A Glance Into The Darkness..

☽✰☾Lady Vendetta Iceflame☽✰☾

Lady Vendetta Iceflame

Vryla-Kai [half Vryloka, half Shadar-Kai]

Black Phoenix Castle or the Icefire Estate in the Shadowfell

Unlike her people, Vendetta towers at 5’10. It can be hard to describe her, for her ever-changing appearance. Among her main characteristics are ashen-rosy pale skin, faint fangs and eyes always with crimson or amethyst within. Hidden beneath her fineries, tattoos and scars adorn her form. Another note is her distinctive scent- tonka, incense and amber with a hint of rose.

Owner of Black Phoenix Castle and Icefire Estate, she is an artist of multiple media. Like her namesake alludes, ‘Vendetta’ is also an assassin, an infamous poisoner. She can use elemental magicka, but doesn't often.

☽✰☾____________☆Vampyric † Powers
Touched with vampyric 'life' from the first, Vendetta's bloodline comes with a gift of languages. She can be living or undead at will- a gift from her Vryloka bloodline. Further, Vendetta has a rapid healing ability. To round it all out, she has the ability to literally step through the shadows, a dark dimension walk. This started her ability to harness elemental magick, to varying degree.

However, these do not come without costs. The Lady's emotional nature can be twisted on her- as can the dark skeletons she hides. Once people find those psychological cracks, it's easy to break her. Cold slows her down, causing paralysis.And certain bloods can kill her outright.

Tea, Alchemy [specifically poison], Elemental Magick, Artistic Pursuits, Spellwork, Cats, Travelling, Wonderland, Old Stories, Anything Samhain Related.

☽✰☾____________ ☆ ♫.♪.♫ Songs † Of † Choice♫.♪.♫ ☆

Night Witches- Sabaton
The Angels Are Weeping- Nox Arcana
Legion Of Monsters- Disturbed
Bloody Nails and Broken Hearts- Billy Talent
Would It Matter- Skillet
Beautiful Thorn- Sopor Aeternus
Separate Ways- Journey

Elissa- The Cruxshadows

☽✰☾____________ ☆Lady † Vendetta's † Confidantes
✬ Vittoria Vittoli ✬

Vittoria and Vendetta could easily be from the same sire. Vi and Vendetta bonded some time ago over their similarities. A love for Geisha life. A love for Italy and Japan. A passion for the arts. The two are Children of the Night, though they have VERY different attitudes toward this fact. Personality wise, these two are night and day. Vittoria has a much bubblier, vibrant personality- whereas Vendetta is melancholic… and a touch insane. Sisters in all but blood. Maybe one day, even this final lack of connection may be remedied... IT has been some time since she last spent time with her, or her confidante Everett.

✬ Everett Wolfe ✬

Vendetta and Vittoria's Confidante, Everett is a great Sorcerer, believed to use black magic to extend his life. [Nothing Vendetta has issue with, mind; she understands the dark better than many]. It's been said he works to redeem himself by serving the neophyte Vittoria- and now, the more melancholic sister. Vendetta knows a bit of Everett’s history- but remains unsure why he chose to remain by Vittoria's side. With knowledge on a vast array of languages and fields of expertise, it is uncertain whether Everett or the soul that resides within is ancient. He worries greatly for them; both worry about Vittoria as a sister. These two dark souls flirt with letting love bloom, though the Lady is very much on her guard... Though time has separated these souls.

✬ Madam Mistress Queen Aunie ✬

The Madam and the Lady crossed paths years ago, when Vendetta came across an invite to one of Aunie's events. A chance Samhain Event, set at the infamous Von Helson Mansion. Soon the pair bonded over their similar status in life, kinship quickly flourishing. Aunie's kindness and warm heart melted Vendetta's ice, and the two ended up as friends by the end of that event. Every event Aunie holds, Vendetta is there. Though the two don't keep in touch as often as before, their bond holds strong.

