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Ambrose Maurlias

PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:15 pm

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Name: Ambrose Maurlias
Age: 21 ((now 23))
Date of Birth: January 25, 1985
Place of Birth: Concord, Mass
Height: 6' ((now 6'8" wink )
Weight: 172 lbs ((now 250lbs))
Build: Tall and lean; Ambrose has the naturally wiry musculature of an athlete.
((Now much thicker, barrel-chested like a wolf with muscular limbs. His posture is ambi-pedal, as comfortable running on all fours as walking upright)).
Former Occupation: Student at the Univeristy of Massachusetts in Amherst
Interests: Epee Fencing, Acting, Swashbuckling movies, His girlfriend Angelina
Personality: A bit uptight and preppy, but has started to open up more, showing some of his individuality.
((Now many lupine aspects have edged into his personaly. See below for more information)).

I have a webpage now!
And a livejournal~!

Angelina technically has her own duplex assigned to her, #29. However, for all intents and purposes, she lives with Ambrose.

Table Of Contents

Post 1= Overview, Table of Contents. You are here.
Post 2= Ambrose in a Nutshell. Overview of Island storyline
Post 3 = Ambrose's Backstory (Ambrose before the Island)
Post 4 = Photo Gallery
Post 5 = Ambrose's Progress (Descriptions of Ambrose at each stage)
Post 6= Ambrose's "Pack" - who his close friends are
Post 7 = Important Events - links to all of Ambrose's significant RPs
Post 8 = Ambrose's Duplex and his Possessions on the island
Post 9 = Wolf Information
Post 10 = RP logs and transcripts begin here
PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:18 pm
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First off, the front page of this thead has all the official images of his 5 stage transformation, as well as a great additional reference image by Auriana of him and Angelina in their human forms before the island.

For a lot of information together, you can also visit Ambrose's Webpage

Ambrose's Time on the Island, a narrative Overview

Ambrose was the first "islander". He arrived on the island before any other test subjects with the exception of Moreau's own cousin, Madison. He was duped onto the island thinking that he was signing up for a medical study to help fund his second year in college.

Ambrose was in a very close relationship with his High School sweetheart, and when he realized the truth behind the island, he was enraged for more than one reason. He had a life back home, olympic aspirations, a young woman he loved, on top of the horror of being turned into a "base animal". Ambrose ranted and railed against the staff, and pleaded particularly with Dr. Aubrey Lockheart's conscience.
(( Example RPs: x ))

Ambrose was on the island for months, undergoing the first few transformations, but could not deal with the pressure by himself. He needed someone to open up to, someone to know him and understand him. He made friends: The Dude, Greer.... but he needed something deepr. And in that he found Emelyn. He and Emelyn's relationship escalated on Halloween night - Ambrose went with her to the party as her date. After the party, Ambrose went through his second transformation, and then sought comfort in Emelyn's arms. At this point he viewed his changes as pushing him past the point of no return; there was no way he could ever go home again.... he'd never see Angelina again.
((Example RPs: x x x x ))

But... Ambrose was wrong. All too soon after his transgression, the thing he thought impossible happened: Angelina came to the island. It was a fate that he would never wish upon her, and he felt decidedly guilty by her presence. She didn't buy the story that the labs had fed her that after getting the money from the study he just took off. She looked for him, and pried, and pushed all of Feral Labs's wrong buttons and they brought her to the island. Ambrose sill wondered if part of that decision might have come from how hard he pleaded with Aubrey to see her again, to go home.... But here she was. For better or worse. And that meant a lot of explaining to both her and Emelyn.

(( Example RPs x x))

Things were starting to smooth over with Angelina. Christmas came and went. And then the labs put all of the islanders at the time through a cruel psychological experiment. All of the buildings were shut down and locked leaving everyone to fend for themselves out in the wild. Ambrose got together people close to him, and others that needed guidance, and formed a sort of commune out in the woods by a river with makeshift lean-to's. He relied on his lupine instincts more than ever then, invoking them both for survival and hunting as well as organizing the group of people. Of course, once tapped, those instincts would never go away.

((Lockout RPs begin here: x ))

Finally, the duplexes open again, and with it civilization: Showers and the cafeteria. But the relief is short-lived as Angelina begins to fall ill. Like other islanders whose bodies have problems accepting the serums, Angelina turns out to be a complicated case. On the island for months before her first transformation, she falls ill, needing to travel between the labs. Ambrose is panicked.

