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It's Autumn in the little town of Brookshire, and we all know that means.
Soon it'll be the Harvest Moon Festival.
It's a cute little festival that everyone in town typically works very hard to put up every two years.
It's closer to the end of the festival that there's a dance that takes place in the town square.

The Festival itself lasts a full week, building up to its finale on Halloween. Over all, it's a Family-Friendly event.

The Documentary Team
has been in town for less than a week, but long enough to get better familiar with some of the major locations. They were told that the thirteen days leading up to Halloween, is when the town's paranormal activity is at a high. So far all they had seen were little things, but nothing that would make a documentary worth while.

The Screenplay Writer and the Animal Rights Activist moved to Brookshire earlier this month. The only activity that has occurred in the old Foster House was, faucets that would turn on by themselves when you're not watching. The sound of a ball bouncing late at night.

It's Sunday afternoon, October the 18th.
Fall Break is next week. Halloween is on the following Saturday.

Haunted Hotspots

        To enter town, you must cross over a bridge and go through a narrow tunnel. Even the road down to the little town, is twisty, full of sharp turns, surrounded by nothing but trees, with a dangerous ledge to be wary of. It's rumored that when you drive on this road at night, a vehicle will suddenly appear behind you, and shine its bright lights. The vehicle then without any warning at all, will start to accelerate and try to run you off the road. It is advised that no one walk through the tunnel on foot. Just as there are several rumors about the bridge. The tunnel however, has had reports of paranormal activity even during the day. From the road, in a certain spot, it is possible to see the remnants of the old High School that was located in the middle of the woods. However, it is only possible to see it during the Autumn and Winter, due to all of the trees.

        xxxxIn the park, there's a playground. There is also a large swing set located in this old fashioned playground. The swing set has five swings, however it is the fourth swing that constantly swings on its own, even when there isn't a gust of wind in the air. You're able to stop it, by holding onto it, but the moment you let go of the swing, the process starts up again. Some could argue that its a phenomenon caused by the earth's constant rotation and gravitation pull, like a pendulum. Then again, it's the only swing that does it. There are also rumors that if you swing on the fourth swing, then the only way to get off of it, by jumping off...or being shoved off by some unseen force.

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»» LUCKY «« Shepherd○Emery○Loveday
{{The SURVIVOR//One of The Variety Four}}

Don't worry about me & who I fire
I get what I desire, It's my empire
And yes, I call the shots, I am the umpire
I sprinkle holy water upon the vampire
I am no longer trying to survive
I believe that life is a prize
But to live doesn't mean you're alive

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                                      Shepherd Loveday, or Lucky as most people called him, sat at the table of his 'foster father'. At least that's what he supposed the Medical Examiner technically was. He didn't have parents, but he wasn't going to complain. Unlike some people, Lucky absolutely hated being the center of attention. He hated the looks or seeing people whispering to each other when he walked into room. He knew what question they wanted to know. They wanted to know exactly what happened behind those doors of the foster house. They wanted to know if still could vividly picture it in his mind. They wanted to know whose fault it was. He could only imagine all of the questions that buzzed in their minds. There were often moment when he wondered if the nickname 'Lucky' was more of a taunt, than a compliment. He was cursed, and his misfortunes enjoyed having a free ride on his back. He drew out his cellphone and heaved a breath as he wondered whether or not there was a meeting for the Variety Hour today. It was past three o'clock, so he could only assume that most people were home from whatever they were doing. Church...he just couldn't bring himself to attend any of the services. Growing up, his parents had a blended outlook on religions. His father was Catholic while his mother was a Buddhist, both enjoyed researching and exploring the various connections that all religions had with each other. Once upon a time he believed in miracles. He didn't know when he started behaving so bitterly towards other people, but the things that use to bring him such happiness...only irritated him now. He fiddled with his phone, before opening up a text window, and selected his other castmates.

                                      To: Variety Four
                                      From: Lucky

                                      Carless on my part, but I can't remember if
                                      we have a meeting/rehearsal today or not +
                                      did anyone get any news on what the new sketches
                                      are going to be?

                                      He could only guess that they were going to have to do something ridiculous for the upcoming Harvest Moon Festival. He could only assume that Malory's father would want to use the festival as a way to get more publicity towards their show. The only problem with Halloween, was costume shopping. Typically Lucky found himself procrastinating when it came to anything dealing with this time of year. After all, the Massacre happened in the fall. He remembered not being allowed to go beyond the large fence in the backyard, and even going outside was a rare occurrence. He remembered playing hide & seek with his fake-siblings in that large house. It was whenever he walked past the house that he often could remember the laughter of those children. However Lucky knew that all of the moments within that house weren't filled with happiness. Even before the massacre, he remembered feeling the unsettling vibe of fear that lingered in the air. The teenaged boy debated whether or not he would take his medicine today. Often he tried not to rely too heavily on it whenever he had to perform later that day. For Lucky it was easier to play his roles, whenever he could actually step into the character's shoes. He wasn't allowed to feel numb to the world. So instead he took a tiny plastic bag, and tucked his dosage away inside, before slipping it in his pocket. He moved to get up from the table, but stopped when his two dogs rushed in; Gambit faster than Melody.

                                      "Do you guys want to go for a walk?" he asked. Both dogs wagged their tails excitedly, and he could only smile in return. Slowly he extended his hands to pet both of their heads. He didn't know why, but he often felt as though he connected better with Bandit and Melody, than he did with his castmates. They didn't talk back, they didn't judge him, instead they lived the simple life that most dogs did. The only issue was that he didn't know if he would be allowed to keep Melody or not. After all, he had found the dog roaming around in the woods, and she didn't appear to have a home. Already he felt...attached. He didn't know how he could bring himself to give her away to someone else. "Don't worry, I'd...do whatever's best for you, okay?" With all of that said, he wasted no time in doing whatever he had to, so he could leave the house. He was tempted to send a text to the Medical Examiner, but figured that the male was working. Then again, how much work was he able to get done in a town where hardly anyone dies? Well...beyond the incident. Although surprisingly there was another person he had the urge to text.

                                      To: Lilith (the Vampire obsessed)
                                      From: Lucky

                                      Hey. Are you working today? Just
                                      out of curiosity.

                                      He didn't want her to get the wrong idea. Then again, why would she? They were completely different people. After all, he was different from everyone, wasn't he? Or perhaps that was just his mind playing tricks on him, but Shepherd often felt as though he was stuck outside of the inner box that the rest of the world was located in. Life was...strange. Regardless he leashed both of the dogs, and exited his house to start the walk. Brookshire. As strange as it was, he lived in this little town all of his life, but he couldn't help but feel attached to it. Especially because of its past. If anything he feared that if he moved anywhere else, that he would tug whatever curse he had, with him. He hated his past and would like nothing more than to erase it. He didn't care about the happy memories. He didn't care if it's your past that builds you into the person you are today. Shepherd believed that everyone would benefit more if he wasn't such an unhappy individual. Soon he would have to check in with Dr. Shultz, but fortunately for him his sessions weren't on the weekends. Lucky absolutely despised talking to his therapist. He often felt uneasy opening up about those sorts of things. Honestly, what he feared was being judged. What if someone took his story and twisted it around to whatever they liked best. He hated the idea of a documentary team snooping around. He didn't like the idea of Hollywood being anywhere near this town.

                                      As he walked down the sidewalk, he slowed up as he passed by his old house. It was the one that his parents had started to raise him in. He didn't know who currently lived there, but he remembered how his mom had a large flower garden in the backyard. He remembered how he would play with Pennie almost every day, as well as Crystal whenever her mom would come over to hang out with his. Often he asked himself why they had to die. He never understood why Ed's mom was standing in the middle of the road that night or why his dad had lost control of their car. He didn't understand the science behind anything that decided to happen in this town. He shook his head and continued walking down the sidewalk, there were more important things to think about. With the Harvest Moon Festival, he had to consider needing a costume along with the awkwardness of if he was expected to have a date or not. There was that...dance closer to the end of it. Who would he ask? He could already assume that Pennie would go with Kaleb, and he didn't think Malory was interested in him. He didn't think they would mix together well anyways. Then again, there was nothing wrong with being single, now was there? Although the costume would be a more difficult matter. That didn't mean he could show up costume-less though. 'Why do I obsess over the stupidest things?' Then that's when something unfortunate happened. Gambit caught sight of some kind of small animal up ahead. Lucky couldn't tell if it was a cat or a rabbit or a chipmunk, but his dog didn't care.

                                      The next thing he knew the dog had sharply jerked forward. Lucky managed to keep a firm hold on the leash. With Melody in the way it made it easier for Gambit shake his collar free from his neck and take off running after whatever creature it had caught sight of. "s**t," broke from his lips as he chased after his pet. He never once worried about Gambit biting anyone, after all, his dog was fairly friendly towards people. However he did worry about whatever small animal he was chasing. Poor Melody couldn't keep up with the small limp she had from her injuries (prior to him finding her). "Gambit, sit!" he commanded, not that the dog listened. He only continued to dart after whatever caught his eye. Lucky could only hope that it wasn't someone else's pet. That was the problem with living in a small town. Everyone knew each other, meaning that everyone knew who to blame whenever things went wrong. It was only awkward when things would occur, and there was no one to blame for it. With Halloween approaching, he knew so many people were going to be talking about the Unexplained Mysteries of the town. More specifically the ones that were often used as 'legend'. The haunted bridge, the eerie tunnel, the speed demon, the phantom swing, and various others. What Lucky was most curious about was if anyone would be bold enough to try and go inside of the High School that was located in the woods. After all, it was in the foster home that he had heard a legend...that at night, sometime between 1am and 3am, a fire would start on its own. Lucky didn't believe it. He never believed in 'ghosts' and believed that everything about it, was superstition.

                                      Gambit darted around the corner and Lucky could already feel Melody tiring out. "s**t, s**t, s**t," he cursed to himself as he was now running faster than his golden colored dog. He could only dread what was to come. If Gambit gets a hold of whatever he's chasing, Lucky knew that he would turn that little animal into a rag doll. As a last resort he started whistling, before calling out, "GAMBIT!"

                                      ------------------------------------------Xx Location;; Sidewalk Outside
                                      Dogs:: Melody, Gambit
                                      Attire:: Coming soon.

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I wish that I could have this moment for life
For life, For life
This is my moment, I just feel so alive
Alive, Alive
I'm really tryna make it more than what it is,
cause everybody dies but not everybody lives

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                                LOCATION The Dream Bean Cafe COMPANY No one

                                There was only one season Pennie Jane (named to parody the Penny Lane from the Beatles song) loved more than autumn, and that was Summer. Summer usually consisted of cute shorts, Popsicles, and either cheer or dance camp. The knitted sweaters, beautiful changing leaves, and apple picking trips came in a close second, but it was still second. It was a beautiful Sunday, and Pennie had spent the entire Saturday working on her tumbling with one of her old cheering buddies, so she planned on spending her Sunday relaxing as much as possible. Luke was a big big big guy, who could easily lift and toss a girl in the air by himself. He looked scary at first, but really he was a huge flame. Pennie missed him dearly, and was glad to get him to do a bit of a refresher with her. She'd done a lot of lifts with her male cheering friend (knowing it would be too dangerous to do any tosses with just the two of them), and was feeling just how out of shape she was today. Her right shoulder was especially stiff as she got herself ready to go out for the day, but it had felt so good to be lifted into the air, flip around, and do a few old routines... Just for fun. It had only been a few months since Pennie decided to hang up her Purple and White Pom-poms, and she missed it so much. She had her dancing, but oh, how she longed to wear that Brookshire Berry Picker's cheer uniform once more. Thats right! Brookshire High, home of the Berry Pickers. Go Purple! Go White! Raw-Raw-Raw! Pennie loved it. She didn't care if the mascot was lame, she didn't care if they got ridiculed by other schools, she had pride in the Berry Pickers, and it was her job to make sure everyone else had pride too! Or at least, it used to be her job. The girl shook her head, she had to get herself out of these negative nelly moods!

