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                                          LOCATION ➸ Park COMPANY ➸ Gambit

                                          Sometimes the ghosts would appear stronger than others. They would look like actual people, with the only clue to their dead state being that their clothes would be from another era. Sometimes, they would just be these little orbs of light and color floating around not paying attention to anyone. But the sad, confused, angry, and worried ones, the ones with stronger emotions, would take the form of their physical bodies, rather than pretty celestial like little balls of light. Daphne was fairly good at not staring at those she suspected of being ghosts, for fear that they would figure out that she could see them and begin to haunt her. It was hard, especially if it was a ghost who only wanted to apologize to a loved one so they could move on... when that loved one was dead. The angry ones would try to hurt her if she didn't help them seek revenge. The worried ones were the ones who the most annoying, plaguing her with their constant questioning and negativity... But the Confused ones were usually the easiest to help move on. They simply didn't know they were dead and were panicked over why no one would talk to them. Daphne usually coached them until they remembered their death, and then they would move on. If they were ready, that is. Brookshire had a massive amount of ghosts, and Daphne felt extremely uncomfortable. She could feel all the different emotions of the ghosts: The pain, the heart break, the anger, the anxiety, the rage... Her first day walking around had been almost unbearable. She had started to cry, and almost had a break down, but kept herself in check especially because her team had been around her. But now she walked through the town all by herself, and tried hard to not let anything get to her.

                                          She'd had breakfast earlier that morning with some of the people she traveled into town with, keeping her eyes fixed on her plate and not on the one 1920's waitress that was walking around trying to take people's orders while looking like she took a bullet to the head. Daphne suspected that the diner had been held up one night and she became a victim. She appeared to be more interested in her eggs than anything the crew had to say, and kept quiet the whole time. Perhaps they looked at her to be a weirdo, but that was okay. Daphne was a weirdo. She was even sure that her friend, Ryan, thought she was some kind of freak. She was. She accepted it. She'd grown very used to the lonesome life she lived a long long time ago. Now she walked down the streets of Brookshire, her left thumb rubbing over the gold cross attached to ring on her right ring finger. She was mostly searching for a church. Daphne missed church that morning and was simply wanting to go and pray for a bit to help put her mind at ease and make her soul stronger for the tasks ahead. Unfortunately, she had the same sense of direction as a rock and no map. She was also too shy to actually ask someone for directions, and just walked around aimlessly. She had time, so she didn't mind if it would take her awhile.

                                          She threw away an empty coffee cup in a trash can and looked around. Somehow, her wandering had led her to the park. The wind blew, which made Daphne reach up and wrap her scarf around her neck a bit more. Though is was only october, it was rather chilly here. The wind made it worse, and Daphne often got cold way too easy. She saw one of her Co-workers on the playground, and blinked a bit in shock. It wasn't exactly everyday that you saw an adult man playing on a playground. Okay, really... he was talking to the homeless man that was sitting on the forth swing. The homeless man with the extremely beaten face. Henry then sat on the swing next to him and began to swing hard and fast. It was truly a bizaar sight, especially when the homeless man began to look and more annoyed, telling Henry to beat it. Daphne was a ways away from the playground, so she wasn't sure if the Tech guy even noticed her, but soon the homeless man did. He stared at her for a while, then looked a bit surprised. It was only then that Daphne realized she had been staring at a ghost. She took a step back in surprise, half wondering if Henry had been keeping a secret about an ability as well when the homeless man suddenly appeared before her. The forth swing on the swing set then slowly rocked to a stop. " 'aye. 'Aye ya c' see meh? Ya gotta get dem damn kids!" the homeless man ghost rambled. Daphne tried hard to ignore him, but it was too late. He was right there, and he looked flustered and upset. "Kids? What kids?" "Da damn kids dat killed meh! I aint got no home, aint got no money, aint got no frands 'r famleh. I just had meh booze, da clothes on meh back, n da bench ova der. N' dem teenagers came ova to meh in meh sleep, and started ta beat meh. They bloodied meh good, ya see meh face?! Dat was dem. Dey broke meh arm too!" The ghost moved the sleeve on his jacket up to reveal the broken bone that was exposed out of his skin. Daphne's eyes went wide and she covered her mouth with her hand. "Dey beat meh ta death, all cause i ain't got nuffin. N' now they're all grow'd and still out dere in da world, free and innocent! I died draped over dat swing, and no one not n'body even cared. You gotta get dem, cause dey killed meh!"

                                          The ghost looked more sad and lonely than upset. Daphne had heard about groups of teenage boys that would beat homeless men. There were even some that would force homeless men to fight to the death all for some money or food. It was terrible, and to think that something like that had happened to this poor guy. Daphne shook her head, "I don't even... live here, and how can I find them? I want to help you, but I can't just... go around accusing people and.. and-" She heard someone yell the name Gambit, and it made her turn her head toward that direction for a second. She then turned back to face the ghost again to see that he was gone. The Medium looked around until she saw that he was back on the swing, head bowed and rocking back and forth. Grief and hopelessness washed over. She took a step towards the playground when some small and brown darted from behind her. She jumped and gave a yelp, and next thing she knew something had hit her legs from behind, knocking her over. She fell backwards on her butt and groaned. There was dog there now, and she could assume it had been chasing whatever had run past her first and was now distracted by her fall. It trotter over and began to sniff her a bit, then licked her face. She winced a bit and started to get up off the ground. Hopefully no one saw her embarrassed fall, and hopefully the owner of the dog was near by and would take him back.

                                          OOC: Attire coming soon
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI'm moving forward now
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe thought of a xxxxxxghostxxxxxx brought me to life
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI'm moving forward now
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTurn all of this W H I T E
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe c r e a t u r e @ n i g h t
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYou said it would never find out where I rest my head @ night

                  Edward’s day started late, he had went to church but sat in the back pews. He wasn’t sure what he believed though he figured that if there was some higher being out there he would pay him a visit on occasion. The days he went to church were exceedingly rare. Once every few months though sometimes he would attend with his father. He didn’t go up for communion because he didn’t believe he deserved it. That was one thing about the grace of God, Edward didn’t believe he was deserving of some being’s unconditional love. Though he hadn’t attended church to question his belief system. He had attended church because it was close to someone he had to pay a visit with after the sermon. Ed was one of the first to leave the church right before the final hymn. He didn’t like to sing and was typically quiet he stood and sat when necessary but didn’t speak up. Hoping to keep out of sight and out of mind. He headed to his car in the parking lot and while the rest of the service was wrapping up Ed hopped in his backseat and took off his button up shirt and draped on his t-shirt... Typically he hated changing in public. He hated gym class. The marks on his body noticeable. Though his hope was that there was no one around to see him pull a quick change and he placed his hoodie on to cover up the rest of his arms. He had worn jeans to church so that he wasn’t worried about.

                  He watched as the flood gates opened and people started pouring out. The latino male waited for most of the townsfolk to drive off before he got out of his car. There wasn’t much of a reason for him to go to the gravesite his relationship with his mother was an estranged one at best. The woman accidentally burned him on more than one occasion. She was the cause for most of his more memorable scars. Yet for some reason he had to visit her, and today it felt like the thing to do. Her tombstone was a place for him to feel some bit of solace as he spilled out his story of what he had last told her. Sometimes he hoped that maybe he would get lucky and see an angel of her or something. Instead of the demon he viewed her in his memories. He had heard people talk nice things of her and there had been times when he could remember the nicer times though the darker memories always seemed to come back and cloud his mind. At times people would tell him something about his mother and turn around and whisper something when his back was turned. Little secrets around the community wondering what had exactly caused her lapse... The school’s guidance counselor once told him his life was a hard one. Though Edward wasn’t really sure it was his life and he lived through it. Being raised by a single father he became used to staying home alone while his father was out late working.

                  The games had come into his life around early elementary school... His love for them just grew and grew, had it been for the fact he used to wear glasses and had a dork-ish demeanor that he got his title ‘the Gamer’. Ed viewed himself as just a gamer. He has no talents (as described by him). He’s just a normal guy who hardly gets noticed now and again. And when he does get noticed it’s typically the attention he isn’t looking for. He wasn’t even sure when it all started the bullying... Was it before or after his mother was possessed...? Insane...? One of the two, Ed could never differentiate and he wasn’t sure which he believed. At times he hoped she was just insane... Maybe that would lessen the blow though if she was possessed that whole time. Did that mean the times she would hurt him, were those times the demons faults or faults of her own? The gamer was aware the town wasn’t exactly a fan of his history, given his mother’s reputation. It was one of the events that transpired around her that made Ed afraid of his classmate Shepherd... His mother was the reason he lost his parents and became an orphan at times Ed believed the male had a reason to hate him... He had a strong reason to and Ed tried to avoid the other hoping they never were put in a situation to discuss the topic. It was better... Avoiding things this was.

                  He knew he had become addicted to games it didn’t seem like a bad thing to him. In fact, he was kind of proud of it. All his high-scores were forever in the arcade games around town and no one had yet to top him... Okay that sounded a bit pathetic though not as pathetic as his plans to skip out on this year’s prom and have his own Anti-Prom or “Morp” party. Maybe play ‘Silent Hill: Homecoming’? It sounded like a dance... Though the game has nothing to do dances or anything with it, but he wanted to play that game again and try to get another ending. That was what he loved about Silent Hill he could play the game so many times and get a different ending every-time. Sure there were the joke UFO endings, but sometimes they were fun to get. It was like he was living in the game he could find himself answering to James Sunderland or Henry Townsend. Sure he was sane enough not to answer to those names in public.. But if he was really tired and up late. Well it depended which game was in which game station because he just stopped caring about Ed’s life at that point and started to care more about the virtual characters life. They needed to help people out of situations and save lives. Something Ed couldn’t... Didn’t. Do. On top of that the characters were loved or sometimes hated. Ed was hated and sometimes liked/loved. Nothing special.

                  There had been a time he thought of taking a certain girl possibly to this years homecoming or even prom. Though that relationship was null and void and long gone. He dated the babysitter at the time because he hoped maybe being in the relationship it would allow him the opportunity to maybe feel something for somebody else. Yet he couldn’t give her the attention she needed or deserved... She wanted to go on dates outside the confines of his room while he would have rather stayed inside. Maybe they just didn’t exactly mesh... He remembered seeing a few of the Hello Kitty video games he got her somewhere in his room... He wasn’t a fan of the japanese sensation... Not in the slightest... So maybe that was another downfall of the relationship. He had been procrastinating asking her if she wanted the games back because he certainly didn’t want them. Though he would have to find them first that was the thing for him. He had so many games sometimes they just ended up lost... And he wasn’t exactly sure where he last put them. Yet he figured he could text the babysitter about that later. Glancing at his phone he saw a message from the animal right’s activist and as much as he would like to visit her at the moment he had to do his own thing real quick though maybe afterwards? He did enjoy talking to the girl... She was new and didn’t know much about his past or his mother for that matter. Unless she googled his name but he didn’t know. So he was going to pretend that she blissfully didn’t know anything about Juanita Delarosa... And he was going to keep the matter of what he was up to vague... He didn’t want her to know he was visiting his mom, because he didn’t want her to ask questions about her.

