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              ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ 𝕺𝖓𝖈𝖊 𝖀𝖕𝖔𝖓 𝖆 𝕿𝖎𝖒𝖊...

              In the fictional, little town of Brookshire, Connecticut; whispers of the unknown is a frequent thing. Many of the homes are old, with the exception of the richer portion of town. However the areas of town with the most construction, have had the most reports of ghost activity. Whether it's just the faint image of someone walking by, or faucets turning on and off by themselves, creaking floorboards, etc. In the town there's a large cemetary, a single church, one high school, middle school and elementary school. There's a single hospital with the morgue located in the basement. There is also a mental institution on the outskirts of town, as well as a motel, unfortunately the motel is far from five stars. Brookshire is littered with mom and pop stores, and the nearest Walmart is in the neighboring city, as well as the college. There are plenty of trees everywhere, and the landscape is beautiful. There's a lake in the middle of the woods, and a large park near the fire house. The town is rumored to have thirteen mysterious occurrences. Some are smaller than others.

              However, Brookshire has a dark history. 25 years ago, the original high school was located in the woods with a paved road that led right up to its parking lot. Beyond anyone's explanation a fire started, and the school was damaged beyond repair. So a newer building was built in a lot closer to the middle school. Even after the report, no one was able to determine the cause. As the years went by the paranormal activity dropped to practically non-existent. 10 years ago. The things that people saw were often blamed on imagination or temporary insanity. So what happens when a woman suddenly starts hearing voices and finds herself wandering aimlessly around town at night. What happens when she wanders in the middle of the road when a car of a couple is speeding towards her? The couple was able to swerve to avoid the woman, but why did their breaks give out at that particular moment? Some say the car was steering itself and the couple was powerless to any of their actions. The end result, the couple died, and woman had no memory of why she was even in the road. 9 years ago. Her behavior turned for the worse. Night terrors, claims of hearing voices, a sensation that something was touching her in the night, and eventually her body started contorting beyond her control. She clawed at the walls and injured herself.

              An exorcism was performed in the home that she took residence, however something went horribly wrong, and she killed herself in the process.

              6 years ago. A foster mother had continued to take in children, only to seclude them from the rest of the town. The children weren't allowed to go to the public school, and were rarely ever seen outside of the large home. One day two children were playing outside of her home, and one had dared the other to sneak inside. When the boy went inside of the home, he was greeted by puddles of blood and various bodies of children everywhere. It was only when he entered the kitchen to see the foster mother sitting on the floor rocking back and forth holding a knife. How long she had been sitting there was another question all together. She didn't notice him, so the child was able to sneak out and alert the police. Even after the police arrived, she was still rocking in her same spot. Once they removed her, they were able to locate a boy who was hiding in a small closet/pantry, in that same kitchen.

              Present Day A former casting director wants to make a documentary covering the "Foster Children Massacre". However after being told that the town has a number of paranormal incidents that still occur. They are determined to make the best, most chilling documentary that anyone has seen. What they don't realize is that the Mayor is willing to fake supernatual occurrences. Little does anyone realize, all of this extra attention is provoking something far more sinister. It doesn't help that a family recently moved into the old Foster House. However, there is obviously something not right about that home. What kind of person would nail all of their windows shut, and board up the door leading to the attic. However with the size of the house and the price it was sold for, no questions were really asked.

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                          Posting and PMs.

                          As you've probably realized this thread is adv. lit, meaning I would like it if you could have at least 1000 words per post. These are those moments when it is a must to have both quality and quantity. Please make sure that you put your speech in "quotation marks", thoughts in italics, and differentiate your text messages from everything else. I would like you to post at least every 30 days. However if it's possible for you to post sooner than that, then that would be awesome! Do not worry, crew will never call you out in the OoC thread for not posting. Instead every 20 days you will be PMed. These are just check up Private Messages. You are required to reply to our messages, that way we know that you read them. If you are not able to post, please let us know either in the OoC thread, or PM the mule, mokiepuppymaster or rajio_obake. Then, of course make sure you have in your posting layouts: your character's picture, name, title and general location. This just makes it easier on everyone in the long run. Oh and no overly bright, blinding colors. And make sure to not post any anything higher than a 10.5.


                          Okay guys, the reason we have outlines, is to guarentee that everyone is tied into the plot in some kind of way. The outlines are just supposed to be outlines, please feel free to put your own creative spin on the characters. Also, don't fret, none of the character relationship, crushes or enemies are set in stone. If Billy Joe and Barbra Jean are engaged to get married, then sure enough Barbra Jean is allowed to run away with the milk man. Just make sure you build up these type of things. No insta-love. Crushes are totally fine. No one is psychic. So please don't make your character automatically assume things they couldn't have possibly known about. Your character does not have the ability to teleport, please do not move about to too many locations in one post. Unless your character is alone, then it's fine. Just keep in mind the current time frame. Don't make two hours pass by, when it's only been a few minutes. Don't make your characters perfect! Everyone has a flaw, no one is good at everything. No one is liked by everyone! In other words, no Mary-Sues or Gary-Stues. Remember, consistency. If your character is established in her posts that she is shy, please do not make it known later that really is a feisty, outgoing slut who likes to get in bar fights.

                          Applying and Profiles.

                          With the application process, I'm not going to put out any secret phrase or anything. I just want you to title it: Reservation for [insert title of character]. Please do not actually write: [insert title of character], but actual title of the character you're reserving. Reservations will last only a week once the thread is open. Before that time, you'll have a bit more time to get everything ready. With your reservation, be sure to send the mule: The Brookshire Spector, a friend request, as well as a 100x100 icon of your character, character's first and last name, with your posting color. Also, please, send a link to some kind of sample thread. Just so I can verify that you can post at least 1000 words per post. When you are ready to send in your profile, make sure to make the title a line from your character's theme song. In the profile code, there are some spots where I ask for you to either keep or remove some of the check marks or x's. That is the only part of the profile you are allowed to modify. Other than that, please do not remove whole sections of the profile, or add new sections. Also for filling in posting color, it makes it easier if you copy and paste the profile in a notepad and do, "replace", then just replace "postingcolor" with your actual posting color.


                          This is probably the most important rule of all. "If you do not have something nice to say, then don't say it at all". It is not your place as a roleplayer to tell anyone that their character is insignicant, ugly, out of character or pointless. If you've noticed something,then please either send a complaint to the mule, mokiepuppymaster or Call Me Andie. It is not your place to try and take a matter into your own hands. Please respect your leaders as well as your fellow roleplayers. PlayerxPlayer; OoC-drama will not be tolerated. Please keep the drama in the roleplay. But just because you don't like a roleplayer, doesn't mean that you should go out of your way to randomly attack their characters, either. It is also nice to wait for characters that you are immediately replying, but you do not have to wait for every single character in the thread to post before you do. Don't pick fights. Don't get an attitude when you're asked to edit your posts. After all, a crew member will only ask you to edit, when necessary, and the reason will be supplied as well. Don't ignore characters! Most of all, treat others, like you would want to be treated.

                          General Stuff and Death

                          This is a supernatural roleplay. Just try to be fair. If your character is not a medium or some kind of spirititualist, they probably aren't as close to the supernatural world as others. They are normal. However they can still get the feeling that they're being watched, etc. No godmoding, powerplaying or anything uncool like that. No using top multi-million dollar celebrities. That means, no Lady Gagas or Justin Biebers. Also due to the nature of this rp, if roleplayers are removed then either: a. their characters will either be replaced, killed, sent to the mental institution, etc. In other words, tugged out of play. Make sure you ask other characters permission before you do major things to theirs, like, murder or rape. Keep the rating PG-16. Wouldn't want us getting banned or anything.
Please Note: The Image needs to be a 275x400 polariod. It makes it easier if you make the image 275x275 before adding the frame. If you're not able to make one, then please just have your image 272x275, for the most part, as long as it looks okay, then it's all good. If you're having trouble, don't worry, we'll fix it for you. No ^^ Also, please do not write in the white sections. And when you see boxes with check marks and stuff, leave the one that applies. thank you

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[list][list][size=11]тнє ғσʟʟσωɪɳɢ sтαтємєɳт ɪs αʟʟ ɪ cαɳ σғғєя ɪɳ мy sσυɳם мɪɳם. sσ ρʟєαsє, ɪғ yσυ םσɳ'т мɪɳם ʟɪsтєɳ тσ мy sтσяy. αғтєя αʟʟ, yσυ ӄɳσω ωнαт тнєy αʟωαys sαy? [color=postingcolor][b][Qυσтє][/b][/color]. ɪ ωαs вσяɳ ɪɳ [color=postingcolor][b][city and state here][/b][/color]. тнαт ωαs [b][color=postingcolor][Age][/color][/b] yєαяs αɢσ. ɪ'м cυяяєɳтʟy ємρʟσyєם вy [b][color=postingcolor][employer][/color][/b] αт тнє (/αs α) [b][color=postingcolor][company/or occupation][/color][/b]. σɳ α ρєяsσɳαʟ ʟєvєʟ, ɪ αм тєяяɪвʟy αғяαɪם σғ [b][color=postingcolor][Three Fears][/color][/b]. συт σғ αʟʟ σғ тнσsє, [b][color=postingcolor][Top Fear][/color][/b] ωσυʟם вє мy ρнσвɪα. ɪ sωєαя ɪ'м ɳσт cяαzy! ɪ'м נυsт α ʟɪттʟє [b][color=postingcolor][Character Trait to Finish Statement][/color][/b]. ғσятυɳαтєʟy ɪ cαɳ нαɳםʟє αɳyтнɪɳɢ αs ʟσɳɢ αs ɪ нαvє [b][color=postingcolor][Fav. Person in the World][/color][/b] вy мy sɪםє. נυsт αs ʟσɳɢ αs yσυ םσɳ'т ʟσcӄ мє ɪɳ α яσσм ωɪтн [b][color=postingcolor][Least Favorite Person][/color][/b]. yєs, ɪ ӄɳσω тнє ωєαтнєя мαɳ sαys тнєяє's α 95% cнαɳcє σғ мυяםєя ɪɳ тнɪs тσωɳ, вυт ɪ'м cσɳғɪםєɳт ɪ'ʟʟ вє σӄαy. םσɳ'т тєʟʟ αɳyσɳє, вυт ɪ'vє нαם тнɪs вαם םяєαм тнαт ɪ'ʟʟ єɳם υρ [b][color=postingcolor][finish sentence to describe a way to be murdered][/color][/b]. ɪ sωєαя ɪ'м ɳσт cяαzy![/size]


