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Surely ubiquity means he's in every sick, disgusting thought we've got in our brains


Call me Rajio or Raj. 20. Photographer. Blogger. Youtuber. College Student. Roleplayer. Army Brat. Human. Music Fan. Major Movie Buff. Slightly Eccentric (in my own right). Nice to make your acquaintance.

I'm not good at describing myself and I don’t feel the need to write every detail of my life out in the description. Heh but yep. If you wanna get to know me you can find me in Barton Town or strike up a convo in my comment box. I'm around.

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Benny mmmm >w> The Venetia Fair ... -grabby hands-
"We don't bite... sometimes" xD I loved meeting them at Warped '10

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My facebook and aim are reserved for people I know really well.


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cool avi.
i really like the shadow animal
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thank you for buying. heart c:
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Thanks for buying. heart
Please don't forget to check my shop, I do have a lot of cheap items.
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Thanks for buying!~
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You're welcome~
CookiesnKittens Report | 03/01/2013 12:16 pm
No, thank YOU! emotion_dealwithit
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Ephiny The White Queen Report | 03/01/2013 11:57 am
You're welcome ^_^
Dragocyan Report | 11/21/2012 2:27 pm
You're Welcome!
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no problems sweets



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"guesss that makes me the grahammmmm crackerrrr?"[/i:2bad0d38ac]

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xAscoldrainfalls – Spencer

Hmm… I first Rped with her in a Fail Angel RP ;] Funny really… After that we ended up Rping together more and more and all our charries basically were rivals to the other in some way or another. –cough– Jayzon and Spencer –uncough– Have the best rivalry ever true men through and through! xD anyway I don’t remember exactly when our charries stopped being rivals.. I think it was back with Aiden and Seth then it became Benji and Ry >.>;; anyway I was just reminiscing about the hilarity between those friends… One of the greatest quirks about her is the fact she is ‘That Creeper’ cx in the politest sense of the word. And I dunno what else to say except she’s pretty awsome, and she too lives in the same state as me x.x an odd coincidence but an amusing one nonetheless cx And if we hadn't met there would be no SpencerRadio youtube channel.

Frustrated Writer - Dave

Gasp Dave!! I just recently started RPing with her. (lol we've been Rping longer than that now. We both have the same first name, hence the boy names. –nod– I think it’s neat. Not to mention most of our charries have been buddies with eachother…I think I met her with Theo and Chris… o.o (thinking) anyway she’s cool, and I’m glad I got the chance to meet her ;D Plus without her there'd be no Cameron or Blake! Or our Seven Deadly Sins & Sins... Or the creation of Jonah. Or the Story of Evil rp : D yeah she's awesome and we like Hunger Games, Video Games, Games... fun convos too like .... GASP HARLEY AND KRIS! >.> oh those minis

Rainbows Unicorns – Buddy-oh-pal

She’s someone I know IRL. And I am going to admit, I’m glad I do xD I don’t know what my years of high School would be like without her and in all honesty I don’t wanna! It is so boring and droll without her here. She was the one who gave me my Epic British flag xD And I’ve gone to cons with her and had a blast meeting people from her, I don’t think I’d know most of my friends without her. Latin class was awesome goofing off in the back and staring at the Greek letters to get inspired for rping. Lol good times, good times. x] Not to mention she has a great taste in music, and we enjoy teasing the Germans and if we didn’t she’d have never heard of Cinema Bizarre [from me] and she wouldn’t have become a USA fan club advisor Cx I start trends ~<3

Colour Me Krista - Krista

I met her a while back but then had to leave the thread due to personal reasons. However I ended up running into her in another thread were we got to plot together about the Superstar and the Talent. And thus Crash In Space Disney friendly show past was born. Though the rp didn't last I did end up talking to her more and enventually got to join an rp she made as well as get an awesome American Horror Story buddy! October FTW! And yeah.. what else needs to be said? We have an AHS rp that is awesome and she's awesome. Just about Sums up the awesomesauce that is Colour Me Krista.

mokiepuppymaster - mokie

I duno if I'd run into her if it wasn't for the fact she sent me an invite to an rp that was 'Welcome to the Game of Life' at first I was kind of weary about joining. There were so many characters and pages already I didn't know if I'd be able to catch up. Though she was cool enough to write out a whole summary about what happened in the rp so far that it kind of solidified my decision to join. And I'm glad I did because oh... The Nerdy clique was so amazinggggg! And the rp had a sequel and ohh it was great. She's really fun to rp with and eventually after being in so many rps together we started talking and yeah she's cool.. I got invited to some pretty sweet roleplays I probably wouldn't have joined if she hadn't informed me about them.

I'm fairly certain behind the curtain's a provable divinity.