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My title is Queen Elsa of Arendelle. You may just call me Elsa...I've never been one to fancy the royal nonsense.
My younger sister, Anna, and I were raised in this wondrous kingdom. Our parents were once the beloved King and Queen of this Norwegian land; however, a dreadful accident stole the two away from our lives forever. This was one of the hardest times my sister and I had to endure.
It was just a few summers ago that the responsibility of the throne was placed in my own hands; very cold hands, at that. One small, quirk, if you will, about myself is this strange...power of mine. I was born, for reasons unbeknownst to myself or anyone else, with the ability to conjure up ice and snow to my will. While this may seem like an amazing gift, this power has cost me a great deal of pain. For the longest time, I did not possess the ability to control my frigid powers; and this terrible flaw resulted in not only my unintentionally freezing the entire kingdom of Arendelle in the middle of the summer, but also the near death of my sister...on two different occasions.
Thankfully, such stress and fear is in the past, as the love of my sister allowed me to calm the storm within me, and learn to channel my ability through gentler, calmer emotions.
If there's one thing I wish for anyone to gain from my story, it's this:

A little love can go a long way.


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Pearl Points Report | 01/27/2020 6:14 am
Pearl Points
Do you have any Frozen II avis?
The Wicked Vixen Report | 01/23/2020 6:16 pm
The Wicked Vixen
Omg, wow, that's a huge step down like holy- *****.
Ya, I am a scriptwriter myself so I do understand why it would make sense but then you have people look at it that haven`t read all the versions of your script and then the blanks are kinda obvious after that. Or that's what I do anyway when I have do many reversions. There is no reason for her to even be an element since it felt like it was added at the last minute. Ya, we have all seen the shorts they are fine being separated for some time because they both know they can find each other again when they really need it so her clinginess was uncalled for. Also just ignoring your boyfriend like that was really rude and out of charter. Now she does not need any man but it's like leaving a friend behind, which they did. Mulpitapul times. I concur it would have been better for her to speak to the giants we see that they have some form of intelligence
The Wicked Vixen Report | 01/23/2020 12:55 pm
The Wicked Vixen
I don`t know who the director was but I have a feeling that that was his first movie or he is just really bad at his job.

OMG, I was thinking the same thing while watching the movie since Anna was just...not Anna in the film at all. She was very clingy to Elsa like Anna we love you but Elsa has ice powers don`t follow her into the fire she is a queen she can take care of herself. I loved Annas' outfit but her personality in the movie until the end was just not like her at all. Olaf was one of the best things in the whole film I loved him so so much. ALSO, Elsa being the fifth element with Anna was supposed to conquer all the elements but she did nothing for the earth giants I know there was not enough screen time but there are ways to cut things out to keep the important things in. They did not need to bring up the parents what so ever and then bring up a canaster you do nothing with.
The Wicked Vixen Report | 01/23/2020 12:38 pm
The Wicked Vixen
I also liked the outfits, Elsas traveling one is my favorite but they changed it so much for Elsa alone to sell more dolls and pops.

The next right thing, show yourself and all is found are really the only songs that continue to move the story forward in my opinion. Kristoff`s song was so...out their like it didn`t belong at all, now I did enjoy it but they should have saved it for long a short or something this is his emotion moment and you're giving him an 80`s rock music video? Olaf has a WHOLE segment about getting older but they went nowhere with it there was so pay off or even his moment I don`t feel so good Mr.Stark moment but they just brought him back with no payoff? Into the unknown begins with her saying she does not want a new adventure but it ends with her saying hell ya lets go? Like that is some dramatic change of attitude.
The Wicked Vixen Report | 01/23/2020 12:08 pm
The Wicked Vixen
Pfft- it's fine
Yes I love the animations but they put Elsa in 8 different dresses (I counted) They were doing too much at once I also believe, because they start some things but then never went anywhere with it. I also think they were trying to put a lot of songs in all at once and some didn`t add to the story too well.
The Wicked Vixen Report | 01/23/2020 11:59 am
The Wicked Vixen
Very well indeed my workday is about to start soonish once my roommate gets up. May I ask your opinion on the new frozen movie?
The Wicked Vixen Report | 01/23/2020 11:57 am
The Wicked Vixen
Why hello their stranger how are you doing?
Blake Byron Report | 01/21/2020 2:52 pm
Blake Byron
well that hairstyle was literally made for a queen x3
Blake Byron Report | 01/20/2020 3:12 pm
Blake Byron
I had an Elsa cosplay a while back when it first came out, been forever, yours is way better x3
Ellie from The Last of Us,
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and Saria from Legend of Zelda

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Blake Byron Report | 01/19/2020 5:36 pm
Blake Byron
love the cosplay




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