                                The blonde applied a bit of light pinky coral lipstick with her lip brush, then grabbed her saddled bag and slipped on her shoes before heading out of her room. Her sweater was lose and exsposed both of her shoulders, and her pants were the trendy skinny fit that practically everyone wore these days, even the people who shouldn't wear skinny jeans. She blew a kiss to the Cheer Shrine she made, complete with her pom-poms, pictures of her old squad, and a few little trinkets and knick-knacks she'd gotten that was cheer related. On her way out of the house, she picked up a few of the beer bottles that were laying out on the coffee table, her father asleep on the couch next to it. All she could do was shake her head and smile. He was a mess, wig on the floor and lipstick smeared all over his mouth. Pennie covered him with a blanket and kissed his forehead before leaving the house, locking the door behind her. She couldn't really be mad at him. Pennie was a total Daddy's girl, even if her Daddy dressed as a woman. She felt sorry for him, and it blocked out any way for her to ever be angry at him. He had loved her mother, even if he wasn't in in love with her. She had been his best friend, and they had started a family together, and then she left. He was confused, a bit of a late bloomer in the 'coming out' department. Pennie wondered if he was dressing up like a woman and then getting drunk more and more because he wanted to harm himself, harm her mother, or in some... weird way... wanted to be the father and mother to Pennie. She also couldn't really be mad her mother, at least not enough to hate her. Her mom felt deceived. Pennie got that, she just missed her family terribly. But, there were those had less than she did, and broken family or not, it was still a family and Pennie was grateful for what she had.

                                "It's going to be a good day." she told herself, despite the cloudy and slightly gloomy weather around her. Pennie may have had her driver's license, but she didn't have a car. Instead, she had a simple biycyle to help her move around the small town of Brookshire. It suited her a bit more, anyways. Pennie absolutely loved getting a good work out, and it wasn't like the town was actually big enough that a vehicle was required for everyone. Plus, now that it was just her and her dad, things were a little tight. Not so tight after she got the job with the Variety show, but tight enough for her to think good and hard about anything she asked her dad to buy for her. Pennie popped her headphones into her ears, turned on her iPod to a good playlist, shoved her sunglasses on her face, then hopped on her bike and took off. The chilly air nipped at her shoulders and face a bit, but Pennie didn't mind. She waived at a few townspeople she knew, and made sure to do her best to avoid traffic. Pennie was on a mission, and she had a specific destination in mind.

                                She felt a little high strung, and there was only one thing that would help her relax. Tea. Pennie planned on stopping by the little cafe and getting some tea then seeing what else the day brought her. Multiple ideas bounced around her head: Bugging Winona, her close friend, into doing something fun. Or calling April, the girl who took her place as head cheerleader, and catching on how the squad was doing. Costume browsing for the festival. Feeding birds. Getting her nails done. There were too many options, and The Ex-Cheerleader needed to get some good ole black tea in her system before her brain exploded from over thinking everything. She arrived at The Dream Bean, and made sure to lock her bike to rack outside, before pulling out her phone to make sure she hadn't missed anything. She had a message, but decided to update her Facebook status before proceeding to read it.

                                Facebook::: Tea Time! <3 <3 @The Dream Bean

                                She stepped in and ordered her drink as she jumbled with her phone to pull up the message. Pennie was thrilled to see the name "Shepherd" pull across her screen. She used to play with him when they were little and his parents were still alive. After the accident, they'd lost touch, but reconnected again later on. Pennie was a bit of a pest to him, always trying to get him to go out and be more social, so to see that he was reaching out and trying to talk to her made her heart jump for joy! That is, until she saw that he was only asking about work related things. It was better than nothing, though. She read over it, and clucked her tongue as she thought about their schedule. She couldn't remember a meeting or rehearsal scheduled for today, but Pennie also knew she was a bit of scatter brain. Now she was becoming paranoid that she too had forgotten about something important. She wouldn't be so bummed if it were a regular meeting, but if it was a rehearsal... She was going to kick herself for working so hard the day before. Suddenly, because she was thinking about it so much, her shoulder began to hurt a bit more.

                                To: Shep
                                I don't remember anything
                                planned for today, but now
                                that you mention it, I feel
                                as I am forgetting something
                                And I bet something spooky.
                                Maybe one of those vampire
                                stories. Those seem to appeal
                                the general female teenagers.
                                Lol xD
                                But no one has told me anything
                                <3 Pennie

                                She pressed send and her tea was ready. She thanked the person behind the counter, and then took her tea to the sugar and honey station to doctor it up to her liking. Personally, Pennie respected and liked each of her cast members. She was often paired off with Kaleb, who had that superstar quality to him already. She didn't consider herself the best at acting, at least compared to her dancing, so she felt super lucky to have him to make up for any goof ups and help give her tips with her craft. Malory was the other girl, so Pennie instantly felt a connection with her. As far as she knew, the asian was nice and friendly, so Pennie was sure they would be close friends soon enough. Pennie was also more than thrilled to have Lucky replace 'Axel'. Usually, The ex-cheerleader could handle anyone's attitude with a smile and ignore it, but he had really been getting on her nerved with all those ridiculous demands. The group was still a bit new, and Pennie was still getting used to how much more people seemed to know her around town. She only hoped the small celebrity thing didn't go to head. She knew she could get caught up in her own little world and accidentally miss the reality around her, and this also made her come off a bit selfish or self centered. It was never something she purposely did, Pennie would just get lost in thought. But she promised herself to keep in check, and to not become a brat.

                                Once Pennie was done adding sugar and just a squeeze of honey to her coffee, she decided to sit at one of the tables outside and enjoy the cooler weather. The dancer sat up straight and sipped her drink a bit before looking at her phone again. She clicked over a few apps, briefly read her horoscope and some news, before deciding to text a few more of her friends. Mainly the three girls she considered her friends. There was a dance coming up after all, and Pennie was the type to need her friends to help her pick out what to wear. The blonde also needed to figure out if she would be taking a girl friend as her date, going in a group, of if she would just go by herself. Pennie wasn't the type to not go to a school function or social thing for the town unless she was grounded or sick. And so far, no one had requested her to be their date, so it was about time to start looking for back up plans. She would only get bummed if she eneded up being completely alone that night, with out a friend there to dance with. But it was a big school, and Pennie liked to think she was good at making friends. But before she could worry too much about the dance, she had to think about the fesitval! Pennie hadn't been able to attend the last one that came around, so it had been a good four years since she'd been able to see Brookshire at it's best. And certainly the documentry team would be there to get a feel for brookshire's towns people and their culture, so Pennie wondered if she and the others from the variety would end up having to preform. Malory's father had mention on more than one occasion it would be amazing if they got in the on the documentary, and Pennie said she would try her best! She liked being an entertainer!

                                To: Winnie <3

                                Have you picked a dress for
                                the dance next week? I need
                                help picking one. PS
                                You going with a hellokitty
                                costume again this year?
                                I think I wanna be a sailor!
                                <3 Pennie

                                To: April

                                How are you?!
                                I miss you guys!
                                Life isn't the same
                                I have nothing to live for anymore
                                /over dramaticness/
                                <3 Pennie

                                To: Mal

                                We should hang
                                out outside of work
                                sometime =D
                                <3 Pennie

                                When she was done, Pennie reached over to grab her tea mug, but knocked her purse onto the ground instead. "Gosh Darn it" She said, then reached down to pick it up. You would think someone who had done dancing and gymnastics for most of their life would be a bit more aware of their surroundings. Unfortunately, Pennie stretched out her sore shoulder to her bag, and ended up grunting a bit as she straightened herself back out.

                                OOC: Sorry it's a bit boring.
                                Click bottom graphic for outfit

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I kiss the mirror because I love myself on the inside and see no monsters, no sign of narcissism here, just loving me for who I
am and not those silly material possessions. I just wish everyone could see the value of my ways to lead a better life.

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                                                    Eliza laid there on the couch petting Skadi who then turned and started to nom on her finger and she laughed at that and munched on her pancake. She turned the volume up for the show she was "watching" and tried to maneuver the plastic monkey to clip arms with one or more of the monkeys in the barrel. Letting go of the pancake she rubbed her fingers on a thick paper towel to get the grease off and started to type away on her computer with one hand. As usual on a say when she had nothing else better to do at the moment, she was multi-tasking to the extreme. Almost like this was her job to juggle doing so many things at once in her home when it really wasn't. She stopped typing and went back to eating and watching the show when Skadi had climbed onto her shoulder and laid there. She watched as Jersey Shore went along, seeing the Situation get into a fight with a guy that she didn't even know was a part of the show. It was funny when he looked like he was pumping himself up for the rumble when suddenly he did this warrior cry type of thing and hit the wall outside with his head real hard. "Oh man, what is wrong with these people? Is that really all it takes to be a reality tv star? be dumb and drunk, or angry or a cry baby and you get paid a bunch of money to do it. I can not tell you how much sad I find all of that information" She grabbed her cat and rolled over to her back, making the barrel of monkeys spill all over onto the floor. Holding her cat up above her she frowned as she felt what she liked to call the disturbing feeling again. It was something that kind of just sat and beat itself into her skin like a chilly December night with lots of wind.

                                                    She shivered delicately, and could have sworn that it felt like someone had breathed on her neck softly. "This house...don't you find it creepy too Skadi?" she watched as the kitten sneezed and then yawned. That made her giggle a bit "You know I named you after a Norse Goddess or Giant, as some people would argue, for a reason hmm? I was hoping that when you got bigger you would have the temperament of her and maybe get strength on your side to help me be more at ease with living here in this scary place." She then kissed her cat's nose before putting her on her shoulder and turning everything off that she had turned on and cleaning up the barrel of monkeys. She walked into the kitchen, feeling her cat tense up a bit and felt her claws start to poke through the fabric of her shirt. She winced. "You sense something baby girl?" she barely even heard herself say the words before Skadi started to growl in the back of her throat. She swallowed some bile in her throat that had been forming when the sink suddenly turned itself on and water was really coming out of it. She froze for a second, wide-eyed, before thawing out and hurrying over to it "Dad! The faucet turned itself back on again!! I swear I wanna move because I just can't take this house and all that it does!" She screamed the words at the top of her lungs while she turned the faucet off with a bit of difficulty, almost like something was fighting her this time around. She felt the need to scream bubbling up inside her, she just felt like letting it go out past her head and into the real world so someone else besides herself could hear it.