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[size=10]▐███[color=white]xx[/color][/size][color=postingcolor]Recreational drugs ▢ ▣[/color] ▐ [color=postingcolor]thoughts of suicide ▢ ▣ [/color]▐ [color=postingcolor]Sexually transmitted diseases ▢ ▣[/color] ▐ [color=postingcolor]Sexually Active ▢ ▣[/color][/size]

[size=16][b]Family Illness[/b][/size]
[size=11]Check if there is any history in your family of:[/size]
Diabetes ☑ ▢ [color=postingcolor]▐[/color] Easy Bleeding ☑ ▢ [color=postingcolor]▐[/color] Obesity ☑ ▢ [color=postingcolor]▐[/color] Allergy ☑ ▢ [color=postingcolor]▐[/color] High Blood Pressure ☑ ▢ [color=postingcolor]▐[/color] Jaundice ☑ ▢

[color=white]donotfillinanythinghereitisnotimportant.doitandiwillsurelykillyouxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]if any cancer types or write "none"
[color=postingcolor]Gout ☑ ▢[/color] ▐ [color=postingcolor]High Blood Fats ☑ ▢[/color] ▐ [color=postingcolor]Stroke ☑ ▢[/color] ▐ [color=postingcolor]Alcoholism ☑ ▢[/color] ▐ [color=postingcolor]Cancer of __________________[/color]

[color=white]donotfillinanythinghereitisnotimportant.doitandiwillsurelykillyouxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]Anything else medical wise or write "none"
Heart Trouble ☑ ▢ [color=postingcolor]▐[/color] Tuberculosis ☑ ▢ [color=postingcolor]▐[/color] Asthma ☑ ▢[color=postingcolor]▐[/color] Psychiatric Illness ☑ ▢ [color=postingcolor]▐[/color] Other ____________________[/size]
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If not indicated otherwise, referral valid for 180 (one hundred eighty) days from signature.
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6 alive || 5 dead || 1 npc

      The Demonologist - Ms. Raven Alexandra Cross - Reserved by IdiosyncraticEnigmatic - NPCUser Image
      нey cнɪʟם, ѕтay wɪʟםer тнan тнe wɪnם

                The Demonologist is well-respected in the church, after all, she is the only person who can convince the Catholic church of when an exorcism is necessary. She has also appeared in interviews, both online and on tv about her profession. The Demonologist moved to Brookshire when it was believed that the Gamer's home was haunted. Unfortunately, what they believed was a haunting, was something far worse, an actual possession. She was well aware of the fact that the Gamer's mother was killed by the entity, and noticed upset the Priest was afterwards. She hopes that she can help to restore his faith in his dangerous profession. Because of how close to the supernatural world she is, she has an unsettling feeling that something bad is about to happen.

      The Director - Ms. Friederike Grimm - Taken by rajio_obake
      User Imageso ɪ'ʟʟ тoasт єvєʀʏ вєaт oғ mʏ нєaʀт ʟɪкє a mɪʀacʟє

                The Director is more formally known as a casting director, however she's determined to make more of a mark in Hollywood's industry. Aiming to do a documentary on the Foster Children Massacre, she brought her team to the small town. Recently she was informed by the Mayor that their town has a large amount of paranormal activity, turning their documentary from being just about the Massacre, to featuring the entire town of Brookshire. Now all she needs is the right person to host the documentary and play the roles in the dramatization portion of the film. Due to her Hollywood connections, she is familiar with The Screenplay Writer, and has hired Mr. Tech Savvy and the Personal Assistant to assist her.

      The Medium - Ms. Daphne Kosko - Taken by Colour Me Krista
      User Imageɴo oɴe caɴ ʙelieve or uɴםeʀsтaɴםxxxxxDEAD

                The Medium has been able to contact spirits since she was a child. Her first imaginary friends were actually people who had passed away. She briefly was next door neighbors with the Screenplay Writer and the Animal Rights Activist, and would play with the younger girl up until she had to move away. She started using her psychic abilities to help families in need, up until she was asked to put her gifts to the test by the Paranormal Investigator. After he was able to see that she wasn't lying about her gifts, they started working together on cases. While he was trying to disprove hauntings, she wanted to contact and reason with the spirits. She gladly accepted the request to be involved with the documentary. She's heard about the Demonologist from cases that she had researched on the internet and a television interview.

      The Nurse - Ms. Lila Gray - Taken by Porcupine Sac
      тoиguє ʟɪkє єʟєcтʀɪc, єʏєs ʟɪkє a cнɪʟםxxxxxDEAD
      User Image
                The Nurse works at the Hospital, as well as the Psych ward. She moved into town almost a decade ago, and doesn't talk much about her life before Brookshire, aside from maybe a few childhood or high school memories. Perhaps that is because she witness something done by criminals that was so terrible, she had to be placed in this town by the government. She does well at her job, though there have been a few hard times like when some of the children from the foster came in and didn't make it. She tries to not let things like that make her give up her passion for helping people. She became friends with The Reporter shortly after she moved into the Boarding house, but now they live together and she pretends to date him to help hide his homosexuality.

      The Tutor - Ms. Nicole Sullivan - Taken by psychotic__gal
      User Image'ʀouɴם mʏ нomєтown mєmoʀɪєs aʀє ғʀєsн

                The Tutor is a local girl who is doing a commute to the University in the city near by. She can only make it for one class a week, and takes a few online classes. To help keep her brain in tip-top shape, as well as to help her with her goal of becoming a teacher, she’s a Student Teacher at the local Highschool. Since she’s only a few years older than all of them, she connects with the students very well. In fact, her Professional Tutor Student relationship with The Junkie has become a bit more personal. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t against the rules of the School Board, and if The Tutor wasn’t in a long distance relationship with the Paranormal Investigator. To make things worse, he’s coming back into town with the rest of the Documentary Team. The Tutor hasn’t told a soul about her lusty relationship with the Junkie, not even the Sheriff, whom she looks up to as a Big Brother figure. She is also very unaware of the Fashionista's crush on her.

      The Teacher - Mrs. Juliette Serenity McCoy-Summers - Taken by mokiepuppymaster
      User Imageʙuт ɪ am cʟosєʀ тo тнє cʟouםs up нєʀє

                The Teacher is the wife of the Mayor, and the mother of the Bookworm and the Rich Kid. Due to an affair with the Town Historian, her children suffer from heteropaternal superfecundation. Therefore they have two fathers. To maintain her marriage, as well as her and her husband's reputations, she gave up the child that less resembled her husband; and broke off ties with the Town Historian. She currently teaches at the only high school in the city. However, a new student teacher, the Tutor, has her feeling paranoid and threatened for her position at work, especially with all the attention the Tutor is getting from the students.

      The Personal Assistant - Ms. Keyt Dominika Evangelista - Taken by Tryfon
      User Imageʏou caɴ sєє ɪт ɪɴ mʏ єyєs, ɪ'm тrʏɪɴg тo gєт a нold oɴ тнɪs!xxxxxDEAD

                The Personal Assistant is girl who moved to America in hope of doing amazing things, however hit a number of obstacles along the way. So, make due, she became that girl in the background who often delivers coffee to everyone and runs the errands. When the Director had took on the documentary project, she was requested to be her personal assistant. The Personal Assistant often has ideas larger than life, she just has to figure out a way to let her voice be heard, without stepping into the Director's territory. Like other members of the documentary team, she is familiar with the Screenplay Writer. He is probably one of the few people outside of her family that she's told her dreams. In the meantime The Personal Assistant helps out with whatever she can and was recently placed in charge of hair and make-up. Either the Director has faith in her to do something beyond paperwork, or it's a budget matter.

      The Secretary - Ms. Marina Yakolva - Taken by Azor Ahai Reborn
      User Imageʙaʙʏ, ʟєт mє ʙʟoω ʏouʀ mɪɴd тoɴɪgнт

                The Secretary isn't all that she seems. With a fake name, she's doing all that she can to hide the fact that she is the Psychic's ex-wife. If anyone were to find that out, they'd know even more about her scandalous past. Some of her "crimes" include, assisting in swindling companies out ******** of money and stripping for the hard-earnings of desperate saps. She loved money, but not relationships, so prostitution was the solution. In her opinion, being tied down to a husband, was a better example of being "exploited". After losing a bet and a night of drinking, hooking up marrying the Psychic was expected. After they were arrested, she immediately divorced him, and it was expected they'd never see each other again. Who would've thought that the Hustler would bail her out. The catch? She's now his "employee". Instead of just sleeping with wealthy married men, he wants her to seduce The Mayor. Unfortunately the Hustler hasn't told her any real details, all she knows is that she owes him. For the time being, she'll work as the Mayor's secretary, without letting him know any real details about her past. Little does she realize that her ex-husband, The Psychic is in town.

      The Petshop Owner - Ms. Diana Reed - Taken by Nox Night
      User Imageɪ ғσυиם a иєω ρʟacє тσ םωєʟʟxxxxxDEAD

                The Petshop Owner is known for being a closed-off business owner, who is neighbors to The Deputy. She wasn't always this distant though. Many say her bitter-attitude settled after her best-friend, The Foster Mother, broke ties with her her, only two years before the massacre (8 years ago). Perhaps being around animals, gives her a sense of peace. Recently she hired the Animal Rights Activist. Even though she wouldn't admit it, she enjoys her company. Everything about the arrival of the documentary team, is opening old wounds. Not only is she being forced to think about the horrible crime her bestfriend and soul-sister had committed, but her ex-highschool sweetheart, the Paranormal Investigator, as well. They had dated for an extended period of time, until one day he dumped her for The Tutor. She isn't sure how she'll react if confronted about her feelings on what happened in the past. Hopefully The Petshop Owner can keep her cool until the documentary is completed.

