whiny and high pitched voice, all the while blowing cigarette smoke in her face from the lit one in her hand she kept taking drags off of.

                                                                  Tina had quit smoking a while ago, but the stress of talking to lawyers and the paranoia about her job had driven the woman practically over the edge, right back to her cigarettes. Sighing again she forced another broad delighted smile and before the old lady in front of her could start up another story about one of her neighbors, Tine interjected. “Mrs. Peabody it has been absolutely lovely chatting with you dear, but I must get inside and get my shopping done; after all I am feeding a growing young man and my husband.” The word husband left a bad, bad taste in Tina’s mouth, she had to wonder what everyone would do if they knew her intention to divorce the man she had spent the last seventeen years married too. She had to wonder how much the gossips would talk then. In the past Tina had cared but lately, lately she didn’t give a damn at all. She didn’t know if it was the state of being constantly doped up on medication that had stopped her constant need to please the man, or the town, or if it was the threat to her job, or overall whatever frickin’ mood disorder it was she was suffering from. She just knew she really could care less about anyone, or anything right now. Well there were a few exceptions to that rule, Kain being the first and foremost important one of them all.

                                                                  Mrs. Peabody offered Tina a smile and waved her hand, blowing more of the acrid cigarette smoke in Tina’s face “Of course dear of course. I let you be on your way then. Oh are you on the committee this year for the festival dearie?” Tina raised an eyebrow biting back a sarcastic retort about being the Mayor’s wife and not being allowed to not be on the planning counsel for the festival, but she bit her tongue and nodded her head with the fakest smile she could muster. “Of course I am Mrs. Peabody and I can most whole heartedly assure you we have done our best to ensure this will be our best festival yet.” Tina leaned in an gave the woman a couple of air kisses and then began making her way towards the store waving her fingers “Ciao darling, I’ll see you soon and we will chat some more.” With that Tina spun around quickly in her gray ugg boots and scurried off in to the store. Finally breathing a slight sigh of relief once she got inside bowing her head down to avoid eye contact.

                                                                  Pulling out her cellphone she began scrolling through the numbers looking for Kain’s and once she found it she selected it and began hurriedly typing out a text.

                                                                  To: My darling baby (Kain)
                                                                  From: Mom
                                                                  Message: Hey sweetheart (:
                                                                  I’m at the store do you want something?
                                                                  Also do you want to do dinner tonight?
                                                                  Just me and you?
                                                                  NO Father

                                                                  She sent the text and waited until she was sure that it sent before going through the rest of the numbers debating on if she should text anyone else, when her scroll down stopped on her husband’s number and she gave the screen a look of disgust. “No I am not texting you, well unless I have to.” She pushed the end button shutting it off and locking it tossing the phone back in her purse and sighing softly grabbing one of the carts and began making her way down the aisles. Tina was a very particular person when making her way through the grocery store; she always started in the produce section. Checking her list she looked over what she needed and began pushing her cart over to the lettuce, starting with her vegetables. She ripped off several of the plastic bags you put you produce in selecting heads of lettuce, peppers of all colours, onions, a bag of potatoes, celery, carrots, radishes, and other varying veggies. Before moving on to her fruit selection gathering it all up as well sticking everything in her cart before going to the bakery, she walked past the sweets at first managing to avoid looking at them, but Tina’s sweet tooth and her unhappy mood drove her eyes back towards the fresh cupcakes, coffee cakes, and other delicious treats, and she sighed. Whipping her cart back around she intended to go straight for the treats when she almost collided with someone.

                                                                  Tina stopped short and let out a soft startled gasp looking up wide eyed and making a noise of distress “Oh my goodness I am so sorry I didn’t see you there.” Looking up at Jasper, Tina’s entire face was beet red and very distressed looking as she bit down on her lower lip, now deeply regretting turning around to get those stupid treats. People were staring at her, and she was sure this would get back to her husband and she would get yelled at for causing a scene. Her eyes felt like they were burning with tears, which they were starting too. They were not brimming with them, but she was on the verge of starting and the moment she got by herself Tina would probably lose it.

                                                                  :: WHERE ::
                                                                  The Grocery Store Pastry Aisle
                                                                  :: WARDROBE ::
                                                                  All Dolled Up
                                                                  :: WITH ::
                                                                  :: FEELING ::
                                                                  :: SONG ::
                                                                  Put her song link here.

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LOCATION ► Petshop ◯ COMPANY ► Ellie and Ty

It was the smell that made Ophelia hate her house more than anything. She didn’t mind the fur so much because you could easier take that off with a lent roller. The cats themselves were nice enough, it was just that god awful smell from the litter box. The bookworm couldn’t count how many times she went to school in clothes that one of the cats had peed on, making a rancid and disgusting smell radiate from her clothing. To avoid being the smelly kid any longer, Ophelia would wash and dry her clothes any time she would leave the house. The moment it came out of the dryer, she would leave the house. Even now, Ophelia stood in her underwear next to the dryer, waiting on it to finish up so she could get the hell out of this house and it’s smell. Next to her was a cardboard box that would suddenly move or shake at random, and in her hand was a collection of Grim Fairy tales. She was supposed to be working on a essay explaining the purpose of fairy tales and their roles in history. If her clothes would hurry and dry then she could drop off the box where it needed to go, and then she could get to the library to finish her essay on a more modern computer than the old dinosaur that lived in the study.

