A Glance Into The Darkness..

☽✰☾Lady Vendetta Iceflame☽✰☾

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✬ Lady Vendetta Iceflame

✬ Vryla-Kai [half Vryloka, half Shadar-Kai]

✬ Black Phoenix Castle atop Sakura Mountain in Japan, or Elemetal Rose Estate in Venice, Italy [Also has ties to other places...]

☽✰☾____________☆PLACE † OF † BIRTH
✬ Shadowshimmer, The Shadowfell

☽✰☾____________☆DATE † OF † BIRTH
✬ April 16 [she's 420 years of age by human standards, though time is odd]

✬ Willowy and elegant, yet curved, Vendetta towers at 5’10. Vendetta is blessed with silken black hair [which she changes often], eyes ranging from a vibrant crimson to sapphire blue [unless famished; then lavender], porcelain moonbeam skin and lustrous fangs. She's the best of her strange heritage, which shows itself in ashen-rosy skin, lithe yet strong body and seriously toned self. Hidden beneath her couture, scars cover her body, as do all sorts of tattoos. Another note is her distinctive scent- roses, incense, liquid amber and belladonna.

✬ Owner of Black Phoenix Castle and Elemental Rose Estate, she is an artist of violin and pencil, with renown. Like her namesake alludes, ‘Vendetta’ is also an assassin, an infamous poisoner. She can use elemental magicka, but only will do so under extreme necessity.

☽✰☾____________☆VAMPYRIC † POWERS
✬ Touched with vampyric 'life' from the first, Vendetta comes from a bloodline from her homeland. This comes with a gift of languages, two of them [Vrylokan and Shadar-Kai] not spoken by anyone in this dimension [to her knowledge].
She can be living or undead at will- a gift from her unknown Vryloka side. Further, Vendetta has a rapid healing ability, even for vampyric beings. To round it all out, she has a heigtened sense of stealthiness/hiding, and sharp senses.

However, these do not come without costs. In addition to the usual weaknesses of reluctance to cross moving water, sunlight/UV and fire, certain flora can kill her. The Lady's emotional nature can be twisted against her, as can the dark skeletons/mental illnesses she hides. Once people find those psychological cracks, it's easy to break her down. Ice and liquid nitrogen slows her right down, causing paralysis. Firearms take a long time for her to recover from, more so than many. Lastly, Lycanthrope and Seelie Fae bloods make her extremely sick. Unseelie Fae has the opposite effect. Some of these CaN be overcome, but at great cost to her. /i]

✬ Tea Of All Types [herbal, matcha and pu'reh especially], Flowers [especially Roses and Violets], Poisons, Elemental Magicka, Meditation, Artistic Pursuits, Spellwork, Blade-dancing, Cats, Traveling, Wonderland, Old Stories, Anything Samhain Related, Blood and Gardening.

☽✰☾____________ ☆SONGS † OF † CHOICE

The Night- Disturbed
The Angels Are Weeping- Nox Arcana
I Will Not Bow- Breaking Benjamin
Call Me Master- Blood On the Dance Floor
Shatter Me- Lindsey Stirling ft. Lzzy Hale
Scars- Papa Roach
Vampire- Xandria

Paleblood Moon- Miracle Of Sound

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♫.♪.♫ Lady Vendetta’s Confidantes ♫.♪.♫

Note: These are not in any particular order heart

✬ Vittoria Vittoli ✬ Vittoria and Vendetta could easily be from the same sire. Vi and Vendetta bonded some time ago over their similarities. A love for Geisha life. A love for Italy. A passion for the arts. The two are Children of the Night, though they have VERY different attitudes toward this fact. Moreover, they share a similar set of personality traits- kind, caring, grounded to an extent. Vittoria has a much bubblier, vibrant personality- whereas Vendetta is melancholic, stern… and a touch insane at times. Sisters in all but blood. Maybe one day, even this final lack of connection may be remedied. For within both their lores, powerful rituals of binding do exist...

✬ Everett Wolfe ✬ Vendetta and Vittoria's Confidante alike, Everett is a great Sorcerer, but believed to use black magic to extend his life. [Nothing Vendetta has a problem with, mind; she understands the blackness better than many]. It's been said he works to redeem himself by serving the sweetling neophyte Vittoria- and now, the more melancholic sister. Vendetta knows quite a bit of Everett’s history- but is still unsure why he chose to remain by Vittoria's side. With knowledge on a vast array of languages and fields of expertise, it is uncertain whether Everett or the soul that resides within is ancient. He often worries more then he should about both of them; both worry about Vittoria as a sister. But one another... these two dark souls flirt with letting love bloom, though the Lady is very much on her guard...

