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                                                          τøḋαÿ'ṡ ώαɾḋɾøвε:: xxxxx xxx сøṃε ƒïṉḋ ṃε::The Dream Bean xxx ṃÿ вïτсhεṡ:: Axell

                                                          ïτ'ṡ ṃε ṿṡ. εṿεɾÿøṉε

                                                          Carissa stared at her reflection in the mirror this morning with a serious look on her features. She had gotten up before everyone else, like she always did, her slender hands gripped the sink in a borderline white knuckled fashion as she stood there staring at her reflection. She hated mirrors, but her vanity refused to allow her to look away from what she saw, make up from the day before was smeared across her face. Hickeys that she had hidden from her most recent tryst were now visible. She looked frail and incredibly pale in the bathroom’s blinding bright light and she hated it. She felt ugly, imperfect, everything that was wrong in the world, and most of all in these early morning moments Carissa felt isolated and alone, like she was drowning in some kind of black pit, being dragged down by a monster she couldn’t put a name too or a face on. Any hope of her ever being happy died with that darkness. Prying her eyes away from the mirror the sixteen year old looked down at the razor sitting on the edge of the sink and she frowned a bit. Chipped black painted fingernails reached down and picked up the thin metal, as Riss’ slender body moved to sit down on the toilet.

                                                          Scars covered her arms going every which direction, and her thighs were no better; she almost appeared to be running out of room, which was how the slashes across her stomach and hips had started. Pressing the thin metal to her arm, biting down on her lower lip in anticipation of the cool thin strip cutting through her pale flesh, like a hot knife through butter. She could feel the sting in her mind already, the way her skin caused the blade to tug just a bit, and the cold crimson coloured blood running down her arm, it was a thrilling thought one that gave her goose bumps. It was almost perfect, something euphoric and wonderful to participate in, just as she took a big deep breath bracing herself for the first slice, a fist connected with the bathroom door and banged on it loudly. Carissa squeaked and dropped the razor looking up at the door with round, wide hazel eyes as the male voice of her nineteen year old brother carried in through the door “Carissa, hurry your a** up in there would you I have to pee!

                                                          Riss forced down a nervous laugh, knowing she would get tattled on to her grandma or her mother if her brother caught her with the razor, and then they’d take it away and she’d have to go get a new one. Picking the thin blade up off the floor she stuck it in the waist band of her pajama shorts and pulled her tiny tank top down to cover it the best she could. Yanking the door open she glared up at her ex-jock of a brother and scrunched her nose at him in irritation “ It’s all yours. But I want it back, I have to work today and I certainly can’t go in looking like this.” Brayden rolled his eyes at his sister and Riss felt him lightly shove her out of the way so he could go in the bathroom and he shut it in her face, without any more response to her than that.

                                                          Just over an hour later Brayden had dropped Carissa off at the library for work while he jetted off the diner to his job as one of the line cooks in the back. The rest of the day had gone by painfully slow for Carissa it was the same repetitive thing over and over again. People came in, they looked at books, they checked them out with Carissa’s help and they left. Every so often someone would do something exciting and bring a book or two back which Riss would have to go stack back on the shelves in their proper place so they could be found again, that was of course after she scanned them back in to the system. Carissa had spotted Ruth when she came in but she had gone to talk to the Town Historian, someone Carissa didn’t talk to beyond the necessary chit chat in regards to directing people his way when they had questions she couldn’t answer.

                                                          Sighing softly the sixteen year old leaned back against the counter and pulled her green hair up off the back of her neck and fastened it with a ponytail looking around the library with a bored expression. Her eyes travelled over to the clock and a tiny smirk crossed her features. It was almost time to go. Looking over at her co-worker one of the guys who she had gone to high school with up until last year Carissa flashed him a flirty smile and slid over the counter until she was right next to him her body pressing against his. Giving him a half-lidded sultry look Carissa smiled faintly and ran her finger down his arm, starting up on his shoulder and working her way down slowly. “ Hey so, my shifts basically done, so I’m gonna go. I really hope you don’t mind, I mean you seem like you’ve got everything handled here.” Carissa fingers had stopped to rest on the front desk and trailed across the front of her co-worker’s body as she leaned in to him and grabbed her purse off the desk pressing her slender form in to his. Snatching the black bag up she pulled away from the guy, who was starting to look a bit red in the face as she slipped the purse on her shoulder and shot him a coy smile “ See you later handsome.

                                                          Carissa winked and blew him a kiss before turning away and walking out from behind the desk, reaching in to her purse to pull out her phone, the ringer had been off while she had been working, Library policy, so she hadn’t bothered to check and see if she had any texts until now. Unlocking her smartphone the sixteen year old noticed she had two messages, both from her best friend. Checking the first one over she raised an eyebrow a bit at the mention of Pennie being inside the diner, Riss secretly hope the girl was there to apologize to her friend and beg him to come back to the show. Just so they could mock them all, even more than they already did for entertainment. Flipping over to the second text to read it over as well instead of responding to both of them separately.

                                                          To: Axell
                                                          From: Carissa
                                                          Message: I’m on my way ovr 2 U
                                                          Wrk jst ended
                                                          Srry culdn’t rspnd @ the desk
                                                          C U soon
                                                          We can tlk abt 1 cent ho then (:

                                                          Carissa made her way from the library to the Dream Bean in very little time. Entering the Cafe she noticed her best friend and made her way over to him swiftly. She came up behind Axell and gave him a big hug and grinned “Guess who! You off yet?” Without a care in the world the green haired girl hopped her skirted bottom up on the counter and kicked her feet looking around the Cafe with a bored expression before turning to her friend “Does this skirt look okay? I was worried it was too much, or not enough or I don’t know.” A frustrated unhappy look crossed Carissa’s features, when she remembered that Axell had mentioned that Pennie had been in. “Oh s**t, right hobag was in here wasn’t she. What the ******** did her a** want? Did she beg you to come back? Please tell me she did… all the way over here I was hoping the b***h got down on her knees and grovelled, like a pornstar begging for the money shot.” A smirk flitted across Carissa’s features, followed by an amused giggle at the mental shot of ‘perfect Pennie’ getting a giant gob of j**z all over her face. She crossed her legs over each other and leaned back on the counter boredly, having this urge to do something obnoxious, aside from talking to Axelle probably louder than she needed to. But she reigned her urges in, with quite the struggle when she remembered her friend was on his last legs with the manager to begin with. "Oh we have to go meet Brayden at the diner when you're done so he knows whether or not he has to drive us anywhere."

                                                          ïτ'ṡ ÿøυɾ сhøïсε, ÿøυ сhøøṡε

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The Priest

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                                      Charlie paused a moment when she asked him if something was wrong with the food. In the end, he shook his head. "No, nothing,"[/color he chuckled before taking a sip of his drink. "And Apple sounds fine." Then once again, she left. He watched her walk away for a moment, before turning his attention back to his food. It was so different, actually looking at people now. Usually when he looked at someone, all he saw...were souls. Souls of the people he was supposed to save. The souls of the people, who needed nothing more of him, than to be the bridge to their savior. A savior he wasn't even sure if he believed in anymore. These were the thoughts he obviously kept to himself. Who could he turn to? Ruth? She'd judge him. As terrible as that sounded, he felt that as the years went by, they were drifting further and further apart. Still, he wanted to tell her, but he didn't think she was coming to the diner. He wasn't even sure of what she was doing at that point. All he knew was, that he didn't like looking at people and wondering, are they going to go to hell? He wondered if Juanita did.

                                      'What if she wasn't possessed. What if she was just a sick girl, who---,' he drifted his thoughts away from that possibility, and took drank a bit more of his drink, before glancing out the window. His phone suddenly vibrated from where it was set on the table. He glanced over, and tugged up the device to see two text messages from John. The first was about his boredom. There was the suggestion of going fishing...but in all honesty, Charlie hated fishing. Even though he knew there were many mentions of fishing, he himself, did not like it. He didn't sitting out on a boat, he didn't want to gut it, skin off the scales; he didn't want to fish. He stared at the message for a moment, unsure of how he was supposed to answer. He started to thumb out a few words, but before the first sentence was completed...he deleted it. Instead he clicked over to the next text, and stared at the words. "...party?" he mumbled to himself. Charlie wasn't much of a partier. If anything, he couldn't remember the last time he was actively with a woman. Maybe priests...weren't supposed to have friends?

                                      To: John
                                      From: Charlie

                                      it's not that crucial
                                      thanks for replying. Hope
                                      your day goes well.

                                      He put his phone down, and leaned back in his seat. A sigh broke from his lips as he tried to consider his possible options. He could always head back down to the church, confess of his sins, and ask the head priest of what he was supposed to do next...or he could sit here. His phone chimed again, and he tugged it up. He was surprised to see another text from John. Surely the male hadn't replied to his last message already. It had only been a few seconds since he had sent it. After he looked at the text, he wasn't sure if was a reply to his message or not. Regardless, he messaged back.

                                      To: John
                                      From: Charlie

                                      It's alright. I'm about to leave
                                      anyways. Already ate. Thanks
                                      for the offer.

                                      It wasn't exactly what he wanted to say. Charlie originally wanted to ask if he could have Shin's number. He wanted to text that all he wanted was a night where he could not think about religion, demons, exorcisms...or her death. Charlie wanted to escape it. Telling himself that it wasn't real, or that there was nothing he could do to change the path...was the easiest way in his mind. It was easier than fighting against something he was powerless to handle. Then that's when he recieved a text from Ruth. For a brief moment, his spirits perked up, however the rejection caused his smile to slowly drop into a frown. Research; why didn't he originally suspect that she was doing He should be setting an example. He wasn't sure how to reply. More importantly, he didn't know what would happen, if he decided to ignore the text altogether. A heavy sigh broke from his lips as he wondered why life had to be so unbearably complicated. It was when he parted open his eyes, he noticed a familiar face sitting at a table all alone. It was the Medical Examiner. Maybe it was desperation for company? Maybe he was looking for an excuse, not to go do his job properly? Regardless of the reason that he told himself in his head, for some reason he couldn't bring himself to budge from his seat.

                                      So he slowly looked down at his plate, and decided to eat.

                                      When Izy returned, he glanced over in her direction, expecting his slice of pie. When she asked him if he was okay, he looked slightly puzzled for a brief moment, before forcing a smile. "I'm fine," he lied. The moment the words were out of his mouth, he felt as though he had done a terrible thing. After all, telling a lie was supposed to be on the same degree of any sin, right? Charlie was tainted. What was worse, was that he felt as though he had murdered Jaunita. He should have sent her to a hospital. He shouldn't have believed that he could handle her exorcism. He killed her. "I'm just...I have a lot on my mind, lately," he admitted. She was apologizing for asking him about his questions. It was wrong of him to make her worry. "It's nothing really," he try to reassure her before taking another sip of his drink. "I guess I'm a little overwhelmed. I've heard that there's a documentary team in town. With more people in town, the more light will be brought to everything...and the more people outside of Brookshire will be aware. I guess, I'm a little worried that they'll think it's a lie. Or they'll re-invent things that didn't occur. As long as there is the tiniest shred of truth, they'll stick the 'based on a true story' tag-line in the beginning."