Finally, the buzzer went off and Ophelia flung the door open and pulled out her jeans and sweater. Once she was dressed, she shoved her book into her messenger bag, pulled that over her shoulder, grabbed the box and headed out of the house as quickly as she could. If she hadn’t of decided to go to the church with her crazy adopted mother, she would have been able to get all this done sooner, but the old woman had a good way of guilting Ophelia for not being around more or going to church as often. The girl would never be able to tell the woman she didn’t like to go to church because she just didn’t believe in god or have any sort of faith at all, so she kept her mouth shut and made an appearance every so often.

In the drive way stood her very shitty car. It was a pea soup color, a cracked windshield, and brakes that didn’t always want to work but this was all that Ophelia had. If she were just going to the library she probably would have just walked… But first she had an errand to run. She placed the box in the passenger seat, got in, and then took off. About half way to her destination, the box came open and five kitten started to jump out. Ophelia cursed as one jumped into her lap and dug it’s claws through her jeans. She quickly picked it up by the scruff of it’s neck and gently tossed it back into the box. She didn’t want to hurt the thing, just get it the hell away from her. Ophelia had found this litter of kitten under her bed the day they were born. Of course, their whore of a mother, Cleo, had abandoned them like she normally did. And sure, Ophelia didn’t want any more cats in her house, but she wasn’t going to just let the stupid things die, they didn’t ask to be born to a lazy mother who wanted nothing to do with them. Ophelia had a bit of sympathy for them, at least enough to make sure they lived until they were old enough to be taken somewhere else. She used to take the extra cats to the local pound, until she found out they usually killed off any that didn’t get adopted in a certain number of months. After that, she would stand at the door of local grocery store with a sign that said free cats, but the bi-racial girl had other plans.

She pulled up to the pet store, hoping that they would take them in, or at least be able to tell her where would be a more suitable place to take them. She spent a few minutes gathering up the little monsters and placing them back in the box, and closing it so they wouldn’t get out. She decided to go ahead and send Ed a text, and pulled out her phone to do so.

To: Edd-o
Frm: Ophie

What is your pops
making for dinner?

The Bookworm spent as much time as possible over at her friends house, especially if his dad was home to make dinner. She put her phone away, and tucked the box under one arm and walked over to the back of her car. From her trunk, she grabbed a small bag of kitty litter, a blanket, and some dry food, and then she walked inside. ”Five kittens, one female four male. I just wanna-” She said as she walked in, then placed the box on the counter. It was then that she was able to see just who was in the shop with her. The bookworm clammed up the moment she saw The jock, and adverted her eyes. It was strange how the way she would act around him often depended on where she was and who was with her. It was easy to stand up for Ed, rather than herself. One of the reasons she had been teased was because of the times she did have to go to school as a kid and smell like cats. Now here she was with a box of five, and someone who often helped made her life even more difficult than it was. Ophelia was bias against Ty, Liam, and Kain. She didn’t think there was any kindness in them, and frankly… They scared her, especially when they would rough up Ed and there was nothing she could do about it. Her cheeks turned a slight shade of pink from embarrassment, like she was caught red handed doing something naughty.

She glanced between both Ty and the girl behind the counter, who she was able to determine, was that new girl who hung around Ed. Now it was really awkward. Ophelia didn’t feel like dealing a bully, nor a new girl who was friends of a friend. A strange emotion filled her chest, one that she was sure was just plain awkward and uncomfortableness. Ophelia never looking at Ty or Ellie right in the eye, and She wished she wasn’t just so… awkward. She also wished she had acted as if Ty’s presence didn’t obviously bother her. It was too late now, and Ophelia stood there in shopcompletely frozen. Surely Ty would use this as ammo to pick on her more. Everyone at school would have their suspicion confirmed… Ophelia lived with a cat hoarder. And Ellie would probably think she was a freak for acting so weird. She would probably tell Ed about how much of a coward she was and he would probably start looking at her different. Ophelia shook her head. Ed knew about her life… He knew her more than anyone else. He wouldn’t judge her simply because she chickened out. ”Don’t tell anyone…” She said in Ty’s direction. Her eyes were glued to the ground. ”…Please” Was she begging? It could look like that, but it was like Ophelia was in any position to threaten the boy. but she had to try. Her living situation felt like a giant elephant in the room that no one talked about, and she wanted to keep it that way.

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                                      Just as sudden as he had asked for her, as if on cue, Izy had burst through the front glass doors of the diner. "Nevermind," he lightly laughed towards the chef before his answer could be answered. the only reason he didn't request the girl was because it may have looked strange on his part. Besides, he was sure that she had her own tables to tend to. So he just decided to wait until he was notified of who exactly his waitress would be. He tugged out his cellphone to check the time, as well as his schedule. Then that's when he remembered that he cleared most of his plans, just so he would have time to talk to Father Richards. 'There's no way I can ask him,' he soon concluded as he set his cellphone back down on the table. He rested his elbows down on the table, and intertwined his fingers as though he was praying, but in truth, he was only thinking. More so, dreading his upcoming conversation with the Head Priest. When he heard Izy's voice, he broke from his trance and offered her a smile. "Hey," he greeted back just as friendly. Charlie enjoyed being around happy people, at least they often presented themselves as a sign that there was good still in the world. It may have been hidden, but it was surely there.