                  To:: Ellie
                  From:: Ed

                  Message:: My day’s started like many others.
                  Nothing interesting. Really? I think you should
                  tell your Dad you can’t stand it. I’ll see if I can
                  visit. I had made plans previously with someone
                  else... If I can’t/don’t drop by your place of work
                  soon maybe we can hang out later in the afternoon

                  It sounded like a bit of a stretch. Though he did want to hang out with Ellie. Ed was more focused on just dropping by the grave and maybe he’d finally get some answers. It shouldn’t be so long he might be able to catch her afterwords.. And she could still continue their text conversation if she wanted to. Looking at his mother’s grave he saw that the stone note he had left her were no longer there. He wondered if someone read the message he had left her last time? Or maybe the shred of paper had flown far away... He gave a half smile as he read her name his finger tips tracing the ‘J’ before he turned around to lean against the cold stone, “Mom...” He asked lowly, “Does it rain in heaven all day long?” She might not even be in heaven... Though maybe if God could forgive her she might be.. “Dad’s doing fine... living you know he misses you.. He still wears his wedding band. Wonder if he’ll ever get married again or date someone. Or maybe you were just the ‘one’.” He smiled and let his fingers trail the grass. “I’d trade it forever to just get some answers you know... What happened to you? Why did... why? Mom that’s all I’ve ever wanted to know.” He glanced at his arm.. The black fabric covered the area but he knew where the scare was on his body. “Was it on purpose?” He didn’t hear his voice cracking, there were no tears. This had become a self-inflicting ritual of his to ask questions he knew he would never get the answers to at a particular spot in Brookshire where his mother’s corpse laid sleeping from now until the end of time.

                  His phone went off and at first he thought it was Ellie though saw it was from Henry.. He remembered they had made plans to hang out but they had never established when and where. Now was as good a time as ever. Though he wasn’t going to invite the male to meet him at his mom’s grave. He thought of a few options and only two came to mind.

                  To:: Henry
                  From:: Ed
Message:: Uhm.. well I’m free at the moment. If
                  you want to meet up now. There’s a cafe, if you
                  want or maybe the arcade shop would be more
                  fitting? Eheh... Your choice I’m fine with either.
                  I guess you’d need me to give directions or do you
                  have a gps?

                  He wasn’t sure if he should have offered for Mr. Tech-Savvy to call him up. Though Ed wasn’t sure if he wanted to have a phone-call with the male. It was weird... They were close friends but he hadn’t imagined being able to meet an online friend.. Soon. Ed figured that the first time he would meet an online friend he would be in his twenties and maybe just randomly... Heh actually he had never thought it out. Though their first meeting seemed more like a quick passerby this time they were going to get to hang out longer. It should be interesting. His phone buzzed in his hand and his closest of friend texted him. And he found himself smiling at the little question before responding with what he last heard the answer was going to be.

                  To:: Ophie
                  From:: Ed
Message:: Lemon-Garlin Shrimp and Grits, heh
                  dunno if that sounds fancy or not but it’ll probably
                  taste pretty decent.
                  I went to visit my mother today.

                  Why he told Ophie about his mother and neither of the other two? She was the friend he knew the longest and was the one he felt comfortable telling that fact. The other two... They didn’t know the stories of his mother at least he hoped neither of them did and he wanted to keep that secret. He was already judged on occasion due to his mother’s loss of reality. Ed had assured himself it wasn’t like he was lying, he was just hiding the truth till it felt like the right time to tell them. “Mom if you were here... Would you know what to do in a situation like this?” A gust of wind came by and it could be anything, it could have been nothing though the gamer stood up and brushed himself off before replying with, “I thought so..” As he headed back to his car.

          Location:: Mom's Grave
          With:: The ghost of my past (no one)
          Attire:: Average get up

          What have I done to deserve this?
          What have I done?
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The Deputy

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                                            LOCATION his Truck, on the street, in town COMPANY No one. Forever Alone

                                            Nothing ever happened in Brookshire. Well, at least not lately. The last big thing to happen was that whole Foster House situation, and John wasn’t even on the force then. In fact, he was still a kid back when that happened, only worried about how the heck he was going to get his parents to let him get a dog. But now as the Deputy John Mascolo walked down the side walks of Brookshire, he knew nothing exciting was going to happen. Nothing truly exciting anways. He didn’t count things like telling teenagers to be quit in town square as anything exciting. In fact, he’s never even really had to shoot his gun at anyone. He did Pepper spray a rather worked up drunk man before who tried to fight him, though. Bar fights, Teenage Pranks, and petty theft were the only things Brookshire had to offer the Deputy. He was answering a call now, but he didn’t expect much. John was called out to Old Man Jenkins’s convience store at least twice a week because the old man was just… Crazy. He would often forget that customers had purchased things and would accuse them of theft as they walked out and call the police. John normally handled it when he was duty, just because the old man had been a friend of his late grandfather. That was also the reason why John never fined the old man for calling the police when not needed. He felt bad, the old guy only had the store and no one wanted to take it from him. Instead, it became an annoyance that John just delt with.

                                            He had been sitting in his patrol truck debating on if he should check out of his shift early or not when he got the call. Rather than drive the block or with his lights and siren going off, he walked. It didn’t take by five mintues to get to the store and see the old man flailing about, his old man finger wagging in the face of a mother and her baby. John sighed and walked over “Aha! The Cops are here for ya, and yer stealin self! John my boy, lock this criminal up! Get her!” The mother looked absolutely horrified as she held her plastic bag of milk and bread, a receipt clutched tightly in her other hand. ”Ma’am… I’m gonna have to take you.” Her eyes grew wide and a look of shock washed over her face. “B-But I-“ “YOU HEARD HIM! Look John, she’s resisting arrest! Double her time!” At this point, John took the woman’s arm and began to lead her out. She began to sniffle, “But my baby.. Don’t take my baby to jail.” She reached out and clutched the stroller next to her and began to push it with them. She was sobbing by the time they were out the door, and John would have felt a bit bad if he hadn’t let go of her by the time they were out of Old Man Jenkin’s sight. ”I’m not arresting you. He’s just… senile. Harmless really, just yells a lot. Go on, go home. He’ll forget everything in about ten minutes.” The woman looked confused, but she wasn’t crying anymore. “You’re just… letting him do that? Call the police and have people arrested?” ”You just saw him, there is no use talking to him when he’s having a fit. Usually some other employee is there to make sure he doesn’t do that, but obviously… No one was scheduled this afternoon.” “He needs to be one arrested! What if someone had come and arrested me, what would happen to my baby?!” John just sighed and shook his head, ”Go home. It’s over now. Just go home.” And with that he turned around and began to walk away, ignoring anything the woman had to say. John couldn’t arrest the old man. He was nice when he wasn’t throwing a fit, and he had nothing else. Plus, he had been friends with his grandpa. Sure, it was a more selfish reason, but John felt as if he were justified in his decisions. Still, if Sheriff Flower-Power found out, the old may actually lose his shop and then it could be closed down.

                                            Deputy Mascolo knew the faces of one the employees that worked there, some teenager with an attitude. He couldn’t remember the kid’s name, but he made note that if he saw to ask him to make sure that the old man was never alone in the shop again. Not unless they all wanted to lose their jobs or get a boss that was more sane and aware of the world around him. He also took out his phone to call the station and tell them he was gonna call it quits for the day. Most likely, the call to Jenkin’s store was going to be most action that day. He had some messages though and decided go ahead and look through those. Two were from a contact that John had saved for a while, but never really talked to. Charlie the Priest. That guy... was a regular at the diner, wasn't he? Where Izy worked. Maybe he and Izy talked? Maybe Izy had him about their... 'dates' if you call them that. It was certainly more innocent sounding that '******** times'. But still, she was still in highschool and he was a grown man. Perhaps the priest was wanting to pray with him so god could forgive him for the borderline ***** or something. John was in no way a *****. He liked nice mature women with big ole titties who knew what they were doing, not some silly girls who giggled and blushed. Not that Izy hadn't known what she was doing. No, she knew well enough especially for her age, and oh she had a sassy attitude. Perhaps it was that, he liked girls with Sass? No, that couldn't be it! ... But then again, John had even caught himself saying off hand flirtatious things to Lilith, and she was even younger than Izy! But that could have been a subconscious punch in the face towards Sheriff Flower-Power... at least thats what John told himself. He also swore he wouldn't touch the girl. No no no no. He wouldn't risk his job like that, not so... obviously. Still, the realization that he was starting a trend with these youngin's made him full out drop all contact with Izy. Lilith would be harder, since she had connections to the police station and all.

                                            John then realized he had been doing all this thinking, but he had never actually opened the text. He held his breath and tapped the screen, and then saw the poor guy was just... bored. Relief washed over him, as well as thoughts about Lilith and Izy. At least for now. He opened the second just to see that it was being a bit more detailed that the first, pointing out that he was talking about Shin. Well, John hoped he was talking about Shin... He didn't know many other people who worked in the record store. John clucked his tongue and thought it over... He couldn't exactly say that he liked to spend his weekends drinking beer and shooting cans in his back yard with his rifle... That would be a very... Un-Priest like thing to do. Or at least what John considered to be un-priest like. Nor he could say finding some chick at a bar and taking her home. That would be bad as well... In the end, did think up something to reply with.

                                            To: Charlie
                                            From: John

                                            You're bored? Uhhh
                                            I like to go fishing.
                                            Sometimes I try to cook
                                            something I've never cooked
                                            before. but I'm not good
                                            with cooking. I think I'm
                                            going. I usually do.

                                            To: Charlie
                                            From: John

                                            idk what shin does
                                            when he's bored.
                                            Usually we just hang out
                                            and party.

                                            John felt a bit awkward as he wrote the texts. The Deputy wasn't exactly the Holiest of men, and talking to the local Priest made him feel... he wasn't sure. From what he could tell, Charlie was a nice guy. He seemed to carry the world on his shoulders, but nice. Maybe the guy was just trying to loosen up? John thought a bit, then called into the station to say he was done for the day. Yeah, practically acted like he owned the Police Station when Sheriff Flower-Power or the Mayor wasn't in sight, but no one seemed to tattle on him so it worked out. He got to his truck and slipped his badge off his shirt and into his wallet case, and then changed his jacket to a regular leather one. The Italian's stomach rumbled a bit and he put a hand over it. he needed to get some food pretty quick. He thought for a bit about what he wanted and then got out his phone. If Charlie wanted to know about John and Shin so much, why not just have a talk... thing... food eatting.. outting... whatever. Just hang out as guys.

                                            To: Charlie
                                            From: John

                                            I'm hungry if you wanna
                                            get something with me.
                                            Easier to talk in person.

                                            To: Shin
                                            From: John

                                            When you workin?
                                            I wanna eat and I don't
                                            wanna do it alone
                                            and there is no way
                                            I'm gonna go eat with
                                            that chick again. we're
                                            done, Hear me? DONE!
                                            Don't bring her around me
                                            no more. ... I want hamburgers.


        OOC: He's wearing the outfit in the left hand picture, minus the badge.
        Lemme know if I need to edit

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                                      Being pounced on and squeezed in a bear hug by Winnie caused Lilith to giggle before her air circulation was cut off. Before it could become a real problem Winnie jumped off of her and made the most adorable bunnie scrunch face. Her excitement was contagious and Lilith grinned as she regained her breath watching Winnie raised her arms above her head stretching. Sitting back up from where she had been playfully pushed over a bit Lilith was about to get up and follow Winnie into her room when she heard the tell tale beep letting her know that her cell had just gotten a new text message. Plopping her purse onto her lap she stuck her hand inside and fished around a bit until she found it.

                                      Frowning she saw that the text was from Kain and it wasn't the sort of reply she had been hoping for. Not that she hadn't expected him to reply with something like that, she just hoped he realized she wasn't joking around, she meant business. Seeing as she already had her phone out she thought that she should text Lucky again letting him know he could come hang out with them.

                                      To: Lucky
                                      From: Lilith
                                      Hey if you're not busy do you wanna come hangout with us at Winnie's?
                                      We could order some pizza and just hang out
                                      Head on over for around 7pm if you're up for it : )
                                      Feel free to invite your buddy Ty

                                      After Lilith was done, she slipped the cell back into her purse and got up. She had added that last line to the text purely for Winnie's sake, knowing she had a thing for him. Swinging it onto her shoulder Lilith padded down the hall in her polka dotted nylons loving the feeling of her bare feet against the smooth almost slippery texture of them. Something darted between her feet and almost caused her to tumble over if she hadn’t caught herself on the wall. Looking down she found she was staring into the sweet big round eyes of Winnies little kitten.