      The Starving Housekeeper - Ms. Narcissa Tolouse - Taken by Tryfon
      User Imageнaɪʟ oи mɪg
                The Starving Housekeeper is an artist with a passion. After graduating highschool she managed to get a job as an intern at the local newspaper, working under people like The Reporter. To focus more on her career, The Starving Housekeeper broke up with The Tomboy. Her dreams, however, did not want to cooperate financially, causing her to struggle to make ends meet. To pay her bills, she started acting as a housekeeper for the wealthier individuals in the town, such as The Producer's Daughter and the family of The Mayor. She didn't have to see the abuse to tell that there was a negative relationship between the Rich Kid and The Mayor. Sometimes she'll go out of her way to cheer him up, not aware that he bullies some of his classmates.

      The Hairdresser - Ms. Adrianna Vasquez - taken Azor Ahai Reborn
      User Image wє αʟʟ wαηηα вє ƒαmσus xxxxxDEAD
                The Hairdresser works at the local salon (with The Teacher's Pet), but strives to own her own yoga studio. Unfortunately she doesn't have enough money to buy the space or start the business, so she spends her days listening to all of the gossip that buzzes around their little town. That's how she found out about the documentary team, and hopes that if she can tag onto the project, it'll skyrocket her to fame and fortune. She's Friends-With-Benefits with The Mechanicbut can't help but notice The Screenplay Writer that moved into town. Obsessed with the idea of the Hollywood lifestyle, The Hairdresser is hoping that she can become better acquainted with him.

      The Transfer - Ms. Aubrey Vine - taken mokiepuppymaster
      User Imageѕσ мυ¢н єνιℓ ℓυякѕ, тнєу נυѕт мαкє υѕ ωσяк
                The Transfer is from another department in another city, however her job had given her the opportunity to transfer to Brookshire. At first she wasn't thrilled about the position, however an event in her life swiftly changed her mind. She's hardly settled into town and already is starting to learn even more about the town's dark past from a very unlikely source,The Crazy Cat Lady. What many people don't realize, she and The Gamer's mother use to be good friends, and was even granted the honor of being the Gamer's godmother (even though she never approved of The Gamer's father). However after her death, The Transfer had distanced herself from Brookshire, avoiding the Massacre. Fortunately, an indirect nnection has placed her as The Lawyer's roommate until she can get her feet on the ground. Due to the shortage in staff and the temporary leave of The Sheriff, she has gained the position of The Deputy's partner. The Transfer is determined to not fall behind, and prove that women are just as capable as men when it comes to enforcing justice.

User Image

Adult Male Outlines

11 alive || 3 dead || 3 npc

      The Screenplay Writer - Mr. Vladimir Jankovic- Taken by rajio_obake
      User Imageɪ'm gσɴɴa makє a cσmєback, ɪ'm gσɴɴa dɪg sɪx fєєт up тσɴɪgнт

                The Screenplay Writer has written a number of amazing horror movies in Hollywood, however he has found himself in a severe writer's block. With his agent calling him almost daily, he finally decided that what he needed was a change of scenery. He and his daughter, the Animal Rights Activist, moved to Brookshire for inspiration. They moved into the home that the Foster Children Massacre had occurred in. Unfortunately his realtor had decided to leave out the details of the home's dark history. Luckily he does have the Town Historian to help him get settled. The Screenplay Writer has also worked with the Director and Mr. Tech Savvy in the past. Unfortunately he and Mr. Tech Savvy have a history of not being able to work together. Another familiar face is the Medium.

      The Psychic - Mr. Graham Moser - Taken by rajio_obake
      User Image ʀєmєmвєʀ wнєɴ тнєy saɪם тнaт wнaт wє waɴт caɴ ɴєvєʀ вє םσɴє

                The Psychic isn't a real psychic at all, but a conman who would love nothing more than take everything you own. His photographic memory and his quick thinking, has made it possible for him to scam a number of companies in the past. The result? Jail time. After a few years, he was finally released on parole, and forced to move back to Brookshire with his parents and his little brother, The Troublemaker. With all of the talk of ghosts and paranormal activity, The Psychic is back to his old ways. He's even gained a bit of a fan base who are frequent customers. His number one customers are The Producer's Daughter and The Fashionista. The only problem is he has to be careful before his parole officer, The Deputy, realizes that he's up to his old ways.

      The Priest - Mr. Chandler Maddux - Taken by mokiepuppymaster
      User Imagesavσʀɪɴɢ тнɪs нєaʀт тнaт's нєaʟɪɴɢ

                The Priest had always loved the Gamer's Mom from afar, however she was married with a child. So he pursued his dream and calling to be a priest. So when the Gamer's Mom started displaying symptoms of being possessed by a demonic entity, he believed that he could exorcise her. In the process, the demon taunted him and he stopped the exorcism before it could be completed, and she was killed. He tried to continue with his job, of exorcising people and homes that the Demonologist requested for him. However as the years go by, the more he's reminded of his greatest failure. Slowly he's starting to lose his faith. To his surprise, the Demonologist is back in town once again, right at the moment when a documentary crew showed up. If anything he's hoping to avoid getting involved, especially if it has anything to with the night that the Gamer's mom died. However he has heard of both the Medium and the Paranormal Investigator from indirect sources.

      The Mayor - Mr. Adam West Summers- Taken by Colour Me Krista
      User Imageaɴd ɪ םσɴ't єvєɴ ɴєєם yσuʀ lσvє xxxxxDEAD

                The Mayor has been the mayor for the past 3 terms (12 years), and plans on keeping it that way. It's an election year, and he has a plan of bringing more publicity to the town to convince the people of Brookshire that he should stay in office for many more years and terms to come. So when he heard the Director wanted to make a documentary about the Foster Children Massacre, he's hoping to convince the team to instead feature more of the town's dark history. He's even willing to 'help' a supernatural event to occur. Public image is all the Mayor cares about, which is why he sent the "other baby", the Bookworm, away to be adopted by someone else. How was he supposed to explain that his wife, The Teacher, had a different ethnicity baby?! He also told his son, the Rich Kid, to hide his sexuality in hopes that no one ever finds out about his family's personal scandals. The Mayor is known for throwing various dinners and events in town, his top guests are always the Sheriff and the Reporter.

      The Sheriff - Mr. Malcom Rose - Taken by Azor Ahai Reborn
      User Imagesɪɴcє ɪ ғouɴם sєrєɴɪтy

                The Sheriff was recently beat the Deputy in the election for head of the Sheriff's department. Many say it's because of his good deeds in the community. Back when he was nothing but an officer, he had noticed how bizarre the Foster Mother was, and kept an eye on her. When he was notified about the massacre he arrived at Foster House, and arrived just in time to save the Survivor's life. Others say it's because the Mayor likes him more than the Deputy. Regardless of what people say, the Sheriff is manages to keep peace and order in the town. He's the father to the Vampire Obsessed, and is like a big brother figure to the Tutor. He has no idea that she's sleeping with one of her students.

      The Deputy - Mr. John Mascolo - Taken by Colour Me Krista User Image
      ɪ ɢσт ғʀɪєɴםs ɪɴ ʟσω pʟaϲєs

                The Deputy recently ran for the position of sheriff, and was beaten by the current Sheriff. He still believes that he could do a better job, especially since it's not a secret that the Sheriff and the Mayor are close. So he's determined to ruin the Sheriff's reputation and take his job from him. To do this, he's getting help from his childhood friend, The Dealer. In exchange, the Deputy covers up his friend's drug trade. Despite all of underhanded work, he is currently assigned as the parole officer for the Psychic. He has noticed a number of teenagers following the Psychic around recently, but doesn't realize that they think the ex-con is a psychic.

      Mr. Tech Savvy - Mr. Henry Tate - Taken by Alykia
      User Imagevɪєω ɪт, coםє ɪт, jam - unʟock ɪт

                Mr. Tech Savvy is an absolute genius when it comes to computers, special effects and making his way up in the Hollywood industry. Originally he had turned down the Director's offer when she asked him to help with the documentary, but when he heard the town was the one that his little internet pen-pal, The Gamer, lived in, he decided to reconsider. He has worked with the Screenplay Writer in the past, but for some reason the two have difficulty working together. Although this is his first time ever going to a town that's rumored to be haunted, so he's making the most of it. Because of the size of the town, he and his crewmates have to stay in a motel on the outskirts of town. Mr. Tech Savvy has been pushing the Director to make a deal with the Mayor that could give them some kind of residence in Brookshire.

      The Paranormal Investigator- Mr. Rainerio Valentine - Taken mokiepuppymasterUser Image
      ɪт's тнє pєʀғєcт םєnɪaʟ

                The Paranormal Investigator use to live in Brookshire, but moved away to expand on his career of investing "haunted" cities. He has partnered up with the Medium on several occasions to the point where they are inseparable. Some assume that they're dating, but the truth is he currently with the Tutor. After he moved away from Brookshire, they vowed to maintain their long distance relationship, where he could visit her on holidays and when he had the funds. Not many people know that he use to date The Pet Shop Owner, however broke up with her to be with The Tutor. Just as, little does he realize that she has her eyes set on the Junkie. The Paranormal Investigator and The Medium have teamed up to help with the documentary as "experts", although out of the two of them, he is very skeptical (as usual) that anything that happened in this town is anywhere near being paranormal.

