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Hey Admins, I have a question about becoming a mod.

Last AtA, I asked what I could do for Gaia, and Sisky said I could be a Mod when I'm 18. On the page to apply to be a mod, it says that you guys were thinking of letting younger people do it with their parent's signature. Have you done anything with that or are planning on it? c:

It's something we've thought about, but there are actually some complicated implications with having younger users be mods (due to content that might need to be removed, etc.). I don't think it's something we'll do in the near future, but it's possible we do so in the future.
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will we be able to add npcs to our friends list?

and is edy coming back to the manga or the shops? emotion_kirakira
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I think it would be really cool to make a white Devil Tail, That would not be so hard to get. The regular Devil Tail is so much. And It is really hard for some people to make money one here. So why not make a White Devil Tail for a Monthly collectible or something?

~ Indealt
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Is there a possibility that someone who's been previously temp-banned can still apply to be a mod?
i asked to be left alone stop bothering me

I don't think she was talking to you kid, She was asking a mod. And you are not a mod.
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Is there a possibility that someone who's been previously temp-banned can still apply to be a mod?

Depends on why you were temp banned! If you want to pm me to discuss this further, I'd be happy to talk to you biggrin

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would be great if you made a marionette rig. and make the fail items be different kinds of mariontte control bars. that way people can have cheaper strings. pale marionette and the other marionettes cost too much in market place due to people over pricing them.

Seconded that! Some of the rig items are just to hard to obtain or too expensive. Some people just don't have the money to put into the cash items to get the gold or raise their chances by getting a lot of the chance items. Maybe an item like the Max Grow Gain but for the Marionettes or the Star Kittens!

yeah this price thing is ridiculous. i've seen items priced at 100billion gold. crimson marionette is 20mil or more. pale marionette is around 15 mil or more. and pink marionette is around 6 mil. this is ridiculous. i strongly feel like gaia should make more marionette items and not do anymore recolors on pale marionette. each one that was made is a fail. it's a fail because their priced extremely high for only the cunning venders and extremely wealthy can get. people even pay out their real money for months to buy items from cash shop just to reach 20mil to get an item that doesn't even come with a lot of items within it. this is ludicrous. that's why i feel they need to make a marionette EI and a marionette rig. it is lots of people on here that want marionette strings and wants to make group entries of marionettes. but the only strings we can get or broken strings from puppet master. that sucks. most rigs and mc's are either rainbow stuff or armor.

yeah you never get the items you really want! I mean the marionettes or the kittens would make for a great MC or Evolving Item and like still have the "I am" forms on them still.

Although I agree with you on the items being far too expensive, I've noticed this pattern among rigs. Many of the rare items are incredibly over-priced.

But this kind of RIG would make me upset. I personally have both Crimson and Pale marionette, and I worked incredibly hard for both of them. To see a new RIG item come out with these items having a lower rarity to them, it puts my hard work to waste.

but if it is out you would never have to work that hard again for them

But then the item would become next to worthless. I enjoy my two marionettes because they aren't very common. I like not having hair that is the same or similar to half of my friend's list.
Sure, I may sound like a hipster. But I like to remain as unique as I can.

Many people, and venders, go for these high-priced items because they're high in value.
If the Devil Tail were to be re-released in a manner like this, it's going to become worthless, and many people who own a Devil Tail and invested time into getting one are going to be pissed.
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1) I know that it was reported that glitches for avatar save were fixed, but I had an issue with it earlier today (actually about an hour ago). When can we expect all the bugs, kinks, glitches, etc. be worked out?

2) Also about rigs, I would like to know why the past several rigs had the win ratio so low? It's about to the point that I do not want to purchase anymore rigs and I love playing them. yum_puddi

Win ratio low = item prices high. ninja
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Do you guys have a timeframe for when we might see an app for Android users?

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Not a specific one, but we're about a third of the way through it right now.

Will it be just a port from the iOS App or will it have it's own interface and whatnot?
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II BlazeoftheCookies II
II BlazeoftheCookies II
Sorry for repeating this. Good afternoon mod's and fellow gaians. I would just want to ask one question. Is there any chance that there could be Soul Eater themed items? I know you guys have a sponsorship with Funanimation..so..will you think about it? Please reply. >.<
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I'd like to ask a different question.

How much time and effort does it take to manually cycle the servers? An hour, five minutes? Just an estimate.

Darn...you beat me to it. xp

Did you get an answer?

I haven't gotten an answer. gonk
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What are the chances of getting rooms inserted into homes? I mean, it's called a "Gaia House", not a Gaia Room.
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Hello Admins! emotion_awesome
Would you guys be nice enough to start giving us actual win to lose ratio's on rigs? emotion_kirakira
Also could you guys give us the chance rate of pulling an inizio? emotion_dowant
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Hello. biggrin
My question is short:
Will those of us who submitted an article to the Gaia Blog for consideration recieve an e-mail saying yes, you made it or no, you didn't? Or do we have to just scan the Blog's updates hoping it will be our article eventually?
I think DJ Helsing and UncleKenny know about how the Blog works.
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Normally I don't discuss account issues publicly, but since you raised the issue here, and you say you have been waiting a long time for a reply, I am happy to provide more information about your account ban and why that account has, and will, remained banned.

On April 9, 2011 you then went into another user's account (on your IP not hers) and gifted multiple items from that account to yourself including an Ace Meow, Pochette Demonique,Owlpocalypse, Sick Mood Bubble, Fallen Wish, Angelic Microphone, etc. Just think - you are upset that you don't have your item from your banned account, but how do you think that other user felt having almost all the items taken from his/her account?

Following this, your account was reported on May 26th, 2011 for password phishing. You sent another member of Gaia a private message in which you asked for her password claiming you needed it in order to post in a shop.

Anyway, password phishing and taking items from another member's account (a form of hacking on Gaia) are serious violations of Gaia's Terms of Service and this is why your account was banned.

Hope this explains the ban better for you, and things you can do to avoid a similar ban in the future.


i just have to say...

Like a Boss!!!

More like a boss... I like to lift heavy weights for fun. Wheeee!
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Its not like a boss its "what a fail" -facepalm- you probably did that
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nitro one
i also ask if u could make a shop where we can sell cars for gold because its getting harder to get gold and i ask if u could take the soul bound icons off the zomg rings.I also ask u if every birthday a gift goes to a gaian thats been on for two years or more.

This post needs more grammar

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