Fer all ya creepers out there

Basic Info

Name: Harleen Quinzel
Alias: Harley Quinn
Occupation: Hench Wench and occasionally a leader of her own
Marital Status: Miserably single
Alliances: Which ever has the most fun! The bad guys of course. Less rules and junk
Significant Features: Well if it's physical we're talking about, then it's:
-bleached blonde hair (usually in pigtails)
-cornflower blue eyes
-some sort of red or black color scheme
-a body that just doesn't stop (she is always on the move)
-and childlike view on life (when she is acting like a child of course)

Likes: The Joker(on the good days......hell on any day really)romance, anything with sugar, cartoons, dressing up, expensive things, money, jewels, her babies, classic clowns like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton
Dislikes: The Bat (the more the likely reason she's still single), being single, anyone who tries to ruin true love(B-man), anyone who doesn't know how to have fun(Bat-Butt), and whenever she gets caught (usually by Batsy)
Habits: ((good or bad ones))

Personality: You can do the alphabet with the number of personalities this chick has. Harley normally wears her heart on her sleeve, allowing her true feelings to be known to the world. There is only the occasion when she hides herself, and that's where the darker emotions remain. Her normal self consists of a bubbly self that loves to laugh and have fun (kind of like a child). She knows when to take things seriously, though she rarely enjoys doing it. Though the sweetness that normally erupts has a duel darker side of murderous intent that has developed over years of repression due to past abuses and now previous ones.

Biography: Born Harleen Quinzel, Harley grew up in a small town right on the outskirts of Gotham. She had the typical family of mother/ father and an addition of a baby brother. However it wasn't the cookie cut family that all American dream calls for. Harley's father was an abusive drunk who was also a well known womanizer and thief. His tactics were those of a different color. He ended up leaving Harley and her family when she was young, but not before beating her younger brother and on occasion her. He soon left with another woman, who Harley later saw as "The pretty blonde lady". Harley's mother of course wasn't much of a help either. She constantly told her daughter how she would never amount to anything and was a waste. Harley wanted to take up acting, but was once again "talked" out of it. When she hit high school she decided to do things against her mother's will and took up something she thought would be fun and her mother would hate. Gymnastics. It later on became more of a burden as Harley soon realized if she was going to get to college she needed a scholarship and had to turn the passion into work. Once she hit 17, she left her family behind and moved to Gotham to make it on her own. Between school, work, and her extra curricular meal ticket, her grades began to slip. She knew that only way to pass then and live out on her own was to have "private studying sessions" with several of her male teachers. Amazingly she had passed and moved onto GCU were she took on psychology, which she later admitted was to better understand why her father had left her. Her daddy issues only led her on to further problems with men. After a confrontational argument with her high school sweetheart about her ways of "passing" her classes and a threat to leave her, they soon "broke up". He hasn't been heard of since. After she had passed GCU with her degree, her brother came to her with problems of his own. He had two daughters, each with different women and was still living with their mother. He begged for money from her, which she soon complied and went bankrupt her own self. Once again she had to take up means to make money and began a short lived career as a stripper. It wasn't until she got a got a gig in Arkham did she quit and focused her whole career there. Again it was a short lived career as her path crossed with a man who made her heart pitter patter. Her career ended the day she broke him free and took on a life of crime beside him. The abuses of her child hood soon swarmed back as their relationship took to a much more unwanted physical turn. However, unlike leaving him as her father did, she would stay and try to make things work. Turns out she never did find out what made her daddy tick.


Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Body Type: Curvy like an hourglass
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Significant Features: Her costume is what normally points her out, but then again this blonde bimbo has been seen out of her garbs more and more lately so then again her appearance is pretty well known. She has some muscle tone to her, enough to be intimidating but not enough to not look feminine. She normally keeps her hair to her shoulders and usually has bangs that she occasionally will pull to the side as she pleases. When she isn't in costume, she wears a ruby color on her lips, otherwise it is usually black, but from time to time she will shake it up a bit.

Powers, abilities, combat


[Power 1]: None.

[Power 2]: none again

Weaknesses: Like any other mortal, she can be taken out by just about anything. Though she is one tough cookie and has survived some pretty bad occasions.

Abilities: Gymnastics (very limber), a brawling style of fighting, immune to some toxins but not all, good with explosives and fire arms, a quick learner, has more strength then the average person though not like some weird amount or anything.

Weapon(s) of Choice: A large mallet that she normally carries around somehow, her babies, an array of firearms and explosives and even one pop gun that can shoot whatever can fit down then barrel.