                                      Curling in and out around her legs it was brushing up and purring at her and then all to quickly it was trying to climb up her legs, claws extended. "Ouch, no kitty please that's a really bad idea" Before she had the chance to pick up the little bundle of fur and claws she heard an awful ripping noise and a nice fat and long run split the fabric from her ankle all the way up to her knee on her left leg. Frowning down at the playful cat she just didn’t have the heart to get angry at it. After all the cutie had just wanted to play... Scooping the little thing up into her arms she cradled the soft little devil for a moment before it wiggled around and clearly wanted to be set down. Bending down she lightly released it back on the floor before giving it one last pet. "Okay little Kitty, now you better smarten up and learn not to ruin pretty nylons for the future yes?" Kissing the tiny thing on its wet pink button nose she straitened up and walked into Winnies room. In the back of her mind she just made a note to change her wardrobe when Winnie finally changed out of her pajamas. Which wasn't too annoying seeing as she already had the perfect outfit in mind stashed away in her car.

                                      Entering the room still had a shocking effect on the girl. Not that she wasn't used to Winnie's room with all of the time they had been spending together as of late. Even if she was used to it didn't mean that the over load of Hello Kitty and just down right adorable cuteness ceased to amaze her. She had never known anyone with parents that had given their daughter the biggest room that had also given it a giant interior redesign. It had a very light joyous feeling about it that screamed innocence and silliness. She rather liked those qualities about her friend, they were qualities to be proud of. Most of all it was very refreshing for Lilith from her normal crowd of party goes or well....just her kitty cat Neiko. Not that she didn’t love Neiko and spending time with her, it was just nice to have someone else she could actually talk with. A funny thought popped into her head that Winnie was kind of the human version of a kitty cat made her giggle inside and smile secretly at her own private thought.

                                      Her eyes strayed over to where her dress, which was pretty much done except for a few details was hung up on a hook. Her eyes immediately grew at least three times larger and her mouth formed a little O of surprise. The gown was amazingly beautiful and absolutely perfect. Moving closer she ran her fingers over the silky smoothness of the material and smiled softly. Eyes watering just a tad bit she turned towards her friend after she let her know it was almost done and wrapped her arms around her small little frame before squeezing with all of her might. "You have no idea how insanely happy I am right now, you my dear are an artist!! I have no idea how you did it but OH MY GOSH ITS PERFECT!!" A full length pure black gown with long sleeves that flared out at the wrists it wasn't your average teenagers party dress, quite the opposite. More of a traditional ball gown type of dress with a Gothic Lolita twist it even had a pretty silky ribbon choker with a thick lace trim all around the sides.

                                      Jumping up and down with Winnie still clutched in her arms she let out an excited little scream and tried to hug Winnie even harder. Releasing her friend she stepped back and tried to get a hold of herself before she could freak out any more. Hopping up and down Lilith was really struggling with containing her happy bears. "Can I try it on? Pretty please with cherries and Hello Kitty candies on top?" Just then she realized her friend was also struggling with her own problem. Her excitement seemed to have dimmed and Lilith could tell something was bothering her but she had no idea what it could be. "Hey are you alright? Did something happen that I don`t know about?" Moving closer to her friend again she touched her shoulder and stared into her eyes questioningly.

    Location - Winnies House Tagging - Winnie + Luckyxx

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                                              Pounding. The obnoxious noise floated somewhere between reality and the hazy dreams that persisted despite the miserably bright afternoon sunlight that filtered through the blinds. Before his eyelids could flutter down so that the dreams could return, Grahams voice boomed through the seemingly thin piece of wood separating the brothers.“Get yer lazy a** outta here this place is a dump!” A throaty growl escaped the younger of the two as he yanked the covers over his head. [******** off, Graham! While the two held a fairly amicable relationship, mornings or rather afternoons (whenever he happened to wake), never found Landon in good spirits. Turning his face to the pillow, he buried it deeply within the soft folds. As he pressed against the material, the younger Moser wondered what it must be like to suffocate. Or even what it might be like to suffocate another. Bet I could scare the s**t out of someone like that. Make them think they're going to die. Hah. The morbid sense of humor flickered before folding beneath the returning agitation. Forced from his realm of dreams into the dreary, boring existence where he was shoved into the peg of normalcy.

                                              When it became obvious that sleep would not be returning so easily, Landon threw his covers back and stomped towards his door. Throwing it open, the male nearly fell over the large, slobbery mutt that Graham dragged home with him. "Move you little s**t." Lifting his foot, he slid the dog across the floor and out of the way so that he could continue. The only reason he didn't kick the miserable beast was Graham, the one person he actually made effort to care about. And for some reason, his brother took some sort of shining to this mutt so that meant Landon had to take a little extra precaution with it as well. That precaution really just meant that he didn't kick the dog down the stairs for being in his way. Tilting his head, a thought took form within the troublemaker's mind. I bet you'd look lovely in a bright shade of pink. Graham would just love that, wouldn't he, you mutt? Perhaps another time," he muttered as he edged past the dog. With just a few more steps, the troublemaker reached the safety of the bathroom, though the dog seemed intent on following him. Faint sounds of whining and scratches hit the door, but Landon ignored them for his morning routine.

                                              The moment the male's foot hit the tiled floor of the bathroom, the roar of the motorcycled caught his ear. Graham was leaving him home alone with the rents. Dammit Graham... A sense of urgency hit as he wrapped the towel around his waist. Landon had no desire to sit at home with either of his parents, and while he didn't have an idea of what to do for the day, anything was better than home. Slowly, he opened the door, looking for Gee. The absence of the animal set his feet scurrying, hoping that he could make it to his room before the dog saw something to sink its teeth into. With triumph, he made it to his room only to find the dog on his bed. "God dammit dog, get down!" Gee merely stared up at him, a look of pure bliss upon his face. It was almost as though the dog knew he could get away with just about anything because of his attachment to Graham. "You're lucky you belong to Graham or else I'd be kicking your a** down those stairs." Gee answered with a happy bark and laid his head upon the bed. Grumbling, the troublemaker shifted through the mess on the floor in hopes of finding something clean. Lifting a pair of jeans to his face, he inhaled and satisfied with the lack of stench, he slid into them. Pulling a white tee from another pile, he gave it a once over before putting it on. Thankfully, he found a pair of shoes that Gee Buttersnaps had yet to sink his teeth into, slipped them on, and headed downstairs. Ignoring his parents, Landon made a beeline directly towards the door.

                                              The rush of fresh air and bright sunlight caused the troublemaker to flinch. His green eyes still hungered for the darkness of his room, wanting to return to the sleep from which he had been so rudely pulled out. I'll get you back for that, Graham. Of course, messing with his brother wasn't like messing with the others of this town. Sure, you could get Graham, but he knew how to get you back. That didn't mean that the two didn't go head to head occasionally, but it usually ended up with each prank growing more elaborate until their father reached his breaking point and either threw something or a punch at the two. It seemed only to encourage the boys though. Their need for entertainment knew no bounds, especially Landon's. His lack of empathy and inability to take understanding from punishment just fueled the fire of his own selfish desires; others be damned. Pulling out his phone, he typed a quick message to his brother.

                                              To: Graham
                                              From: Landon
                                              Message: d**k move this morning.
                                              You know I hate being woken up.
                                              Might want to check on precious Gee when you get home.

                                              No destination in mind, the troublemaker set off before either of his parents decided to accost him. It wasn't long before his feet carried him to the park, one of his least favorite places. Rarely did the opportunity to mess with someone while they were sitting on a park bench arise unless someone happened to be taking a nightly stroll. Of course, the thrills were cheap but thrills nevertheless. The park did have one good quality though. It allowed for him to smoke without anyone bitching about it. Reaching a hand into his pocket, he fished out the ratty pack of cigarettes that he had stolen off of the old man. The drunk wouldn't remember how many packs he had smoked while completely smashed. Lighting the cigarette, he inhaled deeply, enjoying the rush of smoky death to his lungs.

                                              As he exhaled, the sound of rustling bushes broke his previously bored thoughts. The hell? A small squirrel darted through the small of the brush quickly followed a rather large, energetic dog intent on catching the creature. Shortly after, a somewhat familiar voice yelled after the disobedient creature. A young male came along next, pulling another dog along behind as he chased after what Landon assumed to be his other pet. The troublemaker watched with amusement as the other attempted to heel the hound. Only after the chaser turned towards him did Landon realize that the other male was none other than Shepard "Lucky" Loveday. Such an interesting name considering his life had been anything but. The troublemaker, of course, felt as though he took some part in giving the male his nickname since it was his prank that led to Lucky's discovery. "Well if it isn't little orphan Lucky!" A sickly sweet smile slid across his lips uncomfortably. It felt about as natural as a smile on a snake and likely looked just as fake. Landon made no effort to help the survivor chase down the dog. It would tire out soon enough or catch and kill the squirrel. Either way, it wasn't his problem. Hell, maybe the woman that the dog had semi-taken interest in would help. "You really should keep that thing on a leash. Wouldn't want anything to happen to him," he called out towards the still moving Lucky. As much as the male really didn't care for animals, Landon didn't make a habit of killing them. Still, toying with the idea aloud usually had the desired effect on others. If people thought you might do something, they more likely to frighten when the real pranks came along.

                                              Moving over to the nearby bench, Landon decided that since he didn't have anything better going on, he'd just watch the current show. Besides, he was sure that Lucky would have at least a little response after the buttons he pressed. It wasn't often that he came across the survivor of the Foster Massacre so he needed to take the opportunity when it presented itself. While he was no Ty, Landon was sure that Shepard would rile up all the same. Dead parents seemed to be a sore conversation piece for others, so why not press it. Maybe Lucky would even throw a punch. Excitement mingled with his agitation from earlier. His frustrations never seemed to leave until he reached breaking point. Taking a long drag from the cigarette, he quickly finished it, snuffing it out against the bottom of his shoe before throwing it out onto the grass before him. Come on Lucky. Take the bait.


            ( GPS:the park MOOD: amused COMPANY:Lucky OOC: Let me know if anything needs to be changed! )
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    What a mischief you would bring young darling, when you’re up for it before you’ve grown.
    From the liver sweating through your tongue.
    Well you’re standing on my sternum don’t you climb down darling.
    Smoke on Sunday’s when you’re drunk and dressed.

    Izy cocked an eyebrow at Charlie as he asked if Randy was cooking. ”No, it’s his day off. Why? Is something wrong?” her eyes widened slightly and her hand was poised, ready to whip away the offending food and rectify the situation. ”It’s apple pie today, I’ll come back in a minute and see if you’ve changed your mind about that.” she smiled gently at him. A light laugh passed her lips. ”Don’t be silly, I enjoy seeing a friendly face in here.” with that, she lightly touched his shoulder as she excused herself and headed over to the table that was currently occupied by the local Sherriff and, Izy’s tutor – Nicole. ”Good afternoon.” she smiled gently at the two. ”What can I get you?”

    That was the good thing about work, it provided an escape from reality, Izy could throw herself in headfirst and just concentrate on what needed to be done, make small talk with people, talk about them and their lives. She could focus on other people as opposed to worrying about herself and those around her. It made it easier to pretend that certain things weren’t happening, because deep down, Izy was a coward, although she hated to admit it.

    Once she had taken Malcom and Nicole’s orders, the young woman headed back to the kitchen and resorted to quickly checking her phone whilst she waited for the orders to be ready. Awaiting her were a few texts, one from Winona, asking her why she was so mean. Izy scoffed and opened a new message to the girl.

    ’From; Izy
    To; Winona
    Message; Why are you so pathetic? See, that's the thing about you Winona. You pretend to be so innocent and pure. But really, you're jealous. And the only reason you're still a virgin is because no one can ever stand to be around you long enough to ******** you. Ty would never be interested in you. He likes girls with a backbone.’