(( Sample RPs X x ))

Finally, after intense gene therapy, Angelina seems to be feeling better, but still no change. Ambrose himself is progressing through his changes at a normal rate, slipping more and more to a wolfish state. Ambrose worries about his mental stability... and when he is injected with a temporary feral serum during the murder mystery event, Ambrose worries about what he is capable of, and what will become of him when his changes complete. No islander at that point has made it through all their changes.

(( Sample RPs x ))

After the cause of Ambrose's feral period is revealed, things settle out for a while. Roadbumps are present, however, as always. Nothing is ever simple on the Island. Vasile, his best friend, comes out of the closet an insists that he wasn't gay before the island. Ambrose meets more people, and begins to conceptualize proposing to Angelina. He arranges for Father Stewart to ordain the wedding, and begins talking with the labs, negotiating the acquisition of an engagement ring.

((Corresponding RPs x x

Finally, Angelina changes for the first time, and not long after, Ambrose proposes. It is a beautiful proposal - in a small cave overlooking the beach at sunset, a lovely ring, food, and atmosphere.

(( Corresponding RPs: x x ))

Islanders begin to hit 100%. Amaya's transformation is a relief in a way - she looks so animalistic... and yet retains the important things: her mind, her hands, the ability to stand up. Pyroth... however, is NOT so lucky. Ambrose is fearful of his impending change, being so animalistic already at his 75%. Then... finally, it happens to him. Ambrose changes to his final form, and while more bestial than he hoped and the labs estimated, he kept the important things.

((Sample RPs x x ))

An important mark on the calendar, Halloween rolls around again. This time Ambrose goes with Angelina by his side. However, in a disturbing revelation in a twisted "haunted trail" set up by the staff, the death of several islanders is reveled, including someone that Ambrose once considered a close friend, The Dude, who had been missing for some time. When the death was explained to be due to "complications"... Ambrose began to fret deeply for Angelina. It had been many months already since her last transformation. Ambrose and Angelina decide to try to push wedding plans for sooner rather than later... out of worry and to make things meaningful. Ambrose also meets again with Emelyn, and discusses the passing of the Dude.

(( Sample RPs: x x))

As it currently stands:
Every day Ambrose is witnessing new horrors of the island - both psychological and physical affects of the serums. Amaya lays eggs in the cafeteria, Vasile becomes a woman, and more and more people are joining the twisted community every day. Ambrose has to deal with his presence scaring others; to a man who appearence and first impressions meant the world previously, this is something that is hard to deal with. Newcomers see him as a monster or a werewolf. Older islanders unfamiliar with him mistake him for Annie - the mad, feral wolf loose in the woods.

Angelina has yet to go through her second transformation, which deeply worries Ambrose. He is trying to finalize wedding plans, but goings are slow in dealing with the labs and acquiring the necessary materials. Ambrose wonders about the possibility of making a future for them on the island. Marriage... children (with... again... the assistance of the labs)? And he seeks a way to be more active in the village - truly making it a community. To help Emerwyn with her playwriting and find a use for his swordsmanship in the form of stage fighting... to help with the construction of the theater... and ultimately to try to pull his mind from the depressing thoughts that so easily drawn to all the residents on the island.  

Ambrose Maurlias

Ambrose Maurlias

PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:19 pm
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Ambrose's biggest misfortune in life was being born second. His wealthy parents doted on their first son, Dreu, to no end. Ambrose, born three years too late, however, always seemed to be an afterthought in their minds. He was never quite good enough - his grades always a hair below Dreu's in school, his friends never quite as popular, his manners not quite as refined, his temper never held quite as much in check. Dreu, to all outward appearances - always acted the perfect angel and certainly had Ambrose fooled along with his parents for many years.

Ambrose always tried - tried to do his best, tried to be as good as his brother, but no matter what he did, he was always compared to him - always told that he could do better. For most of his life, up until about his sophmore year in high school, Ambrose lived in his brother's shadow, trying to be him in order to get the attention, respect... and love... of his parents. He burned for recognition, for the pat on his head, and be told that he did well - and never got it doing what he thought that it was that they wanted, and it ate him alive inside. He dressed in nice, preppy clothing (think Abercrombie), associated with the sons and daughters of wealthy friends of the family, and refrained from expressing his imagination and independence.