    The Medical Examiner - Dr. Hamilton Wilcox - taken by mokiepuppymaster
    User Imageʏou kɴow тнє woʀʟם is нєaםєם ғoʀ нєʟʟ

              The Medical Examiner assists the police department by performing autopsies at the morgue. However because of a recent shortage in doctors, the Medical Examiner has started taking shifts at the hospital. He had saw the aftermath of the Gamer's mom's exorcism back when he was nothing but an EMT fresh out of highschool. He also assisted the Sheriff with the Foster Children Massacre, and took on the role as legal guardian for the Survivor. He and the Sheriff are best friends, and he has even taken in the Vampire Obsessed as his apprentice at the morgue. While he has also had a few conversations with the Animal Rights Activist and the Nurse at the hospital.

    The Dealer - Mr. Shin Lee - Taken by Alykia
    User Imageɪ ɢoт тoo mucн rєaʟɪтʏ тнaт's fɪʟʟɪnɢ up mʏ ʙʀaɪn

              The Dealer is what you call 'bad company'. He's sells drugs to a number of people around town, and is the Junkie's top supplier. One thing is for sure, The Dealer is not someone you want to skip out on paying. So what happens when the Party Girl finds herself in the position where she hasn't paid him her fees? The only reason the Dealer hasn't 'punished' her is because she hangs out with the Junkie. The Dealer is childhood friends with the Deputy, and often uses this friendship to get him out of trouble with law enforcement. Lately he's set his eyes on a new connection, the mayor's son, the Rich Kid. Not only is the guy rich, but he has political connections. The Dealer has been secretly sleeping with him, little does he realize that the Vampire Obsessed knows about their hook-ups. Regardless, The Dealer would love nothing more than to see the Deputy become the new sheriff.

    The Reporter - Mr. Sean Lyster - Taken by midgetminion
    User Imageɪ םσи’т caяє ɪғ ʏσu םσи’т ωaит mє. ɪ’m ʏσuяs яɪɢнт иσω xxxxxDEAD

              The Reporter is gay, though he hides it by having his friend, The Nurse, live with and pretend they're dating. This is also to help his little obsession with The City Boy, who comes and goes from The Boarding House, where The Reporter lives. Popular teenaged boys aren't his only obsession. The Reporter also tends to go sniffing around any whiff of a story or interesting event that includes something supernatural. It was he who wrote the report from when The Gamer's mother died in an exorcism, as well as when The Foster Children Massacre happened. He often checks in with the Town Historian to learn of any present or past strange events that happen occurred, as well as the Sheriff and the Deputy to find out any extra details about odd calls or cases. At the Moment, he's focused on getting an interview with The Crew of the Documentary team, especially the Paranormal Investigator and the Medium. He plans on making it a multi-piece story, and hopes to even be able to interview everyone involved, from the cast, to the guy who holds up that fluffy mic.

    The Town Historian - Mr. Carlisle Jairo Aldred - Taken by IdiosyncraticEnigmatic - NPC
    User Imageαη ємρту яσσм, ι'м ємρту тσσ

              The Town Historian was involved in a very scandalous love-triangle between him, The Teacher and The Mayor. The end result? A rare case of heteropaternal superfecundation where he was able to father only one of her twins. The Teacher broke off contact with him, but never told him the details. Just as he never knew if the Mayor had ever known the full extent of their affair. The Town Historian was never told that he was the Bookworm's father, or even that his daughter was put up for adoption. The Town Historian also works at main library, where he still crosses paths with several members of the town. Due to his love of history, he's made sure to take note of the various occurrences that have been taking place in the town. Which is why he made sure to quickly befriend the Screenplay Writer when he saw that he moved into the old Foster Home. Even though he hasn't found the right moment to tell him about the home's history, the Town Historian has taken time out of his day to make sure that the Screenplay Writer settles into the town as comfortably as possible.

    The Hustler - Mr. Sebastian Knight - Taken by mokiepuppymaster
    User Imageɪ םσ тнɪs sнɪт ɪи мʏ sʟєєρ

              The Hustler is the older half-brother of the Principal's son. Unfortunately they have only crossed paths on a few separate occasions. After running away from home, he was soon involved in a number dangerous activities and associated with the "wrong" crowd. In a way he was involved in the traumatic incident that the Nurse had witnessed, but his identity was never pointed out. By dirtying his hands he worked his way up the rank and obtained a number of "employees", but he treats them more like puppets or play things. Some of his employees are the Dealer as his supplier, and his newest addition the Secretary as her pimp. To check up on the progress of the Dealer he moved to Brookshire. After all, the Hustler wants the Mayor's money, but it's possible that there might be more to it than it seems. In the meantime, he's living undercover in the house neighboring the old Foster House. The Secretary is currently his housemate. Unfortunately he knows nothing about the Dealer's friendship with the Deputy, otherwise the police officer would probably be on his hitlist. The last thing the Hustler needs is a liability. What kind of hustler would he be, if he let someone come in between him and his money?

      The Bartender - Mr. Erik Moretti - Taken by Clockwork C a r o u s e l - NPC
      User Imageנυѕт вє¢αυѕє ιт вυяηѕ; ∂σєѕη'т мєαη уσυ'яє gσηηα ∂ιє xxxxxDEAD ?
                The Bartender more than often works as an apprentice under the owner of the bar. It gives him the opportunity to be on a closer level to the alcoholics of Brookshire. Wanting to give back to the community and local high school, he is currently working a part-time job as the assistant football coach. This means he's definitely familiar with students, such as The Jock, The Principal's Son and The Drag Show. Currently he's good friends with The Mechanic after both of his friends, The Hustler and The Psychic moved away after high school. To his surprise, The Psychic has returned to Brookshire.

      The Dropout - Mr. Jareth Stanton - Taken by Rajio_obake
      User Imageωнєη ι ѕαι∂ ι'∂ ƒιgнт вαcк, ι ∂ι∂η'т ѕαу тнαт ι'∂ ƒιgнт ƒαιʀ

                The Dropout is the over-protective older brother of The Scene Queen, and knows of her friend, The Drama King. He's also a loyal customer of The Dealer. Back when. The Dropout was in highschool, he was the top quarterback, the all star athlete. Due to reasons, only known to him, he dropped out and currently works as a janitor for the local hospital and psych ward. On a few occasions, he has assisted The Medical Examiner on simple things, mostly to keep him company when The Vampire Obsessed wasn't present. He is aware of the Nurse and The Animal Rights Activist, and has caught glimpses of The Foster Mother.

      The Mechanic - Mr. Malecquie King - Taken by Mellow Marmin - NPC
      User Imageqυєѕтισηιηg нєя gσσ∂ ιηтєηтιση

                The Mechanic use to date The Foster Mother before she started secluding herself from everyone. He watched as her mental state deteriorated, and was accused of having some kind of involvement in the massacre. Fortunately the charges were dropped. Of course he knows The Foster Mother's ex-best friend The Pet Shop Owner. After the massacre, he lost contact with her. He works at his autoshop with The Tomboy, and frequently does handyman work at the Junkie's parents' boarding house. After The Foster Massacre, he's strayed away from relationships and is currently Friends-With-Benefits with The Hairdresser.

      The Lawyer - Mr. Steffen Faber - Taken by Alykia
      User Imageנυsτιcє. ησ, ι ωιʟʟ pʀєvαιʟ.xxxxxDEAD

                The Lawyer has a small office in town, but is determined to be appointed as the District Attorney. Because of his profession, he spends a lot of time at the police station with officers, such as The Sheriff and The Deputy. He has also shared a few words with The Medical Examiner. He use to work for The Mayor, however was dismissed. What many don't realize is that he currently owns the library and all of its books, because of a dear friend who had passed away. He hopes to use it as an opportunity to get closer to The Town Historian, who he has found himself guilty of stalking on more than one occasion. However he fears the Town Historian would think poorly of him if he ever found out.

User Image

Teenaged Girls

10 alive || 3 dead

      Animal Rights Activist - Miss Quinette Jankovic - Taken by rajio_obake
      User Imageσн мʏ ɢσם, ʟσσк ωнaт тнє caт םяaɢɢєם ɪи

                Animal Rights Activist recently moved to Brookshire with her father, the Screenplay Writer. She doesn't realize that their house is the dreaded Foster House. However she had noticed that number of people start whispering to each other usually when she's around. The Animal Rights Activist is rather mature for her age, and usually bonds better with adults. In her spare time she volunteers around town, and hangs out at the hospital with The Medical Examiner and The Nurse. Surprisingly there is a teen who she feels comfortable talking to, the Gamer. Who knows, maybe she'll be able to open up to the rest of his friends as well? Little does she realize, her childhood playmate, the Medium, is in town.

      The Ex-Cheerleader - Miss. Penelope Longoria - Taken by Colour Me Krista
      ʏσuиɢ aиd sωєєт, σиʟʏ sєvєитєєи
      User Image
                The Ex-Cheerleader is a member of "Brookshire's Variety Hour", with her innocent charm she had managed to move from being a supporting member, to the actual leading lady of the show. Little does she realize, her recent jump in popularity on the show, has sparked the jealousy of the Producer's daughter. Even though the show called for sacrifices, such as her cheerleading career, The Ex-Cheerleader is able to work with the Survivor, the Producer's daughter and the City Boy. She has no idea that the Producer's Daughter is only pretending to be her friend or that the City Boy has a crush on her. However she did notice that the Survivor, her childhood friend, is more cold than she remembered. Regardless, with the documentary now in town, the Producer is pressuring their entire group to somehow get involved. Fortunately she has her bestfriend, the Babysitter to vent to.

      The Producer's Daughter - Miss. Trinity Cambridge - Reserved by XHopeNFaithX
      User Imageмʏ pєʀsuasɪσи caи вυιʟ∂ a иaтɪσи..

                The Producer's Daughter is a very wealthy, pampered girl. Her only classmate that has more money than her is the Rich Kid. Her father started the local Variety Hour, and gave her a free spot because she's his daughter. Originally she had the lead position, along side the City Boy, where it became obvious that she wasn't the most talented actress around. She had another talent, but acting was the biggest requirement. To keep her on the show, the Ex-Cheerleader was given her spot, and she was partnered with the Drama King, and soon the Survivor. She considers the Ex-Cheerleader her rival and wants nothing more than for the girl to disappear. So she pretends to be her friend, hoping to trick the girl in screwing up, so her daddy can get rid of her. The Producer's Daughter's best friend, the Fashionista, is the new head cheerleader. The Producer's Daughter frequently visits the Psychic wanting to know when her big break is coming. Little does she know, he's a phony and is only interested in her money.