    Pressing send, she was surprised to see a message from Tyreese and cocked an eyebrow as she opened it. It was evident that he had more to say to her than just ‘hey’ but didn’t really know how to say it. Izy however, was not one to beat about the bush.

    ’From; Izy
    To; Ty
    Message; I’m guessing you want to talk about the rumours floating around?’

    Izy hadn't actually spoken to Ty since the rumours emerged and really, she wasn't entirely sure how that had happened. Most likely the work of her little sister - Madison was a motor mouth after all. In fact, she hadn't even planned on saying anything about the father, until people started assuming it was Tyreese and Izy simply let them make their assumptions, it was easier than explaining the truth. And of course, the young woman had no regard for the fact that she may well wreck Tyreese's life through taking the easy option for herself.

    Rolling her eyes, she then read the message from William, and her stomach dropped. ********. Of course it was only going to be a matter of time before Liam was going to ask about when they could hang out and get ******** up. She’d deliberately been trying to avoid him lately so as to avoid such an inevitable situation, yet here it was, in black and white. It was going to be hard to keep Liam from knowing that something was wrong, if she was rejecting the opportunity to get high all the time or to go out and drink, even Liam would suspect something was up. But she’d cross that bridge when she came to it, for now, she would keep her friend in the dark for as long as possible – evidently he couldn’t have heard anything if he was still asking her to party with him, either that or he had dismissed any rumours he may have heard, and Izy was going to leave it at that.

    ’From; Izy
    To; Liam
    Message; Haha, typical you. Err, idk really. Things have been pretty mad atm. Y’know how it is. Soon? I’m sure you can get ******** up without me. X’

    Speaking of getting ******** up; Izy owed a lot of money to the local dealer. Again, she’d been avoiding him as much as possible as everyone knew that Shin was not a person that you crossed. Though Izy hadn’t heard anything from him for a few days, and surely no news was good news? But it still worried her, constantly feeling like there was a shadow following her around, and it worried her because she wasn’t entirely sure what Shin was capable of, but she knew he was pretty ruthless. Today was payday though, maybe she could give him a little, appease him for a while...

    ’From; Izy
    To; Shin
    Message; I can get you some money today. It’s not all of it. But it’s better than nothing. Meet me later?’

    Her heart rate had picked up as she pressed send and the young woman ran a hand over her face. ********. She had gotten herself into a right mess, in a number of ways. A nervous laugh passed her lips as she leant against her locker. Just as she was about to put her phone away, she stopped herself. She wasn’t entirely sure what it was...but she found herself opening another message to John, and this time, instead of deleting it like she probably should have, she sent it anyway.

    ’From; Izy
    To; John
    Message; Still giving me the silent treatment? Or am I actually gonna get to know what I did wrong?’

    With that, the bell sounded to let her know that the orders were ready and she headed back over to Malcom and Nicole. ”If you need anything else just give me a shout.” she smiled at the two, making sure they both had everything that they needed. Izy was about to head back behind the counter when she noticed Charlie, picking at his food and staring out the window. Slowly, hesitantly, the young woman made her way over to the regular. ”A-Are you okay?” she asked quietly, genuine concern on her face. ”You seem a little sad today?” It was then that she realised it was none of her business and someone could easily take offence or consider her to be patronising. ”I’m sorry, I know it’s not my business.” she ducked her head and hid behind her hair. ”I just don’t like seeing you looking so sad.” she laughed nervously and cringed inwardly. Oh bloody hell; she was just digging herself a hole. ”Sorry...I...” she wrinkled her nose and pointed over at the counter as she took a step backward. ”Any sauce?” Stop talking!

    Location: At the diner, with Charlie

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                              All of the things Lilith was saying and how excited she was helped with Winnie's mood, the girl didn't like being down in the dumps and it helped when a friend had the uppity attitude Winnie enjoyed. What Izy said still bugged her though and she couldn't get it out of her head. She wanted to tell Ty that she was no good for him but how could she get in the middle of something if he really liked her? A soft sigh escaped her lips but she didn't have time to catch her breath because lilith had her arms around her, she was jumping up and down; the kitten that was in her arms jumped from them and ran underneath her bed hiding from the happy chaos that was going on. Winnie jumped up and down as well, smiling a bit more than just a moment ago. The pink haired female had no idea that her friend would be this excited for a dress, it did give her some warm butterfly wings fluttering around in her stomach though. Making people happy was what Winnie enjoyed the most.

                              When Lilith tried to hug her harder Winnie just wiggled around a little, trying to escape the tight grip around her. She was incredibly relieved when the arms were taken from around her, she breathed in deeply and just watched her friend hop up and down. "Of course you can try it on" she replied to Lilith with a small smile on her face, she watched the girl and couldn't helped but giggle a little bit. The dimming of Lilith's excitement worried Winnie for a moment until the question came from between the dark haired females pink lips. Winnie didn't know what to do, she didn't want to make it seem like she was looking for help from Lilith so she backed away from her friend and sat down on her bed with her legs crossed. Winnie reached for her cell phone just as she received a message, she opened the text from Ty and read it. Why would he want to know if she had any extra Hello Kitty things? She guessed it wasn't an odd question though because his little sisters did enjoy Hello Kitty as well, she had been showing them the episodes she downloaded. Winnie sent a text back quickly.

                                            To: Ty : )
                                            From: Winnie
                                            Message: Uh...I have more HK stuff than u would believe.
                                            Come on over, maybe u could hang for a little too?...Around 6:30 or 7...Lilith is
                                            here ....might invite a few other ppl. We could see what I have and make a HK
                                            care pckge.

                              Once she hit send, her fingers moved over the buttons so she could find the text from Izy. With the intention of handing the phone over to Lilith so she could just read it, Winnie stopped when she recieved another text from the blond devil. After she read it, Winnie couldn't help when her bottom lip started quivering. She so wasn't pathetic, she was sensitive; she believed that there was a huge difference. The one who was pathetic was Izy. Winnie didn't understand what she would be jealous of with her ex-best friend. She was pregnant and under-age, she was a complete b***h and didn't know how to treat the people around her with respect. Winnie turned around on her bed, her phone being thrown onto the pillow next to her. She didn't want Lilith to see her cry so her hands went to her face, covering it as much as she could. Winnie didn't like crying, didn't enjoy the feel of her tears against her hands. Izy didn't deserve Ty, Winnie had seen such a different side of him when she was baby sitting for his parents. She knew that he could be a decent person and to know that he might be the father to Izy's child sort of sickened Winnie. She couldn't handle all of this negativity, she couldn't handle Izy and her drama. Winnie breathed in deeply, hiccuping at the same time. It was frustrating, she didn't know what to do. She knew that she ruined the moment with Lilith but her emotions weren't something that she could fully control.

                              The kitten that was under her bed crawled out and jumped onto the bed, the little animals head brushing against Winnie's elbow. Winnie reached to the side slowly, her fingers brushing over the soft fur of her kitten. "I'm sorry Lili..." she whispered softly just after she removed her hands from her face to wipe the tears away. "I didn't mean to ruin your excitement...you can try it on in the bathroom if you want and we can get the rest of your dress done" she nodded slightly, cocking her head to the side as her kitten crawled into her lap, nuzzling her inner thigh. Her voice was hoarse from the tears, she tried her best to keep that sound out of her voice but she failed miserably. With all the frustration inside of her, Winnie did something she didn't really think she would do. The pink haired female reached over for her phone, exiting the text from Izy with a little sneer on her face. She opened another text box for Ty, while she typed another message to him her little kitten playfully bit the inside of her arm.

                                            To: Ty : )
                                            From: Winnie
                                            Message: we need to tlk about some stuff...
                                            hope you can come. c u later hopefully.

                              Winnie placed her phone down onto the bed, turning to face Lilith. Her eyes were puffy and her lips swelled a little bit because of crying. "I wish people weren't so mean Lilith, I mean...Why? I don't understand, I try not to be mean!" her voice raised a little bit as she started to rant to Lilith. Her face turned red because of the frustration, it was obvious she was holding in things that shouldn't have been held in. "People make it so damn hard for me sometimes! Why am I such an easy target? Why do people think I am pathetic and weak! It isn't fair, just because I choose to be happy doesn't mean that I am pathetic. Just because I don't open my legs for every boy who shows interest in me, doesn't mean I am scared. I don't want to be a...." she paused, struggling to say the word that she really really wanted to say. "slut" she whispered it, her eyes which were filled with shame moved to the floor instead of staying on Lilith. She wasn't crying anymore though, which was good but Winnie just wanted it all to stop. Being happy was what she knew, she knew that people weren't as happy as she was but it was her defense mechanism. If she stayed happy and pretended like people weren't as mean as they were all the time, she would be fine. Sometimes it did get to be too much for her and that is when this happens. She didn't plan on spreading rumors, she didn't plan on lying to Ty; the only thing that Winnie was going to do was tell him the truth because he deserved to know it and she couldn't keep something from him. Winnie wanted to know if he actually did say that he was going to help with the baby, she wanted to know if he would keep going to school and do what he wanted to do with his life. She would tell him to make sure that he got a test to see if the child is actually his. Izy was a sneaky little bugger, Winnie at least remembered that.

                              "Try the dress on, I want to see how much more beautiful it is with you wearing it" the female smiled softly, a hint of her brightness poking through. She really did want to see how much more beautiful it would be on her friend. Winnie stood before placing her kitten onto the bed beside her. When she stood in front of the dress, she bent down and started to take the plastic off of the dress, placing it down beside her so she could remove it from the hanger. Winnie stood there, holding the dress up against Lilith, daintily fixing the ribbons.
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                                        He stood there for a moment, waiting to see if Gambit would come back or not. All he wanted was to see that familar snout poke out from around the corner, however he didn't. "s**t," he sharply snapped as he turned his head away and pinched the brim of his nose out of frustration. He loved Gambit, but he knew whoever was the owner of that cat probably wouldn't. All he was left to do was hope that the cat was able to scurry up the tree without being too injured.

                                        Shepherd glanced over at his other dog, who was now sitting, but looking around at the various other things that passed by her. Yes, she was behaved better than Gambit, but at the same time, Gambit was his friend. He knew how sad it sounded to consider a dog more of a friend than any of his classmates. It was probably dramatic. Then at that exact moment his phone chimed a quick piano melody in his pocket. He tugged out the device to see he had a text from Pennie. Pennie...was she really his friend? His definition of a friend was probably too strict for anyone to qualify. After all, wasn't a friend someone who had the ability to tug your thoughts away from the ugliness in the world? Wasn't a friend someone who would stand by your side no matter what? There were times when Shephered believed that if anyone really knew about what happened in the house leading up to the massacre, he wouldn't have a friend alive. That's why he chose to keep Lillith guessing. He had seen too many horrors to let anyone to the world that was kept deep in the darkest crevices of his mind. He didn't think that even his psychologist could handle it. So he read Pennie's text, trying to reassure himself that she was simply his castmate. Just as Kaleb and Mae were.

                                        To: Pennie
                                        From: Lucky

                                        Ah, hopefully not a Twi-spoof
                                        unless you want to get stuck
                                        as Bella. i'll check around, if
                                        I find out something I'll let you

                                        He chose not to 'sign' his text. He knew that Pennie's little "<3" was standard, and most likely pinned to all of her text messages. Maybe he needed to set up some kind of tagline? He glanced back at the text message, and thought back to the possibility of a Twilight Sketch (God forbid). It was obvious that they would cast Kaleb as Edward. Who knows, maybe this time Mae would get the lead? 'Some friend I am' he mentally scolded himself. Then that's when he got a text from Kaleb. 'Speak of the Devil.' Although he wasn't exactly thinking of Kaleb at that particular moment. So they did have a meeting. So much for his Sunday afternoon. He might as well reply to Pennie, find Bandit, finish the walk, then take his dogs home. After that, he supposed he would let Pierceson know that he wasn't going to be in. Then again, what was the chance that the Medical Examiner actually wanted to hang out with him? "GAMBIT!" he called out once again as he tugged his sandy colored pooch along with him. He moved around the corner and didn't see any sight of the pointy eared mutt. His phone chimed again, and this time he had two texts, one from Mae and the other from Lillith.