                                                    She quickly turned from the kitchen, scurrying off in a rush and bolting for the front door, she turned her head. "Dad, I'm going out, so don't worry about me" she opened the door and slammed it shut and ran off, wrapping her coat around her a bit more tightly for comfort. She took Skadi off from her shoulder and held her in the crook of her arm and sped off in her three inch flats. The wind from running lifted her hair up a bit and she had to admit that she loved the feeling tremendously and smiled at it. The terrible feelings she had had in the house were leaving her and for the moment, the memory escaped her mind all together. She went off to the Dream Bean, standing at the doors and putting Skadi down, she had trained her in ways similiar to a dog till she could do things like this. "Stay! Oh, and bite whoever tries to take you" she said curtly before opening the door to go and went to the counter, getting herself a cup of hot tea before going off again and heading out the door. She had barely head out the door when at the last second she had noticed Pennie, but was in a rush and didn't know her at all and knew that talking would be awkward, and she did her best to avoid awkward situations. She took a sip of her tea and then bent down, smiling at her cat and scooping her up, seeing that she hadn't moved an inch since she had went inside. She kissed Skadi's ear and walked off to the pet store, sipping her tea all along the way and happy that the store was not far at all from the Dream Bean. That way her life was a little bit easier and she didn't have to walk that far, after the end of the block, she was opening the door and saw her boss behind the counter counting the money.

                                                    She watched as the redhead rose her eyebrow at her sudden appearance but didn't look up or stop doing what she was doing. "What are you doing here Eliza? you aren't supposed to be here till later, have you come to bother me?" A mischevous grin danced on her boss's lips and Ellie just shook her head. "No just hanging out, and wondering if I could take my shift early?" "House giving you the creeps again?" she nodded "I got it, and yeah, you can, don't expect me to pay you anymore for being here longer." Cecilia then stopped talking to her and she got on her work uniform and set Skadi down, watching her run around the place and play with some toys that were left out. She pulled out her phone since no one was in the store right now and started to text Edward.

                                                    To: Ed
                                                    From: Ellie
                                                    Hey, how's your day? I kind of ran
                                                    out of the house, can't stand it there.
                                                    I'm at the pet store atm, if you wanted
                                                    to talk or anything, because I know I
                                                    need to badly.

                                                    She hit the send button and closed her phone, sighing and sitting in a chair behind the counter.

                                                    OOC: Layout isn't so spectacular, but it's the post that counts ^^
                                                    Where: at the Pet Shop
                                                    Wearing: E's outfit

Eliza Lilian Fury
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                            x0x0 W i n o n ax0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0
                            x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0the b a b y s i t t e r

                            Sundays were her lazy day, Winona woke up about an hour ago and had only grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, went to sit down on the couch and found herself snuggling her pale face against a chocolate-y brown pillow. Her father was out of town again, doing another one of his jobs. Lilith was most likely on her way over; the vampire girl would have to deal with seeing her in these wonderful hello kitty jammies. Winnie sighed softly, closing her eyes as she reached over to the glass coffee table in front of the couch to grab the remote, her finger slid over the power button and as the television came to life so did she. Winnie slid her lazy bones into a sitting position, arms stretched out above her head and she groaned as loud as she could. At the same time her phone started to go off, the Hello Kitty theme song she programmed into her phone and set to Pennie’s number.

                            Winnie grabbed her phone from the table and looked at it, smiling down! She was not going to be Hello Kitty this year, instead she was going to be the craziest hello kitty fan girl there has ever been. She giggled to herself a little, fingers moving over the phones keyboard quickly.

                                  To: Pennie <3
                                  From: Winnie
                                  Message: Well! Lilith is coming over
                                  cuz I have to do some last minute touches
                                  on the dress I’m making for her. We could
                                  always go dress shopping with her after?
                                  Maybe she can drive us ! also, thinking about
                                  slumber party, you in? Cookiees! I might even
                                  make some little cakes. Who knowwws! Also,
                                  I am going to be crazy hello kitty fan girl. It’s
                                  going to be awesomeee!!!! Come over anytime
                                  if you want to go shopping today! I hope so
                                  though cuz it would be so fun. =n.n=

                            After she was finished texted Pennie back, Winnie pushed herself into a sitting position. She needed to text Lilith as well, the young girl had been trying to find a nickname for the other and most of the ones she tried out didn’t really work. Winona was thinking about Lili but she knew that Lilith wouldn’t really appreciate that, she thought the girl was so dark sometimes that having a little bit of light would be a good thing. Then again, Lilith now had her for a little bit of light and if Pennie and she got along she would have even more! Winona smiled to herself, glad to know she could still make new friends even in a town as small as she lived in.

                            Once again, her fingers moved over the letters as she brought up Lilith's cell phone number and hit, send message. While she sent the text to her new friend, Winona stood and walked into the kitchen.

                                  To: Lilith <3
                                  From: Winnie
                                  Message: hey!
                                  how far away are you? still in pjs so
                                  don't mind the laziness! the door is
                                  unlocked so just come in and make
                                  yourself at home!! i should be on the
                                  couch orrrrrrrrrrrrrr in the kitchen! see
                                  you soon!!!!!!

                            The fridge was opened and she took out the almost empty jug of milk, frowning a little because she knew that there wouldn’t be enough for a bowl of her favourite cereal; lucky charms. She left the jug of milk in the fridge and walked over to her pantry, opening the door and reaching in to grab her box of poptarts. Happy now that she had something to eat, Winona took the last package out of the box and threw the box into the recycling bin. On her way over to the toaster she opened the package and took out the delicious poptarts that she would be able to munch on in the next minute. They were both popped into the toaster.

                            She reached up above her head to open the cupboard and take out a plate she could use. Winona waited impatiently tapped her pink nails against the counter. Her father was gone a lot, she didn’t mind though because that gave her a chance to prove herself trustful more and more each time he came home and the house was all intact. Her father and her got along really well, it were nice growing up in a home where there were no real fights and nothing or no one to hurt her. She knew there were people who went through that though, she felt bad for them and when she actually thought about it found herself feeling the most incredibly sadness she could imagine. She avoided watching the television shows where the children were hungry and alone, or the shows like intervention that had a bunch of people who were raped and beaten or other horrible things. She couldn’t deal with that, she tried to ignore everything negative in the world. It was the only way she felt she could live. If other people didn't agree with how she lived, it wasn't her problem - she would change if it was needed and at this moment in her life it wasn't. Winnie was content with how her life was and where it was going, there was no need to change.

                            Once the poptarts were done she took them out and placed them onto the plate, the right side of her lips twitched upward in a small smile. She reached over to the side, grabbing a glass from the dish rack. Winnie then brought the glass and plate over to the fridge, opened it and then took out the milk. After that was poured into her glass, she threw the jug into the recycle bin and grabbed her plate. When she was finally in the living room again she sat down on the couch and broke apart the yumminess that sat in her lap. Her eyes stuck on the television as she nibbled and sipped her milk. All she had to do now was wait for Lilith to come over and Pennie to text her back! Today was going to be fun and she had been looking forward to it.

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J A S P E RxxS E A NxxF U R Y

        Coffee? Check. Perfect playlist compiled? Check. All that remained was the actual typing. Jasper stared at the empty white space on his computer screen. The little vertical line kept blinking irreverently, taunting him. It knew his mind was blank and that he was pressed for time. He desperately needed to get going on this script. He only had a measly eight pages written and he was woefully behind. His agent was calling every day, dogging him, never missing a chance to mention that the studio was expecting another one of his brilliant horror movie scripts, and soon. Jasper just wanted his agent to shut up and stop reminding him of the deadline. Unfortunately, even moving to a small town in Connecticut didn’t change things much, as he still had cell phone service even out here in what felt like the middle of nowhere.

        “Dad! The faucet turned itself on again!”

        Jasper blinked, his train of thought interrupted. “Just let me know if you need help turning it off.” he shouted back. He heard nothing after that, so he assumed that his daughter had been able to turn the faucet off.

        When he’d decided to move into an old house, Jasper knew he was going to have to deal with a few aches and pains. He had been expecting things along the lines of faulty wiring and a lack of heat in a couple rooms. He hadn’t been expecting faucets that turned themselves on and eerie sounds like a ball bouncing down the hallway. Thinking back, he thought he probably should have found it suspicious when the realtor was so anxious to sell the house at such a low price and the inspector he’d sent seemed so freaked out. At the time, he’d just dismissed it because he’d been so anxious to get out of LA. Maybe he should have paid more attention. Not that it mattered much anymore, as they’d already moved in and were pretty much settled. Besides, the town historian was being so helpful. Moving now might seem disrespectful, not that Jasper particularly cared about being disrespectful, but he had no idea how long he and Eliza might be living in Brookshire, so it would help not to irritate the locals too soon. Friends could always be useful.

        Jasper had returned to staring blankly at his computer screen when he heard his daughter yell that she was leaving. “Okay, just don’t come back too late. Tomorrow’s a school night. And text me if you need me!”

        Sometimes Jasper wondered if he was a good parent. It was hard, being a single dad who had to be absent sometimes because of his work. He tried to be there for Ellie as much as possible, and he liked to think that he was doing a fair job of it, though really the only judge of that was his daughter. Still, he felt that she needed a mother figure in her life. He did the best he could but he still felt that she lacked a mother’s influence. Sure, her biological mother sent her letters and checks, but that was far from actually being present in her life, the way he was. There were a few women he’d dated that he thought might have been worthy mother figures, but somehow things never worked out. Every one of them had left him, giving him various reasons why – he was too consumed by his work, he was too controlling, too abrasive, or any other number of things. Then there were the few relationships that had ended with both parties screaming insults at each other. Jasper couldn’t even count the number of offensive names he’d been called, but he figured there were probably enough to fill a small dictionary. Regardless of the reasons why Jasper was still single, the effect was the same: Eliza still lacked a mother figure in her life. There was a gap in Jasper’s daughter’s life that he could not fill, no matter how hard he tried. Or at least, he imagined there was.

        Staring mindlessly at his computer screen had gotten a bit old, so Jasper had switched it up a bit. He was now staring mindlessly out the window while sipping his coffee. Nothing was coming to mind today. Nothing was going to come, especially not when he was forcing himself to think, so he might as well stop.

        As soon as he decided this, Jasper’s phone rang. He sighed, looked at the caller ID, sighed again, and then picked it up.


        “Fury. Hey. Just looked at my watch and realized I hadn’t called you yet today.”

        “Yeah, the phone silence was nice.”

        “Sure it was, sure it was. I know you know what I’m gonna say, but I’m gonna say it anyway. You need to get moving on that script.”

        “Yeah, Jack, I know. I was just sitting here writing, actually.”

        “Really? Good for you, Jas, good for you. Just get cracking on that.”

        “I am, Jack. And you really don’t have to call me every day to remind me, you know.”

        “That’s what you pay me for.”

        “I pay you to get me work, not harass me.”

        “Harass? Jas, I’d never harass you. Annoy, yes. Pester, maybe. Harass? No.”

        “I can’t work if you call me and distract me all the time.”

        “Yeah, I get it, you’re an artist, you don’t do well with deadlines. Well tough luck, buddy, this is the real world. Your work is going on a producer’s desk, not your mother’s fridge, so it needs to be in on time.”

        “Okay, you done now?”

        “I’m done, I’m done. Just hurry up with the writing. And make sure it’s good, too.”

        Jasper hung up. His patience was wearing thin. Jack, though arguably one of the best agents a Hollywood writer could have, was getting very annoying. The daily phone calls were getting more irritating with each passing day, and they weren’t exactly helpful. Their purpose was to remind Jasper of the impending deadline, but the date was already seared into his memory. He wasn’t likely to forget it any time soon. It was this terrible writer’s block that was the main problem. Usually deadlines were just an annoyance, a fact of life. This time the deadline loomed in the distance like a death sentence. If only he could just think of what to write next.

        Sitting at home drinking coffee wasn’t helping at all. Jasper decided what he needed was some fresh air, so he turned off his laptop and wrote a note to his daughter, which he stuck on the fridge.