      The Bookworm - Miss. Ophelia White - Taken by Colour Me Krista
      User Imageɪ am covєʀєם ɪи sκɪи. иo oиє ɢєтs тo comє ɪи

                The Bookworm is a quiet girl, at least to people that she doesn't know. She's smart, of course, but she also has this emptiness inside of her. She was adopted as a baby, by the local Crazy Cat Lady, the mother of the Foster Mother. She's always known she was adopted, and has long stopped wondering who real parents are. Now she just throws herself into her studies to make sure she gets the heck out of this town and all the idiots that live in it. Perhaps she's a bit bitter, but that could be because some of the kids in school, like the Jock, The Rich Kid, and The Junkie, all picked on her when she was younger mostly for not having real parents. To escape the Crazy Cat Lady's home, that gives away signs of her hoarding nature and cat obsession, The Bookworm spends most of her time at the library or at the Gamer's house. After all, he is her most trusted friend. she gets along with a few adults in town. Little does she know that her real parents, the Teacher and the Town Historian, are in the town, as well as her half-brother-twin, the Rich Kid.

      The Fashionista - Miss. April Tiffany Miller - Taken by Alykia
      User Imageʏou capтɪvaтє mє somєтнɪиɢ abouт ʏou нas ɢoт mє.

                The Fashionista knows who to wear, what to wear, and when to wear it. She manages to get a hold of the trendiest name brand items, as well as start fads with accessories or articles of clothing she makes herself. She has recently taken the place of the Ex-Cheerleader, and now heads the Cheer Squad. The Fashionista is also the go to girl for the latest Gossip, and always shares anything she hears with her best friend, The Producer's Daughter. However, one secret she hasn't shared yet with anyone is the fact that she is in a big, fat, fabulously-filled Closet. She has goo-goo eyes for the Tutor, and unaware that she's sleeping with the Junkie. She also keeps blowing off The Jock since he's very far from her type. Like the Producer's Daughter, she frequently visits the Psychic in hopes that he can give her some guidance.

      The Babysitter - Miss. Mary-Anne Smith - Taken by Colour Me Krista
      User Imageι'm gιvιиg ιt mч αℓℓ, вut ι'm иσt thє gιяℓ чσu'яє tαкιиg hσmє.xxxxxDEAD

                The Babysitter, little miss innocent, once dated the Gamer, however felt as though she never came first in his life, when it came to video games and his friend, the Bookworm. Just as she is no longer friends with the Party Girl, due to her promiscuous ways. Maybe it's all a misunderstanding? Maybe it isn't. Fortunately she's still friends with the Ex-Cheerleader. The Babysitter makes a lot of her money babysitting the Jock's younger sisters. It's when she's at his house that she's able to see a different side of him, which led to her developing a crush on him. Or does she only hope that she can make the Gamer jealous? Regardless, the Party Girl found out about her little crush, and is now claiming that she's pregnant with the Jock's baby. The Babysitter on the other hand, is still a virgin.

      The Party Girl - Miss Iyzabel Palmer - Taken by S T A T i C H0RR0R
      User Imagesuϲк mʏ ϲσϲкɪɴєss, ʟɪϲк mʏ pєʀsuasɪσɴ

                The Party Girl is known for being one of the biggest flirts in town. When there's a party, then she parties hard, and often the first to arrive and last to leave. Her love for partying isn't the only thing she's known for, but also her promiscuity. It's also known that she use to be best friends with The Babysitter, but after a huge fallout, the girls are no longer on speaking terms. There's also a rumor that the Party Girl may be pregnant, and not know who the father is. So why is she starting to say that she thinks it's the Jock's? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she heard a rumor that the Babysitter has a crush on him. The Party Girl is frequently hangs out with the Junkie. She knows nothing of his secret relationship. Then again, he doesn't know that she currently owes the Dealer a large sum of money.

      The Vampire Obsessed - Miss Teagan Rose - Taken by M a c a b r e S t y l e
      User Imageтнє sєaʀcн ғoʀ ʙєauтʏ ʟєavєs us ʙʀєaтнʟєssxxxxxDEAD

                The Vampire girl was once known as the Sheriff’s Little Girl, mostly because he is indeed her father. She grew up sitting in her Father’s lap, looking at photo’s of crime scenes, and was not phased by the brutality of some of the scenes. Perhaps that’s the reason she seems to be obsessed with ghost stories, monster movies, and of course… Vampire Literature. She’s also rather intrigued by death, and helps as a young intern at the morgue, a job she got thanks to her Dad’s Best friend and almost a second Father, the Medical Examiner. It's because of the Medical Examiner that she's had to run into the Survivor on more than one occurrence. She's also determined to convince him to tell her all about what happened in the Foster House. Unfortunately he's kept his lips sealed. Also, through a series of events, she’s found out about the Rich Kid’s relationship with the Dealer. She’s currently plotting ways to blackmail him, since he and his little friends are such bullies to a few of the kids in her school.

      The Scene Queen- Ms. Carissa Brie Stanton - taken by IdiosyncraticEnigmatic
      ɪ caиםy-cσat aиם cσvєʀ єvєʀyтнɪngxxxxxDEAD
      User Image
                The Scene Queen prefers for her look and personality to be big and loud. She suffers from Histrionic personality disorder, meaning that she displays egocentrism, self-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve her needs. It doesn't help that she's a self-destructive cutter and at times will sabotage herself from being genuinely happy. She's completely oblivious to some of the more destructive things that she does, but at least she has her best the Drama King, who she believes would never leave her side. Like her friend, she also hates the Variety Four. Then again, they are a constant reminder of her own imperfections, fueling her insecurities. The Scene Queen is determined to recruit the Animal Rights Activist to her and the Drama King's side. Little does she realize, her best friend has medical issues that he's been keeping from her, while she on the other hand would gladly display her scars.

      The Tomboy - Miss. Josephine Bourgeois - reserve by Twankiie
      User Imageαηʏтнɪηɢ ʏσu sαʏ cαη αη∂ wɪʟʟ вє нєʟ∂ αɢαɪηsт ʏσu.

                The Tomboy is a girl who often bonds better with the boys. She's not afraid to get in a fight with them either. As she's gotten older, it became more and more obvious just how different she was from her classmates. Her family use to live in the Junkie's boarding house, however because of severe financial reasons, they were kicked out. For a little while her family had secretly lived in the foster house when it was vacant. Ever since the Screenplay Writer and the Animal Rights Activist bought the property, her family had go back to being homeless. Fortunately the Tomboy has managed to hide the truth about her living arrangements from everyone. She could never explain the creepy vibe she felt in the house, but ever since they moved out, she's had an unexplainable desire to go back. It's almost as if there's a hidden treasure that something wanted her to find. Lately she's found herself turning towards the Demonologist for emotional support and advice. There's just something about her that she can't help but admire.

      The Teacher's Pet - Charlotte Mathews - reserved by XHopeNFaithX
      User Image тнєʀє's a нɪɢнєʀ poωєʀ τhaτ ωɪʟʟ נu∂ɢє ʏou ƒoʀ ʏouʀ ɪɴ∂єcєɴcʏ

                The Teacher's Pet aims to be number one at school, even if it means forming a rivalry with The Bookworm. She is super religious and hosts her own bible club. She isn't a stranger around the church, and has spoken to The Priest and The Demonologist on a number of occasions. It's understood why she doesn't like flirtier girls like The Party-Girl, The Scene Queen and The Ex-Cheerleader. She certainly doesn't approve of the Principal's Son's friendship with the Ex-Cheerleader or that he had dated The Drama King. She lives across the street of the Foster House, and took note of the family that moved in. When she isn't at the library or church, she's working as a receptionist at the local salon with the Hairdresser.

      The Otaku - Clair "Bunni" Adams - reserved by KittenNice
      User Imageтнaт's тнє way ɪ ʟɪкє ɪт and ɪ nєvєʀ ɢєт ʙoʀєd

                The Otaku is the anime obsessed cousin of The City Boy. Due to personal drama at home, she is currently living with the City Boy and his family. She's best-friends with the Conspiracy Theorist, however has talked to both The Drag Show and Fashionista when it comes to her next outfit and/or cosplay idea. The two categories more than often crossover when The Otaku is involved. It's very difficult for her to hold a job, but somehow she keeps getting hired. Lately she's managed to get hired at the petshop with The Petshop Owner and The Animal Rights Activist. She's a very outgoing girl, but more than often dances to the beat of her own drum. It's been rumored that if it weren't for her cousin being The City Boy, she probably would have been picked on at school. Which is why she's not afraid to use their family ties to her advantage. Because of her detective skills, she was able to find out that Mr. Tech Savvy is in town. She's chatted with him once in the past online.

      The Odd One Out - Ms. Emilee Young- Reserved by mokiepuppymaster
      User Imageнσω ι ℓσиg fσя тнє ∂єєρ ѕℓєєρ ∂яєαмιиg

                The Odd One Out is the sister of the Skater. Unlike her brother, many classmates could label her as being very "dark". She was held back a grade because she missed too many school days. Part of the reason was because she has a weak immune system, the other was to help take care of her father while her mother was at work. Their parents both worked to restore the highschool, however their father was injured in the process. One day when she was at school, their mother killed their father before committing suicide. She and her brother now live with their relatives. She applied for an internship at the hospital, but last the position to the Vampire Obsessed. The Odd One Out is a loner and has morbid rumors surrounding her due to her own fascination with death, which is why she's a fan of the Screenplay Writer's horror movies.