                                        To: Mae
                                        From: Lucky

                                        And I just found out that we do
                                        have a meeting. I'll fwd you Kaleb's
                                        text. Lol. maybe you should ask your
                                        dad to give us our Sundays.

                                        To: Pennie, Mae
                                        From: Lucky

                                        FWD. There is supposed to be a meeting this afternoon
                                        about what kind of skit we’d want to go through with
                                        I think they have a few ideas we’re supposed to pick the 1
                                        with the best pitch. & A possible measuring for costumes...
                                        Possible/Maybe/NotDefinite. Meeting though is deff.
                                        Catch yah there.

                                        The text he had from Lilith was short. He started thumbing out a reply but stopped when Melody's ears perked up and she started tilting her head oddly. "Do you know where Gambit is?" he asked, but of course the dog didn't reply. Although she did start tugging him the direction. His phone chimed again, he was able to glance down and see it was another text from Lillith. Out of habit he clicked 'view now', causing the text he had started to write out to be saved as a draft. With this latest text he saw it was invitation to hang out at Winnie's house. Of course Lucky knew who Winnie was. He had heard Lilith talk about the girl a lot recently. He could only assume that the pink haired girl was very important to the Vampire Obsessed. There were two things about her text that made him uneasy though. 1. He wasn't one for parties. He often felt uneasy and out of place. 2. Ty wasn't his friend. Lucky heaved a sigh out of annoyance as he wondered what the jock had been telling everyone. With a sigh he quickly thumbed out.
                                        To: Lilith
                                        From: Lucky

                                        will do. tho you know
                                        ty's going to try & make everything
                                        about sex, right?

                                        Although he was not looking forward to being around Ty. After all, he felt as though he and the other clashed at times. Before he could send Ty a text, he heard a familiar voice from behind him. There was only one person that Lucky disliked more than Ty, and that was Landon. The awful thing was, Lucky disliked most of humanity. Being called 'little orphan Lucky', caused him to sharply tug back on the leash, forcing Melody to stop. However the dog wanted to pull him further into the park. He had no idea that Landon had seen when Gambit had first ran off. "Bite me," Lucky snapped, before calling out once again, "GAMBIT!" Lucky had self-control, and he knew it. At that moment, there were several things he wanted to say Landon. If he were bolder, more violent, and stupider, he would have potentially used the empty leash against the other. He didn't, and knew that those kind of thoughts, were best to ignore him. Although it was that last statement that really got under his skin. "Wouldn't want anything to happen to him." He stopped walking, and glanced back towards the male that was seated on the bench. Even though Melody was trying to tug him further into the park, there was something about that statement that he couldn't ignore.

                                        Lucky moved over to Landon, and stopped in front of his bench. "What do you want?" he suddenly asked, with little to no patience present in his tone. Although that's when he realized that there was no reason for him to get caught up in this. He didn't want to give Landon any form of control over his thoughts. "I mean obviously you want something. But if you're only feeling lonely, then I suggest you go get ******** by someone else." Gambit suddenly barked, and Lucky broke his attention away from Landon to see his dog wagging his tail. At this point it was obvious that the dog was playing with him. He was too far for Lucky to grab, but close enough for the dog to see if he would start chasing him or not. All Lucky had to do was take a single step, and Gambit darted off. He had no idea that Gambit had ran off to harass some woman. He sharply cursed to himself once again, then glanced over at Landon. "As much as I would love to chat, I have to go," he told the other. It was his choice not to talk about the fact that his parents were dead. "But hey, if you want, you're welcome to help me," he added with a sarcastic sense of cheerfulness. He highly doubted that Landon would take him up on the offer. If anything, Lucky hoped at that moment that he and the other could go their separate ways. He didn't want to be involved in Landon, Ty, Kain and Liam's little foursome.

                                        As long as he didn't lose his temper, then Landon had no control over him.

                                        █ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌

                                        Xx Location;; Park with Landon and Melody
                                        Dogs:: Melody, Gambit
                                        Attire:: CLICKERS

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    I wish that I could have this moment for life
    For life, For life
    This is my moment, I just feel so alive
    Alive, Alive
    I'm really tryna make it more than what it is,
    cause everybody dies but not everybody lives

                            ¤¤¤ Sєαn Wєndαl Lystєr¤¤¤
                            ╔╣тнє ʀєρσʀтєʀ╠╗
                            ||Location :: Apartment bedroom: with Bette||
                            ||Wearing :: Day Wear||

    ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤
    User ImageInside of his apartment, in the privacy of his room, Sean found himself staring at his computer screen. His eyes stung from focusing on the glowing screen for so long, but that didn't seem to ruin his focus. What was he working on? His latest case! You see, Lyster had made quite the name for himself as being a reporter. You could say that his break through story was just a brush of good luck. After all, he just happened to rent the apartment right beside the Delarosa family because it was affordable. Just as Juanita happened to have her possession episodes when he was around. Only an idiot wouldn't take note of that, so of course he abuse that grief and venerable of the family to report on the situation. The entire story was his lucky break, but he knew that he couldn't just wait around for another chance occurrence.

    Rubbing his hand over his face and eyes, the reporter leaned back in his swiveling chair, spinning around once as he let out a groan. He need more information, and staring at the same screen wasn't going to change anything. The reporter was going to have to figure out a way to get interviews, but until he did that, he was at a stand still for the morning. No matter, there was always one thing that could put his mood at ease. Moving his cursor to the start up menu, he clicked around to pictures before digging up an album labeled "Katy" Inside of it, there was a multitude of photos of one particular person. They were all of Kaleb Tewers. Some were were when screen caps from the variety show, others were pictures he dug up on the internet of before the teen moved to Brookshire. There were even photos he took of the boy around town and when he would drop by the boarding house to visit the owner's son. It was rather convenient that he the blonde liked to drop by, but Sean figured it was going because the male enjoyed sneaking glances at him as well. The brunette was set on thinking that Kaleb had been teasing him for a while now...but that was okay. "My little legal lamb, just wait a bit longer..." he whispered as his finger tips hovered over the in enlarged image of Kaleb's face on his monitor.

    He found himself lightly humming the course of Muse's "Starlight" before he abruptly stopped, hearing someone calling out to him. His fawning would have to end for now, as he quickly closed the album, swiveling in his chair to face the exit to the room to call out. "You were sleeping so good- I just didn't have the heart to disturb you." The girl generally didn't get the luxury of sleeping, so it was pretty much expected that when they were both home, she typically was knocked out. At least...that was how it was yesterday. By the time he came back from canvassing the town, Sean realized that his Bette was in one of her sleep comas. It was only common courtesy to leave the girl to enjoy her slumber...as well as take a sleeping cue from her. On problem was that his sleep was only a fraction as long. This was typical for Sean. He never was one to keep a regular sleeping pattern because he had to make sure his life could adjust to fit with whoever his target was. After all, he learned early on that it's rare for news to just spring up on you. Aggressiveness was a must, as well as patience, since there was no telling how long it would take for someone to let their guard down.

    It was this reasoning that Lyster generally lived off of random naps. It was tiresome, but he was passionate about his work- so passionate that he used his resources to keep an on his his little pet project as well. After all, he preferred being able to update his Katy folder regularly. Needless to say, he didn't allow himself to get too much rest, especially on the weekends. Everyone knew that people have the habit of spilling their juicy secrets when they're not focused on work or school. The only problem was that his targeted subject that he was assigned to tail had a mystery schedule. Out-of-towners were always difficult to figure out and since these newbies to the city were apart of a documentary team, he knew he had to work fast. This was big news for such a small town, and Sean had permission to cover the whole thing. By the time he was finished with his report, there wouldn't be a single person in Brookshire who didn't know about their town's paranormal activity could possible make national news.

    The people had a right to know how this camera crew was going to portray their town. It was their god given right, and his right to make money off of it as well. After all, he had bills to pay, just like everybody else. Sean just hated that figuring out the crew's locations half of the time was a huge headache; especially because he hadn't been able to pinpoint what their usual spots would be. He just hoped that today would be more productive than yesterday...and that he would have enough caffeine to get him through the day. 'Maybe I should pay the mayor a visit...he may have a number I can call,' the reporter thought to himself with a dark smile creeping up on his face. Surely the documentary team had to get permission from the mayor before coming, so there had to be some contact information he could pick from the politician. You could say that they had something of friendship going on. He had been invited to the Mayor's house on countless occasions along with the sheriff. Perhaps the politician enjoyed his company so much because wrote a very favorable report about the male during the last election? How knows? The only thing Sean was sure about was the fact that he was in the inner circle of not only the mayor, but the sheriff and deputy, which he enjoyed exploiting.

    Standing up, the adult stretched his arms high above his head to fore out some build up tension and stiffness. He wasn't even positive who long had been sitting there...and wasn't going to dare look at the time stamps to figure it out. Instead, he stifle a yawn as he sauntered into the kitchen. Bette was talking about being hungry, which reminded him that drinking instant coffee did not constitute as a balanced breakfast (or lunch) either. Moving over to the counter, he leaned against it as he rubbed his face once more before ruffling up his short locks of hair. "Fabulous idea, ma'dear," he began, glancing in the general direction of the apartment exit. "When was the last time we went out together? Roughly a week ago?" he wasn't too sure, but knew that it was important that their relationship was believable. After all, he had quite the feeling that the mayor was homophobic. There was no reason to give the other any reason to feel uncomfortable in front of him.

    "Getting food would be a good idea as well," Sean mused as he found himself no looking in the refrigerator. There was nothing that looked too appetizing, so stalking up seemed to be a good idea....although it made no sense to buy food, go back home to put it up, and then go out again. That would have to be the last stop, so he could run a few errands first. He wanted to make some time to drop by the studio to see if Kaleb was filming today, but didn't want Bette to catch onto to his little obsession. Visiting the mayor was another option- yet a stroke of genius suddenly hit him. "But first I need to visit my favorite historian..." he cooed shutting the fridge door. Pivoting around, he looked at the female. "I don't know why I didn't think of checking in with Alex yesterday...the researchers would have to drop by him eventually." There was no telling if Bette was even following him anymore. After all, the reporter had a bad hint of thinking aloud from time to time when he would become inspired.

    Sean even found a laugh bubble up at his excitement as he grabbed the nurse's arms so he could plant a kiss on her forehead. "Going out- brilliant idea!" and with that, the male moved back to his room, leaving the door open as he tugged off his shirt so he could put a fresh one one. He had showered the night before, but a new shirt would be necessary. Brushing his teeth on his way out was definitely marked down on his mental list as well. "Shall we take my car or yours?" he quizzed, unsure if Bette followed him back to his room or not.

    ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤
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    the demonologist

                                                                                    No, no, that’s not it, neither is that. Ruth methodically searched through the books in the town history section of the Brookshire Public Library, looking for something, anything, that might shed light on the mysterious events in the town. All she needed was some sort of evidence, some hint as to what was really going on, and she might be able to help. If only she could find what she needed.

                                                                                    Ruth was so concentrated on finding the book (or books) that might be helpful, that she failed to notice the man walking towards her until he spoke.

                                                                                    “Do you need help searching for anything in particular?”

                                                                                    At least this library had good employees.

                                                                                    “Yes, as a matter of fact, I do need some help. I’m looking for information on Brookshire’s history. Anything involving mysterious deaths or accidents could potentially be helpful, as could your knowledge of the town.”

                                                                                    As she was speaking, Ruth felt her phone vibrate. She kept it in the outermost pocket of her purse, so that it rested against her torso whenever she held the bag. That way she rarely failed to notice when she was being called or received a text message.

                                                                                    “I’m sorry, please excuse me for a moment.”