Ambrose had one acceptable outlet for his frustrations, and something he poured his emotions and creativity into - fencing. While his parents ragged on him that it was obsolete or childish - they couldn't argue that it was a respectable sport, although would laude Dreu's passive tennis hobby with more recognition than the fencing tournaments Ambrose attended... and tended to do quite well in. Ambrose began to dream, the further he got into his highschool career, and the more local... regional... state medals that he began to accumulate that perhaps he could actually make something of this passion of his - and began to dream of making the Olympics. HIs parents treated this dream of his as a pipe dream, thoroughly planning on sending him through medical school - a very respectable choice to accompany Dreu's Harvard law-school path that lay ahead of him.

Then, his sophmore year, Ambrose met her. Angelina was from a "less fortunate" district of town that just barely made the zoning to be put into the same, generally wealthy districts' high school. She had never cared much for her reputation, strong willed and independent. She also had the matched ill fortune of a mother whose occupation as an "exotic dancer" at a local establishment. Needless to say, consequently she was branded with a reputation of being trash or a slut regardless of Angelina's personal morals. And the expectations that her previous boyfriends had of her had forced her hand a few times....

Ambrose was, by default, of a similar opinion of her until they were forced together by chance - during biology lab the fall of his sophmore year. He tried to be polite, but brief of words with her - hesitant to speak to her, having heard the (out of proportion) rumors. She assumed him to be one of the cookie-cutter preps who looked down on anyone not rich enough or too independent to be part of their clique. But silence cannot go on forever when people must work together, and they started to talk..... And Ambrose began to realize just what he was missing with his current group of "friends". Ambrose was intelligent - not necessarily the most book smart, but the things that went on in his mind and the conversations he generally held with his "friends' were worlds apart. He could care less about parties or drinking or fashion to be truthful, and he found himself gradually being more and more open with Angelina. He could talk about things he actually thought about - and not be laughed at or brushed off. No - she was interested - encouraging. And she realized that there was more to him than surface appearences would bely. Near the end of the semester they were very close friends bordering on something more.

It was then that the wool was pulled from Ambrose's eyes. He caught Dreu, pressuring Angelina - pushing his affections on her, and she pushing him away, to meet Dreu's unabashed derision. Ambrose had never imagined Dreu to be anything but the sterling image he projected, and this really opened his eyes. When he spoke to Angelina about it she was surprised that he didn't know - his brother and his clique had a second reputation among very few about being quite predatory when it came to underclassmen girls. Ambrose's confidence in his "friends' also began to wane, as the droll conversations at lunch and after school didn't live up to the interesting conversations with Angelina... and when confronted, one of his "friends" knew about Dreu's actions and was surprised Ambrose had not.

It was at that point that Ambrose realized how futile his efforts really were - how much of a sleaze that Dreu really was behind his parents back, and how much of a facade Dreu's perfect, very religions 'girlfriend' was, etc. Slowly, very slowly (and with a lot of encouragement from Angelina) Ambrose started spending more time with her, opening up, and trying things HE wanted to do - exploring more fantasty movies, roleplaying, etc - and began a relationship with Angelina behind everyone's back.

Dreu went off to college (at Harvard of course), and still had the favor of his parents. When he would visit on the weekends they would laude him with attention, and Ambrose was still compared to him - and it still frustrated him. He led a double life with Angelina. Things went smoothly as can be expected of such for a few years... until their senior year in high school. His parents tried to force his hand - suggesting a school that would lead him down the path to medical school.... and Ambrose finally got the guts to put his foot down and confront them. He had a promising future with fencing - even got a very impressive offer from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst - a university not too far away that was known for their fencing team (and subsequently Angelina had also sent an application there and gotten accepted - she put forth a LOT Of effort into school knowing that she didn't have much money and didn't want to get stuck doing something like her mother). They had a BIG argument, in which Ambrose told them who he was dating and that, frankly, they couldn't stop him. THey laughed in his face and told him that if he wanted to pursue that path that he could do it without their financial help - assuming that he would back down. THey did not think that he could make it on his own. However, he surprised them - Ambrose, underneath it all, was very strong willed and determined - actually evidenced by just how long and hard he had tried to forcibly mold himself into a lifestyle that was not his own. He accepted the college's offer and struck out on his own, continuing his relationship with Angelina and pursuing a hopefully olympic-bound future.

The fencing scholarship covered tuition, most of his books and living expenses for the first year... He kept his major undecided, waffling between actually majoring in kinesiology (but he didn't want to be a coach... or a personal trainer) and theater/acting (he could do fencing on stage, and perhaps explore some of his interest in swashbuckling - but it took lots of time with rehersals that he could be spending training...). His relationship was blossoming with Angelina, meantime.

