"You pile up enough tomorrows and you you'll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays." --Prof. Harold Hill; The Music Man


It's go time. About a year, or maybe it's been two...one-two years ago, I came up with a plan. Called it PLAN A. X that out; not happening. If not Plan A, I had a fall-back; Plan B. Not allowed! One year ago, definitely one, (And A came in two years ago, I'm sure of it now.) Plan C came into formation. Now, recently...in the past...some four-five months...Plan D. Those are the contestants. My life plans. Do I sketch 'em out here...? Well, I guess so...but I don't want to edit these pages. And everyone has access to this. ...I'm not going to be lamely ambiguous. Straightforward. That's a step, right?

Plan C -- Fully embrace loli fetish and move to Japan at the first opportunity. Live more or less as a ***** bum; avoiding advancements and maybe get into hardcore cosplay and manga collecting if money permits. Sell flowers perhaps. Get really into flowers.
Plan D -- Become a successful critic in the entertainment industry. Make a real living with actual money and a flat. Stay solitary; friends with the Wii Fit only. Most preferably somewhere in the UK where the media needs me and where I long most to be. Get a theatre wall.

Those are the plans! Of course, I felt just as strongly about A and B as I do C and D and I know how those turned out... But they served their purpose. I lied; this is all going to be very ambiguous! But it's not a story. It's me trying to do something. I'm desperate. I'm determined! I...didn't do my homework. And I probably won't! But somehow...

Some way...

Some day...

I'll have something solid to take hold of. I can't be Fiona yet and there's no way a quote can start each entry off--too much searching, too much theatrics--but once I'm to a point that I know is coming up soon... I'll know it's today. Soon like...the time it takes for Proactiv to work. I might buy that stuff just as a timeline.