        If you get back before I do, I'm out grocery shopping.
        Love you,
        - Dad

        Jasper grabbed his car keys and headed out the door. A short drive later he was at the grocery store trying to decide between three different types of noodles. He remembered hearing somewhere that Albert Einstein had come up with his best ideas while working a mundane job in a patent office. Maybe something like that would happen to him. Shopping for groceries was certainly a dull enough task. Now if only he could remember whether or not he was low on milk…

T H ExxS C R E E N P L A YxxW.R.I.T.E R

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        Currently at: A grocery store
        With: No one
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                                    Sliding her red scalloped mini skirt up her long slender legs over her polka dotted nylons Lilith heard her cell make the noise that meant she had received a text message. She was almost done with getting dressed and just as she slipped her white crop top with a red heart on it over her head she heard her cell go off again with another text. Pulling her long thick raven black hair out from under the back of her shirt Lilith stared at her phone for a minute wondering if maybe she had imagined the noises. Sundays were usually a slow lazy time where she didn't speak to a soul besides the examiner and sometimes her father. Picking up her phone she quickly flipped through her two new text messages with a smile. Not only had her new friend Winnie texted her but her current mystery man had also sent her a text.

                                    She called him her mystery man because she still hadn't been able to get him to spill about the details of that night. Not that she wanted to push him or anything, but she fully did intend to eventually get the story from him. Of course hanging out with him until then wasn't so bad, he was turning out to be quite nice company. It was rather strange because a few years ago she was often found alone with her nose buried in a book or off in the corner drawing dark soul searching gothic vampire eyes in her note book. Now a days she was often hanging out with Lucky trying her hardest not to push him too much and recently she had made a new friend, Winnie. Grinning every time she called her that she always pictured her cute little friend as a soft and cuddly teddy bear like Winnie the Pooh.

                                    Realizing she had just been standing there lost in thought she slipped on her very high black shiny heels and tugged on her soft red beret with a little bow on the side. Grabbing her black purse off of the examiners desk she flipped it open and proceeded to dig for her red heart shaped sunglasses and glossy red lipstick. Pushing aside her little wool clutch wallet covered with charms and diving her hand past her sparkly silver and red lacquer nail polish she finally got what she was looking for and quickly reapplied her lipstick before sliding her sunglasses in place on her face. Once she was ready and set to go she did a quick glance around the empty office belonging to the examiner before she donned her black leather jacket and opened the door. Lilith was required to wear proper sterile clothing appropriate for assiting the examiner in his duties, so whenever she went to work she would always have to change out of her clothing and back into them before she left again. The easiest place to do so was in the examiners office, so it had become her unofficial changing room.

                                    Leaving the building of the morgue she said good bye to the examiner and click clacked down the halls feeling extremely happy. She was spending the night over at Winnies and had already packed her sleep over bag and was ready to head over there right away. The fact that Lucky had texted her asking if she worked seemed to show that he might want to hang out and if Winnie was okay with it she fully intended to invite him over later for some pizza and maybe if she got him liquored up he would finally talk. Having a nice little stash of alcohol in the back of her hearse always seemed to come in handy.

                                    Making her way across the parking lot she dug into her jacket pocket and pulled out her giant key chain with her keys attached. She had lost more then enough sets of keys to let it happen again and had invested in a nice pill bottle sized key chain in the shape of a cute little black cat. It was even soft and fuzzy like a cat had amazing green glass eyes that seemed to stare right at you, like it was always watching you. Sometimes she would just get lost staring into its eyes and whenever people asked what she was doing they never understood. Most of them were creeped out by her little cat key chain's eyes and called her a freak. Shaking her head she petted its little soft head with her pinkie finger and pushed the button on her car pad to unlock the back door. Swinging the large door open she hopped inside and slammed the door shunt behind her.

                                    Silence encased her as she rested on her knees on the floor surrounded by plush covered seats on three sides and a small wall of plush covered little cabinets that formed a small counter at the top. They all had locks on them and each had a key that would open them on her key chain. Stretching out her legs along the soft floor of the limo like area of her hearse she rested her head on one of the seats as a kind of pillow and tossed her purse on one of the side seats. Kicking off her heels she nudged them over to the side with her feet and relaxed. The space had become her safe haven, her escape, her happy place. She would use it for all sorts of different things. It became her place to nap or listen to music and draw when she cut class, her little house on wheels when she was on a stake out spying on someone, or sometimes some thing. Yes she sometimes tried to get a glimpse of ghosts in abandon houses and camped out in her hearse. Sometimes if she were in a pinch she would use it as a place to change her clothing seeing as she had a stash of clothes in one of the locked cabinets. Little black curtains covered the windows on both sides so she never had to worry about someone getting a peek at her girly bits. Other times, and only as of late, she would use it as a party bus of sorts, piling in her friends and going out partying or for today, shopping. Not that Winnie was one to party, but Lilith was working on that.

                                    Remembering she needed to reply to her texts she pulled out her phone and sent each of them a text and after a few moments decided to finally send out the text she had been planning on sending for quite some time but hadn't yet.

                                    To: Lucky
                                    From: Lilith
                                    Just got off of work : )
                                    Heading over to Winnies place for girl stuff.
                                    Whats up?

                                    To: Winnie
                                    From: Lilith
                                    Just got off work, heading over to your place asap
                                    I love your pjs, just wear them all day miss lazy daisy, jk <3
                                    Do you mind if Lucky hangs out with us later?
                                    We could order pizza and watch some scary movies or something.
                                    Be there soon : )

                                    To: Kain (aka rich a*****e)
                                    From: You have no idea who I am do you?
                                    I know your secret.
                                    If you don't smarten up and stop picking on people you might regret it later on.
                                    Video Attachment

                                    She hadn't really felt like using the video as blackmail to stop the bullying going on at school but had recently had enough. Nope, she was definitely not okay with just standing by while he continued to torment innocent helpless students at school. Hitting send on the last text they were all sent and with a sigh she hoped Kain would get the message and heed her warning. She didn't fancy actually exposing the video she had recorded on her cell phone of him and Mr. Shin Lee the towns drug dealer. She had found them by accident and after the first initial shock she had whipped out her trusty cell and hit the record button before she actually realized what she had been doing. Playing it back later she had clearly captured their faces and each were very recognizable and then...well the video lasted a few minutes long and showed them getting very hot and heavy in a make out session. Of course she had removed the last part when their clothing had started to come off and well, that was around the time she had left quickly and silently not wanting to actually watch them do the deed.

                                    After lying there for a few minutes she decided she was done with quiet time and grabbed the remote for the sound system and pressed the play button. Instantly her most recent play list started up and she sat up ready to head over to Winnies. Slipping on her heels and grabbing her purse she opened the back door and shut it behind her as she got out. She could have squeezed through the plastic window between the front and the back but usually didn't bother, not wanting to potentially snag her nylons and get a run in them. Moving to the drivers side she got inside and tossed her purse on the wide front bench seat up front where she sat behind the wheel. Sticking her keys into the ignition she turned it on and pulled out of the parking lot. It would only take a few minutes and then she would be at Winnies place. Bobbing her head along with the music she smiled as she drove. Once she got there she parked in her drive way and went to the front door. It was unlocked just as Winnie had said so Lilith went on inside without knocking and called out for her friend. "I'm here!" Sliding out of her heels she left them by the door and walked into the living room and flopped onto the couch.

Location - Winnies House Tagging - Winniexx

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the demonologist

                                                                                  After he has suffered,
                                                                                  he will see the light of life and be satisfied;
                                                                                  by his knowledge my righteous servant will justify many,
                                                                                  and he will bear their iniquities.

                                                                                  The words of the first reading at Mass that morning were still echoing in Ruth’s mind as she looked through her collection of books that she’d brought with her to Brookshire.

                                                                                  Ruth tended to move around quite a bit because of her profession, so she didn’t own very many things. Most of it could be kept in two neatly and tightly packed suitcases. The rest of it could be packed into her small, fuel-efficient car. In total, Ruth owned one set of dishware, one set of glassware, one set of silverware, three sheet sets, two blankets, one comforter, one briefcase, one and a half suitcases of clothing, a small case of jewelry, a box full of photographs and picture albums, two wedding rings (one on a chain on her neck, one on her left ring finger. It hadn’t budged in fourteen years.) and six boxes full of books. If she ever found herself needing more she would buy it and then give it away once she moved again. She rarely needed more than what she had. The Church was very good at providing her with lodging and everything else she might need.

                                                                                  Ruth’s life was not one filled with physical or material suffering. It seemed that she had everything – a steady job with good pay and a great insurance policy, independence, opportunity for travel, power, a nice car, designer clothing, and more knowledge in her field than almost anyone else in the world – yet there were moments when she felt that something was missing. The moments came randomly. She would be drifting off to sleep, in the middle of fixing a mug of tea, driving on the highway, or, as it was today, searching for a book, when it came. Ruth would suddenly feel as though a weight were pressing down on her, and she would feel a painful emptiness somewhere deep in her chest. Then, as quickly as it came, the moment would pass.

                                                                                  Summa Theologica, Mere Christianity, Confessions, Ruth’s eyes skimmed over the titles but she couldn’t find the book she wanted and the too-familiar pressed down on her again. This is what brought to mind the passage from Isaiah. Ruth felt as though she were suffering daily, though she did not realize it every day. She only realized that she was suffering when she felt the weight and the emptiness inside her. At all other times she was a well-oiled machine. She was efficient. She carried out her orders. She was successful. And yet, at times like this she felt as though she was simply going through the motions. This, she decided, was the suffering. Man was meant to live, and Ruth was not living. She existed, she survived, but she did not live. She felt as though she hadn’t lived in a very long time. She could hardly remember the last time she had seen a sunrise and appreciated its beauty instead of simply realizing with indifference that she had worked through the night yet again. Fourteen years, perhaps. There must be more to life than this, she sometimes thought.

                                                                                  Then the weight would lift and she couldn’t feel the emptiness anymore. The machine had returned, this time while leafing through a book entitled De libero arbitrio. It still wasn’t the book she needed. Ruth set it down and looked at the mess she had made. There were books stacked on the floor around her and on the coffee table next to her. She had simply placed them in random piles instead of placing them back on the bookshelf after she had taken them down. To someone from the outside, someone not her, the room might not quite fit their description of ‘a mess’. To Ruth, however, it looked like utter chaos. Things were out of place, and she did not like it one bit.

                                                                                  Methodically, Ruth began returning the books to their rightful places on the shelf. When she was done, she looked around the room, and confident that everything was in its proper place, moved to the kitchen to prepare herself a mug of tea. It was rare that she didn’t have a book she needed. Books were her most numerous possessions, after all. Granted, her book collection was weighted heavily towards books of a more religious nature, and what she needed now contained more secular content. Still, Ruth thought she’d obtained a copy of the book during her last stay in Brookshire.

                                                                                  After taking a few minutes to finish her tea and make sure that she did not in fact own the book she was searching for, Ruth decided she needed to go out and find the book. She washed her mug and put it away before taking her keys and purse and heading to her car. Ruth’s car wasn’t new, but anyone who didn’t know the exact years in which certain models were made wouldn’t be able to tell simply by looking at it. It was in pristine condition. The silver paint had nary a scratch on it, and the leather interior still looked new. One of the only ways to tell the car’s age was to look at the mileage. Ruth was fastidious in all areas of her life, including maintaining her car. Had it been owned by almost anyone else and driven the same amount of miles Ruth had put on it, the car would probably have fallen apart by now. With Ruth, however, the car had been perfectly maintained. It helped that Ruth didn’t mind spending however much money was needed on the car. It would be safe to say that she would be willing to spend more money on the car than on herself. Granted, Ruth never spent much money on herself, and if any of the more important functions of the car needed repairing, the work would cost just over a year’s worth of bills.