However.... by the end of the first year, his shortsightedness began to show as parts of the scholarship ran out, and while tuition would probably still be paid for - it wasn't enough to continue paying rent. It was then that Ambrose found an add in the local paper... advertising several thousand dollars for healthy, athletic individuals between the ages of 18 and 30 - to participate in a medical study - the "only" catch was that it required a two-week stay at the main facility -but all transportation, room and board would be covered for the duration.

Ambrose, unlike Angelina, was blessed by his wealthy upbringining had never had to work a day in his life.... and thus had no job expierence and had been unable to net a job that summer (well, at least nothing he was WILLING to do - he refused to apply at McDonalds and fast food joints). With impending bills, Ambrose saw no other option but to try it out. Promising Angelina that he would be back soon, he signed up for the study.

Information on the different styles of fencing: http://www.tfc.on.ca/pages/weapons_target.html  
PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:21 pm
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Ambrose and Angelina - a professionally-taken photograph (that Ambrose has framed on his bedside table) before leaving for the Island.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Ambrose shortly after his arrival to the Island

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Ambrose after his 2nd Injection, 25% of the way through.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Ambrose after his 3rd Injection, 50% changed. "Look at what's happening to me!"

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Ambrose after his 4th injection, 75% changed.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Ambrose, 100% - Complete.  

Ambrose Maurlias

Ambrose Maurlias

PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:27 pm
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How Ambrose is progressing in his transformation: physically and mentally

Stage 1: After the first injection, Ambrose had yet to manifest any noticable lupine characteristics, however had been running a low grade fever since his first injection, showed increased appetite, and had had an incident of noctambulation. He hasn''t even begun to link these attributes, or his desire to be around other people, with the true nature of the serum.

Stage 2: After the second injection, about a day later, Ambrose went through a rather harrying transformation. He grew a great deal of body hair (more like fur) in blonde/grey/cream colors on his chest, back, legs, hands and feet, and down the sides of his jawline, and along his ears. Additionally, finger and toenails lengthened, thickened, and sharpened to short claws, his canine teeth extended and sharpened, his ears grew out to points, and his tailbone unfused and extended to a small (about 2" long) sparsely-haired stub-tail. He has regrown his foreskin. His sense of smell and hearing have also begun to improve. He also has the capability to growl (and whine) like a wolf.

He is quicker to anger, definately has an increased appetite that tends strongly to meat, is definately more gregarious (wanting to be around people - yet his self-consciousness makes him VERY hesitant to act on that looking how he does), and possessive of his THINGS ^_~

Stage 3: After the 3rd injection, Ambrose entire body has become covered in (mostly) short cream and grey fur, thickest along his shoulders, back, and a ruff on his chest and neck. There are thick, black claws on his fingers and toes, and soft pads on his hands and feet. He has grown a long bushy tail that responds to his moods. His genitals are sheathed like a canine. HIs face is also covere in fur, his mouth and nose starting to push out into a muzzle. His nose is cold, black and wet, his teeth more like a canine's with long, curved canines. HIs ears are fully changed and move about, signaling his emotions. His blue eyes have subtle flecks of yellow.

His sense of smell is dramatically increased, as is his hearing. He doesn't like to be alone, and is much more touchy-feely than he used to be. He feels a nurturing-sense towards people he views as children. However, he is much more likely to snarl or growl as an anger response, defensive towards perceived challenges. His hunger is also still an issue - not necessarily more hungry, but his mind is becoming more hard wired to certain things are food and certain things aren't (or only in a necessity).

Stage 4: After his 4th Injection, Ambrose's jawline has pushed out into a long, very canine muzzle complete with full canine dentition, canine nose and oilfactory capabilities. The rest of his head however is still very human-like with a high forehead and full head of (now more grown-out) blonde hair. His fur is thicker than the previous stage, and his feet have started to go digitigrade with thick pads, rounded claws mirrored on his slightly thicker fingers. His eyes now have the golden yellow ebbing out about halfway through the irises from the pupils - the human blue only clinging to the edges. His build, however, aside from his half-digitigrade stance, is still VERY human - fully upright and toned/lean.

