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She heard somebody yell, and the next thing she knew Seth had pulled her up and handed her the sword. There was a puddle of blood on the floor...

Seth didn't look like he was injured. What was going on?

"Get up! Time to put that emerald enhancement to use!" His words were comprehensible now.

She ran quickly outside, it had become misty while she was asleep... She shuddered. Was it the same mist that--

No, no. That was another story that they had already finished, shut the book and locked away forever in the attic of their pasts.

She ran out to the tree's third floor balcony, looked up to see the silhouette of a tanuki glistening against the moon...

It meant her back was covered. She looked down from the tree, sword drawn for any sign of unusual movement... Whatever it was, it was probably down there.

And it was going to pay for (@*#$ interrupting her sleep.
Seth dropped to the second floor and grabbed his bow and a quivver full of arrows tipped with emerald. "Let's give em something to munch on" he muttered as he strung the bow."

OOC: I forgot to mention that even in basic form when you can attack a demon the only way you can truly "kill" a demon is piercing its heart.
OOC// Whether or not we know that will completely depend on how much you know about these demons while you're in-character, Seth. =)

Not to be repetitive...


"Elf-boy," Wing said, not taking her eyes off the slithering mist, "What's your proposed method of attack?"
(Stay down little Reign... your friends will take care of it. what could someone so worthless do anyway) a foreign voice malicious in nature spoke like velvet.
Reign's eyes popped open. slowly and staggering he rose and followed the sound of his comrades. His strength returned with that same crawling sensation that had put him out. He felt as though he wasn't alone. (Wing, gotta find Wing, gotta tell her.) He stretched his pressure to touch hers. (We're surrounded somethings coming)
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Ice-Cold Hunter

Sinku ran up beside Seth with his light katana drawn but he had turned it into it's true long sword form and it's edges were glowing faintly with a pale light " Alright what the heck is going on?!" As soon as the words left his mouth the ice fire cross on his necklace rattled against his armor and began to glow on all sides as well as in the center. " (Oh crap .......this ain't good) Guys we got multiple targets coming in from several directions and their big."
Ohka, who could hear all this even from her location, looked out over the tree tops. She was well over the tops, but the thick branches obscured anything moving beneath. She pulled out her locket again and glanced into it, though didn't expect to see anything. She could, once again, make out fuzzy shapes in the distance, but nothing more. Something here was obscuring her vision to the point she could only get a glimpse. She returned the locket to her pocket and switched to using her ears and other senses instead, maybe they could pick something up.
OOC: Okay, magic emeralds, misty demons and Bourbon comes in late. Lets see what he does!


A puff of fluff lufts in front of Reigns nose, tickling him slightly and passing away, followed then by a few more handfuls of fluff. They wrapped around him and down his body, some slipping into his shirt, brushing his chest on their way out his sleeves. They danced playfully behind him, fluttering off onto the ground in a nice little pile of golden yellow dust.
"Wait for 'em to get a little closer then watch. The tree's gonna scatter the demons which will force them to take their true forms. When that happens, either fire away from here or join me down there and take out as many as possible. Be sure to hit the center of their chest where the heart is located or else the souls they've fed upon won't find rest." Seth shuddered as the familiar haunting memory came back to him. "Focus Seth, you can't let the past hit you now" he thought.
"Oh and you might want to hang on to something" he mentioned as the tree's massive roots emerged from the ground and slammed into the demons, scattering them like leaves before a storm. The interior bucked and swayed as the tree moved in its fury.
Ohka felt the movement just before it happened. She jumped, and the branch bellow her swayed ominously. Ohka bounced from branch to branch, relying on her ability to stay afloat rather than her lack of ability to balance on such precarious objects. She also prefered dodging branches than dodging both roots and demons that may or may not be attackable.
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Ice-Cold Hunter

" I'll join you down there since my gun most likely won't work on them any way." Sinku said with a smile as the sword of the dawn lit up with energy and began glowing much brighter. " lets kill these things." Sinku leaped off of the balcony and rock hopped his way down the branches of the tree as he headed towards the ground.
"Heh, show off." Seth jumped out of the window. He slid down the trunk and ran along the bark. He landed on a root and ran along the top as it was still battering away. He gave the silent command and the root threw him into the air. All the other roots stopped and dug back into the earth. Seth fired blast after blast of fire from his palms at the demons as he flew and stabbed one through the heart as he landed with a contentrated blast of fire. The Telmaro Sword flashed as he stabbed his way through the ranks.
"It's on!" Ohka shouted as the tree settled down. She backflipped from one last branch, then dove towards the ground and the mist. She picked up speed quickly and she drew her new sword halfway down. Before she even touched the ground, she stabbed one demon in the chest and flipped over. She bounced off the ground over a demons head, then sliced him in half across the chest in a wide sweeping arch that took out two others.
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Ice-Cold Hunter

Sinku jumped off of the tree and sliced through one demon while he was in mid back flip and and sliced through two more as he landed before turning to find another one." three down and who knows how many more to go." Sinku yelled as he stabbed another demon through the chest and the sword of the dawn burned it away with a burst of intense light. Sinku then drew his black mythril sword and began the hack and slash his way through any demons that came near him.
(Is this the enemy?) The kitko swung violently at the spores being sure to keep his mouth closed and to control his breathing. Seeing it was useless he made a run for it. Merging his own pressure with that of the tree he ran up the trunk and onto the lowest branch. He spotted Ulfang and made a grab for him. "Gimme some wind bro they're attackin me"
As soon as the tree lurched, Wing glided to the best of her ability to the second tallest tree in the vicinity--

(There's a large number of these demons. That tree is supposed to be sacred. How is his home so easily under attack? You'd think there were some sort of elf-magic protecting the place... Not even surveillance cameras, or "no trespassing" or "beware of dog" signs, or anything. Good riddance.)

She wondered if reading minds was like reading voices, and if Seth could hear her thinking all the way from here. He definitely wouldn't have been able to hear distinguishable words if she yelled.

(Where's your pixie magic now, Elf boy?) She thought in his direction--It was worth a try.

She elbowed a demon that had been crawling behind her, and with a yelp it fell off the branch.

"Hey buddy, I was here first." She casually smiled, looking down, before leaping to other branches. She was going to survey the situation at first before going straight into attacks--Enough of the others were doing that, and it looked like her friends could take care of the situation as-is, no sweat.

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