                                                                                  One smooth yet fairly short ride later Ruth was at the Brookshire Public Library. She’d moved to Brookshire because she’d had a disconcerting feeling that something terrible was going to happen in the town. She hoped she could prevent anything too awful from happening. The last time she was here, she had dealt only with the possession of one woman, but she’d heard rumours that other things had happened in the town before. Maybe here in the library she could find some answers.

                                                                                  During her last stay in Brookshire, Ruth had obtained one or two books relevant to the history of Brookshire. Thinking those books might be helpful in discovering what was causing her this feeling of apprehension, she had spent the entire morning after Mass searching for information. To her disappointment, neither those books nor the rest of the books she owned provided any relief. She hoped that something here in the library might help her, so she set to searching through the stacks in the section containing information on the city’s history. Ruth’s pursuit of information could take all afternoon.

Location: Brookshire Public Library
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The Priest

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                                      He remained quiet as he stood in the practically empty church. Service had ended and several of the townspeople had left to go on with their lives. Sunday personalities, that's what a number of people had on these days, their "Sunday Personalities". He knew that there were a lot of people who would treat everyone with 'neighborly' kindness on Sundays. So many people tried to pretend they were so...Godly only to return to their typical ways on the remaining portions of the week. Charlie (or Lan as some people would call him) didn't think that was right, and often found himself trying with all of his might to actually understand it. He wanted to understand what it was that went through these people's minds when they did what they did. What ever went through anyone's minds? At times, Charlie believed if he could understand this question, then he'd be able to understand his own thoughts. How...did he allow himself to be caught up in that little fantasy he had for Juanita. Even now he briefly found himself lusting after her memory. He was screwed up, but his own pride kept him from confessing this. Even in the confession booth, he felt as if he were sinning when he failed to mention his own personal afflictions. Charlie was absolutely terrified of being judged not only by his peers, but the entire town of Brookshire.

                                      He remained seated on one of the pews as he watched a woman talk to the head priest out of the corner of his eye. He could only guess that she was asking for emotional advice. After hearing some of the rumors that were slipping around town, he could only guess that she had problems with restless spirits bothering her at night. Perhaps she was having disturbing nightmares? Or maybe it was someone in her family. Possessions. Hauntings...he didn't want anything to do with it. As long as Father Richards was around he didn't think he ever would. In Charlie's opinion, it made little to no sense that he was even being kept around, but he knew that Father Richards apparently saw something in him. Although it was pretty obvious that one of the main reasons he stayed in town, and involved with the church was because of Ruth. However he felt as though he was letting even her down. He waited for Father Richards to finish before standing up from his pew. All he wanted was advice on how to handle this documentary team being in town. He knew it would only be a matter of time before they started asking questions about the exorcism of Jaunita Delarosa. He had heard that the documentary was going to primarily focus around the Foster Children Massacre. Chandler Maddux did not believe he was involved in that incident in any way whatsoever. What worried him was if they believed she was possessed, then it may somehow lead back to him. The last thing he wanted was to be involved in anything.

                                      Unfortunately he was never given his chance to have a meeting. Father Richards was suddenly called away on other matters and told him that their meeting would have to be post-poned. His own paranoia told him that the head priest could sense that his spirit was tainted, and would rather not deal with him at the moment. So he left. Even though he wanted to demand the older man's attention and time, he had voiced his farewells with all but a simple smile. Once again he attempted to convince himself that all he had to was forget about his problems, and sure enough they would disappear.

                                      Chandler stepped out of the building and exhaled a breath as he looked at the sky. The weather was nice, the temperature was slightly chilly, but nothing out of the unusual for Connecticut weather. He slowly walked down the steps leading to the church's entrance, and moved over to his car. Even though the town was small, Chandler saw no need in actually walking to every end of it. However the moment he was in his car, he tugged his cellphone out of his suit jacket and turned it back on. The moment the screen booted up, he was greeted with the phrase 'I'm sorry'. After all, those were the words that he wanted to desperately say to her. The moment that the doctor on the scene had announced that she was dead, he wanted nothing more than to utter the phrase. He didn't...instead he only stood there and stared at her limp, lifeless body in disbelief. He was sorry that he loved her as much as he did. It was sick that he was able to stand in the same room with her husband. What made it worse was that he was sure the demon knew about his feelings, because she had uttered a phrase that could have been taken as a taunt. Quickly he pushed the thought out of his head and opened up his message box to text to the demonologist.

                                      To: Ruth
                                      From: Charlie

                                      Hey. So I wasn't able to talk
                                      to Father Richards. I expected
                                      as much. Anyways, it wouldn't
                                      seem weird for me to ask if you're hungry?
                                      Or have you been roped into an interview
                                      already? Anyways. I'm going to the diner.
                                      You're welcome to join me. If not, I won't
                                      hate you.

                                      After his text was sent he went to the diner. He was, as most could call, a regular. He knew the names of the staff, and he was sure that they were familiar with him as well. At least he hoped. Regardless, he did have a favorite waitress. He didn't know her full name, but had heard a number of people call her Izy. He wasn't sure how old she was, but could assume that she was either in her last year of highschool or in her early years of college. Regardless of how old she was, whenever she was assigned to wait his table, he made sure to give her a good check. Then again, it was the least he could do, for feeling like such a bothersome customer. Fortunately he always ordered the same dish upon every visit: a BLT with sauerkraut instead of lettuce, a side order of fries, however he preferred his fries unsalted. He also needed his ketchup and ranch placed somewhere on his plate so that he could dip his fries in it, rather being pre-set upon the potato dish. Drink wise, he needed glass filled with half lemonade, half sweet tea, light on the ice. Fortunately pie wise, he preferred whatever the special was. Charlie came to the diner at least 4 to 5 times a week, due to his dislike for cooking.

                                      He was actually looking forward to seeing Izy as strange as it may have sounded. It wasn't like he knew about her 'partying' or 'sexual' ways, but she did remind him of someone knew growing up.

                                      Charlie took a seat at one of the booths, he took only a few seconds to survey the other people in the diner, although no one's appearance really jumped out at him. He was sure a number of people were getting ready for the Festival. He was sure that soon there would be a committee meeting about it. He was curious about who was in charge of the festival this year. Maybe it was wrong to assume that a woman would be probably be more involved in the Harvest Moon Festival. Already a few names popped up in his mind, but the person he believed was going to win the position, was none other than the wife of the Mayor. "Then again, I could be wrong," he said with a light shrug. With all the publicity that's coming to their undiscovered little town, he could only assume that the festival would be bigger than its ever been. Maybe he would actually attend this time? All he needed was a little motivation. Until then, he called out to one of the chefs who were standing behind the bar, "Good morning! Is Izy here today?"


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                                      Attire:: Clothing coming soon
                                      Location:: At the Diner, Alone.
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                                      Blood. The crimson liquid that should have otherwise flowed freely within a body, keeping it alive, seeped along the wooden floorboards, coating it in a gleaming red. Lifeless corpses lay throughout the room, draped over furniture and sprawled across the floor. Splatters of life were displayed against the wall, painting a disturbing picture for anyone who knew how to read those little specks. Each splatter told a story of each knife swing, each blow to the once fragile bodies of the victims. Children. The victims had been children, which tended to haunt those who witnessed their deaths more than most others. Something about seeing a young life snuffed so early, those small lifeless eyes, haunted those who gazed upon it. A soft whimpering could be heard coming from the kitchen. After committing the crimes, the woman who had mothered these children just curled up in the kitchen, the bloodied knife still in her hand. The scene before the officers later became known as The Foster Children Massacre, and to Malcolm Rose, it had become a reoccurring nightmare.

                                      Darting awake, the sheriff pulled the bedside trashcan to and heaved. Though his stomach was free of contents, the male liked to keep the can nearby, just in case bile or water happened to come forth. Every year, around this time of the year, Mal faced the nightmares of the most horrendous crime scene that he had ever faced. Though a seasoned officer of the law, the man had never before and not since experienced such a sight. Every detail of the scene stuck out to him, each drop of blood a reminder of the lives he hadn't saved. For the longest time, Malcolm had known that something hadn't been right with the foster mother. Any woman who took on that many kids yet didn't allow them the right of interacting with other children or to an education just screamed of wrong. Aside from the obvious reasons, though, something about the woman had just rubbed him the wrong way, so he had kept watch on her. Guilt struck him often when he thought about the situation though, for he could have talked to his superiors and gotten them to investigate, but he never did. Like every other rookie, Malcolm thought the situation would handle itself, and at the very most, he would ride out there for a neglect call. The only redeeming factor about that night had been his discovery of the young Shepherd Loveday. The boy, huddled within one of the closets, had somehow managed to hide from the whole thing. Pure luck.

                                      Dragging his thoughts from the past, Malcolm sat the still empty trashcan back down before dragging himself into the bathroom. As he flipped on the light, the sheriff could only be thankful that his daughter wasn't at home. The mirror reflected a pale, sweat riddled face, one that would alert any who saw to his previous state. With a soft groan, he leaned over the sink, turned on the cold water, and lightly splashed his face with it. The feeling of the cool water against his flushed skin offered a small relief and pulled the male completely from the realm of dreams. That was the far sweeter of reliefs. With that, he began his morning routine, starting with his teeth and moving into the shower. Today he spent more than his usually ten minutes under the waters, allowing himself to simply enjoy the cascade of pure bliss. The steam and heat felt as though they magically washed the nausea and ill feelings away. Something about a nice, hot shower could ease a troubled mind on most everything and set it back on track to focus on his responsibilities.

                                      Halloween loomed on the horizon which meant more work for the sheriff. The holiday felt as though it were more work than it was worth. Sure, when Lilith was younger and still dressed in the costumes he provided, there had been joy. Driving her from house to house while on patrol had been easy, especially since the town was so small. Remembering some of Lilith's costumes brought a small smile to the male's face, especially when he thought of the little officer uniform that the department had come together to buy. Now days though, with Lilith being interested in much more revealing articles of clothing and the pranks that teens pulled, it just seemed tedious. Being sheriff added even more work on top of the pile too. Extra paperwork and ensuring that teens didn't go through with the stupid ideas that they were likely plotting now took up much of his time and would continue to do so until Halloween was over.

                                      Once he finally finished getting ready, Malcolm made his way through the house and into the kitchen. Lilith probably wouldn't be home until after he had to go into work so he checked the freezer to ensure that food still filled it. Usually he shopped for groceries on his off days or left Lilith with enough money to buy what she needed. Thankfully, the freezer held enough to feed the small family until he got paid again. Grabbing the nearby pad of paper, Mal scribbled a note for his little girl.

                                      Plenty of food in the freezer.
                                      Leftover takeout in the fridge if you don't want to cook anything.
                                      Though if you don't want any of that, I'll leave you a twenty in the usual spot.
                                      I should be off tomorrow so if you want to spend some time together...

                                      Malcolm stared at the line he'd just written and sighed. Lilith was seventeen. He'd reached his understandings of how to communicate with his daughter, especially since he got to spend less and less time with her. If he wasn't working, as rare as that was, she was with her friends, working, or at school. Every now and then he could coax her to come with him to the banquets that the mayor threw and invited him to, but he knew that it wasn't her scene as the kids put it these days. Erasing the line, he continued the short letter.

