On Dec 2, this day, might i have made an error. Or none. Not having erred, i may have spared a dear friend greater pain in the future. An error may be that i compromised the security of my plans but this is a lie they are surely safe the only concern is the height the heeiiight of selfishness.. you know this.. think it.. okay.

On this day i made a partial confession. and this person, who to me is a dear dear friend i do notttt deserve, shed tears over it. She cried like five times during the Dumbo remake too but. Certainly, the honor, like, drenches me, who is unworthy.

We told, sans timelime but including true meaning/intent, another friend, one we described perhaps somewhat accurately as to us like furniture.. They asked questions, curiously.. They had experienced this before, the loss.. Before, in more plain and more desperate and more i was in active racking grief, they had withheld a specifically stated as being desired at the time, blessing. This more recent time....would they give it?

A single person's blessing we've certainly moved past.. Words, we can do it, we can explain.