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I have serveral questions. I will separate them into different posts.

POST #1:

I never recieved my alchemy starter kit when I began alchemizing. Can I have mine now?
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When will the Android app for gaia come out?
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Lanzer, what gave you the idea to create this website, how long did it take to get it up and who were our first members? Also what are some of the qualifications for hiring actual staff members? c:'
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Odd Cinderella
Hi hi! I am going to try to make this simple and for everyone to answer:

arrow When is the next Sponsored Item Update? ninja

arrow Can we have NPC profiles update? Can some of the RIG NPCs have profiles too? ninja

arrow Can we have a back-to-school update? redface

arrow Any hints for Halloween Event?

arrow Airships. Can we have them back?

arrow Peyo, Rina, Kanoko and the Wing Scouts should do an event together. They're all practically the same ages, well, Wing Scouts are younger... ninja

1. *shrug*
2. *likes this suggestion*
3. smile
4. ninja
5. Not just yet smile
6. That might be too much cuteness for one event burning_eyes
Welcome to ATA everyone!

Hope everyone had fun at the Gaia Olympics, with the end of summer approaching, we're hard at work on other mini events and planning for the Halloween event.

How many of you got to watch the meteor shower this weekend? As an astronomy fan, I have to ask. smile

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And a message from LigLanky:

We just put up some tips and tricks to get the most out of ATA on our handy-dandy blog.

Check it out here.
Why is the market so inflated I mean the rare craft able wings are int he billions of gold, also Mercury's moon is like almost 10mill everything is uber inflated
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Hey Admins!
Just what the heck is Towns 2, and are you working on a fix for the spazzy avatar bug in towns?

Path finding is on by default. You can turn it off by pressing the walk icon at the bottom of the screen.
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hey everyone whats up? smile I can't wait for the next event. biggrin rofl by chance would you know what dates the halloween event and christmas events will start on? smile sweatdrop i want to ready for them

Hey PhAke,

We can't share the actual dates....but I would guess around Halloween and Xmas would be a safe time to assume smile
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I have a question smile will the Mecha Neko be open to Canadian users in the future?
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Hello Admins!

I have one quick question to ask about the shop, Crosstitch: Will you be accepting designs again in the future?
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To the devs:

When will the inventory arranger be updated/fixed? Is it possible to add a feature to put gold into the storage box in the inventory arranger as you can with items?
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Amazing avi sisky. ♥


How do you guys decide who does what for the bundles and MCs? Like, does someone volunteer to do the worse items and you guys decide who does the better items? When picking the themes for the RIGs do you just take suggestions from the artists and pick the best one? : D


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Its been 2 months and still no reply on my ticket. This is getting very frustrating. evil
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I'd love to see an option added to Alchemy where you can deconstruct items into components. :3
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Evening Gaia Admin and Staffers, I'd like to know if my suggestion for a Formula for Cherubic Queen of Solair and an EI/REI of Kentucky Derby & Royal Ascot hats have been thought about?
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Hi Admin, I am wondering if you are going to have more giveaways, like the bomber.

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