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All righty,
buckle up kids, I'm gonna tell you something about me.

Gender: Female
Height: average
I've been on gaia for 11 years. A regular you might say and I like the place, I like the people. The site just needs more games in my opinion.
I currently work as a waitress (because I need the money) but eventually I'll move on and while I have the time I continue creating what I like most - seeing other people happy with my creations. Eventually I'll get down and rough with another degree (this time in computer sciences in general) but that's a story in two years time at best.
My hobbies are writing, playing games you know the 70% of the internet (or at least gaia ) type of hobbies. Maybe the ones that don't fall into that category are collecting maps. I have a wall of different maps and I love it. I also really like drums, but I can't play them. I don't know how, don't have the time and no space either. But if you play drums hats off to you, you guys are always the spotlight of the band for me and I really appreciate your skills. Man you guys need more recognition, you're cool.
I will be a future club owner, and I want it to have karaoke in it. It's going to have dedicated evenings and sometimes will showcase what peeps have done to boost and promote creativity, self-expression and innovation. All for the low low price of nothing - I can't really charge you if you've already put in the gallon of time and energy to get this far. Hopefully the income from other paid activities will cover up the cost of the place, but that's a debate for another time altogether. But yeah future club owner woo-hoo.
I do have a boyfriend for 3 years and man it's as nice as we've just met. I'm almost married but I'm not because: money and I'll loose the charm to say "I'm gonna marry you one day" which honestly I like this idea more than the actual marriage itself. Marry your friends peeps. I can douse you in good relationship advice.
I have a website dedicated to one friend of mine who is bored out of her mind in classes and it serves her as a mean of entertainment and me as learning how the hell things work.
I guess I can go on and on and on and on bbuuuuuutttt I'll leave it to the truly dedicated that'll contact me wherever they wish to. I am available with pretty much any topic, and if I'm not I'll say so steady and firmly.

Thank you for taking the time to read trough this, hopefully that paints a picture of who I am and who you might experience if you choose to talk to me.

Have a nice day!


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Elektrakosh Report | 10/17/2020 11:45 am
It's fine, I waited for Pokémon Home to store them! I decided not to restart the game again, since I have strong Pokémon to help me through the next dlc which is supposedly arriving on 23rd October.

I may restart it again once the hype has died down and I played the crown tundra dlc
Vampiric_will Report | 01/30/2020 5:14 pm
That was definitely the intended purpose for this. Thank you.
Vampiric_will Report | 01/28/2020 1:53 pm
Yes. Thank you. I find this a better approach to actually have a conversation with someone.
l3Iue Jay Report | 01/15/2020 9:38 pm
Aww why thank you !! That's very sweet of you ^^

sorry I'm just getting to this now !! I love yours aswell by the way ~ Any good item suggestions at all??
Hypnotic Dentist Report | 01/14/2020 1:02 am
Thank you so much! I based it off of a D&D character i made years ago. Sadly Gaia doesnt have all the items needed but he's pretty close in likeness! Thank you! C:
Elektrakosh Report | 11/27/2019 1:01 pm
Yeah... If I started the game all over again, I would have lost all the pokemon I have acquired so far. I'm waiting for Pokemon bank/home to to accessible from my switch so I can store them safely without losing everything before starting over.
Haha love the nicknames! I like to nickname my pokemon in my team.
Elektrakosh Report | 11/21/2019 11:50 pm
How's the nuzlocke coming along?
I want to play it again but I can't due to having nowhere to store my pokemon! xd
Pokemon shield is pretty good.
Laedt Report | 10/01/2019 6:27 pm
Thank you for your purchase! Enjoy your item biggrin ~~ heart
Unlimited Euphoria Report | 09/30/2019 10:54 am
Very well.

I shall do the same to your profile as you've done mine.

x siobhan Report | 04/16/2019 10:13 am

Staple diet song

Flavor of the moment

Take it easy #1

Take it easy #2


I look fabulous <3