User Image
Teenaged Boys

9 alive || 3 dead

      The Survivor - Mr. Shepherd "Lucky" Loveday - Taken by mokiepuppymaster
      User Imageɪғ ʏou םoи’т bєcomє aи acтoʀ ʏou’ʟʟ иєvєʀ bє a ғacтoʀ

                The Survivor is either blessed or one of the unluckiest person in town. After his parents were killed in a car accident caused by the Gamer's possessed mom, he was placed in the foster home. The Foster Mother displayed a variety of bizarre behaviors until everything spiraled out of control. The end result? All of the children were brutally murdered. All except for The Survivor who hid in a closet/pantry. Even though everyone in town had suspected the Foster Mother was losing her mind, it was the Junkie who had accidentally walked in on the murders, and notified the police. The Sheriff rescued him from the closet, accompanied by the Nurse and the Medical Examiner. Due to his situation, he is currently living in the custody of the Medical Examiner and getting frequent therapy from the Psychiatrist. He's a member of the Variety Hour with his childhood friend, the Ex-Cheerleader; though paired off typically with the Producer's Daughter.

      The City Boy - Mr. Kaleb Tewers - Taken by rajio_obake
      User Imageτaκє a sєaτ aиם ɢєτ ʟosτ ω ɪτh mє, τhɪs τaʟє ω ɪʟʟ иєvєʀ sτop

                The City Boy moved to Brookshire roughly three years ago, and is still adjusting to the simplicity of the little town. Out of everyone in the town, he has the most professional acting experiences. Due to the commercials and small roles he played in as a child, The City Boy is treated like Brookshire's own little celebrity. What people don't realize is that ever since he moved to Brookshire he's been plagued with a series of horrible nightmares almost every night. At least being a member of Brookshire's Variety Hour helps to take his mind off of it. He's often partnered up with the Ex-Cheerleader in a number of his performances and sketches, which has led him to start developing a crush on her. Too bad she's oblivious. He parties frequently with The Junkie at the boarding house, where he's happened to cross paths more than once with the Reporter.

      The Rich Kid - Mr. Kain Summers - Taken by Nox Night
      User Imageםσɴ'т чσu єvєʀ ωσɴםєʀ нσω ωє suʀvɪvє?xxxxxDEAD

                The Rich Kid is the only son of the Mayor and his Wife, the Teacher. Or so he thinks. What he doesn't know is that he has a half sibling out in the world. What he also doesn't know is that he has picked on said sibling, The Bookworm, along with his two friends, The Jock and The Junkie for most of their childhood. Now they've moved on to victims they can actually hit. But the Rich Kid must take after his Mother, because he has a deep dark secret. He likes boys. He can't tell anyone because he can't ruin his Father, and his family's reputation. When he came out to his parents, his dad told him keep that scandal to himself, and that he wouldn't accept it. And so, the Rich Kid puts on a mask of hate to prove to the world that he is NOT a f**. If only he could convince the Dealer, who he is sleeping with, the same thing. Alas, feelings have grown for the other, even if The Dealer is using and manipulating him to be able to do whatever he wants in their town

      The Jock - Mr. Tyreese Oliver - Taken by mokiepuppymaster
      User Imageɪ єmʙσםч єvєʀч ϲнaʀaϲтєʀɪsтɪϲ σғ тнє єɢσтɪsтɪϲ

                The Jock is the typically the MVP when it comes to a lot of the sports his school participates in. He is the most physically violent out of him and his friends: The Junkie and The Rich Kid. His victims are typically The Troublemaker, The Gamer and The Bookworm, as well as a few others. Other than the violent portion of his reputation, he's also known for frequently sleeping with a variety of girls, one being the Party Girl. However he's recently set his eyes on the Fashionista. He thinks she's playing hard to get, but little does he know, she has her eyes currently set on the Tutor. Little does he realize, The Babysitter, who often looks after his little sisters, has a crush on him. At the same time, he does treat her a little differently than he does most girls. He's clueless about the Junkie and the Tutor hooking up, or even that his current best friend, the Rich Kid is gay. All he has is a severe desire to leave town, it's just a little hard when the Party Girl recently claimed that she was pregnant, and he is the father.

      The Junkie - Mr. William Nevers - Taken by midgetminion
      User Imageɪғ ʏσu ɢσт 'єm pass тнaт sнɪт aяσuиם

                The Junkie's family owns a large boarding house, where a few people in town actually have residence, including the Nurse and the Reporter. When his parents are away, he's known for throwing huge parties in the vacant rooms. One of his frequent party guests is the Party-Girl. Then again, it may be because she likes to use his connections to the Dealer. The Junkie is also known as a bully for picking on some of his classmates, such as the Gamer, the Troublemaker, the Bookworm and anyone else who pops up on radar. He's friends with the Jock and the Rich Kid, and secretly sleeping with the Tutor. What many don't realize, the Junkie was the one who snuck into the Foster House during the massacre. Why? He was dared to by no other than the Troublemaker. To cope with the trauma of what he witnessed, he turned to abusing substances to form an escape.

      The Gamer - Mr. Edward Delarosa - Taken by rajio_obake
      User Imageтнєʀє's ɴσ םɪғғєʀєɴϲє ʙєтωєєɴ тнє ɢamє aɴם тнє ɢʀavє

                The Gamer has received a great deal of negative attention due to the fact that his mother was either possessed or severely insane. The earlier parts of his life were like that out of a horror movie, down to her exorcism. He wasn't allowed to witness it, but he could hear the things the walls of the walls of their apartment, in the Junkie's boarding house, were paper thin. Finances is the main reason he hasn't been able to move out of the boarding house, thankfully they were able to move their things to a separate apartment room. He typically likes to stay cooped up in his room, which is one of the reasons his relationship with the Babysitter failed. The Bookworm is also his best friend, as she also gets bullied at school. He recently befriended the Animal Rights Activist, and found out that his internet friend Mr. Tech Savvy was coming to town.

      The Drama King - Mr. Adrian "Axell" Harraway - Taken by midgetminion
      User Imageɪ sєє чσu ʟσσкɪɴ' aт mє ʟɪкє ɪ ɢσт ωнaт чσu ɴєєםxxxxxDEAD

                The Drama King knew ever since he was a little boy that he was destined for great things. He was gonna be somebody, a person of significance, and he was damned determined to achieve this. He started performing as a child, wherever he could. As he grew, he wanted bigger audiences. He eventually joined the drama department, and spent all of his time basking in the lime light of being a star. The Drama King's big break finally came in the form of a local Variety Show. He auditioned, along with a few of his classmates, and got in. It didn't long for his position to go to his head. He became a Diva with a bad attitude, bossing everyone around including his castmates. Finally everyone had enough, and he was fired and replaced in a snap. He soon directed his rage and frustration on his old Cast Members, especially the Survivor, who replaced him. The Drama King plans on getting back on that show, then having THEM all replaced, and he's recruited his friend, The Scene Queen, into helping him! What no one realizes is that the Drama King has a medical issue, and doesn't have much time left to live. Of course he keeps this a secret.

      The Troublemaker - Mr. Landon Moser - Taken by Azor Ahai Reborn
      User Imageнavєи'т ʏσu нєaяם тнaт ɪ'm тнє иєω caиcєя?

                The Troublemaker has always lived in the shadow of his older brother, The Psychic. He doesn't have a photographic memory, but instead some kind of personality disorder. Causing trouble, commotion and mayhem always gave him a rush. Especially after he had dared the Junkie to sneak inside of the Foster House, jump-starting a mess of things. His pranks gave him attention from adults as well as his bullies, the Jock, the Junkie and the Rich Kid. The only reason the Troublemaker hasn't been kicked out of school, is because the principal had remembered, The Psychic. After his brother had moved away, and the Troublemaker became even more of an outcast. Now that his brother is back in town, however this time with a criminal record. He won't tell anyone that his brother is a conman, because that goes against his personal code. With all the attention, The Psychic is getting,the Troublemaker is determined to do something big, something that will make his mark in history. Something completely troubling...

      The Principal's son - Mr. Luke Perrywheat - Taken by Colour Me Krista
      User Imageвuт םєvɪʟ тяɪєs тσ вяєak mє םσωиxxxxxDEAD

                The Principal's Son was originally a teammate of the Jock's on their school's football team. No one realized that he was gay, hell he didn't even notice until he and the Drama-King hooked up at a party one night. This act eventually blossomed into a relationship. When everyone found out, he was ridiculed and bullied but after standing up for himself, was able to stop the torment fairly early. That didn't stop him from leaving the football team. Shortly later his friend, the Ex-Cheerleader recruited him into going the cheer squad. When she left the team to join the Variety Four, he remained on the squad with the new captain, the Fashionista. Because of the Ex-Cheerleader and his boyfriend, the Drama-king, he befriended the Variety Four. However when the Drama-King lashed out against his friends, their relationship ended as a result. He avoids his ex-boyfriend, not wanting to deal with the drama. Instead he likes to give out romantic advice for a number of his female friends. His mom sold the Screenplay Writer his house, and the Principal's son had to help clean and prepare it for the family. His father also recently volunteered him to assist the Town Historian in the library without any real notice as well. Little does the Principal's son know, but his older half-brother the Hustler is in town.

      The Drag Show - Georgie Taylor - Taken by Twankiie
      User Imageʟɪғє aɪи'т ωoятн a םamи тɪʟ ʏou caи sнouт ouт ɪ am ωнaт ɪ am!

                The Drag Show is not afraid to say he's gay, even though he's bullied by The Jock, The Rich Kid and The Druggie for it. He has a talent for sewing together elaborate outfits and currently works as the costumer for The Variety Four. However this talent has caused him to have a rivalry with The Fashionista. He currently has adopted The Ex-Cheerleader's dad as his Drag Mother. Recently he has volunteered to be the high school's waterboy. Even though he now has to be around one of his bullies, The Jock, on a regular basis, he also frequently sees the cheerleaders, like The Fashionista and The Principal's Son. He has sewn cosplay outfits for The Otaku, but fears that she'll start getting her outfits from The Fashionista.

