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Hello, staff/developers/artists and everyone of Gaia! This is my first time posting a question in the AtA thread, so I'll keep it short and simple.

Can the layering on the Mutton Twins item please be changed back to the way it was before? For the past few days, the layering was changed so that most accessories and items now layer under the costume, instead of layering on top where it should be and looks better. Even right now, I cannot equip my Mutton Twins outfit without going bald, even when only using my default salon hair. Please, can it be changed back? It was much better the way it was before. It makes much more sense to be able to add things over the costume. I know I'm not the only person upset by the change in layering. If this could be fixed, I would be forever grateful!

Also, thanks to whichever artist made the Fluff n' Stuff item! I'd always wanted a pile of stuffed animals to play in, and now I have one!
What does it take to work at Gaia?
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fix zomg general mayhem on hard dosnt work! neither does costumes amount!
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Hey Admins!
Just what the heck is Towns 2, and are you working on a fix for the spazzy avatar bug in towns?
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When will the outfits shop be updated?
Many scams/exploits have risen with the flaws in the average marketplace. This is creating much grief amongst Gaia.
The idea seemed very interesting to me at first, but it turned out to be not so great.

Edit - A feature where you can trade outfits should be available as well. Or put an outfit into a trade, and be able to still see the items in it.
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Hello, Lanzer and everyone. I don't have any questions right now, but I want to say thank you for the new RIG being made this month, the header and art look great. Nice to see Winsor of Luna's Incense get a RIG of his own. <3
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Hey...I was wondering if there has been any progress on the issue in forums where editing a post takes you to the last post in the thread instead of the one you edited?

Thanks guys for attending our questions.
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Where are the refreshments?
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You guys should add items that fuse together. And when you fuse them it creates a more powerful item that has more like clothing options than before, it can be like an alchemy thing. And you can like get an item that unfuses them. biggrin
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I'm sorry if you get this all the time.
But why aren't the zOMG! servers cycled more often? Or more regularly?

There are days when it is literally unplayable because of the massive lag spikes. It's causing negative publicity for the game.
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It's not much or too urgent; but I'd like to know if you guys really do check out the petitions.

I've seen some things that I've liked; and I was wondering if you guys ever really do act up on those.
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Question about the gaia on the go app:

I asked last week:
Is it possible to send push notifications so i know when im quoted in forums and such; and will it be possible to add guilds to the app's so i can post there as well..?

Thank You~
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Asking for a third time!
Third time's the charm, right? wink

Could you guys possibly look into adding separate poses for the "Bullet Belts" item in which you can either wear it strapped across the waist or across the chest, separately?



The layering of the back wings with, say, the hair in the item "Cherubic Queen of Solair" is such that the wings are almost completely hidden. Would it be possible to adjust them so that the wings always show up in front of the hair?

And will you guys consider making it so that you can use the older alchemy wings once you reach the next stage? Like, if I were to reach stage three, it would be nice to be able to use the other two stages given all the time, money and effort that went into crafting them.


What it should look like
User Image

What it looks like currently

User Image
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Welcome to ATA everyone!

Hope everyone had fun at the Gaia Olympics, with the end of summer approaching, we're hard at work on other mini events and planning for the Halloween event.

How many of you got to watch the meteor shower this weekend? As an astronomy fan, I have to ask. smile

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

And a message from LigLanky:

We just put up some tips and tricks to get the most out of ATA on our handy-dandy blog.

Check it out here.

Oh that is such a cute picture of waffles, Lanzer 4laugh
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I evening watching Teen Wolf and Being Human, so I missed the meteor shower, but I did have werewolf nightmares.....so still some excitement there sweatdrop (/)__()

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