                                      If you come home soon, I'll be at the diner, grabbing a bite to eat before my shift starts.
                                      I'll be off tomorrow.
                                      Love you,

                                      Malcolm could have simply texted the message to his daughter, but he wasn't fond of texting. It seemed to consume the lives of teens and led to a fair share of the crashes that he had the unfortunate business of seeing. Besides, a handwritten letter felt personal, as personal as he could get without actually getting to see his daughter. With another glance over his message, he nodded in satisfaction. While the sheriff wouldn't win any awards with his penmanship, the message would suffice enough to get his point across and to show Lilith that he ha been thinking about her. With the message completed, the sheriff grabbed his keys and wallet before heading out to his patrol car. Though he had another, a Ford Focus, when he had to work the next night, he usually just kept the squad car with him. Things just seemed easier and it saved him enough time to where he could head out to the diner when he wanted a decent meal without having to cook one.

                                      The drive was a short one, as most of the drives in the town were and the little diner held few patrons for the time. In a matter of a few moments, the time it took to park and walk into the diner, Mal found himself seated and waiting for his waitress to approach. With this time, he looked around the little dining spot, taking note of who happened to be out so far. Nods and polite waves were exchanged for those that the male knew. However, of the patrons, only the priest, really stood out. The sheriff knew of the man, much as he knew of most people, though the priest did make more of an appearance in his life than others. Prisoners asked for holy men in hopes of looking acceptable, and Mal always attended the funeral of any who died in his cases. As Charlie seemed busy with talking to his waitress, he didn't bother the man. The sheriff decided to focus on the menu instead. Maybe today he'd go for a burger, and as a joke, he could even ask for a donut for dessert.

                                      ▀▄M ▀▄A ▀▄L ▀▄C ▀▄O ▀▄L ▀▄M ▀▄

                                      Feeling: Hungry
                                      Location: The Diner
                                      Talking to: No one.
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What a mischief you would bring young darling, when you’re up for it before you’ve grown.
From the liver sweating through your tongue.
Well you’re standing on my sternum don’t you climb down darling.
Smoke on Sunday’s when you’re drunk and dressed.

That bloody gap in the curtains, the one that let in a ray of light that seemed to perfectly settle on your face and bring you from your wonderful world of sleep? Yes, that was what woke Iyzabel as she rolled over, finding herself entangled in a load of sheets, she moved a lot in her sleep and she was well aware of the fact that she often spoke in her sleep as well. Not that she ever slept much anymore, not thanks to her phobia. Izy spent most of the night sat up in bed with the light on, reading, keeping her mind busy, yet it didn’t stop her from keeping an ear out and tensing up for several minutes at a time every time she heard the faintest noise. God, it was far too early for this crap. Izy had never been a morning person, never in her life; even as a baby her mother said she had slept incredibly well, apparently it was something she got from her father although that seemed to be more due to the influence of alcohol than a love for sleeping.

As the young woman rolled over and pulled the duvet over her head, a sudden nausea overcame her, and she was on her feet, rushing from her bedroom and down the hall – barging past her little sister and into the bathroom before throwing up. [******** sake.” She was sick of this already, resting her forehead against the cool porcelain of the toilet. Well, it was her own fault in the first place, despite the fact she’d been using contraception – but then that’s never 100% guaranteed, as Izy found out the hard way. She was mad, more than anything. Anger and aggression came easier to Izy than upset and realisation and so for the time being, she would remain angry. She had told her family about her pregnancy – however she had denied the rumours about Ty being the father of her baby, yet she refused to tell them who the real father was. Not for the fact that she was scared of their reaction, her family were pretty laid back, more for the reason that she didn’t want it getting out, somehow. Her little sister, as much as Izy loved her, was as much of a motor mouth as Izy herself, if not more. And so for the time being, her family were in the same position as the rest of Brookshire; left playing a guessing game. And no one would ever know the answer, until Izy wanted them to. The thought brought a smile to her plump lips, that was all this was to the eighteen year old. A game. It made it easier. Less scary. She hadn’t exactly confronted the whole situation yet, reality hadn’t set in.


Iyzabel was surprisingly relaxed for someone who needed to be at work fairly soon as she climbed out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel, wandering back to her room. It wasn’t until she caught sight of the time that she really started to rush. ”Fuuuuck.” she sung to herself as she quickly changed into her work clothes – a simple pair of fitted black trousers, a pair of black high heels and a fitted white blouse. It was inevitable that she was going to be late, as Izy quickly applied her makeup and tousled her long blonde hair. Finally, she was ready – at the time she was supposed to start work, grabbing her handbag, she hitched it onto her shoulder and ran out onto the landing and rushed downstairs. Paperwork, clothes and people all got in her way. Her family were laid back, scatty people, and Izy was probably the scattiest of them all as she ran around shouting her head off about her keys. ”Get out of my way Dallas!” her eldest brother was caught off balance as his younger sister shoved him out of the way with a surprising amount of strength for such a petite girl. ”MOM. KEYS.” she yelled. ”She’s out dufus. Wasn’t home last night.” Brooklyn, her second eldest brother was leaning casually against the doorframe, eating a piece of toast and swinging Izy’s house keys from his index finger. A low growl emitted from the young woman’s throat as she snatched the keys from him. Izy was the only child in the household that wasn’t named after the city in which she was conceived – she had no idea why and she chose not to ask, Izy thought the whole thing was ridiculous anyway, her brothers; Dallas, Brooklyn and Dayton were the eldest three, then came Iyzabel, then Jackson, and the youngest of them all was Madison.

It was a good job Izy was used to wearing high heels; otherwise she never would have been able to run to work. But she made it, only ten minutes late, bursting through the front door slightly out of breath. ”Sorry! Sorry!” she muttered heading straight out the back, unaware that the local priest had just asked for her. Dumping her handbag in her locker, Izy made sure she looked acceptable before her boss threw a bagel at her. ”Because I know you won’t have eaten.” he smiled at her, a kind man. Izy wolfed the bagel down before grabbing her notepad and pen and heading back out the front, only to be pointed to one of the booths, armed with the information that her service had been requested.

As she headed over to the table, Izy came to see a familiar face awaiting her. ”Hello you.” she beamed down at him. Chandler Maddux, better known as Charlie. The local priest, a kind man and a familiar face in the diner. ”Am I getting your usual or are you gonna catch me off guard today?” she smiled at him, Izy’s eyes lit up and sparkled an even brighter blue when she smiled. There was something relaxing about Charlie, and he seemed to have a strange affect on Iyzabel. He made her feel a sense of guilt, about the way that she chose to live her life, she felt bad about how manipulative and spiteful she could be – it seemed as though the young woman did have a conscience after all. Maybe it was the fact he was a priest, maybe it was those piercing blue eyes of his, that made Izy feel as though he could see right through her, as if he knew all of her darkest secrets. It sent a shiver down her spine and made her feel slightly uneasy, yet at the same time, it intrigued her. ”Are you on your own today?” she cocked an eyebrow at him. He was often seen with a local woman – her name escaped Izy’s mind, she was unsure if the two were an item, there was no denying that Charlie was an attractive man, but Izy knew nothing about him and his life. He was just a customer, and she was just his waitress.

Izy glanced up for a second to see a group of girls walking past the diner, laughing amongst themselves. Shopping for the festival. Ah, the festival. Izy always went, every year, yet she knew that this year would be...interesting, what with all the rumours floating around lately, not to mention the fact that a film crew were in town. Everything was so different around here now, she wasn’t sure how she felt about the news crew – it kind of felt like an invasion of privacy. Izy felt a sense of protectiveness towards her town, this was her town, their town, and she didn’t know why these people were so interested in it. Brookshire wasn’t on the map, it didn’t need to be, and secrets were buried here. Secrets that were better off staying buried.
She turned her attention back to Charlie and took his order. ”I’ll be back in a moment.” she flashed him a grin before heading back through to put his order in, and grabbing his drink, just the way she knew he liked it. ”There we go. I’ll be back with food in just a moment.” she assured him, placing his drink down in front of him before disappearing through the back to check her phone whilst Charlie’s order was prepared.

’From; Izy
To; John
Message; Hey. What are you doing tonight?’

John. The deputy Sherriff in town, a man nine years Izy’s senior and someone she’d had a brief fling with, though things seemed to have died down lately. He never answered her texts and avoided her eye if they passed in town. She wasn’t entirely sure what had happened, if someone had found out or if he’d simply gotten bored. But out of everyone, John was the one Izy had gotten closest to almost having feelings for. Almost. Ha. A smile pulled at her lips, the idea was ludicrous. Izy, having feelings for someone? Izy, in a relationship? No. No no, that wouldn’t do, that wouldn’t do at all. It was best he was ignoring her, for whatever reason that may be. With that, she cancelled the text she had just written to John and instead, opened a new message.

’From; Izy
To; Winona
Message; FYI; Ty’s said he’s interested in being part of the baby’s life. He’s even coming to the scan. Boohoo, guess you’ll have to find a new thing to lust over.’

Stabbing the send button, Izy wrinkled her nose. Sometimes even she didn’t know why she was so spiteful. Of course everything she’d just said to her ex-best friend was a bare faced lie. Izy hadn’t spoken to Ty for weeks, she’d called him once to tell him the rumours were true, and since then the two hadn’t contacted one another. Izy just seemed to find pleasure in hurting others.

The thing was, Iyzabel hadn’t really thought about her pregnancy in terms of reality, she’d only ever really used it as a weapon – to upset Winona, to manipulate Tyreese. The young woman was avoiding it, avoiding the fact that she had a decision to make, that she had a responsibility. It terrified her, and so her natural reaction was to ignore it. Let people assume what they wanted and face it only when she had to...or until someone forced her to. Eurgh, no, she didn’t want to start thinking about this, she needed a distraction.

’From; Izy
To; William
Message; Feeling shitty. What’re you doing tonight? x’

Pressing send, Izy waited for a delivery report to assure her her best friend got the message. She just hoped against hope that William wasn’t going to be anywhere near Shin if she did see him later. Izy had been dabbling in drugs for a while, only, she tended to do IOU’s, and lately, it seemed as though all her IOU’s had come back to bite her in the a**, big time, as Shin was calling in all her money. All her money...that she didn’t have, and anyone who knew him, knew not to ******** with Shin. Yet, that was exactly what Izy was doing, she was playing a dangerous game...


Her manager’s voice cut through her thoughts as he motioned to the plates that were waiting to be taken out to Charlie. ”Sorry.” she muttered, shoving her phone away and getting back to work. ”What has gotten into you lately, I know you’re a scatterbrain.” he poked her gently in the forehead ”But it seems as though you’ve lost the very few pieces you had in the first place, is something going on?” he frowned, trying to work her out, but Izy just offered her sweetest smile and shook her head. Best to keep her pregnancy from work for as long as possible. Whilst her boss was nice, people in this town judged quickly, and she got the impression that he wouldn’t be too impressed – and Izy quite liked her job and the way things were so she planned on keeping them that way for as long as possible. She just prayed that the rumours didn’t reach his ears.

Heading back over to Charlie’s table, Izy placed the food down in front of him, along with cutlery and napkins. ”Et viola” she smiled at him. ”Is there anything else I can get you at all?” she asked, looking at him expectantly. She glanced across as another customer entered the diner and seated himself, Iyzabel recognised him as the local sheriff and caught his eye, letting him know she knew he was there and that she'd take his order in just a moment.