.✬ 'Satanicsanta' ✬ The extraordinary gentleman Vendetta met quite some time ago, and ultimately loved enough to marry. [Reasons about this are never really revealed]. Little is known about this enigmatic, yet ultimately charming soul, save for the fact he tends to bartend at every event for a mutual friend of theirs- Aunie. Indeed, it was at one of their friend’s events that the two met some years ago- a Hallowe’en event, as it were. She had come as a guest, braving the social stigma of showing up as a stranger. It didn’t take long for the sparks to fly. Even though they are wed, these daemons are free- and sometimes do- seek others to play with…

. ✬ Leon aka 'Maguspaladin' ✬ The name says a fair amount about the man. A paladin; a Guardian of Heaven, to be specific. Leon [as he goes by] runs Heaven’s most popular tavern, a small, un-named place at the junction of most all dimensions. He is the owner and main bar-tender. The two share a deep relationship, on a professional and personal level. In professional times, Vendetta is Leon's left hand, and the two fucntion like a well-oiled machine. In their personal time... What the exact nature of their relationship is, nobody knows. Nor, thankfully, have many asked. Answers about these two ar not likely to come.

✬ 'Jacques', aka Timmy ✬
A recent friend of the Lady Vendetta's, these two met when she one night accidentally wound up in the Gaia chats! xd [Or was it because she was bored and checking them out? Th official story is a little unclear] At any rate, from th start she could tell there was some interesting things... buried deep beneath the evil of depression. She decided that she simply wouldn't go away, because- well, sometimes, people need to be persistent. In a few short months, they went from strangers to good friends. Plans these two have include taking over Canada, and owning 4-10 cats when they eventually live together one day. Among other things, she finds him to be fun, humorous and cute- though he vehemently disagrees.

. ✬ Seraphina Silverthorne ✬ The Lady's [PC] best friend, unusual even for the world Vendetta originates from. Seraphina is a 'Vampyric Puppet'. This means her body is [mostly] synthetic, utilizing modern technologies to pass as alive. Internally, her original heart, brain, nervous and circulatory system remain. Seraphina can feel, though at a reduced rate [easier without her 'skin']. and 'sees' with cutting-edge mechanical eyes. Seraphina's strings can be physical- either soft wires or deadly thin wires. However, she can also create magickal strings; with a preference for nature's elements, or people. This is how she 'feeds' with energy, and sanguine of need be. She can also cast spells, though it takes time. Vibrant, a touch childish/immature, and seriously flirty, this girl can weave her way in most anywhere she wants. Mostly found in Black Phoenix Estate, she runs things in Vendetta's absence.

Lady Vendetta’s Enemies

✬ The Twelve: The twelve Masters and Mistresses that Vendetta was enslaved to, the ones who broke her. The ones who raped, beat, tortured her in any way that they could. If she ever wished to, she could hunt them down. Maybe one day, she will yet. Maybe they'll find her. Their names reside in her own blood on a piece of centuries-old parchment, in order from least to most sadistic/cruel...

1- ✬ Mistress Pandora- Mistress Pandora was a lonely human who decided she needed an attendant. Instead of hiring someone, she decided to purchase Vendetta and give her freedom after a spell. More than anything, Vendetta was there to give advice- kind of like a friend, but less warm. Sharp tongue and sharper wits, she kept Vendetta on her toes and in her service for quite some time.

2- ✬ Mistress Jade Zephyrvore- A kind enough human, one could suppose; never was terribly hard on her. She mostly kept Vendetta around for when she had 'too many clients to handle', so to speak. Jade had a tendency to dance about the issues, a maddening trait indeed. Just before Vendetta's freedom, Jade had an attack set on Pandora's family, slaughtering them. Vendetta was the single survivor by dsign. This set the two off on a bad foot, but Vendetta eventually became lukewarm to her.

3- ✬ Master Karn Seriphan- Karn was a vampyre from France. His 'contract' was actually a marriage dowry, given to her previous Mistress. Vryloka are the type to enter arranged marriages, after all. The only problem? Vendetta... wasn't interested. Of the twelve, this was the shortest. She was passed on after under a year, given how much they'd fight. And how much she'd resist him- he grew tired of her quickly.

