Hello and welcome to my profile! You probably came here because you were curious to know more about me, right? Then let me satisfy your curiosity with some information about myself!

First of all, my name is Massu! I also go by Ma-chan or Ma-kun, or anything like that! Feel free to make up a new nickname for me! I'm always happy to answer by any name you choose!
I love to dress up! I'm constantly switching outfits, so don't be surprised to see me completely change every five minutes!
I wont tell you my age, unless you're a good friend of mine. I like to keep my age a secret from the general public, because reasons.
Do not let my avatar fool you! I am a boy! Despite what I wear, I will always be a boy! Never ever refer to me as a girl! Also, I'm not responsible for you falling for a trap if you somehow don't figure that out!
I'm happily and proudly gay!

I like to watch anime, though I don't watch that much anymore. Only things like Daily Lives of High School Boys and Kimi to Boku. I really should be watching more, but I have a bad habit of watching series and never finishing them. But anime that I have watched and love are: Sailor Moon, .hack//SIGN, and like, a lot of others.
I also like watching Japanese dramas, but again, I never finish them. And because it's hard to find places to watch them. The first J-Drama I ever saw was Hana Kimi! The original version! I've also seen Papa wa Idol/Papadoru, Zetta Kareshi, and again, a whole lot of others!
I'm also into tokusatsu, if anyone out there knows what that is! I got into it through Kamen Rider W/Double through an ex boyfriend who suggested it to me, which spread to my friends, and we haven't looked back since! For Kamen Rider I've seen W/Double, half of OOO, all of Fourze, and currently watching Wizard! Double will always be my favorite! Always! I also watch Super Sentai, though I'm not into it as much as Kamen Rider. I've watched Shinkenger, Gokaiger, and now am watching Kyoryuger! I didn't care for Gobusters that much...
I like to draw, though I don't consider myself terribly good at it. I draw whatever I want, though I mostly do BL couples or of my own avatar. I want to get better!
I like to read yaoi manga! The more corny the story is, the more I'll probably love it. My favorite stories are of the high school boy/business adult man relationship kind. It's a guilty pleasure.
I love to play video games! I mostly play just Pokemon and Zelda, but I like all games! My favorite Zelda game is Skyward Sword, closely followed by Wind Waker. And my favorite Pokemon game is Black, closely followed by Crystal!
I also like to play online games! My favorite MMO of all time is LUNA Online/LUNA Plus. I play on a private server, now that the official game has been shut down. I also play Iris Online on private server. I have played a lot of other similar MMOs before, but I can't really remember the names of them. I've also played Remnant Knights and Eden Eternal! I really love EE, and I'm debating going back to playing it soon...
I write a little bit, which goes along with the fun of roleplaying. Though I am beginning to think I'm not as good of a writer as I thought I was or used to be...
My favorite kind of music is Japanese! But I also listen to Korean and any other language of music, as long as it's good! My favorite artist forever is T.M.Revolution. And I also really like NEWS!
I love oshare kei style! I've always liked it for the longest time! I just love the cute design of it, the colors! Everything!
I love to collect plushies and stuffed animals! Even though I have nowhere in my room to put them! I have several Pokemon related ones, my favorite being all my Pikachu ones, of course. I also have a Link plushie! I also have some very cute stuffed animals, including a giant panda bear, lion and dog!
I don't really keep up with TV shows, but I love Adventure Time! It's my favorite show ever!

If you'd like to come by and chat with me and my friends, I have a thread just for that! Everyone is welcome to stop by!

Snacks provided!

And I also have an art request thread! I love having cute art to display in my signature!

The Many Outfits of Massu!

Uhm, if I think of anything else to put here, I'll edit this later! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! And I always love friends, PMs and comments!


Massu's Drabbles!


Just whatever I feel like putting here. Probably wont be very good, but, I'll try!



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Hey long time no hello. :3
Baphomet Queen

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Baphomet Queen


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Yay thanks we will be there

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Your avatar is adorable heart

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stops by and leaves bunches of treats for my brother
Candy Blythe

Report | 09/10/2013 1:13 pm

Candy Blythe

-After a thousand years' unexpected slumber, the moons of years past having waxed and waned, the cloying scent of cotton candy hangs thick in the air like a fog as Candy Blythe returns from the grave. Haunting the profiles of those to last comment on his, he finds yours to say-
I'm back at last. Hello, stranger! o3o
Celsius Caliber

Report | 09/10/2013 11:28 am

Celsius Caliber

Sorry I was not on AC yesturday. The server was down and I could not tell if you were on or not. And I was getting very hungry. ;-; We can try again next week if you want....
Non-Adult Situation

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Non-Adult Situation

I see yeah that would be a problem
Well no matter what your still my little kitten
Non-Adult Situation

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Non-Adult Situation

Well you learned and if anything I could help you if you get banned. I'll give you my email in a pm later if that happens so we can still talk.
I know they've been cracking down on people but you have to understand shota is underage sexual thing. So you can't really be using it.
I'm not trying to bully you, I'm just being honest. So please don't get mad at me.

All you can do is be careful and hope things will be okay.
Non-Adult Situation

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Non-Adult Situation

Well, here what I can tell you. Just be careful and if you want to be naughty get an im system and be naughty there.
Though I doubt anything you do is too naughty cause you're a good kiddo. -pets head-
Now chin up -kisses his cheek-