Ambrose has full canine sense of smell, and very advanced canine food preferences. His pack instincts are more developed, more likely to speak his mind to those he views as being lower ranked than him, or deferring to those he views higher (his group of friends will likely be ranked - at least generally - as if a pack order), and liking less and less to be alone for long periods of time. He is closely bonded with Angelina and very protective of her (from danger or other males). However, other lupine personality characteristics are mingling with his own - whether or not he is even aware of their source (playfulness, enjoying surprising a friend, desire to howl if lonely, snarl or snap if angry, or run through the woods).

Stage 5: Ambrose's transformation is complete. He has thickened up a lot in this stage, his chest barreling out, his legs and arms thicker, his neck longer, and overall his fur thicker over his body. His feet are fully canine, and his hands are even more pawlike, but still has enough manuel dexterity to do most things - though his fingers are individually much thicker (and tipped with conical claws), making fine manipulation more difficult. His head is very lupine, a longer muzzle, and a flatter skull - though he still sports his human blonde hair. His eyes have become completely amber in color, although he can still see in color. His posture is "Ambi-pedal". He can walk upright OR on all fours, but he would be fastest dead-running on all four limbs, as standing he is a little top-heavy (though his tail serves as a good balancer). All in all, however, his build does appear to be more wolf than man.

His instincts have sharpened, his reflexes are honed, and his senses are incredibly keen. He is stronger than before, but still agile, especially if he is willing to spring or pounce like an animal. His intellect is in tact, as are his memories, but the wolf-DNA is very strong in his blood and urges to run, to howl, to hunt linger in his mind. Despite Ambrose's tendency to repress 'baser' impulses, these things are harder for him to resist now, particularly in situations of stress.
Scents pique his curiousity, things that move quickly catch his attention and desire to chase. He is gregarious, with a bit of playfulness - not liking to be alone. Growls and huffs and 'bruffs' punctuate his speech where words lack the expresssion he needs. Likewise, his body mannerisms - ears, tail, face - carry a lot of expression.
Ambrose knows his position on the island. Angelina is his mate, a certain group of people are his close friends ("packmates" wink , and the staff are his superiors. As much as he logically dislikes or despises what the staff are doing on the island, he knows that he is powerless to stop them and has given up resistence - lupine instincts of obedience and subservience to his superiors. New people are treated a little warily, but ultimately optimistically and gauged as potential friends.
Ambrose is almost completely carnivorous - though not too picky when it comes to what sorts of meats. He eats cooked food as well as rare or raw - instincutally the raw more appealing, habitually the cooked. But he still enjoys sweets, breads, etc. He avoids chocolate as he worries that it might be toxic, but has yet to test this theory.  
PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:28 pm
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Being the first non-family subject on the Island, Ambrose has gotten to know a LOT of the islanders. Some have been through only brief meetings, some he has built more permanent relationships with. He has served as an ice-breaker, tour-guide, and shoulder to more than a few other islanders. For the most part, Ambrose doesn't consider himself to have any deep-seated enemies from the ranks of the islanders, though there are some like Jamal that he just has never gotten along with well. But, there are a close grouping of other islanders that Amrbose feels a more intimate connection with.

While Ambrose may not readily admit to it, he has started to think of the people closest to him as a pack. He'd say it's a "circle of Friends" and people he trusts, but in reality, it's much more meaningful than that. Something imbedded into his DNA. Most Wolf packs range from 8-15 members, but can vary anywhere from 2 to 20 members in extreme circumstances. Pups are raised by the whole group, and generally only the Alpha male and Female mate, although if the food is abundant, the betas might as well.

Wolf packs are highly ranked and organized. Rank order is established and maintained through a series of ritualized fights and posturing best described as ritual bluffing. Wolves prefer psychological warfare to actual fighting, and high-ranking status is based more on personality or attitude than on size or physical strength. Rank, who holds it, and how it is enforced varies widely between packs and between individual animals. In large packs full of easygoing wolves, or in a group of juvenile wolves, rank order may shift almost constantly, or even be circular (e.g., animal A dominates animal B, who dominates animal C, who dominates animal A).

The alpha pair has the most social freedom of all the animals in a pack, but they are not "leaders" in the sense humans usually think of the term. They do not give the other wolves orders; the alphas simply have the most liberty to choose where they would like to go and what they would like to do, and the rest of the pack usually follows.

So far, Ambrose has begun to associate certain individuals as packmates (subconsciously), but not necessarily ranked all of them yet. But he's got the mate, packmates (equals, friends), and pups (people he looks out for, in his mind his little siblings).