✬ Prince Vigil-4- Someone didn't learn from the first go around... Vendetta was 'given' to this vampyre prince from Germany heavily bound and with a note: 'See if you can do any better.' [The two were acquainted] The Prince always liked a challenge, so Vendetta stayed in the Prince's 'care' for quite some time. In the end, however, Vendetta's refusal caused him to give up... and lose his temper. In a fit of rage, he beat her, then sold her off.

5- ✬ Mistress Lucretia- Taken from the Prince [through appropriate channels, of course] this succubus decided that what Vendetta needed was some 'polishing' and 'refining'. Through an intensive and rigorouts training regimen [which included a LOT of 'punishments' and brainwashing], she turned Vendetta from a criminal to a proper Lady. It wasn't easy, but it WAS successful. Somewhat.

6- ✬ Master Gabriel Devonshire- An artist by trade, with an infamous artist's temper, he took her on, intending her to be a 'living model'. He starved her, deciding she was far too fat to be 'tolerable to the public eye'. Slowly he wore her down- when things went well, he'd take credit. When things went bad... it was her fault. Vendetta had experienced plentiful beatings, even more starving and worse. As with all temperaments and artists, she was thrown to the streets, left to fend for herself in the end.

7- ✬ Mistress Jocelyn Von Stein- The title of 'Mistress' is taken a little more literally here. Jocelyn is a lycanthrope owner of a seedy, run-down brothel/tavern hidden in a murky corner of the Shadowfell. At least Vendetta was back home, where Shadow Sickness wouldn't tear her apart. A small, cold comfort as she was made into one of the Mistress' 'girls'. Given to the worst clients, beaten on a nightly basis, and left in some deplorable conditions, this is where things began to turn really dark.

8- ✬ Master Talon Hallewell- Talon Hallewell is rumoured to be part of a slavers group, the Iron Ring. Vendetta knows one way or another, but doesn't ever speak of the issue. The first thing thay he did was brand her with their mark- a magickal brand, so no amount of flesh destruction and regeneration would make it fade. He kept her around as a 'comfort slave', mostly because it was all he ever wanted. Even among lycans, he was repulsive. And vicious. Plus keeping a vampyre slave gave him a twisted satisfaction. His favourite thing to do was to infect her, watching her writhing in pain, and force her to please him to be released from her misery.

✬ 9- Master Salvatore- Once Talon grew bored, Salvatore took her off his hands, like any other object. He had a penchant for sadism and cruelty, and especially bloodshed. He was under the tutelage of the even more brutal Mistress Carmina, and so rather enjoyed tearing Vendetta's body to pieces. Due to how often he did, Vendetta doesn't remember much about him.

10- ✬ Mistress Carmina Shadowend- The tutor of Salvatore, this depraved Shadar-Kai was obsessed with mutilation, pushing people to their limits, and twisting magicks to its darkest, most vile depths. Whatever happened during the time spent with her, Vendetta will only say "It was an experience I'll never forget".

11- ✬ 'The Ebony Killer'- Nothing can be said about this Owner of hers. They did all they could to hide who they are, going so far as to hide their aura, scent and more. The only title they had was 'The Ebony Killer'. Through a few small details, Vendetta's guess is that this Owner is female. They went far enough to use different internediaries [all with their tongues cut out] weekly. Vendetta was kept in heavy immobilization and sensory deprivation. When not being tortured, of course.

12- ✬ Master Levitius Bloodworth ['The Blood Angel']- Vendetta's final Owner. She refuses to speak of him at all; whatever this sadistic dwarf did to her, Vendetta still breaks down in fits of fear- even centuries later. Even thinking about him is enough to make her fall to her knees, sobbing hysterically. Between him and Ebony, Vendetta has a dangerous mindset locked in her head. She will defer to people, refuse to meet peoples' eyes. She is withdrawn, silent. Her body is held in restrained ways, unnaturally so. And she'll even go so far as to call people 'Master' or 'Mistress', kneel before them, and do anything she's told. It's heart-breaking.

Note: As of right now, the only one still with unknown status is Ebony. Carmine and Levitius were recently killed when they assaulted the Floating Pagoda, Vittoria's home. The rest are deceased, or permanently incapacitated.

The Others- ✬ There may or may not be others lurking, given that Vendetta's memory is hazy. Parts of her life have disappeared, locked beneath a powerful self-defense.

The Lady's Story

Born Victoria Shadowshimmer to a cut-throat family, the strange fledgling was raised in a land none know of, merely called “the Shadowfell”. Vendetta was raised alongside her Father and sisters, Krisaga and Alistana. Her Father was a Diplomat of renown; her Mother passed shortly after Vendetta’s birth. She was regarded as 'unusual' 'half-blooded' and even more, given she was a perfect mix of her parents. Unlike her sisters, who took purely after on or another.