Location: At the diner, with Charlie

The Party Girl

Someway baby its part of me, apart from me.
You ******** it friend, it’s on its head, it stuck the street.
And at once I knew, I was not magnificent.

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThis is where you become a star!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWhere your old life is ripped apart

xxxxxxxxxxxxSo sit back, relax and inhale the fumes

xxxxxxxxCompare your xxscarsxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxбυяη αʟʟ тʜε sϻαʟʟ тøωηs

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMake the small town people see

xxxxxxThere's more to this world than despair and disbelief...

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                                                          Boarded up windows that weren’t going to do a thing. Kaleb found himself walking around a forgotten building. Looking through the attic, the rooms, and the basement. It was as if he could feel the presence of a ghost he had left behind that was now in front of him. It always finds him, but it all depended on how he battled with the pressure. All the forgotten dreams, and hopes he had to leave back in the city of angels. He would have stayed there if he could. This small town felt too small at times. The faster he could head back, hopefully people of interest and casting directors hadn’t forgotten about him by now. He took a left and it was standing in the way. The nameless figure staring straight him. Though before he could react he was somewhere else entirely. It looked like his room. Though his bed and dressers were gone. Instead of being covered with posters the walls were covered with news print about his washed up acting career. That his fate was to end up like the thousands of other kid stars. A washed-up has-been. There was a desk in the center of the room and he took a seat to stare across from him at the solitary mirror in the room. The reflection repeating his gesticulations before taking a turn for the worst. It picked up a razor and slit it’s neck. Kaleb reached to feel his own and it was stil together, for the most part.

                                                          It didn’t matter if he tried to shake it off, it seemed to want to stay. Getting up from the seat he turned around to see a figure dressed in a tattered grey robe and the room changed into something different. Instead of a desk it was a table and the walls were bare just the wite oak of the walls were visible. The figure dealt cards to the members sitting about the table. Kaleb looked at the hand he’d been dealt, hoping that his poker face could hide any hints of an advantage. Though almost in a distraction of thoughts he found himself stopping to think about the fact he only has one life. One short life. And he had to make it now or never he couldn’t wait on a miracle forever. Just one life that he shouldn’t mistake as something negative. Looking about the table at the faceless figures. And the mirror, staring at the mirror... Kaleb’s revelation was that he was his own worst enemy and a victim, but he chose to be. The drinks were spilling off the table side, picking one up the blonde gestured a “let’s cheers to this” motion before giving in to the pleasures of the night in a last minute ride. The glass looking as though it was filled with green absinthe in the light. Now the dice were rolling as he set his judgement aside.

                                                          Looking at him, from one side he seems to be so calm, so cool, collected and yet on the other side he was melting down. A sudden feeling of paranoia swept over him as he laughed along with the other members at the table. In the midst of his drunken, crazed laughter he fell backwards in his chair before blacking out once more. He could see himself but it was like he was having an out of body experience watching himself as he lead someone into a rented hotel room without a sound. It was like a silent film he could see the lips between his body and the female conversing but it fell upon deaf ears. And then he's watched as the two became wrapped in each other. The sound of their heartbeats throbbed in the back of his head. He saw himself move to rip off her dirty blouse. She moved to unzip his jeans and that when Kaleb watched himself pull out a gun and point it right in the center of her forehead. The only sound that echoed was the sound of the gunshot. But the scene didn’t end that easily, Kaleb watched as he dipped his fingers in the female’s blood, where her head used to be, and with her blood he wrote down all his sins on the walls closing in. Kaleb’s body winced as well as him and when the blonde male opened his eyes again he found himself in his body’s place dressed in the female’s blood. And her headless body wrapped her arms around him and pulled him back in.

                                                          In a cold sweat the male shot up from his bed. His hand moved to trail his face. At times these dreams worked better than an alarm clock when it came to waking him up. He was alert and as he glanced about his room nothing looked out of the ordinary it was simply another dream, ‘Another ******** up dream...’ Kaleb pushed his plaid black/grey/white bed sheets off himself. He should have been used to such dreams by now. It wasn’t the graphic nature that bothered him it was just how real it felt... Like he was really committing the crimes. It was foolish to think he might actually go out and do such a thing, though it also simply made no sense. A sentence with a two in the same meaning, just slightly altered. Not bothering to try to figure out what his dream meant, if it was forewarning of things to come, or a more hidden meaning than that. He needed something to distract himself. It was mid-afternoon and he had slept in longer than he probably should have though it wasn’t like it was a school day so it required him to be up early. If anything he just had something that dealt with the Variety Hour today. Something to distract himself. ‘Good.’ After that dream he needed a distraction.

                                                          Going about his morning routine he enjoyed having a bathroom connected to his bedroom it spoiled him a bit but it was the least his parents could do for him after they dragged him away from his other life. It was hard to keep in touch with some of his past friends. They were off starting to star in their own movies and he was just on some local cable network. It was pitiful. Sure he was a main cast member but it wasn’t the same. He took a quick shower and dried himself off in record time. When it came to picking out his clothes... He wasn’t that picky though he put on a band t-shirt that ironically had some lyrics that caused the blonde to snicker to himself. Ripped jeans. Shoes. And peeking outside his window his eyes blinked adjusting to the glare of the sun. Covering up the curtains again he didn’t care if it was supposed to be sunny or what not. The northern weather was nothing like the Cali sunny weather... It could look sunny outside and be bellow freezing outside and he was not going to deal with that. So he picked up the Union soldier frockcoat that had been restitched with a zipper and a hoodie. It was an impressive coat if he could say so and it tended to keep him warm. A little outdated but in style enough for him.

                                                          There was a mild debated of whether or not he wanted to eat breakfast at home. His parents may or may not be here. They could be off doing who knows what. The city boy had no problems eating alone in act he would have probably preferred it. After all he didn’t want to fake how after almost three years ago this place had started to grow on him. Just as he figured he’d pick something out of a vending machine in the building his phone started ringing and the male forgot where he had placed it last night. He didn’t see it on his nightstand. He could hear it though, checking his jean pockets from the day before there it was and it was a message from one of his costars. The Lucky one as people called him. Kaleb had moved to town after the whole foster children massacre and knew better than to bring it up around the male. Though after living here for a couple of years it wasn’t like he had to ask around for details about the case... Though when it came to the Variety Hour the male was pretty decent and less of a Diva than the person he took over for. So it worked out well in a way. When it came to them either having a meeting or rehearsal Kaleb checked the calendar on his phone. The Variety Hour was one of the few enjoyable distractions of the town and the blonde tended to keep track of what was scheduled to go on and apparently there was a meeting and a possible measuring for the costumes. Though that was more so a maybe the meeting however was a definite. Rotating his phone to use the keyboard he replied to the other.

                                                          To;; Lucky
                                                          From;; Kaleb
                                                          Message;; There is supposed to be a meeting this afternoon
                                                          about what kind of skit we’d want to go through with
                                                          I think they have a few ideas we’re supposed to pick the 1
                                                          with the best pitch. & A possible measuring for costumes...
                                                          Possible/Maybe/NotDefinite. Meeting though is deff.
                                                          Catch yah there.

                                                          He ended it mildly casual and headed out the door he drove a simple black pick up truck. It wasn’t a Porsche or a Mercedes. But it was still in good shape and was his sixteenth birthday present. Though he liked to view it as the apology car since after he got the car was when they told him they had plans for moving. He headed out to the building where most of the Variety Hour stuff took place, let the radio play though he wasn’t really paying attention to any of the songs that were coming on. Instead he just drove and ended up stopping for red lights more than he would have liked to. By the time he arrived there it seemed pretty empty there were a few people walking around though he didn’t see any of his fellow teen costars. Yet he hadn’t made it to the meeting room yet he had stopped in the hallway to get a Hostess cupcake out of the vending machine as well as a Dr. Pepper. On his way to the room he had already finished his breakfast cupcake and simply had the soda left. Inside he saw he was the only member of the Variety Four present and decided to shoot his two female costars a text while waited.

                                                          To;; Mal & Pennie
                                                          From;; Kaleb
                                                          Message;; You guys didn’t forget about that meeting
                                                          today... Did yah?

                                                          Location;; Meeting Room
                                                          Company;; myself
                                                          Attire;; dressed up to impress

In the city that never falls asleep; can you see the bright lights?
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx► ► xxxxx Why are you walking away?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxWas it something I did?xxxxxxxxxxxx Did I make a mistake?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'Cause I'm trying to deal with the pain.

xxxxxxxxxxI don't understand this, is this how it is?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI will try to understand. xxxxxx◄ ◄

        A L E X A N D E R xxxxxxx W A Y
        the town historian

                                                          Brrrrring. Pause. Brrrrrrrring. Another pause. BRRRRRRRRRING. Silence. Well, except for the grumbling of the thirty-four year old man as he let his face bury itself into the pillow beneath him. Sure, he may be an adult, but waking up for him was as easy as it was when he was still in high school, which wasn't easy at all. Two minutes went by and a long sigh escaped him as he sat up and pushed himself out of bed, stretching out his arms above his head. From there he brought himself to his feet, stretching out his legs as he did so, and rubbing the sleep from his brilliant, bright blue eyes, he headed for the bathroom that sat to the right of his bed. Once in there he went over his typical morning routine; brushed his teeth, shaved the appropriate areas of his face, put deodorant on his armpits, and spritzed a breeze of cologne on himself. From there he pulled on a v-neck t-shirt over his perfectly built, dark skinned body, and following that he shimmied into a pair of tan slacks. Over his shirt he pulled on a dark colored male's cardigan, glad that his work required a simple dress code and nothing too over the top, since he preferred his style to be laid back rather than dressed up.

                                                          His house was fairly small as it was only himself who lived there, and he walked down the hall that held two other bedrooms other than his own along with one other bathroom, and once in his nicely sized kitchen he prepared himself breakfast. Breakfast that morning was nothing more than a quickly thrown together protein shake along with a cereal bar. Once that was finished, which took less than five minutes, he pulled his bag over his shoulder. Within the bag was mostly work related belongings which included his laptop, a few books from the library, and an assortment of paperwork regarding different town related incidents that he managed to get his hands on. The town's history, past and present, was one of his few obsessions.

                                                          Hurrying outside he looked at the simple silver watch that adorned his wrist and read the time; fifteen minutes until he should clock in. The perfect amount of time to get to the library, which happened to be his job. Most people wouldn't be too thrilled to work at a library in a small town such as theirs, but Alexander was quite fond of it and oddly enough looked forward to work more often than not. He placed his belongings in the passenger seat of his car and headed to work, once there and parked he once more slung the bag over his shoulder and went inside.

                                                          The Brookshire library was quite large in regards to the size of the town, and once inside he went to his office, which he had his own, and places his belongings on his desk. From there he opened his laptop, reviewed a few things, particularly his e-mail and the town's newspaper from online to find out any news on what was happening where he lived. The movie production team seemed to be a hot topic still and he leaned closer to the screen to read further about it. The movie really did interest him, it wasn't often people came to your town to film a movie about it's history. And Alexander knew everything about it's history. It was his calling, his forte if you will, it was what he was made for, to know the history. And he knew that if he could get as much real history into that film than his calling would be complete, don't ask why he felt the need to do that, it just seemed right to him. Nothing in the article though mentioned much about what exactly they were up to, just that they were there, in the town, and this brought a long, exaggerated sigh out of Alexander. Ah well, there was still time and he would be sure to get a meeting with one of them and get the information he had out there.

