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|H|E|S|T|I|A|N| |B|L|A|C|K|

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"-Slishy slash, a bright blue gash, that's Mr. Empty's teeth, golden orbs, a sea of night, stare to deep you'll die of fright, no time to run, no time to cry, peeling flesh, it's time to die, scream, scream, your fear is sweet, a most delectable treat..."

Name: Hestian Black
Age: Questionable, Mr. Black often talks about a time before Angels and Demons, a time before the first bottom feeder crawled out of the primordial soup and sprouted lungs, timeless... But then again, Hestian is bat s**t insane, so it could be false, But appears to look in his Mid 30s. He also emplies that he was Jack the Ripper, and the man behind the Hindenburg Disaster, where great tragedies occur, Hestian is bound to be there, forever feeding on the fears and despairs of man.
Race: Bogeyman, phantom, feeder of fears and negative emotions.
Appearance: Lithe with lean powerful muscle, and bone white skin wrapped in scripture, and strange antiquated symbols tattooed in his flesh, that seem to shift and lift off his skin. Hestian stands at 6'1, with long black hair with an unnatural sheen like an oil slick, or Ravens wings, often seen wearing bold almost outdated gold jewelry, his eyes: heavily lashed, gold irises, and black sclera where the whites ought to be. His teeth like jagged lavender glass, hidden by a teal lipped mouth.
Sexuality: Virtually asexual, but he prefers the company of women.
Bio: A very little is known by the force, the being known as Hestian Black, he is a bad dream, a nightmare, arriving in a city, a drifter, taking lives with him in only the most brutal gruesome ways, unsuspecting, almost unstoppable, if not for weaknesses he keeps under close guard, his true name, unknown to anyone but himself. He has traveled to many different places, but has put roots down in a certain Ghostwood Tavern. He doesn't easily make friends, but he has one, Eva... A vulgar spitfire of a woman, housing a God, if that is what she is.
Alignment: Himself
Powers: he has Toxic almost acidic blood, that when touched can corrode weapons, and render flesh. The ability to manipulate and deconstruct all matter, super strength, speed, senses, and teleportation through any reflective object. a sort of super insanity that often drives him to take more damage and hits then most, easily fighting through pain. He can turn any item into a weapon easily, but prefers to torture his victims with powerful illusions, bringing their every fear to life, inflicting pain to bring realism to his torturing.
Weapon: Anything within reach... He is very resourceful
Job: Drifter, vagrant
Bands Hestian Fancies: Skinny Puppy, Arcturus, OhGr, Satyricon, Le Grand Guignol, ZOAR, Carach Angren, Angizia, classical, 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s music.
Favorite Color: Black and Blue, like bruises around bound wrists


"--Art is an expression, your fingers are trying to communicate with your brain, but like tourists in a foriegn country they fail to speak the same language, instead of a picture, like the sterile intelligence of a camera, it is an extending of ones brain waves, words put out, meant to bridge accross the sea of madness into our own tainted sub concious."

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Pip pip, cheerio

My other characters:
-Mad Hatter
-The Toymaker
-Vonner Krauss


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Moon Meade Report | 01/28/2019 10:35 am
Moon Meade
The thing about aura being the pendant itself is that when she is finally manifested, she appears as a 7 year old but grows quickly depending on her wearer and how much energy and time her wearer puts into her and the way the pendant is recharged/cleansed,
Moon Meade Report | 01/27/2019 10:28 am
Moon Meade
Or maybe your boogey man trapped her? rofl 1 on 1 sounds good.
Moon Meade Report | 01/26/2019 6:29 pm
Moon Meade
Sounds pretty dope.
I was actually thinking of using my oc Moon. Lately I've been diggin some light and dark balance, but i totally dig some poison in my water lol. Moon is the kind of oc that has to be found tho, thes an aura being/flower maiden bound to a pendant. When first awakened shes appears as a 7 yr old but has an accelerated growth rate depending on her wearer.
Hmmm... am a bit stumped on that but im open to group brainstorming ^^
Moon Meade Report | 01/24/2019 4:47 pm
Moon Meade
Awww, you shouldnt be typing lol. I hope you feel better soon tho. I'm up for either.
Moon Meade Report | 01/16/2019 3:51 pm
Moon Meade
Hey, are you still down gor a role play? I was thinking fantasy.
Also, sorry that took so long, i got carried away with the summer and the holidays. I hope you had great holidays.
PS_Kay_Anon Report | 01/08/2019 3:42 pm
I'm good hbu sir mad hatter?
PS_Kay_Anon Report | 01/07/2019 10:07 pm
Hi mad mr hatter
Lady March Hare Report | 12/31/2018 12:31 pm
Lady March Hare
Hello friend, and happy early New Year! I don't know how, but I somehow completely overlooked the comment that you left for me back in October... sorry about that, that was rude! Are you still running your rp?
Ziicruthz Report | 12/30/2018 8:10 am
oooof. awww, honey. That sucks, I'm sorry :< Luckily for me, I dunno if I mentioned it, but my bf makes enough money to handle the bills so if I can get food stamps for a while til I'm stable to help out, then he said he's fine with me focusing on my artwork which is.... amazing <3 At least getting jobs like that isn't too terribly hard, though. They seem to be a dime a dozen BECAUSE kids can't keep their jobs or cause mgmnt is so used to cycling people out who don't agree with their manipulative tactics. And I will definitely have to find Hannibal to watch somewhere~ I can't afford the box set yet, but I can find wayyyys. I think my bf's mum has Amazon prime, maybe I can borrow it~ hehe.
Ziicruthz Report | 12/29/2018 2:58 pm
My workplace actually did a nice thing for the customers and played Christmas music sporadically xD Last year, I think it was ALL Christmas music. I was so sad I couldn't hear more. Plus I was in a part of the store that didn't have good speakers. They fired me a bit before xmas, tho, cause I went over my call out point usage (which was fine cause I was looking for another job anyway and they were abusing/ignoring me). Been spending that time since then focusing on finishing xmas presents (I made my bf's niece and completely handmade and handbound journal themed with Minions (I drew some coloring pages for her to color (she's cool and I handmade a few activities for her to do as well as I handmade the journal pages to have extra wide lines and a little graphic I drew in the bottom corner, then the cover was a "latch hooking" (you can youtube it) of a minion drawing I'd made myself, that was the longest part!). Safe to say she loved it :3 Then I had a few other drawings to make for commission/presents, so I was super busy up til xmas. Now I'm sorta taking a break before I go back to cleaning mode. I'm deciding whether to throw myself into commissions and hope I make more than I would at a typical job (I have a few reoccurring clients already), or if I should just look for a job. Your xmas sounded like it went well <3 Spending the Eve with family and then dinner with your SO the day of sounds like the usual for couples. And yes! I didn't watch Hannibal. I actually tried to find it after I talked with Vitt, but he's not available on Hulu or Netflix, so I'll have to find some Frankenstein'd version to watch online x3 Watching that will definitely get me in the mood to play some Donte/Eva hehe. This is a long comment @-@ I always seem to atch or exceed the comment given to me haha. Hopefully Gaia lets it all fit!


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[[Yes, I Roleplay, PM me))
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