It was unusual- of the three, only one of his daughters followed his path. Alistana became a Diplomat much like Father [fitting, given she took purely after him]; Krisaga turned to crime, falling in with the Kingdom of the Thieves. Vendetta embraced an artistic side, picking up pieces of the family trade. Father cast her out; Krisaga took her in, the sisters binding over a talent for thievery. The years drew them ever closer, and Alistana eventually came to learn some self-defense in secret from the pair. She tired of the rigidity and rules; her servant, Vrael, agreed.

Trouble came for the family, and came hard. Vrael and Alistana were killed by a rival Vryloka family; that same night, Krisaga wound up assassinated by Guild members in revolt. Their Father was condemned to serve the Raven Queen. Vendetta herself was kidnapped by enemies of her Father, and sold to the Iron Ring as an 'exotic' slave. Passed between [at least] 12 Masters and Mistresses over a long period of time, Vendetta was broken- shattered in body, mind and soul, time and time again. She keeps a parchment paper on her at all times, with the twelve she recalls who kept her as their own.

She finally escaped, in a twist of hope. A group of people had found her [and others] being confined- chained, starving, broken, bruised. In a fit of rage, her last Master, Levitius, set the building alight. Only she, the people who found her and one other escaped. The other slaves, too broken to care, let themselves perish in the flames. She ran for it, seeking solace. Vendetta, in a panicked state, managed to find a mage- and was teleported to 17th-Century Venice.

She created a new name- Vendetta Iceflame- and claimed to be half-Japanese, half-Italian to the noble vampyric [yet childless and lamenting] couple who found her. Weaving a tale of misfortune [she and her family were beset by thieves; she pretended to be dead. The rest of her family/retinue were killed and set aflame], they took her in as a daughter of their own. Over the centuries, she developed her artistic skills in a couple in violin, writing, drawing and some song.

Loneliness and melancholy followed, a pair of curses plaguing Vendetta throughout time. Her adoptive parents were taken shortly after she came into the family by diseases unknown. The servants all left, calling the strange young woman 'cursed with death'. They were right; soon, most of them died, from bad luck, disease and more. Vendetta, fearing she was the cause, isolated herself. Only a small handful remained, loyal to the end. Despite all this, she was quite often talked about in the cities, during her rare artistic ventures. Through the decades, many tried and failed to meet this woman- rumours went about that she was in eternal grief. Or cursed. Possibly a witch, or heretic. Maybe even a monster who stole away children to drink their blood and feast on their flesh. All of them true, to an extent,

As things are today, she has her main estate, Black Phoenix Castle, a hidden gem half an hour from Nagasaki. Or she resides within Elemental Rose Estate, nestled in a quiet, beautiful [and stable] part of Venice. In both places, Vendetta resides mostly alone. The servants had long-since died, so she now cares for both estates. I'm Black Phoenix Castle, her best friend, Seraphina, runs things in her absence. The history of melancholy and loneliness follow her everywhere. Even if it's not obvious...

☽✰☾____________☆BEHIND † THE † SCENES ═☆
If you've made it this far, wonderful! Some facts about me:

✬ My real name is Ruby. I'm 26, female like my avi and live in Canada.

✬ Vendetta was originally a D&D 4e character I created years ago. She's half Vryloka, half Shadar-Kai. Vryloka are, at first glance, human nobles displaced from ancient- homelands. In reality, they are vampyres, granted these abilitites by the Red Witch. Shadar-kai, on the other hand, are humans born to the Shadowfell; a bleak, sunless land. Their ability to feel pain is greatly reduced. And unlike many, they get along with most everyone.

✬ I'm addicted to tea almost as much as the Mad Hatter in Wonderland wink

✬ I love Hallowe'en everything, glow sticks, books, fruit, chocolate of all kind [especially salted caramel], ice water, flowers, walks in the moonlight, making leaves crunch under my feet and giving as much as I can.

✬ Vendetta isn't the ONLY character I have on this profile. I also have Seraphina, Contessa Rosa Vestini, and Fiolet. Profiles of them will be available in my journal. However, Vendetta remains the original.

✬ I'm quite open-minded, some call me a punk. I have a pro-kink/BDSM polyamorous relationship with two people who both live here. I'm pansexual and panromantic. I also choose to live a childfree lifestyle. And I'm always a PM away