djash wants to be present for the birth of listeners' babies, her favorite part of the year was getting to know everybody. that for example. bc we're here for me...and me doesn't get interested by it only leftover of that like 8 year sentiment? and it feels small.. but we know nothing need be small...meaning is what you make... to live as a human amongst humans, such things as babies and relationships are paramount.

we're searching for purpose recently

can we consider dating, babies, spending hours talking about days and personal relationships? we don't want it, haven't wanted it. this is considering who we are and what we want vs what seems best/an option again.... fear of losing ourself as if we even like ourself. but we have pride? or it's just narcissism wow we've thought we've been using that word consciously not exactly correctly but right now it seems on point.

it would be an honor to be more like her. but we also like parts of us.. different parts.. but we can maintain our nitpickiness and hard fan neediness, surely.

leave that twt but don't leave your home, you're not ready. family's hearts are still connected, nw.