                                                                                    Ruth stepped away from the man and turned her attention to her phone. She considered it rude when people attended to their phones instead of the company around them, but at the same time any call or text she received could potentially be quite important. If she were in a meeting or eating a meal with someone, Ruth made it a point to ignore the phone, or if she did not ignore it, to silence it. Otherwise, she preferred to answer as soon as possible. She hated those times she sent a text or called someone and her message was not promptly responded to.

                                                                                    This particular text was from Charlie, one of Brookshire’s priests, and he was asking her out to lunch. Though Ruth didn’t consider herself as having friends so much as having acquaintances or coworkers, she supposed that if she were to consider anyone as a friend it would be Charlie. She cared about him, though not in the way she cared about everyone else in general. While for the most part Ruth simply hoped that things worked out well for everyone and would actively work to improve the lives of others, her interactions were usually very impersonal. She took care distance herself from others. She made sure to get no more attached to the personal lives of those she encountered than she was attached to people she had never met. Yes, the death of a nameless Japanese child killed in an earthquake would sadden her, but it would not negatively affect her work or personal life. She cared about the people she met the same way she cared about that nameless Japanese child.

                                                                                    Charlie, however, was different. She found him somewhat endearing. She didn’t like this. Becoming close to someone was the easiest way to open oneself to pain, and Ruth was not at all keen on pain. So, occasionally, when she was asked to go out to lunch, or to have a conversation, or to do any number of social things, Ruth would make the excuse that she was in the midst of some research or some other similar occupation. She never lied, as it was true that she was almost always in the midst of reading something or performing some type of research, but had she wanted she could easily drop whatever she was doing and attend to the person.

                                                                                    In this case, however, Ruth seriously considered putting her research on hold and meeting Charlie for lunch. The man had seemed troubled recently, and she considered the fact that it might have to do with the events of the exorcism she had attended with him years ago. Even without being personally attached to the possessed, exorcisms could be scarring. The average person would never attend an exorcism, but because of her occupation Ruth had seen many. She had seen the ways those taking part in the exorcisms could be affected. In some rare cases, it could even drive one mad. Most cases, however, left those involved with a disquieting need for inward reflection. This was evident in cases even when those involved didn’t know the person being exorcised, but in the Brookshire case, it was very possible that Charlie and the woman had been close.

                                                                                    Over the course of their correspondence, Ruth had begun to suspect that Charlie was losing sight of the importance of his service to God. It was not overt, but occasionally Ruth would catch a word or phrase that worried her. She thought that maybe even something as simple as social interaction might help the priest remember why he had been called to his vocation.

                                                                                    Maybe she should meet Charlie for lunch. She hadn’t eaten lunch yet today, and she was beginning to feel a little bit peckish. Still, there was this man here offering to help her find the information she needed. He could prove to be an invaluable resource. No, she could meet Charlie sometime later. Work came first.

                                                                                    To: Charlie Maddux
                                                                                    From: Ruth Balfour

                                                                                    I’m sorry but I’m in the midst
                                                                                    of some rather important research.
                                                                                    Perhaps some other time?

                                                                                    That taken care of, Ruth put her phone back into her purse and turned back to the man who had offered his help.

                                                                                    “Sorry, I seem to have forgotten my manners. My name is Ruth Balfour. And yours?” Ruth held out her hand in greeting, hoping she was making the acquaintance of someone who would be useful later on.

    Location: Brookshire Public Library
    With: Alexander Way (Town Historian)
    Wearing: Outfit
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    In between the lines there's a lot of o b s c u r i t y
    I'm not inclined to resign to m a t u r i t y
    If it's all right, then you're all wrong
    Why bounce around to the same damn song?

    User Image

                                                            Graham didn’t mind stopping to see if April needed help. There was nothing illegal about the action besides it allowed him to waste some time. An added plus was seeing a bright red head walk on by... Two attractive females... Both were attractive however one looked more of age when it came down to things. Nicole was quite the lucky catch for whoever had her. The psychic wasn’t going to deny that the female had quite the body, but he wasn’t going to lose his self-control, “Nice to see you Miss Sullivan.. Enjoy your diner talk with the man with the suede, suede head.” Oh sure the psychic didn’t know for sure who Nicole was seeing at the diner or if they did for a fact have quite the suede head. However that was all part of the psychic gig, assumptions and word play... And noticing things like words said, certain gesticulations, and a persons attire one can piece a few things together. Speaking of words said there was a prissy little rich kid saying some pretty interesting words.

                                                            Oh my gosh, the psychic faked a gasp. Did this pipsqueak really think his words would offend Graham Moser? Graham couldn’t help the low snicker that escaped his lips. It was amusing, it was. To think that the mayor’s little kin actually thought he could install some kind of petty hurt into the ex-convict’s “feelings” if anything Graham felt honored that the child took to mentioning him. It isn’t everyday one gets insulted by the mayor’s pride and joy... Or maybe it was? From what Graham had gathered from his brother, the kid was one of a few who bullied Landon. Graham had been to hell and back this rich kid wasn’t even viewed as a threat in his mind. Though the brunette could come up with a few witty remarks of his own... The psychic just had to think of the approach he planned to take. “I didn’t know I was talking to General Lee-Retarded... Last I checked asking obvious questions to make idle chat was still acceptable in most cultures. However, maybe you’ve been demoted to Major Lee-Retarded and that’s why you didn’t know.” The psychic paused and placed a hand on his mouth then parted it to add in a solemn tone, “It’s alright I forgive your lack of perception...” True most people weren’t gifted with a certain perception... One that the full-time psych, part-time behaviorist felt he was gifted with, and since the rich kid felt to be so kind of him today Graham felt he wouldn’t mind sharing a little kindness of his own, “Owh! Ahhh..” His hand jerked back to his head, faking pain, “Ah my ear! Owh! Oh gosh, my ear.... What I’m hearing is like a stabbing.... jabbing sound... things... things being said about you...” His arm flapped around but it was obvious he was pointing at Kain. “I’d give you advice... but,” Graham put recomposed himself enough to put his helmet back on his head, “My spiritual sources say you don’t want it.”

                                                            That felt good. That really did. It made him feel proud of himself, though not so proud... After all this was a teenager he was fighting the boy didn’t stand a chance. Looking at the curly blonde who was now standing before him Graham was glad his eyes were covered by the visor. “Well if you need to reach me, you do already have my card..” A figurative business card, like he would actually hand off card that could be used in a states court as evidence against him for some reason. Though maybe a business card would be an interesting thing to have. Whatever it was the blonde knew how to reach him as well as her friend with a producer for a daddy. Before the rich kid could have a chance to reply with any smart remarks of his own Graham sped off to the next corner away from the group going off in the opposite direction. He had the last words and that was all that mattered too him. The psychic did take a moment to check his phone and saw a text from his brother, a smirk planted on his face as he started his reply. It was fun being reunited with the person he shared a DNA with. Still he gave pause while he thought about how he wanted to spend the rest of the day.

                                                            To;; Troublemaker
                                                            From;; Broski
                                                            Glad to hear you woke up hermano.
                                                            You know fun fact, a cruelty to animal
                                                            charge is a felony in the big CT. That means
                                                            a sentence of up to 5 years & a $250k fine.
                                                            Such a sad waste of money... going to the gov.

                                                            Though if you wanna hang & shoot the s**t
                                                            I’m about to buy some beers of my own.
                                                            Don’t want to steal the old man’s stash he’s got no
                                                            finesse when it comes to pickin’ liqour... you want anythin?

                                                            With that text sent he did enjoy the pondering of a good drink. Unlike his father he liked to think he knew his limit before he got too drunk. Though he also believed he was more of a comical drunk than an angry one. But emotions change at a drop of a hat given the circumstances. So whether or not he was an angry, depressive, or comical drunk the currently sober male couldn’t say. Instead he found himself driving off while he reminded himself he would not go back to making bunks, cleaning toilets, and cafeteria duty just so he could hang a “do not disturb” sign on his arse. He was going to keep his freedom and he was just going to be craftier when it came to his business dealings. A crime of false pretenses can go a long way back to a maximum security penthouse suite if he wasn’t lucky... Though luck was on his side when it came to a lot of things. Like how he was lucky running into the deputy while on his way to the grocery store to pick out some party drinks. Personally John stood as neither a like nor a dislike in the psychic’s eyes he was just the male who needed to sign some papers so that the current ankle monitor could be removed from Graham’s person. Till then he was stuck here in “******** nowhere” as Graham liked to refer to it..

                                                            Parking beside the male’s truck he really didn’t care if the other drove off. Graham didn’t plan to stay long just long enough to mention, “You know Dwight Henderson? His wife is a Chinese mail order bride from hell and that’s really all I have to say.” All joking aside.. Well there was actually so much joking that he didn’t think to put it aside. Lifting his visor up he looked at the electronic device in John’s hand, “Oh you’re texting someone? How cute... don’t tell me is it a frescort perhaps... A friendly-escort...? No, no I’m not seeing any curves at all never-mind.” Honestly Graham just needed attention and he was bored, not to mention the blonde he thought would previously supply him some attention was off with the rich kid and maybe Graham had some undiagnosed dependency issues.. but he didn’t care instead he planned to bug the deputy at least till the other threatened to handcuff him or something along the lines, then Graham would go on his merry way to get booze like he intended all along. “Are you stalking me now because that’s unbecoming of you. Oh though if you must know the yellow light is out on the corner of Fourty-Second and Grand View Street... people running red lights. Can’t you just smell the tickets~ You could make bank if you wanted to cash in on those little freebies out there.” Pulling his visor down Graham saluted the male before adding a, “Don’t let me stop you officer.” To sound mildly authentic.. Though he was right about the light being out. He was just waiting for the other to drive off... Or accuse him of being under the influence. Which could be fun given Graham knew how to say his “Z, Y, Xs” by heart. Either way John was just a small stop in the process of trying to un-bore himself.

                                                            Location:: Parked on the side of the street
                                                            Near:: John
                                                            Motorcycle:: Norton 750 Commando & Helmet
                                                            Attire:: Undressing the Words

                                                            Embrace the deception, Learn how to bend
                                                            Your xxxworst inhibitionsxxx tend to
                                                            psychxxxxx you out, in the end
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                                                                              Bette had to admit she kind of appreciated the fact that Sean had been so kind to allow her to sleep as long as she had. It was rare Bette slept that consistently for that long without a sleep aid of some sort. She was such a mess when it came to the sleeping department, and she wasn’t ever able to tell anyone the truth as to why. It was a big secret, one she didn’t dare spill for the purpose of her own safety. Nobody here knew who she had been before the name Bette porter came in to her life. She liked the person she had become as far as she was concerned by this point she was Bette Porter, that girl was her, whoever she had been before had died the night her parents had. She felt amazing though having gotten a good long sleep in. Especially given how much she had worked in the last week. Bette knew she had a disgusting amount of vacation time saved up but she never made the move to take any time off, well unless Sean was to ask her too. She had no reason to if he didn’t. She had nowhere to go, no one to see and a part of her was afraid of even stepping on tiny toe outside of Brookshire. What if one of those guys was out of jail already? What if they saw her? Could they recognize her ten years later, all grown up and not so wide eyed, innocent, or baby faced? She didn’t know and Bette was pretty damn sure she did not ever want to find out.

                                                                              Sean came in to view out of his room and Bette smiled at him softly from her seat on the kitchen counter, her ankles crossed and bouncing lightly. Her tan coloured legs were for the most part well toned from spending so much time on them walking up and down the hospital floors doing her rounds either in the main hospital, or in the psychiatric ward. Though she had to admit it had been a damn long time since she had been to the gym, and her thighs were getting a bit jiggly the closer she got to thirty, and her butt was certainly bigger than it had been last year. Bette didn’t mind though, she knew she wasn’t the most drop dead gorgeous woman in all of Brookshire, there were plenty of woman and girl’s better looking than her. But she was confident, happy with herself, and she knew the reason she didn’t have a date, a real one, had nothing to do with her looks, but the other body in the kitchen. Her little ruse with Sean in order to protect his sexuality made a lot of men in town avoid her for fear of treading on the reporter’s toes. Bette was fairly certain if she ever did choose to date a guy around here Sean would grill the ever loving hell out of them, not that Bette minded better safe than sorry. If she knew anyone who could dig up dirt on anybody it was Sean Lyster.

