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Maxwell [Melanistic Jaguar] - Maxx D

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LaBlue Belle

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 12:00 pm
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:04 pm
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The fate of shopkids.

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Maxx D
Vice Captain

Garbage Cat

Maxx D
Vice Captain

Garbage Cat

PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:30 pm
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Maxwell is a terrible almagation of his master's personality and the natural feline instinct : shamelessly cocky, flirtatious and predatory, he cares not for work and would prefer to lounge about the place and get under people's feet - even when full-grown. He is also frustratingly contrary in his desire to laze for he hates monotony and loneliness, which inevitably occur when he refuses to do anything constructive. He likes hunting but rarely has the occasion to do so in the steel and hygenic interior of HyTech, resorting to pouncing on and terrifying the stray Hytes and Bytes that wander the store.

Maxwell is a ladies' man. This means a deft avoidance of : 1. outright abandonment of a lady, 2. any obvious show of his flirtatious nature, 3. causing harm to a lady, 4. any other occurances that would be detrimental to his charming, suave appearance in the lady's eyes.

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Maxwell's sole pet status may be threatened by a

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[Maxx's Quest Thread]

That's not a threat! twisted
::clicks:: Oh. ::unimpressed::

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:32 pm
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His other constant article of entertainment is Julien, whom he calls Juli without fail. A natural predator-prey relationship without the eating, Maxwell enjoys agitating Juli and involving him involuntarily in intricate schemes designed to keep himself occupied. He also alleviates his boredom by constantly tugging and nipping his ears, which annoys Juli to no end. Somehow, perhaps by circumstance, Juli and Maxwell are the best of friends.

Maxwell isn't sure what to think of Quincy, whom he indulgently played with in her youth - she shot up to being nearly as tall with her tail stretched out, and no longer tolerates his pouncing and biting of her glimmering blue-silver tail. It felt odd to flirt with someone he'd watched grow up, and when he did, she'd laugh as if he was out of her league. He does not like feeling out of league. He is always in league.

Maxx [Maxx D] is his master. It is rumoured that the humanoid section of Maxwell's DNA was derived from Maxx, but despite this potential father-son relationship [when mentioned, terrifies the hell out of both of them], Maxx treats Maxwell like a buddy. Often the two combined can arouse fury in Demi that no other living man has seen and lived to see again, and can consume more junk food than can be believed. Maxwell particularly enjoys their cussing sessions on the staff couch - a priviledge he only received in his adulthood - while watching football [/soccer]. Nevertheless, Maxx makes a clear deliniation of "pet" and "master" : bad behaviour and retaliation in punishment is not tolerated and Maxwell will be severely punished.

Maxx relies on Demi [Demi End] to take the role of disciplinarian when he's away and working in the lab. Maxwell finds her terribly charming, and therefore possesses a shameless lack of fear when approaching her and crossing boundaries of personal space. In an effort to suck up to her, however, he does relent when she reprimands him [by 'reprimand' we mean a few severe and bruising slaps] and by now has earned enough brownie points to settle his head in her lap on her good days. Still, Demi's repetitive bouts of disciplining has managed to tame his feline instinct, so in spite of his pride, he trembles visibly when she takes out The Big Stick.

Demi's Byte Charon creeps him out, for it sits on the counter next to Demi and stares at him with scorn and foreboding. He wants to eat its head off first.

Jun [Jun D] is one of the only people he treats gently, because it's so easy to get spare bits of beef jerky off the soft one. [He lost this use when he grew up, being tall enough to reach the highest shelf for some, but habit ensures he continues his special conduct.] Particularly since Maxx and Demi did the disciplining in his short youth, he remembers Jun as the nice and kind one, and so is affectionate and manipulative towards him. Certainly Jun does a great deal [completely unaware] to endear him to Maxwell, like the absent-minded head-patting whenever he passes by.

Maxwell also delights in playfully distressing Belle [LaBlue Belle] by inexplicably nipping at her shoes, or falling 'dead' akin to being shot. He still wonders how he gets away with licking her fingers even when he's fully grown, or why she laughs and willingly rubs his tummy when he's already a head taller than her - nevertheless, he continually exploits his feline charms; much to the disgust of Demi and other feline entities around the store.

He dare not disturb Jules [Jules V], because of her evident strength and intolerance for his silly flirtatious nonsense as well as the lure of her French cooking. Annoying Jules could mean depravation of delicious Charolais beef. He blames his weakness for good food wholly on Jun and Maxx, who disallowed him from hunting and consuming other animals in the compound.

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Maxx D
Vice Captain

Garbage Cat

Maxx D
Vice Captain

Garbage Cat

PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:40 pm
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Even with Colton has grown, his view of him has barely changed [probably to Colt's dismay]. He is now a big shrimp.

Philomena is pretty, definitely, but her active dislike of him has lead to a mutual avoidance, though he still thinks of her fondly in her adolescence and regrets that she's become such a nan ren po [Mandarin slang for tomboy, but far more harsh xd ].