      The Conspiracy Theorist - Oliver Dickerson - Taken by Tryfon
      User Imageɢoɪnɢ вack тo тнє םяawɪnɢ вoaяם

                The Conspiracy Theorist is an outcasted comic book artist, who is so very unpopular that even the bullies don't seem to notice him. His best-friend is the Otaku, however he isn't nearly as outgoing. He usually spends a lot of his time researching about ghosts and aliens. He visits the library regularly, and has spoken to The Town Historian, to find out the legends of Brookshire, including the Foster Massacre. He is a huge fan of The Parnormal Investigator, The Medium and The Demonologist. He's especially curious about the exorcism that The Priest had performed. This doesn't even compare to the paranoia that he feels about the government. It all helps to fuel his many theories of the multiple secrets and cover-ups. Everything must be linked.

      The Skater - Mr. Carter David Young - Taken by XHopeNFaithX
      User Image ωαкє мє υρ ωнєи ιт'ѕ αℓℓ σνєя

                The Skater is proof that "if you want to be happy, be". He's a hippy at heart and tries not to let the worries of life tear down his optimism. He's proud to voice that skating isn't a fad, but a way of life. What many don't realize, underneath his quirky exterior, he's actually very smart. Which is surprising because he's often caught zoning out in class. Like his sister, The Odd One Out, he chooses to hide his intelligence. Being smart didn't keep him from being caught by The Nurse, graffiti a wall at the hospital. For community service he works underneath the Dropout as a janitor, this is where he met the Vampire Obsessed. They would frequently get lunch but decided to remain friends. Even with his happy outlook, his life isn't a fairytale. His father, who was injured during the highschool restoration project, was murdered by the skater's mother, who then took her own life. He currently lives with his sister, his aunt and uncle.

User Image


[list][list][list][size=11.5][b]Name[/b][color=white]x[/color]●[color=white]x[/color]Identity Title[color=white]x[/color]●[color=white]x[/color]Age[/size][/list][/list][/list][size=10]
NPC synopsis[/size]

          User Image
                Allison WeathersxxThe Foster Motherxx37

          An infertile woman who often believed that it was her calling to be a mother. She was that shy girl who hardly ever spoke up in any community activities. Some people would say it was easy to forget when she was in the room. For her the most important things in life, were children and religion. After claiming that God wanted her to save the children, she continued to take more into her home, until she had a total of thirteen. She secluded them from the world, until one day she snapped. No one exactly knows what happened on that day, before she butchered those young children (ages 3 - 12). She currently resides in the institution, reciting several prayers and nursey rhymes.

          User Image
                Muriel WeathersxxThe Crazy Cat Ladyxx70

          Muriel often helped her daughter take care of the foster children, especially when there were too many for one woman to handle... However, she didn't realize how much of a toll the stress was taking on her daughter until she found out she was locking a toddler, who wasn't even talking yet, in a closet because she wouldn't stop crying all the time. Muriel quickly took that little girl out of home and adopted her. After a while, her daughter promised her that her stress was better, and Muriel waned to trust Allison, so she let it slide. Just a few short years later, the massacre happened, and Muriel was never the same. She felt guilty, because she knew after she found what was happening to Ophelia that she should have reported her daughter and gotten her help, but she ignored it, not wanting to think she raised a bad child. Even with her new adopted daughter in her home, she's always felt lonely and collects many cats and material items to try to fill the void her daughter left in her heart.

          User Image
                Father Issac Michaelsxx Senior Priestxx55

          Father Michaels has been the official Priest for Brookshire's church, "Blessed St. Mary Catholic Church" for over twenty years. He's known as being a kind and compassionate man and isn't one to display any type of anger in public. He promotes peace and is fairly modest in regards to owning worldly belongings. He believes in forgiveness and that everyone needs a second chance. He is also a registered life coach. He was slightly concerned when the church appointed Father Maddux as the exorcist for Juanita's case. After the woman's death, he refused to give up on the young priest, believing that he had potential. Father Michaels does not have any known family and currently lives alone.

          User Image
                Tiana "Tia" Oliver ;; Miaya "Mia" Oliver ;; Kiara "Kia" OliverxxThe Oliver Tripletsxx11

          These three triplets are very often seen around town with either their mother or grandmother. Outside of their family, their connections are mostly with their girlscout troupe, and their Babysitter, Winnie. Even though the three girls are identical, their personalities are very different. Tia is typically the leader out of the three. She's fairly smart for her age and is in a hurry to grow up and be a proper lady. She likes to use bigger words in order to confuse those around her. She's tactful. Mia is the childish bubbly one, and also the more innocent out of the three. She's often emotional, and is very open with expressing her emotions. She also says the "blonder" sillier things. Finally Kia, she's the tomboy who claims not to be afraid of anything. Like her brother, she likes sports, and is fairly sassy. She's irresponsible and is definitely rebellious. All three are often clingy to their brother in one way or another. Either because they love him, or it's fun to annoy him.

          User Image
                Aliese OliverxxTy's Motherxx36

          A stay at home mom, who involved herself in the scandals of dating a married man. She successfully destroyed her lover's relationship, however could not force him to actually marry her. Currently they live together with their four children, and her lover's mother. She is currently dealing with the loss of her three month old child, who had died due to terrible circumstances. For the most part, she's very motherly to those around her, and has a passion for romance. Don't get her wrong, she can be sarcastic in a heartbeat, and is unfortunately very dependent on her boyfriend. She's willing to endure a lot her "mother-in-law"'s verbal abuse, all in the name of holding her family together.

          User Image
                Tyler BennettxxThe Newspaper's Chief Editorxx44

          Once was involved in a happy marriage, with a child, Tyler eventually left his wife to be with an even younger woman. As far as he was concerned, his ex-wife left town. At first he had sent her child supprot checks, but eventually his ex voiced that she wanted nothing to do with him. He hardly ever talks about his past. After the divorce, he didn't want to go through with another one, so he and his girlfriend of 16 years, never officially tied the knot. They live together with their four children. To support his family, he works at the Local Paper. He's a big flirt and prefers to work longer hours, to avoid going home. It's rumored that he may be having an affair on his wife. Who knows? He's not shy when it comes to complimenting a woman.

          User Image
                Darryl PerrywheatxxThe Highschool Principalxx42

          Darryl is currently the principal at Brookshire High, and for the most part tries to be a very friendly man in the community. His absolute top priority is the safety of the students, both physically and mentally. He is absolutely oblivious to the sexual behavior between the Tutor and the Junkie. As well the abuse the Teacher is suffering from in her marriage, and knows nothing of the bullying situation. However he does go out of his way to remember the birthdays of staff and faculty, and will often buy them little presents and give them cards. He has no idea that his overly friendly behavior could be misinterpreted as him flirting with the Teacher.

          User Image
                Dr. Bertram ShultzxxThe Psychiatristxx50

          Some would argue that this man's methods aren't the best. He enjoys pushing his patients to their limits. Some would argue that he can be a bit of a p***k, but this doctor has several professionals to back-up his work. He's from out of town, however has lived in Brookshire since the Foster Children Massacre.

          User Image
                Vicente DelarosaxxThe ChefxxThirty-Five

          The Gamer's Father, works as a chef at a local restaurant. Has been working there since his late teens. His deceased wife, Juanita, was killed during an exorcism and to cope through the loss he tended to focus on perfecting his cooking skills and methods. He's still unsure if his wife had meant to purposefully hurt their son at times or if it really was all accidental. However despite the situation with his wife he is typically an easy-going guy.

          User Image
                Samuel James SullivanxxThe FBI profilerxxForty-six

          The Tutor's father, Sam Sullivan is an FBI profiler. He works to keep this country a safe place. Sam was born and raised in the area. When he was younger, he dreamed of catching the "Big criminals" but as he grew he decided that life as an officer of the law was not for him. Instead, he decided to put his intelligence, drive and natural curiosity to good work. Like his daughter, Sam is very has a inquisitive nature. His interests also lied in the motivations and mind of criminals. He decided his career path after Junior college--when he went to the public University in the area--earning both his MFT license and his masters in criminal psychology. He married the woman of his dreams and got the career most suited to him. Before his wife's death, he lived part time in Washington DC in order to be nearer to the FBI Headquarters. After Ruth's death, he was transferred to the off location branch near Brookshire so he could live at home with his daughter. He was devastated with his wife's death but he was bit going to stew in it and make himself miserable. Instead, he tried to be the best father he could be. In the past, he has tried to be home as much as he possibly could, however, his job demands many long hours (if not many days). He was home a little more when his daughter was younger but even then it was rare. He often had some of his female coworkers babysit little Nicole. Sam is very observant, fairly quiet, jaded, and he is naturally talented at what he does.

          User Image
                Margaret "Maggie" TewersxxThe Washed-Up ActressxxThirty-Nine

          The mother of the City Boy, married to the Reality Tv Star. She was an actress herself and interested in making her career rise. She fell for the Reality Tv Star and the two had a backyard wedding behind her parents beach side home. After giving birth to the City Boy no one ever seemed to recognize her in her new role as a mother. She planned to change that and would try out for various roles in a movie, yet it always seemed to be snagged right from under her. After giving up on her own career she focused on her son's, though when she noticed a small decline in his career she didn't have much faith. So along with her husband they made an offer on a house in Connecticut and when the offer went through the family moved across country. Margaret has a job as a substitute drama teacher and part-time stay at home mom.

          User Image
                Brandon TewersxxThe Reality Tv StarxxForty-One

          The father of the City Boy, married to the Washed-Up Actress. He claims to have started from his own humble beginnings not that it's the case, his father works as a CEO in a corporation based in Rhode Island. Though the story he told on the Reality show is a different sob story about how his father died of cancer and his mother was barely making it paycheck to paycheck. There was a scandal mid-season when people found out that the story was a lie. But he ended up winning despite the false tale. He ran into the Washed-Up Actress and it was a lust turned love relationship for him. Fathering the City-Boy years later he was hoping his son would be the cash-cow he was looking for though when he wasn't getting as much as he was looking for he decided to make on offer on a house that was near his own childhood home, if only a state away. His current occupation is trying to win back his father's favor and get some shares back in the company, so Brandon is typically visiting Rhode Island and coming back to Connecticut when he has the time.