                                      He was rambling, or would some people consider it, ranting. He lightly chuckled before apologizing, "I'm sorry...that's a bit much, isn't it?" Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the Sheriff and Nicole finish up their meal. He didn't realize how much time had passed by in such a short period (at least what felt like one). "I'm sorry," he apologized once more. "I'm probably distracting you from your job-- you're his waitress, aren't you?" He gestured over to the Medical Examiner. Even though he really enjoyed her company. She didn't have to go out of her way to make sure he felt better. Besides, how did it look on his part? The best company he's had today, was from...a high school girl. He would have thanked her with a light chuckle for putting up with him. Instead he offered her a weak smile and said, “I don't know what it is, but I just have this feeling that you're going to do amazing things. I'm sure you have plans for after high school. But, yeah, please don't change.” Saying that to Izy let him know exactly what he should do. He knew how he was supposed to reply to reply to Ruth's text, or handle his issue with John and Shin. First, he took a pen out of his suit jacket, and jotted down his phone number on one of the diner napkins.

                                      “Which is why, the moment that something amazing happens, just let me know,” he told her as he slid the napkin towards her. He really needed to stop her from doing her job though. Just as he needed to get ready to leave, so he could head home, and prepare for the meeting tonight. Charlie had heard that the Mayor was supposed to talk to a number of people about the production. He'd find out exactly what his purpose would be.


                                      OoC:: Fixing Layout later. Haven't had time.
                                      Attire:: Clothing coming soon
                                      Location:: At the Diner, Izy
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                                        Shin talked briefly to the employee that was on the clock. The music store wasn't that big and only had one person working there most of the time. He knew his sudden visits made the workers a bit nervous; but that's the way he liked it. They'd be more inclined to do what was needed if they never knew when their boss might pop in. It's not like he threatened them in any way; although he was quite serious when it came to business matters. He always told new employees exactly what he expected them to do: the normal daily activities that came with the job. He would not tolerate any slacking. He also made it known, through hints, that all employees should do more than they had to whenever possible. In his opinion, the minimum was not acceptable and showed that the person was a worthless piece of trash. If someone made a mistake, he'd fire them on the spot unless there was a legitimate reason for what happened and they handled the situation correctly. I guess you could say that he's a hard a** when it came to managing people; but it gets things done. The owner would have gotten rid of him if he had a problem with his methods. Plus, he does reward those that do well.

                                        Dark orbs looked up at the clock that was hung on the office wall before he stood up. It was about time for his best customer to come by. Without letting anyone know, he made his way out the backdoor and found a spot against the wall to lean on. Shin tapped the box, which he pulled out of his pocket, with his hand and made a cigarette pop up. His lips wrapped around the end to hold it in place while he replaced the pack with his black lighter. The thing looked more like a figurine in the shape of a dragon: the flame came out of its opened mouth. He really didn't want to smoke again. It wasn't often that he put a cigarette to his lips, especially more than once in one day, but this was his cigarette break. Plus, everyone knew that he would not wait days on end for his clients to come. He gave them a certain time to meet and if they didn't arrive by the time he finished, then they were s**t out of luck. It might not have been the best way to run his illegal business; but the hardcore druggies would search him out. Plus, they knew what to expect and got what they gave him. It was simple really: he didn't take s**t from no one. Shin wasn't much for rules, but there were certain things that you did and did not do in order for the business to thrive safely. The way you asked for what you wanted and decided on a time and place were supposed to be in code. Normal talk that hid a deeper meaning was good enough for him. He didn't trust others to keep things going smoothly, like Liam, so he had a tendency to replace his second cell every once in a while. He never saved his clients numbers: he just knew which one belonged to which person. The drug mobile was looked as if he just got it. Then there was the way you exchanged the goods: a simple handshake. You know, the type guys do where they pull each other close and pat each others back. That was the common one that he used. He couldn't use the man hug on everyone though; after all, hugging girls like that would be a bit odd. In any case, the goods would be held in the hand that was hidden between their bodies: that's when the switch was made. Normally he'd hide the money in the sleeve of his jacket until he could put his hands in his pockets during a moment that was natural. Needless to say, he got into the habit of stuffing his hands in his pockets because of the transaction "rules". The way to go about illegal things had a tendency to change though. He didn't mind, unlike some of the people he worked with, because it was a hell of a lot better than getting caught.

                                        Seeing that it was taking the junkie a long time to arrive, Shin decided to check for messages on his normal cell phone. Ah, there was one from John. A small smile appeared on his face as he opened the text. The deputy was his closest friend from his childhood. They were kind of forced to hang out and happened to bond in a way. He was glad that happened; after all, that guy had helped him out of sticky situations before. It's always good to have a in with law enforcement when you did weren't a law abiding citizen. Plus, John was a hot piece of meat: he'd hit that a** any day. Too bad his friend seemed as straight as an arrow. They never talked about sexuality before and Shin was never one to flaunt such things. At the same time, he never cared if he got caught either. There were always rumors about him doing something "bad" in high school and it's not like he never slept with girls. He'd even sleep with a chick now if it helped him get what he wanted. Of course he wouldn't enjoy the actual act; after all, he was definitely homosexual. He just learned how to get himself turned on with a girl so he could perform when needed. The unpleasant feeling it gave him was something he learned to deal with. It was a small price to pay in the big scheme of things. With that said, he wasn't one to just sleep around to get what he wanted: he had plenty of other avenues to exploit first.

                                        That girl? Oh Izy. The barely there smile left his face at the mention of her. That b***h needed to pay up. She's lucky she had some money to give him today: he only knew because he happened to check is other mobile earlier. He honestly couldn't remember what possessed him to be nicer to her compared to other clients. Sure, Liam was his best customer at the moment; but still. He would respond when he knew he was free to meet up with her. She should know that he would only respond when he felt like it. She should be happy enough with the fact that he didn't bother her for a few days. Was he worried about her losing the money somehow? No. If she was stupid enough to claim she had the cash and then showed up empty-handed, then she would be in some deep s**t. Shin had gotten tired of her antics; but maybe she'd actually pull through. It's not that he expected her to give him a lot; but it'd probably satisfy him for a short while. Too bad she took another step back when she caused John to accuse him of forcing her on the poor guy.

                                        What a piece of s**t. He needed to take responsibility for his own actions. Shin merely introduced the two. Well, maybe he made a little suggestion; but still. It's not like he tried to get the two around each other at the same time. If that ever happened; it was by accident. John's the one that did whatever he ended up doing with that slut. It probably involved getting down and dirty; but he really didn't know. That's something he never brought up in conversation because it was none of his business.

                                        Even though he was a bit annoyed at that part of the text, he couldn't really be upset at the guy. Shin just had a thing for responsibility. It might seem a bit off since he's had such a messed up life; but if he was ever official caught, he'd do the time. Even if he thought certain laws were flawed and not needed; he'd still have to be punished for the laws he broke that were in place now. He knew it would happen someday: he'd either get killed or locked away. Shin was merely taking the time to enjoy his life the best he could. There were just some things he didn't think he was responsible for: like the death of one of his clients via overdose. He can't control how much they take. Plus, he had a tendency to ease newbie's in so they wouldn't kill themselves by accident. It's not like them dying would help his sales after all. Most dealers didn't bother with such trifles though.

                                        Shin felt the sting that came from the embers when they landed on his hand. His brown eyes looked at the cigarette that had nothing more to suck out of it. He let it fall to the ground before he smothered it with the sole of his shoe. Liam's time was up; but he decided to text John back before he made his way back inside.

                                        To: John
                                        From: Shin
                                        Message: Bored and lonely? I guess
                                        I have time to keep you company.
                                        Pick me up at the store. But let's not
                                        go to the diner...

                                        The reason he didn't want to go to the diner was because Izy was working. He knew this because he kept track of her in case she decided to make some crazy escape attempt. It's not really that hard to find such things out since this was a small town: completely different from city life. In any case, seeing Izy right now wouldn't be on his to do list. It's not like she would slip him the money at the table. Not to mention the fact that John would accuse him of making the two run into each other again. All in all, the diner was a horrible choice. He could always make John a hamburger if all else fails.

                                        Shin slipped his cell back into his pocket before he took a good look around. He was not happy with Liam; which didn't work in Izy's favor at all. The guy basically stood him up and forced him to suck on another cancer on a stick. Well, he had the choice not to; but that would have looked weird if someone happened to come by. Not to mention the fact that he wasn't the type to carry drugs around on his person all day. The dealer walked through the back door and made his way into the office. He wasn't really worried about Liam because the guy should realize he missed his chance and not even bother coming. If he did come, then he better not mosey into the store looking for him like a dumb a**. Shin had gotten rid of people that pushed his buttons one too many times before: some people are just not worth it.

                                        Hopefully John would pick him up soon. He just didn't want to do anymore work for today. Plus, he's just doing extra stuff now.

                                        ((Let me know if I muffed something up. Haha))

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                                        Location: the music store with co-workers.
                                        Attire: The same as the picture.

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Don't worry about me & who I fire
I get what I desire, It's my empire
And yes, I call the shots, I am the umpire
I sprinkle holy water upon the vampire
I am no longer trying to survive
I believe that life is a prize
But to live doesn't mean you're alive

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                                      He couldn't understand what Landon's problem was. There was just something about him that irritated him. Typically Lucky liked to avoid pointless people, which most of people were. There were several moments when he wanted to ask him to leave him alone. He didn't. Instead he rolled his eyes as a bit of a scowl crept upon his lips. That grin. Why the hell was Landon grinning anyways? All Lucky wanted to know was what he wanted. He would also prefer an answer that didn't go back to his original assumption of being a p***k. He just wanted to wipe that smirk off of his lips, instead he heaved a sigh, reminding himself that he was above this. He had control over his emotions.

                                      Lucky rose a brow when Landon referred to himself as his dear friend. He parted his lips to ask where he got an idea like that, but stopped when Landon added that last part. He wanted to be close. 'What the ********] The thought was probably written all over his face. He didn't know why the statement caught him off guard as much as it had. Several times Lucky had told himself that he was bi-sexual. He figured it was safer to assume, although he's only had one male-crush in his entire life. That wasn't even much of a crush, but a single thought that crossed his thoughts on what it would be like to kiss a boy. The boy he specifically was Kain. The attraction was swiftly deminished with just a few of the things he saw the boy do. First of all, he had had heard claims that Kain was straight. Second of all, he was the mayor's son. That alone was a turn-off. All Kain had going for him was a cute smile. Landon on the other hand, wasn't cute. Lucky started mentally counting off the various reasons of why he didn't want to get to the know the troublemaker, and why ******** him would be a bad idea. More than often, his thoughts ended with, 'p***k'. This was probably what Landon wanted. Why did he even let someone like him, get under his skin.

