write the irony and shiz

!!!!!!!! 'cus daemons are life/attachment/self esteem/heart/you/part of you/part of you

e.g. Try to leave it

It read like trying to kill ourself, cutting the ties

Kept reading, tweeted
Then the comparison of leaving daemon to leaving our faith occurred and that's lame /quality irony

As tweeted, we're not really confident, but even if it's a wrong suspecting epiphany, it's nice eh, and we're recording it, it feels like learning


A part of you that's dialogue, conversation, company. HDM has them very positive.. LBS presented the hyena. He was "insane"... Could such a pair IRL be more common than PP has so far presented in his stories?
If one exists, so do others.. I'm referring to spectrums
A part of you that's dialogue, conversation, condemnation. Alliteration.
Hard to make decisions as a kid; becomes easier and we're typing like it's related that so too one becomes more solid and decided as a person, and one's daemon would be irrefutably representative of one's self, a visible manifestation.

Abuse yourself, abuse yourself.
Love yourself, love yourself.

Get it? Our idea?