                                      He parted his lips to ask for the 'usual' but stopped when she commented about catching him off guard. For a brief moment, a look of embarrassment crossed his features, but then he chuckled, "Well, I could, but then there's the off chance that I won't have a taste for it. But if you have any recommendations, then I supposed I could try to be different this once." Even though Charlie didn't see anything wrong with routine. In his opinion, when things followed a schedule, you didn't have to worry about surprises of the worst. Unfortunately, her exorcism hadn't gone according to plan. Briefly the incident with Jaunita entered his mind again. He tried to forget about her, but they were too close to the anniversary of her death. The more Charlie thought about it, when it came to Brookshire, awful things often happened in October. The death of the young couple, the botched exorcism, as well as the Foster Home Massacre, all occured during this time of year.

                                      The Priest had recalled a conversation he once had with Father Richards. Even though he didn't support the celebration of Halloween, he voiced only positive things about the festival. Father Richards believed that the festival was only a way to try and make everyone forget the negative memories that haunted the town, but focus on togetherness. That's why it was a Harvest Moon festival, than simply one for Halloween. They were celebrating the harvest. Charlie would jokingly ask in response, "How much are you getting paid for your advertisement?"

                                      When Izy asked him if he was on his own, he nodded. "A friend may or may not be joining me. I won't know until she replies to my text," he admitted as he glanced over at his phone that was resting on the table surface, not far from the napkins. "There's a chance that she may not come though. She's typically busy with her own research." While he on the other hand was slacking off. Charlie often wondered if he was setting the right example about how someone was supposed to live their life. He attended church, donated money to the poor, and didn't talk to prostitutes, and yet he didn't know if the townspeople gossiped about him. Did they really trust him to work as their direct line to God? "Ah, but back to my order. On top of whatever you suggest, I'd still like half-and-half, with my lemonade and sweet tea." He was just about to ask her if she wanted to sit with him when she had some free time, but stopped when she said that she'd be back in a moment. So he nodded and leaned back in his seat.

                                      "Is it sad...that I'm excited just to have company?" he mumbled to himself. He didn't even mind that it was from a teenaged girl. Fortunately she was back quickly with his drink, and as always he gave the ice cubes a quick stir with his straw to make sure everything was mixed right. Once again she was gone, and Charlie was left to keep himself company, while mentally debating whether or not to send Rose another text. Anything to keep himself from looking like an obsessed freak. Then that's when he remembered someone he could potentially ask to help him pass the time.

                                      To: John
                                      From: Charlie

                                      So, all of my plans were suddenly canceled,
                                      and I was wondering what you usually do to
                                      pass time. I was also wondering if you and your
                                      friend were going to the festival. I'm tempted to

                                      To: John
                                      From: Charlie

                                      And by friend, I mean the one who
                                      works at the music store.

                                      The Deputy and Charlie weren't exactly friends. At least Charlie wished that they could be. From what he had seen, John was a pretty awesome guy. Same with his friend Shin, whose name Charlie often forgot. For some reason he always wanted to call him Sean, but then he'd soon remember that's the reporter's name. Unfortunately there was no way he could ever forget Sean, but back to John and Shin. From what Charlie had seen, he thought the guys were simply charismatic. He partly envied it, but maybe he could ask the two for advice on how to gain more out of life? 'That's...not the proper thing to think right now. Remember, focus and live properly. '"Happy is the man who doesn't give in and do wrong when he is tempted, for afterward he will get as his reward the crown of life that God has promised those who love him."' Maybe he should be at the library studying and meditating instead of eating once again at a diner? Still, he couldn't help it that he was desperate for company. He even realized that he forgot to ask John if he was anywhere near the diner, and had sent too many texts already. A third text in less than ten minutes would make him seem like a stalker.

                                      It was a wonder when Izy returned. Charlie was afraid he was going to rot away out of pure boredom. She even had his food! Although he cocked his head slightly to the side when he actually took the time to examine his food. "Randy's not cooking today, is he?" he finally concluded. Charlie didn't typically feel this O.C.D. "But thank you," he added with a smile, trying not to come off as rude. Was there anything else he wanted at that moment? Well, other than for her to give him a few minutes of company? "Pie. What's the special today?" He noticed that she glanced over at one of the other tables, and that's when he realized that Izy was busy. Probably too busy to stop and chat with him. "That'll be all," he concluded with a nod of his head. He didn't even realize that it was Nicole and Sheriff Malcom Rose, but that was probably for the best. Otherwise, he may have pestered the two. “Thank you, Izy. Don't worry, I'll be sure to tip you, especially for putting up me,' he laughed as he mentally grimaced at his inability to tell a funny joke.


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                                      Attire:: Clothing coming soon
                                      Location:: At the Diner, Izy
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and say
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don't matter
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Malory sat on the living room couch, eating lunch—which consisted of merely a peanut butter and blackberry jelly sandwich, a glass of milk, and a few Nilla Wafers. It wasn’t her lowest of carbs meal, but it was filling enough to finish the day. Lunch was a little late, but hey, who’s to say she had to be on time with these kinds of things? She had only been awake for six hours anyway. Malory watched the television—some discovery channel series—and was actually a little interested in what it was telling her. It had something to do with alligators in Florida, or something, but the way it was displayed was fascinating. Right in the middle of the good part, her phone on the coffee table in front of her went off. “'Cause these things will change, can you feel it now? These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down. It's a revolution, the time will come for us to finally win,” her phone sang as she leaned forward to grab it. Malory also grabbed the remote controls to pause the television, as she knew she might just miss the good part. It was Lucky, and he wanted to know if they were meeting that day. She sure hoped not, since she wasn’t even dressed!

To: Lucky
From: Mae
Subject: Meeting, 18th
I don’t think so, but I guess I assumed
my Sundays are free. C:
So please give me the heads up if I’m wrong!
Also, new sketches? My father had been talking about them, but I wasn’t listening. Sorry.