                                      "Don't flatter yourself," he stated quite seriously. It wasn't the best comeback, but it was all he could think of as of now. "You're not my type," he added, not wishing to leave the foreplay comment hanging in the air. He didn't know what it was about this conversation that was starting to make him feel uncomfortable. Typically, a battle of the wits was what he preferred. He tried to view it as a verbal game of chess, but Landon had a strategy that was so obvious, that Lucky found himself over complicating everything. He was suspicious, partially paranoid, as he kept expecting the male to play his trump card. He knew that he was just playing with him. Moments like these, he wondered where Ty was. At least then, Landon would leave him alone. "If you're feeling this neglected, I can easily text Ty for you," he added, he was supposed to text the male anyways. He didn't want to admit it, but it felt as though Landon was winning their little battle. He believed it was obvious that the other was in complete control. Even more reasons for Lucky to feel highly irritated. Fortunately Landon had to send his texts. Lucky wanted to leave to chase after his dog, but wanted to make sure he had the last word.

                                      Even though he wanted Landon to leave, it was his statement that bothered Lucky. He called him baby, and referred to him as one of his loves. "I had no idea that you wanted a c**k that badly," he muttered with a hint of disgust mixed in his undertone. Although it was that final part that hit him hard. It wasn't that he believed Landon was threatening him (of course he did), but the fact that he was being reminded of how alone he felt. He didn't think anyone had the right to talk about his family, especially not the fact that they were gone. "What did you say?" he growled, daring Landon to repeat himself. Everything inside of him told him that he was baiting him. At this point, Lucky could care less. He wanted nothing more than to wipe that conceited little smirk off of Landon's lips. He needed to calm down. He needed to go retrieve his dog, but he couldn't stop staring at Landon. He didn't even care about the text messages that were popping up in his cellphone's inbox. Then that's when Landon moved more into his personal space. Everything inside of Lucky wanted to hit him, but he's better judgement reminded him that violence would only jump-start something ugly. "Stop flirting with me," he stated, regaining his composure. All he had to do was keep reminding himself that he had self-control. He wouldn't let Landon get the better of him. However he didn't expect to have his butt smacked. The action caused Lucky to quickly step back from him. Everything instinct inside of him told him to hit Landon. He wanted to beat the living s**t out of him.

                                      He was just about to chase after Landon, but stopped when some guy suddenly walked over him. Lucky didn't recognize him at all. At least he apologized for interrupting. Lucky took a deep breath, trying to calm himself once again. The last thing he needed was to give Landon too much of his attention. It was when the guy mentioned his dog that Lucky's heart skipped a beat. "Gambit?" he questioned almost instantly, before glancing over in the direction that was pointed out to him. Sure enough, he saw two women and Gambit. "Th-," Lucky began, but before he could say 'thank you', the guy started telling him that he had to go. He even requested for him to pass the message on to some girl named Daphne. Lucky could only assume it was one of the women with his pet. "Daphne," he repeated, making sure that he understood correctly. Then as quickly as the message was given, the guy hurried off. "Wait," Lucky began, but it was too late. The mysterious guy was gone, before he could even learn his name. He had no idea how he was supposed to tell this 'Daphne' person, what the guy requested. After all, it would sound weird if he voiced, "Oh yeah, some random guy told me to tell you that he would see you later". Lucky already could tell that today was supposed to be one of those awkward days.

                                      The male quickly tugged out his cellphone to see that he had four text messages. One from the medical examiner, two from the ex-cheerleader and one from the producer's daughter. However he didn't realize that he hadn't answered his texts from Kaleb yet. The only text he decided to glance at was Pierceson's. The text was short and straight to the point. Only two simple words: Be good. Lucky rolled his eyes, but didn't think anything truly negative about it. He knew Pierce tried. If anything, he knew that he should be grateful that he stepped in to help him during his times of need. There were just a few times that Lucky wished he could build a better relationship with the guy. He wasn't sure if he would ever consider him his father, but he didn't want to feel as though he couldn't relate to the other at the same time. It was confusing. There were several moments when he believed that Lilith would do a better job at playing Pierce's daughter, than Lucky as his son.

                                      To: Pierce
                                      From: Shep

                                      Aren't I always?

                                      He didn't care if Pierce thought he sounded like a smart-a**. At that particular moment, Lucky wanted nothing more than that. He was still in a mood because of Landon. The only way he felt he could vent it was by changing his facebook status to:

                                      Why can't you choke on your own tongue? It'd be slightly more amusing than hearing you speak.

                                      Lucky didn't tag a name. He didn't see a need. He figured that if anyone thought he was talking about them, then that person must have a guilty conscience. After the status was posted, he quickly slipped his cellphone in his pocket. Without anymore delay, he jogged over to the two girls with Melody. Sure he couldn't tell which girl was Daphne, and he wasn't in the mood to guess wrong. So he jumped right to business. "I hope he didn't hurt any of you," he quickly voiced as he looked over to the two girls. Although with one from the way her head was positioned, he couldn't tell if she was hurt or not. "Please don't call the police, I typically keep him on a leash, but he somehow freed himself...from it," he voiced, now feeling uncomfortable. For some reason, nothing sounded right leaving his lips. "I'm Lucky," he greeted, "At least, that's what everyone calls me." He was able to tug the dog closer to him, and slipped the collar back over his head. This time he tightened it just a bit more, to make it more difficult for the mutt to shake its way to freedom. "If there's anything you need me to do, just say it...there's really no reason to get the law involved," Lucky made sure to voice. The only issue was that he didn't know what they would want. He wasn't stupid enough to think that they would suggest sex. Even if they did, he probably wouldn't agree to it. There were so many risks when it came to dealing with people you didn't know. For all he knew, these two girls were probably freaks.

                                      The way Melody kept sniffing the Asian girl's leg, he swiftly disregarded that thought. Then he remembered, he was trying to finish up the walk before his meeting. It was probably already 3:30pm. Hopefully he could get all of this stuff settled, so he could drop off his dogs, then head to his meeting, and still have time to go to Winnie or Lilith's sometime in the evening. That is unless these women decide to tell Pierce. "Um, I'm in this thing called 'The Variety Hour'. It's a TV show. if you want, I could always talk to the producer and try to get you free viewings of some of our sketches..." it was a stretch, but worth a try.

                                      █ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌

                                      Xx Location;; Park with Daphne and Sunny
                                      Dogs:: Melody, Gambit
                                      Attire:: CLICKERS

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I wish that I could have this moment for life
For life, For life
This is my moment, I just feel so alive
Alive, Alive
I'm really tryna make it more than what it is,
cause everybody dies but not everybody lives

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What a mischief you would bring young darling, when you’re up for it before you’ve grown.
From the liver sweating through your tongue.
Well you’re standing on my sternum don’t you climb down darling.
Smoke on Sunday’s when you’re drunk and dressed.

The diner was slowly but surely filling up and Izy found herself becoming busier and busier, but that was how she liked it, she liked keeping busy and running around like a mad thing all day, she hated having nothing to do and got bored so very easily. She did love her job, even if at times she didn’t particularly want to be at the diner. Her latest customer was a familiar face around Brookshire, the medical examiner Pierceson, she headed over to his table and greeted him with a warm ”Hello. and a smile. She took his order and bounced off to put it through to the kitchen, keeping her ears alert for the sound that alerted her that food was ready to be taken to its table. Whilst she waited, she headed over to Nicole and Malcolm’s table, confirming everything was up to standard with their meals. Seeing Nicole simply reminded Izy of all the school work she really needed to catch up on, eurgh, more things to do. Shaking the thought from her mind, she turned her attention back to her job, grabbing the freshly prepared meal that Pierceson had just ordered and taking it over to his table. ”If you need anything else just let me know.” she smiled at him, leaving him to tuck into his meal.

With that, Izy made her way back over to Charlie’s table, who let her know that he was happy with apple pie. Returning with his order, she listened as he talked about how he had a lot on his mind. Her brow furrowed slightly in concern but remained silent; she knew that he would talk if he deemed it necessary. Sure enough he opened up slightly to her, why he did so, Izy guessed she would never know, but it was nice that he did. Whilst she had a reputation of being a b***h, of being selfish and cold hearted, that couldn’t be further from the truth, it was simply a front that she put on, sometimes even better than when she was allowing herself to be just that, herself. Ah, the film crew, of course. Izy had simply let the talk wash over her head, she had other things to worry about at the moment, but of course, naturally it was the talk of the town. ”Ahh...” she said simply, interjecting at an appropriate moment before allowing Charlie to continue on. He was worried about it, he didn’t want Brookshire to be shown in a bad light, she smiled gently. It was nice to hear that people cared about the town they were from; it was nice to know she wasn’t alone when she wanted to protect its reputation. Izy simply nodded as she looked down at her customer, she could tell that this wasn’t the only thing that was bothering him, but if this was the only thing he wanted to talk about with her then she was completely fine with that. ”I know what you mean; I’m not really loving the whole idea of it to be quite honest.” she laughed gently. ”Y’know, I might even stay away from the festival this year, no doubt the place will be crawling with the documentary lot.” she wrinkled her nose in discontent. Of course, the truth was that Izy was scared, she hated going out in public now, particularly going to school or to where the majority of her year and friends hung out. She was sick of whispers and stares following her everywhere she went and she knew that the festival would be no different. Izy wouldn’t be surprised if the entirety of Brookshire knew she was pregnant nowadays, regardless, the young woman kept her head held high as always. She would never let them know how much it bothered her. ******** ‘em.

She shook her head and held up her hands as he apologised. ”No, no! Don’t apologise!” she assured him ”It’s nice to talk to you.” a nervous laugh passed her lips as she averted her gaze to the empty crockery she was now clearing. ”You’re probably one of the only customers to ever bother having a decent conversation with me.” a smile pulled at the corners of her lips as she avoided his gaze. She looked up as Charlie asked if she was Pierceson’s waitress. ”Yeah, but I’m keeping one eye on everything don’t you worry.” she smiled, not wanting him to think she was neglecting her other customers.

The next thing that happened caught Izy completely off guard; Charlie smiled at her and told her she was going to do amazing things. She straightened up, a look of surprise evident on her face. Did he seriously think that? Never change. Izy felt her stomach twisting uncomfortably as her heart squeezed. She was never going to amount to anything, not anymore. She was going to be one of those girls that was made an example of, that people still referenced in years to come. ”Don’t end up like Izy. Make something of yourself.” Yet here was Charlie, technically almost a complete stranger, sitting in front of her and telling her she was going to do amazing things. A sad smile came across her face as she felt a familiar lump in her throat, ******** hormones. She took the napkin and shook her head, looking him straight in the eye. ”Thanks, that’s so nice of you. But don’t hold your breath. I’m gonna be here in Brookshire for the rest of my life. Probably still in this diner.” she picked up the tray of dirty dishes and looked back at him. ”You’re wrong about me Charlie, I’m nothing special.” she smiled sadly at him. In that second, Izy wanted to tell him everything, the whole truth, the pregnancy, the lies about Ty, the truth about John...why did she feel so strongly that she could trust him? No. No one could know. She forced herself to turn away, ”I’ll see you soon yeah?” and with that, she disappeared into the back.

Iyzabel felt too ashamed to go back out whilst Charlie was still there and so she waited for him to leave, quickly checking her phone. There was no message from Shin, which worried her. Of course, she knew that he would reply in his own time, but she wished he’d hurry up about it so she could just keep him quiet for a few days with the money that she’d scraped together. ******** it, she would avoid this debt as long as she could. But she knew that Shin was ruthless, you didn’t cross him, and how she’d come so far, unharmed, Izy would never know. But she was certainly grateful.


