Walk around town, if you gave money to every person that asked, how much would you give away.
Some people say the people who ask for money need it the least. But that's a personality thing, because it's saying also that those who don't ask, won't. There's no promising that. You can't tell. Someone asks you for help and you judge them and decide whether or not to help. Do they need it, do they deserve it, will they use it well
Shouldn't the only consideration be whose chances of living are higher, yours or theirs? Plus a dose of altruism on one's part, obviously.

A society where everyone thinks of others first. My ideal.
It's not even popular on Instagram. Trending is putting one's self first, self love. I struggle with vanity...what's to vain and narcissistic and what's loving one's self and taking care of one's self (because no one else will?)

Is that paragraph too extremist? Of course something reliable...I think it's reliable...is things in moderation...are best. Balance. But then we're judging again, deciding the balance between unhealthy or bad vanity and healthy or good self love.. As am thinking about this, it feels like we have little exact data, not enough specific examples; if we had, we could decide and could judge.

We say everything (? i forget. everything?) can be discussed to a conclusion or agreed stalemate. What's the agreed stalemate equivalent in discussion to action? Is there one? No, there's not, I think, that's inaction and it's accepted for the best i think that that is worst.

we've become dumb and will be writing examples and s**t that would make younger us ******** cringe and want to disown. she would? yeah okay.
An Instagram where no one posts their own photos, but those of others.
Buy food for someone else.
(But what if no one buys my food for me?)
But won't someone...
There's all the people... One person could buy three foods on a day if it's necessary.. and maybe they'll be paid back later.
There's a term for this, find it, maybe, stupid... or will you cite this as a woe of your laziness...