Malory sent her text, wishing she had paid just a little more attention to her father on his phone calls. Unfortunately, she had an inadvertent need not to eavesdrop on her father, as that was boring adult business, she had thought. Although, it probably would have been a better idea if she were a little more interested in his business, as it was her and her friends’ busines¬¬s, too. The flashy girl got up from the couch, a little too hesitant, as her mother had picked out just the right one and she was just too comfortable. It was too bad that her mother was the best at picking out comfortable furniture that was pretty nice-looking too.

She walked to her bedroom, having left the plate she picked up from the coffee table on the kitchen counter. It was out of her way, but she had to leave it there anyway. In her beautiful bedroom, she walked over to the wonderful chestnut wardrobe beside her bed and opened it up. Glancing for only a moment’s time, she picked through the closet and finally took out a fitting outfit, since the weather was a little autumn-like, given the season. After getting undressed, then redressed, Malory’s phone went off again. She hadn’t realized that she had it with her—that she had had it before, for just a moment—so Malory searched her whole room for the little cellular device. She finally realized on its last buzz that she put it the back, butt pocket of her pajama pants before she went in there and took them off. “Oh… It’s Pennie…” Malory wasn’t a big fan of her, even if the rest of the town was! In Malory’s eyes, she was pretty much a self-centered brat for taking Mae’s role, and as unforgiving as Malory is in nature, she just couldn’t let that one just slide right by.

“I don’t wanna…” Malory hesitated before she began to write up her text back. Pennie was the last person she wanted to hang out with, but if it meant getting closer, that was okay. That was just great actually. She didn’t want to invite Pennie to do anything, but not seem so distant about the day or seem like a witch because she honestly didn’t want to hang out.

To: Pennie
From: Mae
Subject: Re: [No Subject]
That’s such a good idea.
When were you thinking?


It may not have been a best-suited text message that she sent, and certainly did not convey the feelings she surely was feeling at the time, but it would have to do. She sent the message. “Oh well,” she thought, walking out of her bedroom, taking her phone out with her. Stalking her way out of the hall into the living room where her mother headed. They both proceeded into the living room and Malory began to speak up as her mom turned around, but was interrupted. “What do you want, Mae?” her mother spoke in her own little Americanized Korean accent.

“I wanted to know if I could go out. Pennie and April wanted to hang out,” Malory lied, but since when did April not want to hang out with her? She reasoned this, being a little self-centered in the process. It was all right, since Pennie had said something along those lines, and her mother liked Pennie.

“Okay. But don’t be out too long,” her mother informed her, smiling and sort of walking away toward the kitchen. “Okay. I’ll be back later, mom!” Malory smiled, striding toward the front door. Mae stopped at the coat rack and picked up her pretty little jacket, then excitedly exited out the double doors. Malory headed down the street to wherever should we go. Her car didn’t yet exist, since she had just turned sixteen, and never got her license, so she never got her car. She couldn’t drive anywhere in town then, so aimlessly she started up.

“'Cause these things will—” Malory’s phone rang yet again. This time it was… Kaleb? After him, if she got any other texts, Mae totally wouldn’t be able to predict who else would text her on a Sunday afternoon, except for April, of course.

To: Kaleb
From: Mae
Subject: Re: [No Subject]
Of course, of course!
I remembered, duh.

Remind me, what time was that again?


Malory took a moment to realize what direction she needed to be heading now. She stood still for just a few seconds and thought about it, before actually realizing that she was going the wrong direction!

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this is stupidif I decidedthis is stupid
i'm the girl to
i can
do it
but only a lil-d. lovato
but only a lil

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        Clothing- Day 1
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      Another Sunday afternoon in the small town of Brooshire. The first day of the week meant a lot of different things to different people. Some people thought of it as a day of rest, others saw it as a time to spend at church, while others may view it as a day they could work decent hours without worrying about school. How did William Nevers spend his Sundays? It varied from week to week, but it always depended on how he was able to spend his Saturday. Typically, he would be suffering from a hangover of some sort because of partying. The only problem was that yesterday his parents were home all day, which meant no parties. Instead, he stayed up texting, watching some television, and finishing off his he stayed up late watching some television before snorting for a quick high. He didn't remember when he exactly fell asleep, but preferred it that way since he couldn't recall a dream. Nightmares were becoming more frequent lately. Then again, it always did around this time of year. Either way, his memory was a bit screwed up of the night before. The only thing the junkie knew was that he woke up feeling like he was drowning.

      Coughing and wincing, the blonde rolled over on his side, confusion hitting him like a sack of bricks as he propped himself up with his elbow. '..the ******** is goin' on,' was the first thought that crossed his mind. A hand loosely grabbed at his bare chest before moving up to rub over his face. It was then that he focus was returning to him. The striped light that filtered in from the blinds was all he needed to see that he had red smudges on his palm. That's when it was all making sense. His face did feel strange and there was that metallic, coppery taste that was in his mouth and throat. "s**t," he croaked pinching his nose as he stumbled out of bed. Nosebleeds sucked a**. Now he had bloody sheets and it look like someone had punched him in the face. Even if his parents were a pair of the most oblivious people on the planet, they still would find the blood concerning. Liam figured he would just have to get cleaned up before they woke up. Sure, it was already past noon, but it wasn't like he knew that. The teen assumed that it was around ten or so. Thus, he tried to use light steps, as he traveled to his bedroom door, only tripping up twice over the random clutter that consumed his floor. All the while he had his other hand cupping his chin to stop the blood from dripping onto the hardwood. Only a bit of the crimson stain found itself on the handle of his door, as well as the bathroom's before the teen could get to the sink.