Soon enough, Izy’s shift came to an end and she folded up her apron, placing it in her locker before throwing her coat on and hoisting her bag onto her shoulder. After her conversation with Charlie, Izy felt like she needed to speak to Tyreese, particularly as he hadn’t replied to her text earlier. Opening a new message, she typed out a quick text.

’From; Izy
To; Ty
Message; We need to talk. I’m coming to yours. If you’re not there, get there.’

Pressing send, she pocketed her phone. She was going to tell him the truth...maybe...unless she chickened out. The drive seemed to take forever, but soon enough, she pulled up outside Ty’s house. She remained in the car for a while before forcing herself to climb out and head up to the front door, raising a fist – surprised to see herself shaking – and knocked loudly on the door, her heart pounding against her chest.

Location: At the diner, with Charlie
Ty's house, with no one yet

The Party Girl

Someway baby its part of me, apart from me.
You ******** it friend, it’s on its head, it stuck the street.
And at once I knew, I was not magnificent.

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Kain Summers;
The Rich Kid

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                                          He grinned the first chance he got when he looked at April and saw her smiling at him and it looked like she was going to say something when the tutor walked by. She addressed April and Graham, but not him which was slightly annoying, but he shrugged it off "Hello to you too Ms. Sullivan" he said while his pale blue eyes looked at her before the redhead walked away. He bristled a bit when the psychic insulted him, he put a look of not caring on his face while inside he was angry. "Perception huh?" he muttered to himself before looking away from him as he went on about something jabbing his ear or other. Once April had talked to the 'psychic' she came back and gave him her attention as he was smiled at again. He barely gave a thought to Graham as he ran around the corner in a hurry like a fool in his eyes, She said he didn't have to carry the boxes, but he wanted to, plus he had nothing better to do at the time. "It's fine April, I want to do it, I honestly have nothing else to do to help pass the time" He listened to her talk and nodded. "That's right...The festival" he huffed for he saw it as a tedious thing really, he felt kind of alone in the sense he couldn't hang out with Shin there. Doing that would be bad, especially after the video his blackmailer had just sent him, he didn't want whomever it was to find them again and dig them deeper into the hole they were already in. "I would surely hope so, that would be kind of bad if you had to deliver broken goods for the festival."

                                          He looked at April, the girl that he hardly got to know really because of the Jock he guessed, maybe she just wasn't interested and found Ty's attempts as annoying. Maybe it was just that she secretly had a boyfriend? If that were true, he hoped that the boyfriend wouldn't come forward and defend April, what if he was bigger and stronger than Ty? That would be bad, a grim prospect indeed. Kain then heard her stomach growl and chuckled at it, especially the thing she said right after it had growled. That was kind of a strange way of putting it, but he wasn't about to admit that to her so as not to sour the mood that they currently had. "Sounds fine with me, say April, did you ever have a secret that you're holding onto and might effect others?" God knew that he certainly did have that secret that he was holding onto and would effect others pretty bad actually. He might end up with people hating him if he told them, it was fear to loosing the two friends he had made in Ty and Liam that made him so fearful. Not to mention the warning from his a*****e of a father to not tell anyone because of his stupid reputation that he had to uphold. Only four people knew of his love for guys and not girls, his parents, lover and who ever the mysterious blackmailer was. She went to say that she was hungry and he watched her hurry up and he caught up with her till he was at a normal stride for him so he could not fall behind again. "Are you really that hungry April?" she seemed pretty affected by it the way he was judging how she was acting; stopping and leaning against the building for support. His eyebrows furrowed with concern "Hey, are you alright? You're not dizzy or anything are you?" If she was then he would probably start to freak out, he didn't know what to do when it came to people that were sick, or hurt.

                                          In situations like that, his brain got real fuzzy and clouded, connecting and making sense of things was difficult as well and he started to sweat under the feelings of anxiety that would rise up in him. He could feel the emotion building up in him as his palms started to sweat when she told him to hold on, like she needed help or something. He calmed down though when he saw that she was only saying that to text someone back and his palms cooled down as well. It was then that he pulled out his own phone, putting the boxes in one hand and securing them as he messed and read his phone with the other hand before he started to thumb out the responses to both the people.

                                          To: Mom
                                          From: Kain
                                          Hi, and no not really wanting anything right now,
                                          and are you kidding, not having him around is a
                                          real blessing, of course I'm not passing it up!

                                          To: Ty
                                          From: Kain
                                          The Pet Store? Trouble? Why would there be trouble?
                                          Seems fine to me, meet you in a bit, I'm just helping
                                          April with some things is all, and that's it, I know you
                                          want her.

                                          Kain hit the send button and raised his eyebrow when he looked down at her after she was down blurting something at him. "What's up with Ty? Hmmm, has it ever crossed your mind that maybe he likes you April? If you don't like him, then just say so now that you have the information that I just gave you so generously." He knew this was a double edged sword, it was helping and hindering Ty when it came to getting April, in the end, if she says yay or nay it wont matter. At least then Ty can go on and not really have to worry over the topic and he can move on. He nodded as she went on "I get it, a lot is happening, it doesn't help if he's added to the mix of it all for you." He knew that this was the most the two had talked to each other really, it was sad, but better late than never. So far he found that out of the time they've been around each other, that he kind of liked her company. Something about her, he didn't know why and he couldn't put his finger on it either, whatever it was made him feel like they were getting along so far just fine. Whether this was him just thinking that he had that going for him and it was all just in his head was another thing to be told by her.

                                          Where?: Sidewalk
                                          With: April
                                          Clothing: TBA
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Weather Advisory
Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Windy. 35% chance of rain.
60% for PM showers.


Current Things Scheduled.

▌Currently there is a meeting for the Variety Hour at the studio.

▌Tonight the Mayor is hosting a meeting/gathering at his house. Invitations are distributed to anyone who believes that they would be associated with the documentary in any kind of way. The Town Historian, The Doc. Team, The Nurse, The Sheriff, The Demonologist, etc. Anyone who has a connection to either the town or the things that happened in the town.

((More Events will be listed as people mention them))

NOTE This is NOT a Timeskip, but a "TIME UPDATE". This should not change, nor drastically affect any of the current posts.
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April wasn't fazed by the psychic's antics from earlier. After all, it was something she was used to. He also had the tendency to make her laugh, but she tried to stay neutral in that situation. She did get the urge to find out what was being said about Kain though. It was in her nature to want information about others whether she was close to the person or not. She never once thought about why that might be or why she also felt the need to gossip about such things. As for the tidbit about Kain that she passed up by opting to let him help instead of Graham; well, it wasn't a big deal since she could always ask the psychic about it later. After all, she knew how to reach him. Why'd he mention a card though? It's not like she ever got one from him. He was always so weird; but it didn't bother her in the slightest.

Now that she actually got the chance to talk to Kain, for more than a couple seconds, he seemed quite nice despite the fact that he was known to bully people with his friends. The rich kid even seemed concerned for her well being when she felt a little out of it. At the time, she didn't bother to answer his questions; but she seemed fine now so it wasn't a big deal. Still, she let the wall support her as she listened to Kain talk about his friend. At first she just took in his words and hummed as if she everything he said made perfect sense: that wasn't the case though. "Wait. Likes me?" April asked, not expecting a reply, as it finally started to sink in. "As in he...like...wants to fool around with me?" Of course she wasn't about to think that he liked her more than some body to play with because of his reputation. She was in the know and heard things about him: rumors that were probably true. He'd sleep with any girl that would let him. The thought of him about to rub his nasty hands all over her made her shiver. It's not like she had anything against him. He's never done anything wrong to her. She just couldn't handle the thought of any guy touching her in an intimate way. April snapped out of her brief space out and looked back up at Kain when a worse cast scenario popped into her head. "Or...do you mean...that he actually likes me. You know, like wants to date...for real?" It was hard for her to get that out because she didn't want to deal with another guy that really liked her enough to want a serious relationship. It's just harder to handle someone that had some actual feelings involved: not that she was all that careful with people's hearts. "Ah! You know what? Don't tell me. It's bad either way." She interrupted anything he might have said in response. April furrowed her brows before she placed her fingertips on her forehead while she looked down at the ground. Seriously, it didn't matter the details of it all. Now she would have weird thoughts flash into her head whenever she saw or heard about him. "It's just..." she paused as if she was trying to find the right words, "he'd like never get anywhere with me." Her tone was softer when she finished her thought. April dropped her hand to her side with a heavy sigh before she looked up at Kain again. That's when her cell went off for a second time. She checked to see who the two texts were from and immediately went to open Ty's because she wanted to get the ordeal over with. "Speak of the devil..." she uttered right before she read the text, huffed, and typed away with vigor.

To: Ty
From: April
Message: Do you like me?
Cause I don't want to be
with you ever. Friends fine.
Anything else no. Sorry.

She let a satisfied smile slip onto her face after she hit the send button: she was relieved. "There. Done. Problem solved." At least she assumed that text would set things straight and then she wouldn't need to deal with his attempts to get in her pants or whatever it is he wanted. April might have been a bit harsh; but she had a tendency to act before really thought about things. Plus, he just happened to text back when she found out that he liked her: it was horrible timing. She didn't even bother to answer the question he asked; in fact, she completely forgot about it as soon as she started to reply back. The cheer squad leader pushed herself away from the building and began to walk again. "Let's go."

They got quiet for a while and she didn't like it. Her thoughts were still on Ty and how she had to deal with such things because she's a closet lesbian. Then that question from earlier ran through her head: the one Kain asked. "Do you like...have a big secret?" she asked suddenly. Her eyes shifted to look at him for a moment. It's not like she thought he had some deep dark secret that would affect the people around him; but it didn't hurt to ask since he brought it up. Plus, she always liked to find out about juicy things that people didn't want others to know about. Did she care if they were true? Not really. She didn't even care if there were some strange rumors about her: unless it had to do with her being a lesbian. That's one secret that she never wanted to leak out. There was only one other person that might know because of a series of unexpected events. It was still possible that she didn't know since they didn't really talk much. It's not like she confessed her preference to any one; but still. April flipped her cell around in her hand as her nerves got the best of her. The fact that the girl could start the one rumor she didn't want to get out floated around in her head. In an attempt to pay more attention to him than her own thoughts, she spoke again. "Uh, I mean...cause...lots of people have secrets like that. I would know." The last bit was added under her breath. Anyone could just assume that she was talking about how she knew all the latest gossip; but that's not what she was referring to when the words slipped out of her mouth. God, she was so stupid sometimes. This was one of those moments when she wished she thought about what she was about to say before she said it: such a horrible habit. "Anyway," she began in order to switch it to be about him again, "what made you ask that?"

April kept her pace as they talked. She only slowed or stopped if he did so; after a few seconds she would urge him to continue on. After all, she was starving and it was obvious that she needed to get something into her system before she passed out. The sooner they arrived at their destination the better. Luckily for her, they made it back without needing a dizziness break. "Thanks," she paused and gave him a smile after he set the boxes down for her. She wasn't just thanking him for when he caught and carried the boxes, but also for how he told her what was up with Ty. "I got to go check in before I run off to get a bite to eat...so I'll like talk to you later?" It was more of a question because they never really chatted before. For some reason she felt more at ease with him compared to when she was around other guys. It's not like she couldn't stand hanging around the opposite sex; but it made it a hell of a lot easier because friends could fall for each other.