.✬ Damian, aka 'Satanicsanta' ✬
An extraordinary gentleman Vendetta met some time ago, and married. [Inquiries about this are politely rebuffed]. Little is known about this enigmatic, yet charming soul, save for the fact he tends to bar-tend at every event for Aunie. Indeed, it was at Vendetta's first events that the two met. She had come alone, braving the social stigma. It didn’t take long for the sparks to fly. Even though they are wed, these daemons are free- and sometimes do- seek others to play with…

. ✬ Leon aka 'Maguspaladin' ✬
The Guardian of Heaven, Leon [as he goes by] runs Heaven’s most popular tavern, a small, un-named place at the junction of all dimensions. He is the owner and main bar-tender. The two share a deep relationship, on a professional and personal level. In professional times, Vendetta is Leon's left hand, and the two function like a well-oiled machine. In their personal time... The exact nature of their relationship is, nobody knows. Nor, thankfully, have any asked. Answers about these two are not likely.

Lady Vendetta’s Enemies

✬ The Twelve: The twelve Masters and Mistresses that Vendetta was enslaved to, the ones who broke her. If she ever wished to, she could hunt them down. Maybe one day, she will yet. Maybe they'll find her. Their names reside in her own blood on a piece of centuries-old parchment, a list kept as a pendant well hidden. One day, all will fall to her blades...

☽✰☾____________☆The † Lady's † Story☆

Born Victoria Shadowshimmer to a particularly cut-throat blended family, the strange fledgling was raised in a place merely called “the Shadowfell”. Vendetta was raised alongside her Father and sisters, Krisaga and Alistana, alongside Alistana's servant Vrael. [Vendetta and Krisaga were not the type to have servants]. Her Father was a Diplomat of renown; her Mother passed shortly after Vendetta’s birth. She was regarded as 'unusual' 'half-blooded' and even more, given she was a perfect mix of her parents. Unlike her sisters, who took purely after on or another.

Alistana became a Diplomat much like Father [fitting, given she took purely after him]; Krisaga turned to crime, falling in with the Kingdom of the Thieves. Vendetta embraced an artistic side, picking up pieces of the family trades. Amid Krisaga's wild, chaotic nature and Alistana's cut-throat politics, Vendetta was the lost daughter, the strange hybrid child of two unlikely people.

Trouble came for the family, and came hard. Vrael and Alistana were killed by a rival Vryloka family; that same night, Krisaga wound up assassinated by Guild members in revolt. Their Father was condemned to serve the Raven Queen. Vendetta herself tried to escape, but ended up in her first Owner's embrace. Passed between [at least] 12 over a long period of time, Vendetta was broken- body, mind and soul, time and time again. She keeps a parchment paper on her at all times, with the twelve she recalls who kept her as their own.

She finally escaped, in a twist of hope. A group of adventurers had found her [and others] being confined- chained, starving, broken, bruised. In a fit of rage, her last Master, Leviticus, set the building aflame. Only she, the people who found her and one other escaped. The others, too broken to care, let themselves perish in the flames. She ran, seeking solace. Vendetta, in a panicked state, tripped over a strange portal, and wound up in 17th-Century Venice.

Forging a new name- Vendetta Iceflame- and claimed to be half-Japanese [to explain her strange dialect], half-Italian to the noble vampyric [yet childless and lamenting] couple who found her. Weaving a tale of misfortune [she and her family were beset by thieves; she pretended to die. The rest were killed and set aflame], they took her in as a daughter of their own. Over the centuries, she developed her artistic skills in a couple in violin, writing, drawing and song.

Loneliness and melancholy followed, a pair of curses plaguing Vendetta throughout time. Her adoptive parents were taken shortly after she came into the family by diseases unknown. The servants all left, calling the strange young woman 'cursed with death'. They were right; soon, most of them died, from bad luck, disease and more. Vendetta, fearing she was the cause, isolated herself. Only a small handful remained, loyal to the end. Despite all this, she was quite often talked about in the cities, during her rare artistic ventures. Through the decades, many tried and failed to meet this woman- rumours went about that she was in eternal grief. Or cursed.

To this day, Vendetta mostly resides in Black Phoenix Estate. Though she can be found in other places from time to time. She's been seen at the Floating Pagoda, the Shadowfell, the Von Helson Manor, amid others.

Sometimes, she keeps unusual company. Seraphina Silverthorne and Violet, a pair Halflings from her dimension. Contessa Rosa Vestini, a princess from the exotic land of Theah. Artemisia, a Cleric from her homelands. And a few others will come and go, like her strange vampyric puppet friend Nami. Even now, this Lady surrounds herself in secrets and shadows alike...