      It took him fifteen minutes to find himself stopping the bleeding and showering to erase any evidence of the incident occurring. Not once had he heard his parents trying to come in, which was a huge relief. With a towel fastened around his waste he picked up his boxers and the washcloth he had used. It was used to wipe clean the rest of the areas Liam noticed droplets or residue from his nose bleed. The aggravating part was that he could just shove the rag under his bed since he realized he would have to wash his sheets and blanket as as well. He wasn't one to enjoy doing laundry, but he found himself learning how after his mom had a freak out a couple years back after smelling weed on his clothes. Even so, this didn't mean that he was the best at it. 'Wait...if my boxers were gray, does that mean I can't bleach 'em?' he pondered, looking over at the sheets and down at his towel. [******** it- no bleach," he said to himself as ripped off all of the blankets from his bed, shoving them into a basket in the corner of his room. Sifting through the paper a wrappers that littered the floor, he grabbed clothes to add to the pile.

      Honestly, Will felt like stopping there and laying back on his bed. He was bored with his current task and his attention shifted to the lighter that he noticed on the floor. Lighters always made him think of smoking...which made him remember that he needed to replenish his stash for the week. Being buzzed made school so much more interesting...and sex. And since school was coming up, that definitely meant he would have some time to see his favorite tutor and ********. The mere thought of his accomplishments with the college student provoked a low chuckle to sound from him. Ever since he was first able to seduce the twenty year-old his ego had increase even more. He just hated that he wasn't allowed to brag to his friends about it. Instead, he kept on the whole ordeal on the down-low. Although, which each occurrence, Liam found himself becoming more and more bold. He liked to text her randomly, and the subject matter was rarely clean. Just thinking about it made him wonder the probability of him being about to get laid today. He didn't have any tutoring sessions scheduled, but there was always the chance that he could see if she had an opening in her schedule to see him. 'Maybe I can set it up after I see Shin' It seemed like a good idea to him. Sure, he didn't have an appointment with the dealer wither, but it the guy's getting paid, then why should it matter? Grabbing his cell from the nightstand, the blonde unplugged it before sitting on his bed so he could start texting. Too bad he was distracted by the messages from Iyzabel and Tyreese.

      To: Izy
      From: WilLiam
      Damn, that's no fun.
      Not sure bout tonight.
      prolly get high lol. Might
      get a group together. Wbu?
      how long till u can get
      ******** up with me again?

      To: Ty
      From: WilLiam
      haha woke up to a bigass
      nosebleed. U doing anything
      tonight? I'm thinking of seeing
      who's free to just hang.

      Lowering his cell, he noticed the basket of clothes that seemed to be staring him in the face. "Oh yeah...I was doing that...wasn't I." he said to himself. Looking away, he was hoping to distract himself again, but sighed knowing he needed to finish getting rid of the evidence before someone caught him. 'I'd make a shitty serial killer,' he thought to himself as he stood up, tossing his towel in the pile of clothes before moving to his dresser to pull out some clothes. He wanted to make sure he could actually leave when he was finished since he was craving some human interaction. The boy was never one to be the loner type. So unless he had some people shut up in the apartment with him, then he generally didn't stay there for too long. Thus why he made sure he had his lighter, wallet, and cell before taking the basket out of the apartment, down the hall, down the stairs, all of the way to the laundry room that all of the boarders had to share. There were two washers and two dryers in the building. It wasn't a lot in comparison to the large house, but there was a laundry mat a few blocks away., but that didn't meant that they weren't typically in use. He was just happy to see that one of the washers were available. Shoving his load in, he clothes the door with his knee before lazily measuring some soap so he could get the washer going already. It was only once he was done that he reminded himself he needed to physically text Nicole and Shin to make sure they were cool with the plans that he had concocted in his head.

      To: Nicole
      From: WilLiam
      Mornin sexy. U
      busy today? I'm
      thinking I could
      use sum extra credit

      To: Shin Lee
      From: WilLiam
      Think u could get my
      usual together sumtime
      soon? I'm all out. just
      give me a place & time.

      To: Kaleb
      From: WilLiam
      Got ur tv stuff tonight
      or are u free?

      He decided to throw the last message to Kaleb in there since he thought the guy was pretty cool. After all, despite being on television, the guy didn't act like he was better than him. He couldn't help but recall how he use to feel bad that the city boy had to work with that flaming drama king...not that it was a problem anymore. Now, Liam envied that the other had such an easy job. It wasn't like he thought acting was very hard to begin with. It's just standing in front of a camera and memorizing some lines. "I could do that," he said to himself as he tossed his cell to the other hand, leaning his back against the washer. It was no lie that he was going to be needing a job pretty soon. After all, last thing he needed was for anyone to start noticing that he would occasional steal from the other tenants. A few bucks here and there, maybe a movie or two. Yet, his favorite sucker to milk was Ed. After all, that gamer with his hoarding habits of videos games made it way too easy to steal a few that would be unnoticed for a while. The resale value wasn't as high as when the geek first bought them, but it wasn't like Liam was losing any money in the deal. "He's such a dumbass," he chuckled to himself.

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                                        Shin stood on the balcony connected to his bedroom: he only had on a pair of black silk boxers. A cigarette rested between his lips as he looked at the backyard he grew up in. He reached up to place the cigarette between his index and middle fingers before he pulled it out of his mouth and exhaled. The smoke rushed out of his mouth and swirled around in the air before it disappeared from sight. He wasn't a big smoker really: a pack could last him months sometimes. There were just times where he felt like lighting up.