Speaking of such things, April now had her eyes glued to the screen on her mobile. She opened the last message that popped up on her list of unread ones since Kain left after they exchanged numbers. She vaguely remembered the chime on their way here. It was her best friend Mae. Someone she was afraid would treat her differently if she ever found out her secret. A soft smile sat on her face as read the message. Was she attracted to the producer's daughter? Not romantically; but she did think she had her cute moments.

To: Mae
From: April
Message: I know right!? About to
pass out cause I've been starving
for a while now. Too bad you have
to go to that meeting. I'm about to
take a break. Eating alone sucks!
Let's meet up after you're finished.
I'll be done by then. Oh yea, got
some outfits and such to show
you later...

After that was done, she sent one to the other person that texted her a while ago.

To: Pennie
From: April
Message: Aw, we miss
you too. Of course I will!
Good luck to you.

With that sent she dropped her phone in her purse and went to tell them that she got back with the items and needed to take a break. As for the message sent to Pennie, she had no idea how the girl felt about the first text she sent back. Most people probably wouldn't have picked up on it from what was sent. The miss you part referred to some of the other girls since April didn't care whether Pennie was there or not. Sure the girl was a great asset to the squad; but she just couldn't get passed her overly cheerful personality. Who could be THAT happy and nice all of the time? Sometimes it just felt fake in her opinion.

It didn't take long for her to update the person in charge. As soon as that was over with, she made her way back over to her purse in record time before she found her phone and dialed the number for the local Chinese place. April made a quick order before she hung up and dropped her mobile back into her purse. Then went outside and sat on a nearby bench to wait: her purse rested on her lap. She didn't care about anything but the food that she wished was in her hands already. That's why she didn't pay attention to how the wind brushed across her legs and made her shiver for a brief moment; although she did tuck her golden curls behind her ears. Green orbs watched a few people that wandered around before she crossed one leg over the other. Her purse shifted enough to slide off to the side; but she didn't care since the straps still hung loosely on her arm.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Location: on the sidewalk with no one.
Attire: Don't look: it's embarrassing.
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Adam West Summers
Mr. Mayor

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To: Kain
From: Dad

I know it's tough
but try not to act
like you want dicks
in your mouth while
our guests are here.
I want them to think
we're normal.

Adam hardly ever made first contact with Kain... ever. The man was still paranoid that the boy probably wasn't even his son, even if they had a few physical similarities. Both were handsome with dark hair, but personality wise... it just didn't make any sense. Adam could always tell there was something off about the boy, and he had never been able to make a connection with him. When he came out of the closet, well.... it hadn't gone over very well... Now, Adam didn't have a problem with gays so long as none of them tried to touch his junk... But in the public eye with a gay son didn't look good to most voters. Sure there were the ones who look at a father accepting his son's sexuality and praise him, but there were more who would bring "god hates fags" signs to his front yard. And then what? Who would start to dig around in Adam's past life? Would they find out about The Whore's affairs, along with her other child? Adam's blood still boiled when the thought about it.

To: Kain
from: Dad

In fact, you should
probably look for a
'Date' for tonight's dinner.
And I mean a girl, not
one of your little friends

With that sent, Adam looked around his office and sighed. It was supposed to be his day off from politics things, but he still found himself working on a speech for the Fall Festival. Really, he found himself working on the festival more than his actual campaign! You see, the people of Brookshire like their Fall festival, mostly because it only happened once every other year, and it was Adam's job to make sure everything was amazing. Of course, he had a wonder staff in Brookshire's City Hall to help him, but Adam was the type to go over every single thing himself just so that he was sure it was perfect. At the festival, he was going to give a speech to praise the town to announce that because of the many donations and generosity from individuals as well as businesses, that all of the proceeds from the festival were going to go to something the town needed... A highway to connect Brookshire to the neighboring city. Two things would help Adam make sure his name stayed in office as mayor... That highway, and the documentary team making the town famous. Both of those would bring so much more money into the town that they would be able to expand, maybe even get a shopping mall of their own. Possibly more than just that. If Adam could at least get that idea started, there was no way anyone would vote him out of office.

But everything needed to fall absolutely perfectly, which is why Adam had arranged for a dinner party at his mansion. Had he told his family? No. It was his house, he paid all the bills, so he didn't need permission from anyone to do anything. Sure, Tina had a job as a teacher, but with the salary that educators get, Adam felt like it was more like a hobby than a job. But even if he didn't tell them about it before, he expected them to be there. After all, it would look bad if the Mayor was hosting a dinner party all alone with an absent family. Thinking about that, he went ahead and sent a message to his whore of a wife.

To: Tina
From: Adam

Please don't wear anything
tight or slutty tonight. We're
having guests over. I'm ordering
Gloria's to cater, so we don't
have to worry about our
guests eating your shitty

Oh, it was harsh. As usual. Adam was rarely nice to Tina, mostly because he still felt very used by her. In a way, he was using her now, but he hadn't been in the beginning. So much love for her filled his heart once but now he mostly plotted on how to make her as miserable as possible. It was a bit of an obsession. After all, the line between love and hate was incredably thin... Adam liked to think of himself as getting revenge. No one knew how much her affairs had hurt him, but he was damn set and determined to make sure that anything she was one hundred percent miserable... She must like it though, after all... she never asked for a divorce, and Adam sure as hell wasn't going to.

He was stuck mid-sentence, and his writers block was throbbing. With an irritated sigh, Adam saved his document, turned off his monitor, and began to gather his things to leave. It was already so late in the day and he had a few things to do, like check up on the history of his mansion. He knew it had been own by his family for generations, but just how much drama went down in it? Enough for a ghost to appear? After all, Adam didn't believe in ghosts. He thought his town was just quiet and the people were jumpy, not that the place had spirits running around wild or anything. However, Adam was a believer in of the saying "Fake it till you make it" and he was planning on starting to set up some events that would hopfully lead the hollywood people to believing that the place was haunted. But Adam wasn't stupid, he knew he wouldn't be able to do any of it alone, and frankly... He stumped on ideas of what to do... Thats why he was calling a few of the towns people over to his house tonight as well, surely there would be someone there who wanted the same good things for the town and wouldn't mind keeping their trap shut.

Adam drove his Bently across town until he reached the library. Before stepping out of his car, however, he typed out a message to the one person he trusted the most in the town...

To: Malcolm
From: Adam

Do you think you'd
time to talk before
the dinner party tonight?
I need your help, but I
want it to stay hushed.

Adam enjoyed the Sheriff's company, and had no problem helping Malcolm win his own campaign to become Sheriff. Mascolo was too rough around the edges, too young, and would certainly become a liability. Malcolm on the other hand was more seasoned and mature, so it all worked out.Hopefully he would be able to get this guy in on manipulating 'hauntings' around the town. If not, certainly there would be someone.... And sure, it was a bit of a lie, but it was for the good of the town! The Mayor slid his phone into his back pocket and exited his car, standing infront of the Library. If he wanted to figure out more about his house, best place to be would be somewhere that records were kept and the local historian worked. He walked in, stretching a charming smile across his features. No one knew of Adam rather bad anger problem, aside from Tina and Kain, of course. He was rather good at keeping up with names, especially since it was such a small town, and people usually responded to that pretty well. He found the man he was looking for, though he seemed to already be in deep conversation with a blonde woman. Adam smiled a bit more... He did have a thing for pretty blondes~ ”I'm sorry if I'm interrupting.” He said as he walked over. ”I only have two questions, and I'll let you continue... Alex, where can I find out more about my house? History and what not, I'd really like to more about it. And also...” he cleared his throat a bit, feeling a tickle inside of it. ”Pardon me..... Anyways, I'm sure you two have noticed we have some people from Hollywood in town. They're wanting to do a bit of a movie about our town, which is amazing because Brookshire could use more publicity... They're wanting it to be about the rumors that Brookshire is haunted, in which... If you already know this, and they've already talked to you, then I apologize for just.... repeating myself.. Point is, I had invited you both to my house tonight for dinner and perhaps a bit of wine so we can all get to know one another.” Adam nodded a bit, his voice keeping an upbeat and professional tone to it. After all, Adam had no idea that Alex was the one Tina had been sleeping with. ”I guess what I'm trying to ask is if either of you know if you'll be there. I'm pretty sure that the people the document team meets tonight will be the ones who end up on the actual film. Exciting, right?”

Location: Library
Company: Ruth and Alex
Mood: Fairly good/confident
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                                          LOCATION ➸ Park COMPANY ➸ Gambit, Lucky, and Sunny

                                          For anyone who has never injured their tail bone, it hurts... Bad. You're in the awkward situation where you're can't exactly stand, but you can't exactly sit down either. It throbs, and sends pain wave all the way up to your neck and down to your toes. Even your groin suffers from hitting or landing on your tail bone, and if hit hard enough it can last weeks. Daphne wasn't even aware there was a bone in that place until just then, and her tears up. She awkwardly sat up, though winced as she did so. The dog just wagged it's tail and harassed her a bit more until someone walked over. Tears began to swell up in her eyes because of how hurt her back was, and she looked up to see one of her co-workers. She sniffed a bit as he asked her if she was okay, though before she could even answer he became suddenly interested in the dog. Daphne blinked in surprise and kept her mouth shut, not even bothering to answer his question because it most likely wouldn't matter. The Medium had a bit of a problem speaking up, though she was pretty used to all eyes being on her, especially if someone knew about her ability. And even if she didn't have one, she was the human who was obviously hurt while the dog was happily prancing around. tears streams down her face as she searched for a more comfortable position to sit in, but only ended up bringing herself more pain. The techie asked where the dog came from, and Daphne simply pointed in the proper direction, and then he left. She had met tech men in the past, especially when working with Rai, and of course some were awkward... but none had been so rude as to just abandon someone who was hurt outside. She even faintly remembered hearing him laugh on his way over, and now her feelings were hurt. Perhaps Henry was like some of those people who threw rocks at people they believed to be witches and demons... If so, why would he willing to work on a production like this?

                                          He smiled at her before he left, and she had to wonder if he was just laughing at her some more. She couldn't tell if her feelings, pride, or actual body had been hurt more, but at the moment she needed to lay back down. It felt better, and Daphne moved to dry up her tears. She laid for a moment, and slowly reached out her hand to pet the dog, though he backed away before she could touch him. The moment she pulled her away, he came closer, and Daphne wondered if even the owner experienced the same problem with the animal. She then heard her name, and turned her head to look over to Sunny, yet another co-worker of her. How odd for the group to decide to go their separate ways and some of them end up in the same place. Maybe it was that homeless man's ghost? Calling out for help to whomever could hear it? Perhaps many people were attracted to the park? She'd have to check it out. ”Heh, Idike doesn't seem... so bad..” Daphne breathed out, though honestly she hadn't spent much time with the director, not enough to really give a firm a opinion. As the asian girl fawned over the dog, who was obviously much more interesting than the medium, she pulled out her phone to examine the text she received. It was from Rai, of course, and she had a feeling he was teasing her... but rather than let him get to her again, she simply moved the conversation along.