                                                                              Her best friend in the entire world made his way over so he was leaning on the counter beside her and Bette leaned over as he ruffled his short locks of hair and put her hands on his shoulders, squeezing softly and running her thumbs along the muscles. God only knew how long he had been in that chair and Bette could imagine he was going to be stiff. When he mentioned the fact that her idea had been fabulous she smiled at him and her eyes too travelled over to the exit, and then down at her clothes. If they were going out she was going to need to change. She’d showered at the hospital before coming home, it was a usual routine to get the scent of antiseptic, and sterility out of her hair. She didn’t mind it at work, but she sure as heck didn’t want it stinking up her apartment and making it smell less homey. She liked the way her apartment smelled of febreeze and scented candles.

                                                                              Bette’s attention was turned back over to her friend away from the exit when he asked about the last time they had gone out and she released his shoulder’s with a shrug of her own “I have no idea honestly babycakes. I think it was early last week. I’ve been working so much though I hardly remember what day it is, in fact I can’t remember the last time I slept at home and not in the break room at the hospital.” Bette’s cheeks flushed a bit and she diverted her eyes away from him feeling a bit stupid for admitting that. Was she really such a screwed up workaholic she even had to sleep there? Well when she did sleep that was. “I’ve been pulling like eighteen to twenty hour shifts, it’s just been easier to crash there than to drive home totally spent, only to have to drive back in a few hours. Yes I know I work too much.”

                                                                              While Bette was talking Sean had slipped off in to his own little world and began talking to himself, out loud and partially to her since she was in the room and could hear him. She wasn’t exactly following his train of thought since he had only said so much of it out loud; but she figured it had to do with work. Possibly with the film crew, or documentary crew, whatever the hell they were that was in town wanting to check out the old Foster home where the massacre occurred. The very idea of them bringing all that up again brought a frown to Bette’s face and made her shake her head “God I hope those media creeps, no offense babe, stay the hell away from the hospital and from Allison or I am going to be throwing both my clipboard and a fit on and at them.” Bette could be a very gentle, caring, loving lady, but she could also be a bit of a firecracker when you got in her way or messed with her patients, it was probably why she deeply disliked a large number of the doctor’s in the hospital. They butted in to places they didn’t belong.

                                                                              Sean laughed yanking Bette out of her brooding and looks up at him when he started laughing, a soft smile tugging up the corners of her full, pale pink coloured lip. Her eyelids drifted down as Sean leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her forehead and she let him, almost leaning in and slipping her arms around him in a hug but restraining herself. Bette in her own way truly did love Sean, possibly more than she had loved anyone since the night her parents had died. He had been the first and only person she had let in to her bubble since then. He was her safety net so to speak, the one person she knew she could ultimately depend on. Of course the love for him wasn’t sexual or anything like that, that would be both dumb and weird, but it was more deep than your standard platonic love. In a way, Sean was the only family that she had. After her friend moved to his bedroom stripping off his shirt, too which Bette gave a teasing wolf whistle, leaned against his door jam, she shrugged a slender shoulder and spoke softly “We could take mine, I just filled up, I don’t care which one of us drives either. So long as you can handle a stick.” Bette’s voice dropped a bit and she made the last word sound lewd as she teased her friend gently, before letting out a giggle no longer able to keep a serious face.

                                                                              I do have to change and run a brush through my hair first though so uno momento por favor.” Bette spun on her heels and meandered back to her room, shutting the door since she was doing a full change and as close as she and Sean were there were just some things that man did not need to see. Tugging on the usual under garments, Bette grabbed the first few things that were on her clean laundry pile, sitting on a chair in her room, never having been put away due to a combination of being busy, and having other things on her mind. Bette wiggled her big butt in to her skinny jeans, and tugged on a matching V.S Top and hoodie, slipping her feet in to her runners which she wore almost all the time, she was almost complete.

                                                                              Bette tossed her nursing uniform of a fresh scrub top, socks, and pants in to her black Nike bag, and checked to make sure her special ordered stethoscope was safely tucked in the bag as well. What followed next was the usual brushing of teeth, and hair, as well as washing her face with a bit of Noxzema and water. She applied a bit of mascara and a pale pink lip gloss before tying her hair back up in to it’s perky pony, slipping her glasses on to her face and nodding smartly at her reflection. All of this took the nurse less than fifteen minutes, never having been one to dally about on her appearance unless it was necessary. Coming in to the main room she snatched up her car keys and held them in her hand “Well boo, am I driving or are you hmm?


                                                                              WHERE :: Her Apartment
                                                                              WARDROBE :: Tackling The Day
                                                                              WITH :: Sean
                                                                              FEELING :: A Little Unnerved, and Hungry
                                                                              SONG :: Drummer Boy - Debi Nova

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    Shirtless Lover

    User Image

    User Image

                                  LOCATION first the dream bean, and then On her bike riding through town COMPANY first Axell, then no one

                                  Pennie rubbed her shoulder a bit when she was done picking up her purse, then heard a voice saying something about her plan not working. Confused, she turned around to face Axell just as he said the Bend and Snap method only worked when standing up. The Ex-Cheerleader lifted an eyebrow, confused as to why the Drama King was A) talking to her. and B ) accusing her of trying to get attention. In the back of her head, she knew she should just ignore him, but good ideas didn't often travel from her brain to mouth fast enough. ”Not true, if done properly that is. But there are easier things to do while sitting down to get people's attention.” Pennie nodded. It was true enough. If you were wearing a low cut top and you bent over to grab a pencil or something, then you could give a good enough view of your cleavage to get someone's attentions. Making Eye contact and just smiling was the easiest thing to do. Acting bored, replicating his behavior... Some were just little things she learned on her own, and some were things her father (of all people) taught her. Pennie flirted. A lot. Sometimes it was on purpose, most of the time it wasn't. The blonde girl just liked to be bubbly and make a deeper connection with people she met. She flirted with everyone: Girls, boys, grown up, dogs... But it was always the 'first degree' of flirtation that was light and harmless. A smile, a wink, a giggle. Pennie would rarely turn into actually Hitting On which a much more direct and sometimes intimidating thing to do. She walked on a very thin line, and if she had ever led anyone on, she didn't know. Perhaps because she was used to her own flirty nature being rather innocent, she didn't pick up on when other tried to subtly flirt with her. Or maybe she was just stuck in her own little word where hints and suggestions simply disappeared.

                                  Her phone chimed and got a short slight vibration against the tabled, grabbing her attention right away. Pennie reached out and opened up the first message she had immediately as Axel continued to stuff napkins into napkin containers. The first was from Winnie, which Pennie was read happily. Of course, Winnie was a sweet girl so it was no wonder she many other friends to entertain rather than just The Ex-Cheerleader. Just as the blonde was about to type up a reply, she got another reply from April. This one caught her off guard a bit. Pennie knew she was being over the top, but she really did miss her cheer squad as if she had been plucked away from a large family and sent away to another smaller family. She loved her cast mates dearly, because they all seemed so nice and friendly, but she had been with that squad for so long. "Oh please... You're fine." made Pennie feel like she was just being an annoying pest. April probably only asked how she was doing to be polite. And finally, she got a reply from Lucky about the vampire idea. He had immediately shot down the twi-spoof idea, which made Pennie wrinkle her a nose a bit to hold back a laugh. Pennie as Bella? Yeesh!

                                  To: Winnie
                                  fancy dress is fancy
                                  And it's okay, I don't wanna
                                  intrude and you guys's friend
                                  time, though a sleep over does
                                  sound fun. I'll see what I
                                  can do! I'LL MAKE THE
                                  SALSA YUM YUM!!
                                  Who else are you gonna
                                  <3 Pennie

                                  To: April

                                  =) Nothing much.
                                  I just miss cheer.
                                  sorry to bug you
                                  miss busy pants~
                                  Good luck! I know
                                  the Berries are amazing
                                  and you'll do amazing things
                                  with them!!!!
                                  <3 Pennie

                                  To: Lucky

                                  Boooo. No.
                                  I'd wanna be a
                                  vampire. seriously
                                  I'd more meanish roles.
                                  Challenges and what not.
                                  Plus, it's hard for me to
                                  freeze my face into one
                                  constant expression for
                                  everything. hehehehe
                                  <3 pennie

                                  Once she was done replying, Axell sat on the table next to her and asked why she was in his space when she could be at the studio. She lifted up her cup of tea to show him she wasn't just loitering, and he kept going on about begging him to come back and how the festival was going to suck. At first, Pennie frowned. She didn't like being picked at much, and she especially didn't like feeling belittled and like she was doing everything wrong... But she turned her frown into a smile and sighed. ”You're so silly. I'm not in your space, I come here all the time to get tea. Some times you're working, sometimes your not. But if you don't like me coming here, I can find somewhere else. This place just has the best tea in town...” she set her drink down, ”But, I think you're confused. Because I didn't come her to beg you to come back. I mean, I'm just an actress on the show, why would they send me to do that? Thats just silly! But they did find a second boy already... And I'm sure the producers wanted you back, they would make you a super good offer, ya know.” Pennie smiled brighter, ”And I see what you're doing. I get it, Axell, and you're so sneaky! You think that if you put us down that it'll just ignite that fire inside of the variety four to prove you wrong! which will make the show even better! I always thought you were kinda a jerk, but now that you're trying to help even though you're no longer with the group... It's so nice! So, we'll make sure to put on a super amazing show at the festival! Oop! Text message~" Once the words left her mouth, Pennie fully believed that Axell was just helping the group. It was crazy, and very very very wrong, but it was small ideas like that that helped Pennie see the words in a brighter and more cartoony place. She liked her world of rainbows and sparkles and planned on continuing to delude herself and keeping it that way.

                                  It was a short simple message from Mae, but it was nice and that made Pennie happy. Did she know that the asian girl disliked her so much? Of course not! Pennie was sure that she and the other girl were on their way to becoming good friends!

                                  To: Mae

                                  When are you free
                                  this week? Wanna go
                                  fabric shopping?
                                  I'm trying to convince
                                  my dad to make my halloween
                                  costume this year. We can do
                                  other things too! =D maybe
                                  get food after work one day??
                                  <3 Pennie

                                  Shortly after she sent her message, she received on from Kaleb. Instantly, she wanted to toss her phone up into the air and flail about. There was a meeting! And Pennie was not cute at all! When she met with the variety hour producing and directing team, the blonde liked to look cute and professional. At the moment, she looked like a weird grandma and Ducky from Pretty in Pink cross over... But she would rather go in her current outfit than be late! At least she had showered, that was always good. Shortly after she read that, Lucky forwarded her a message she assumed was from Kaleb as well and it made her even more stressed.

                                  To: Kaleb

                                  GOSH DARN IT!
                                  I'm on my way!
                                  If I'm late, cover for me!
                                  Ugh, I'm not dressed
                                  pretty at all! >.< NO TIME!!

                                  To: Lucky

                                  HE JUST REMINDED ME TOO
                                  UGHHHHH I'LL SEE YOU
                                  THERE! GOTTA HURRY
                                  CAN'T BE LATE! AHHHH!!!

                                  She would have sent a message to Malory as well, but Pennie felt as if she had no time at all. ”Oh my goodness I'm late! I gotta go Axell, but you have a good day at work and keep up the good work! I'll see you around!” Pennie yelled, then downed the rest of her tea and tossed the paper cup into the trash bin. She gave the Drama King a bit of a wave, then grabbed her purse and went to unchain her bike. It didn't actually dawn on her that Kaleb never gave a specific time. The message just said 'afternoon', and well.. It was already past three pm. Surely it had to be soon. Pennie was glad it was cooler outside, because she pedaling rather hard and didn't want to go into the the meeting all sweaty and gross. She was also thankful for having stronger legs because of cheer, which made her go faster, and that Brookshire was a smaller town. All she hoped was that if she was late, she wasn't the only late person.

