wow, time to change here again. as of now I am 29 years old. I am generally a nice person, though easily distracted by multi-tasking. I hope you guys can be fair to me as I will with you thanks.. A kind of regular/lurker of the GCD, I tend to read what's up and try to give the best response as i can. My birthday ruling planet IRL is Jupiter. (♃) and being a Sagittarius, and this avi's creation or birthday is the 26th of February, hers is Neptune and she's a Pisces. (♆)
Gif art is by Koyado (Thank you!)

My current job is that I am a Care Giving Assistant at a senior center for only a few hours since my hours seem to be getting increased. I'm also a user of Playstation Network as lunarlight16. I also have a 3ds and Pokemon X and Alpha Sapphire

Friend code there is 4399-0186-7958.
Pokemon X Friend Safari is a water type with Gyarados, Azumarill, and Panpour.

Am a bit of an art collector as you can tell from some of my journal entries, I tend to find some good art. If you are interested you can PM me a sample of your art and if you have a link to your shop, you can link to me there too. Lately, I tend to enjoy the art in RIGs than some of the items.

Also all the avi art I received as well as fan art will be credited when i add them in my signature. I kinda lost track on the journal thing. Sorry. sweatdrop

I also am a fan of Angry Birds since the day my stepdad let my brother and I try it on a trip over to the Golden Corral, and that Bomb and Matilda are my main flock favs and in Stella, Willow is my favorite there.

My favorite Gaia NPCs are Ciro, which is kinda obvious from the dolls I have and profile background, art is done by SonicSweeti and Stein because I am a crew member in a guild I'm in from the Pie Hard event called The Feeders of Stein.
I was happy to learn about Ciro's birthday being January 13th as a capricorn and his guardian planet is Saturn.(♄) , despite i kinda hoped he'd be january 26th as a n Aquarius with Uranus as his guardian planet. (♅). XD

Recently,I've been getting into the anime, Axis Powers Hetalia. My favorite character in that series is Switzerland. redface

And to note: I don't accept random friend requests. I'll decline them if the friend request is random. Thank you.

Here I am the Arca or the Trunk...

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I have also started a quest or ticket tracker for a couple of Project Tickets.
Ticket Tracker if you need to see.It's now open for business


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Lunar's little log of art collections and misc.

This is just some of the events here on gaia I experienced that I think might be useful



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Odd Cinderella

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Odd Cinderella

Oh wow.
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biggrin How've you been?
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I'm glad. biggrin Actually, I'm glad we've been friends for so long. emotion_hug
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That is really close. emotion_hug
x Karurie x

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x Karurie x

I'm sorry for your loss. sad
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Of course. wink
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Oh. I see.
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Oh, I'm sorry
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Odd Cinderella

You're welcome. Hey: I updated the Revolutionary Girl Utena x Gaia Online NPCs crossover album on Facebook. 3nodding Granted, I took the liberty of changing your design as well. Sorry. I was trying to go for cohesiveness. sweatdrop


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