                                          To: R
                                          From: D

                                          Good luck. I've
                                          gotten lots of activity
                                          so we probably should
                                          compare notes later.
                                          But I might be
                                          preoccupied , so I'll
                                          keep you posted.

                                          By the time the message was sent, Sunny was overloading Daphne with questions, "P-please calm down... I can't... I can't get up... Can you help me?” She asked, then reached out her hand and the Assistant helped her up. It took a bit of effort, and Daphne knew she wasn't exactly the lightest girl around, but she managed to stand up. Just then, a boy walked over. The medium felt something from him, like a small radiation of something... she just couldn't tell if it was positive, or negative. It almost felt as if something was cast over this boy and it was just... odd. Daphne, for the most part, tried to ignore it. Instantly, he asked them not call the police, ”Oh, police?” She asked. She knew she was hurt, but already the pain was started to lighten. She could some what stand straighter, and she wasn't exactly wincing. Not a lot anyways. And Surely Sunny didn't give off some overly mean vibe. He went on a bit more about how they didn't need to bring in the Law, and how he could help them out if they needed. Perhaps Daphne was a bleeding heart, but she felt bad for this 'Lucky' boy. He even mentioned being apart of the a local tv production that she had heard about. In the end, Daphne smiled, ”You don't seem very Lucky, Lucky.... what is your real name?” She asked, then stood a bit straighter, ”I took a bit of a fall, but it's nothing that a little Tylenol won't loosen up, I'll be fine.” She nodded. ”But just in case, do know any good doctors? We... aren't from here.... Oh! I'm Daphne Kosko, um... I'm in the television business too... And this is Sunny. ” Daphne didn't exactly want to label herself as a medium just yet, mostly because she didn't want to come off too prideful, as if stating she was apart of television didn't come off bad enough. She made sure her smile was wide, though worried if she came off as weird, ”You doggie is very cute. Eh heh.” She decided to just stop talking before she made the situation even more awkward.

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                                            He could feel it and that feeling was almost enough to make him turn around. Lucky, Mr. cool and collected came close to reaching his breaking point. A few more minutes with him and Landon was almost positive that he'd break. The quiver in the other male's voice, the faint growls: Landon loved every bit of it. Dammit Graham, if you hadn't invited me out for drinks, I could have gotten this one!! Definitely have to make a pit stop by the show studio tonight. If I got him this far, I can get him to swing. As if it were some sort of prize, the troublemaker prided himself on being able to take control from another and persuade them into using their fists. That first swing usually caught him square in wherever it happened to be aimed, but it jump started him for a fight. He didn't know exactly what it was about fighting that he loved, whether it be the loss of complete control for the other, the fight itself, or the little masochistic fiber of his being that liked being hit. Most likely it was a combination of the three bundled in a little bit of crazy.

                                            Seeing that Graham hadn't yet texted him back, he stopped walking. As much as he wanted to walk closer to Lucky and respond to every little bit he spouted back, simply standing there with a smirk on his lips gave him another sense of satisfaction. Most people couldn't stand that someone could just ignore everything said, stay silent, and keep that arrogant, knowing smirk on their lips. In fact, other than the homosexual jokes, it was probably one of the biggest reasons Ty started swinging. That and Ty probably enjoyed hitting Landon. He and his posse did tend to "bully" him. Sure, much of it was probably deserved, especially with a few of the comments that the male made, but it seemed that his group roamed around looking for new people to bully. It made them easy targets. Who better to provoke than those who were used to victims who laid down and did whatever the loud bastards asked? Plus, they jumped to fighting much faster than others.

                                            Just as the temptation to get closer to Lucky became almost unbearable, the male ran after his dog. Waited too long... The desire to say something overwhelmed him though, and he couldn't help but shout after the male. "Dinner at your house or mine? We can't let spats like these ruin our relationship!" He barely managed to finish his shout before he burst into a fit of laughter. The situation gave him a giddy sense of victory, despite Lucky never throwing a punch. It had been enough just to throw him off-kilter. In fact, Landon figured this to be progress. The survivor had always been one to ignore the troublemaker, but this time he won. Hopping into the air to click his feet in a bit of a victory dance, the troublemaker blew a final kiss towards the direction that Lucky had disappeared before finally leaving the park. I should get Lucky's number sometime. Harassing text messages are always fun! Oh, I can even block my number so that could be fun.

                                            Thinking of anonymous texts reminded him that he did have a few numbers in his phone. Mostly, they were stolen from facebook profiles or from phones when he stole them, but how he got the numbers were irrelevant. As long as they were being used for his entertainment, that's all that really mattered. Pulling out his phone again, he scrolled through the minimal list of names before stopping on one at random. Carissa. Eh, let's ******** with someone else. Oh look, Liam's number. I must have stolen this one from Ty's phone. Fingers danced against the phone as he went through the it, ensuring that his number would be blocked. Landon paused as he considered the message to send. A declaration of love with a meeting place? That could lead to a fun little fight. Perhaps a threat to turn him over to the cops? While fun, seemed a bit on the boring side. For that threat to weight anything, he'd need to say something that'd really rattle him. Declaration of love it is! Heh! The hardest part would be pretending to be in love with the dude. Quips were one thing, but if he wanted the male to make it to the meeting spot, he'd need to make it sound somewhat convincing.

                                            To: Liam
                                            From: Number Blocked
                                            Message: I have always wanted to tell you how I felt about you, but never could.
                                            Now I'm saying that I want to be with you.
                                            I need you.
                                            If you want to finally be with me, come to...

                                            Landon paused as he thought of the places the two could meet without any distraction. Somewhere alone but not obvious as to a setup. Maybe the studio after hours? The troublemaker did have plans to stop by there already. Plus, the little show group should be done by the time he mentioned and maybe it would make Liam think that the message was from one of the girls. That could work... Continuing on with the message, Landon chuckled.

                                            the studio after the show.
                                            We can talk and maybe do a bit more there?
                                            Your secret admirer

                                            A final look over the message and the troublemaker hit send. If all went right, he'd be meeting with Liam after the razzle dazzle group left and could provoke a response from the male. If not, well he still had the prank he intended to pull during their little skit hour. They'd be getting together sooner or later, but first he needed to have his drinks with Graham. No less than two, he hoped, for the day already had cause for celebration. First Lucky, then the bit he intended to pull at the studio, and the cherry on top was that he just might get Liam tonight. This day just couldn't get much better. Just so long as no one ruined his bit with the studio and Liam showed up because while getting Lucky had been good, it wasn't enough to fill his need for attention. He needed that hit, that fist to skin contact that he loved so much. If Liam didn't show, he'd have to troll Ty and as fun as that was, he'd first have to find the b*****d.


          ( GPS: heading towards downtown MOOD: amused COMPANY:none OOC: Let me know if anything needs to be changed! )
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                                                          Friederike stuffed her duffle bag underneath the motel closet and then plopped down onto the musty looking bed. She let out a deep sigh. It was all coming together her big plan to make it out of the casting director stereotype and into that whole new world as a director. This was her chance. This place wasn’t what the director was used to. There weren’t many taxis driving back and forth. There were no In-N-Out Burgers, the busy streets seemed so barren. They even had o stay in a hotel across from the little town. It was so barren. She tried to reassure herself she didn’t mind at all, though this certainly wasn’t a place she would make any plans to grow old. The female with the undercut hairstyle wasn’t sure where she’d be in twenty years from now though she doubted she’d set up any summer home in this remote area of the Northeast. Why Idike wanted to come here though? There were various reasons, the most obvious one was that she viewed this as her big break. If she could conquer this documentary and make it larger than life. If she could find a way to rekindle the horror aspect of the film, pulling the audience in jut enough before shocking them. This was her big break. She could feel it. Just as she could feel herself getting older. She wanted to make this career change before it was all too late. She had the confidence in herself but at the same time... She just couldn’t be too sure. Part of her liked to believe it was also up to fate, she was just hoping that the fates were more gracious with her than they had been in the past.

                                                          Thinking of everything to come if she could return with some perfect piece of film. She wanted her team to be out there constantly filming, until they found something. She wasn’t even sure what she was looking for but the brunette knew she could find it if she tried hard enough. Part of her was ready to load up on Rockstar energy drinks and camp outside some buildings with night vision goggles and cameras if she had to. She felt like she had to take this oppurtinuty as seriously as it could. She liked to believe she only had one shot to make it work and if she failed... That was it. The brunette hoped that wasn’t the case however when she pitched the idea to the agency they made it sound like a toss up. This would either make it or break it and the only way to find out is if she stuck her integrity out on the line. She gathered up a crew together she believed could help her. She just wanted to make sure they got all the facts straight and a few days ago the five members of the team were out here living in the hotel rooms. She even gave her personal assistant a promotion... Mostly because she couldn’t hire anyone else to do it. And the director believed the girl had it in her... Though she also believed that make-up skills came easy to the woman. Maybe if she took more time to pay attention she’d notice otherwise. But oh well. She saw the message the girl had left on the table. And without a second thought she pulled out her cell phone and started to text the Asian girl.

                                                          To: Sunny
                                                          From: Director
                                                          Message: See if this place has anything
                                                          like a ‘Mystic Pizza’ place or something.
                                                          If it wasn’t too far I’d have you go to Mystic,
                                                          CT to get me a slice. Though no sense getting
                                                          you lost... But the mayor has invited us to eat
                                                          at his house so no need to go get food tonight.

                                                          The whole team was asked to come and sit in on a dinner the Mayor was hosting. The almost thirty year old was a bit hesitant at first. Though it couldn’t be all too bad. These people were more in tune with their towns surroundings than they were so they probably knew how to handle such ghostly appertains. And maybe they had seen some walking the halls now and again. She knew one member of her team was ability to see things on another plane. The medium could see spirits and ghosts and could make contact with them. Friederike kind of wished she had that kind of sight because maybe it would make it easier to direct a movie. She had thought of finding a group of locals to portray some of the ghosts who the medium runs into, as well as use them to portray some flashback scenes of the town. She had caught word of the local show though she hadn’t checked anything out about it in a while. When it came to casting it was one of her fortes so she thought if she had time she may catch an episode and see if the members were worth casting in the documentary production. As she made a mental note of that to herself she also pulled out her handy-dandy smart phone and opened the memo application just to jot it down and quickly remind herself, and while she was at it she took a moment to send a text out to the medium while the woman was on her mind.

                                                          To: Daphne
                                                          From: Director
                                                          Message: Hey has anything exciting happened?
                                                          I forgot, don’t forget we have a dinner party to
                                                          attend at the Mayor’s place tonight so I say we
                                                          all meet in the town square thirty minutes
                                                          beforehand. Is that fine with you?

