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Hi everyone! *waves and passes around a plate of fresh baked cookies*

Has this policy changed?

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----snipped for brevity----

Hi beckygrendel,

Nope - our policy hasn't changed. We know about these rogue ads, and are trying to figure out why these are showing up. It isn't a system-wide issue since the other spots are working correctly, which at least one positive from it. Hopefully we'll figure it out soon, and appreciate your patience with them.

Thanks Big Lanky emotion_hug It's really difficult for me to enjoy the site when my browser freezes every three minutes.

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Hello everyone. 8D

I have a question about the Gold Shop's lack in certain accessories, like bags and purses. Are we going to get more of those for them in the future? Because I'm starting to see those type of accessories in cash-related items a little more often and it makes me think that those are the only place where they'll be in.
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I'd like Towns 2 to become the official Towns as the old Towns is kinda outdated.
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Hi guys, I have just one question that's been rolling in my brain for awhile (and it's not really a glitch so...). Way back before the first major overhaul of the avatar system, the Jacked-up Shirt, which I am currently wearing for reference, used to "light up" using a certain combination of items. Meaning that the face of the pumpkin would take on a yellow glow around the eyes and mouth. I hesitate to call this a glitch and report it as such, because it was definitely a yellow light and not the infamous green goo.

Now, I've had this item for awhile and I just can't seem to replicate that look, even with the most recent updates to the system. I was wondering if that "pose" might be restored to the shirt?
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I'd like Towns 2 to become the official Towns as the old Towns is kinda outdated.
If you support this quote me with an "That's What She Said" gaia_kittenstar
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I agree! Town 2 is really awesome!
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ya shud have a day where yu unbann all accounts xD heart
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what is wrong with the redirect after posts now? it just leaves you on top of the page instead of taking you to the post... domokun stargate
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Hey gaia how are u all doing on this monday night.

Well i have an idea for one of the big events or something for gaia.Well this is what i was thinking gaia can set of something like the mail in art.
When u do this set it up and let the users know that they need to give as much detail as they can pictures they can draw ideas in text next to the picture or what ever about how the event would work
then what u would do in the event and things like that then mail it in and let gaia look over it.
If u wanted to do something like this u can ask people send in ideas like 6 months before when ever the event is then u have time to pick what ever event u think would work for gaia.Then u also have a better idea of what the gaia users want.

Do any of the staff at gaia think this can or would work.


I'm doing ok on this Monday night - how are you doing? Well I hope!

Thanks for the fun suggestion about user-created event ideas. Not sure if it would be possible, but you never know! We are always happy to hear your ideas, so feel free to email your event ideas to us at usertalk@gaiaonline.com smile

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Good! We've opened a private forum for the beta testers, and they're giving us really good feedback on the tutorial -- the game should be gradually released to the beta testers very soon.

1. I hear beta testing is already underway for the new strategy game...How is it going so far?

Sweet! I can't wait!

Then again...maybe i can wait----there is still zOMG to play (still needs her tuna and has yet to meet Kam)
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any chance the lag issues with booty grab on firefox and now chrome will ever be fixed?
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i'm going to start the beginning of another year of highschool, and i really want to make friends.
how do you make a grilled cheese sandwich?
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The Gaia shop to buy merchandise is hard to get to.
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Is there a way to turn off post tipping?
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Is butter a carb?
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No one will ever convince me you told a lie.

              Yay! I made it! Hey admins, how are you today! ;D


Moriarty was REAL!

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