The quote-y motivation of yesternight... Has given tiredness. Of school, of thought. Not depressed, not sick--just, floaty. I keep trying to take care of people--one in particular, and I can't even do it for myself. But at the same time, I don't really think that matters...I should still be able to care for them. My opinion. No prior experience. I'm good with people-picking.

Doing a 600-question quiz in Chatterbox... #20; what kind of college do you want to go to? College. Since two years ago, exception for Plan A streak, I'd planned on...not...doing the whole college thing. Casually and seriously (Simultaneously.) entertained the prospect of even dropping out of high school--which seemed a lot more of a possibility once actually entering high school. But now, with Plan D...or, was it Plan C? No, Plan D was the actual life one. Right. What was I... Oh, yeah. With Plan D in the running, college would But, uh... Q. #20...I have no idea...

Took a college ed. class in eighth grade. Drifted through; mildly answering everything. We had to pick a college we'd like to attend and write an essay on why. Googled something like, "Writing colleges" and clicked the first one I saw; Emerson...something or other. Or maybe just Emerson. Skimmed through some info; wrote an essay. And...that'
Journalism...I guess. Could blog. Though I'd rather not. The number of people who blog in the hopes of getting a career or just some amount of money out of it versus the number who do... Yeah.'s something. Newspaper... When I move to Oregon, the high school I'll be attending is class-A public. Sent a fencer to the Olympics; won Gold. It's got its own Wikipedia page. Maybe I could try for a slot on the paper--writing reviews of various films and books that appeal to the school population. Had a little paper at my middle school; it was so awful it wasn't even funny. It was...horrifying and embarrassing and repulsive. I think I'd like it if I could do good on a paper.
But that's a big fat IF. And we saw how well IF turned out in Hercules! Sigh... College. College. with this stuff? Do I have a counselor? I guess I do; done alphabetically, right? Maybe we met with them at orientation...was in Oregon then... Or the first day? Was in New York. Don't even have a locker 'cus of that actually.... Hurrrr...

Okay. Well... I'm going to stop now. This is turning out pretty well so far, I think. A start...a rational, written out start.
Something is going to go so bloody wrong. stressed