                                                          Since the motel was on the outskirts of town and it appeared as though someone else had taken the car much to Friederike’s distaste it looked like she had no other choice in the but to walk into town. No problem she had planned on walking anyway. The mystery bridge she was curious about it. From a distance it looked as though there was nothing to worry about though as she neared it... It appeared different. More grim. She smirked at her thought of a pun on her surname. Yet despite the tenacity she felt herself run across the bridge as fast as she could. Maybe it was just her imagination though it looked like the shadows from the trees were dancing around her. Never-minding that fact she continued on following the curvature of the hill. The sight of a woods. Was different from the sight from her apartment back home. She was used to seeing sparsely three to six trees tops. But the wooded area looked like it kept going on and on. She was starting to wonder when the woods would end Brookshire begin. ‘Maybe it already began..’ It seemed like such a funny concept to the director. And it wasn’t what she had in mind when she thought ghost town... She expected more collapsed and run down buildings, less people... Well, a lesser amount of people residing there. Her opinion on the town had changed from their first arrival, for better or worse it was too soon to say.

                                                          Whether or not this whole dinner was being thrown for them or for some other reason, Idike didn’t know. She didn’t want to think that they were throwing it for them for the simple fact that, that thought was something that others’ would probably think. She wasn’t used to celebratory situations. She hardly celebrated her birthdays as a kid. Sure for some kids that would sound like a bummer but for her it was just how she was raised. To be honest she was quite happy with the way that her life had turned out, aside from the whole time period where she was sick. Though it couldn’t be changed it was in the past. As her phone went off she pondered who it was from and seeing the text from the paranormal investigator it started to become clear to her that she had left out that they’d be dining with the town today. ‘I suppose.. I couldn’t have forgotten...’ She took a moment to check her memos and there it was. Shrugging to herself she went ahead and replied to Rainerio.

                                                          To: Rai
                                                          From: Director
                                                          Message: We have a dinner at the Mayor’s
                                                          house later tonight. But 30 minutes before
                                                          the dinner we’ll all meet up at the town
                                                          square where the gazebo is.

                                                          As she entered the town she got a better understanding of the placement of the town. She knew were things were in a rough setting. The name of the film was still up in the air but she had written a few ideas down scraping them as a better idea came to mind. It was late in the afternoon but not too late. Everyone still had time to go about and do whatever it was they had in mind. Part of her hoped they got to work on making some sort of progress for the documentary. She didn’t want to disappoint any expectations people had for her. Though when it came to expectations she had a few on that she doted upon her crew members though she expected the best from them. Looking through her outbox she had sent a message to everyone but Henry. She didn’t think she should leave Mr. Tech-Savvy out of her updates. When it came to the baby-faced adult she had hoped he had some of his gizmos and gadgets on him. If the Mayor or other townspeople asked for some sort of evidence she wanted signs that they were working towards some, even if she didn’t have a solid lead on her at the moment. Being a firm believer in tough love she sent a messages off to Henry that sounded a bit threatening though in her opinion it was meant to be an inspiring phrase to boost his morale.

                                                          To: Henry
                                                          From: Director
                                                          Message: Where’ve you been? Do you have your
                                                          cameras on you? I need you to get to work and bring
                                                          an EVP Analyzer to the dinner at the Mayor’s house
                                                          tonight so don’t forget! Or your job maybe on the line.

                                                          It was then she realized she didn’t know who of the four had rental car. However the oldest member of the crew wanted to be sure whoever had it brought it with them. She tried to assure herself she wouldn’t get angry at whoever had it however after walking up to the town she wanted to drive the car over to the Mayor’s house in the later evening. Before putting her phone back in her purse she sent out her last text to the group.

                                                          To: Crew x4
                                                          From: Director
                                                          Message: Which one of you has the rental car?
                                                          I’m not mad. Just bring it to the square so
                                                          we can ride to the dinner tonight.

                                                          With that done and sent she found herself a bit lost... She knew where she wanted to go but she didn’t know how to get there. Walking into the diner the brunette saw someone sitting alone eating a sandwich. There was a sense that this could come off a bit rude of her though she lightly tapped the male’s shoulder waiting for him to look at her before she asked, “Uhm.. Gidday sir. I'm sorry if I'm bothering your meal. I just need some directions,” When it became evident she got his attention she continued on, “Do you know where the town morgue is?” She wasn’t sure why she wanted to go to the morgue maybe to check out if they had any autopsy reports on the Foster Child Massacre. Moving some hair out of her face the woman lightly laughed out of nervousness, “I hope you didn’t lose your appetite.. I’m just not from around here is all..” Part of her wondered if she came off younger than she actually was. He hoped that he could tell she was being serious and not think she was just asking him to pull him around or something. Though while she had his attention the director figured it’d be best if she introduced herself so he knew why she was curious, “I apologize again for not introducing myself,” she held her hand out for him to shake, “My name is Friederike Grimm. I’m going to be directing a documentary about Brookshire so I’m just looking for directions so I can ask the medical examiner who works there a few questions. So if you could help me find my way. That’d be great thank you.” Unbeknownst to her she was already speaking to the Medical Examiner already.

                                                          Location;; Diner ... semi-lost... semi
                                                          Company;; Medical Examiner..?
                                                          Attire;; I've lost all control of everything, especially me

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                  ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● » RAINERIO DAMIAN VALENTINE
                  The Paranormal Investigator «

                  Rai smiled a partially toothy grin, when the teenaged boy had said that it wasn't a bad time. He casually strolled inside of the room and took a short moment to observe the room. From the looks of it, he could tell that it was mostly a conference room. This was definitely the right place. He glanced back over at Kaleb when he asked if what he was studying was for college. "Actually, yeah," he chuckled. However he didn't see any point in delving any deeper in the subject. He didn't think many people really cared about his major. He moved over to one of the chairs and propped his foot up on the seat of it. He tugged out his notepad, and flipped to a page that was clean of any of his scribbles (at least his handwriting was messy enough to be counted as such). Once again, the swings were brought up. Rai was beginning to think that was the only major phenomenon. Once they were able to run a few tests on the swings, he would be able to tell Idike that this town was a waste of time. If she was wanting to catapult her way into stardom, she should pick some southern town. Maybe Louisiana? Chances were, his boss probably was relying solely on Daphne's hunch. That was most likely the only thing keeping them in Brookshire. 'Think of the positives. I'll have the chance to spend time with Nicole,' he soon thought to himself. However he soon reminded himself that Nicole was probably going to be fascinated in what his career status was at the moment. He thought his accomplishments were impressive. His website had enough hits to brag about.

                  Then that's when the blonde started saying something slightly interesting. He said that he saw a shadowy figure. 'Think, he right now disproved his own statement by saying that he thought he saw a shadowy figutre. The lights were off, obviously his mind playing a trick on himself, etc.' He could go on and on about this, but chose not to, as he jotted down in his notes:

                  Kid with blond hair comments that other than the swings nothing of interest. shadow possibly? or sleep deprived delusions? Doesn't be

                  Before he could write the word 'believe', the teen said 'wait'. Rai looked up from his notepad and stared at the boy for a moment as he started to recall something he had seen. For once Rai found himself completely interested. It was to the point when the blond stopped his story to think of the name of the firework, that Rai gestured for him to continue. He could care less about the exact name of the product. "The foster house?" he repeated, before jotting down in his notepad.

                  Check foster house. pranks. pos?

                  He glanced up from his notepad when the kid asked for his name. A friendly grin slipped onto his lips once again, but it lasted for only a short moment. He debated on if he should offer a fake name, but then there was a chance that he'd be found out, and his credibility would go down. "Rai Valentine," he told him. "I'm just a student doing some research in a town that's rumored to be haunted. You know how the internet is." He finished jotting down a few notes, however stopped when he heard his cellphone chime. He held up a finger gesturing for the kid to give him a moment, before tugging out the device. He had a text from his director reminding him about the mayor's dinner tonight. In all honesty, he hadn't forgotten, he just didn't want to go. Then again, chances were he could invite his girlfriend as his date. He'd have the chance to prove that he wasn't a douche-bag boyfriend, and all would be good in the universe. So he decided to go ahead and reply to Idike, before quickly sending Nic a text.

                  To: Director
                  From: Rai

                  Hear u loud and clear. I'll
                  be there tonight + could we
                  not leave to back to the motel
                  so early? I have a feeling that
                  we should at least wait around til
                  3am to see if anything exciting happens.
                  that is the witching hr right? Idk,
                  I still think this place is a waste of time.
                  But hey, you're the boss, right?

                  To: Nic
                  From: Rai

                  Oh yeah, I was invited to a dinner tonight
                  hosted by the mayor. I was wondering if you
                  knew anyone would want to be my date.
                  Someone whose gorgeous, red hair, w/ a nice
                  body and sparkling personality. [/cheese] No
                  really, are you free tonight? If you are, then
                  i understand.

                  It wasn't too odd for him to try and be nice, was it? After all, he and Nicole had dated for a long time. She was the woman he had considered marrying, and would have married if he wasn't so focused on his career. "Can you think of anyone who hates you? Anyone who could haved wanted nothing more than to scare you shitless- I mean, severely frighten you, when you were walking past the Foster House? See, I don't think my professor is going to give me a good grade if I tell him that someone might have possibly heard something, but isn't sure. Have you walked into any spaces where the temperature suddenly dropped, heard voices, unexplained missing items or things turning up in the most bizarre places? Claw marks down your back, orbs or figures appearing in pictures?" There was a good chance that he was pushing the blond to make up something now, so Rai closed his notepad and slipped it back in his pocket. "Sorry," he apologized, however he was only half-sympathetic. "I don't want to come off as desperate, just as I don't want you to start seeming desperate." Research should never be based off of lies. "I should probably be going, and what was your name?"

                  He started taking a few steps back from the other, but stopped when his cellphone chimed once again. "It's probably my boss," he announced as he took out his phone, but furrowed his brows to see that it was his partner, Daphne. She mentioned that she got a lot of activity, which caused the male to scoff slightly in disbelief. He wanted to reply that she must be mistaken, but couldn't think of a proper way to go about it. The only thing that came to mind was writing, 'LIES!'. However that wouldn't be very mature at all. So he shook his head a few times, and started writing out a reply. Before he could complete a few words, another text box message popped up. The fact that it was from Idike, he decided to open it, causing his text to Daphne to be scrapped. There was a question about the rental car. He furrowed his brows slightly, unsure of who had taken the car. He would've assumed that the director was the only one who had access to it. "...if you wanted it so badly, you should have kept the key with you at all times...does anyone listen to me, noooo," he mumbled to himself as he finished sending his text to the director, before quickly sending out a brief one to Daphne. Well, it was supposed to be brief.

                  To: Director
                  From: Rai

                  D: Oh no, I don't have it!
                  Hope someone didn't steal it.

