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'The Adventures of Jonas Mauken' The Deadfly Ensemble

'Batman Arkham Origins: Hatter'

'Going slightly Mad' by Queen

'Little Girls' Oingo Boingo a Mad Hatter tribute

'Wonderland' by Project Pitchfork

Arkham Interview Tapes: Jervis Tetch

'Insanity' by Oingo Boingo


About yours Truly

"Just call me the Mad Hatter..."
Jervis Tetch

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Name: Jervis James Tetch
Alias: The Mad Hatter, Hatter, Tetch, Hatsy
Lair: At the 'Hatterdasherie' a Haberdasherie (Hat store) in Gotham
Cell Number: Block C cell 26
Height: 5’9, thin almost emaciated
Hair Color: Ashy brown-blonde
Skin Color: mushroomy white
Affiliations: The Wonderland Gang, The Society, Secret Six
Weapons: Usually anything he can get his hands on, but most of his weapons are concealed in his Hat…usually mind control devices, laser guns, smoke bombs, and mind control nodes. Along his waist are twin daggers, one red and one white, lovingly referred to as 'The Queens'. In his Hat are a cluster of Lockpicks and thieving tools, lovingly disguised as 'Hat Pins', Surprisingly nimble, and quick on his feet, as well with his mind. Recently he has acquired a white Tiger from the zoo, surgically planted a mind control node in its brain, and painted it pink and purple in coloring, like the 'Cheshire'.
Crimes allegedly charged: Arson, Murder, Armed Robbery, Unlawful Hypnotism, Grand theft Auto, Larceny, Extortion, Terrorism, Kidnapping, Lechery, Blackmail, Embezling.
Illnessess: A slight case of Macrocephaly, Seperation Anxiety, Bi Polar disorder, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Homicidal tendencies, Sado Masochist.
Greatest Attribute: Hatter aka Jervis Tetch, has been known too use his knowledge on mind control too take control over the mental synapsis and use it for his own amusement putting the victim in a trance like state for which unless the link is broken, there is no escape. He along with his obsession with Wonderland, Alice, and Lewis Carroll would be his obsession with Hats, going so far at one point not too eat anything unless there was a Hat iced on it. Having an unhealthy obsession over Blondes, he obsesses over Alice's, and even more recently his friend the March Hare, an even more lovelier and reliable creature then the Alices. Studies have proven him to be a whiz with locks, and training decent with hand to hand combat.

'In the beginning, Jervis Tetch did not have many social outlets except for Ella Littleton and her daughter Connie. He lived with the Littletons in a boarding house which was adjacent to Connie's junior high school. The Littletons managed to get Tetch a job at the school where he supervised school projects for Connie's computer club. By this time, Tetch was already specializing in hypnotic suggestions and hypnotherapy. When Connie went to high school, she got herself pregnant and rather than tell her mother the truth, she proclaims that she got raped by the Gotham Hawks, the high school's baseball team. Distraught by this news, Ella approaches Tetch and pleads with him to make that entire team suffer. Tetch manipulates one of the baseball players through hypnosis and instructs him to bring a bomb to the locker room where the entire baseball team would meet. This locker room massacre was a closed case but later reopened by Harvey Bullock and his team managed to put the pieces together by interrogating the Littletons and Tetch.'

- In this city of cheap human material no instincts can flourish no dark and unusual passions can be aroused there is only a photo montage of a candy coated world cut out of last years mouldering newspapers-

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[also RP as]

"-Slishy slash, a bright blue gash, that's Mr. Empty's teeth, no time to run, no time to cry, peeling flesh, it's time to die,"

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Name: Hestian Black
Age: Questionable, Mr. Black often talks about a time before Angels and Demons, a time before the first bottom feeder crawled out of the primordial soup and sprouted lungs, timeless... But then again, Hestian is bat s**t insane, so it could be false, But appears to look in his Mid 30s. He also emplies that he was Jack the Ripper, and the man behind the Hindenburg Disaster, where great tragedies occur, Hestian is bound to be there.
Race: believed to be from a long line of disfigured vampires, the Varani, twisted terribly by lunacy and powerful black magic.
Appearance: Lithe with lean powerful muscle, and bone white skin wrapped in scripture, and strange antiquated symbols tattooed in his flesh. Hestian stands at 6'1, with long black hair with an unnatural sheen like an oil slick, or Ravens wings, often seen wearing bold almost outdated gold jewelry, his eyes gold and black where the whites ought to be. His eye teeth, are a pale lavender, then clear like glass or icicles at the points.
Sexuality: Virtually asexual, but he prefers the company of women.
Bio: A very little is known by the force, the being known as Hestian Black, he is a bad dream, a nightmare, arriving in a city, a drifter, taking lives with him in only the most brutal gruesome ways, unsuspecting, almost unstoppable, if not for weaknesses he keeps under close guard.
Alignment: Himself
Powers: he has Toxic almost acidic blood, that when touched can corrode weapons, and render flesh. The ability to manipulate and deconstruct all matter, super strength, speed, senses, and teleportation. And a sort of super insanity that often drives him to take more damage and hits then most, easily fighting through pain.
Weapon: Anything within reach... He is very resourceful
Job: Drifter, vagrant
Bands Hestian Fancies: Skinny Puppy, Arcturus, OhGr, Satyricon, Le Grand Guignol, ZOAR
Favorite Color: Black and Blue, like bruises around bound wrists


In every century in every society known to exist there is always a being, a man of exceptional intelligence and ruthless charm. A man so lost and devoured by his own madness and unrivaled depravity one that sees the world through smoky blood stained spectacles, like peering through a looking glass. Obsessed with the human mind, with life, love, sex, anatomy, death, disease, re-birth, and of course Wonderland. Aptly named at birth by his mildly abusive mother but rather not greeted by his father as the man was away on holiday in the south of France rather constantly more or less taking his "business meeting" fvcking some two bit whore in a seedy Parisian motel. Jervis Tetch's mother Amelia Tetch was a somewhat destitute Hollywood hotshot runway model overthrown once she reached the peak of her age and more or less found herself pregnant with child, depressed and trapped in a mid-life crisis, made fast friends with the bottle, however Hatter seemed alright enough upon birth.