Little photos link to their respective journals

Ambrose:The Love of my Life... my fiancee
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

No ranking yet
Ambrose:My close friends. I trust these people very much.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Ambrose:My 'little sisters'. I look out for these two and would protect them if harm ever threatened.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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Ambrose Maurlias

Ambrose Maurlias

PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:31 pm
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 6:51 am
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Ambrose's residence on the island is one of the stock efficiencies just like all of the other subjects. His happens to be one of the lower story duplexes, Number 01 to be precise, with the same gray-blue walls and grey paneling just like all of the rest. The only difference from the outside is that the knocker is in the shape of a wolf's head with a ring in its mouth.

Inside the efficiency, Ambrose keeps it neat and tidy, the bed made, his clothing neatly hung up, and his things kept in their proper places. It has finally departed from the "hotel room" feel that most of the new bungalows have . The centerpiece of the room is a framed photograph of Ambrose and Angelina in a cute pose sitting on the bedside table.

And on the bedside table, besides the portrait is a small clay wolf pup made by Hargun
User Image

Additionally, when the bed is made a small handsewn wolf plushie perches on the pillow:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Other wolf statuettes decorate the room from various perches. And a small bookshelf houses his four or five wolf books as well as his novels that he brought along with him.

In front of the desk is a custom made, blue-painted chair:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Finally, on his writing desk is a beautiful photograph of the beach.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Other Possessions:

  • A set of fencing gear (Ambrose is serious about his training and wants to keep in practice)
  • 3 EXTRA sets of fencing gear + epees. Sized to fit Ambrose, Greer, and another generic set. A care package from Moreau and Aubrey
  • Framed photograph of him and Angelina, pre-island
  • A few changes of clothes
  • More clothes that fit his 100% form, ordered from the labs - polos and khaki shorts for the most part
  • A tuxedo for his future wedding - dashingly cut with tails
  • Toiletries
  • A few novels (the 6th HP book probably one of them, tucked surreptiously beneath his clothes). Most of them are generic, New York Times bestseller sorts - action or thrillers.
  • Also on the shelving along with the other books are a few books on wolves, including one children's book that portrays the wolf as the hero.
  • Stationary
  • Digital camera
  • Cellular Phone (useless)
  • wallet, a bit of cash, credit card, passport, and forms of ID
  • A single condom, from Vasile, hidden in his sock drawer
  • Aforementioned wolf plushie and sculpture
  • Scented bath oils, nice shampoos and coniditioners, etc - and LOTS of them - his fur takes a LOT of shampoo, and Ambrose likes to take daily baths or showers.

Ambrose Maurlias

Ambrose Maurlias

PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 6:52 am
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Eastern Timber Wolf, Canis Lupus lycaon.
The largest of the wild canines, the Grey (or Timber) wolf used to also be one of the most widely spread species until hunting vastly diminished their range and population. A large male wolf may measure over 2 m in total length and stand almost 1 m high at the shoulders. Their weight can vary from 26 to 80 kg. Wolves are now endangered in many regions where they used to be abundant. Known for their characteristic howl (a method of long-distance communication to locate other wolves, announce their presence or territory, or rally other wolves to them.)

While "grey" wolves actually can come in a wide range of colors from white, to brown, russet, black and any number of coat patterns between, Ambrose has been infused with DNA that conveys a coat pattern like the following image - grey along his back, a blonde-cream along the sides, and a lighter cream on his underside.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Diet Primarily hunting carnivores, wolves prey varies greatly depending on their particular range. Primarily, they hunt large hooved mammals, rabbits, rodents, and other smaller mammalian game. However, when pressed, they can eat anything from nuts, grasses and berries, insects, smaller omnivores and carnivores such as foxes and raccoons, to carrion and garbage. Due to the potentially long times between meals, wolves can eat up to 22 lbs of food in a single sitting.

Hunting The predatory success of wolves is mainly due to the flexibility of their hunting methods. They will flush out their prey, stalk it, or use trickery. Contrary to popular belief, no humans have ever been killed by healthy wolves in North America.

Lupine Intellect: Wolves are extremely intelligent beings, having great curiosity, the ability to learn quickly, and the full range of emotions people like to attribute to humans alone. It is documented that Wolves have a physical brain size from one-sixth to one-third larger than domestic canines. Also documented, are Wolves ability to tread through standing water to mask their scent and opening doors by turning the doorknob after having watched the humans doing it. In the wild, Wolves develop complex hunting strategies in order to chase down and capture pray as a group. Wolves are very curious creatures who will inspect and play with unusual items. This ability to find out more about things serves them well in their ability to track pray animals.

