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what happens to a Gaian who was underage when they signed up, and is now of age to join Gaia?
You can send a support ticket and tell the Admins that you are old enough to use the account. They may require some form of age verification.

thank you carbonphyber, and i see you have read between the lines xD
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I asked this last ATA-

Can an option be added to the Marketplace that would make it easier to re-post an item?

If you post something in the MP and want to re-post it at a lower price an option should be added next to cancel that allows you to change the price, time, or buy only spot. Of course you would have to input your password for the changes to occur.

That's a great idea (basically a "Relist" option), although we have a bunch of other stuff we're working on so we probably won't get to it any time soon.
Hi guys,

Would you have any idea what would cause skins to change by saving an avatar? From a non-human to a human skin?

All i did was save my avatar. Is there perhaps work going on that would cause this?

It is a little upsetting, because of how long I have had that skin to lose it so suddenly.


Event skins were meant to last only during the event, so re-saving avatar after the event will revert back to normal. Though there are other exceptions depending on items available for changing screen. Which specific skin did you have?
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Something Royal
Normally I don't discuss account issues publicly, but since you raised the issue here, and you say you have been waiting a long time for a reply, I am happy to provide more information about your account ban and why that account has, and will, remained banned.

On April 9, 2011 you then went into another user's account (on your IP not hers) and gifted multiple items from that account to yourself including an Ace Meow, Pochette Demonique,Owlpocalypse, Sick Mood Bubble, Fallen Wish, Angelic Microphone, etc. Just think - you are upset that you don't have your item from your banned account, but how do you think that other user felt having almost all the items taken from his/her account?

Following this, your account was reported on May 26th, 2011 for password phishing. You sent another member of Gaia a private message in which you asked for her password claiming you needed it in order to post in a shop.

Anyway, password phishing and taking items from another member's account (a form of hacking on Gaia) are serious violations of Gaia's Terms of Service and this is why your account was banned.

Hope this explains the ban better for you, and things you can do to avoid a similar ban in the future.


i just have to say...

Like a Boss!!!

More like a boss... I like to lift heavy weights for fun. Wheeee!
User Image

Its not like a boss its "what a fail" -facepalm- you probably did that (well that person i mean)
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Hello let me start by thanking the Gaia staff. I've had fond memories of Gaia for the last 7 years I've been a member, from middle school all up to my 3rd year in university.

Anyways, I don't know if this has been said already, though I'm sure it has. The REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY ... Old Inventory Arranger. Is there going to be an update soon? Is going to be worked on?

absolutely yes! 3nodding

Not to be a pest or anything... but is there a timeline? It's okay if there's not, just curiosity. I know things just take time and no one knows how long everything takes...

It's among the features we are working on currently and in next few months.
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Gaia, it has come to my attention that it has been almost three years since my first appearance, and you still have not constructed a statue commemorating my greatness.
I expect that you will rectify this mistake immediately.

Life-size. Platinum is preferred, but gold is also acceptable. Chop chop!

I have one on my desk. Does that count?
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Hey Admins, I have a question about becoming a mod.

Last AtA, I asked what I could do for Gaia, and Sisky said I could be a Mod when I'm 18. On the page to apply to be a mod, it says that you guys were thinking of letting younger people do it with their parent's signature. Have you done anything with that or are planning on it? c:

It's something we've thought about, but there are actually some complicated implications with having younger users be mods (due to content that might need to be removed, etc.). I don't think it's something we'll do in the near future, but it's possible we do so in the future.

Sisky answered this a lil' while ago and said never... emotion_kirakira



I'm very emotional tonight. o.o
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no it dose not cause the person i ask for the password was my sister in real life

That excuse is old and bland. Why ask for a password via PM when you can ask in person or on the phone? Even so, you shouldn't have other people's passwords at all.
good day god bye

completely agree with siskataya and be lucky you have the account you do now they dont have to let you stay on gaia. so dont be rud to them. they are only inforces the rules becuz its their job and really when someone hackes it completley in sulting to the gaia staff. they work hard to give us gaia not to be tookin away from hackers who cant earn there own gold


JEEZ, Guys, she didn't do it! Someone else did it! Are you not getting the picture!? -_-#

User Image

Actually she asked for her "sister's" password and that is against the TOS. So to the staff she did break the TOS. User Image
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Squee Nii
Is there a possibility that someone who's been previously temp-banned can still apply to be a mod?

Depends on why you were temp banned! If you want to pm me to discuss this further, I'd be happy to talk to you biggrin

so sorry for quoting but. is gaia planing on making it possible to convert gaia cash into soul cash. ( we have this feature in moga so why not soul crash.)
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Squee Nii
Is there a possibility that someone who's been previously temp-banned can still apply to be a mod?

Depends on why you were temp banned! If you want to pm me to discuss this further, I'd be happy to talk to you biggrin


And here I was, thinking a lot of Admins ignore most PMs. xD
~King Awesome
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Hey Guys can you please ADD a Loaning system like my friend wanted to borrow my star tamer so i gifted it to him and he returned it when he was done enjoying it or w/e haha but CAN you guys make a borrowing system lets say you let the person or friend borrow one of your items for 1hour period to 24hours loan time and after the times up it returns back to your inventory, i mean i trust my friend a lot but for other friends not as much and i would never gift a expensive item to them to try on but if theres a loaning system then every1 can enjoy wearing items they never worn before.
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Repeating for the second time:
I'd like Towns 2 to become the official Towns as the old Towns is kinda outdated.
If you support this quote me with an "That's What She Said" gaia_kittenstar
Tip my post too! gaia_crown

That's What She Said

Thank you sooo much! yum_puddi
I love you I love you I love you! heart

...Just Kidding.

I love you too. biggrin
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1) I know that it was reported that glitches for avatar save were fixed, but I had an issue with it earlier today (actually about an hour ago). When can we expect all the bugs, kinks, glitches, etc. be worked out?

2) Also about rigs, I would like to know why the past several rigs had the win ratio so low? It's about to the point that I do not want to purchase anymore rigs and I love playing them. yum_puddi

Win ratio low = item prices high. ninja

Yeah I know, but still sucks if you buy a lot. stare
        ignored on page 13 and 34, so, sorry for asking again. ._.

        I want to enter mecha neko, but it won't let me enter since it says it's only available to users in the U.S., but I do live in the U.S.
        How do I fix that?
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I'd like to ask a different question.

How much time and effort does it take to manually cycle the servers? An hour, five minutes? Just an estimate.

Darn...you beat me to it. xp

Did you get an answer?

I haven't gotten an answer. gonk

Then I guess my question on page 21 is n't likely to have much more success. stressed

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