                                        The Asian turned a bit in order to look into his bedroom. There was the rich boy; sleeping peaceful after he ravished his body. A slight smirk showed on his face as he walked into the room and put his cigarette out. Shin sat on the bed and ran his fingers through the boy's dark locks. He leaned down to whisper something harshly in the teenager's ear as he grabbed a handful of Kain's hair in order to bring him closer. "It's not enough," was all he said before he released his hold on the boy and let his head drop back down on the mattress. Apparently the action didn't wake the guy at all, instead he rolled onto him. Well, it's not like he yanked the rich kid's head that far from where it was: maybe he was a bit gentle without realizing it. Yea right. An amused smile sat on his face as he leaned back on his hands and continued to peer down at the boy in his lap. He felt like he could do anything to Kain and still have him at his beckon call. The guy had to be pressed. There was no way someone would give into his every whim if they weren't. Shin didn't care as long as the boy didn't try to make their relationship all serious and complicated.

                                        Kain. The boy was his newest toy: a rich kid with the biggest connection in town. It would be stupid not to take advantage of such a thing. A chance encounter, if that's what you want to call it, is what got them to start talking. Then they began to meet up every once in a while. As far as he was concerned, they were just hanging out. Eventually things got physical: the teenager was surprisingly good in bed. He's gotten even better as time went on. Of course the boy had a great teacher. Things went better than expected; but there was always something that could halt the current progress. Getting comfortable is dangerous in the business he was in.

                                        It wasn't long before the rich kid rolled off him and checked his phone. Immediately, Shin stood up and walked around the bed in order to go to the bathroom: it was closer to Kain's side. He noticed the look the guy gave the phone as he walked by. Instead of disappearing into the bathroom, he turned to peer over Kain's shoulder. He wasn't trying to be sneaky about it; but he was far enough out of sight not to be noticed. Plus, he was extremely light on his feet. A bit odd; but true. A smirk spread across his face as he watched part of the video. Shin wanted to see more but he continued on his way instead: he could always see the whole thing later. Before he went to reach for what he wanted, he glanced over to as his little toy rubbed his face. Of course that would bother him: it's not like he was completely out of the closest. The older male went back to what he had started to do as the rich kid left the room. They were at his mother's place; but that woman wouldn't realize if a party started up all of the sudden. It's like she was in another world. That's why they spent a lot of time here and didn't really worry about what they did around the house.

                                        Shin started to walk out of the bathroom only to stop and leaned on the doorframe as the rich kid began to get dressed. That's when Kain finally said something about the text. The dealer watched him in silence while he kept his arms crossed. The news wasn't particularly surprising based on what he saw in the video; but that didn't stop the questions that buzzed in his head. It wasn't until Kain headed out of the room that he said something. "Later then." There was nothing else to say. The guy wanted alone time to think about it and that ruled out asking questions. Shin wasn't the type to comfort someone either. Why say everything will be okay when you don't even know what's wrong or what would happen in the future? It was stupid.

                                        He ran his fingers through his hair as he thought. The dealer still wanted to see the whole video: he was kinky like that. Really, he should be more concerned about this new development; but he didn't know anything. Kain didn't leave him with that much information. All he knew was someone found out about them hooking up in an alleyway. Was said person blackmailing the rich boy? That would make sense since he is the mayor's son. Does he know the person or did he or she attempt to stay anonymous? That could be found out in two shakes. None of that mattered if the video was leaked though. Shin had ways to save his a** and wasn't too worried about himself, it'd just be a pain in the a** that he wouldn't want to deal with, but his little toy was another story. The only really bad thing, that he couldn't fix, was any connection with the mayor he would ever get from Kain. In short, the rich kid would be useless to him and he would have to drop him right away. Ah well, you got to do what you gotta do.

                                        The dealer got himself ready for the day before he headed downstairs and walked into the kitchen. He'd just have to wait to see what was up with the text. If Kain wouldn't tell him then he would find out himself: it was as simple as that. Then he could take steps to deal with it. Sure he already knew of a couple ways to shove whatever trouble might come from the video being put up for all to see; but he'd prefer the easier road. It was smarter to take care of something before it becomes a real problem.

                                        Shin was in the middle of eating when he got the text from Liam. A smile spread across his face: unexpected income was always a good thing. That druggie seemed to know how to make his day better; although the text was a bit too shady for his taste. Did the boy want to get caught? s**t. Everyone in the business knows the codes that had to be changed often enough so nobody caught on. Luckily he had already formulated a plan for client mess ups: there was no room from mistakes.

                                        To: WilLiam
                                        From: Shin
                                        Message: Don't be stupid.
                                        I'll be at the music store in
                                        a couple hours.

                                        He sent the message after he finished his late lunch. The boy knew that meant to come around the back, but not go in, at a certain time: smoke breaks were good excuses to run of and do other things. There was also a lot of meaning behind the rude comment that he placed at the beginning of the text. He didn't particularly care what the boy took from it; but the junkie better not cause him extra trouble. If he didn't come on time then the deal was off and that was all there was to it.

                                        Soon he arrived at the music store and walked in. Some might think he was over dressed; but he was a manager and felt the suit was needed. Sometimes people were just too lax with the dress code in smaller towns; or maybe city life got to him a bit. The first thing he did when he got there was chat up any workers that were there. Shin was known to waltz in unexpected and would always get feedback from the workers whether they realized they were giving it or not. In truth, he was actually good at his job and could run a bigger group of people with ease.