Communication: Wolves use several forms of verbal communication, including high-pitched-barks, yips, whines, whimpers, and howls. Whines and whimpers may be an indication of either physical or emotional discomfort. A yip might be heard when a Wolf is suddenly frightened or hurt during play or ritual combat. Barks or woofs are generally short and warn against the approach of intruders or to attract the attention of another Wolf within visual range. Of all the sounds, none are as famous, haunting, or beautiful as a Wolf's howl.

Social Behavior: Contrary to popular belief, the term "lone wolf" is a highly inaccurate one in relation to the normal wolf. By contrast, wolves are highly intelligent and social animals that have a complex heirarchical pack structure. Subtle body language is employed to convey a wide variety of meanings and levels of dominance, agression, submission, playfulness, etc. Adult wolves stage mock fights, play chase, and leap on each other. The ambushing of unwary pack members is a favorite game.

Unity in the pack is maintained by complex use of facial expressions and body language that establish relationships between individual wolves that benefit the pack. Alpha wolves may place their head or paw on the shoulders of subordinates or grasp the inferior's muzzle in his jaws in play, just a reminder that he is boss. Or he may stare at boisterous subordinates in a C. lupus version of "Knock it off!"

Position of the ears, tail, and lips are important in wolf communication. A relaxed but alert wolf or a dominant-aggressive wolf carries his ears up; a submissive or fearful wolf pins them back against the skull. An aggressive wolf carries his tail straight behind, a submissive one tucks his tail between his legs. A wolf ready to fight curls his lips back fully, bares his teeth, stares intently, and raises his hackles. He may growl or not.

Submissive wolves avoid eye contact with dominant members of the pack and may turn away from their betters. Many inferior wolves grovel to their superiors, mimicking the cub behavior of soliciting food by licking at the muzzle of the dominant animal. Sometimes, they lie on the ground and expose their bellies to the alpha wolf, and they may urinate to further state their acknowledgement that the alpha is truly the top wolf.

With the cubs, however, all bets are off. All adults accept the attentions, including the sharp teeth, of the cubs. The youngsters are allowed to practice adult behaviors with forbearance, although a particularly painful n** might be followed by a big paw pinning a hapless cub to the ground. Mother may grab a cub by the scruff of the neck and shake him for wandering off, or she may cuff several cubs that refuse to stop roughhousing, but these are manifestations of firmness, designed to keep the cubs safe and teach them manners.

Wolves tend to mate for life - however breeding in a pack generally only occurs between the alpha male and female. Mating season is generall from January to April.
"During their period of courtship, the alpha male and female will become very close to each other. They stay with each other almost all of the time, even while they are sleeping, and act quite affectionate towards each other. The alpha male and female have a strong relationship all year, but it becomes stronger as they prepare to mate. Once they are established as a breeding pair, they often stay together for life, although infrequent changes in partners may occur. It is untrue that wolves always mate for life, though wolves typically only have one mate at a time. Serial monogamy (like humans) is not uncommon, whereas polygamy is rare. The male and female often mate several times before the female's heat period is over."

Wolves can, however become very challenging or territorial during mating season, easier to set off in protection of their mates. Their hormones are flowing and more likely to challenge a perceived thread or be overprotective.

Adaptations The gray wolf has many special adaptations. Their coats are made up of wooly fur to provide insulation and long guard hairs to keep out moisture. The gray wolf's large paws have fleshy pads and claws for traction and can spread to provide better support in snow. Wolves have a sense of hearing twenty times sharper than a human's and have a sense of smell a hundred times keener. The wolf's jaws can deliver a crushing pressure of over 500 pounds per square inch! Wolves' vision is very motion sensitive. They have a reflective retina, called a tapetum that enhances their night vision. They can't see color. Wolves have great stamina. They can cover a distance of more than eighteen miles at a quick trot. They have a top speed of about 40 miles per hour.