          User Image
                Francine MoserxxThe SecretaryxxForty-Five

          The mother to the Psychic and the Troublemaker. She works as a secretary in a local firm. Taking tabs on names, phone numbers and necesarry dates. It doesn't ask for much brainpower and that's probably a good thing since Mrs. Moser is still stuck in a highschool state of mind. She has a bubbly persona trying to be a ray of sunlight to whoever she meets. She was married straight out of highschool and had her eldest son shortly thereafter. Some would claim she is a trophy wife but she takes the title with pride. For the first few years after the Psychic was born she thought she was going to have the dream family. It appeared that she had the trophy son but when her husband made it known he was a failed attempt they tried again and eventually concieved the Troublemaker... He too wasn't the child they had hoped to have... Francine tried to raise them the best though her motherly skills are lacking. And she watched as the bottle became her husband's mistress. When the Psychic moved away she hoped everything would be fixed. Yet when her baby boy returned with an ankle monitor, Francine didn't understand had she done something wrong when it came to raising the boys or were they just "screw ups" like her husband proclaimed? She still keeps a positive outlook and hopes that her boys will become prospective members of society she just doesn't know how to step in and be the mother they need. All the while she casts a blind eye to her husband's more "rage-filled" moments.

          User Image
                Bradly MoserxxThe Football Coachxx51

          Father to the Psychic and the Troublemaker, Bradly Moser currently works as a insurance salesman though during the high school's football season, he coaches the team to victory. Back in his heyday, Brad was the football star. Seemingly destined for great things, an devastating injury to his knee dashed any hope of that. His hopes rose again upon hearing of his first son's birth. However, every attempt at interesting the Psychic in the realm of sports failed miserably, leading Brad to determine that his son was a failure. His hopes dashed again, the former football star took to nursing his wounded pride in the bottom of a bottle. Soon, hope arose again with the birth of a second son. Slowly, Mr. Moser began to realize that something was different with this son and that the Troublemaker would never amount to the destiny that he had wished upon his family. Fully disappointed with life, Brad began drinking heavily at night while watching tapes of his former games. As his drinking progressed, the odds increased that Mr. Moser would become physical with his sons when they "got out of line". Things seemed as though they could look up for the family when the Psychic moved out. The Troublemaker calmed his pranks slightly, though the symptoms of his personality disorder were becoming more pronounced. In the midst of these troubling times, the Psychic found himself arrested and sent back home on probation. Mr. Moser, who had been completely drunk that night, started one of the largest familial fights the Mosers had seen. While he started in on his sons, Mrs. Moser did what she did best. She turned a blind eye to everything and pretended as though the family had a perfect little life.

          User Image
                Frank (Aka Flo) Longoria xxThe town Drunken Dragqueen/The Tailorxx41

          Frank Longoria moved to Brookshire from Sunny California when in Highschool. He remained in the closet for most of his life, though didn't fool anyone but his wife: Jeanette. Together, they had a daughter, though nothing was enough to keep Jeanette in his life when she found out that he liked to dress up as a woman and wasn't physically attracted to her. Once she left 'Florence' or just Flo was born. Frank now dresses up as Flo on an almost daily basis and drinks... A lot. His Tailoring business is going under because he isn't doing his job properly, but lucky for him... his daughter brings home a paycheck from her TV job. The guilt from making his little girl the bread winner at home causes him to drink even more.

          User ImagexUser Imagex xUser Image
                Darla Akins ;; Cindy Swims;; Bonnie StoltenbergxxNeighborhood Girl Scoutsxx10 ;; 8 ;; 12

          These three girls are friendly neighborhood girl scouts. The three are best friends and are often seen together. They're fairly talkative, and will often talk to strangers if they don't look too sketchy. Darla has bolder, louder personality. Cindy is prone to having imaginary friends, and follows curiosity without considering consequences. Bonnie is awkwardly shy.

          User Image
                Deborah BennettxxThe Religious Big Hat Ladyxx65

          Deborah is the type of woman who doesn't see the point in holding her tongue. If a girl is walking around looking like a hussy, then by God, she's going to say that she looks like a hussy. She's a very no-nonsense type of individual, who will stop at nothing to make sure that justice is served. She believes in the Bible and whippings with wooden paddles. P.S. She is not afraid to cause a scene, and very little actually embarrass her.

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                    Archabald; "Archie"
                                Nine years old at the time of death.
                                He liked bugs and was fascinated by the science of things and how stuff worked.
                                He disliked art. He was never really good at it to begin with.
                                He was very scrupolous. Enjoyed knowing every detail if he could.
                                If he had grown up he wanted to be a neuroscientist.

                    User Image

                                Four years old at the time of death.
                                He liked sports, mostly basketball... but soccer was a close second, really any sport.
                                He disliked when the other kids teased him and kept him out of their games.
                                He was very outgoing and loved talking and playing with his foster siblings.
                                If he had grown up he wanted to be any kind of athelete; he had no preference.

                    User Image

                                Seven years old at the time of death.
                                He liked to believe his parents would be coming back for him as soon as they were out of jail.
                                He disliked living in the foster house and would be the one attempting to sneak out the most.
                                He was very rebellious and it seemed to get him in a lot of trouble more often than not.
                                If he had grown up he wanted to be as cool as his real parents were in his eyes.

                    User Image

                                Eight years old at the time of death.
                                She liked getting her way... Even though that wasn't often. But she also liked singing.
                                She disliked when the foster mother told her to stop singing.
                                She was very much sadden when she was told not to sing anymore.
                                If she had grown up she wanted to be either a model or singer.

                    User Image

                                Five years old at the time of death.
                                She liked baking cookies and cakes whenever she got the chance.
                                She disliked spices, she prefered the sweeter tasting foods.
                                She was very precise, her cookies hat to be a certain way or they weren't right
                                If she had grown up she wanted to own her own cookie shop.

                    User Image

                                Six years old at the time of death.
                                She liked naptime. At an age where most kids didn't it was her favourite time to dream.
                                She disliked waking up early. Ruined all her best dreams.
                                She was very quiet... Kind of shy, she liked being the wallflower in the room.
                                If she had grown up she wanted to be a princess and be kissed awake by her prince.

                    User Image

                                Three years old at the time of death.
                                He liked knock-knock-jokes, even though he didn't fully understand how to use punchlines.
                                He disliked violence and people who start fights.
                                He was very energetic, a ball of fun, happy energy.
                                If he had grown up he wanted to be a stand-up comedian.

                    User Image

                                twelve years old at the time of death.
                                She liked nature, plants and animals.
                                She disliked her hair curled or wearing dresses.
                                She was very motherly to the other foster children.
                                If she had grown up she wanted to be a vetenarian or a pediatrician.

                    User Image

                                seven years old at the time of death.
                                She liked playing dolls and being around her twin.
                                He/She disliked bugs or overly dirty thing.
                                She was very prissy and girlish.
                                If she had grown up she wanted to be a bride.

                    User Image

                                seven years old at the time of death.
                                She liked being in charge and hanging out with her twin.
                                She disliked having to play with little babies.
                                She was very bossy and a little on the mean side.
                                If She had grown up she wanted to be queen of the world.

                    User Image

                                Eight years old at the time of death.
                                He liked technology and insisted on taking everything apart to see how it worked.
                                He disliked being too close to girls.
                                He was very cautious, pessimistic and yet observant.
                                If he had grown up he wanted to do something with politics, or possibly work for the CIA.

                    User Image

                                Ten years old at the time of death.
                                He liked being the center of attention and taking risks.
                                He disliked losing, and will immediately declare a rematch if he does.
                                He was very charismatic and a friend to everyone. Could easily talk himself out of any situation.
                                If he had grown up he wanted to be Iron Man.
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                          ██████ palevioletredawesome██████ #FC0FC0 awesome██████ lightpink

                          ██████ plum awesome██████ mediumvioletred

                          ██████ crimsonawesome██████ #c83c3cawesome██████ #990000

                          ██████#ad253c awesome ██████ #cc0033 awesome ██████ #EB4C42

                          ██████ orangeredawesome██████ #FF9966awesome██████ darkorange

                          ██████#ff0800 awesome██████ #ff6940 awesome██████ tomato


                          ██████ #be9a2dawesome██████ darkkhaki awesome██████ #c8b43c

                          ██████ #80ca80awesome██████ #8BA870

                          ██████ limegreenawesome██████ olivedrabawesome██████ teal

                          ██████ darkgreenawesome ██████ DarkTurquoiseawesome ██████ #4AA02Cawesome

                          ██████ dodgerblueawesome██████ #26619C awesome██████ steelblue

                          ██████ #0BDDB6awesome██████ cadetblue awesome ██████ darkblue

                          ██████ #5944a9 awesome

                          ██████ darkmagentaawesome██████ #8E35EFawesome██████ #CC99FF

                          ██████ slateblueawesome██████ indigo awesome██████ purple

                          ██████ sandybrownawesome██████ #4a1100awesome██████ #654C16

                          ██████ tanawesome ██████ #452229awesome ██████ #F2AC88

                          ██████ slategrayawesome██████ #a5b1b7awesome██████ darkslategray

                          ██████#595b7f awesome ██████ lightgray


                          Dec. 27th Forum Created
                          Dec. 28th Added The Personal Assistant
                          Aug. 31st Added Several Characters
                          Aug. 31st Updated Color Chart
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            MAP OF BROOKSHIRE «««««««« click link

            Brookshire is tucked away, just beyond the mountain ridge, surrounding the little town are trees and more trees, causing the little town to be more hidden during the spring or summer seasons. Located deep in the woods, near the abandoned highschool, is a lake. The only way to leave Brookshire, is down a windy road, which will eventually start scaling up the ridge. Midway up the ridge, the road leads through a very narrow tunnel. Outside of the tunnel, is a bridge, until you're back on the main roads. Brookshire is in a hole, the lowest point of Connecticut.


            coming soon
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