                                  Click bottom graphic for outfit

                                  User Image
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    Omnipresent Cultist

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                              I ' M x W R E C K I N G x T H I S x E V E N I N G x A L R E A D Y x A N D x L O V I N G x E V E R Y x M I N U T E x O F x I T
                                x I ' M x T H E x N E W x C A N C E R , x N E V E R x L O O K E D x B E T T E R , x A N D x Y O U x C A N ' T x S T A N D x I T
                              User Image

                                              "Bite me. With those two little words, Lucky ignited the fire within Landon. Any sign of triggering a response in others set the male off, drove him to an end goal of "winning". "Oh, a little testy today, are we?" He grinned as the survivor took quick, measured steps toward him. The feeling of annoyance in the other male wafted through the air, frustrating the troublemaker slightly. His goal was to upset and to unbalance Lucky, not annoy him, though it was a start. "What do you want?" The million dollar question shot from the male as though Landon didn't know what he wanted. Of course, it'd ruin the fun to just come out and say "I want to piss you off", especially with the game already begun. The other's quick addition of words let him know that Lucky didn't wish to relinquish control of the conversation. That would make victory even better. It was't often that he had the survivor at his disposal, so a little added finesse was definitely called for.

                                              Half smirk plastered upon his lips, Landon leaned forward, resting his weight on his knees. "Come now Lucky, can't I just want to chat with a dear friend? You know how close I'd love to be to you." With just a bit of waggling of his eyebrows, the sentence gained a secondary meaning, one of sexual undertones to match the words Lucky had used. Landon held no interest in men, not in a sexual way, but he quickly learned that most other men avoided the homosexual topic. It was a strange thing, a man's fear of homosexuality, especially when one considered that the likelihood of any particular gay man hitting on them was about the same as any random straight female doing so, but nevertheless, it often garnered the response he desired. With Lucky's addition, Landon couldn't help but give his own."Though, if you prefer a little less [********] then perhaps we can just keep to foreplay. This mouth doesn't just spout poetry, you know!" Tossing a wink into the mix, the troublemaker let out a laugh. The situation just made him far too giddy, despite the initial setback.

                                              About the same time Gambit barked, Landon's cellphone vibrated within his pocket. Feigning disappointment in the turn of events, the male placed a hand to his chest while the other fished out the phone. "Lucky, baby, I'm sorry, but it seems that another love beckons. You go ahead and grab the last remaining member of your family and you hold him close when you do. I wouldn't want you to lose another family! I think three is the limit! Though Lucky still lingered about, the troublemaker turned his attention to his phone. The message from Graham made him want to both chuck his phone at his brother and laugh. If nothing else, he had to admit that Graham knew how to respond to just about anything. Glad he's come back. Things would be so dull otherwise. Deciding to respond, his fingers danced across the keyboard, giving response to his brother's clever words.

                                              To: Grammy
                                              From: Lando
                                              Message: Not so glad to have woken up,
                                              but it did lead to a fun opportunity.
                                              Guess you would know about that. lol.
                                              But you can shove your fun fact up your a**.
                                              Unless your fat mutt choked on my shoes,
                                              he's just fine.

                                              I never turn down a free beer.
                                              I'll take whatever you're getting.
                                              I'm not picky. Haha.
                                              Time and place and I'm there.

                                              Coming to a stand, Landon ensured that he invaded the survivor's personal space. "I've got to run, but Shepard, can I call you Shepard? You want to ever get together, you just let me know. I'm a busy guy, but I can always make an exception for you." With a chuckle, he gave the other male a quick slap on the rear before heading taking steps away from the survivor. Though Graham hadn't yet given a location, there were only so many places that they could actually go for beer, and they were all on the other side of town. As he reached the edge of the park, he turned and blew a kiss to his latest game. Perhaps he'd see the male later, interrupt one of those razzle dazzle group meetings they had. That would give him quite a few targets to toy with, not to mention he was sure he could manage something to get all of them at once. Maybe a small fire, something just to scare the others a bit... Eh, I'll bounce some ideas off of Graham. See what he thinks. Unable to resist throwing one last remark, the male added, "We should really get together soon. Real soon!"

                                              Landon just didn't have the little off switch that told him to shut up. On more than both hands could he count the times his mouth pushed others over the edge and ended up getting him into a fight. Of course, that had been the goal he wanted, but that didn't mean that his words were always planned. More often than not, his reckless abandon came to a surprise to even him. That was the hazard of having a personality disorder as he did. The little surreptitious secret that his family liked to keep under the rug. Most didn't realize that his behavior stemmed from such a problem and just assumed that he was a p***k with too much time on his hands. While that was true, most of his disregard for others' feelings came from the disorder, risk-taking antisocial. Put together with a love for stirring up trouble and causing pranks, there was just no limit to what he would do.

                                              With pranks in mind, it reminded the troublemaker that he needed something to build up to an idea that had been floating about in his head for a while now. He wanted something big, something to scare the hell out of everyone and possibly even get him into a bit of trouble. Not even big brother knew about the idea that had take seed in his mind, though soon enough, Landon would likely need his help. He just didn't want anything to try and "talk sense" into him, especially since Graham had to watch out for the police at all times lest he end up heading back to the big house. Bet dad would just love to have two sons who've been in jail. Ha! As much fun as I'm sure it'd be to piss him off with that, I don't fancy being stuck behind bars. It was true too. That much restriction would likely lead to Landon pulling some really ******** up prank that would end up getting him killed. In prison, the people didn't take pranks the same way they did in the outside world. Sure, there were those that would kick his a** for the things he did, but he never had to worry about being killed. Not intentionally anyways.


            ( GPS:the park, heading towards downtown MOOD: amused COMPANY:Lucky and Graham via text OOC: Let me know if anything needs to be changed! )
    Will you walk me to the edge again?█████████████████████████████

    I'm giving in to you..

    User Image]
    I'm giving in, giving, giving in... NO!..

    █████████████████████████████ I'm dying tonight...

    Where you at?xxxxxx The Diner xxxxxx Who you with?xxxxxx No one.... Now leave me alone you creeper...

                                                          Tick. Tick.
                                                          The sound of the clock seemed to echo through his mind. But how come the sound of a clock always seemed so menancing? It would just seem to haunt everyone it encountered. Everytime you would look at it it would either slow or quicken depending on what you wanted it to do. It was never on your side. It could feel long or short and it just taunted you to no end. So what was it like for Pierceson Needles today? Was it too short or too long? Well, to say the truth neither. For the man wasn't against the time at the moment. He wasn't waiting for his shift to end at the morgue and go to the hospital or waiting for the day to end, nor was he working on something mindlessly that was due within the hour. Nope, right now the young man was getting ready for his long day. He would work at the morgue for a few hours, have a nice lunch break, go back for another hour or so, leave to go to the hospital, have dinner, and work some more. What a lovely day it would turn out to be right? A very repetitive routine it was. It was never ending. Then on Suundays, his day off, Pierce would spend the day sleeping, and spending time with Shep if he was lucky, no pun intended... It was boring for a mid twenty year but hey, Pierce really couldn't complain, he wouldn't want anyone else's life. Since there's were probably a lot worse...

                                                          Pierce now sat down on his seat tucked into the table. Across from him was Shepard, AKA Lucky, Pierce's foster son. If you would have asked Pierce that when he was in his mid-twenties he would have a 17 wear old kid, two jobs, and still not married the man would ask you to get mentally evaluated. But look at him here. The kid was barely a decade younger than Pierce himself, Pierce was simply boggled on how he had been able to support the two. Then again his jobs did pay pretty well. Lucky was way better off with Pierce than within the foster system. That day was probably a very life changing one for the whole town. The morgue was blown up and it was too much for the medical examiners to do in one sitting. Not to mention, too sickly to stomach. Not to mention that was Pierce's first time on the job. It made him sick to his stomach to see what had happened to those children. He actually threw up a few times. Such a newbie action. They almost always vomited the first time. Pierceson just learned to push the garbage pail near them before the body actually was on the table. But even then some still missed it. The young man felt bad for the janitors those days. One day Pierce would tell them that if they vomited on the floor they would have to clean it themselves. Give the janitors a break...

                                                          Pierceson threw off his coat onto the appropriate coat rack. He then placed on his lab coat and some latex gloves to get right to work. Pierceson saw work as more of a hobby than a chore. For one thing, there was never much work to do. If there was, it was always the same thing. An elderly person had died in their sleep, heart attack, or stroke. That was the most variety you got in Brookshire. It had always been a quite peaceful town, well in the present time anyway. There had been some strange occurances, and it did have quite a deadly past within the last twenty years. But Brookshire was still a nice town. The kids and people were pleasant enough, that's why Pierce never left this place. The boy was born and raised here in Brookshire, and never felt the need to leave like most of his family had. Pierceson liked the town even if it had a few blemishes in its past. But still those were mostly because of crazy people and flukes. Brookshire was a safe place, if Pierce had ever felt threatened in his hometown he would have moved. After all this place did hold some painful memories for Shep, though Pierce had never pushed the boy into tell his memory of that day. He just knew that he had hid in a cabinet right near where the foster mother had been rocking in her chair back and forth. Pierce never wanted Lucky to relive that awful day. So why push it?

                                                          Pierce looked at the nearby clock, which read 3:30 PM. Was that right? Pierce had completely lost track of time. He was suppose to take his lunch break three and a half hours ago. He had been in so much depth with his work that he had completely forgotten about eating. Well, he could do that now right? Though, his next shift started in two hours he could take off early. They didn't really need him here anyway. Sometimes the young man had no work at all for the whole day at the morgue. Those days were long, he would twidle his thumbs and just wait for his day to end. He would text and do nothing at all. Pretty boring. Though, the hospital he was never boring. There was always something for him to do. He would be jumping from one job to the next. It was endless. Especially with the shortage of doctors recently, the hospital was biting off more than it could chew. That's the exact reason that Pierce started taking shifts in the hospital. They were low on help, in dire need of people. Pierce had the training, he went to medical school like all doctors, well legal doctors anyway. He was as good as any other doctor on the street, he was young so he knew how the young minds worked but he also had the charm that elderly people fed off of. He was a perfect fill until they had gotten more doctors to work there. After all he still liked working at the morgue more.

                                                          The problem with the hospital was that there was too much stress of it all. One wrong move could end in a lawsuit or the ending of someone's life. Pierce didn't want to be the cause of that. He couldn't bear with that weight on his shoulders. It would be too much. Plus the boy did not want to get an early start on growing grey hairs... Not to mention balding! He liked his hair and did not want to lose it. Well not anytime soon anyway. Maybe when he was old and wrinkly he wouldn't care too much. Maybe he would be one of those elderly men who hit on the young ladies all the time, never letting go to his youth... But then again who was he kidding? He barely had any game! Nor the time for it. Dating was the least of his worries, he already had a kid to take care of. Pierce was ahead of it all, he was past marriage and falling in love. He had a full grown teenager living with him. Thankfully the boy wasn't too bad, so Pierce had some time to himself to drink a glass of wine every now and again. It was good to unwind after a long days work. But the man never complained, he was just happy to be making enough for the boy to get in a good college. Sure the foster system gave him money for the boy, but Pierce still wanted to make enough to make sure they lived comfortably. After all there was absolutely no repeats of the incident.

                                                          Pierce pulled up to a local diner for a late lunch break, when he felt what he called 'fatherly instincts' tingling. The man whipped out his phone.

                                                          To: Shepard
                                                          From: Pierce
                                                          Be good.

                                                          Pierceson sent the message before shutting the car door, entering the diner to order his usual. A chicken salad sandwich on rye bread. Yum.

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