                                                          Slowly he closed the laptop and stood up figuring he should wander around and see if anyone needed any help with anything, and then maybe catch up on some reading, since there wasn't much else to do. Walking through the general history isle he paused by an elderly couple looking through books on different wars. "Hello, do either of you need any help?" He asked politely, giving them both a gentle smile. Except the two only looked at him, scoffed their no's and turned to the books again. He clenched his jaw and took a step back, continuing his journey through different sections of the library to see who he could help. Being a library it wasn't the most popular place, and very rarely did he actually find someone honestly interested in having a talk with a well educated person such as himself. Most people came, picked up whatever book they wanted and left. There were few who honestly seemed interested in subjects of history he had specialized in, such as the reporter whom he'd befriended lately.

                                                          As he continued on he assisted two middle school kids looking for books on the U.S. Civil War, whom he directed the right way and suggested two particular titles. To his amusement they actually rented the books, which made his lips tug up at the corner into a smile, even more amusing they seemed oddly thrilled with the selections of assignments they were given. That was short lived though as he continued on, and as he almost completely skipped the town history isle he spotted someone there. His eyes widened a bit and he smiled brightly.

                                                          It was odd to see very many people interested in Brookshire's history. It was exciting and he particularly enjoyed it, but not many came for the sole purpose of learning their town's history. He stepped down the aisle and approached the person pushing through books, looking for what appeared to be something in particular. Now the town's history was his perfection, he knew everything about it, and helping someone find what they needed there he could especially do!

                                                          "Hello ma'am." Alexander said to the blonde woman, giving his most polite of smiles, "Do you need help searching for anything in particular? Or do you have any questions in regards to Brookshire's history? I have a sort of experience in it and could help you out if you do." Oddly he was hoping she would jump on board and agree without hesitation. It really was not frequent to see someone interested in the town. It was even less frequent to have an educated talk with someone about the town's history, other than Sean, so if he could help someone and further interest them he'd feel like he accomplished a lot for that day.

                                                          Location: Library. With: Ruth (the demonologist) Doing: Asking if she needs assistance. OoC: Sorry if it sucks, I wasn't sure how to start. ;____; Let me know if I should edit anything.
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April always spent a good amount of time getting ready for the day even though she would shower the night before. It was her hair that took the longest. Those big golden curls, which usually cascaded down her back, were soft to the touch. Getting hair like that took a lot of time; but she thought it was worth it. Why else would do such a thing? Picking out her clothes only took long under certain circumstances. Today wasn't a big deal so she wore a brown skirt with a hot pink top. Of course she had some accessories that added a bit more punch to her fairly simple outfit. She finished up her barely there makeup with a nice shade of pink lipstick. After she took a look at herself in the mirror, she smiled and made her way over to her bed. She grabbed her black Chanel bag and a pair of simple black heels before she ran down the stairs. The fashionista slipped on her shoes before she reached her long cream colored coat. That's when she heard her mother mention something about eating breakfast before she left. "I'll get something on the way," she responded as she slipped on her coat. A soft smile graced her mother's features as she watched the front door shut loudly behind her daughter.

It wasn't long before April arrived at the meeting place. A hot beverage was held in one hand while she used the other to take a bite of a freshly baked pastry. It wasn't the best breakfast; but better than nothing. The fashionista loved celebrations of any kind and always took the time to help design and got things together. That's what this early morning meeting, for a Sunday, was about. They had to go through what needed to be done throughout the day before everyone got started; otherwise, there'd be chaos. They only had such meetings on Saturday and Sunday since most people were busier during the weekdays. By the time she knew exactly what she had to do, she finished her breakfast and got to work. The majority or the day would be filled with the preparations for the festival. People that knew her should know that; after all, she did this kind of thing all of the time.

Some time later, April left a shop with a couple boxes in her arms. They weren't particularly heavy; but she had to wonder why that lady had the sudden urge to make her go on this errand instead of somebody else. At least it wasn't that far away. Then again, she was a bit tired since she'd been too busy to eat lunch. Her stomach was so angry that it stopped growling at her a long time ago: that was never a good sign. Her heels clicked down the sidewalk as she glanced up at the sky. She didn't check the weather; but the clouds looked like they wanted to cry. Before she thought about how the rain would dampen her style: her mobile phone chimed. The teen stopped in her tracks and shifted the whole load into one arm before she dug into her purse. It was quite a feat since the black bag dangled off the elbow that held up the two boxes. Then again, she was into gymnastics and on the cheer squad; so she learned how to keep her balance.

A noise, which was a mix between an extremely short chuckle and a sigh, escaped her when she finally managed to read the text message. It was from Pennie. It's not like the two were close; but she had nothing against the girl. Why would she? She seemed sweet and gave April the head cheerleader position when she stepped down. The teen didn't care much about being the leader though: not like Mal did for the role that Pennie took from her. That's where things got complicated. Malory only lived in Brookshire for a few months; but they hit it off as soon as they met each other: at least that's how it seemed to happen. The girl was her first best friend and they told each other everything. Well, maybe not everything: there was no need to go into that though. The blonde knew how Malory started to pretend to be nice to Pennie and so she kept socializing with the ex-cheerleader like she normally would. There was no reason to change if it wasn't needed. Their interactions were still a bit different since they both weren't on the cheer squad anymore and tended to get busy with their own things; but it's not like she ignored the girl. That's why she started to type in her response.

To: Pennie
From: April
Message: Oh please...
you're fine. Just busy
doing what I always do.
Anything new with you?

As soon as she sent the text, someone rushed by her in a hurry. The person didn't actually bump into her but she was shocked enough to lose her balance just enough to cause a problem. The two boxes immediately began to teeter dangerously on her arm. It never occurred to her that the stuff inside probably wasn't breakable, since she didn't hear the soft clang of glass hitting each other earlier, but she still tried to catch the boxes before they fell to the ground. Her phone smashed onto the concrete, which made the battery pop out, after she released her hold on it. She'd be upset if her phone was actually damaged; but right now she was focused on something more important and she needed her other hand. April fumbled with the boxes for a while; but couldn't recover. It wasn't long before they slipped out of her grasp and tumbled to the ground below. "s**t," she mumbled to herself. It was then that she realized that it she should have either ignored the text or set the boxes down for a moment. Hell, she could've even moved out of the way and used the building for support.

Location: on the sidewalk with no one.
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                            x0x0 W i n o n ax0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0
                            x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0the b a b y s i t t e r

                            She was reading Lilith’s text, well…mainly staring at it. Winnie really did not like watching scary movies, especially alone. Since Lilith was her guest she supposed she could watch one…for her, then they could watch some episodes of Hello Kitty ! With a little sigh she finished her second poptart and last bit of milk before she started to reply to Lilith when her front door opened and the dark haired woman walked in and plopped down onto her couch. Winnie grinned, placing her plate onto the table before her awkward…sort of pounce-lean to the side so she could fall in Lilith’s lap, her arms wrapped around her tiny frame. After squeezing her new friend quite tightly she looked up, wrinkling her nose in a very bunny-like way.

                            “I’m so glad you’re here, I was getting so lonely and I’m excited to work on your dress!” the enthusiasm in her voice was definitely not forced. It only enhanced the excitement that shone in her eyes. Winnie slid off of the couch, arms above her head as she stretched as much as she could. As soon as she was finished Winnie walked out of the living room and toward the hallway. “Come come! We have to see if it fits you” she called back, continuing on her way down the hall. Her room was at the end, her dad gave her the bigger room and when she entered her Hello Kitty clad room, her heart warmed with a childish feeling. The dress she was working on for Lilith hung in her closet so she walked over to it, opened the closet and pulled it out. Covering the dress was a see-through plastic bag; after she took it off she placed it onto her bed along with her phone. It was exciting to make things for other people, especially friends. Sewing and cooking were her favourite things to do and the fact that she was able to sew this lovely, dark dress for Lilith made her ecstatic.

                            Before Lilith walked into her room, Winnie hung the dress up on a hook she had her father install on her wall. The dress hung there daintily, the stray strings almost touching the floor. She hadn’t hemmed it yet because she wanted to make sure she did it perfectly, nothing would be out of place on the dress – or she hoped it wouldn’t and she hoped so intensely that Lilith would love it. Her favourite part of making things for people was the look on their faces when she presented it to them. Just as she was admiring the dress she heard her phone go off, hoping it would be Pennie who texted her back Winnie skipped a few steps to her bed and opened her phone.

                            ’From; Izy
                            To; Winona
                            Message; FYI; Ty’s said he’s interested in being part of the baby’s life. He’s even coming to the scan. Boohoo, guess you’ll have to find a new thing to lust over.’

                            After reading that message her happy mood almost completely faded. Winnie pouted heavily; she didn’t understand why Iyzabel had to be such…a b***h. With a sad sigh and a frown on her face Winnie debated between responding and not responding. She didn’t know what to do, her instincts told her to reply and get angry but that wasn’t who she was. She didn’t like being mean to people. That’s where the two girl’s different, it seemed like Iyzabel didn’t have a problem being a b***h to her ex-best friends. Winnie didn’t really like her anymore…or right now, but she wasn’t going to be cruel to Iyzabel. It wasn’t fair, she wished she could be strong and mean but she couldn’t be, her father taught her how to be nice and to try not to hate people, even if they are mean to her. Winnie decided to reply, her head cocked to the side as she did so, her little tongue sticking out the side of her mouth.

                                          To: Iyzabel
                                          From: Winnie
                                          Message: Why do u like to be so mean?
                                          I don’t know how it could be so entertaining or w/e. maybe u should
                                          try leaving me alone and go on being…whatever u are being with other
                                          people bcuz I’m def not interested in your drama llamas. Ty doesn’t have
                                          to like me just bcuz I like him…if he is the father…it’s good that he
                                          is going to be in the kid’s life but…u should probably keep ur legs closed…
                                          not trying to be rude or anything…just…telling the truth y’know?

                            Winnie did indeed have a crush on Ty but when she had a crush on someone unless they liked her back, she wouldn’t obsess over them because it wasn’t worth it. She didn’t know if Ty knew about her little crush, she wasn’t the person to go and break up a relationship though…or whatever Iyzabel and he had. She was having his baby so… didn't people who had babies together usually get married? They were so young; Winnie couldn’t imagine getting married at her age. Winnie hit send, placing her phone back onto the bed before she stood just as Lilith walked into the room. Winnie wasn’t very good at hiding her emotions but she had to try and put a smile on her face. She didn’t like feeling sad or upset, so she tried to put it out of her mind.

                            ”So…I really hope you like it, if you want to change it” she spoke softly, not like she had before, obviously she was trying but failed miserably. ”It won’t take too much longer to finish it though, probably a couple hours…Oh! I don’t mind if Lucky comes over, Pennie might come too and we can just hang out or whatever!” that did bring up her excitement, she couldn’t wait to see if Pennie was going to come over and it Lucky came too that would be pretty awesome! She hadn’t really done anything with Lucky before, hopefully he wasn’t too shy or anything…she didn’t even know what type of person he was. Winnie was sure if she paid more attention to the people around her, she would know more about them but…they never talked, she was too busy to actively pursue people most of the time. The only reason her and Lilith were friends now is because Lilith saved her from a bunch of tumbling books. Winnie giggled a little, scrunching her nose once again. Just then she felt a little furry kitty at her feet, rubbing his small body against her fuzzy pajama pants. Winnie leaned down, picking up her kitten so she could snuggle his tummy.

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