Hatters madness hadn’t spurned with the escalated abuse of his mother his fathers absence in his life nor did it start when he took her life. It started when he reached puberty when he started noticing girls…and girls started noticing…how much of a sad pathetic loser he was, a freak if you will, girls like Alice Pleasance...for you see poor Hatter at times suffered from the condition known as Macrocephaly (a small defect due to Mothers drinking), which is basically when the cranium, the brain and all else is enlarged. Then came the solution…the means to solve this problem with the courting of the opposite sex. If one could separate the ugliness from the beauty that was skin deep as he done so with his mother then perhaps like all the others girls good both in and out they would be the same, they could be perfected by science, as automotons. Jervis had become more than a star crossed lover of Wonderland, but a twisted doll maker aside his job as Neurologist. Cleansing some women's rotten cores decayed with cruelty, cutting away the flesh in crimson bloodied strips from the heart and mind, much like if Jack the Ripper had become a Doll Maker.

To the eyes one could surmise very little of the Hatter seeing the way his…dolls..his toys were mangled in such a might picture a large man with meaty hands and a sinister scowl like Mr.Hyde, Jervis however appeared much of the wisened perhaps over zealous Dr.jekyll. He is bent slightly crooked walking lowly down on himself seeming to disappear and hide under a lush coat of striking black and blue leather. In bony bandaged alabaster hands artistic fingers raw with stitched up self mutilation he often leans upon a cane brandishing a severed hand clutching a silver skull, and if not this...always there seems to be a tea kettle brandished, if not a singular cracked teacup in the area. Vacant dark eyes mask wisdom beyond the ages un-marred by a tarnished youthful face, with haunting eyes. This wiry thin blonde haired man admires the beauty of deaths decay like the feel of a new glove, his assistants images of beauty stripped of their vile cores walk like robotic stop motion dolls alluring eyes made to ensnare the heart and mind in a deadly vice in shackles as it is made to watch its own painful breaking.

"--When, I'm Evil, I am surrounded by light, and when in darkness I am Good, I am best suited for any degree, any color of the spectrum, for I am quite insane."
"--I have had many Alice's all different faces, all different builds, I have experimented on them, all of them have let me for one, my delicate new Alice, there is something sweet, but unmistakenably dark about her... it fills my heart with such queer joy..."

"--Art is an expression, your fingers are trying to communicate with your brain, but like tourists in a foriegn country they fail to speak the same language, instead of a picture, like the sterile intelligence of a camera, it is an extending of ones brain waves, words put out, meant to bridge accross the sea of madness into our own tainted sub concious."
Pip pip, cheerio


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In case you've bothered reading this far, real things about me: (and yes, that above is me dressed up as Jervis Tetch)

-I cosplay: Joker, Hatter, and Scarecrow
-Happily married
-I am related to John Adams, one of the 'founding Fathers' of this country.
-My family has a crest, therefore we were once Knights.
-I have an unhealthy obsession with Tea.
- My favorite actors are Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price.
-My Favorite villains are the Invisible Man, played by Claude Raines and Count Orlock played by Max Schreck
- I have an obsession with bands whose sound seems to promote and inspire, madness and ruthlessness.
-I'm a Metal Head, but I also love Classical, and Forties
- I love animals more than people
- I dislike trimming plants, I feel like I am killing them.
- I despise chocolate chips in Cookie Dough ice cream.
- I love faux fur on jackets, especially wildly colored ones, currently I own some in electric blue, purple, and white on a black coat


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-delighted mock turtle squawking- 8D yaaaaaas
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>.> I can do the whole lot. You know that. Chevalier is always looking to give Hats a hard time.

Merrival Report | 04/16/2018 10:37 am
BUT. Yes. I am. I'm just sparse right not because of personal things going on in my life.

I hope that you are doing well. Save me a spot! biggrin
Merrival Report | 04/15/2018 6:39 pm
Well, one of us is going to have to navigate underwater and it certainly isn't going to be YOU, Master Hatter. Oh! It's been some time and I don't come out of my shell oft 'nough. Well! Don't you recognize me? It's Moxie Tyrtle!
SinfullyPoisonous Report | 04/11/2018 10:52 pm
Well no pressure there silly 4laugh blaugh razz
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Ohh dang it's just cuz it's a free and easy way to IM with gaiaonline friends 4laugh
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rofl blaugh Well damn seems we have some things in common then blaugh xd do you have a discord?
SinfullyPoisonous Report | 04/11/2018 9:30 am
wink Hell ya we can... We'll make them twisted and confused with are elder way of thinking wink -Grins wickedly at him.- and that is EXACTLY what I use this site for too... I actually write novels irl but not quite published yet and yvw about the praise I meant every word. wink
Odd Cinderella Report | 04/06/2018 10:25 pm
Odd Cinderella
It has been interestingly fun. I have been working there for 4 weeks already. I already earned 2 paychecks and we get paid bi-weekly. mrgreen

I am super stocked for the cosplay group especially since it's been one I have been wanting to do for a while now! whee
Odd Cinderella Report | 04/06/2018 10:21 pm
Odd Cinderella
In Florida, there are several amusement parks, I am working there. It's the same one I worked for their Halloween event last year. 3nodding


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