More Awesome Information - continues onto more pages - links at the bottom.

http://www.wolfcountry.net/ - AWESOME website for info! biggrin

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf - Can't go wrong with Wikipedia ^_~

http://www.wolfhowl.org/ - More Wolf Info! biggrin  
PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 11:14 pm

Ambrose's Arrival on the Island of Moreau

Ambrose had sat quietly thoughout most of the trip to the island, staring out the window at the sea - as far as the eye could see streatching in every direction. He had always loved the sight of the sea: when visiting his grandparents in France, the occasional summer trips with his family to Florida, and even just this last summer when he had gone with Angelina in what he had begun calling "his first summer of Freedom".... and had later begun wondering if it was the best thing to do. Here he was now, seated in a rather unsettingly unmarked helicopter flying out of the country on the premise of some strange new medical research. He tried to keep his anxieties allayed - the add in the paper and the Feral Laboratories clinic that he had visited for the preliminary screening were all very professional and everything seemed in order. He would visit the laboratory headquarters on a beautiful tropical island for two weeks - room and board fully provided, and the main reason: he would go home $5,000 richer. That would be enough money, if he was careful, to support himself for at least another semester. It seemed like a perfect arrangement - certainly better than lowering himself to apply for a job at somewhere like McDonalds - which would probably be the only place that would hire him with no previous work expierence and no "family connections" he would have had had he not had that falling out...

He shook his head, clearing his thoughts - he wouldn't go there again - not now. He forced a smile to his clear features and watched the island grow closer and closer - the details of the lush green forests, sparkling beaches, and the enormous, monolithic facilities that rested against the mountainside. His unesasy sensation that he had been trying to quell (the thoughts still nagged about what kind of medical research would have to be headquartered out of the country in a rather out of the way place) settled down as he saw once again, a very official, impressive set of buildings.

The helicopter touched down on the tarmac, and Ambrose smiled to the burly pilot, grabbing his overstuffed dufflebag. "Thank you sir - the flight was quite pleasant - I've never flown in a helicopter before"  

Ambrose Maurlias

James Brodstrom

PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 11:22 pm
The large man in all black waved a gloved hand. He was an odd pilot, reminding most people of a bouncer rather than a pilot. He had been completely quiet the whole trip up to now. Of course Ambrose hadn't said anything to him either.

"Good luck kid... you'll need it." He said in an ominious resounding voice. As the Helicopter began to spin and take back off. The jungle loomed around all sides, and even though buildings could be seen in the distance it was impossible to know how far away they were.  
PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 11:28 pm
Ambrose paused at the ambiguous and rather ominous sounding reply. That little nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach began to raise its head again and Ambrose took a deep breath again, forcing himself to remain calm and collected. He was being overly paranoid. Two weeks, and he'd be set for the whole coming semester - doing what he WANTED to be doing, and that was the reward. And looking at the tropical island around him, he told himself that it shouldn't be hard to enjoy himself here. Perhaps even get a little sun he thought with a chuckle. Stepping clear of the helicopter's blades as they began to whirl again, he scanned the jungle and what he could see of the complex, breathing in a deep breath of the fresh air.  

Ambrose Maurlias

Doctor Moreau

PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 11:42 pm
Dr. Moreau drove the jeep towards his newest subject. He had been looking forward to this for quite a while. He was lucky that the advertisement he had put in the Massachusetts College Paper had turned up such an interesting subject. Based on the screening and questioneer he was not only a human in peek physical shape but he had... bad relations with his parents. It could be easily justified as running away when the boy did not return home. Dr. Moreau's smile was wide the entire drive.

As he came out of the clearing, he smiled a more approate and charming smile as he saw the young blonde boy standing there. He parked the jeep in front of him and walked towards him, hand extended.

"I am Dr. Nicholas Moreau, Welcome to my Island, Mr. Maurlias." Dr. Moreau's smile was warm and kind, despite the intentions hidden behind his outer face.  
PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 11:49 pm
Ambrose turned his attention to the dirt road as he heard the sounds of an engine approaching, and sure enough a jeep with a single driver was making its way in his direction. It looked like communications were working well at the very least, Ambrose thought to himself and stepped forward to meet the firey-haired man that was stepping out of the jeep.

"A pleasure, I am sure" Ambrose responded with a professionally firm and confident handshake and an attentive smile that came second-nature to him as he had been all but coached in growing up in meeting prestigious friends of the family. "You are the doctor that is heading this study, correct? I must say, that I really am appreaciative of this opportunity that you're providing college students like myself. I hate to sound... well.... desperate - I'm not, really!- but.." Ambrose gestured vaguely "Well... let's suffice to say that it it all sounds ideal."  

Ambrose Maurlias

Doctor Moreau

PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 11:55 pm
"Yes I'm sure it does..." Moreau smiled a lukewarm smile. "Well come along my boy," Moreau motioned for Ambrose to get into the van. "we have much to do. The first part of the Medical study begins tonight."  
The Duplexes

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