Life do anything, think anything, manage an impact at the end of 60 years of waffling and negativity and passing positivity and it helps, it means something, it furthers progress and is memorable and a stair for others

Count! The 60 years' waffling versus the good thing!

This is what morality (ithink) demands. Why why tho? Because...every thing matters.. A little negativity will impact others around one.. a little positivity will too. We've observed, been living with the conclusion that negativity is more impactful than positivity, which is...horrible, makes living nicely very difficult. A nightmare. But, we've thought, if we persevere, it will not always be this way. The scales will tip...we can embrace positivity more as well as have more of it! We can do it, the future is open. The effort will be colossal, spanning many years. Cannot imagine. Must work daily, giving up occasionally, but returning, putting in more positives and perhaps spreading the idea.

"The yoke of morality." We were feeling it was made up but immediately remembered of course not.

So to focus on our personal self........
Just again... Will we...will we manage, take on the colossal effort.. Honestly, we've been trying.. Honestly, I think I've never given up..
"And yet..." But keep trying...

Remember #bonkars..
But we'd decided...a little netting, a little forgiveness, a space to fail and we'll work hard elsewhere- outside of that, is where we would fight. That # wouldn't determine..

anyway the biggest problem here is embarrassment, being found out for having lied; asked are you doing good and saying YES but really we're so mediocre; and we don't want that to be realized.... pathetic......... the yoke of caring what other people think... if it's something so important then yes, i care..... i lied to be a good example.... 'i can do it, you can too.' we weren't? we aren't?

so our efforts don't match their expectations! it's fine! they're being horrible and unreasonable and looking for excuses to not be better! we're still trying, it's okay. (and perhaps they're not horrible etc they're you know also trying just at an even lower and kind of really offensive level. and we will not live or die for that.)

should they remember and question, we would think we would feel...we did our best.

And back to broader view, our own view; our best versus our wants/needs of our efforts... right.

thought afk

maybe it's easy we are suspecting, to decide
and we're shying out of fear

take a break atm

inertia to live
motivation/desire to improve circumstances

measure strengths, percentages
a scene in master of none, think it was a meh show

does minimalist utilitarianism care?