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Hello! c: I'm Mariam. I'm 27 and come from Egypt. Despite how my avi looks, I'm actually a girl.

I'm very shy and socially awkward, with sadly no social circle or much of a family. I struggle with several mental disorders as well. Life has always been really harsh for me, but at this point, I know I'm very strong.

I like drawing, writing, music and anime. I'm also a huge daydreamer and the self-proclaimed number 1 obsessor of the color blue.

I haven't been that active on here for a while, but when I am what I tend to do is browse the marketplace, post on the Word Games forums, help around with achievements and/or play Lake Kindred. I like basing my avis on my OCs.

You can find me on Subeta as "Lucian", that's where I'm more active.

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gatorade iv Report | 04/13/2024 5:07 pm
gatorade iv
dude omg i do this too. i'll be watching something and be like 'did that shot cause the negative space between those buildings to align into a trapezoid'? and then i'll rewind three times to see it again. us shaking hands in a padded room
gatorade iv Report | 04/11/2024 1:23 pm
gatorade iv
np <3 thank you for your post too, it got me thinking a little!
like idk how your ocd personally manifests, but for me it comes out as a very maladaptive perfectionism (e.g.choosing not to turn in assignments if i thought i'd get a B instead of an A). so after reading your post i was like ok, it actually makes a lot of sense that i would get very passionately into things at the outset and then find it almost exhausting to keep up with/take forever to catch up, bc whenever i watch a show i do this thing where i imagine how *i* would pace things or arrange the plot if i were the director. like i mentally "fix" stories and dialogue to bring them closer to "perfect", even though perfect is obviously not a real thing lol. so watching shows and movies becomes a real task that seems exhausting even though it should be literally the most passive thing ever to just sit back and watch something lmao
Fogart Report | 02/28/2024 10:29 am
You're welcome! biggrin
Spillways Report | 02/25/2024 7:41 pm
your avi is so beautiful!! emotion_kirakira
Lofty Ambition Report | 02/01/2024 4:27 am
Lofty Ambition
seer zelda Report | 01/09/2024 1:26 pm
seer zelda
Your avi and profile are so lovely! heart
Akibrino Report | 07/17/2023 2:00 am
Akibrino Report | 07/04/2023 1:13 am
Thank you so much! I rarely get a compliment in my avi! lol I like yours too!
Akibrino Report | 07/03/2023 1:23 am
Kon'nichiwa! Your profile background is so kawaii! 可愛い 4laugh
Lord Zane Savage Report | 03/16/2023 4:09 pm
Lord Zane Savage
Gaia is having it's ups and downs for everyone, don't give up on it yet, Kokita! there's still fun to have around.
same old stuff. anxiety, depression, i'm pretty much on suicide watch by all my family... even lost my job. this sucks.


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