                  To: Daphne
                  From: Rai

                  Be sure that your readings aren't
                  be affected by the fact that:
                  1. it's windy
                  2. the pressure in the air is changing
                  cuz it's supposed to rain tonight. u
                  may be picking up on the two climate
                  fronts meshing. Don't feel bad. I use
                  to mistake my right hand itching as a sign
                  that money was coming, until I realized
                  it was just itchy. Good luck (:

                  Once the message was sent, he glanced over at Kaleb. "You know what, if you happen to see anything interesting, or out of the ordinary...and I'm not talking about big foot, but something legit, how about you give me a call?" He slipped his phone back into his pocket, before pulling out his notepad from his back one. He opened it up to a blank page, before jotting down his phone number, and placing it down on the table. "I think I'll be in town for a few weeks," he added. After all, Rai believed that once the initial investigation period was over, they'd see that there was nothing much to it, then he could go home. "Unless, something interesting happens, then I guess I'll be continuing my research for...much longer," he awkwardly chuckled. If that were the case, then he supposed they would have to set up some kind of residency. Maybe he could ask Nicole if he could stay with her? 'Ah...no...no that...no,' he already could see the disaster in that situation. “So, is there anything else? Or do you think now is the moment when we shake hands and go our separate ways?” Rainerio asked before holding out his hand to Kaleb for a farewell handshake.

                  Location:: Variety Hour Building; Meeting Room with Kaleb
                  OoC:: Polyvores will come sometime during this week.
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mєí-lín [[ "sunnч" ]] хíσng


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                                                          αll dσllєd up:: xxxxx xxx í'm ríght hєrє::The Park xxx mч cσmpαníσns::Daphne and Lucky

                                                          í dσn't wαnt tσ wαstє mч tímє σn símplє líttlє thíngs

                                                          Sunny was rather preoccupied with petting the dog in front of her she only briefly caught Daphne’s comment on how the director didn’t seem so bad and Sunny froze turning to look at her and squeaked “ I never said she was bad. I like her I was just saying I need to memorize things for her so she knows where everything in town is. It’s my job as her assistant right? Oh please don’t tell her I was complaining, I wasn’t I swear.” Sunny was wound up like a spinning top spitting out words a million miles a minute looking back at Gambit hoping to high heaven that Daphne wouldn’t tell their Boss what she had said or tell the older woman that she was complaining about her. That could get her fired, and Sunny really did not want to get fired, getting fired was bad! Chewing on her lower lip she heard Daph ask her to calm down, which confused Sunny because she didn’t think she was that wound up. Oh how people tend to be clueless about their own behaviour. Taking a big deep breath she tried to at least make it look like she was calming down since Daphne assumed she needed to.

                                                          Getting to her feet the tiny little Asian girl offered the other woman her hands and then helped her hoist herself up off the ground. It took a bit of a struggle for Sunny to help Daphne not because she was large or anything but because Sunny was so damn tiny. There was a bit of a weight difference so Sunny had to pull back a bit harder in order to put more of her weight in to getting Daph to her feet. But they did it and once she was standing it began to occur to Sunny that Daphne might not have been lying in the grass for the reasons she thought. “ Oh I am so stupid! Here I thought you were lying in the grass because you say something in the clouds…but you fell down didn’t you? Oh I’m so sorry I should have asked if you were okay. I didn’t even think.” Sunny felt really bad now she had been so excited at the prospect of the medium having visions, or seeing ghost or signs in the sky, whatever it was they did. She never could have imagined the other possibility that the medium had actually fallen to the ground. Sunny opened her mouth to speak some more when a cute boy came over and began talking.

                                                          Sunny looked down when she felt another cold nose, aside from Gambit’s, whom she was still petting after having helped Daphne up trying to keep the dog near her so he wouldn’t run off and the cute guy, who was obviously his owner, could just take him home. She smiled softly at Melody and held her hand out so the other dog could sniff her hand too. “ Your dogs are very cute. I arrived after Gambit was it? Had already run in to Daphne so I’m okie dokie.” Sunny’ voice as always was light in tone and very happy sounding as she stroked the dogs’ soft fur before finally removing her hand and getting out of the way a bit so Lucky could fasten the collar back on Gambit. For once in her life, the Asian girl managed to be quiet for more than a few seconds and let Daphne talk to Lucky since this was her situation, not Sunny’s and she just stood back, standing in the grass in her bare feet clutching her heels in her hand.

                                                          When Daph stopped talking Sunny glanced at her and gave Lucky a reassuring smile “ We won’t get the Police involved. Daphne’s a nice person, and it sounds like it was just an accident. Stuff happens sometimes.” She glanced at the medium hoping it was okay for her to say that. “ Plus I’ve always thought it sort of dumb to try and press charges against an animal for something they didn’t do intentionally. They’re not so much like people that they understand laws and stuff.” Sunny shrugged her shoulders and bit and reached up softly touching Daphne’s shoulder opening her mouth to say something when her phone went off and she snapped her jaw shut and swiftly pulled the cellphone out knowing only a few people had this number and they were all involved with the Documentary crew. Reading over the text quickly Sunny blinked a bit and cocked her head like a confused puppy wondering where the heck this text message had come from. Well she knew it was from the director but the request about mystic pizza seemed so off the wall to the personal assistant, but she never knew what went through her bosses head sometimes.

                                                          Looking up at Lucky she paused and sighed softly “I have a completely off topic and bizarre question for you, does Brookshire have anything like Mystic Pizza?” She held up her phone as if trying to indicate where the question was coming from “My Boss, the director of the show we’re working on here in Brookshire, she wants to know. Apparently she wants pizza at some point while were here, but Mystic, CT is too far for me to go get her Mystic pizza, and I’m sorry I’m babbling.” Looking up at Daphne while waiting for an answer from Lucky she whispered softly “We need to get going soon. We have that dinner at the mayor’s house tonight about the Documentary. Friederike would be so mad if we weren’t ready to go for that, I have to go back and change. If you got hurt at all maybe we should get you some ice, or a heat patch or something.” Sunny chewed on her lower lip and glanced at Lucky with a soft light smile hoping he wasn’t offended by her talking to Daphne about the text she had been sent by her employer. Sometimes trying to keep everyone happy could be such a pain.

                                                          í'd rαthєr stαч hєrє αll thє níght wíth єvєrчσnє whσ síngs

        User Image xxx User Imagexxx User Image

        Out Of China::xxxxxxxx

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                                                                            As she was standing there with her car keys in hand waiting for a response from Sean as to whether or not he wanted to drive, a distinct alarm went off on her phone, it was her calendar alarm. Frowning a bit Bette reached down and grabbed the cell out of her pocket and unlocked it looking down at the phone her eyes went wide as she saw what was listed there. ‘Mayor – Dinner – Date w/ Sean’. Bette’s lips went in to a tiny o and she sucked in a sharp breath “s**t, I totally forgot that was today. Sean, we have that dinner over at Mayor’s house tonight, the one he invited you to, what last week? The thing with the documentary crew, I had it on my calendar, I totally forgot about it.” It wasn’t exactly a shock Bette forgot about it since the woman worked so much she barely ever knew what day it was. Hell sometimes she’d forget what month she was in if she worked too many shifts back to back near the end of the month. She was one of those nurses that kept her phone on silent mode and kept it on her, just so she could check the date all the time when she was filling out patient forms or she’d never remember. Making a date mistake on one of those could get the hospital sued for malpractice if she didn’t watch herself very closely. Looking down at the outfit she was wearing Bette softly swore to herself “Dammit, I have to change there is no way in hell I’m showing up in this. I haven’t even actually showered since I left work yesterday. Ugh, I so can’t leave like this. Dammit.”

                                                                            Setting her keys back on the coffee table she yanked the elastic from her hair shaking the light brown strands out a bit and running her fingers through them. Her work bag met the living room floor as she tried to think up a game plan. “Okay, if I go shower, blow dry may hair, straighten it, and do a quick make up job it’ll take what thirty minutes tops? Another ten for me to get dressed in something better than this.” Bette chewed on her lower lip almost on the verge of pacing. “We’re going to eat at the mayor’s anyways so we don’t need to worry about food. Most of the people you were thinking of having a little chat with are going to be there anyways. So even with the delay we should be all good.” Bette glanced at the fridge realizing with all the changed to their plans there was no way either of them were going to get to the grocery store before going to the mayor’s and in a small town like theirs the grocery store wasn’t open twenty four seven. So there would be no getting groceries on the way home, and Bette had to work tonight, until two tomorrow. She’d be too exhausted to go then. God this was aggravating. “Sean tomorrow, if I give you money and a list before I go to work tonight, can you just do both our grocery shopping? I’m not going to be home until sometime after two in the afternoon, and if I go shopping I’ll wake myself up and I won’t get any sleep. Well you know the drill with me.” It wasn’t like Bette couldn’t go without sleep if she wanted to but when she did that people started to notice. Plus she only had five hour between her next two shifts so the nightmares wouldn’t be that bad, so she hoped.

                                                                            Not waiting for more of an answer from her friend letting him decide what he wanted to do the nurse slipped back in to her bedroom, going in to her closet and grabbing the few nice things she had in her closet down, leaving the shoes there she jetted to the bathroom. Stripping off her sweater and t-shirt the nurse also slipped off her shoes and yanked off her socks in the process. The button of her tight skinny jeans came out alright, as she reached over with a free hand and turned on the shower to let it run for a few moments to heat up. Getting her jeans off in the bathroom apartment turned out to be a bigger pain in the a** than Bette had expected, either she’d out on weight or the jeans had shrunk. The Hispanic woman wiggled and shook tugging the jeans down, putting them on had been difficult but this was worse. At one point her hand slipped and her elbow shot back into the bathroom sinks counter top behind her. “Ow ********] Pain shot up her arm and she growled softly giving the sink a dirty look like it was the inanimate objects fault for being in her way.

                                                                            Finally free of the denim Bette got in the shower and sped through the usual shower routine of washing her hair, and her body not wanting to take more time than she needed. She was out in less than five minutes and plugged the hair dryer in while her hand was still air drying. It took her another ten minutes to dry her hair, it was flat and smooth enough with just that the Hispanic female decided she could forgo the hair straightener. Redoing her make-up, just this time adding eye shadow, and eyeliner into the mix, Bette had never been one for using foundations or powder on her skin, especially not if she’d be headed to work not long after the dinner. She rolled on the same lip gloss she had been wearing before she got in the shower, and glanced at her clothes. God she hated being a woman there were too many extra steps to looking good. Bette got dressed as quickly as she could, smoothing everything out once the entire outfit minus jewelry and shoes were on. Grabbing her laundry off the floor she yanked open the bathroom door and scurried to her bedroom past Sean and gave him a frazzled smile on her way by. “I swear I’m almost done. I just need to grab my shoes.”

                                                                            Her stocking covered feet crossed the thresh hold into her room and she dropped her towel into the basket and the barely worn clothes on to her bed. Jewelry was snatched up out of her box and placed on, or switched in for the stuff she had been wearing. Going in to her closet she grabbed her favorite pair of knee high boots and took a deep breath, finally settled down, walking in to the living room. Sitting her butt on the couch she looked at Sean “Just tell me I look good, and that waiting for this was worth it.” She smirked a bit and slid her foot in to her boots and begins zipping the first one up “So back to the original question, who’s driving, and what do we have time to do before dinner?”

                                                                            (ooc: I kinda...b.s'd this post I'll admit, it's not my best. Next one will be better. Midge feel free to move the two wherever you like when you post, you've got my full permission for pretty much anything.)


                                                                            WHERE :: Her Apartment
                                                                            WARDROBE :: Dinner Party Pretty
                                                                            WITH :: Sean
                                                                            FEELING :: Frazzled
                                                                            SONG :: Fallout - Mariana's Trench

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