Desiderio is also a shrimp, but a much more pleasant, green one. He still doesn't know him too well, so hopefully Kakui will show up again sometime.

Triane is on a higher level, because he can fly and he has feathers. He seemed suitably impressed with Maxwell when he met him, so his impression of him is doing well.

Ginmei stuns him, particularly because of her shiny tail. Maxwell has been given strict orders not to eat her, but he wants to get familiar for just a little tasting. Unfortunately due to Ginmei's fear of cats, he will never get to know her except from afar as the "cute goldfish girl".

Tio is a mystery and a potential terror. However, in Tio's growth and mellowing Maxwell has not bothered to attempt to assert dominance over his territory.

He is more amused by Gable than anything else, as Gable has shown to have more of an inclination to travel than being the king of the jungle. His awkwardness around girls makes Maxwell even more confident that his top cat status will not be usurped.

It's too bad that Isoke grew to be too sensible to be as 'playful' as Maxwell is, and he misses the days that he was small enough to scare about being springbok pizza.

He is deeply affectionate towards sweet Femi due to her fragility and looks at her as more of a little sister - largely because he's afraid of creeping her out otherwise.

Gyasi is too nice and normal for him to truly want to terrorise, so Maxwell is surprisingly decent around the giraffe, whom he watched grow up.

His relationship with Lilith is somewhat complicated, though not to him - he does find her very hot, and likes her adoration of his handsome self, but due to commitment issues is reluctant to remove himself from eternal bachelorhood.

Xin Yue is cute and sexy all at the same time, and he can't help but be attracted to her sweet and smart nature. He is particularly astonished by her blossoming into womanhood, and perhaps in another lifetime would have attempted to score with her.

Though bemused by how pouty Ciarán has grown to be, he still holds a uncle-esque fondness for the boy.

Lance's tendency for melodrama leaves Maxwell disinterested and neutral, though who knows what might happen now that the centaur is full-grown. and it has been discovered it will remain the same for the rest of his days.

Zane's approval and expressed admiration of his traits - the very traits Zane's dad hates - incites a cheery and amused approval of the kuppy.

Eli is obviously a fabulous weirdo, but he has no problems so long as he doesn't get sparkles all over his clothes.

Noelani is not his type due to her active, aggressive nature clashing with his own penchant for lazy lounging, but he appreciates her vigour and finds her quite cute in her own way.

Maxwell has no real opinion of Ekene other than "that spiraffe boy with a lot of piercings, who makes a pretty bad rebel in a charming sort of way".

The sweetness of Amara is quite irresistable, and combined with a youthful enthusiasm he finds her absolutely adorable.

Saleem gains some approval for his good physique and balanced temperament, for what he's seen of him.

Boy George makes him laugh. A lot.

He pities Aulis' anxious nature, and wonders why he tortures himself so.

Jasper's polite cheeriness reminds him of a very nice pet who can do the chores for you.

He is inclined to smile at Felyse's tragic innocence.

Amadeo's childish curiousity and pleasantness makes Maxwell feel quite amenable.

Caerwyn looks like a charming lad but he really hasn't seen much of him.

Maxwell finds Melisande so very cute sexy nao. Her self-assurance and independence combined with charm pleases him.

Kamiko is really sweet and spunky - he appreciates her positive doggy traits.

He's heard generically nice things about Kisuke and is quite satisfied to leave it at that.

Katsutoshi has not proven to be a bother so he's not too fussed.

Maxwell is very fond of Kiyone's raw feline traits and her shy regard of his attention.

Kaede is fun to tease and cheery enough to like.

Maxwell thinks Banyan is just too killer adorable and squishable.

He suspects that Hunter is more than a rabid racoon, but is too lazy to care.

When he applies himself, he occasionally remembers that Seth exists.

Cobalt is astonishingly likeable, so much so that Maxwell has started to feel bad for getting in the car (and nearly running him over).

He is bemused by Haevan the wolf because he acts more like a dog.

He would also like to know more of the various Bytes in a more intimate manner. Read: Biting distance.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 1:01 pm
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Maxwell has been around :
♠ Facilitating Gable and Femi's First Date ongoing!
♠ Changing As Time Goes By
♠ Stumbling into Mistake No. 3 ongoing!
♠ Taking Amara out on An Amusement Park Non-Date ongoing!
♠ Eating bunnies in the Battle of the Hairdryer
♠ Torturing other people while they figure out what they do for kids. Literally.
♠ Being agitated when making copies
♠ Lounging on a lazy day in Hytech…
♠ Checking out the Magic Box!

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Maxx D
Vice Captain

Garbage Cat

Maxx D
Vice Captain

Garbage Cat

PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 4:54 am
April 6th 2008
Just a little update to Maxwell's Himself section, because he's clarifying what he's pretty fed-up of being misconstrued as. Otherwise, er, I've really got to update the relationships section.

August 7th 2008
Relationship and territories updated too. smile

December 31st 2008
Relationships and territories updated again.

March 25th 2008
Same ol', same ol'. Relationship and territories.  
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