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                                        Location: the music store with co-workers.
                                        Attire: The same as the picture.

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Bad boys, bad boys
whatcha gonna do
whatcha gonna do
when they come for you

▀▄S ▀▄H ▀▄E ▀▄R ▀▄I ▀▄F ▀▄F ▀▄

As his gaze shifted around the room, they landed on the waitress, Izy, who gave him a nod to let him know that she had seen him. A hint of familiarity hung about the girl, something more than a waitress. As far as he knew, she wasn't a friend of his daughter's, though here lately he didn't keep good notes on everything going on with Lilith. I should really sit down with her and find out what's going on with her these days. We don't get too much time together now that's she's not a little girl anymore. A pang of guilt struck as he thought of the fact that he spent more time in this restaurant around Izy than he did with his own daughter. Maybe I could convince her to come with me on patrol some time instead of going off with her friends or have her meet me at the diner so that we could do dinner together. I'd even cook, or attempt to, for us to spend some time together. The position of sheriff was important to the community, something that he knew he couldn't give up, but the possibility of more time with his daughter crept into his thoughts quite often. Then again, the guilt hit hardest during this time due to the dreams. He wondered if perhaps these dreams continued to haunt him because of his lack of time with Lilith. Maybe if he had more time with her, he could finally put that murder scene to rest.

The soft buzz of his phone caught the sheriff off guard, for he rarely used the text message system. To others, he explained that it was the lack of personal contact that bother him, but in reality, he really didn't understand most of it. Once, he read a text from Lilith and there were so many letters and abbreviations that he deciphered about half of it before giving up. He honestly didn't understand why this generation loved their quick little puzzles that made no sense when they could write letters and talk. One afternoon in the diner had given him the sight of seeing two teens sitting at a table together, not talking to each other but texting. The two never exchanged more than six words, yet their fingers moved nonstop. The whole generation made him feel old with their teen lingo. Despite these feelings, a message awaited his response. What if it's Lilith with some emergency? The thought overrode his dislike for texting, causing him to promptly pull the cell out, flip it open, and check his messages.

Nicole. No need to worry or work himself up over the girl he thought of as a younger sister, especially since the message held no sense of urgency. Even still, he wouldn't leave her message unanswered. That would just be rude, and he genuinely cared for the girl. While Malcolm had an older brother, he didn't have any sisters so when the two met and their relationship grew, he took to her like an overprotective, older brother. There had been a few times when he ran background checks on the men she found interest in, and a even more times when he voiced his concern over a man. This current one, Ryan, though, now that was a man that seemed to have his head on straight. Well, minus that whole paranormal business the man found himself in. It didn't make him nearly enough money to see Nic, let alone take care of her. If he could get a decent job, Malcolm could definitely stand behind the pair.

To: Nicole
From: Malcolm
Message: Nic, you know I hate these these text messages.
I'm at the diner, like usual. Lol.
Wait, is lol right?
Anyways, call me next time. Please?
Also, tell me you weren't texting and driving.
You know how many deaths that causes?

Fingers slowly and clumsily pressed the small keys in order to orchestrate the response. Frustrations grew as he realized his shortcomings in the texting world. And this is why I don't text! Furrowing his brow, the sheriff's determination beat out the frustration as he steadily worked out the message. When Mal found himself using the term lol, he had to pause and think. That did mean laugh out loud right? Just to be sure, the male made sure to ask even though he knew it would lead to Nicole making fun of him. Maybe I should talk to Nic about tutoring me in texting. Then I won't feel so lost when I have to do it. If a few lessons could keep his daughter and his friend from laughing at him, then maybe it would be worth it. Then again, if he could just get everyone to call him when they needed him, his worry could completely disappear. The sheriff knew that until the next technology came around, texting was sure to stay. Unfortunately.

With a small grumbling that made him seem much older than he really was, Malcolm glanced from his phone, looking for the waitress. His shift would be starting soon, and he really needed to get his order in before he'd have to leave. If not, he'd be stuck grabbing something at the gas station and nine times out of ten, the "food" they made gave him heartburn. Not to mention Lilith would probably get onto him knowing that heart problems ran in the family as it was. Greasy, near plastic food certainly wouldn't help that. Neither would the anger he felt to unsolved crime and criminals, but she didn't know about that bit. No one did as far as he knew. It was becoming harder and harder to remain passionate about keeping crime out of Brookshire without the anger bubbling inside. Most days he it remained manageable, something he could shove away before the feeling showed. Other days, he exploded, taking his frustrations and rage on whatever or whoever happened to be near.

What seemed like just mere moments after his text message went through, a familiar voice rang out followed by the slight thud of a body dropping into the chair across from him. Turning his gaze to the body in front of him, a smile formed upon the sheriff's lips. "But I know what I like here, Nicole. Besides, if I switched it up, you'd never know where to come bug me." A soft chuckle followed his statement, giving the girl an extra reassurance that his words were not serious. Mal had no doubt that she would know he was joking because their usual banter held lovable, yet joking tones. "Anyways, how are you today? Do you have students to tutor?" The thing he probably liked best about Nicole was that she helped students perform better in school by helping them in their weakest subjects. Those efforts kind of made him think of how he acted when he was younger. While Nic's help didn't involve fists or violence, it certainly helped individuals and these days, kids needed all the help they could get.

▀▄M ▀▄A ▀▄L ▀▄C ▀▄O ▀▄L ▀▄M ▀▄

Feeling: Hungry
Location: The Diner
Talking to: Nicole
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April was definitely surprised by everything that happened in the next few minutes. She barely had time to react; let alone reply back to everyone that said something to her. First Kain came to her rescue like some lightening fast superhero. The rich kid seemed to catch the boxes in mid-air; which made her green eyes widen at the sight. Then she just stood there and watched him pick up the phone while her mind tried to make sense of it all. It wasn't until he handed the cell to her that she recovered enough to give him a smile. The fashionista let Kain finish everything he wanted to say as she checked to make sure her mobile still worked. Since it seemed fine, she looked up at the teenager that held her boxes before she opened her mouth to speak. That's when Graham appeared out of nowhere. Well, it wasn't as sudden as Kain; but still. Why didn't she hear the motorcycle pull up? Instead of pondering about that, she leaned back in order to look around the rich kid and saw the psychic. A chuckle escaped her when she heard his silly greeting. April didn't get the chance to reply before her classmate spoke up. To make things even more confusing for her, the tutor walked by at some point. Subconsciously, she stood up straight and gave her crush a smile to show she understood. Damn. If it wasn't for these two guys; she would had spent this time with Miss Sullivan. There was no way her crush wouldn't help her if she wasn't already getting help: at least that's what the blonde thought. The tutoring sessions, that she didn't really need, just weren't good enough. She definitely missed out on a great opportunity because there were too many kind samaritans in town. What was up with that anyway?

The fashionista turned her attention back to the two that were still with her. The guys didn't seem to get along. Well, it's not like they were about to fight; but still. "Okay okay..." she started as she walked behind Kain and over to Graham. A smile graced her features before she said something to the psychic. "I think I got it covered, but thanks for asking. I'm sure you could help me later." She added the last bit as an afterthought. Help with what? She had no idea; but she did go to visit him quite often: it was kind of therapeutic. Mae seemed to be more into that kind of thing and April wasn't exactly sure if she believed in it. In fact, she didn't really think much about whether supernatural things were real or not. She just consulted him because it was the thing to do.

After that was over with, she turned back to Kain and gave him a smile. "You don't have to carry those...unless you had nothing better to do." April wasn't trying to be mean; it's just that the boxes weren't all that heavy and she didn't have to go that far. Surely he had more important things to do with his time. Then again, it was probably a good idea to let him help since she started to feel a bit lightheaded: she really needed to get some food into her system. That's why she dropped it when he insisted on carrying the boxes.

It wasn't until they began to walk that she started to answer the question he asked earlier. "Uh, so that question..." she trailed off after she realized that she was about to fumble her words. It only took her a second to continue; but it was still awkward. "I had to pick the boxes up for the festival. Apparently they came in late. I'm just glad that there was nothing breakable in them." And with that said there was silence between the two. She didn't spend a lot of time with the rich kid and that might had been because of the jock. She just didn't get him and would rather not hang out with the guy. There was no way anything would happen between them anyway: she was a full-fledged lesbian. It's just that absolutely no one knew about it and that's how it had to stay. There was too much at stake if she came out of the closet: at least that's how she felt.

After a short while, they ended up walking passed the diner. Her eyes shifted to look at the tutor, who was with the sheriff now. A barely there smile appeared on her sun kissed face. A hint of sorrow showed in her green orbs before she got snapped out of her slight trance by the loud growl her stomach made. April stopped, not knowing that she subconsciously slowed down to take a longer look, while she gasped and looked down at the perpetrator. "Ah, I thought it wasn't angry at me anymore..." she said more to herself before a nervous laugh slipped out between her lips. It was then that she realized she let her guard down in front of someone. Normally she was fairly good at hiding her feelings for the tutor: maybe it was the fact that there was nothing fueling her brain at the moment. "Anyway, let's just get there so I can take a late lunch break," April said in her normal tone as she started to walk off in a hurry. She didn't want him to find out that she had a crush on another girl. It was kind of ridiculous to think that he'd come to that conclusion even if he had noticed something odd about her behavior. After all, there were plenty of other people in the place: not to mention the fact that Nicole was with a man at that point in time. Most would assume that she had been gazing at the guy at the table. The blonde just wasn't thinking clearly and probably made it worse.

Then the dizziness hit her. Why? It's not like she had spells like that normally: maybe she was sick and didn't know it yet. April slowed to a stop and rested her hand on the wall, a building away from the food joint, before she leaned her back against the wall. That's when she glanced at her phone. That's right. She never checked to see if someone tried to get in touch with her; so she acted like she stopped in order to check her mobile. "Hold on a second, "she murmured as she checked the missed text message that was sent to her at some point during the confusion. It was Tyreese, the rich kid's friend. She stared at the message as if she was lost before she looked up at Kain and then back at the text. For some reason it felt weird to read a message from him when his friend was here.

To: Ty
From: April
Message: When don't I
have plans for a festival?

April sent the message before she slipped her phone into her coat pocket. To be honest, she didn't know how to reply to that at first and was tempted to ignore the text completely. She had no idea what made her send that kind of response; but she didn't care at the moment. It's not like she ever tried to stay on his good side. Green orbs finally looked back up at the guy that still held the boxes for her as words spilled out of her mouth. "What's up with Ty? He like, keeps messaging me...and you know half of the time it just seems like, kind of pointless. I don't know," she paused long enough for him to respond but continued whether he started to speak or not, "I just can't seem to think straight right now."

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Location: on the sidewalk with Kain.
Attire: Don't look: it's embarrassing.

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